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NYPD, Bratton The Fight For Control #444

NYPD inspector general won’t apologize to Bratton for saying police in ‘dark ages’ (NYP) * But Eure gave away the game by saying at a press conference that the “NYPD was living a bit in the Dark Ages” on data collection. Bratton demanded an apology. Tellingly, Eure let the remark stand. * #NYPD says good cops better stop abusive cops or good cops will be disciplined. NewGuidelines (NY1) * With police officers around the nation facing increased scrutiny over excessive force, the NYPD laid out new guidelines for physical encounters with the public, as well as a new system for documenting them. The widespread changes were announced as the department’s inspector general issued a report criticizing the handling of excessive-force complaints * $500 bail for multiple illegal gun possession charges fromjudge/brother of former NY Democratic Co-Chm.Keith Wright

EXCLUSIVE: NYC lawyers hope to paint whistleblower cop as racist, stop jury from hearing of alleged quota system (NYDN) * The NYPD has backed off from its plan to have a local precinct police four huge Queens public housing developments instead of a specialized public housing police unit after public pressure from New York City Council members and citizens began to mount, the Daily News writes: * NYPD debuts stop-and-frisk 'receipts' and new rules for cops (NYDN) *An NYPD officer who publicized manipulation of crime reports agreed to a $60,000 settlement with the city over his arrest and forced hospitalization before his federal lawsuit went to trial, the Times reports: * As the NYPD inspector general issued a report detailing deficiencies in how force is defined and tracked, Commissioner Bill Bratton was set to announce that many of the changes called for are already being addressed, The New York Times reports:   *  NYPD says it's on track for record low for police gunfire(NYDN) * EMPTY PROMISES: Scathing report shows Bill Bratton, NYPD still failing to prevent cops from using excessive force on the job (NYDN)  Bratton, Tracking Police Use of Force, Aims to Stay Step Ahead of Watchdogs (NYT) Commissioner William J. Bratton was set to announce that many of the reforms called for in a new report by the inspect * Document: New York Police Department's Use of Force Report * New York Police Will Document Virtually All Instances of Force (NYT)  For years, each shot fired by a New York City police officer has been meticulously studied, but not the more routine episodes of force, like baton blows and takedowns. *  New York State Chief Judge Pledges Changes to Bail System (NYT) The judge, Jonathan Lippman, announced Thursday he would make administrative changes to reduce the number of people who are in jail because they cannot afford bail. * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is trying to stay one step ahead of the numerous oversight bodies he has repeatedly said he has had to contend with since returning in 2014 for a second stint as commissioner.* Bratton's changes crucial, but more steps needed to curtail NYPD's excessive force, experts say (NYDN)

NYPD New Paper Trail 
For the first time in its modern history, the NYPD is establishing explicit guidelines, backed by a sweeping new tracking system, for using and documenting force, The New York Times reports:  * State Sen. Michael Gianaris plans to propose legislation to eliminate bail entirely and provide defendants with three other options, in an effort to prevent poor people from lingering in jail on petty crimes, TheWall Street Journal reports: * For the first time in its modern history, the NYPD is establishing explicit guidelines — backed by a sweeping new tracking system — for using and documenting force. Every police officer will have to detail virtually every instance when force is used not only in an arrest but also in other encounters with the public.
 7 DEAD, 4 HURT IN CITY MAYHEM: Shootings leave a trail of blood in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx (NYDN)* Now it's up to 10 murders this weekend, a livery cab driver just got shot in Harlem * Driver Is Found Fatally Shot in His Livery Cab in the Bronx (NYT)  Mamadou Barry, a taxi driver, was found shot to death early Monday morning in the Bronx, only a few miles from where he lived with his wife and their three children.*  Dad of 7-year-old girl hit by stray bullet: We need stop and frisk (NYP) 
Bratton Does His Groucho Principles Routine
Mayor de Blasio took issue with his commissioner, calling the Moynihan report “outdated” and “irrelevant.” No, it’s more relevant than ever — because the problem’s spread.  The mayor took issue with NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s praise of a controversial report by the late US Sen. Daniel Moynihan about the “crumbling” of family structure in poor black neighborhoods, calling the document outdated. * Bratton, de Blasio at Odds Over Half-Century-Old Moynihan Report (NY1) The Moynihan report came out decades ago and it was a controversial assessment of black families and poverty in America. Now, it's a point of contention between City Hall and One Police Plaza, with the mayor and the city's police commissioner at odds over its findings *  On race, we’re running in place (NYDN) * De Blasio, Bratton differ on crime in black community (NYDN) *A Look at the Bratton-de Blasio Relationship (NY1)* Cops not ready for their closeup: With body-camera policya mess, Bratton and the NYPD should hit the pause button and write better rules (NYDN)

Former tennis star James Blake is owed an apology from NYPD and Mayor de Blasio after being wrongfully cuffed (NYDN)* De Blasio is quietly preparing to spend nearly $30 million on counseling and support for anticipated victims of violence, with plans to station 166 “victim advocates” in police stations around the city, the Postwrites:  * Fed-up business owners are pleading with the state to crack down on aggressive hawkers and costumed characters in New York City’s Battery and Columbus Circle neighborhoods, the Daily News writes: 

The independent board that investigates misconduct complaints against the NYPD is crediting video recordings for its highest rate ever of substantiated cases. * Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said de Blasio’s constraints on the stop-and-frisk strategy of the Bloomberg administration was to blame for the uptick in murders in New York City. He also attributed the rise in homicides in other cities to a backlash to the killing last year of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer in FergusonMo. Terror  NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told the House Committee onHomeland Security the threat of a terrorist attack has grown recently, thanks to a newer communication model used by would-be attackers:   

Thursday Ray Kelly rips de Blasio over crime stats, hesitant policing (NYP) * Police Commissioner Bill Bratton Fires Back at"Fool" Chris Christie in Crime Stat War  (NY1) *   Ray Kelly offers defense of stop-and-frisk the courts never heard (NYP Ed) Friday HE’S AN ‘ARROGANT’ LIAR! Woman arrested by NYPD cop who roughed up James Blake says he refused to ID himself after pinning her boyfriend to the ground for riding bike on sidewalk (NYDN) Saturday The Daily News writes that NYPD Commissioner William Bratton was right to decide to release video of the Blake incident so that New Yorkers can make their own judgements about it and to reinforce standards for police: SaturdayOfficer Who Arrested James Blake Has History of Force Complaints(NYT) Sunday  Retired tennis star James Blake said he never heard the words “NYPD officer,” “law” or “policeman” when an undercover cop handcuffedhim and that the officer in question should be fired, The New York Times reports:Ray Kelly says Bratton was big on stop and frisks as LA police chief (NYP)* Nearly two years after returning to lead the New York Police Department, Commissioner Bill Bratton has cemented his influence in City Hall, and his sway over the city’s politics is clear, the Journal reports: 

Cops Go After Homeless Camps as Team de Blasio Makes Own NYP Cover On Safe City
 De Blasio creates his own New York Post cover (NYP) * NYPD brass tout ‘safest summer’ in modern history — sort of (NYP) NYPD brass on Wednesday bragged that the Big Apple just saw its safest summer in modern history — despite a nearly 14 percent spike in murders in certain crime-ridden precincts that were flooded with cops to try to stem the violence there. Police officials said the 82 murders and 345 shootings tallied during June, July and August marked the lowest combined totals during those three months since the start of computerized record-keeping in the 1990s. “August, by itself, set a record for the fewest number of shooting incidents, with 121,” Deputy Commissioner for Operations Dermot Shea said. * The NYPD delivers a safe summer (NYP Ed) * WHERE LIVES 'COME UNGLUED': Blaz tours filthy, needle-ridden Bronx drug den, vows to clean homeless encampments (NYDN)

Editorial: Summer in the (safe) city (NYDN) * As NYPD officers, mental health workers, lawyers and others visit homeless encampments in New York as part of a City Hall initiative, a prime mission will bedetermining how people wound up on the streets.*  Top officials in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration said that this summer has been the safest in decades as they tried to stem worries that crime is rising and quality of life is falling in New York CityThe Wall Street Journalreports: * Chris Christie to Bill de Blasio: ‘Stop Playing to the Grandstand’and Support Cops  (NYO) *  It’s time for big baby de Blasio to grow up and stop whining (NYP) New York’s 6-foot-6 mayor/crybaby whined Wednesday that The Post hates him, making an ill-advised venture into comedy. “Safest Summer in 20 Years But We Still Hate de Blasio,” read a fake New York Post headline in de Blasio’s mock Page One, sent out via Twitter. It’s a perfect example of a mayor who is not only petty and thin-skinned, but unserious. Joking about The Post’s coverage of his administration is tantamount to dismissing our reports about the real and obvious problems facing the city. The Post isn’t the one being frivolous here: We hold politicians accountable. We didn’t imagine the lunatic who is wandering around the Upper West Side raving and peeing in the street, nor the huge homeless encampment around the Metro-North station on East 125th Street, nor the tableau of police literally turning their backs on de Blasio after idiotic rhetoric by him and others about the “dangers” posed by cops seemingly inspired the coldblooded murder of two officers last winter.
Crime is "down" but majority of summer all out precincts have increases in shooting (as of 9/16) & murders & rapes have increased over 2014 *  @CommissBratton running around pontificating exhibiting pattern that got him fired under Rudy but knows DEB is 2 weak politically 2 do same * Cuomo receives 4 standing ovations at PBA convention. His popularity there is linked to his disdain 4 DEB
Bratton Orders Quality of Life Crackdown As Summonses Fall
Bratton orders crackdown with ‘quality of life’ summonses down (NYP)  Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has ordered a crackdown on “quality of life” offenses amid a surprising drop in the number of summonses issued for minor crimes, The Post has learned. Officials aren’t sure what’s behind the recent drop-off, but stats show tickets for public urination are way down, with only 6,799 through June 14, compared with 8,329 for the same 2014 period.
Bratton Made $48K From NYPD Contractor In 2014
Stop and Frisk ID Cards
Bratton made at least $48K from NYPD contractor in 2014 (NYDN)  NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton pocketed at least $48,000 last year from a company with a $3 million contract to help cops detect gunfire in high-crime areas of Brooklyn and The Bronx, according to official city records made public Thursday. Bratton received the money for unspecified “services rendered” to ShotSpotter Inc., which markets computerized audio technology that’s currently being tested through a two-year pilot program announced in March. Bratton joined the board of directors of the firm’s privately held parent company, SST Inc., in April 2013, before getting tapped by Mayor de Blasio for his second stint as the Big Apple’s top cop, starting last year. *  Stop-and-frisks by the NYPD likely reduce criminal activity in high-crime hot spots but other policing strategies may have the same or stronger impact, according to a new statistical study by a prominent criminologist.* In New York, Testing Grounds for Community Policing (NYT) The 101st Precinct in Far Rockaway, a low-income neighborhood wary of the police, has seen halting progress as the department seeks to reshape everyday interactions between officers and residents.* Some “minor achievements” are evident in the NYPD’s community policing pilot program in Far Rockaway, but many residents remain suspicious of officers as they log community visits, the Times reports:  *Police to start handing out ‘info cards’ after frisking suspects (NYP) Starting Sept. 21, cops must begin handing out “information cards” after frisking suspects who aren’t actually arrested, according to court papers filed on Monday. The cards must explain why the stop was made and provide the officer’s name, rank and shield number. The handout mandate is one of several reforms that have been approved by a federal judge. * Reforms recommended by a federal monitor of the NYPD include instructing officers to hand out information cards after frisking suspects who are not arrested, the Post reports:  *Starting Sept. 21, NYPD officers must begin handing out “information cards” after frisking suspects who aren’t actually arrested, according to court papers filed yesterday.* Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch said requiring officers to provide receipts to people they stop but don’t arrest will invite complaints against the NYPD and make officers less aggressive, the Daily News writes: 

NYC appealing order to release records for cop in Eric Garner case (NYP) * Record Number of Claims Filed Against New York Police a Year Ago, Report Says (NYT)  The city comptroller’s office also found that preliminary data for the most recent fiscal year indicated an 11 percent decrease in personal-injury and other tort claims.* A report by the New York City comptroller’s office found personal injury and tort claims filed against the NYPD reached a new high of 9,448 cases last year, but the comptroller said a decline is now apparent, theTimes reports:  * A New York City attorney filed court papers seeking to unseal 850,000 dismissed summonses in a closely watched class action lawsuit alleging the NYPD operates on a quota system, the Daily News reports:   New York City is accepting bids from tech companies looking to sell up to 5,000 body cameras to equip 1,000 police officers, which will make its body camera pilot program the biggest in the country, NY1 reports: * NYPD hostage negotiation chief who was basis for 'Talking of Pelham 123' character retires after 33 years of respect, saving ‘untold lives’ (NYDN) * New York City wants judge to unseal 850G dismissed summonses in NYPD quota system suit (NYDN) * New York City paid $550M for lawsuits in 2014; NYPD was target of most claims (NYDN) * The de Blasio administation wants a judge to unseal 850,000 dismissed summonses in a closely watched class action suit alleging a quota system within the NYPD. * The city is appealing a Manhattan judge’s order to release the disciplinary records for Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer cleared of criminal charges in the chokehold death of Eric Garner – arguing that the order conflicts with established civil rights laws.

The NYPD Commissioners War 
'I'm telling him, he's wrong': NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, predecessor Ray Kelly clash over stop-and-frisk (NYDN)The City Council's push for police reforms still faces stiffresistance (AMNY) * NYPD Deputy Chief Kim Royster was promoted to assistant chief, the highest uniformed rank in department history for a black woman, and said that her wish is that one day a clerical worker becomes a chief, the Daily News reports: * NYPD Deputy Chief Kim Royster was promoted to assistant chief, the highest uniformed rank in department history for a black woman, and said that her wish is that one day a clerical worker becomes a chief, the DailyNews reports:   * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and former commissioner Ray Kelly have been publicly trading barbs over the effectiveness of stop-and-frisk policies, with the two arguing over the accuracy of statistics, the Daily Newsreports:  * After a shoplifting suspect fled custody, becoming at least the fourth person to escape from police this summer, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said he would not tolerate such carelessness, The New York Timesreports * A dozen black and Latino NYPD officers sued the city and Commissioner Bill Bratton, charging an internal quota system forces them to make “discriminatory and unwarranted” arrests of people in their own communities, the Daily News reports:  * What Ray Kelly gets right and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton gets wrong (NYP) * A lender predicts taxi-medallion owners in New York City will not make the balloon payments due on a slew of loans maturing in the next six months, and warns that a “bloodbath” may be in store, Crain’s reports:  *Bratton’s position on keeping police body-camera footage protected even against Freedom of Information requests fuels suspicion, and the evidence it brings won’t carry much weight if the process seems unfair, thePost writes: 

Kelly de Blasio Has Endangered New Yorker's Lives 
 Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly blasts New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in his new memoir “Vigilance,” saying the mayor’s decision to scale back stop-and-frisk is endangering the lives of city residents
Ray Kelly blasts de Blasio’s ‘false narrative’ in new memoir (NYP) Mayor de Blasio has endangered New Yorkers’ lives by abandoning stop-and-frisk — an “amazing surrender” rooted in politics, ex-Police Commissioner Ray Kelly charges in a new book.“And who benefited most from our successes?” Kelly writes. “The very people the de Blasio campaign were reportedly speaking for, young minority males especially.” Kelly chided Manhattan federal Judge Shira Scheindlin for helping de Blasio win the primary thanks to her “disturbing, highly offensive” decision describing stop-and-frisk as unconstitutional and calling for reforms. “What really burned me up though, one of many things, from a tiny number of incidents, cherry-picked from millions, Judge Scheindlin had pinned the whole police department as a racist institution,” he writes.

Bratton Defends de Blasio
Bill Bratton goes to bat for de Blasio (NYP) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has nothing but warm words for Mayor de Blasio, staunchly defending the oft-criticized mayor in a new interview. “There’s nothing we’ve disagreed on in the months I’ve worked for him,” Bratton tells The New Yorker in this week’s issue, which hits the stands on Monday. “He’s done more for police than any mayor I’ve served in 30 years.”* New NYPD smartphones helped cops nab suspect (NYP)* Bratton says Times Sq is "evidence" of #BrokenWindows success? Hmm. Nobody lives there. 

Is Bratton Done With the de Blasio? 
Bratton is done with this amateur administration  (NYP) Is Bill Bratton eyeing an exit? If so, who can blame him. Forty-five years a cop, a motive force in Rudy Giuliani’s reclamation of New York City’s streets 20 years...* NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton seems to be frustrated with the de Blasio administration, as evidenced by his comments to City & State that he is not going to be with the mayor through a second term, the Post’s BobMcManus writes: * Bratton says cops are focused on quality-of-life crime spike (NYP)

Bratton Wants to Book 'Em and Keep The Hard Core in Jail
Bratton:  Mixing the hard-core with first times will mean only that New Yorkers like Special-Caijae Houston and her unborn child will suffer grievous harm.
The Daily News writes that NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is raising an alarm that the pendulum has swung too far in favor of those who break the law and allowing the truly dangerous on the street  Bratton: Keep the bad guys in jail! (NYP) “There are people in our society, I’m sorry, they’re criminals. They’re bad people. You don’t want to put them in diversion programs; you don’t want to keep them out of jail,” Bratton said on the John Gambling radio show. *  Bratton's hard truthon hard time (NYDN Ed) Just as Commissioner Bill Bratton warned that elected officials are going too far in diverting offenders from jail, a suspect surrendered in the drive-by shooting that wounded five and killed a pregnant woman’s unborn baby. Nineteen-year-old Marquise Frederick, arrested for pulling the trigger, perfectly made Bratton’s point.* Cops must provide receipts after stop-and-frisks under new rules (NYP) * A report from the NYPD’s federal monitor includes recommendations to require cops to have “reasonable suspicion” before doing a stop-and-frisk, and to have them fill out a receipt for the suspect explaining why they were stopped, the Post writes:  * Mayor Bill de Blasio’s $22 million initiative to tackle homelessness and conduct outreach for the mentally ill is a good step, but the mayor may have been too slow to act on a politically damaging issue, Chris Smith writes in New York magazine:  * * The New York City Police Department is spending up to $4.5 million to buy more Tasers, giving officers more nonlethal alternatives to deal with criminals and mentally disturbed individuals, the Post reports: 

The gang-banger has a history of three prior arrests that entered the Brooklyn court system, never to emerge again into public view. The dispositions are sealed, indicating either that Frederick beat the raps or, more likely, that the district attorney and courts slipped him into a legal status that allows for alternatives to incarceration for youthful offenders — and that, ultimately, closes cases to public scrutiny. What’s known is that police first arrested Frederick in 2011 on a charge of assaulting a police officer, busted him a second time in 2012 on a charge of assault with intent to cause serious injury with a weapon, and picked him up again in 2014 for criminal possession of a weapon. While Bratton has supported programs that help non-violent, low-level drug offenders make bail or place the same category of offender in treatment rather than prison, he is raising an alarm that the pendulum has swung way too far in the direction of allowing truly dangerous criminals to remain on the street. “There are people in our society, I’m sorry, they’re criminals. They’re bad people,” he said Wednesday on the John Gambling radio show. “You don’t want to put them in diversion programs; you don’t want to keep them out of jail. * BABY-KILLING FIEND: Red Hook drive-by shooting suspect surrenders to cops as 5 injured in rampage, including woman who lost unborn child (NYDN)

NYPD's "Groucho" Bratton Spins Opposing Messages Daily Walks Back . . . I Might Stay Into Second Term 
Bratton walks back whether he would stay for second de Blasio term (NYP) “Those comments were really a spontaneous question, spontaneous answer; taken very much out of context,” he told reporters Wednesday following an event at police headquarters. “I didn’t say anything about not going into a second term,” he added. “I said in all likelihood I would not be here at the end of a second term if the mayor were elected to a second term.” * Bratton ready to ‘re-engineer’ the NYPD (NYP) * Keep up the quality-of-life crackdown, Commissioner Bratton (NYP Ed) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton unveiled a plan that aims to give commanders greater control over all cops assigned to their precincts, boost morale and improve community relations, the Post writes:  * Commissioner Bill Bratton unveiled his major “re-engineering” of the NYPD — a plan that aims to give commanders greater control over all cops assigned to their precincts, boost morale and improve community relations. * In turnaround, Bratton says he’s sticking (Capital) * The NYPD inspector general proposed changes to the state police’s body camera program, such as how often officers should be directed to turn on the cameras and for how long the video is kept, The New York Timesreports: *  IG Report: NYPD Body Cameras Should Record All Interactions(NY1) * In the first outside review of the NYPD’s use of body cameras, the inspector general overseeing the department recommended police use cameras more often, but work to limit exposing victims and witnesses. * IG Report: NYPD Body Cameras Should Record All Interactions * Stop Hiding Police Misconduct in New York (NYT Ed) An appeals court may get to put its weight behind a ruling that the public can be told about an officer’s past * Off-duty NYPD cop shot in Brooklyn during apparent carjacking: police sources (NYDN) * The state Legislature needs to bring New York’s disclosure laws in line with the 41 states that apply the same standard to all state employee misconduct records, including police officers, the Times writes:  * Editorial: NYPD body cameras are not ready for prime time (NYDN) * NYPD body camera program needs tweaks, community input (NYDN)* Philip Eure, the NYPD’s inspector general, and MarkPeters, commissioner of New York City’s department of investigation, write in the Daily News that the city’s body camera program needs to be tweaked before it is implemented:

One de Blasio Term Bratton . . . I Must Be Going 
Bratton says he's too old to serve second term: report (NYDN) Bratton is done when de Blasio’s first term ends (NYP) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said on Thursday that he won’t be sticking around even if Mayor de Blasio wins another term in office. “I will not be commissioner for six-and-a-half years. That’s the reality of it. I’ll be 75 years old by that time,” he said at a City & State Newsmakers breakfast at The Empire State Building. * BRATTON BITES: The NYPD commissioner included U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and the Rev. Calvin Butts among advocates he said are sometimes intentionally confusing stop-and-frisks with quality-of-life policing: City & State reports:  * Mayor Bill deBlasio disagreed with NYPC Commissioner Bill Bratton’s claim that he would be too old to serve another six and a half years, noting that Pope Francis is working well into his 70s:

Bratton Attacks the NYP for Piss Man Coverage
After the Mayor Cop's Pushes Homeless Away from Gracie Mansion  He Visits the Homeless He is Kicking Out of Tompkins Square Park
De Blasio mingles with bums in search of policy guidance (NYP) Mayor de Blasio made a surprise visit to Tompkins Square Park on Thursday to check out the vagrant-infested space — and asked homeless people there for advice on what to do about the crisis. The unscheduled East Village stop came a day after a cop shooed a “bum” — actually a Post reporter in disguise — from outside Gracie Mansion, saying the mayor would never stand for it. * About 200 protesters took to the streets Thursday evening to call on de Blasio to set aside 15,000 residential units for the homeless, staging a sleep-in at the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area, the Daily Newswrites: 

The Council May Make It Harder for the NYPD and Courts to Improve Qualty of Life  
A return to zip-code policing will wreck New York (NYP) Last week, he assembled the top brass of the NYPD and directed them to vigorously enforce public-order laws. This comes after some streets have been virtually taken over by vagrants and the disorderly. At the same time, the City Council is preparing to bring to a vote laws curtailing public-order enforcement. Mayor de Blasio will have to decide whether to sign them or veto them.  Public urination, for example, should be treated the same in Harlem as on the Upper East Side. Individuals who relieve themselves in a dark alley need not be bothered. However, those who do so in front of a sidewalk café should be hauled before a judge. One way to recognize this is for the City Council to shelve the pending measures curtailing police enforcement, and let the cops do their jobs — all over the city. Thomas A. Reppetto is the former president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City and a retired Chicago PD commander.* The New York City Council should shelve the pending measures curtailing public-order enforcement and let cops do their jobs, former Citizens Crime Commission of New York City President Thomas Reppetto writes inthe Post: 

NYP Keeps Up Its Bum Attacks So The City Tries to Hide Them

deBratton Listens to Then Shoots the Messenger On Post's Qualtiy of Life Expose 
Bratton shoots the messenger on Post’s quality-of-life exposé (NYP Ed) We’re glad to see Police Commissioner Bill Bratton reacting swiftly to quality-of-life problems The Post has exposed in recent days — even if he does feel obliged to shoot the messenger. The Monday after we reported on the illegal vagrant camp in Tompkins Square Park, the commissioner made a surprise walkthrough of the park. He looked angry, one homeless man told The Post. At a meeting with chiefs the next day, Bratton issued orders to enforce the curfews at all public green spaces. Parks Enforcement officers drove through Tompkins Square Park that night, a source told The Post — “which they almost never do.” And on Thursday, the NYPD broke up another encampment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. “Take action when necessary” against such lawbreaking, Bratton told several commanders, according to Post sources. Yet the commissioner on Wednesday took pains to suggest that Post coverage is making things worse. In particular, he cited our coverage of the gentleman who’s been using the West Side as his personal potty.

Bratton: Media attention worsening man’s schizophrenia (Capital) The homeless man whose picture has appeared several times on the cover of the New York Post because of his habit of urinating in public is a schizophrenic whose symptoms are being exacerbated by all the media attention, police commissioner Bill Bratton said Wednesday. In recent days, the Post's coverage of the homeless man, identified as 49-year-old John Tucker, has sparked widespread criticism on Twitter and elsewhere from other media outlets and reporters, who say the paper's coverage is excessive and gratuitously cruel.  Bratton said the man is well known to police and that an officer "has been working for months with him trying to deal with his issues." “He’s an extremely emotionally disturbed individual—schizophrenic—and so all the attention is actually exacerbating his condition," Bratton said during an appearance with Mayor Bill de Blasio. "Pursuing him for 30 or 40 blocks throughout the city is certainly doing nothing to calm him down. Rather, it’s agitating him.”

One de Blasio Term Bratton . . . I Must Be Going 
Bratton says he's too old to serve second term: report (NYDN) Bratton is done when de Blasio’s first term ends (NYP) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said on Thursday that he won’t be sticking around even if Mayor de Blasio wins another term in office. “I will not be commissioner for six-and-a-half years. That’s the reality of it. I’ll be 75 years old by that time,” he said at a City & State Newsmakers breakfast at The Empire State Building. * BRATTON BITES: The NYPD commissioner included U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and the Rev. Calvin Butts among advocates he said are sometimes intentionally confusing stop-and-frisks with quality-of-life policing: City & State reports:  * Mayor Bill deBlasio disagreed with NYPC Commissioner Bill Bratton’s claim that he would be too old to serve another six and a half years, noting that Pope Francis is working well into his 70s:

Cops Cooking the Books to Show Lower Crime Stats
Judge Orders Release of Misconduct Findings Against Officer in Eric Garner Case (NYT) The ruling, pertaining to records for Officer Daniel Pantaleo, was a significant defeat for New York City lawyers who have long argued that such records were protected under a provision of state law.

Thursday Manhattan judge ordered the release of disciplinary records for Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer cleared of criminal charges in the chokehold death of Eric Garner.* New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton gave his top commanders new orders to crack down on the spike in “quality of life” offenses around the city, the Post writes:  * A Manhattan judge ordered the release of disciplinary records for Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer cleared of criminal charges in the chokehold death of Eric Garner, the Post reports *  BRATTON BITES: The NYPD commissioner included U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and the Rev. Calvin Butts among advocates he said are sometimes intentionally confusing stop-and-frisks with quality-of-life policing: City & State reports: 
Wednesday New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the stop-and-frisk policy under the Bloomberg administration was like over-medicating a patient who was getting dramatically better, the Daily Newswrites:

Tuesday Update
Bratton surprises precinct accused of fixing crime stats (NYP) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton made a surprise visit Monday to a Bronx station house where cops were caught cooking the books — telling officers the NYPD won’t tolerate anyone fiddling with crime stats. Bratton showed up during morning roll call at the 40th Precinct station, where the commanding officer was reassigned and disciplinary charges were lodged against 19 supervisors for underreporting crime. 

How Many Precinct Commanders Are Cooking the Numbers Because of Pressure From Bratton and City Hall?
Commanders the focus of crime stats-fixing probe (NYP) NYPD Internal Affairs probers are focusing on commanders in their probe of alleged record-fixing in the South Bronx’s 40th Precinct, The Post has learned. Investigators called 40 street-level cops on... * NYPD cops cooked the books on crime reports (NYP)  19 Cops Accused Of Downgrading Crimes In The Bronx: Nineteen NYPD officers in the Bronx are accused of downgrading… The commanding officer of a Bronx police precinct has been transferred and 19 officers in his unit face disciplinary charges for fudging stats to artificially lower crime numbers, an NYPD audit revealed.
Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced the findings Friday of the damning internal investigation that determined 55 crime reports for offenses including petit larceny, misdemeanor assault, and criminal mischief were improperly processed by cops at the 40th Precinct in the South Bronx over a four-month period in 2014.* 19 Officers in NYPD's 40th Pct Face Charges forUnderreporting Crime Stats (DNAINFO)  Deputy Inspector Lorenzo Johnson, the commanding officer of the precinct, has been transferred, and the officers facing charges include one lieutenant, eight sergeants, nine police officers and one detective, according to the NYPD. Crime Update Subway sex crimes on the rise(NYP) According to NYPD Transit Bureau Chief Joseph Fox, there were 343 sex crimes reported, the bulk of which involved sexual abuse and forcible touching, during the first half of 2015, a 7.5 percent increase from the same period last year* Murders in Flatbush skyrocket and some are questioning the precinct's crime stats (Kings County Politics) * New York City police leaders see a small number of teens and young men—often familiar to officers on the street—as being behind the rise in shootings in the city and as well as frequently the victims of gun violence, The New York Times reports:

As Shootings Rise in New York, Police Focus on a Small Number of... (NYT) Alexander Williams, 19, of Brooklyn is emblematic of a Police Department effort to combat gun violence, but also of the challenges it presents.( On today's cover: Undercover female cops are fighting therise in sex assaults on the subway  (AMNY)

A Tale of de Blasio Fixing Numbers: Education vs NYPD
The precinct reported a 14% overall drop in crime on the year, but the audit found the actual reduction was just 11.4%. In the wake of the exhaustive bi-annual investigation by the NYPD’s Quality Assurance Division, which included a review of 1,558 complaint reports and police radio call responses, 19 cops in the precinct face administrative charges: one lieutenant, eight sergeants, nine police officers, and a detective.  19 NYPD cops face punishment after cooking crime books (NYP) * BAD COPS: 19 Bronx officers hit with administrative charges for downgrading crime reports — NYPD boss Bratton calls act 'rare but unacceptable'(NYP)
Last Night Shootings Three shootings leave two dead, two wounded across the city (NYP) * 19 police officers in the Bronxare charged with downgrading crimes. (NYT) * NYPD Officers Misrepresented Crime Figures ...(WSJ)  Education Mayor and DOE redefine passing so few kids fail (SI Advance editorial) Witness the mayor's declaration last week in response to a report in the New York Post that several students at Automotive High School in Brooklyn had their failing scores on statewide Regents examinations artificially inflated to allow them to pass. The mayor shrugged off this falsification of grades — and that's what it is —  telling the newspaper, "This is something that we have seen consistently over the years.   * The Daily News gives credit to de Blasio and New York CitySchools Chancellor Carmen Farina for overhauling ineffective teachers at two failing Brooklyn high schools and the city’s worst schools should follow their lead: Hunting Down the Whistleblower  Investigators hunting down whistleblower in school grade-fixing scandal (NYP) Investigators are knocking on the doors of Richmond Hill HS teachers to question them about a Regents re-scoring scandal — and who leaked an incriminating internal ­e-mail to The Post,...

A Tale Of Two de Blasio Conflicting Pitches Putting Re-election Ahead of Progressive ideology 
His Progressive Cult Following and the 2017 Voters He Needs to Get Re-elected 
Police Department to Redefine Chokehold to Match City Council Bill (NYT) The department has not dropped its opposition to the legislation, which would criminalize police use of the maneuver. *  The NYPD is poised to narrow its definition of a chokehold, adopting language from a City Council bill aimed at criminalizing police use of the maneuver.

De Blasio’s surprise Monday night announcement to add almost 1,300 new cops to the NYPD came just two weeks after a 1 Police Plaza sitdown between him and Bill Bratton, his handpicked police commissioner. * With deal to hire 1,300 cops, de Blasio admits there’s a problem (NYP) * Police union, advocates criticize Mayor de Blasio's decision to add 1,300 cops to NYPD — claim number is a 'drop in the bucket'(NYDN) * Mayor de Blasio's explanation for adding 1,300 NYPD cops is just not credible (NYDN) * New Yorkers will be protected by almost 1,300 new cops, no thanks to Bill de Blasio but instead to Bill Bratton (NYDN) * De Blasio swayed by Bratton into adding 1,300 cops: sources (NYDN) *  City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito was quick to declare victory when de Blasio agreed to hire 1,300 more cops, but some other members’ requests have yet to be fulfilled, City & State reports:  * Big unanswered question (which Lupica hints at): how much do1,300 cops actually cost the city, salaries+pensions?  (NYDN) * NYPD will hire 800 recruits and move 415 cops off deskduty under neighborhood policing plan (NYDN) * The NYPD said it will suspend exams taken by prospective recruits for three months beginning in July as it looks to clear a 50,000-person backlog of applicants and overhaul an unwieldy hiring program that has become unmanageable.* Police reform bills spur debate about legislative oversight (Capital) * NYPD goes back on the beat as murders and shootings skyrocket (NYP) It’s been a tough summer so far for the NYPD. Murders and shootings are up, while a department survey found that 85 percent of cops say they fear being proactive because they are scared of civilian complaints. “This is a police force that’s very unhappy,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said in a radio interview earlier this month. “There’s no getting around it, and we are trying to deal with some of the things that make them unhappy. They think the community doesn’t support them.” * A facet of NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s policing model will take cops out of their cars for a few hours and interact with the neighborhood.* New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton said he opposed legislation that would outlaw chokehold maneuvers and require police to seek consent before searching suspects, the Observer reports:

The Fact That de Blasio Get 1300 More Cops for His 2017 Election Is Over the Head of the Daily News With No Progressive Fingerprints
Cuomo and legislative leaders announced a framework proposal for concluding the legislative session, both houses promised to return to the Capitol today, the Times Union reports: * * New York City’s plan to hire 1,300 police officers and use many for neighborhood policing is part of a larger “plan of action” or blueprint the department expects to unveil later this week, The New York Times reports:   * The Post writes that de Blasio’s reversal on citylawmakers’ request to hire more cops shows he is at least tacitly admitting there’s a problem with a recent rise in homicides and shootings: *  The Daily News credits NYPD Commissioner William Bratton’s“canny leadership” for plans to hire 1,300 more cops because the mayor’s decision-making was a “confidence-sapping mess” * @BilldeBlasio Hired More Police To Head Off Political Fallout; Even From His "Base" Sources Say via @Dnainfo * “He was caught between a rock and a hard place,” de Blasioally Bertha Lewis says of mayor & police. (NYT) * "top CityHall official said BDB never wavered from hisposition that the city didnt need more cops 2 keep [NYC] safe” (NYDN) * De Blasio’s decision to add 1,300 new cops, which makes it look like he is responding to criticism, also ties him tighter to NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, New York magazine’s Chris Smith writes: * Mayor, Police Commissioner Introduce Community Policing Initiative (NY1) * The Story of New York’s First Black Police Officer, Told With the Help of Langston Hughes (NYT) The story of Samuel J. Battle, the first black officer in the New York Police Department, is being told in a new book by Arthur Browne, a veteran newspaper reporter and editor. * SILENT HATRED: Newser's book describes how first African-American to join NYPD suffered at the hands of his fellow officers (NYDN) * A machete attack recalls NYC’s bad old, pre-Giuliani days (NYP Ed)

NYC Shootings Map
In addition to the1,300 new police officers that will be hired, a new focus of officers will becommunity policing: * How Bill de Blasio earned this week’s epic flogging (NYP Ed) * BILL BRATTON BESTS DE BLASIO: New Yorkers will be protected by almost 1,300 new cops, no thanks to the mayor (NYDN Ed) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has a long way to go to comply with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s demands that the police force reflects the overall racial makeup of the city, the New York Post writes:  * * De Blasio’s reversal in hiring more police officers should allow NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton to reshape and re-focus the police force and also have it reflect the communities it serves, the Times writes:  * The New York Police Department will suspend exams taken by prospective recruits for three months beginning in July as part of an overhaul of an unwieldy hiring program, the Wall Street Journal reports:  * Mayor, Police Commissioner Introduce Community Policing Initiative(NY1) * MAP: Breaking down six months of shootings in NYC (DNAINFO) * BRATTON'S BIG PLAN: Police commissioner preps to transform the city a second time (NYDN Ed)

NYPD Quota Coverup . . .  Who Droped A Dime On Kelly?  
The NYPD and New York City lawyers are accused of a “stunning pattern” of evidence destruction in a class-action case alleging police issued 850,000 bogus summonses due to a quota system  NYPD, city lawyers accused of destroying evidence showing cops issued 850,000 bogus summonses to meet quota (NYDN) NYPD, city lawyers accused of destroying evidence showing cops issued 850,000 bogus summonses to meet quota (NYDN) Bill Bratton said the NYC Council’s repeated attempts to hamstring his cops is “overkill,” and added that the department already has enough oversight. * Thousands of New Yorkers accused of low-level or non-violent crimes won’t face the prospect of raising cash for bail under an $18 million plan to be announced today that seeks to keep such suspects out of the troubled Rikers Island jail complex.  *   New plan, but same old NYPD (NYDN) * Some New York Police Street Stops Go Undocumented, Report Says (NYT) he finding, in the first report from a federal monitor overseeing the Police Department, calls into doubt the official accounting of a significant decline in stop-and-frisk activity.* Even the anti-frisk NYPD monitor worries about the War on Cops (NYP Ed) * Police Commissioner Bill Bratton writes in the Daily Newsthat although the year began in tragedy, 2015 promises to be a tipping point for the NYPD, with a new community-focused program, retraining for 22,000 officers and other changes: * Critics, including NYPD officials and the chairwoman of the New York State Bail Bondsmen Association, said de Blasio’s plan to cover bail for low-level offenders in New York City was “a recipe for disaster,” thePost reports:

The NYPD and city lawyers are engaging in a “stunning pattern” of evidence destruction in a high-stakes class-action case alleging cops have issued 850,000 bogus summonses due to a quota system, new documents charge. Attorneys for the city have failed to turn over even one email from the files of former Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly or former Chief of Department Joseph Esposito regarding summons activity over the last eight years, attorney Elinor Sutton writes in new filings in Manhattan Federal Court seeking sanctions against the city.* NYPD Commissioner 

“It is simply not tenable that Commissioner Kelly and Chief Esposito did not — in the entire period of 2007 through the present — write or receive emails using terms” related to the word “summons,” Sutton writes.* The NYPD and NYC lawyers are engaging in a “stunning pattern” of evidence destruction in a high-stakes class-action case alleging cops have issued 850,000 bogus summonses due to a quota system, new documents charge.  * NYPD ‘destroyed’ evidence in quota case (NYP) The NYPD and city lawyers have destroyed evidence in an ongoing class-action case claiming cops use a quota system when they hand out summonses, stunning new court papers claim. Records, emails, and text messages– including one that reads “We missed seat belt number by 30 last week unacceptable”– have been shredded and deleted, even though the city agreed to hand over the information over a year ago, according to a letter filed in Manhattan federal court by plaintiffs’ lawyers.* NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton repeated his opposition to City Council legislation that would require further police oversight in an interview with radio hot John Gambling, the Observer reports:  *  Bratton: Council’s oversight policies are ‘unnecessary overkill’ (NYP) * NYC Councilman Ben Kallos said he is considering holding a hearing that will examine a lawyer’s explosive allegation that the NYPD and city lawyers are destroying evidence related to a quota system. * * The NYPD expects to implement “predictive policing” computer software called HunchLab in three precincts through a pilot program aimed at stopping crime before it happens, the Post writes:  * The federal monitor overseeing changes to the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy said the reform effort is moving in a positive direction, but some officers now avoid making or documenting stops, possibly because they fear legal and departmental reproach. * Reasonprevails with NYPD's monitor (NYDN Ed)  His first report to the court reflects appropriate caution with a statement that: “ Officers on the street may be declining to stop, question and frisk when it would be lawful and prudent to make the stop.”

 By discussing financial benefits and the historical and current relations between blacks and the NYPD, Detective Yuseff Hamm attempts to convince black New Yorkers to join the police force, The New York Timesreports:  * The stock market’s performance indicates the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System may struggle to meet its 8 percent return target during this past fiscal year, EmpireCenter’s E.J. McMahonwrites:   Flashback 2010 NYPD QUOTE OF THE DAY: "AT A CRIME SCENE ... DON'T PEEIN THE TOILET" (Village Voice) * The NYPD Tapes Confirmed | Village Voice *

NYPD City Council Tries A ChokeHold 

A video that shows how tough the NYPD has it(NYP) * Murders at NYCHA buildings add up despite efforts to bringcrime down (NYDN)

Friday Update
Bratton Tells Police Academy Graduates They Face a Time of Change (NYT)  The mood at the graduation of 822 police academy recruits on Thursday contrasted sharply with the atmosphere at the December graduation. *  NYPD adds only 82 new black cops despite diversity push (NYP) * FINEST GENERATION: Son of Jack Maple, legendary deputy commissioner of crime control strategies and CompStat founder, graduates NYPD police academy (NYDN) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told 822 police academy graduates they are coming onto the job at a time of “great change,” and will be looked upon to “heal wounds with communities that feel we have not done enough to keep them safe.” * Bratton tells graduates they’re better prepared than he was (Capital) * The Council’s cop-out: City lawmakers are trying to fixwhat ain't broken at the NYPD (N YDN Ed)

Tuesday Update
Police Department to Redefine Chokehold to Match City Council Bill (NYT) The department has not dropped its opposition to the legislation, which would criminalize police use of the maneuver. * Jury still out on de Blasio’s community-policing plan (NYP)

Bratton rips City Council for proposed anti-cop bills as a 'solution in search of a problem' (NYDN) * Bratton Against Legislation that Would Add Regulations to NYPD (NY1)  Bratton rips City Council for proposed anti-cop bills (NYDN) Keeping a running score of New York's homicide rate seems a bitridiculous (NYDN) * Probe reveals police captain’s shady crime-reporting tactics (NYP) An NYPD transit boss was caught trying to drive down his district’s crime numbers — by bullying some victims into downgrading their complaints and discouraging others from even filing a...* Bill Bratton: City Council is trying to handcuff the NYPD (NYP) ne proposal would create new guidelines on how and when officers can use force when subduing a suspect while another would make the use of chokeholds a crime — a response to the death of Eric Garner on Staten Island during an arrest. * No state or local municipality has explicitly prohibited the use of chokeholds, NYPD deputy commissioner of legal matters tells Council.* "if an officer were 2 utilize a chokehold…in defense of his own life…goes to the heart of why we are opposed to ccriminalize this” — Bratton  * Bill Bratton: Council Reform Bills Are‘Unprecedented Intrusions’ Into NYPD (NYO) * FBI investigating possible HEROIN RING in upstate N.Y. prison after two escaped —leading to one death, one capture: report * The City Council’s new drive to choke the NYPD (NYP Ed)  NY Post endorses the Bratton-Lynch-de Blasio position on chokehold bil via @nypost * Police Commissioner Bratton Bucks City Council (WSJ)  Police Commissioner William Bratton said Monday that proposed legislation to curb alleged abuses by officers was an unwanted intrusion into his management of the NYPD.* NYC sees safest June in 20 years (NYP) * Give Police Commissioner Bratton’s Reforms a Chance (NYT)  Some of the proposed City Council bills, designed to increase oversight of the New York Police Department and rein in abuses, go too far.* NYPD: Fewer Major Crimes Last Month Than in Any June Since Department Began Keeping Detailed Statistics (NY1) * Council Speaker touts more cops, but wants them on a tighter leash (NYP) * New York City on pace for less than 100,000 felony crimes for first time in NYPD history, on heels of safest June ever: police (NYDN) * NYPD sees increase in recruiting black cops, Bratton says (NYDN) * Editorial: A notch in the NYPD’s belt (NYDN Ed) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton told 882 academy graduates that their six-month training was better than the training he received when he became a police officer in Boston in 1970.* DN: After a banner crime-fighting month, the NYPD deserves huzzahs from the City Council, not handcuffs.

13 Shot In NYC This Weekend As De Blasio Touts Police Surge:At least 13 people were shot, one fatally, over the…  * five people were hurt in a shooting outside the D Avenue bar inProspect-Lefferts last night  * CBS2 Exclusive: ATFTo Join NYPD In Fighting New York CityGun Crimes (WCBS)  Security Expert: Feds Involved In Day-To-Day Busts Isn't Something Seen Every Day * Violent crime surges — even with more cops on the streets (NYP) The NYPD flooded the city with extra cops last week to combat a surge in violence — but Gotham still had more than double the number of shootings it experienced that week in 2014.* Residents of East New York, who have experienced the uptick in violence in the city in recent months, want Mayor Bill de Blasio to deliver on implementing reforms to policing, The WallStreet Journal reports:

During the first week of “Summer All Out,” a crime-fighting initiative that moved about 330 cops from their desk jobs to violence-plagued neighborhoods, there were 43 shootings that left 53 people dead or wounded. During the same week in 2014, there were 21 shootings.Mayor de Blasio said Monday “Summer All Out” worked wonders last year to contain crime in several of the worst precincts and needs more time before the effects are felt this year. “ ‘Summer All Out’ is a few days old,” he said. “We are having a challenge right at this moment with some of the recent crime numbers . . . [but] I think with each passing day, with each passing week, we’re going to feel the effects of it more and more.” 

Bratton's Slush Fund
Bratton is accused of using a nonprofit that funds crucial police programs to give consulting jobs to friends and springboard them onto the public payroll
Update Tuesday
City Council to investigate Bratton’s jobs-for-pals scheme (NYP)  * New York City Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson said she will launch an investigation into Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s use of a non-profit to steer contracts to his friends
 *** Bratton using nonprofit as ‘piggy bank’ to fund jobs for cronies (NYP) YPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is using a nonprofit that funds crucial police programs to dole out cushy consulting jobs to cronies — and springboard them onto the public payroll, The Post has learned. Since Mayor de Blasio appointed Bratton to his second stint as the city’s top cop last year, the New York City Police Foundation has awarded more than $2 million worth of outside contracts to study the NYPD and recommend improvements, sources said. The consultants include at least six Bratton associates with ties going back as far as his time with the Boston Police Department in the 1970s. The contracts with the cities of OaklandCalif., and Baltimore were secured through a company run by Robert Wasserman, who has known Bratton since the ’70s.* Surveillance video contradicts cops' account of Bronx wreck that killed motorcyclist, left passenger brain-damaged (NYDN) * Since de Blasio appointed Bill Bratton to his second stint as the city’s top cop last year, the New York City Police Foundation has reportedly awarded more than $2 million worth of outside contracts – including to some of Bratton’s longtime associates – to study the NYPD and recommend improvements. Bratton raised $2.6 million for police foundation in first 6 months of '14--then doled it out to consultant cronies * De Blasio holds the line against hiring more cops  (Capital) The consultants include at least six Bratton associates with ties going back as far as his time with the Boston Police Department in the 1970s. Approved contract proposals reviewed by The Post included pay rates up to $250 an hour, plus transportation, hotel and other expenses for the consultants, whose hometowns range from Martha’s VineyardMass., to Redondo BeachCalif.
DEB has turned over NYPD 2 Bratton enterprises & I wouldn't mind as much if they kept violent crime down but it's way up @nypost good reporting on Bratton & cronies doling out contracts 2 each other may be tip of iceberg technology companies are part of network @NYPost unlike the @NYDailyNews has not drunk the Bratton Kool Aid. Bratton probably charmed News owner Zuckerman

Bratton Backs Down On More Cop #


FIT Building Over More Cops and After School Programs
De Blasio pulls funding promised to after-school programs (NYP) The de Blasio administration allocated an extra $27.7 million in February so middle schools could add after-school programs in the summer. Last week — just three months later — the schools were notified that the funds were being yanked and re-directed as part of a larger $50 million initiative by the administration to boost 130 struggling schools. Now advocates and officials at the after-school programs — many of which have already hired staffers and enrolled students — are in panic mode. “If the funding is not immediately restored, people then have to let staff go and notify working parents the summer program will not exist,” warned Jennifer March, executive director of the Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York. * De Blasio Administration Allocates $74 M to FIT for Academic Building The Fashion Institute of Technology received $74million in funding towards a new academic building - set to be its first in over 40 years. For the guy whose latest “oops” moment was the discovery last week of a 20-percent budget overrun in his signature pre-K early-education program — from an estimated $340 million in February to $409 million this past Thursday. City Hall blames real-estate inflation for the latter, which is whistling in the dark. Much more likely it’s the Education Department’s own opportunists, seizing their moment like crows on a road-kill raccoon. * PHONE-Y BALONEY BY POLICE: Ameatur videos are catching NYPD cops' misconduct — and proof they lie about it: CCRB (NYDN) *

Black Leaders Make Demands of de Blasio as His Wife Plays the Victim to Shore Up the Black Vote for 2017 

DOES HE LOOK WORRIED? Unfazed de Blasio says he can stomach poll that finds his support among blacks plummeting (NYDN) *Black Leaders Showing Signs of Frustration With Mayor de Blasio (NYT) Mayor Bill de Blasio remains popular with black constituents, but some community ministers and activists have complained that he has been slow to address their concerns.* Some of de Blasio’s support in the black community has atrophied due to the perception that he has eased up on his commitment to reform * Dozens of black ministers, justice reform advocates and civil rights activists and four black members of Congress gathered last Monday at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem to discuss a delicate matter: What to do about de Blasio. The meeting was part gripe session, part strategic huddle, revealing the first hints of frustration with a mayor who won 96 percent of the black vote in 2013.* Chirlane McCray: I felt ‘sadness,’ ‘disrespect’ when NYPDcops turned backs on Mayor de Blasio at funeral of slain officer (NYDN) Over the course of the morning meeting, attendees voiced a series of concerns: 

Mr. de Blasio, some complained, seems to have lost his appetite for criminal justice reform. The mayor, they said, has been too slow to take action against the police officer whose use of a chokehold on Eric Garner, an unarmed black man on Staten Island, led to Mr. Garner’s death. Other participants grumbled that Mr. de Blasio and his staff have simply not done enough to communicate with black community leaders on issues like affordable housing. The unusual congregation of community influencers, convened by the Rev. Calvin O. Butts III, was part gripe session, part strategic huddle, revealing the first hints of frustration with a mayor who won 96 percent of the black vote when he was elected in 2013. -- Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: There is “growing disenchantment with the administration in the black community. The disenchantment relates to policing issues, the mayor’s support of broken windows, his lack of support for banning chokeholds and his willingness to support making resisting arrest a felony.”- Tamika Mallory: “The police turned their backs on him and all of the sudden he is beginning to concede … Is it already to the point that we have to turn our backs on the mayor?” 

McCray Victim of NYPD 
 * New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray said she felt “tremendous sadness” and “disrespect” when officers turned their backs to her and the mayor at a slain colleague’s funeral this winter, the Daily Newsreports:  * McCray: I felt 'sadness,' 'disrespect' when cops turned away(NYDN) -- On the police officers who turned their backs: “It was horrible. I don’t know why the officers turned their backs,” McCray said in a wide-ranging interview on WABC-TV’s “Up Close With Diana Williams” that aired Sunday. “I believe in protest. I think there’s a time and a place for it, and that wasn’t the time,” McCray said, referring to the January funeral for Officer Wenjian Liu, where hundreds of city cops turned their backs on de Blasio and McCray as the mayor delivered his eulogy for the fallen officer. “That was a terribly sad day for the city and for those families. Those families are still grieving and it will take a long time for them to get back to whatever could be called normal,” she added. Daily News’ AdamEdelman

Hammer Witnesses Lying Eyes
Deadly insanity withtoo many crazies hurting too many people (NYDN Ed)  One told The New York Times Baril was trying to get away from Casaigne when Casaigne fired. Another that that Baril had been handcuffed when shot.* "she quite obviously has some bias" vs cops -- @CommissBratton re woman w falsedescription of shooting (NYT) * Gertrude Schimmel, 1918-2015 — the NYPD’s glass-ceiling-smasher (NYP Ed) *NYPD oversight board leaked complaints to Legal Aid: unions (NYP)*IT'S A 'PIECE OF CRAP': PBA prez slams Queens art installation that invites patrons to 'suffer death' at the hands of police (NYDN)*.@CommissBrattonBroken windows opposition highest among ppl 18-34, who don't remember the 1990s/city "going to hell in a hand basket"* New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch called an art installment in Queens designed to simulate death at the hands of police a “piece of crap,” the Daily News reports: *Bratton Bemoans All The Work It Takes To Explain Police Shooting Black Men (Gotamist) "Immediately they started twittering, you know, 'Cops kill another black man again...* Cops resume solo-patrols after murder of two officers last year(NYP)** NYPD Commissioner William Bratton is considering offering amnesty to 1.2 million people with outstanding warrants for low-level offenses, but how that might happen is unclear, The Associated Press reports: * New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray said she felt “tremendous sadness” and “disrespect” when officers turned their backs to her and the mayor at a slain colleague’s funeral this winter, the Daily Newsreports:  *The NYPD has quietly resumed solo patrols that were suspended following the execution-style killings of two cops last year, according to police sources.*Bratton: Millennials are too young to understand ‘Broken Windows’ (NYP) * NYPD Hopes to Use Video To Combat 'Implicit Bias' AgainstOfficers via @Dnainfo * WAR ON TERROR: Bill Bratton wants 450 ISIS-fighting cops added to NYPD (NYDN)** As the New York City Council speaker calls for using summonses rather than arrests, a class-action lawsuit alleges the NYPD’s quota system has led to issuing summonses without probable cause, the Times reports  WAR ON TERROR: Bill Bratton wants 450 ISIS-fighting cops added to NYPD* Police Commissioner William Bratton is taking on a familiar role in his fight to boost the NYPD’s head count: disagreeing with his boss. As Bratton keeps pushing for more officers, de Blasio finds himself in a delicate spot on a difficult issue. Behind-the-scenes negotiations continue on whether the police head count of about 35,000 should grow—and by how much.
Sal Albanese ‏@SalAlbaneseNYC 
@Azi hysterical @CommissBratton complaining abt a gang up mentality against cops while working for DEB who vilified cops to get elected

Daily News Says de Blasio's Turning His Back on the Cops Now

de Blasio Offers the Cops Benefits
Mayor Bill de Blasio is proposing changes to benefits that uniformed city workers receive if they are injured on the job, which would require amending state law, The Associated Press writes: 

‘Broken Windows’ founder blasts policies’ ‘opportunistic’ critics  (NYP)  The father of “broken windows” policing blasted “opportunistic critics" of the program who he claims are “deliberately misrepresenting” his ideas in pursuit of their own political agenda.* NYPD Commissioner William Bratton reiterated he was looking for “a lot more” cops, particularly to address the changing nature of terrorism, but the mayor’s budget does not plan for such hires, the Daily News reports:  * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said the city needs to hire “a lot more police officers,” because the threat from terrorists has changed “dramatically” in the last 16 months and street crime “has the potential to spike up.”* 400 more NYPDofficers are needed for counterterrorism, Bratton said yesterday  (AMNY) * A Quinnipiac poll found most New York City voters support “broken windows” policing and 55 percent approve of the job NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is doing, while 44 percent approve of de Blasio, the Daily News reports:
De Blasio's refusal to fund larger NYPD force in 2016 budget sets up showdown with police commish and City Council (NYDN) * 'I would like to believe that there will be a time when we won't have another name': NYPD boss Bratton adds Ramos, Liu and 2 others to Hall of Heroes — mentions fallen Brian Moore in emotional ceremony (NYDN) * Behind Bill de Blasio’s cop freeze (NYDN Ed) If you’re a mentally stable New Yorker who rents an apartment or owns a home and worries about getting shot going to the library, you can be forgiven for thinking that you’re not high on Mayor de Blasio’s priority list. In keeping with his promises to focus on tending to the needs of the neediest, the mayor on Thursday proposed a budget that increases spending on social-service programs while declining hikes for more cops and library hours. Although he is riding a surge in revenue and would boost spending by $3 billion — after hiking it by $5 billion last year — the mayor spurned Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s plea to beef up the NYPD and pointed the city’s bulging libraries toward reduced staffing and hours. * ‘CALL YOUR MOTHER. AND BE SAFE’: Top cop Bratton addresses New York’s Finest on Mother’s Day with the memory of slain Officer Brian Moore fresh in his mind (NYDN)* The Daily News writes that de Blasio’s budget proposal is balanced mathematically, but questions his fiscal discipline and decision to make hiring more cops and library funding bargaining chips: * NYPD Commissioner William Bratton writes in the Daily News that his job is to help find common ground between minorities that distrust officers and cops who work in neighborhoods fraught with danger: * O’Donnell: Brian Moore gave his life despite cop smearing  

 The funeral for Officer Brian Moore will be held Friday at St. James Roman Catholic Church in Seaford, N.Y., where 27 years earlier another young officer killed in the line of duty was mourned, the Times writes: 

 De Blasio’s budget keeps his promise to focus on tending to the needs of the neediest, but forced him into the untenable position of telling NYPD Commissioner William Bratton that the new cops he’s asked for are strictly a luxury item, the Daily News writes:  * De Blasio’s FY 2016 $78.3 billion budget boosts spending on a host of social services but includes no money to hire more cops. His refusal to include a larger NYPD force in his spending blueprint sets up a showdown with Bratton and the City Council, which sought 1,000 new officers * PBA head says city in 'dire' need of more NYPD cops as CityCouncil predicts it will happen (NYDN) *  BEHIND BILL DE BLASIO'S COP FREEZE: The mayor's spending plan boxed in by costly labor deals and resistance to seek savings (NYDN) * Brian Moore: A life that mattered  (NYDN Ed)* NEVER FORGET: Pain will endure at Officer Brian Moore's NYPD stationhouse — 'For us, it'll never really be back to normal' (NYDN)

$74 Million for A New Fashion Building But No $100 for New Cops?
De Blasio Administration Allocates $74 M to FIT for Academic Building The Fashion Institute of Technology received $74million in funding towards a new academic building - set to be its first in over 40 years. For the guy whose latest “oops” moment was the discovery last week of a 20-percent budget overrun in his signature pre-K early-education program — from an estimated $340 million in February to $409 million this past Thursday. City Hall blames real-estate inflation for the latter, which is whistling in the dark. Much more likely it’s the Education Department’s own opportunists, seizing their moment like crows on a road-kill raccoon.
City Council Crime Fighting and the NYPD
NYPD, Bratton The Fight For Control
More About the NYPD and Officer Moore

NYPD LOVE and Hate  1000 Cop de Blasio Council Showdown 

De Blasio's refusal to fund larger NYPD force in 2016 budget sets up showdown with police commish and City Council (NYDN) At Funeral, Bratton Says Good Work of PoliceGets Lost in ‘Loud Criticism’(YNN) * At the funeral of NYPD Officer Brian Moore, Commissioner Bill Bratton said his death came amid a “time of great challenge,” which left law enforcement to take solace in a “family of blue,” The New York Timesreports: union members are slated to receive ballots May 21, with the tally expected by June 5, The New York Times reports: * “Brian’s death comes at a time of great challenge in this country, NYPD CommissionerBill Bratton said. “We are increasingly bearing the brunt of loud criticism. We cannot be defined by that criticism, because what is lost in the shouting and the rhetoric is the context of what we do.”

No New Cops in Bill de Blasio’s Executive Budget (NYO) * Mayor on funding for additional NYPD officers: "I'm confident with the resources we have."  * Mayor Bill de Blasio planned to recommend no increase in the number of police officers in his updated budget proposal, a move that would defy demands from his police commissioner and from the City Council, TheWall Street Journal reports: * Three days after Police Officer Brian Moore died from a gunshot wound, mourners gathered for the New York officer’s wake on Long Island to remember a young man who had followed his father into service, The New York Times reports: 

'His bravery was matched by his compassion': NYPD chief Bratton displays honorary promotion badge as thousands of cops from across the country flood Brian Moore's emotional funeral on L.I.* NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton called Moore’s death a “tragic irony” as he and de Blasio joined other city officials in committing the names of 18 officers who died last year as a result of their work to the wall at One Police Plaza, the Observer writes:   Slain officer honored at Mets game he planned to attend (NYP) “Brian actually purchased a ticket to this game, which makes it worse,’’ Michael Coyle, his commanding officer at the 105th Precinct station house in Queens, told The Post.* Sharpton, de Blasio and Obama only love cops when convenient (NYP) * OFFICER BRIAN MOORE'S BRIGHT SHINING EXAMPLE: Honoring a young man who protected the people of New York from the scourge of gun violence (NYDN) * TRAIL OF DEATH: Hero NYPD cop Brian Moore killed with stolen gun from Georgia, where firearm laws are lax (NYDN) * Bratton offers modest #Brokenwindows reforms but rejects decriminalization. Misdemeanors still hurt job chances, tho. NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said the country is in a“crisis” in terms of race, and the “effectiveness of policing” and its tactics while speaking at a tribute to slain officer Brian Moore, the Post reports:* Following news that slain NYPD Officer Brian Moore was shot with a gun stolen from a shop in Georgia, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer urged the ATF to crack down on gun smuggling from southern states to New York,the Daily News reports

Daily News Calls de Blasio's Reduced Stop A Frisk Claims BS

The mayor’s ‘mistake’ (NYP Ed)  Did Mayor de Blasio “misspeak” the other day about the NYPD’s stop-question-frisk tactics, as his aides contend — or was he out to hide the real story?  In the top stop-and-frisk year under Bloomberg, only 12 percent of stops resulted in arrest. In de Blasio’s first year, the number was 18 percent. That’s an increase — but nowhere near the mayor’s suggestion that everyone stopped nowadays has been caught in crime. As for race, 84 percent of those stopped last year were people of color — about what the numbers have been for over a decade. Which leaves the precipitous drop in the number of stops — a drop that began years before de Blasio moved into Gracie MansionMore important are the figures the mayor chose not to mention: a 20 percent rise in homicides and 17 percent jump in shootings this year over 2014. * A modern New York fable:Separating fact from fiction in the stop-and-frisk debate (NYDN) * CCRB declines to adopt ‘perjury’ policy for false complaints * CCRB ‘dragging its feet’ on perjury policy for false complaints: PBA (NYP) The Post writes that hefty technical and financial burdens need to be figured out before the New York Police Department rushes to put body cameras on every cop, as some on the City Council would urge:* Progressive Groups Tell Mark-Viverito to Drop Push for 1,000 New Police (DNAINFO) Mark-Viverito said the City Council is united on the issue and she won't stop pursuing more police.

De Blasio's own stop and frisk standard comes back to bite him w(NYDN)  As a candidate and in City Hall, Bill de Blasio played a facile numbers game. It went as follows: The cops were arresting or issuing summonses to only 12% of the people whom they had stopped on suspicion of criminality. Starting under Commissioner Ray Kelly and continuing under Commissioner Bill Bratton, the NYPD has sharply cut the number of stops. They are projected to total about 40,000 this year. At the same time, the hit rate has climbed to 18%. Summing up his record, de Blasio told the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference this week: “There were over 700,000 stops and frisks of people in this city, the vast majority of whom were young men of color, the vast majority of whom were innocent in every way shape and form, and this year that number is 40,000 and the people being stopped are people who have done something wrong.” 

Who the Hell Wants To Become A Cop Now?

He spoke proudly — and incorrectly. By his own standard, at a hit rate of 18%, the cops are still letting go 82% of the people they’ve stopped. Monifa Bandele of Communities United for Police Reform criticized de Blasio’s overstatement, saying he “is falsely criminalizing tens of thousands of New Yorkers — the majority of whom are Black or Latino — who were stopped by police last year and found to be doing nothing wrong.” That’s the very critique de Blasio still aims at Michael Bloomberg and Kelly. Delicious.* Police reform advocates criticized de Blasio’s speech at the National Action Network, here he touted a decrease in stop-and-frisks, arguing he exaggerated the effectiveness of his reforms, the Daily News report *  New York City Council Members Vanessa Gibson and Jumaane Williams write in the Daily News that police should be required to wear body cameras, as they are neutral observers and can protect citizens and officers alike: * * New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said police reform efforts do not negate the need for more NYPD officers in response to a question from an anti-police brutality activist, the Observer reports: * Focusing on body cams (NYP Ed) 
* New York City Public Advocate Letitia James will file a brief seeking expedited appeal hearings after the denial of petitions to release grand jury transcripts and evidence in the Eric Garner case, GothamGazette reports * Focusing on body cams (NYP Ed)

Who is the Boss of the NYPD 
LET THE COPS BE COPS: New York's chief judge should leave the laws to lawmakers, and leave quality-of-life crimes on the books(NYDN Ed) Add New York State’s chief judge to the decriminalization chorus that’s singing ever more loudly for lightening up on quality-of-life offenses. Taking license to declare how laws should be written rather than hew to the judiciary’s mission of applying statutes, Jonathan Lippman called on Monday for stripping cops of the power to issue criminal summonses for drinking in public or riding a bicycle on the sidewalk. Lippman said New Yorkers who commit those offenses should be issued civil summonses, akin to parking tickets, with fines to be collected somehow or other without the threat that courts will issue scofflaw arrest warrants.

NO 'PANES,' NO GAINS: Bratton defends 'broken windows' policing as effective, warns not to forget bad old days of NYC (NYDN)* The Times writes that New York City must “make doubly sure” summonses are issued equitably because, as alleged in a federal civil rights suit, police are issuing too many trivial summonses to minorities:* Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in the Daily News calls for “summons reform” that secures gains from broken-windows policing while also making sure normally law-abiding citizens are not criminalized: * Council speaker claims Clinton support for decriminalization (NYDN)* As New York City debates how to handle minor offenses, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton issued a report intended to show that the NYPD’s enforcement of low-level crimes has been declining under his watch, The Wall Street Journal reports:

Baltimore Paper: Who In Charge of the Police?
AM Read: BaltimoreSun Editorial: Who's in Charge? * The Post writes that city officials’ push to issue summonses for quality of life offenses would be a “mistake” and that “broken windows” policing has reduced crime and un-clogged the court system: * Crime will sore to levels not seen since New York’s bad old days if the City Council decriminalizes quality-of-life offenses such as fare-beating, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton warned. *   New York’s Unfair Summons System (NYT Ed) The latest reforms do not get to the underlying issue, which is that the police are issuing too many trivial summonses to begin with. * Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito defends plan to decriminalize minor offenses: 'You still have to pay a penalty'(NYDN)* NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton donned a blue cotton work shirt and joined politicians and activists for anti-sexual assault Denim Day—stressing that his police need the support of the public to combat these crimes, the Observer reports:  * The judge who ordered the NYPD to reform its stop and frisk program transferred a related lawsuit to a colleague, but not before lamenting her controversial tenure on the historic cases, the Daily Newsreports

6 Shot 2 Dead As Mayor Bad Timing Says We Do Not Need More Cops

Six shot, two killed as gangbangers open fire at wake (NYP)  A wake for a Bloods gang member turned into a deadly firefight Monday night when two mourners at a Brooklyn church shot six people, killing two, after a dispute, sources said. Two dead, four wounded in possible gang-related shooting outside funeral service in Brooklyn* Fatal Shooting Outside Brooklyn Church Was Set Off by Longtime Dispute, Police Say (NYT) A law enforcement official said that lingering ill will played a role in instigating the gun battle, with dozens of shots fired, outside a church on Flatbush Avenue.

de Blasio: We Do Not Need More Cops
De Blasio: City doesn’t need 1,000 new cops (NYP) Mayor de Blasio says the city doesn’t need 1,000 new cops, but his bean-counters still deem it a “potential expense” and predict it would cost more than $90 million a year, according to internal documents obtained by The Post. * De Blasio compares swearing in new judges to ‘speed dating’ (NYP) Internal de Blasio administration documents show the mayor’s team estimates hiring the 1,000 new cops sought by the City Council could cost more than $90 million a year * Eric Garner’s mom: Baltimore riots should be a wakeup call for New York state lawmakers (NYDN)-- Mayor Bill de Blasio denied a reported deal to decriminalize low-level crimes like public consumption of alcohol and riding a bike on the sidewalk, and drew a firm line against lowering penalties for hopping subway turnstiles. The mayor also said he was unaware of comments today from his former boss, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, calling for an end to mass incarceration, particularly for low-level crimes. Asked about Clinton’s remarks, he said, “I haven’t seen her statement so I can’t comment.”  “This discussion has only begun,” de Blasio told reporters who surrounded him on his way into City Hall, when asked about the decriminalization plan pushed by his longtime ally, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. “We believe in quality-of-life enforcement. Commissioner [Bill] Bratton and I are absolutely united on this point.” Bratton, the police commissioner, warned yesterday that if police officers “lose the power to arrest” people for low-level crimes, it could bring about 1970s-era crime in the city. Capital’s Azi Paybarah :-- Mayor Bill de Blasio denied a reported deal to decriminalize low-level crimes like public consumption of alcohol and riding a bike on the sidewalk, and drew a firm line against lowering penalties for hopping subway turnstiles. The mayor also said he was unaware of comments today from his former boss, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, calling for an end to mass incarceration, particularly for low-level crimes. Asked about Clinton’s remarks, he said, “I haven’t seen her statement so I can’t comment.”  “This discussion has only begun,” de Blasio told reporters who surrounded him on his way into City Hall, when asked about the decriminalization plan pushed by his longtime ally, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. “We believe in quality-of-life enforcement. Commissioner [Bill] Bratton and I are absolutely united on this point.” Bratton, the police commissioner, warned yesterday that if police officers “lose the power to arrest” people for low-level crimes, it could bring about 1970s-era crime in the cityCapital’s Azi Paybarah :

Council Bratton Pissing Match  - Is Anyone Looking At How She Was Elected? Scripted Mayoral Triangulation?
Battle over decriminalization of low-level offenses erupts(NYP) The pissing match between the City Council and the NYPD is coming to a head.City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito threatened to wield the council’s “aggressive oversight” power over One Police Plaza if Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton don’t fall in line with her proposal to decriminalize six low-level offenses, including public urination. “We are very committed to continuing . . . to demand from our commissioner and our mayor that our police have to improve the way they interact within our community,” Mark-Viverito declared Saturday morning at an event in Harlem hosted by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. *Mark-Viverito: Decriminalize minor offenses, Bratton (NYDN) * New York City Plans to Transform Summons Process  (NYT) Newly unveiled changes could have significant consequences for judges, lawyers and the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers charged with low-level violations each year. NYPD: Divided Government or Mayor Speaker Triangulation? Government By Lobbyist Spin . . .  Where the Poll to See If New Yorkers Want to Go Soft on Public Pissing?

NYP: Who is In Charge of The NYPD? Everyone?
Who’s really in charge of today’s NYPD? (NYP Ed)  Once upon a time, it was easy to describe the leadership structure overseeing New York City policing. No more. Twenty years ago, it was Mayor Rudy Giuliani as No. 1, and then-Police Commissioner William Bratton as No. 2. After Giuliani bounced Bratton, there was no real No. 2, because as Giuliani wrote, he only considered his loyalists for the job. More recently, Commissioner Ray Kelly was No. 1, because Mayor Mike Bloomberg essentially gave him full reign in everything but the budget. Today, Mayor de Blasio is No. 1, though he’s been as much a critic of the department as its boss. More worrisome, it’s hard to name a No. 2. — and that could mean trouble for the city down the road. To be sure, there are several candidates for the spot. Start with the federal monitor, put in place by a US district judge to make sure cops don’t carry out illegal searches. This month, the monitor, Peter Zimroth, released material to be added to the Police Academy curriculum for training recruits. Most involve precepts that many of us learned at our mother’s knee. For example, recruits are told to “remember most people are good, law-abiding citizens.” And, “don’t assume that only criminals fear the police.” The next offering may be the story of The Three Bears. One wonders whether he was put in place to teach police ethics (for which he has no qualifications) or to ensure that the city complies with the court decree. Since Zimroth is beyond the mayor’s control, he — with the backing of a federal judge — would become, in effect, No. 2 (if not No. 1). The city also has its own special watchdog for the NYPD. The City Council created the position of inspector general in 2013. Recently, the IG, Philip Eure, proposed that the NYPD collect more data on lawsuits against cops.

Speaker's Triangulation: 1000 More Cops But Wants to Limit What They Can Police
City Council doesn’t care about quality of life in NYC (NYP) No, I’m not being sarcastic! The mayor actually made the right call, under a little bit of pressure, when he said last week he was rejected the view propounded by his fellow liberal Democrat, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, that the city should decriminalize low-level offenses such as public urination and turnstile-jumping. “I want to emphasize my vision of quality-of-life policing and my vision related to the ‘Broken Windows’ strategy is the same as Commissioner [William] Bratton’s — we’re very much unified on this point,” de Blasio said. * No arrests for minor crimes? Some readers think that's a badidea  (CrainsNY)

Mayor's Triangulation: Want to Keep Enforcing Quality of Life Crimes But Does Not Want Extra Cops
De Blasio’s tough talk on crime undercuts his apparent opposition to Bratton’s request for 1,000 more police officers on the streets. The cost of that would be some $68 million and would reduce overtime for police, upon which the city spent a staggering $672 million last year. Even Mark-Viverito supports the idea of hiring more cops. De Blasio has been hinting he will not hire the additional officers, even though the city currently has 6,000 fewer cops than it did in 2001. New York has added roughly 350,000 new residents since then, a city the size of Honolulu being added to the existing city.

Council Moves to Finished Off Weaken "Broken Windows" . . . Bratton Limits Police Effectiveness 
A potential showdown is looming over a pair of City Council proposals that would decriminalize a host of offenses that could dramatically impact the NYPD’s “broken windows” approach to policing, the Daily Newsreports: * A potential showdown is looming over a pair of NYC Council proposals that would decriminalize a host of offenses — including fare-beating, drinking on the street and public urination — in an overhaul that could dramatically impact the NYPD’s “broken windows” approach to policing.*The Council’s pee brains seek to set loose chaos on the streets with effort to decriminalize low-level misdemeanors(NYDN) * THE COUNCIL'S PEE BRAINS: Scheme to decriminalize quality-of-life offenses threatens public order and safety (NYDN Ed)*De Blasio expressed strong reservations about a New York City Council plan to decriminalize common low-level offenses, such as public urination and turnstile-jumping, the Post reports: Saturday Update Bratton Council Bill Hurts Police Effectiveness  Bratton: Council plan would limit police effectiveness (Capital)* Bratton Pushes Back Against Council Speaker's Proposal to Decriminalize Some Minor Violations (NY1) *  New York’s top judge came out forcefully in support of a New York City Council proposal to redirect a number of top "broken windows” charges to one of the city's civil administrative courts instead of the criminal system, the Daily Newsreports: 

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton warned that high-level crime could come “roaring back” if the City Council succeeds in decriminalizing these so-called quality of life offenses, the Post writes: * A report from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice shows that New York City has struggled for a decade to handle the half-million summonses issued each year for low-level offenses, The Wall Street Journalwrites: * Bratton: Crime will surge if minor offenses decriminalized (NYP)* Summonses for Minor Crimes Keep Falling, Report Says, but Many Still Lead to Arrest Warrants (NYT) The findings land in the midst of a debate over how New York and its police should handle low-level offenses at a time of diminishing street crime yet increasing tension over police tactics. * Top New York Democrats: Urinating in Public Should Still Be aCrime (NYO) Public Advocate Letitia James and Comptroller Scott Stringer, two of the top elected officials in New York City, agreed today that public urination should remain a criminal offense–breaking with their fellow Democrat, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito.
City Council doesn't care about quality of life in NYC  via @nypost DEB allegedly differs with Speaker he elected

Why is the Mayor and Bratton Fighting Over Increasing the NYPD by 1000?
Murders in NYC rise 16% this year as 82 people have been killed (NYDN)  NYPD deputy counter-terrorism boss John Miller said the video of a white cop in South Carolina shooting and killing a fleeing black man is "going to cost" police across the country, the Daily News writes  How Much Stop and Frisk Reforms De Blasio exaggerates NYPD stop-and-frisk reforms (NYPD

More ISIS Terrorists Caught in NYC
Woman busted for bomb plot scoured city for targets: source (NYP) * Fourth suspect indicted in alleged plot by Brooklyn men to join ISIS for providing travel services to Turkey, Syria (NYDN) Kasimov and co-defendant Abror Habibov are not charged with seeking to join ISIS, according to court papers. The other two men, Abdurasul Juraboev and Akhror Saidakhmetov, are charged with seeking to travel overseas and join the terrorist group. Kasimov and Habibov “pooled together approximately $1,600 for Saidakhmetov to use in Syria and Kasimov delivered this money to Saidakhmetov at JFK airport” shortly before he was arrested in February, assistant U.S. attorneys Alexander Solomon and Douglas Pravda said in court papers. Habibov, a citizen of Uzbekistan, allegedly paid for a round-trip plane ticket to Turkey for Saidakhmetov who, like Juraboev, planned to cross the Turkish border into Syria and join ISIS fighters.* Editorial: Christians under siege in Africa and beyond (NYDN Ed) * 4th Brooklyn Man Is Charged in Plot to Join ISIS (NYDN) Dilkhayot Kasimov, 26, was added as a defendant in the case of a group of Brooklyn men charged with trying to support the Islamic State.* 4th Brooklyn man faces federal charges in overseas terrorplot (AMNY)* * Dilkhayot Kasimov was named as a fourth defendant and accused of raising money for the travels of Brooklyn men previously charged with trying to join the Islamic State, the Times reports: * Brooklyn Man Charged With Allegedly Funding ISIS Recruitment Plot In NY (CBS)* Clergy group presses de Blasio on police reform (Capital) “If the mayor wants to get re-elected, he’ll make this happen,” said Rev. Calvin Butts, III.* Four Men Arraigned for Allegedly Attempting to Join ISIS (NY1)

Not One Elected Official Has Spoken About the 5 ISIS Arrests in the City 
Two Women in Queens Are Charged With a Bomb Plot (NYT) The women, both American citizens, wanted to detonate a device in the country and had been communicating with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, said a complaint unsealed Thursday. * A terror attack averted by the skin of N.Y.’s teeth (NYDN Ed)* Two women living in Queens have been charged with planning to build a bomb, in a plot revealed by a monthslong undercover investigation that found the women had discussed the merits of various types of bombs and had obtained four propane gas tanks.* Queens Women Held Without Bail Following Terror Plot Arrest(NY1) *Husband of accused bomb plotter: ‘I don’t believe any of it’ (NYP) * TYKES AND THE TERROR QUEEN: Woman accused of bomb strike plot at fallen NYPD hero's funeral worked at preschool(NYDN)* 42 years ago yesterday, the WTC opened. Take a look atclassic images of the Twin Towers(Newsday)* Accused terrorist who allegedly plotted bombing campaignfired from job tutoring kids: (DNAINFO)* New York counties are getting $233 million in FEMA grants to fund counter-terrorism protections and emergency preparedness, the Cuomo administration announced. *  Broken Windows 101 (NYP Ed) Good thing cops weren’t listening to Melissa Mark-Viverito when they arrested Damien Brunson for jumping a Brooklyn subway turnstile. The City Council speaker is a big critic of the Broken Windows strategy that helped bring crime in New York down to record lows. She’d rather police treat so-called minor crimes, like evading a subway fare, with a summons or a desk-appearance ticket. Cops on patrol nabbed Brunson, 32, after he jumped a turnstile at the High Street IND station. He blamed a MetroCard that wasn’t working, but the officers didn’t just write a ticket, as the speaker would have them do. Good thing: They found that Brunson was carrying quantities of crack and marijuana, along with a loaded Smith & Wesson .38.

NYP Has Hope That Bratton Will Keep NYC Safe From Terrorism Despite Political Interference By City Hall

Bratton optimistic that he’ll be able to hire more cops this year (NYP) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said he’s still holding out hope of hiring more officers this year. He has proposed adding 1,000 new cops to the force, which has shrunk to about 35,000 officers from nearly 41,000 at the time of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.* Bratton Firm on Adding More NYPD Hires (NY1) * Cuomo’s job creation program Start-Up NY didn’t deserve the $50 million in extra advertising money it swept from the New York Power Authority in this year’s state budget,according to Assemblyman Robin Schimminger.

de Blasio Stands By Sharpton 
Months after a bitter and public feud with law enforcement unions fueled by de Blasio’s alliance with one of their chief critics, the mayor stood with the Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss issues of policing reform and criminal justice, and call for increased police accountability. Rev. Al Sharpton proclaims he never received special perks from City Hall (NYDN)  * Sharpton took pains to say that he hasn’t been the beneficiary of any special perks from City Hall. “There is no political or any kind of relationship based on power politics between Bill de Blasio and NAN or me,” he insisted.

Hynes Sued for Wrongly Imprisoned Man . . .  Why No Legal Action to Date Against the Former DA?
Ex-Brooklyn DA sued for failing to free wrongly imprisoned man (NYP) Former Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes did nothing to free a man he knew had been wrongfully imprisoned for 24 years, despite having “clear evidence of innocence” — leaving the man to rot in jail as Hynes’ lame-duck term ran out, a lawsuit charges. Jonathan Fleming, 52, was exonerated and released from prison in April 2014 after new DA Ken Thompson said his office uncovered a hotel receipt that showed Fleming was in Florida at the time of the 1989 Williamsburg killing.

New Yorkpolice cars will feature Twitter handles for each precinct: (NYDN) * The Commish NYC needs (NYP Ed) We’re concerned every time Bratton makes some concession to the mayor’s base — such as formally closing the NYPD unit falsely accused of spying on Muslims in the area. But we trust the commissioner is still finding ways to get the job done — because he knows that, ultimately, it’s on him if it isn’t. Bratton-the-politician can be unpleasant at times — as when he feels compelled todeny a Post story that embarrasses the mayor. But we can take the lumps so long as he can keep resolving the contradictions between the mayor’s political debts and the safety of all New Yorkers.* HEROIN: Number of fatal ODs outpacing homicides in NYC as DEA says drug's comeback causing an 'epidemic' (NYDN)
Robert K. Boyce, Detectives’ Chief, Gains Fame as Gruff Voice of New York Police (NYT) Chief Boyce, leader of New York City’s 3,000 detectives, is increasingly being delegated to appear on camera and discuss the crime of the day.

Breaking NYPD Office Shot in the Head

Officer’s vital signs plummeting after being shot in the head (NYP) LUPICA: No protests when cops are the victims — we just light a candle in their honor and move on (NYDN) CLINGING TO LIFE: 25-year-old NYPD cop lying in medically induced coma in Queens as suspect charged with attempted murder (NYDN) * A Queens man has been charged in the shooting of an officer that took place Saturday, with police saying they do not believe the shooting had a connection to the protests over police violence, The New York Times writes:

NYPD cop shot in the head in Queens (NYP) An NYPD officer was shot in the head in Queens Saturday. The cop was rushed to Jamaica Hospital in a radio car. The circumstances were not immediately known, but the shooting took place near the intersection of 212th Street and 104th Road in Queens Village. It’s the fifth New York City cop shot in the last five months.On Dec. 20, Officers Wenjian Liu, 32, and Rafael Ramos, 40, were executed, shot point-blank in the head as they sat in their patrol car in Brooklyn, working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill. NYPD plainclothes officer shot in the head in Queens. * Suspect Charged in Officer Shooting in Queens (NYT)* Plainclothes officers, like the NYPD cop who was shot Saturday, face a particularly dangerous task given that they are often the ones out looking for people carrying guns and confronting them, the Times writes:   The Post writes that while many people have protestedviolence by police officers  in recent months there are no protests when those working to uphold the law are shot: * Gov. Cuomo Under Fire for Being No-Show at State PoliceMemorials via @Dnainfo

Running the NYPD By Spin of the Day 

Press does not understand it not about pols showing sympathy after cop is shot in the face but but demanding they govern to keep all safe
The officer was working for the Anti-Crime Unit and is in critical condition. * Police Officer Is Shot and Critically Wounded in Queens (NYT) The officer was on duty and in plainclothes when a suspect fired at a team of officers on Saturday afternoon, officials said. * PICTURED: Plainclothes NYPD cop critical after being shot in face in Queens Village as suspected gunman in custody and ID'd (NYDN) * Officer who was shot in Queensis now in a medically induced coma (NYP) * NYPD cop in coma after being shot in the head (NYP) * NYPD cop, 25, critical after being shot in the face in Queens Village; suspected gunman is ex-con and cousin of former Giants player Kory Blackwell(NYDN) * NYPD Officer Shot in the Head in Queens, Police Say (DNAINFO) * The Queens man suspected ofshooting a police officer on Satuday was charged with attempted murder,officials said: (NYT) 

R.I.P. NYPD Officer Brian Moore
Shot NYPD cop dies (NYP) NYPD Officer Brian Moore died Monday after his distraught family removed him from life support, law-enforcement sources said. A grim-faced Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was seen entering the hospital around 12:30 p.m. Moore’s parents were at their son’s bedside. The officer’s father, Raymond, is a retired cop. “He is devastated,” a source told The Post. * Brian Moore, New York Police Officer Shot in the Head, Dies  (NYT)

The shooting of NYPD Officer Brian Moore will shift the political mood after efforts to revamp Broken Windows policing picked up momentum in the wake of protests over police killings, New York Magazine’s Chris Smith reports: *  Detective Union on officer Brian Moore shooting: "Thanks to the city council advocating on their behalf, criminals are carrying their * ‘Devastating’: Pal recalls pulling slain cop from car at vigil (NYP) *  ‘HE TOOK A BULLET FOR THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD’: Officer Brian Moore, 25, dies after being shot in face in Queens — alleged killer now facing 1st-degree murder (NYDN)Newsday writes that the death of an NYPD officer shot in the line of duty is a reminder of just how dangerous the job and that officers deserve to be acknowledged for that sacrifice: * OFFICER BRIAN MOORE'S BRIGHT SHINING EXAMPLE: Honoring a young man who protected the people of New York from the scourge of gun violence (NYDN) * Return to ‘Fun City’ — New York’s suicidal amnesia on crime (NYP) * NYPD Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch said he was “gratified” by de Blasio’s “strong support” for police following the fatal shooting of a cop, the Daily News reports:  * VIDEO: Gun linked to NYPD Officer Brian Moore's murder stolen from Georgia pawn shop in 2011 (WPIX)  * The gun used toshoot Officer Brian Moore was one of 35 stolen in burglaries at a Georgiapawnshop, the police say (NYT) * About New York:A perilous fact of life for police officers cannot be ignored after the deathof Brian Moore.  (NYT) * A Gun From Georgia Is Linked to a New York Officer’s Death, Again (NYT) The revolver the police say Demetrius Blackwell used to shoot Officer Brian Moore was one of 35 taken in two burglaries at a roadside pawnshop.*  Guns from Georgia, which has looser firearms laws than New Yorkhave been used in two recent police killings – the December 2014 assassinations of two officers in Brooklyn and last weekend’s deadly shooting of Officer Brian Moore. Law enforcement officials have long focused on Georgia and neighboring states as the starting point of a so-called iron pipeline of guns flowing north.* Two guns used in recent killings of NYPD officers illustrate the so-called “iron pipeline” of guns from Georgia to New York that law enforcement officials have long sought to clamp down on, the Times reports:

de Blasio Changes NYPD Tactics Towards Protesters But Says He Did Not
Pay No Attention to Your Lying Eyes
De Blasio: Cops’ tactics toward protesters unchanged (NYP) Mayor de Blasio lashed out at reporters Thursday when asked about whether police tactics at protests were deliberately more aggressive than in the past. In late 2014, the administration let thousands marching against police-related killings to take over major avenues, highways and bridges — a hands-off approach that drew criticism. On Wednesday, cops arrested more than 100 protesterswho tried to do the same near Union Square — but the mayor roundly dismissed assertions anything had changed. “If you guys want to sensationalize, if you think that’s your contribution to society, feel free,” he told one reporter at City Hall who asked whether de Blasio had ordered new tactics. “I would be careful not to exaggerate what happened,” he told another, who relayed complaints about police actions. When one scribe compared de Blasio’s arrest in 2013 at a protest over the closure of a Brooklyn hospital to marchers being cuffed in the streets, the mayor teed off. “I’m astounded by that question. I would think you knew a little bit more about the history of non-violent protest. You know, the civil rights movement? Maybe you’ve heard of it,” he sniffed. “You’re attempting such an extraordinary jump I have to school you,” he added. “Civil disobedience — it’s called civil disobedience. Ghandi, King etc. — you plan with police what’s going to happen.” * * Mayor Bill de Blasio offered a spirited defense of law enforcement, brushing off concerns that Freddie Gray demonstrators were mistreated even as he insisted on his own commitment to reform, The New York Times reports: * Mayor Bill de Blasio offered a spirited defense of law enforcement, brushing off concerns that Freddie Gray demonstrators were mistreated even as he insisted on his own commitment to reform, The New YorkTimes reports:  * A National Action Network official said Rev. Al Sharpton met with de Blasio to criticize the allegedly heavy-handed response to protests and said the mayor “submitted” to getting answers, the Observer reports:   * Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he has “no reason to second guess” the NYPD following the arrests of more than 140 anti-police brutality protesters and offered a full-throated defense of the police, the Observerwrites: * Mayor Bill de Blasio offered a spirited defense of law enforcement, brushing off concerns that Freddie Gray demonstrators were mistreated even as he insisted on his own commitment to reform, The New YorkTimes reports: 

Protests Move to NYC Thursday
more than 120 people were reportedly arrested across Manhattan in scuffles with cops during protests over the death of Freddie Gray.* Hundreds of people marched in Manhattan—and more than 60 were arrested—in a show of solidarity with demonstrators in Baltimore protesting the death of Freddie Gray, The New York Times reports: * Protesters fanned out from the square to several locations in Manhattan. More brawls later broke out near Times Square. The demonstration was one of many in cities across the country, including BostonPhiladelphia and Minneapolis.  * In the wake of the Baltimore riots, a group of black and Hispanic state lawmakers renewed a call for special prosecutors to be named in New York when unarmed civilians are killed by police. They said they will push for the requirement and other justice system, education and economic reforms. * More Than 100 Arrested as Thousands Rally to Protest FreddieGray's Death via @Dnainfo * Beyond Baltimore: New York City takes tothe streets (Mother Jones)

NAN Head: de Blasio ‘Submitted’ to Get SharptonAnswers About NYPD Protest Response(NYO) A leading official of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network said that the controversial leader met personally with Mayor Bill de Blasio this morning to criticize the allegedly heavy-handed response to protests held last night—and told the Observer that the mayor “submitted” to getting answers.  NYPD Assertive Bratton explains ‘more assertive’ response to protests (Capital) “I didn’t see much different last night from what I saw in December," Bratton said. 

"But we are going to be much more assertive dealing with efforts to close down tunnels, close down bridges, and will be much faster to make arrests if in fact they attempt to move in that direction.” Chief of department James O’Neill, who oversaw the policing of the protests last night, said he was mindful of the violence in Baltimore, but did not base last night's police strategy on it.*  NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said he was “doubling down” on his defense of the department’s quality-of-life policing, but he also opened the door to softening consequences for first-time offenders. * Bratton also said that he is exploring the possibility of officers’ giving warnings in lieu of arrests, or even criminal summonses, when confronting first-time offenders for minor violations of law. * 'It’s a waste of time': Defendants in court for minor crimes rip ‘broken windows’ strategy * BRATTON'S ARRESTING BROKEN-WINDOWS POLICING FACTS: The record shows NYPD treats few quality-of-life offenders as crooks (NYDN) * How Broken Windows policing saved New York — and still does (NYP Ed) * Bratton drafting formal complaint against council’s ‘decriminalization’ plan (NYP) * Mayor de Blasio betrays the cause: A participant in New York's Baltimoresolidarity protests says hizzoner's defense of the NYPD crackdown insults thehistory of civil disobedience (NYDN)

BRATTON'S ARRESTING BROKEN-WINDOWS POLICING FACTS: The record shows NYPD treats few quality-of-life offenders as crooks (NYDN) * The NYPD arrested over 140 people in Manhattan on Wednesday night as protesters marched in a show of solidarity with demonstrators in BaltimoreThe New York Times reports: * As the city debates how to handle minor offenses, NYPD Commissioner William Brattonissued a report that is intended to show the department’s enforcement of low-level crimes has been declining under his watch. * Mayor De Blasio Defends Police Response to Freddie Gray Protests in New York (NYT) A day after 143 people in Manhattan were arrested during demonstrations, city officials said any escalation on the part of the police was provoked by protesters who sought to cause trouble.* Police Commissioner William Bratton said he is “doubling down” on his defense of the NYPD’s quality-of-life policing, but he is open to easing consequences for first-time offenders, The Wall Street Journal reports: * The Daily News writes that Bratton has proved that “brokenwindows” policing has reduced all crime and critics who would repeal it would end what is probably the most effective innovation in the history of policing: * Bratton Softens Position on Some ‘Broken Windows’ Violations (NY1)

NYP and de Blasio Two Opposing Lessons From Baltimore
Michael Goodwin hopes NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio “isn’t too busy playing political games and barnstorming the country to absorb the right lessons from the Baltimore riots.”  If he’s paying attention, he’ll learn a thing or two about policing and that the bloody price of failed leadership is paid by innocent families and businesses. The disgraceful orders for cops to disappear or stand by and watch as rioters, looters and arsonists had their way should never be repeated anywhere again. Nor should any mayor talk, as Baltimore’s foolishly did, about giving “those who wished to destroy space to do that.” Those painful lessons are especially relevant to New York now because de Blasio pal Al Sharpton and wackos on the City Council are pushing the mayor to roll back “Broken Windows” policing. Apart from a welcome but incomplete statement of support for Police De Blasio Says He Stands in ‘Solidarity’ WithBaltimore Mayor (NYO)“I think this was a tough moment obviously for Baltimore,” Mr. de Blasio said. “I think they were quick to make adjustments and obviously last night went a lot better.”

NYPD Erasing Police Brutality From Wikipedia  
NYPD computers used to change police-brutality Wikipedia pages (NYP) NYPD computers have been used to make changes to online encyclopedia Wikipedia’s pages describing cases of alleged police brutality, it was reported on Friday. The alterations to the free-access site were tracked to the NYPD through Internet protocol addresses, which can be publicly tracked by using various websites. “The matter is under internal review,” Detective Cheryl Crispin, an NYPD spokeswoman, told Capital New York. Computers on the department’s network at 1 Police Plaza were used to edit and try to delete Wikipedia entries for well-known victims of police altercations — such as Eric Garner, Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo, the report said.*  
Text surveys may soon help New Yorkers assess cops: Bratton (NYP)A new Twitter account will automatically track the NYPD’s anonymous edits to Wikipedia.   the account was created following a Capital NY report that computers operating on the NYPD network at its 1 Police Plaza headquarters have been used to alter Wikipedia pages containing details of alleged police brutality. * NYPD computers also linked to ‘The Nanny,’ Playboy Wiki edits (NYP) NYPD computers were also used to make edits to Wikipedia pages for Playboy magazine, wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin, “The Nanny” — and ’90s band Chumbawamba. Goofballs changed the history section for Playboy on March 22, 2007, to read, “Today, ‘Playboy’ is still Responsible for teenage boys for having their first orgazime [sic].” * Way too picky onNYPD Wikipedia revisions (NYDN Ed) * NYPD: Garner Wikipedia edits made from police computers outside One Police Plaza (Capital)

NYPD's Clean Hall's Ends As Part of Stop and Frisk Court Settlement
New protocols end NYPD’s ‘Clean Halls’ program (NYP) NYPD cops are being told to stop confronting loiterers in the halls of housing projects, as they have in the past as part of their “Clean Halls” program, The Post has learned. A recent internal NYPD message revealed Monday said that the operation, which was used by police to curb drug use and sales in building stairwells and hallways, will end as part of the settlement stemming from the stop-and-frisk lawsuit which was reached last August. Officers must now have reasonable suspicion that the individual is in the building illegally before stopping him or her. The new protocols were announced to the rank-and-file in a March 10 memo and terms were worked out between the NYPD and the court. Operation Clean Halls, in existence since 1991, was a program in which police conduct patrols in the hallways and stairwells of buildings to remove non-residents who are loitering. NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman said in the past that the policy “placed New Yorkers, mostly black and Latino, under siege in their own homes.” “This aggressive assault on people’s constitutional rights must be stopped,” Lieberman said.

NYT Says More Cops Don't Matter, NYP Comes Up With A Plan to Reduce Crime In Areas Where Shootings and Murders Have Increased 
NYT Less Police Equal Less Crime?


Broken Windows 2.0: Time for an NYPD re-do (NYP Ed) But the NYPD could look for new strategies to maintain public order that do not necessarily involve strict enforcement of low-level crimes. There are various possibilities. One idea, for example, involves community-intelligence-driven operations. Instead of sending uniformed officers into a high-disorder area and letting them figure out a way to deal with the situation, a relatively small number of officers, especially detectives, could work with local residents to develop an in-depth analysis of the precinct’s problems. If the area is one with a high concentration of crime, then a vigorous campaign of arresting serious criminals might convince local folks to be more law-abiding. These strategies would dovetail with the CompStat program, which identifies high-crime hot spots. Another tactic would be to encourage outdoor activities to put more eyes on the street. This, in effect, would pit residents — acting as watchdogs — against serious criminals. Long ago, the urbanologist Jane Jacobs described how vigorous street life helps to keep a neighborhood safe. 

More Patronage Bones Less Watch NYPD Watchdog

Bratton Fighting City Hall for More Cops . . .
City Hall Bratton Says No Fight 
De Blasio spokesman calls Post’s Bratton story ‘fiction’ (Capital)* NYPD Commissioner Bratton denies report that he stormedout of City Hall meeting with Mayor de Blasio (NYDN)  Police Commissioner Bill Bratton flat-out denied a report Wednesday that he stormed out of a City Hall meeting and vowed to go around Mayor de Blasio tosecure 1,000 new cops. “There’s not a single factual item in that story,” Bratton said as he held up a copy of the downmarket tabloid that published the story. “I think Alexander Hamilton would be embarrassed.” * Paying for More Cops (NYP Ed)  City Hall made a big show of denying Wednesday’s Post story on the shouting match between Commissioner Bill Bratton and First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris over Bratton’s desire for 1,000 new cops. It even forced Bratton to issue a denial.  The commish said reporter Larry Celona “better check his sources.” He did — they’re solid. The Post stands by its story 100 percent.* @LenLevitt: "By Saturday, the @nyPost seemedto be looking for a face-saving exit from the Bratton-Shorris story.”(AMNY)

Broken Field Runner Bratton Tells Civil-Liverties Advocates to Get A Life Over Gun Mic 
The Next Day He Spins 1 Million Less Stop and Frisk/Public NYPD Contracts

Kinder Bratton A KINDER NYPD! Bratton predicts cops will have 1 million fewer law enforcement contacts with public in 2015
Meaner Bratton Bratton: Opponents of NYPD gun-tracking tech should ‘get a life’ (NYP) NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton says civil-liberties advocates who feel the department’s ShotSpotter technology will be used to eavesdrop on conversations should “get a life.”Bratton drew heavy criticism when he announced an expanded pilot program using the cutting-edge system, which records and pinpoints the sound of gunfire and sends alerts to police. Critics complain that in addition to gunshots, the system could also pick up conversations, which they say is an invasion of ­privacy. * Family of killed NYPD cop furious over Brancato’s film gig (NYP) NYPD Online Tips New York Police to Use Social Media to Connect With Residents (NYT) Beginning next month in the 109th Precinct in Queens, the department will use a program called IdeaScale to allow officers to solicit tips and concerns online. * NYPDdisciplinary process for bad-behaving cops revamping, shifting power toprecinct commanders (NYDN) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton wants the department's Internal Affairs Bureau to mainly tackle major corruption cases. Currently, all charges against cops are investigated by the bureau. * Harry Siegel: Bill Bratton finds the policing sweet spot (NYDN) * Want to know how many cops are on modified duty? File a FOILand wait a year after initial rejection (NYDN) * Report: NYPD Planning to Have Less Interaction with Public(NY1)
More About Bratton

. Thursday the NYP Stands By Its Bratton Walkout Story

Monday Bratton optimistic that he’ll be able to hire more cops this year (NYP)

Bratton denies blowout with de Blasio deputy at City Hall (NYP) Who’s the real April Fool? Top cop Bill Bratton on Wednesday played the loyal attack dog for Mayor de Blasio and blasted The Post’s report that he stormed out of a City Hall meeting when his plea for more officers was rejected. But multiple sources confirmed the story’s accuracy and said they were stunned by the shameless denials. “If I don’t get them from you, I’ll go to the City Council and get them!” Bratton shouted as he left the room, sources said. Shorris shot back, “You don’t work for the City Council. You work for the mayor!” Bratton insisted they did not meet on Monday and never had a contentious discussion — but sources stood by the narrative. “I can’t believe he’s denying it,” a source said. “The meeting happened, as described,” said a second source.

‘Furious’ Bratton sounds off at City Hall for cop funding (NYP) Top cop Bill Bratton has finally reached his breaking point with Mayor de Blasio. The police commissioner exploded with rage during a meeting Monday over police staffing with Hizzoner’s top deputy — vowing to go around the mayor to get funding for 1,000 more cops before storming out of City Hall, The Post has learned. “If I don’t get them from you, I’ll go to the City Council and get them!” Bratton barked at First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris during the heated sit-down, sources said. Something is Going On With the Mayor's Staff Adviser and Caretaker of de Blasio Family Image Is Leaving City Hall (NYT) The departure of Rebecca Kirszner Katz, whom Mayor Bill de Blasio once called “the fifth member of our immediate family,” is another sign of second-year attrition in the mayor’s staff. She plans to return to her previous post at a political consulting firm to promote liberal causes nationally. The exit of Ms. Katz, who first worked with Mr. de Blasio on his 2009 race for public advocate, is another sign of the second-year churn confronting the administration — attrition that has left the mayor with a new chief of staff and without a formal press secretary… Katz will be a partner at Hilltop PublicSolutions, which employs Mr. de Blasio’s former campaign manager and helps oversee a nonprofit group that promotes the mayor’s agenda.”   DOI Where are the Arrests? De Blasio investigations chief defends policy shift (Capital) Unflattering news reports have highlighted a steep drop in arrests from his department, leading Council members to question whether Peters—who is Mayor Bill de Blasio's former campaign treasurer—has abandoned D.O.I.’s traditional mission of rooting out public corruption, to focus instead on the other part of its mission, policy. Peters’ office has produced more than a dozen reports on policy issues, which frequently support de Blasio administration goals, renewing lingering questions about why the mayor chose a political loyalist to lead the city’s anti-corruption arm. “If the D.O.I. commissioner was uncovering all the misconduct that there is to uncover in city government and then still had the time to do policy-oriented investigations to recommend policy changes to city programs, I would say God bless,” Rory Lancman, a Democrat from Queens, told Capital. “But the numbers suggest that someone is not minding the store, and that basic ground-level misconduct is going unaccounted for and that is a real problem—and it is a problem which will potentially metastasize.”* Budget vote opened a rare rift between state & cityteachers unions, reports.(NYDN)  More Shootings The NYPD detected more than 40 shooting incidents that no one called into 911, including one in which 24 gunshots were fired by a machine gun, as part of a pilot program using new technology, the Journal reports: * NYC issued a wallet-walloping 445,065 speed-camera tickets last year, according to data obtained via a Freedom of Information Law request. By contrast, cops manually issued 117,767 speeding tickets over the same period, NYPD records show.
Cuomo taking a page from DEB using word "historic" to describe less than anemic ethics "reforms"

Marijuana Discrimination vs Murder Increases Administrations Mixed Messages 
Repeated disruptions led New York City Council leaders to clear the public from a hearing where NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton was testifying—among them, two dozen protesters who tried to shut down the proceeding, The Wall Street Journal writes: * Bratton: Hire more cops (NYDN)* The New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board wants to make complainants sign a document warning them they may be charged with perjury for filing false claims of police misconduct, the Post reports:  * The NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board is sick of people lying about police misconduct — and wants to make complainants sign a document warning them that they could be hit with perjury charges for filing false claims. * Text surveys may soon help New Yorkers assess cops: Bratton

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said there was no relationship between recent killings and changes to how cops handle marijuana cases, which comes a week after the NYPD commissioner said otherwise, the Postreports:  * De Blasio has touted a drop in complaints over police misconduct, but complaints to the Civilian Complaint Review Board are up and those first reported to the NYPD are down sharply, The New York Times reports: * The Post writes that it hopes NYPD Commissioner BillBratton has a grasp on marijuana-related violence, as he said, and he is not looking the other way to avoid discussions about stop-and-frisk: * Nuisance or Killer? De Blasio and Bratton Differ on Marijuana(NYT) A law enforcement issue highlights the distinct sensibilities of New York City’s mayor and his police commissioner. It was a leading initiative of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first year in office: policing the possession of small amounts of marijuana with summonses, not arrests. At the news conference announcing the change in November, Police Commissioner William J. Bratton stood beside the mayor with an educational prop: He held up a bag of oregano measuring 25 grams, the summons threshold, inspiring tabloid front pages and a skit on “Saturday Night Live.” Last week, at a gathering convened without the mayor, the commissioner turned the city’s attention to marijuana again, delivering a darker message: Homicides were up — to 54 through March 1, compared with 45 over the same period the year before. Shootings too. And marijuana, Mr. Bratton said, was a factor in the violence. “The seemingly innocent drug that’s being legalized around the country,” he said. “In this city, people are killing each other over marijuana.” Marijuana May Mean Ticket, Not Arrest, in New York CityNOV. 9, 2014 The commissioner’s two appearances speak to the competing attitudes surrounding marijuana in the city, its use taken less seriously than before even as it is said to fuel crimes that Mr. Bratton compared to cocaine-related violence from the 1980s and ’90s. Mr. de Blasio said he championed the new policy regarding low-level marijuana possession out of longstanding concerns that arrests for small amounts of the drug disproportionately affected black and Hispanic communities, in some cases derailing the job prospects of otherwise law-abiding residents.

de Blasio Says He and Bratton Are On the Same Page On Marijuana
De Blasio Says He and Bratton Are on Same PageWhen it Comes to Marijuana (NYO)No, the relationship between Mayor Bill de Blasio and his police commissioner is not going to pot. Mr. de Blasio insisted he and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton are “on the same page” when it comes to their views on marijuana, even after Mr. Bratton blamed the drug on a spike in shootings and homicides. The two men, as Mr. de Blasio noted today, worked in concert last year on a policy to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. * Although there have been no credible threats against former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s life, Kelly has attempted to keep his police security detail for 14 months after he left the NYPD, Leonard Levittwrites in am New York: * In what advocates describe as an historic first, a trio of senators – Kentucky’s Rand Paul, New York’s Kirsten Gillibrand and New Jersey’s Cory Booker – plan to unveil a federal medical marijuana bill today. It would end the federal ban on medical marijuana and implement a series of reforms. The Assembly’s one-house budget includes $1.8 billion in additional education aid ($830 million more than the governor’s high number), scraps Cuomo’s education reform policies, and extends NYC mayoral control until 2020.* There are competing attitudes surrounding marijuana in NYC, its use taken less seriously than before even as it is said to fuel crimes that NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton compared to cocaine-related violence from the 1980s and ’90s. * NYPD Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch has been accused of campaigning on the back of murdered cops after a magazine emailed readers asking them to like his Facebook re-election page, the DailyNews reports:   * The NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board is sick of people lying about police misconduct — and wants to make complainants sign a document warning them that they could be hit with perjury charges for filing false claims.* New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new high-tech pilot program that will help the NYPD determine where shots are fired, even if no one calls 911, CBS New York reports:

If Bill Bratton Returns to the NYPD, He'll Be Trailing Conflicts of Interest Like Toilet Paper on an Old Man's Shoe

De Blasio on NYPD crisis: "I do believe things are much better. I believe the dialogue is moving forward." …

The private attorney appointed as a federal monitor to oversee stop-and-frisk policies of the NYPD will be paid more than $43,000 a month – or about $525,000 annually, according to newly filed court records.

AP Interview: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio says he has moved beyond crisis with police unions: 

After a rocky few weeks, de Blasio's police crisis recedes  via

  • NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is proposing new policing strategies—including new internet capabilities, doing away with the Bloomberg-era Operation Impact and changing the attitude of policing styles, New York magazine’s Chris Smith writes:

  • Josmar Trujillo in City Limits argues that people should be concerned about the NYPD’s new “predictive policing” methods, saying that the police will now arrest people for the future danger they pose, not the actual crime:

Lynch calls on @BilldeBlasio to buy new vests #NYPD

Cuomo kills bill that would have made disciplining cops subject to contract negotiations …

NYPD Seals

NYPD to launch a beefed-up counterterrorism squad(NYP)  The NYPD will launch a unit of 350 cops to handle both counterterrorism and protests — riding vehicles equipped with machine guns and riot gear — under a re-engineering plan to be rolled out over the coming months. The Strategic Response Group, or SRG, will be devoted to “advanced disorder control and counterterrorism protection,” responding to the sort of demonstrations that erupted after the Eric Garner grand-jury decision and also events like the recent Paris terror attacks.* The NYPD will create a unit of 350 specially trained officers dedicated to counterterrorism efforts, and the cadre will be equipped with long rifles, machine guns and protective gear, The Wall Street Journal reports: * The future of the NYPD will include patrol officers with more time to visit with community members and learn their concerns. It will also include more high-powered weapons for a new unit of specially trained officers focused on patrolling terrorist targets and protests.* NYPD Anti-terrorismunit will NOT handle large-scale demonstrations: Police (NYDN) A day after backlash caused when NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said a new elite 350-member anti-terrorism unit would handle future large-scale demonstrations, police walked back the statement, saying a separate squad would handle protests.* Separate NYPD unit will handle large-scale protests. (NYDN) A day after backlash caused when NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said a new elite 350-member anti-terrorism unit would handle future large-scale demonstrations, police walked back the statement.

Lawyers Who Appeared in Anti-Police Video Are Forced to Resign (NYDN) Two lawyers from a New York City-funded nonprofit group had appeared in a rap video that endorsed murderous retribution for the death of Eric Garner.*  Shootings, homicides on the rise in first month of new year(NYP) The year got off to a bloody start in the city, with more shootings and homicides in the first month of 2015 than over the same period last year, statistics revealed on Monday. Murders were up 18.2 percent, with 39 this year compared with 33 during the same period in 2014. The spike also reflects a 30 percent increase from two years ago. The number of shooting victims also rose, to 117, by Sunday, a 30 percent increase from last year when 90 people were shot in the same period. Shootings rose 22.5 percent, from 80 last year to 98 this year. Most of the uptick was in Manhattan South and Queens South, said Dermot Shea, the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Operations. In Queens South, there have been 12 murders, compared with seven over the same period in 2014. South of 96th Street in Manhattan, there have been four homicides this year, compared with just one last year, for an increase of 300 percent. “Last month, we had the oddity of a significant number of murders in Manhattan,” Commissioner Bill Bratton said. “That was a real anomaly, rather than any type of trend that we’re concerned with.” * The NYPD’s new heavily armed unit will only be tasked with combating terrorism, while a separate mobile unit will handle more common events, like protests and neighborhood crime spikes, the Times reports: * * Len Levitt in am New York writes that de Blasio’s recent actions demonstrate new attitude about the police, but it’s hard to tell if he has wised up to the importance of having the NYPD’s back or if he just playingpolitics: *Newsday’s Joye Brown says Cuomo did the right thing by pocket vetoing the police discipline bill. * The NYPD will soon have two new groupings of officers: a heavily armed unit given the task of combating terrorism, and a mobile unit trained to handle more common events, like protests and neighborhood crime spikes. * Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson indicted an NYPD officer for assault charges when he was caught on video stomping on the head of a suspect who was stopped and arrested on marijuana possession charges, DNAinfo reports: 'HELP ME!': NYPD officer caught on video STOMPING man's head during arrest to be indicted — shocking incident within a week of Eric Garner's chokehold death * NYPD Officer Indicted for Assault After Video Captures HimStomping on Suspect’s Head (NY Mag)* Police union chiefgets hostile reception at Bronx precinct (NYDN)* NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said that morale among police officers is low, but he outlined efforts he and Mayor Bill de Blasio are making to improve the situation, theObserver reports: * Bratton Says NYPDOversight ‘Sufficient’ Without Cuomo’s Grand Jury Monitor (NYO)

de Blasio What NYPD Rift . . .  Bratton's 180 on Cop Slowdown
Michael Palladino, the president of the Detectives’ Endowment Association, said de Blasiowon’t even acknowledge the rift between himself and the NYPD *NYPD commissionerconfirms slowdown by officers (CBS) * Bratton Tells New York Police Officers It’s Time to Get Back to Work(NYT) Commissioner William J. Bratton ordered the department’s top commanders to do what they could to end the slowdown.* The NYPD slowdownraises questions about Bill de Blasio's big police reform promises  Bill Bratton admits to a slowdown in arrests(NYP) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton finally admitted on Friday that his cops are in a slowdown — a job action first revealed by The Post. Bratton said he came to the conclusion after reviewing stats that show a dramatic reduction in “self-initiated” arrests and summonses, particularly for low-level, quality-of-life offenses. He called borough commanders together Monday to address the concern and now says he fully expects everything will get back to normal by next week.* Black lives matter(NYP Ed) Mayor de Blasio did it again. He implicitly endorsed another slur against cops — this time, that they “intentionally discriminate” against minorities. He did this in his settlement of the remaining stop-and-frisk case, Davis v. the City of New York. This suit accuses cops of overly aggressive, race-based stops and trespassing arrests in public-housing buildings.* In poor New York neighborhoods,residents ask: Where are the police? (AOL)* GIVE IT 'ARREST': Police Commissioner Bratton admits there was an NYPD slowdown, but declares it's all over now(NYDN)* Pat Lynch,lawbreaker (NYDN Ed)  When cops don't respect labor laws, New Yorkers have a serious problem*Bratton Cites Police Slowdown(WSJ)* NYPD CommissionerBill Bratton confirms work slowdown (Daily Beast)*Feud Between NYPD and City Hall Has Long History(NY1) * .@CommissBratton“Quite clearly, we’re in a slowdown,” and "It is being corrected.”  * NYPD Slowdown: Times Squarehad 1 million revelers on New Year's Eve, and no tickets (NBC)

"Anonymous" Councilmember Criticized Bratton's Pay to Play NYPD Contract
“Anytime no-bid contracts are being put out there, I certainly have a great deal of concern,” said a City Council member who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal from the mayor. 
Bratton friend’s firm gets no-bid deal from police(NYP) The NYPD is poised to issue a no-bid contract to a Martha’s Vineyard-based firm who’s boss is a pal of Bill Bratton who worked with the police commissioner when he was a private consultant, records show. The department plans to sign the deal with Strategic Policy Partnerships to fulfill Bratton and Mayor de Blasio’s mandate to fix community policing in the wake of the Eric Garner case. The consulting firm is run by Bratton friend Robert Wasserman. Bratton — who ran his own law-enforcement consulting firm, the Bratton Group, before taking over the NYPD’s top job last January — raked in more than $53,000 while working with Wasserman on a contract with the Baltimore Police Department in 2013. Their firms also worked together as law-enforcement consultants in OaklandCalif., where Bratton earned $125,000. Last year, Wasserman’s firm had a contract “involving the transition of the Bratton administration in 2014” that was funded through the nonprofit Police Foundation, according to NYPD Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis. But the new contract will be with the NYPD and will be paid for by taxpayers.* Cuomo again is between Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city’s police unions, as he has until late January to act on legislation giving police unions a say in how officers are disciplined, the Daily News’ NYPD Needs More Than Public Relations Fix The differences between the NYPD and de Blasio won’t be resolved by feel-good statements the city, but by setting aside posturing and egos and concentrating on the public interest, Thomas Reppetto, former president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City, writes in thePost The de Blasio Flacks Strike Back  NYCLASS flyers aim to convince New Yorkers that horse-carriage ban supports Bill de Blasio’s ‘progressive agenda’(NYDN) * Judge Hears Request to Release Eric Garner Grand Jury Details(NY1)* Consideration of New York City Public Advocate Letitia James's request for grand jury testimony tied to the choking death of Eric Garner by an NYPD officer was pushed back to Jan. 29 by a state judge, Bloomberg reports:  * A Staten Island judge ruled that he would hear arguments this month over whether to release grand jury transcripts in the case of Eric Garner, the man who died after being placed in a chokehold by a police officer.* Judge Sets Date to Consider Release of Eric Garner Grand Jury Records(NYT)  A Staten Island judge ruled that he would hear arguments on Jan. 29 over whether to release transcripts from a grand jury that declined to bring criminal charges in the death of Mr. Garner. Protesters After Cop Murders,Police Reform Movement Ponders Next Steps (NYO

Community Watch-Groups Abandoned the Neighborhoods 
A City Which One Hosted Neighborhood Watch-Groups Moves Towards Religious and Ethnic Watch Groups
Muslim preacher starts neighborhood-watch group(NYP) Don’t trust the cops? Call the “peace” patrol. A Muslim preacher in The Bronx is behind the Community Peace Patrol Officers — a neighborhood-watch group that helps teenagers who don’t want to listen to police. “There are lots of times where kids don’t like law enforcement because they were born and raised in a situation where ­[police] are their enemies,” said Sheikh Moussa Drammeh. The imam’s crew is part of a number of citizen patrols launching citywide. Some private groups — including Sunset Park’s Brooklyn Asian Safety ­Patrol — are sanctioned by the NYPD and even have their own patrol cars.

Police Shooting Fell Under Kelly 
Former NYPD Comm. Kelly: "Can you always use more training? Sure/but you have to identify the problem
Shootings by New York City Police Fell in 2013(NYT) An annual report says that in 2013 there were 40 instances in which officers shot at suspects, down from 45 the previous year and from an 11-year high of 61 in 2003.*NYPD shootings androunds fired drop to record lows(DNAINFO)

NYPD CCRB Bratton Nepotism 
CCRB chair’s son is a top Bratton advisor (NYP) The 22-year-old son of Civilian Complaint Review Board Chairman Richard Emery is working as an adviser to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton — a move that has some observers crying nepotism. Jacques Singer-Emery, the godson of NYPD counterterror chief John Miller, graduated from Princeton in 2013 and is now a policy adviser on Crime Analysis Program Planning. Singer-Emery, whose mom is “Footloose” actress Lori Singer, previously interned at the surveillance tech firm Kroll while Bratton worked there in 2011.

Bratton Slams Kelly's Stop and Frisk For Police Community Breakdown
New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton took a shot at his predecessor on Sunday—blaming ex-NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s signature stop-and-frisk program for the fact that some minorities are scared of the NYPD, the New YorkPost reports: 

Commissioner "Zen" Bratton 

Brooklyn DAs FridayWill Convene A Grand Jury On the Death of Gurley Which Bratton Has Already Called An Accident
Many described being surprised to learn, often on social media, about the opinions — and stereotypes — held by family and friends about people of other races. In some cases, those relationships have fractured, in person and online. Kenny Hargrove, a black man from Brooklyn married to a white woman, said he and his wife confronted one of his in-laws for posting a racially insensitive meme on Facebook around the time Mr. Brown was killed. The relative was so upset that she unfriended them. Now, she is trying to mend fences and has sent a new friend request. But Mr. Hargrove, 36, said he was torn about whether to hit “confirm.” As several demonstrators clustered to begin chanting, Mr. Simmons said, some white union members joined in trying to block them, while also identifying them to the police.

 These were the same white union members, Mr. Simmons said, whom he had worked with to advocate for things like raising the minimum wage and protecting collective bargaining rights. * NYPD Chief Bratton onGarner Video: ‘Use of Force Always Looks Awful’ * Mayor Bill de Blasio has struck deals with most of New York City’s union employees this year but now faces a daunting challenge: an escalating fight with police unions that say officers are being underpaid by the city and undermined by the mayor, theJournal writes:

Own it, commish(NYP Ed) Bill Bratton wanted the job of police commissioner. Now, he has to live with the consequences — for better or worse.That means taking responsibility not only for crime, but for how much folks trust cops and approve of the job they’re doing. It should also mean defending his cops publicly against grandstanding politicians.* #BrokenWindows is “essential” says @CommissBratton. “it’s what made the city safe in the 90s” and keeps NYC safe. #ABNYTalk #NYPD
"arresting people for smoking marijuana in public is not biased”—@commissBratton#NYPD
Next Issue for New York’s Mayor and Police: A Contract(WSJ)Mayor Bill de Blasio has struck deals with most of New York City’s union employees this year but now faces a daunting challenge: an escalating fight with police unions that say officers are being underpaid by the city and undermined by the mayor.** NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton again touted drops in crime, but acknowledged that even as the city has gotten safer, anger at the police department he leads has grown, threatening public safety, the Observer reports:  * The NYPD’s Bratton said today’s department is more accommodating to protesters than past administrations, with the aim of building trust with the public and also to save money, Capital New York reports: * Cops Unions‘Disgusted’ by City Council’s Eric Garner Reaction (NYO)* Eric Garner cop: It was not a chokehold(NYP)* PBA president says he’s ‘disgusted’ by City Council’s proposals in response to Eric Garner’s death(NYDN)** Bratton made a case for expanding the department’s use of Tasers, but he cautioned the electrical-stun guns may not have been appropriate to subdue the man fatally shot Tuesday by police, The Wall Street Journal reports:

@unitedNYblogs @nypost cops are not doing much of anything & more people are carrying guns
Bratton is the Phil Jackson of policing. Totally Zen.

NYT Says Gov Should Veto Bill to Undercut Police Discipline
Police Discipline in New York (NYT Ed) A bill that would undercut the police commissioner’s power to discipline abusive officers is troublesome. Gov. Andrew Cuomo should veto it.

$$$ Non-Profit Tries to Change the NYPD . . .  What Ever Happen to Voters and Elected Officials? 
De Blasio’s pals will ask his top donors to fund NYPD cop-reform push (NYDN) Mayor de Blasio has a new police problem on his hands — only this time from his friends on the left. The North Star Fund, a liberal activist foundation with ties to de Blasio, has launched a campaign to push for changes in the NYPD — and will hit up many of the mayor’s top donors for its efforts. The “Let Us Breathe” push — a nod to Eric Garner’s chokehold death in an altercation with the NYPD last summer — is calling on the mayor to support a special prosecutor to investigate cases of police killings.Although many progressives have demanded the installation of a special prosecutor to investigate those deaths, de Blasio has been mum on the issue.

The Coming Battle for 1000 More Cops: Mayor vs. Council and Bratton
Battle Looms on NYPD Head Count(WSJ)  Mayor’s Budget Update Didn’t Include Expansion in Force, but Some Council Members Want More Officers.  Earlier this year, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito identified an expansion in the NYPD’s head count by 1,000 officers as one of the council’s highest priorities for the budget that was approved in June. Mr. de Blasio opposed such an increase, and Ms. Mark-Viverito and the council backed down. But with the mayor now reporting higher-than-expected tax-revenue collections and $1.1 billion in debt-service savings above budget projections, some council members are saying it is time to raise the NYPD’s head count. Some council members said their demand for more officers is bolstered by the mayor’s own police commissioner, William Bratton , who testified in September that he wanted to increase the force by more than 1,000.Battle Looms on NYPD Head Count(WSJ) Mayor’s Budget Update Didn’t Include Expansion in Force, but Some Council Members Want More Officers.* The @NYPDNews will equip cameras on cops in certain neighborhoods during a pilot program(NYDN)* NOW, THE GARNER/NYPD GRAND JURY IS WRAPPING UP: The latest according to CBS NEWS. A Decision isnear.

NYPD WARRANT AMNESTY A DANGEROUS IDEA: Clean up the books but but maintain full force on serious criminals (NYDN) AGE-BASED NYPD STRATEGY -- “Narcotics cops ordered to stop arresting suspects over 40,“The city’s narcotics cops are being told to stop arresting suspects over the age of 40 — a major strategy shift designed to target younger dealers, who are more likely to carry guns and use them … Top brass issued a directive that makes it all but impossible for cops to bust older drug suspects, in order to combat a spike in shootings — which are up 7 percent in 2015 compared with the same period last year and 12 percent over the last four weeks … The new policy was laid out in a May 14 memo obtained by The Post that scolded police bosses for busting people outside the 18-40 demographic — and demanded written explanations for arrests of midlife perps.” * Narcotics cops ordered to stop arresting suspects over 40 (NYP) * PBA boss grilled over $13K in restaurant fees, accused buying loyalty with Porterhouses (NYDN) * NYPD Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch’s opponents are grilling him over $13,000 in restaurant expenses and accusing him of trying to buy support with steak dinners, the Daily News reports: Update Narcotics chief backs off order to stop arrests of suspects over 40 (NYP) * The NYPD’s new jobs program for the 40+ set (NYP Ed) Out of work and over 40? Consider the lucrative world of drug dealing. That seems to be the new message from NYPD brass. As The Post reported Wednesday, narcotics cops have been ordered to target drug dealers under 40 — who are far more likely to carry and use guns — than the older crowd. Narcotics cops who still arrest the over-40 dealers must explain why. It started logically enough. Shootings are up sharply, raising fears of a resurgence in violent crime.

The NYPD Gang
It’s all fun & games for NYPD brass at Bratton’s retreat (NYP)Dozens of NYPD bosses were yanked from their regular crime-fighting duties to play kids games at a summer camp-style retreat in The Bronx held by Commissioner Bill Bratton. About 140 members of the brass gathered at the luxe Wave Hill House in Riverdale — a scenic property with a botanical garden and striking views of the Hudson River — for the two-day summit. Cops were split into groups on Wednesday for the team-building “marshmallow challenge” — a competition to build the tallest free-standing structure using just spaghetti sticks, tape and marshmallow.

de Blasio Runs 2013 Campaign Against Kelly Appoints Bratton and Sinks Him With Sharpton
Bratton Poll 47% Approval . . . Kelly 2013 Approval 75%
Bratton gets Billy clubbed with 47% approval rating in poll(NYP) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s approval rating is in the toilet at 47 percent — compared with predecessor Ray Kelly’s stellar 75 percent rating when the use of stop-and-frisk was near its peak, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday. Quinnipiac University polling expert Mickey Carroll pointed the finger at Sharpton and Mayor de Blasio for their constant criticism of the NYPD and its stop-and-frisk policy. A total of 86 percent of New York City voters, including 82 percent of whites, 87 percent of blacks and 93 percent of Hispanics, say crime is a “very serious” or “somewhat serious” problem, the poll found. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton pulls 12-year lowapprovals for NYC top cop: poll(NYDN ) * Not even half of city voters approve of NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton: poll


Bratton: Jury Shouldn't Be Criticized 

Is there a cover-up by NYPD higher Ups who Sent and Pressured Pantaleo and 5 Other Cops to Go after Loosies? Who In Albany Fought to Keep Loosies A Crime?
Bill Bratton Says Eric Garner Grand JuryShouldn’t Be Criticized(NYO) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said today that people should not excoriate a Staten Island grand jury for voting to not indict a police officer in the death of Eric Garner, arguing that critics should have proper respect for the justice system. Mr. Bratton, in a move that may irk civil rights activists like Rev. Al Sharpton, also appeared dismissive of the idea that justice could only come from a federal investigation, and not local law authorities like the Staten Island District Attorney’s office “I’m sure everybody has their own opinion of what they saw in that video but under our system, this idea that somehow or another the only place that you can go to have a fair decision is the federal government–what’s going to happen in a few months if the federal government conducts their civil rights violation investigation and that secret grand jury comes back with a similar finding?” Mr. Bratton asked host John Gambling on AM 970 The Answer.

NYP Thanks de Blasio for Taking Their Advice by Going On Radio -Answering 4 Questions

Crime and Confusion in a Safer New York City (NYT Ed)  Mr. de Blasio has a ready response, which he repeated on Friday. It’s that serious crime overall is still down — way down — from historic highs. That the shooting problem is largely confined to a few precincts in Brooklyn and the Bronx, where gangs and drugs hold sway. (Police Commissioner William Bratton said it’s “career criminals, killing and shooting other career criminals.”) And that he and Mr. Bratton have got this, through programs, with names like Summer All Out and Operation Impact, that will focus attention and officers on crime-plagued neighborhoods. Mr. Bratton’s remark about career criminals is meant to reassure everyone else. And the comforting statistics Mr. de Blasio cites have the virtue of being accurate. But they don’t mean much if you live in a problem precinct. Here’s what is also unsettling: the continued disagreement between the mayor and Mr. Bratton over police staffing. Mr. Bratton has sided with the City Council, which has consistently urged the hiring of 1,000 new officers. The mayor has just as consistently said that the money is needed elsewhere, and that Mr. Bratton has all the officers he needs.  * Bratton: Don’t Blame Stop-And-Frisk Reduction ForMurder Spike (WCBS)

Mr. de Blasio argues that the steep reduction in stop-and-frisk and marijuana arrests has led to a manpower dividend: Cops who aren’t hassling young black and Latino men have a lot more time for smarter, better crime-fighting. But if the mayor is right, why isn’t his own police commissioner buying it?   But if the mayor is right, why isn’t his own police commissioner buying it? Maybe some political game is being played here, some budget-related dance or some message being sent to the police unions. The result for those of us in the cheap seats is confusion. Do we need more cops, or not? Does the mayor trust his police commissioner as his No. 1 public-safety expert, or not? If he does trust him, why doesn’t he give him more officers? If he doesn’t trust him, that is a much bigger problem.  Adding 1,000 officers to a force of 34,500 probably won’t lead to drastic results. But the split on so basic a subject suggests a level of discord in the administration that is not reassuring. 

It also emboldens the critics who say Mr. de Blasio is ineptly leading the city back to the ugly 1990s.  The mayor’s more fervid critics need to get a grip. But the mayor should, too. It is of barely passing interest whether he appears to be dominating Mr. Bratton, or the other way around. What matters is a unified strategy to ensure that all law-abiding citizens are treated with respect, while keeping the city safe, consolidating and perpetuating its success in lowering crime, and quieting the gunfire where it persists.  *   Bill de Blasio takes (some of) The Post’s advice (NYP Ed) 

We’re glad to see Mayor de Blasio taking (some of) our advice — even if he feels compelled to throw the odd slap our way. Back on May 20, we noted that the last two mayors did regular radio call-in shows, and we urged him to follow suit: “Talk and listen to your constituents on a regular, publicly announced basis. You might actually learn what’s really on their minds.” Looks like de Blasio listened — because there he was Friday on WNYC, taking calls. OK, it was only four calls (one from Manhattan, three from Queens) in a half hour on “The Brian Lehrer Show.” But it’s a start. Next week, Mr. Mayor, why not do an hour? WNYC is an NPR station — support public radio! * De Blasio, on Radio, Starts Conversation With His Constituents (NYT)  New York’s mayor was quizzed on the police, library funding and fights in Albany while on a call-in show on WNYC radio.The Times writes de Blasio’s critics need to get a grip when it comes to hand-wringing over crime statistics, but concedes the mayor’s and his police commissioner’s public disagreement over police staffing is concerning: * Spin City Word Games: Whose Eyes are Lying About Increased Crime? * "Crime is exploding in New York" -- Michael Goodwin: (NYP) For all that glory, Bratton, at age 67, now faces the most difficult challenge of his career. Crime is exploding in New York, but he could handle that. His problem is his boss. The police commissioner is working for a mayor who is determined to carry out a dangerous social experiment on Gotham. The boss wants peace while handcuffing the cops.

NYT Calls NYC Safe
De Blasio finally takes questions from everyday New Yorkers (NYP)  He took four questions during a 36-minute appearance, just weeks after getting slammed for shunning New Yorkers while answering questions from common folk on a trip to San Francisco. The mayor has also been criticized for abandoning the decades-old practice of holding town halls, although he insists he gets plenty of feedback on the streets of the Big Apple. The bulk of the radio interview focused on an uptick in murders and shootings in 2015, which Hizzoner said he takes “very seriously” and for which he is deploying additional officers to troubled precincts starting Monday.* Bill de Blasio, in Radio Appearance, Defends Approach on Crime (WSJ) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday he was doing everything in his power to bring down the city's rising homicide rate even as he defended his approach to policing.

70's McCray On Spin Control 

Why A 75 Year Old Resident Ask Chirlane McCray To Stop the Guns She Had No Answer
Chirlane McCray Silent After Questions About NYC’s Soaring Shooting & Homicide Rate(WCBS)  Residents Suggest The NYPD Bring Back The Stop-And-Frisk Policy In Modified Form * Hi Chirlane, here’s why quality-of-life arrests matter (NYP) * de Blasio said that funneling cash to the reform of New York City’s jails, education system and homeless shelters is more important than adding a thousand new police officers, the Observer reports:   * Chirlane McCray wasn't 'personally afraid' of homeless man (NYDN)


Daily News Blasts McCray For Calling the 70's Good Old Days
 Saturday Update DUMB & DUMBER: Chirlane McCray recalls ‘strong’ times in 1977 when city crime was high, while husband Bill de Blasio insists reduced stop-and-frisk makes NYC safer (NYDN) It was the year of the blackout and bloodthirsty Son of Sam, the South Bronx was burning and subway cars were slathered in graffiti. Or as Mayor de Blasio and his wife Chirlane recall 1977, the good old days. New York City’s population dipped by 10%, as residents fled for safer climes. Chirlane McCray, while urging tougher rent hike regulations, wistfully recalled on NY1 her arrival in the reeling city during the Abe Beame administration. 

"Good old Son of Sam: Chirlane McCray's bizarre nostalgia for 1977" @NYDNHammond 
Good old Son of Sam: First Lady Chirlane McCray's bizarrenostalgia for 1977 New York City (NYDN Ed)  The mantra in every discussion about quality of life in New York holds that the bad old days must never return. Now, the city comes to discover that, in fact,these are the bad old days. Mayoral first lady Chirlane McCray took a nostalgic trip back to 1977, the year she arrived in New York out of college, recalling that “the city was strong, the city was inclusive and dynamic, and we want the city to stay that way.” 

Ah, yes, the halcyon era when crime was rampant, arson raged across whole neighborhoods, abandoned buildings lined miles of streets, a blackout unleashed mass rioting, the subways were covered with graffiti, tensions ran high between blacks and whites, the job base collapsed and 10% of the city moved out. Some commentators pondered the death of urban America. But, hey, you could find cheap apartments on the Upper West Side, Park Slope or anywhere else you dared to live. That’s what counted to McCray in measuring the New York of today against the New York of yore — and rendering judgment on the modern thriving metropolis through wildly jaundiced eyes.Mayor de Blasio seconded the extraordinary (one of his favorite words) motion. 

While saying that McCray harbors “no illusions about how tough things were in the city in 1977,” he contended that “she made a really powerful point.” “Those were not ideal times, but at least you could find a place you could afford to live,” the mayor said, sending the mind racing toward an affordable housing program based on economic and social collapse. He wasn’t simply acting the dutiful husband. Instead, he lapsed into trying to bend reality to match his beliefs, much as he has dismissed the frightening phenomenon of cops who have stopped making stops and frisks for fear of getting hammered by superiors. Eden this is not. Nor is it the hell that seems to dwell in mayoral imagination. At worst, it’s a city that’s victim to its own successes.

And her husband, after defending his spouse, reiterated FrThe mantra in every discussion about quality of life in New York holds that the bad old days must never return. Now, the city comes to discover that, in fact,these are the bad old days. Mayoral first lady Chirlane McCray took a nostalgic trip back to 1977, the year she arrived in New York out of college, recalling that “the city was strong, the city was inclusive and dynamic, and we want the city to stay that way.”iday that the reduction of stop-and-frisk had zero correlation with this year’s increase in murders and shootings. “As we have reduced stops, we have reduced crime,” the mayor said during a live radio appearance Friday. “I think the numbers are overwhelmingly clear.“To me, this has actually been a great ratification of the fact that we can protect individual liberties while making ourselves safer.” The Daily News reported exclusively that the city is on pace to make 42% fewer stops this year as homicides are up almost 20%.

Before 421-a Tax Breaks for Developers You Could Find Afford Housing In NYC
De Blasio, asked if his wife’s pining for 1977 was a gaffe, said she was referring to the amount of affordable housing available at the time. “I think she has no illusions about how tough things were in this city in 1977,” the mayor said. “But she made a really powerful point: Until recently, good times and bad, you could find (an affordable) place to live. “I think what my wife was saying was those were not ideal times, but at least you could find a place you could afford to live.”  City Hall press secretary Karen Hinton said any other interpretation of the First Lady’s remarks was “misleading and inappropriate.
Why is Crime Up . . .  More Cops
Sharpton CCRB vsNYPD, Noerdlinger, McCray, de Blasio

Back the the 70's Fear of Going to Central Park as the Establishment Gets the Rising Crime Message
It one thing for Gangs Shooting Each Other In East NY But When It Hits Central Park the Media and Big Boys Notice

Saturday Update

Monday Update Robbed teen is 19th Central Park victim this week (NYP) * Cops hunt thug who robbed teen in Central Park as officials cite spree of similar crimes (NYDN) ***  Recent crime spree has residents avoiding Central Park (NYP) Cops recorded 18 serious incidents through Sunday, compared with 11 incidents during the same time period last year. And those figures don’t include the most recent mugging, when an elderly man walking home was robbed of his watch early Wednesday by a thief who grabbed him and demanded his valuables.

PBA President Re-Elected 
Patrick Lynch re-elected as PBA president  (NYDN) * Police union president re-elected in a landslide (NYP) Police officers had been casting their ballots during the past two weeks, and the tallying of the results was finished Friday, handing Lynch his win by a margin of roughly 70 percent.*Police union president re-elected in a landslide(NYP) * Patrick Lynch, Police Union Chief Who Fought Mayor, Wins a 5th Term (NYT) Mr. Lynch overcame two opponents, his first challengers in a decade, by taking 70 percent of the vote to lead the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.* Pat Lynch re-elected to 5th term as police union president  (Capital) * PBA Members Re-elect Lynch to Fifth Term (NY1) * Patrick Lynch, Police Union Chief Who Fought de Blasio, Wins a 5th Term (NYT) * Patrick Lynch Re-Elected PBA Union President In Landslide (DNAINFO) Outspoken leaders of city's largest police union received 70 percent of his 23,000 member tally.

Council Speaker From I Can't Breathe to 1000 More Cops All About Spin of the Moment 
Mark-Viverito pushes plan to hire 1,000 more cops(NYP) The  Pitta Bishop Del Giorno & Giblin Lobbying Firm Represent the "I Can't Breathe" Council Speaker at the Same Time It Represents the Detective's PBA- Michael Palladino, the president of the Detectives' Endowment Association 
Council Speaker Mark-Viverito who last mother put on an I Can't Breathe T-Shirt to join the anti-police protesters has made Pitta Biship Del Giorno millions in lobbying fees after the lobbyists help her win the speakership.  The lobbying firm also represents the Detectives' Endowment Association, whose leader Palladino said Mr. de Blasio should offer an kind apology.* As City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito pushes to add a thousand police officers, liberal elected officials are in an unfamiliar position—bearing the brunt of fury from activists on the left, the Observerreports: 

The NYC nabes that simultaneously see the most crime, 911 calls, arrests are known as the "Crime Cloud" at the NYPD- 'Broken Windows' report
 As the lobbyists who operate as political consultants have taken over the Tammany Hall machine these lobbying firms like Pitta Biship Del Giorno have moved away from positions or ideology and represents both sides in their quest for power to make money. Kelly Scott Murder Change My Mind Abourt Cop Cam Ray Kelly reverses body cam stance after Scott shooting  (NYP) * 'IT HAS CHANGED MY MIND': Death of Walter Scott makes former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly a supporter of police body cameras (NYDN) * New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito plans to repeat her call for the city to hire 1,000 new police officers in her official budget response Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reports:  * NYPD foundation got $1M gift from United Arab Emirates (NYDN) * ‘MARCH 2 JUSTICE': Protesters kick off 8-day, 250-mile walk from Staten Island to D.C. to raise awareness for police reform (NYDN) * The New York City Council is starting to “crowd-source” questions from social media at hearings in an effort led by “Twitter fanatic“ Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, the Daily News reports:  *  Commissioner Bratton on how the NYPD lost its way (NYDN) * Thee Rant, a blog for current and former NYPD officers, includes several racist posts that the department views as a problem, but the NYPD is limited in what it can do to prevent such posts, ProPublica reports: * Bratton vows to double down on ‘broken windows’ policing (NYP) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said on Thursday that the NYPD plans to double down on quality-of-life policing — as he unveiled a sweeping report on “broken windows.” Bratton told a press conference at the police academy that the NYPD is committed to finding common ground with the city’s different communities and elected officials regarding “broken windows” law enforcement. * Bratton Explores Giving Warnings in Lieu of Arrests for Minor Offenses  (NYT)The comments by William J. Bratton, the New York police commissioner, came amid a debate over the policing of minority communities and a conversation in the city about altering some practices.

Tuesday Protest Updates
For Fifth Day, Hundreds Protest Grand Jury Decision in Garner Case(NYT)* Five days in, the demonstrations against a grand jury’s decision in the Eric Garner case are affecting daily life in New York City. Some of the consequences are financial and others are simple inconveniences, The Wall Street Journal reports: * Protests Add to Stresses of Daily Life(WSJ)* About half of the New York City Council blocked traffic on Broadway before marching into a stated meeting at City Hall, shouting “I can’t breathe” in protest of a grand jury’s non-indictment in the death of Eric Garner, the Observer reports Eric Garner’s Public Defender Says Cops and Prosecutors “Are a Team in Every Case” (Vanity Fair) 

“In any other setting, any other fight over the last two or three years, we’d be shoulder to shoulder,” Mr. Simmons said. “When it comes to race, all of a sudden that’s not the case.”* OP-ED/Patrick Lynch: The opposite of respect: Mayor’s emptywords on cops(NYP)* Body Cameras Worn by Police Officers Are No ‘Safeguard of Truth,’ Experts Say(NYT) Questions remain about the extent to which video can prevent violent citizen encounters or clarify the boundaries of appropriate police response.
HAMILL: The violent death of Eric Garner, remembered as a gentle giant who was ‘Santa Claus all year round,’ defies reason(NYDN) * Stop and frisks dropped sharply in area whereEric Garner was killed following his chokehold death (NYDN) * CUNY student: I was handcuffed while covering an Eric Garner protest for school(NYDN) * SAYING GOODBYE TO DAD: Loved ones, including 2-year-old daughter, bid farewell to Akai Gurley, unarmed 28-year-old killed by rookie NYPD cop in Brooklyn stairwell(NYDN)* What copsknow about making collars (NYDN)  Violence erupts when you least expect it* Sally Goldenberg ‏@SallyGold   on @ThisWeekABC @BilldeBlasio shifts questions about whether he agrees w/ grand jury decision to discussion about police reform in NYC. * Protesters Rally Against Police Brutality in Clusters Around City(NY1)

Update Not Credible Threat On the NYPD Cops Ordered to Take Extra Precautions 
EXCLUSIVE: NYPD copswarned militant group Black Guerilla Family ‘preparing to shoot on-duty policeofficers’(NYDN) An NYPD confidential informant learned of the threat on Friday evening — three days after a Staten Island grand jury decided not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the chokehold death of Eric Garner. Cops confirmed thethreat late Saturday and were ordering all police officers, on duty and off, totake extra precautions.* NYPD officers warned that 'Black Guerrilla Family' members are looking to shoot an on-duty cop(SI Advance) * Protests over Ferguson, Garner decisions turn violent in California (WABC)* Not a chokehold: Truth of the Garner arrest (Bo Dietl) * Ed Mullins of Sergeants Benevolent Association calls @BilldeBlasio comments on talking to his son about cops "hypocritical and moronic."Update Black GuerrillaFamily not a ‘credible’ threat ‘at this time’: NYPD (NYDN)
An investigation was launched in response to a threat through an anonymous 911 call outside of New York that gang members were ‘preparing to shoot on-duty police officers,’ Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins said Said.* Why cops need to sweat the ‘small stuff’(NYP Ed)

Demagoguery is the new politics. Scary that many now believe demagoguery is truth and mission
White protester taunting Latino cop, "hope you die ", "Suck my d---k ". Welcome to DEB NY

de Blasio Leading the NYPD From Behind? 

BILL TROUBLE: De Blasio avoids picking sides between NYPD Commissioner and progressive City Council members over legislation on chokeholds and searches(NYDN) The mayor wouldn’t go near the word 'veto' in discussing his position on the proposed pieces of legislation, which are backed by progressive Council members. Editorial:Good cop, bad mayor (NYDN Ed) Never has it been clearer that Mayor de Blasio is not where he has to be for the good of New York: on the same page as Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. Bratton is standing foursquare in opposition to two misguided pieces of City Council legislation that would impede lawful action by police. He nailed the bills as “part of an ongoing effort to bridle the police and the city of New York.” Meanwhile, the mayor, a study in mush, refuses to stand solidly with Bratton, apparently for fear of alienating the anti-stop-and-frisk constituencies that carried him into City Hall.*BACK OFF!: NYPD Commissioner Bratton tells City Council to stop attempts to rein in police authority(NYDN)

de Blasio Keeps A Campaign Promise and Puts A Tax on Pot Heads   . . .  NYP: Kelly Started the Process Last Year

Drama in Bratton’s Second Act (City Journal)* New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said she wants to see recreational marijuana legalized in New York, even though Mayor Bill de Blasio, her ally and fellow Democrat, is opposed to full legalization, the Observer reports:


Tuesday NYPD’s new pot policy was already enacted by Kelly(NYP) “Kelly started the whole process,” one source told The Post. “It used to be that if you had weed, you could get arrested. But then he put out a memo in early 2013 saying if someone is in possession of marijuana, it is no longer an arrest, it is a summons, as long as they don’t have a warrant.”

Concerns in Criminal Justice System as New York City Eases Marijuana Policy(NYT) *  The New York City Police Department’s new policy on marijuana arrests represents the latest instance of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s slow follow through on campaign pledges, advocates and others told the Journal: * If administered as promised, New York City’snew approach to marijuana enforcement could be a big step forward—for the cops as well as for people busted for small amounts of pot, the Post writes: * 'Equating [pot possession] to a parking ticket': New NYPD stance on small amounts of weed ignites strong opinions on both sides of the issue(NYDN) * OPINION: New York’s pot flashback! Don't arrest smokers — just tax them — and open up a flood of revenue for NYC(NYDN) * THE NEWS SAYS: NYPD preserves power to crack down on marijuana, while protecting casual users from jail time(NYDN) * NYPD not making arrests for marijuana — of any amount — defies federal laws: former DEA chief(NYDN) * NYPD's change in policy is an improvement, now let's hope it ends its 'marijuana crusade': NYCLU head(NYDN)* Cop Union Boss Claims De Blasio Marijuana PolicyTurning ‘Backs on Minorities’(NYO) * Black Leaders Criticize Pot Policy Change As 'Sugar Pill'(WSJ)

A Quinnipiac pollfinds less than half of New York City voters approve of Police CommissionerBill Bratton’s performance—a low for the position not seen in twelve years—while less than a quarter think the mayor’s spouse should have a “major role” in public policy and over 60 percent say she doesn’t need a chief of staff:@grynbaum Remember that time @BilldeBlasiounprompted, touted a favorable @QuinnipiacPoll? Cuz I do. (h/t @Newsday)
Under DEB we have truly become 2 Cities if the poll is correct
latest poll ironically demonstrates that we had less of a racial split in the City under billionaire @MikeBloomberg than "progressive" DEB
Sally Goldenberg ‏@SallyGold  "W all due respect to my friends at @QuinnipiacPoll…I question whether they're getting the totality of the citizenry of our city," BDB says.

Friday Update
Mayor pushes mail-in policy for marijuana fines(NYP)

Noerdlinger Your Welcome Back to NAN
'SHE'S NOT DOING WELL': Rev. Al Sharpton reportedly would welcome embattled aide Rachel Noerdlinger back to National Action Network, says source, as she takes City Hall leave (NYDN)*  .@mikeallen: did you defend Rachel Noerdlinger too long? @BilldeBlasio "no." said her transgressions were minor.* "The mayor's spouseshould not have a chief of staff, voters say 61% to 31%" * Poll: New Yorkers Don’t Think Chirlane McCrayNeeds a Chief of Staff(NYO)* Less than a quarter of NYC voters think the mayor’s spouse should have a “major role” in developing public policy, and more than 60 percent say she doesn’t need a chief of staff, anew Q poll found.

NYT Says Summons Court System Needs Much More Transparent
De Blasio, Bratton and Kelly Cross Paths atVeterans Day Parade (NYO)* Although the NYPD will no longer arrest people with fewer than 25 grams of marijuana and instead give them a summons, police can arrest those smoking it in public or who just finished doing so, the Daily Newsreports:  The Problem With New York’s Marijuana Policy(NYT Ed) The policy, however, does not reach the fundamental problem of discriminatory policing that disproportionately affects minorities, even though whites use marijuana at similar levels. Moreover, by shifting marijuana cases from the regular courts into the summons system, which does not identify the accused by race, the city loses the ability to track the disparate impact that petty marijuana prosecutions are having on minority communities. The city has to make the summons system more transparent.  A trip to summons court can also lead to a permanent record and a nightmare encounter with the police system. Courts can issue bench warrants for people who miss court dates, who then can be arrested, handcuffed, fingerprinted and held for days in jail waiting to go before a judge.

Stop and Frisk Update
The lawyer appointed to help oversee reforms of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy has backed out and will be replaced by a retired judge, Manhattan federal court papers show, the NewYork Post writes:

Crime and Marijuana 
In New York City,Marijuana May Mean Ticket, Not Arrest(NYT)
New policy could reduce marijuana possession arrests(NYP)People stopped for low-level marijuana possession in New York City will now be issued tickets instead of being arrested, a change reflecting Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pledge to repair relations between police and minorities, the Wall Street Journal reports:  NYPD to stop arrests for small amounts of marijuana(NYP) * District attorneys split on new pot policy(Capital)* Former New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly’s $1.5 million-a-year taxpayer-funded security detail will be coming to an end on New Year’s Day, DNAinfo reports:

Banks Vs Bratton . . .  Update Tucker Picked

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is set to name BenjaminTucker as new first deputy commissioner (NYDN)* Bratton makes his choice for NYPD No. 2 after Banks fiasco(NYP)* NYPD Commissioner William Bratton has named Benjamin Tucker—the department’s head of training and someone with a history of civil rights work—as the force’s first deputy commissioner, Crain’s reports: 
* Police Oversight Group Says Bratton 'Co-Opted' Its Footageof Police Brutality (Village Voice )* Why Has the NYPD Been Airing So Many Grievances in the PressLately?(NY MaG)

On today's cover: Benjamin Tucker is named to the second-highestposition in the NYPD (AMNY) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, Philip Banks in power playover 19-year-old order (NYDN) In 1995, Bratton expanded the role of first deputy commissioner for John Timoney with Interim Order 53. In 2014, Bratton "acted like he had amnesia" when his choice for the job, Banks, unearthed the document. Banks turned down the job and then retired when his bid to have expanded powers was rejected. *   DOES BRATTON HAVE 'AMNESIA'? Source says top cop told Bankshe would expand his role, then nixed same authority he gave former No. 2(NYDN) In 1995, Bratton expanded the role of first deputy commissioner for John Timoney with Interim Order 53.

 In 2014, Bratton "acted like he had amnesia" when his choice for the job, Banks, unearthed the document. Banks turned down the job and then retired when his bid to have expanded powers was rejected.* First Lady Chirlane McCray denied a story alleging she told de Blasio that Police Commissioner Bill Bratton couldn’t be trusted after a high-ranking black police official resigned, saying she didn’t even think such a thing, the Observer reports:  * Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said that as far as he can tell, not much has changed at the department since de Blasio became mayor, saying “My sense is that they have kept the programs in place … and I think that’s a good thing, and I think they’ve also done it as far as crime-fighting is concerned,” Capital New York reports: *NYPD Ends Marijuana Buy and Busts * The Post reports that the NYPD will end marijuana “buy and busts”—undercover operations by narcotics detectives to catch suspected dealers—but will continue to focus on busting those who sell other controlled substances such as heroin:* Perhaps this is why the @NYPDnews' highest-ranking blackofficer abruptly resigned last week. * Resignation of Chief Banks: A Sign that NYPD still not readyfor real Racial Inclusion under Bratton & de Blasio (Wash Post)
Azi ‏@Azi 
 Bob McManus ‏@rlmac2 
@Azi that assumes it's up to him. @TheRevAl

Chokeholds Undercouted  
The city's police review board said it found more chokehold complaints against New York Police Department officers after discovering that it had misclassified some of them.

NYPD, Commissioner Bratton, Chokehold and Garner's Death

As Luck Would Have It, Bad Timing For the NYPD Tablet Spin
The New York City Police Department will equip every officer with smartphones and many police cars with tablet computers in a modernization effort called NYPD Mobility Initiative, the Times reports:  * With cash from Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is taking a leap forward by equipping officers and patrol cars with cellphones and tablet computers, the Daily News writes: 

* Cuomo touted the results of a Pew Charitable Trusts study that shows New York’s crime rate has dropped 54 percent since 1994 and the imprisonment rate is down 24 percent, the Times Union reports:
* The Office of the State Comptroller found that NYPD records are unable to show that hate crimes in New York City are all properly recorded, and that the department has done no centralized analysis on how to best to fight such crimes:

On One Brooklyn Block, Two Violent Crimes Bring Broader Scourge to Surface

By day, a handsome block of Irving Place in Clinton Hill projects a vibrant wholesomeness, but residents say that come nightfall the area is marred by crime.
The de Blasio administration plans to reroute thousands of “low-level” lawbreakers — such as drug offenders and prostitutes — away from jail and into treatment and counseling.

FLONYC attends NYPD Compstat, further raising her police profile. son, Dante, hit a session.

NYPD Getting Good Press On Its Efforts to Stop the Increase in Shootings 

NYPD Backing Off More and More

Bratton’s sharp focus (NYDN) Ed)In praise of the NYPD commissioner's wearable camera pilot
Thus far in 2014, law enforcement in New York has taken a beating. Besides the fallout from the death of Eric Garner, the NYPD is losing public support generally. The recent Quinnipiac poll found that slightly more New Yorkers approve of the Rev. Al Sharpton than do of Commissioner William Bratton. Given Sharpton’s power right up to the White House, it will be difficult for Mayor de Blasio to say no if the Reverend absolutely demands an end to low-level police enforcement known as Broken Windows.
So far the commissioner is standing his ground on the issue, but he may be putting his money on the wrong horse. 
While the Q-poll found that a majority of New Yorkers still support policing against low-level disorder, at least 30 percent don’t — and among those aged 18 to 29, that rises to 46 percent.* New YorkPolice Officers to Start Using Body Cameras in a Pilot Program (NYT)*  Still angry about the UFT’s backing of Rev. Al Sharpton’s Staten Island march, New York City teachers posted photos of themselves in NYPD T-shirts despite warnings against “inappropriate apparel” on the first day of classes, the Post reports:* Angry NYC teachers posted Facebook photos of themselves in NYPD T-shirts — after the UFT warned them not to wear the “inappropriate apparel” on the first day of classes.

* The New York City Police Department will begin equipping a small number of officers with wearable video cameras—a pilot program geared toward eventually outfitting the entire force, The New York Times reports: 

Cops told to ignore drunken booze-fests(NYP) Brooklyn cops were ordered to ignore blatantly illegal liquor sales inside three junkyards that were turned into open-air nightclubs — drawing thousands of rowdy revelers who vomited and urinated in the streets during the Labor Day weekend, The Post has learned.*Cops ‘ordered’ to back off in Washington Heights after attack(NYP) *Multiple shootings preceded yesterday’s West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn. STATEN ISLAND REPORT -- “Hundreds of Teachers to Wear Pro-NYPD Shirts to Protest Eric Garner March,” by DNAinfo’s Nicholas Rizzi: “Hundreds of teachers and school staff across the borough plan to show up to the first week of school wearing T-shirts that express support for the NYPD — in a show of protest against their union's backing of last month's march for Eric Garner.Nearly 550 T-shirts reading, ‘New York's Brightest Supports New York's Finest, #ThankYouNYPD, have been purchased from printing company Special Tees in anticipation of the first week of school, according to company director Vincent Bonomi.”*
Police have cleared the scene of a shooting at a Texaco in Decatur. They have a person of interest in custody. #AtlantaAlive

Increase Shooting in the City Continutes

Waiting for the Match? Who is Working to Put Out the Fire?
Police officer and nine others shot during holiday weekend(NYP)
A police officer was one of 10 people struck by gunfire in violence that spread across three boroughs Saturday night into Sunday morning, authorities said* Officer and Gunman Are Wounded in Brooklyn, Police Say(NYT) * Cop shot in leg while chasing man in Brooklyn(NYDN)New York Police Department cops are taking a hands-off approach in the Staten Island precinct where Eric Garner was killed in a police chokehold, citing an order not to “agitate” the community, the Post reports:
The Manhattan DA’s office said it would investigate the NYPD’s role in the death of a man who was high on a hallucinogenic drug and subsequently restrained in a protective body wrap by officers.* Man and woman shot hours before West Indian Day Parade(NYP) * Manhattan man who died in NYPD custody was high and 'danger to himself and others': De Blasio(NYDN)

Council Takes On NYPD On Garner Death 

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton will face two hours of questioning today from the City Council over his plans to retrain New York’s police force in response to the death of Eric Garner after his arrest on Staten Island.* * An Associated Press study of police departments nationwide, based on 2007 census data and federal figures for police diversity, found that the NYPD’s racial makeup is growing closer to that of New York City as a whole, the New York Post writes: 1,000 new police officers(NYP Ed) In short, it makes no sense to hire more police officers if the city is not going to let them do their job.* * When asked why de Blasio and New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton had Rev. Al Sharpton join them at a roundtable discussion last month, Bratton said “I’ll shake hands with the devil if necessary to keep this city calm, safe, and secure,” but later clarified he did not mean to compare Sharpton to the devil, the Daily News reports: * Supporters of the NYPD are holding a pro-police rally on Staten Island on Sept. 27 to counter Sharpton’s march there last month to protest the chokehold death of Eric Garner, the Post reports: *'IRREFUTABLE': Bratton says blacks and Hispanics are most disproportionately ticketed in predominately white nabes(NYDN)* Mark-Viverito fires whistleblower, who exposed inaccuraciesin Bratton's testimony(NYDN)

With gun violence on a rocket-ride in the wrong direction and the usual suspects agitating for unilateral disarmament of the NYPD, Mayor Mush yesterday went to church.
The mayor, in contrast, split for an Italian vacation shortly after the incident, allowing bitterness to fester in the vacuum. Then he convened a public “summit” during which the always-helpful Al Sharpton did what he does so well: Make matters worse. He threatened de Blasio to his face — and the mayor took it, mumbling pieties when a firm rebuke was in order. Sharpton wasn’t buying it, anyway:

He made it clear that he and his allies want Giuliani-Bloom­berg policing standards gone — and will accept nothing less. Rewriting the Rev. Al Sharpton’s history(NYP)Mayor de Blasio blithely helped in the effort, introducing Sharpton as a man who sought peaceful solutions “since the days of Martin Luther King.”  Oh, really? From the Tawana Brawley case to the Crown Heights riots to Ferguson, Mo., Sharpton’s usual role is to pour gasoline on the fire.

Public Advocate Letitia James proposed a $5 million pilot program to outfit dozens of New York City police officers with body-mounted cameras in high-crime precincts, the Journal reports: * Letitia James wants cops to wear tiny cameras(NYP)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will meet with Cardinal Timothy Dolan and other religious leaders to ease tensions ahead of a weekend march to protest the death of Eric Garner,  

The Wall Street Journal writes * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will meet with Cardinal Timothy Dolan and other religious leaders to ease tensions ahead of a weekend march to protest the death of Eric  Garner, The Wall Street Journal writes: *Sharpton Defends Mayor’s Decision to Skip Staten Island March(NYO) * Sharpton: Staten Island march won’t be like Ferguson(Capital) * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio hosted a roundtable with religious leaders and NYPD Commissioner William Bratton in an attempt to ease tensions before a weekend march protesting Eric Garner’s death, The Wall Street Journal reports:  * De Blasio ‘Confident’ Ferguson-Like Violence Won’t Erupt at SI MarchNYO) * Mayor, Seeking Calm in Chokehold Case, Turns to Clergy(NYT)

NYPD Backs Cops Says $62 Not $1,300 Others Disagree  
Cop’s cash seizure was handled properly: NYPD(NYP)The construction worker who accused a Brooklyn cop of stealing $1,300 from his pocket during a search was actually carrying just $62 — and it was all properly vouchered, the NYPD said on Thursday. Officer William Montemarino, a 22-year veteran, was cleared of any wrongdoing by Internal Affairs after the Sept. 22 incident outside the Surfside Gardens housing project, sources told The Post. A week later, Lamard Joye, 35, and his lawyer, Robert Marinelli, went to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office and claimed the cop had taken $1,300. On Thursday, Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch defended the officer, saying: “It is time for people to start giving the cops the benefit of the doubt. At least five officers rushed to the West 31st Street housing complex that night in response to a 911 call of a gun-toting man in a black hoodie and black pants. A large crowd, including Joye, interfered with the cops. Joye was frisked against a fence, and Montemarino removed his cellphone and $62 in cash, the statement said. Joye — who has an open warrant for driving without a license — and his sister were then pepper-sprayed by Montemarino. He ran off before cops could arrest him. “The officer returned to the precinct and vouchered the suspect’s cellphone and $62. The suspect never returned to the precinct to obtain his property,” said the NYPD. “He was taking his girl out [on a vacation] the next day,” Joye’s cousin and the witness who took the video, Shannal Mitchell, 28, told The Post on Thursday. “He wanted to make sure he had [the money] out before that day because they were leaving early in the morning,” Mitchell added. “They just pepper-sprayed him, took his money, his phone, and that was it.”* NYPD claims rough stop-and-frisk cop took $62 from Brooklyn man, not $1,300 (NYDN) Lamard Joye was caught on video being stopped and frisked by an NYPD cop. During the incident, Joye said the officer reached into his pocket and confiscated cash, but the NYPD claims it was far short of what Joye claims.* NYPD Denies Accusation that Officer Took More Than $1,000 From Man Detained in Brooklyn(NY1) Saturday Update NYPD copaccused of stealing $1,300 from Brooklyn manwas sued in 2013 for beating suspect
Police StopsErode Public Support (WSJ) A rare, large-scale police department survey of New York City residents found that the more times a person is stopped by an officer, their favorable view of local law-enforcement authorities plummets.

Bad Cops in Booklyn 40 Years After Serpico and Knapp Commission? 
Cop accused of stealing $1,300 during search(NYP) The Brooklyn DA’s Office is probing whether an NYPD cop stole $1,300 from a construction worker while searching him in ­Coney Island, officials said. The investigation was launched after a video emerged showing the unidentified officer putting his hand into the pocket of Lamard Joye and pulling out what looks like papers as the Brooklyn man is ­being held up against a fence shortly after midnight on Sept. 16.

 In the video — which was taken by an onlooker with a cellphone camera — Joye can be heard yelling after the officer took the “papers.” “Give me my money, man! Give me my money!” Joye exclaims. * Cop ‘knockedout’ teen who was stopped for pot (NYP) * Queens Man Dies After Police Pursue and Then Detain Him (NYT) * 'Hepepper-sprayed me in my mouth and whole face': Sister of man allegedly robbedby NYPD officer for more than $1K tells The News she was also involved in thestop-and-frisk gone wrong — VIDEO(NYDN) * NYPD's'Summer All Out' comes to an end — for most (NYDN) EXCLUSIVE: The 90-day initiative to boost the police forces at 10 precincts and five housing developments is coming to an end, but not all 314 transferred cops will be returning to their home precinct.

Do We Have to Bring Dinkins Back to Get the Media to Cover the 13% Increase in Shootings?

During the Dinkins administration a front-page headline in the New York Post had screamed: “Dave do something!”— a direct call to then mayor David Dinkins to get crime down fast. What Dinkins' did with the help of Albany was dramatically increase the size of the NYPD. As the number of NYPD increased during during the next 20 years crime when down to record levels.  With budget cuts this year the number of NYPD will be down to the level before the Dinkins and Giuliani increases.  We have a press and political system that allows mayor and future mayors to chose the issues that are covered in the media.  We know the mayor wants to go on Meet the Press to talk national issues, mayoral candidate Quinn wants gay marriage, Weiner will do anything to get himself a headline, Liu wants to drop audit bombs on the mayor contracts to win him points with unions while hiding in the comptroller office, Stringer wants to rebuild the infrastructure and deBlaiso will think of of angles to get in the paper.  But nobody want to talk about the growing crime problem and the press will not hold today's incumbents feet to the filed like that did former Mayor Dinkins

. Playbook: Mayor  holds closed-press meeting on policing as liberal impatience rises: 

Summer Shooting Are Up 32% Over Last Year 
The “evidence-based” $13 million plan to stop a wave of shootings around the city touted by de Blasio uses questionable statistics and tests a theory that is unproven The mayor’s empty ‘anti-violence’ plan(NYP ED)Mayor de Blasio just rolled out a $13 million, “evidence-based” plan to stop the wave of shootings around the city by hiring ex-gangbangers and felons to be “violence interrupters.”One problem: The “evidence” doesn’t exist.City officials and criminal-justice advocates claim that the “Save Our Streets” pilot program in Crown Heights “reduced shootings by 66 percent.”This statistic was trumpeted at the mayor’s press conference last Wednesday and repeated in media accounts.But that number was apparently plucked out of thin air.* Bullet-ridden body found floating in Hudson River(NYP)

Will Bratton Leave Sooner Then He Left With Giuliani?
The Center for Court Innovation — which both implements and evaluates Save Our Streets — claims at best a 6 percent reduction in gun violence in the neighborhood . . . and admits that the drop “was not statistically significant.”* Man fatally shot in East Harlem(NYP) * CITY & STATE TV: Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly sits down with City & State contributor Gerson Borrero to discuss police training in the wake of the recent death of Eric Garner in an apparent chokehold:

 --NYC took quick precautions after in-custody death,” by AP’s Tom Hays: “The police killings of two unarmed black men came barely three weeks apart … But compared to the violent aftermath of Michael Brown's shooting, … the fallout from the chokehold death of Eric Garner … now seems notable for what's been absent … The relative calm in New York followed a carefully calibrated response by city and police officials intended to neutralize possible unrest. The response drew on the lessons from other high-profile use-of-force cases involving black victims that roiled the city in the late 1990s.”

Staten Island Grand Jury to Investigate the Death of Eric Garner 
* Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan will convene a special grand jury to determine whether to levy charges in the chokehold death of Eric Garner by a New York City police officer, the Staten Island Advance reports:  Grand Jury to Take Up Death Linked to Police Chokehold in Staten Island(NYT)

Shake Up Contines At Rikers Jail In Response to Federal Inquiry  

New York’s Top Jail Investigator Resigns After Inquiry on Rikers Brutality(NYT)

Florence L. Finkle’s resignation is the first of many changes expected in response to a federal inquiry that found a “culture of violence” at Rikers Island.* NYC JAIL BOSS QUITS: Embattled Rikers Island jail investigations chief steps down(NYDN) The head of internal investigations at New York City's embattled Rikers Island jail complex has resigned amid intense scrutiny over civil rights violations and inmate deaths.

Round Up the Usually Cops
 The true crime rise(NYP Ed) The crime news is worse than you’ve heard — and likely to get worse without some new thinking. The latest crime figures list shooting incidents up by 13 percent — but that includes what happened in the freezing months when the streets were deserted. The right comparison is this summer to the summer of 2013. Year over year, in the four weeks ending Aug. 10, shooting incidents were up 32 percent.

Despite the bloodshed, the debate in policing seems to center around “Broken Windows.” 'The whole notion is to stay ahead of the problem': De Blasio promises to deploy more cops following weekend gun mayhem which saw 2 killed and 21 injured(NYDN) * The New York City Police Department should demand that the thousands of cops it dispatches daily to keep New Yorkers safe wear body cameras because it will protect both the public and police, am New York writes:  Howard Safir: Bill de Blasio Turning NYPD Into ‘Blue Flowerpots’(NYO) * Staten Island DA Donovan to Convene Grand Jury on Garner Death(NYO) * Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind claimed that NYPD officers told Crown Heights residents they were not arresting and prosecuting potentially anti-Semitic attackers out of fear of stoking racial tensions, the Observer reports:

Racial Crisis in the City and Nation Nobody is Talking to Both Sides
Despite the bloodshed, the debate in policing seems to center around “Broken Windows.” The key question, though, is how to design anti-crime programs that most New Yorkers can support. The key question, though, is how to design anti-crime programs that most New Yorkers can support.* 'Make them remember our children': Trayvon Martin's mother pens heartfelt letter to family of fallen Michael Brown(NYDN)

NYPD, Commissioner Bratton, Chokehold and Garner's Death

NYPD Spins Increase in Shootings to Safer City 
Monday Update
City’s law-abiding residents safer than ever despite shootings surge(NYP)  The city’s law-abiding residents are safer than they’ve been in decades, according to an internal NYPD analysis of the latest crime statistics obtained by The Post — even though this year has seen a 10 percent surge in shootings.* District Attorney to present Eric Garner case backs NYPD tactics(NYP)* While the number of stop-and-frisks in New York City is down substantially from a peak in 2011, black and Latino men are still disproportionately targeted for stops, Newsweek reports: 
--Meanwhile, de Blasio spoke in Brooklyn -- "Violence takes us backward. Nonviolence takes us forward," he said, eliciting applause at  the Kingsboro Temple of Seventh-day Adventist in Park Slope. The mayor declined to participate in Sharpton’s march and instead delivered subdued but hopeful remarks about improving relationships between the NYPD and police-wary communities, in a church that he said "is in my beloved neighborhood." "Violence takes us backward. Nonviolence takes us forward," he said, adding, “we're all feeling, still weeks later, the pain of the tragic loss of Eric Garner.” Capital’s Sally Goldenberg:* Mayor de Blasio Calls Staten Island March a Success (WSJ)

New York’s Finest aid shooting victims as anti-cop march rages(NYP)A spate of nine bloody shootings broke out across the city Saturday, the same day Al Sharpton and thousands gathered at an anti-cop rally on Staten Island — in which protesters bashed “Broken Windows” and stop-and-frisk policing.The gunfire erupted at a cafe in Manhattan, and in separate incidents in Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx — most between 12:50 and 3:50 a.m. — continuing a disturbing uptick in gunplay. Citywide, shootings are up to 824 this year, compared to 736 last year — a nearly 12 percent increase, the latest NYPD data reveal. At the same time, the use of stop-and-frisk has plunged 92 percent, according to the most recent data available.

NYP Uses the Times Square Muppets to Defend NYPD 

The right to not be arrested?(NYP Ed)vGotham’s “reformers” are seeking a new entitlement: the right not to be arrested.vWe’re not kidding. It’s part of the recent hostility toward cops and, in particular, their successful 20-year focus on low-level, “quality-of-life” crimes (also known as “broken windows” policing).vIs there a quicker path to a lawless city?


Seven people shot in six separate incidents across city(NYDN) The bloody day began around 12:50 a.m. Saturday with two men shot in the lobby of a Brooklyn building, cops said. Five others were wounded in separate acts of violence in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.* Two men busted for fatal shooting of Inwood violinist who toured with Barbra Streisand: cops(NYDN)

'IT'S TIME WE'RE SEEN AS EQUALS': Demonstrators led by Eric Garner's family, the Rev. Al Sharpton, march peacefully to protest chokehold death(NYDN)

ow the ‘broken windows’ strategy saved lives in NYC(NYP) Statistics illustrate the dramatic “policing difference” enjoyed by New York. While the homicide rate dropped by half in the nine largest cities other than NYC between 1990 and 2009, it dropped by 82 percent here.
 Rapes dropped 77 percent in New York, compared with a median rate of 49 percent in those other cities.* Mayor de Blasio puts equality over productivity(NYP) Never mind having the city deliver municipal services well. Forget about keeping costs down and saving taxpayers money. City Hall has given its agencies new marching orders: to reduce inequality. And that goes for all its agencies. This should be interesting. As Capital New York reported, agency summaries used in the Mayor’s Management Report must now note the progress departments have made in fostering greater “equality” in the city.* CLOSED! Staten Island's Saturday rally for NYPD chokehold victim stirs 'Ferguson' fears, prompting stores to shutter(NYDN)

Why Does it Take A Murder of A Child to OK NYCHA Cameras to Be Installed?

Nearly a year after NYCHA got $500,000 in taxpayer dollars to install security cameras in all the lobbies at the Boulevard Houses, the city approved the plan — a day after the tragic stabbing attack on two children in a Boulevard elevator. Witnesses say the attacker fled via the lobby after the brutal assault. Why the cameras had not yet been installed remained unclear.* DE BLASIO’S SAFETY PLAN: “Everything we have”: Responding to a surge in violence in the city's public housing projects, and a particularly violent weekend in which 13 people were wounded by gunfire and a 6-year-old was murdered, the Mayor said last night that the city will use “everything we have” to curb violence at public housing developments: “We are going to see a much more visible presence of the NYPD in some of the housing developments that have the worst troubles.”*Homeless Families to Public Housing NYCHA to Allocate Approximately 750 Units a Year to Homeless Families Dozens of Suspected Gang Members Arrested in Raid of 2 Harlem Housing Projects: The police raid was aimed at...

The Media Held A Black Mayor Accountable to Increase In Shootings?

Dave Do Something

During the Dinkins administration a front-page headline in the New York Post had screamed: “Dave do something!”— a direct call to then mayor David Dinkins to get crime down fast.  Today shooting in the city are up after years of going down.  Not only is the press not digging into the reasons for the increase, but they are not holding the mayor’s feet to the fire while New Yorkers are shot.  With the press of the press and the resulting public press  Dinkins' with the help of Albany and the council speaker dramatically increase the size of the NYPD.  Today we have a press that allows mayor  and his flacks to chose the issues that are covered in the media.  Nobody in the media wants to talk about the growing shooting problem and the reason for it.   The press will not hold today's incumbents feet to the filed like that did former Mayor Dinkins.

de Blasio's Polls Holding Up Not Bratton
new Q poll says New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval rating has held steady despite a tumultuous summer for the Big Apple.* Black voters continue to like the mayor more than white NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s job approval rating has dropped sharply in the aftermath of the chokehold death of Eric Garner, while NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s has stayed steady, a new Q poll found. MAYOR MORE POPULAR AMONG BLACK VOTERS -- Capital’s Dana Rubinstein: Black voters continue to like Mayor de Blasio more than white voters. According to the Quinnipiac poll, 65 percent of black voters approve of de Blasio's job performance, compared to just 36 percent of white voters. The death last month of Eric Garner at the hands of police and protests this month in Ferguson appear to have done little to shift the balance in either direction. In June, 66 percent of black voters approved of the job de Blasio was doing, compared to 41 percent of whites. "White voters are negative; black voters are overwhelmingly positive," the poll's assistant director, Maurice Carroll, said in a statement. --The mayor's overall job approval rating is 50 percent -- SEE THE POLL: * Hanging tough on crime (NYDN Ed)
Broken-windows policing rightly earns strong support from the public it serves

Why Does it Take A Murder of A Child to OK NYCHA Cameras to Be Installed?

Nearly a year after NYCHA got $500,000 in taxpayer dollars to install security cameras in all the lobbies at the Boulevard Houses, the city approved the plan — a day after the tragic stabbing attack on two children in a Boulevard elevator. Witnesses say the attacker fled via the lobby after the brutal assault. Why the cameras had not yet been installed remained unclear.* DE BLASIO’S SAFETY PLAN: “Everything we have”: Responding to a surge in violence in the city's public housing projects, and a particularly violent weekend in which 13 people were wounded by gunfire and a 6-year-old was murdered, the Mayor said last night that the city will use “everything we have” to curb violence at public housing developments: “We are going to see a much more visible presence of the NYPD in some of the housing developments that have the worst troubles.”*Homeless Families to Public Housing NYCHA to Allocate Approximately 750 Units a Year to Homeless Families Dozens of Suspected Gang Members Arrested in Raid of 2 Harlem Housing Projects: The police raid was aimed at...

The Media Held A Black Mayor Accountable to Increase In Shootings?

Dave Do Something

During the Dinkins administration a front-page headline in the New York Post had screamed: “Dave do something!”— a direct call to then mayor David Dinkins to get crime down fast.  Today shooting in the city are up after years of going down.  Not only is the press not digging into the reasons for the increase, but they are not holding the mayor’s feet to the fire while New Yorkers are shot.  With the press of the press and the resulting public press  Dinkins' with the help of Albany and the council speaker dramatically increase the size of the NYPD.  Today we have a press that allows mayor  and his flacks to chose the issues that are covered in the media.  Nobody in the media wants to talk about the growing shooting problem and the reason for it.   The press will not hold today's incumbents feet to the filed like that did former Mayor Dinkins.
Bratton Reading Latest Polls 
Rise of the Rev: Yet even his fans side with the cops(NYP)
And so it has come to this: Nearly one-half of New York considers Al Sharpton to be a “positive force” in civic affairs. Wow. Talk about defining positivity down. But Al is still all about Al, as evidenced by this week’s remarkable two-part poll from Quinnipiac University on NYPD-community relations during the early tenure of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.In a nutshell: Sharpton’s up, Bratton’s down — and the department’s headed for a hole in the ground. Well, maybe not that bad — but close enough.

De Blasio Shows Up With Sharpton After the Poll To Fight Crime at Public Housing

Mayor Bill de Blasio went to the Lincoln Houses in East Harlem to talk about crime reductions and safety upgrades in the city’s public housing stock — but some residents just didn’t want to hear it.
The mayor was heckled by at least two people who gathered to watch his press conference in a sunny courtyard Wednesday, where he stood strategically in front of construction workers removing scaffolding residents have long complained are a blight and a danger.

Bratton is Being Surrounded

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said the department is “actively looking” at equipping officers with body-worn cameras – the strongest statement of support he has made for implementing the technology in New York since becoming police commissioner here.
Bratton strongly refuted claims by the NYPD sergeants’ union president that the city is starting to resemble its crime-ridden past.


Cop union head calls SBA head's anti-DNC comment 'misguided'(NYDN)

Polarizing police(NYP)
During Bill de Blasio’s run for mayor, he presented New York as a bitterly divided city, where the public couldn’t trust police whom he accused of racial profiling. Meanwhile, his pick for police commissioner, Bill Bratton, came in talking of how low police morale was.
Fully 74 percent of those questioned, moreover, say police brutality is a serious problem. This is the highest since 2001. And at 48 percent, Bratton’s approval is one point lower than the percentage who find the Rev. Al Sharpton a “positive force” in the city.The mayor and the commissioner would probably say the numbers reflect the reaction to the case of Eric Garner, who died on Staten Island while resisting arrest.But while it’s true the non-stop criticism directed at cops since Garner’s death is undoubtedly reflected in the polling, the most striking thing about these numbers is that they’ve been heading in the wrong direction. In other words, under the de Blasio-Bratton regime, public trust in the police isn’t going up. It’s going down. And so, as Bratton just admitted, is police morale. * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton made $1.35M last year: filings(NYDN) * Bill Bratton and other top de Blasio appointees are worth millions(NYDN)
Hanging tough on crime(NYDN) Exhibiting typically clear-eyed good sense, New Yorkers overwhelmingly support the NYPD’s crime-fighting strategy of cracking down on low-level quality-of-life offenses. And backing for this “broken windows” policing is solid across racial and ethnic lines, with whites, blacks and Hispanics lining up behind issuing summonses and making arrests for violations that typically include farebeating, public urination and open drinking or pot smoking.

Bratton’s Approval Rating Drops After Garner Death, According to Poll(NYO)
Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins castigated de Blasio and his bid to  host the 2016 Democratic National Convention in open letter to the New York Times.* Approval rating of NYPD's top cop DIVES after Staten Island chokehold death, poll finds(NYDN)
NYT Kicking A Man When He is Going Down Bratton Spurned 25% of Board’s Police Misconduct Findings in First Half of '14  (NYT) In the first six months of 2014, the New York Police Department has declined to sanction officers in over 25 percent of cases in which the Civilian Complaint Review Board found cause for disciplinePolice Commissioner Bill Bratton’s approval rating plummets after chokehold death of Eric Garner: poll(NYDN) * Majority of New Yorkers support ‘Broken Windows’ policing: poll(NYP) * Sergeant’s Union president continues public take-down of de Blasio(NYP) * Despite Poll, Bill de Blasio Expects Bill Bratton’s Popularity to Grow(NYO) * A Quinnipiac poll found 60 percent of New York City voters support the “broken windows” style of policing, but 68 percent said there is no excuse for Eric Garner’s death and the NYPD’s overall approval rating fell to 42 percent from 50, the Daily News reports: * According to the same poll, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s approval rating dropped 9 points from June 12 to 48 percent today, the Observer reports:  * The New York City Council will hold an oversight hearing next month on a police department review of its training procedures in the wake of the chokehold death of Garner, the Associated Press reports: 
* Mayor Bill de Blasio, irate over police union president Ed Mullins calling on national Democrats to keep the 2016 Democratic National Convention out of Brooklyn, ordered aides to contact elected officials to denounce Mullins’ open letter, the Observer reports: * Mullins made three separate radio appearances today to discuss his feud with the de Blasio administration, the Daily News reports: * Of the 175 cases in which the Civilian Complaint Review Board recommended a NYPD officer be charged as a disciplinary measure in 2012, the NYPD only sought charges in seven instances, WNYC reports:  

The Sharpton de Blasio Mulgrew Axis

An injustice to the Rev can’t bother to fight(NYP)
Among the honored guests at Sharpton’s Staten Island march and rally were American Federation of Teachers chief Randi Weingarten and United Federation of Teachers honcho Michael Mulgrew. The AFT and UFT are long-time sponsors of the Sharpton-led National Action Network.  Given his relationship with the AFT/UFT, it’s not surprising that the opinionated Rev. Sharpton has been silent on teacher evaluations, incompetent and pervy teachers and teacher tenure.

Poll Says Most Think Sharpton Bratton de Blasio Meeting A Mistake
Inviting Sharpton to news conference was a mistake: poll(NYP) * The head of a New York City police union said Tuesday he expects a showdown with the de Blasio administration over contentious contract negotiations, predicting an impasse and the pact to be settled with binding arbitration, Capital New York writes: 
More than one-third of New Yorkers believe Mayor de Blasio made a mistake by inviting the Rev. Al Sharpton to sit next to NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton at a news conference to ease tensions after the death of Eric Garner in police custody, according to a poll released Tuesday. The Quinnipiac University poll found 35 percent of voters said Sharpton should not have been seated equally with Bratton at the City Hall meeting last month, while 25 percent believe the mayor made the right call and 37 percent had no opinion.  A new Quinnipiac poll shows nearly half of New Yorkers consider Rev. Al Sharpton to be a “positive force” while New York Police Commissioner William Bratton has seen his approval rating drop, The Wall Street Journal reports:  Many in Poll See Sharpton as 'Positive' The Rev. Al Sharpton—whose profile has been raised recently amid the outcry over the death of Eric Garner while in police custody—is considered a "positive force" by nearly half of New Yorkers, according to a poll.*  Once overweight himself, a significantly slimmed-down Rev. Al Sharpton now regularly pokes fun at fat people.

NYPD Sergeants Against Democratic Convention
The head of the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association came out against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plans for the Democratic National Convention in Brooklyn, citing the rise in shootings, the perception among cops that City Hall doesn't support them and stalled contract talks, the Daily News reports:  * “Fear-mongering,” “irresponsible,” and “opportunistic” were some of the terms de Blasio used to characterize the open letter penned by the president of the sergeants’ union about the Democratic convention, the Observer reports: *Sergeants union: DNC should stay away from ‘dangerous’ NYC(NYP) Police Sergeants’ Union Warns Against Democratic Convention in Brooklyn(NYT)  Wednesday de Blasio Blasts Back  Mayor de Blasio blasts police union for attempting to sabotage DNC bid(NYDN) Police Union Pushes DNC to Reject Brooklyn Bid(WSJ) *  De Blasio Administration Pushed Pols to Denounce Mullins’ DNC Letter: Sources(NYO)

NYT Supports de Blasio's New Policing, But Said it Would Take Some Time 
Complaints of misconduct by officers in the 120th Precinct on the North Shore rival those in the Bronx and Brooklyn.* A March for a Safer City (NYT)  Will aggrieved residents achieve some level of faith in the future of policing in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s New York?In one sense, the protesters have already won. The Garner case is not being brushed aside; the Staten Island district attorney has said he will present it to a grand jury, and the involvement of several other oversight bodies seems to assure a thorough investigation. What is less certain — and this is the larger point of the protest — is whether aggrieved residents will achieve some level of faith in the future of policing in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s New York.Police Commissioner William Bratton has ordered the department to retrain all 35,000 officers in defusing confrontations and other tactical * Fatal Confrontation Heightens Tensions in Staten Island Police Precinct(NYT)

He and Mr. de Blasio have said the department should make smarter use of warnings and summonses, instead of needless arrests, freeing more officers to confront serious crime. The department has focused new attention on high-crime areas in Brooklyn and the Bronx, and the mayor has promised to make public housing safer, through an infusion of officers and floodlights.

Not Much Said About the 680 to 747 Increase in Shootings
Other promising initiatives include enlisting former gang members as “violence interrupters” to mediate street disputes.  It will take time for the results of these efforts to become clear. Mr. de Blasio says he is in it for the long haul, to prove that he and Mr. Bratton can keep the peace while respecting both cops and community and honoring the law. Meanwhile, on the way to that desired equilibrium, conciliation and peaceful protests serve a purpose of their own. “In a democratic society, people act in accordance with how much they feel heard,” Mr. de Blasio said. “A lot of times over the years, folks felt aggrieved, and they didn’t feel there was an outlet. The very act of active and compassionate listening actually changes people.”

Top Lobbyists Caught In the Middle Of A Terror Fight Between Mark-Viverito Vs PBA 
Pitta Bishop Del Giorno Giblin Has Hit the Jack Pot With Over A 100 New Lobbying Clients Since She Took the Speakers Office .One Wonders How the lobbying Firm Explains the Speakers Views to Their PBA Client.

The City Council’s gift to thugs and terrorists(NYP) The City Council passed two bills last week to ensure that New York remains a sanctuary for illegal aliens — even if they’re violent, convicted felons, known gang members or on the terrorist watch list. Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has spent years chipping away at the ability of the federal government to detain and deport illegals who wind up at RikersIsland.  Now she’s taken it to a new level: She’s shutting down Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s offices at Rikers, and ending virtually all city cooperation with ICE. Until now, arrestees at Rikers had their names run through a federal database of illegal immigrants. ICE then went after those most likely to pose a threat, particularly previously-convicted felons.* Photographer wanted friendly photo — and ends up documenting aftermath of hatchet attack in Queens(NYDN)

NYP Takes the Cops Side

Several Staten Islandbusinesses will close Saturday, fearing crowds and safety issues during marchfor Eric Garner *Chokehold video taker blasts Sharpton for being ‘fake’(NYP) * Three cheers for the NYPD (NYP Ed) The Rev. Al Sharpton’s march today in Staten Island is meant to slam New York’s Finest. We’ll say it flat out: We support the cops.
Unequivocally. Better The Rev & Co. turn their march into a parade to celebrate the NYPD — and how the department, almost single-handedly, turned this city around. (Notwithstanding efforts to the contrary by rabble-rousing self-promoters like Sharpton.) How ironic that the reverend titled his bit of street theater a “We Will Not Go Back” march. Because that’s precisely what he wants the city to do: return to the ugly days when cops failed to control crime, chaos ruled and the city was barely livable.

Daily News Opposes Sharpton Views Softly 

Family of Eric Garner, Al Sharpton hope for peaceful Staten Island protest (NYDN)

The family of Eric Garner and Rev. Al Sharpton are hopeful for a peaceful protest against police brutality Saturday. Despite their optimism, businesses have decided to close their doors for the rally out of fear for unrest. NYPD officers assigned to the demonstration are also expected to have nightsticks and helmets.

Rev. Al’s march (NYDN) New Yorkers anguished by Eric Garner’s death after a struggle with police will march today from the scene of the confrontation to the Staten  Island district attorney’s office. Their voices will be heard, but what will they say? As the organizer, the Rev. Al Sharpton, has offered several rationales for demonstrating, some of them inconsistent, some more worthy than others. He was perfectly clear, though, that he expects peaceful protest. That Sharpton addressed the issue reflects concern that the event could attract even a small number of individuals who are bent on creating disorder, as happened in the Ferguson, Mo., protests and in some Occupy 

Wall Street protests. Should bad actors appear today, he and the NYPD will be united in urging robust and lawful expression of grievances. Running somewhat counter to that notion, he also says that he is not anti-police; he’s merely against bad cops. Since everyone is against bad cops, the true question is how prevalent Sharpton thinks they are. In his article in The News Friday, Sharpton posed a question as the essence of what he’s about: “Is it unreasonable to ask that unarmed people not be killed?” No, it’s not unreasonable, as long as you also accept that every case must be judged on its own merits.

NYPD's Prefect Storm  Adrift With No Leadership, Mayor, Bratton and Increase in Crime

Tale of Two Cities: A Racial Split
Saturday Update
Sharpton Dials Down Comments Talks About Safety

Fatal 1964 Incident Sparked Days of Riots in Harlem, Brooklyn(NY1) * Garner Rally Could Be Crucial Test for Mayor(NY1)

Friday Update
Riot cops ready for Sharpton rally on Saturday(NYP)  Hundreds of police officers have been ordered to bring their “hats and bats”—helmets and old-school wooden nightsticks—to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s march against police brutality on  Saturday
* De Blasio attended his first CompStat meeting, a crime statistics briefing with top police officials at a time when the city is grappling with a new wave of gun violence, the Journal reports: 
* Rev. Al Sharpton explains in the Daily News why he and others will march in Staten Island on Saturday to demand justice for Eric Garner, who died in an apparent illegal chokehold: 

 de Blasio Shot Gun Marriage With Bratton
De Blasio Blasts DNAinfo Report About Bratton Relationship (DNAINFO) de Blasio blasted a DNAinfo report claiming that the mayor would choose Rev. Al Sharpton over NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, calling it “idiotic,” the Observer reports: Mayor de Blasio: 'Idiotic' and 'ludicrous' to think I'd dump Bill Bratton(NYDN)
Most interesting is how forcefully the mayor responded. Coming after police union officials and tabloid headline writers criticized de Blasio for not showing more support for rank-and-file officers, the move shows how seriously City Hall wants to knock down the impression of a rift between the mayor and the police commissioner. “That the mayor would even comment on this report, which is little more than anonymous gossip, speaks volumes about his apparent concern about any perceived split between him and the police commissioner,” Chris Dunn, the New York Civil Liberties Union’s associate legal director, told Capital. (DNAinfo’s Murray Weiss reported that the mayor’s press office wouldn’t respond to a request for comment in the original article.)* With Shootings on the Rise, de Blasio and Council Roll Out Anti-Violence Initiative(NYO) * Bill Bratton Thinks NYPD Disciplinary System Is 'Broken,' Oversight Official Says (Huff Post)* Break from broken windows, Bill (NYDN) These tactics are hurting black and brown New Yorkers* New York Reps Urge DOJ to Probe Eric Garner Death(NY1)
* \NY1 Online: Rangel Discusses Call for Federal Investigation Into Garner Death(NY1)  * Saying New York City has a long history of "peaceful protests," de Blasio called the heavy law enforcement response in Ferguson, Mo. "troubling" and said he couldn't picture a similar situation here, the Daily News writes * Stop-and-frisk numbers go on the decline:(NYAINFO)* As elected officials questioned Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan’s ability to fairly investigate Eric Garner’s death, Staten Island Borough President James Oddo and Rep. Michael Grimm defended Donovan, the Observer reports: Several black law enforcement organizations on Friday called out the city's police unions: (NY1) *  Residents Concerned W/ Uptick In Gun Violence As  All But Disappear” (WCBS)

 How Long Will the Love Last?
De Blasio tells NYers: ‘Don’t resist arrest’(NYP)Mayor de Blasio gave his unflinching support Wednesday to a call from the city’s top cop that New Yorkers being placed under arrest should submit to police rather than fight back. “When a police officer comes to the decision that it’s time to arrest someone, that individual is obligated to submit to arrest,” the mayor said.“They will then have every opportunity for due process in our court system.” De Blasio said Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was “absolutely right” for urging an end to a recent spate of incidents where cops were forced to subdue alleged law-breakers physically.* Not a chokehold: Truth of the Garner arrest(NYP) Stop and frisk case still not settled(NYP) Six Members of Congress Ask Holder to Open Federal Inquiry in Chokehold Case(NYT) “There is no indication that the local district attorney [Staten Island’s Daniel Donovan] is prepared to aggressively prosecute this case,” wrote six members of the New York congressional delegation to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. The six members are Reps. Charles Rangel of Manhattan, Jose Serrano of the Bronx, Greg Meeks of Queens, and Nydia Velazquez, Yvette Clarke and Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn. They are holding a press conference outside NYPD headquarters to discuss the Garner case, and Broken Windows policing, at 11 a.m. today. * De Blasio's $12.7M gun-violence prevention program to put 'interrupters' in high-crime precincts(NYDN) 'Violence interrupters' are mostly former gang members who intervene in street disputes before they escalate. Interrupters will be sent along with ramped up job training, mental health, legal services and tutoring programs.* Mayor de Blasio says city ‘blessed’ to have Bill Bratton as head of NYPD(NYDN) * De Blasio's $12.7M anti-violence plan putting 'interrupters' to work(NYDN) * Tug of War at City Hall(WSJ) The death of Eric Garner has tested the relationships that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has with police Commissioner William Bratton and the Rev. Al Sharpton, who disagree sharply over law-enforcement policy.* --GARNER RESOURCES -- NBC Donovan, Staten Island’s top prosecutor, said his office has assigned more people to the investigation into Garner's fatal confrontation with NYPD officers than to any other case since he's been in office. Donovan said in an interview with NBC 4 New York this week that he has assigned eight assistant district attorneys and 10 non-NYPD detectives to investigate the case. Mr. Sharpton said in an interview, suggesting the mayor wasn't fulfilling his campaign promises of repairing the relationship between police and minorities. ‘The challenge the mayor has is how he makes sure the running of any police policy is consistent of what he told voters what he'd stand for,’ Mr. Sharpton said. ‘He has to convince people that transformation is happening.’”*  In times of crisis, de Blasio emphasizes Bloomberg(Capital) * NYPD Event Aims to Spread Harmony Between Police, Community(NY1) * Bratton Pushes Back

 NYPD, Commissioner Bratton, Chokehold and Garner's Death

The Media Covering Up Shootings By Not Reporting All of Them?23 Shot Last Weekend

Chicago Shooting Numbers Come to NYC . . . Shooting Up 10% This Year
At least 23 people in New York City were struck by bullets this weekend – two are dead. This adds to a tally of shooting victims that is an increase of more than 10 percent over last year, to more than 822 citywide.  UPDATE: 23 shot, 2 killed in weekend gun violence in NYC(WNBC) * Gun Violence in City Surges Over Weekend(WSJ)This makes 6 shootings. Manhattan, NY Shooting Broadway & W 151st St| PD o/s reporting 2 ppl shot. EMS requested. Crime scene estab 03:20At 59th & Lexington for  at another subway platform stabbing scene* Nine Shot Around City Overnight, Two Dead (NYDN)
*2 dead in drive-by shooting in NYC, including rapper(NYP) *  15 shot in NYC within 8 hours, 2 dead: Fifteen people were shot in a rash of overnight violence in New York C...  * Killed and Dozen Are Injured as Weekend Shootings Plague New York: The tally of shooting victims is up more... (NYDN)
*"Two Men Were Killed and 19 Were Wounded in City Shootings”  Shootings up 12 percent  A Stop-and-Frisk Question after a Bloody Weekend: Bob Hardt's daily look "Inside City Hall."
NYT Notices the Weekend Shooting Crisis
2 Killed and Dozen Are Injured as Weekend Shootings Plague New York
Brooklyn dad, 35, fatally shot in Bed-Stuy  

UFT Backs Sharpon's March PBA Attacks UFT's Mulgrew
After the United Federation of Teachers announced its support for Rev. Al Sharpton’s rally on Staten Island over the Garner death, some teachers have vowed to cancel their contributions
Teachers union backs Sharpton’s planned anti-police rally(NYP) The teachers union is pitting its members against cops — by sponsoring and promoting the Rev. Al Sharpton’s anti-police rally in Staten Island next week, The Post has learned. The...Sunday Update  Although union bosses don’t often bash each other in public, police union boss Pat Lynch was right to knock the UFT’s Michael Mulgrew for the decision of his union to join Rev. Al Sharpton’s anti-police rally

PBA Calls Teachers Union A Disgrace
Teachers union joining police protest is ‘disgraceful': PBA head(NYP)PBA President Pat Lynch fired both barrels at United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew, saying, “It is absolutely ridiculous that [Mulgrew] . . . would waste his members’ dues to get involved with a march that has nothing to do with teachers or his union. “Mulgrew knows that the UFT is under siege from all sides, and this is purely an attempt to distract attention from that mounting criticism,” Lynch wrote, referring to the union’s chronic battles over teacher tenure and charter schools as well as the “substandard” contract Mulgrew recently negotiated for his membership.“How would he like it if police officers lined up with the activists who oppose his efforts to shield bad teachers and undermine effective charter schools?” Lynch fumed. In a series of personal jabs, Lynch suggested Mulgrew was more concerned with “continuing to curry favor with politicians and Al Sharpton” than in helping his 200,000 union members or the city’s 1.1 million schoolchildren.* March to Support our NYPD(Queens Village Republican Club) * An outburst of honesty from a NY union leader(NYPED) “How would [Mulgrew] like it if police officers lined up with the activists who oppose his efforts to shield bad teachers and undermine effective charter schools?” wrote Lynch in an open letter to The Post. “He should try standing up for . . . the children.”* Teachers union members call for UFT president Michael Mulgrew's resignation(SI Advance)

Daily News Drug Dealers Take Over Garner's Neighborhood . . . As NYPD Backs Off
EXCLUSIVE: A rattled Staten Island landlord has repeatedly contacted cops about his nightmares on Bay St. The Daily News obtained 311 call summaries and emails to the 120th Precinct, with the number of complaints escalating dramatically over a 15-month stretch before Garner’s fatal encounter with cops. “It has only gotten worse, much worse, since Eric died,” the landlord told the Daily News ahead of Sunday’s one-month anniversary of Garner’s  death. “Now the police, they don’t want to have another incident there so they have a hands-off approach,” said the landlord, who asked not to be identified. “Anyway you slice it, it’s a mess.”

Cops Chasing Radio Calls As Shooting Increase
Have They Ended All Stop and Frisk? Why?

NYPD stop-and-frisks drop 99% in high-crime areas of Brooklyn as shootings spike in the same precincts(NYDN)
The 99 percent stop-and-frisk decrease in East New York and Brownsville comes as shootings in the Brooklyn neighborhoods are on the rise. Cutting back on stop-and-frisk, a hallmark of the Bloomberg administration, was one of Mayor de Blasio’s major campaign promises last year.* Stop-and-frisk and risk(NYDN Ed) Warning signs are emerging that the dramatic cutback in the stop-question-and-frisk tactic — which candidate Bill de Blasio pledged to reform and which his Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has called “a basic, fundamental tool of police work” — may be feeding a rise in shootings in high-crime neighborhoods.Three men shot in Harlem park(NYP)

On the Day After 19 People Were Shot in NYC the NYT Says Bratton Can Stand to Be Lectured by Sharpton

Commissioner Punching Bag
The Mayor, the Cops and the Chorus of Outrage(NYT Ed)
Mr. Bratton is a grown-up, and can stand to be lectured by Mr. Sharpton. The commissioner has memorized and long preached the words of his hero Sir Robert Peel, the first modern police official, a 19th-century Londoner who enumerated principles of wise law enforcement. Principle 2: “The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of police actions.” Mr. de Blasio and Mr. Bratton recognize that on this issue, Reverend Al and Sir Robert, and most reasonable New Yorkers, are on the same page* The unrest in Ferguson, Mo., is a reminder that the same thing is not happening in New York City, thanks to a professional police force that, despite criticism, learned from the lessons of prior conflagrations, the Times’ Lawrence Downes writes * De Blasio: Staten Island DA Taking Eric Garner Investigation ‘Very Seriously’(NYO) * Nadler Calls for De-Militarizing the Police Post-Ferguson(NYO) * Amid Violence in Ferguson, de Blasio Calls For NYC Eric Garner March to Be Peaceful(NYO)

FERGUSON REVERBERATES IN NYC -- News’ Erik Badia and Corky Siemaszko: The Rev. Al Sharpton connected the deaths of Eric Garner in NYC and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri: “Both of them were victims of this aggressive policing of alleged low-level crime. There ain't no difference between dealing with looseys and dealing with telling kids to get out of the street.” -“Missouri Shooting of Michael Brown to Play Role in Aug. 23 Rally in New York City” by WSJ’s Michael Howard Saul:
* Donald Trump charged the Rev. Al Sharpton with fanning the flames in Ferguson, Missouri, saying that causing controversy is a “cottage industry” for  the MSNBC host.Sharpton called out Hillary Clinton, Christie and other potential 2016 presidential candidates for keeping quiet on the situation in Ferguson.

NYP Continues the Expose the NYPD/ Sharpton Split 
Teacher married to sergeant blasts union for anti-cop support(NYP)Furious educators are uniting in disgust against the union’s sponsorship of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s anti-cop rally on Staten Island — including a teacher married to an NYPD sergeant who called it a “slap in the face.”“It sends a really twisted message to kids. We’re supporting something where a criminal was resisting arrest,” Kristine McCabe, who teaches in Queens, told The Post of Saturday’s march. McCabe’s anger at the United Federation of Teachers came amid a mounting campaign to force out union boss Michael Mulgrew over his support of the protest. An online petition calling for his resignation approached 900 signatures on Monday night. “Mulgrew is dragging me UNWILLINGLY into the current racial and police issues and aligning me with Rev. Sharpton!,” petition organizer and Staten Island teaching assistant Diane Morgan-Gattullo wrote.* Teachers want their money back after UFT backs Sharpton(NYP) * Outraged teachers tell UFT PAC: Count us out(NYP)

 Winds of A Real Story Bloomberg vs de Blasio Crime Fighting
BRATTON ON SHOOTINGS-- WSJ’s Yoni Bashan: “Bratton said “‘Those areas have had shootings for 40, 50 years," Mr. Bratton said. … Mr. Bratton said one theory for the increase in gun violence is the release of offenders from prison, some of whom were arrested under a 2012 violence-reduction initiative targeting street crews. “‘Some of what we're seeing now is some of those kids coming back from jail,’ Mr. Bratton said. … Mr. Bratton said there was ‘a
Monday that gun violence is at a historically low level and that the majority of shooting incidents are in the same areas that have been hot spots for decades. Neighborhoods in the center of the Bronx, eastern Brooklyn and northern Manhattan have seen the most gunfire in 2014, Mr. Bratton said in a meeting with Wall Street Journal editors

Daily News Drug Dealers Take Over Garner's Neighborhood . . . As NYPD Backs Off
'It's only gotten worse since Eric died': Staten Island neighborhood where Eric Garner was put in a lethal chokehold is rife with drug dealers, threats of rape(NYDN)
EXCLUSIVE: A rattled Staten Island landlord has repeatedly contacted cops about his nightmares on Bay St. The Daily News obtained 311 call summaries and emails to the 120th Precinct, with the number of complaints escalating dramatically over a 15-month stretch before Garner’s fatal encounter with cops. “It has only gotten worse, much worse, since Eric died,” the landlord told the Daily News ahead of Sunday’s one-month anniversary of Garner’s death. “Now the police, they don’t want to have another incident there so they have a hands-off approach,” said the landlord, who asked not to be identified. “Anyway you slice it, it’s a mess.”

Round Up the Usually Cops
 The true crime rise(NYP Ed) The crime news is worse than you’ve heard — and likely to get worse without some new thinking. The latest crime figures list shooting incidents up by 13 percent — but that includes what happened in the freezing months when the streets were deserted. The right comparison is this summer to the summer of 2013. Year over year, in the four weeks ending Aug. 10, shooting incidents were up 32 percent.

Despite the bloodshed, the debate in policing seems to center around “Broken Windows.” 'The whole notion is to stay ahead of the problem': De Blasio promises to deploy more cops following weekend gun mayhem which saw 2 killed and 21 injured(NYDN) * The New York City Police Department should demand that the thousands of cops it dispatches daily to keep New Yorkers safe wear body cameras because it will protect both the public and police, am New York writes:  * Howard Safir: Bill de Blasio Turning NYPD Into ‘Blue Flowerpots’(NYO) * Staten Island DA Donovan to Convene Grand Jury on Garner Death(NYO) * Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind claimed that NYPD officers told Crown Heights residents they were not arresting and prosecuting potentially anti-Semitic attackers out of fear of stoking racial tensions, the Observer reports:

Subway Fare-Beating Arrests Up 69%
EXCLUSIVE: Arrests for transit fare evasion surge in recent years, putting it among city's top offenses leading to jail: Daily News investigation(NYDN) Fare-beating arrests have increased 69% — from 14,681 in 2008 to 24,747 in 2013 — and are on pace to be slightly higher this year. Nearly 37,500 people have gotten sentences for the $2.50 crime that involved incarceration, including time-served, and 1,802 of those people were minors, according to data obtained by the Daily News.The turnstile has become one of the city’s biggest pipelines to the jail cell. Fare-beating busts have surged in recent years, and so has the number of people doing time for the $2.50 crime — making it one of the top charges that has led to incarcerations, a Daily News analysis has found. The NYPD has said its “broken windows” strategy of targeting low-level crimes such as fare evasion helps prevent more serious crimes and gives cops the opportunity to check people for open warrants, weapons and drugs.

Bratton Tries to Send A Message to the Cops He's Standing By Them As the Chokehold Crisis Continues
"There is no constitutional right to resist arrest"
Bratton: Criminal suspects should not resist arrest(NYP) Criminal suspects should just surrender quietly and not resist arrest to avoid ugly clashes with cops, police commissioner Bill Bratton said Tuesday. “What we’re seeing … over the last several months [is] a number of individuals just failing to understand that you must submit to an arrest, that you cannot resist it” Bratton said on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show. “The place to argue your case is in court, not in the middle of the street.” “In terms of actual quality of life types of offenses, those are in fact actual criminal acts witnessed by a police officer, or violations of city ordinanaces,” Bratton said. “If people would obey the law, then they would not be drawing the attention of the police.”* Wise words from NYC’s top cop(NYP Ed) There is no constitutional right to resist arrest. “What we’ve seen in the past few months is a number of individuals failing to understand that you must submit to arrest, you cannot resist,” Bratton said in an interview on Brian Lehrer’s radio show. “The place to argue your case is in the court, not in the street.” * Subway performers slam police crackdown (NYDN) Shooting Down in Brooklyn Neighborhoods EXCLUSIVE: Shootings down 25% in Brooklyn, Bronx nabes after hundreds of desk-duty cops are put on the street(NYDN) * De Blasio Caught in Middle as Lynch, Sharpton Trade Barbs Over Garner Death (DNAINFO) The mayor announced $13 million for an anti-violence program to send more ex-gang members known as "violence interrupters" into high-crime precincts to help mediate conflicts between young people, Crain’s reports:*
New Civilian Complaint Review Board Richard Emery defended his “friendly” relationship with Bratton.* Six Members of Congress Ask Holder to Open Federal Inquiry in Chokehold Case(NYT)

Sharpton's Bridge Walk Walkback; de Blasio March Will Tear NYC Apart

Tuesday Update
Out of control: New York’s non-leaders(NYP Ed)

Monday Update
In Chokehold Case, Staten Island District Attorney Faces Big Test(NYT) For Daniel M. Donovan, the death of Eric Garner, who was killed in a confrontation with the police, presents what could be a career-defining case.* Staten Island DA Dan Donovan’s reputation for prizing professional obligation over personal loyalty faces a test much larger than an intraborough spat, as he navigates his most explosive case yet: the death of Eric Garner.

Sunday Update
De Blasio warns Sharpton: March will ‘tear New York City apart’(NYP)Mayor de Blasio personally pleaded with Rev. Al Sharpton to cancel a threatened Staten Island march that the mayor feared “would tear the city apart.” As the firebrand preacher publicly planned an Aug. 23 protest march across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge that would effectively paralyze Staten Island and ratchet up racial tensions citywide, Hizzoner phoned Sharpton Thursday and begged him to change course. “Do you think that marching over this bridge will be a benefit to the progressive agenda?” de Blasio asked, according to a City Hall source with knowledge of the conversation. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton punted to the MTA, which operates the bridge and answers to Gov. Cuomo. Transit officials kicked it right back to City Hall. It wasn’t until Friday that de Blasio publicly commented, pointing out “very real logistical challenges with using the bridge.” * Rev. Al Sharpton announces ‘Justice Caravan’ to Staten Island protest for Eric Garner(NYDN)

De Blasio questions Sharpton’s bridge protest(NYP)For the first time, Mayor de Blasio on Friday night questioned  the Rev. Al Sharpton’s  plan to lead a march across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Staten Island to protest the “chokehold” death of Eric Garner. “There are very real logistical challenges with using the bridge and I think the reverend acknowledged that,” de Blasio said at a press conference at the Ingersoll Community Center in Downtown Brooklyn, adding that he spoke with Sharpton.“I think he’s made it very clear that he’s looking at other options. There’s been a close coordination with the NYPD in terms of what makes logistical sense,” de Blasio said. “So I think we’ll wait and see how the next few days play out but I think we have a good chance of getting to a solution that works fairly.”A law-enforcement source was more blunt, saying, “There’s no way it’s ­going to happen.”* Protest March in Chokehold Case Is Moved From Verrazano Bridge to Staten Island(NYT) * Rev. Al Sharpton announces ‘Justice Caravan’ to be part of protest for chokehold-victim Eric Garner in two weeks(NYDN)  ‘If you want to stop chokeholds, get on the bus,’ Sharpton tells a cheering crowd at his Harlem headquarters.*Rev. Sharpton Changes Plan For March Over Verrazano Bridge(WCBS)\ * Sharpton cancels Verrazano march (Fox 5) * Sharpton Announces Changes to 'We Will Not Go Back' Rally in Garner's Memory(NY1)

Cardinal Dolan will lead interfaith meeting to ease racial tensions (NYP) * The Rev. Al Sharpton’s newest gig(NYP) The Rev. Al Sharpton can now add transportation commissioner to his growing list of city titles. On Friday, he suggested the Verrazano Bridge might not be a good spot for his planned march to protest Eric Garner’s death while resisting arrest. That’s more than city officials have been willing to say.* De Blasio to Gather Clergy on Police-Community Divide(NYT) de Blasio and his aides are hoping this meeting will be more effective than one last month, where the Rev. Al Sharpton’s comments undercut the mayor’s attempt to ease tensions.* Sharpton open to protesting 'chokehold' death without marching across Verrazano Bridge(NYDN)  * Public Advocate Letitia James wants Garner rally off of Verrazano Bridge(NYDN)
* A bridge too far (NYDN Ed) Rev. Sharpton makes clear his march need not shut down the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge* Sharpton's Criticism of NYPD Has Risks for Mayor(WSJ) The Rev. Al Sharpton on Friday indicated he may not hold a march on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to protest the apparent chokehold death of Eric Garner, but his criticism of police has put Mayor Bill de Blasio in a political bind.* De Blasio Can't Escape Questions on Eric Garner's Death During Housing Complex Tour(NY1) * Community Groups Discuss Garner Case with City Investigators(NY1) * De Blasio Can't Escape Questions on Eric Garner's Death During Housing Complex Tour(NY1)
. On Wednesday & Friday I wondered when BdB would 'Sister Soljah' Rev Razzle Dazzle b/c of Bratton dis. Was this it?
 NYPD, Commissioner Bratton, Chokehold and Garner's Death

NYPD Racial Split Drifting -Who is in Charge? . . . Bridge Marches Hault?

Has the Mayor Caused A Deeper Racial Split?

Friday Update
Cardinal Dolan to host leaders after NYPD custody death (nydn)
Who is In Charge? Mayor, NYPD or MTA
With March in Chokehold Case, Questions Over Who’s in Charge

Sharpton Walking Back

A protest march across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is planned, though no one seems quite sure who is running either the demonstration or the bridge. * Patrick Lynch, president of the union representing NYPD officers, defended Sharpton’s right to march across a bridge without a pedestrian walkway—in this case the Verrazano-Narrows—saying, “if the powers that be decide that the march will go on, our members will be there to police it,” the Observer reports:

Mayor Mad He Was Upstaged By Al  De Blasio furious Sharpton showed him up at City Hall(NYP) Mayor de Blasio was furious when the Rev. Al Sharpton lectured and threatened him from the dais at last week’s City Hall meeting over the police chokehold death of Eric Garner, The Post has learned. De Blasio thought the activist preacher publicly humiliated him by spouting off from a seat of honor directly to the mayor’s left, sources said Thursday.“He was really pissed at what Sharpton did,” one source said.* Rev. Sharpton to lead march across Verrazano to protest Garner death(NYDN) * Don't worry Al Sharpton: the cops will make sure your march goes "smoothly"  * Federal prosecutors are now investigating whether anyone in the Cuomo administration encouraged the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption to avoid referring cases to Albany County District Attorney, the Wall Street Journal reports:

QUOTE OF DAY: “I’m Not Trying to Control the Police Department!” -- Al Sharpton 

Chokehold victim Eric Garner had no drugs, alcohol in system(NYP) * Al Sharpton just isn’t my type(Peyser, NYP) “I’m not trying to control the Police Department!” he told me on the phone this week. Strange words from a private citizen who’s been handed unprecedented influence over New York City’s police by his ideological twin, Mayor de Blasio.* TESTING THE MAYOR -- “Can de Blasio Be Both a Man of the People and ‘the Man’?” by New York magazine’s Chris Smith: “De Blasio’s instincts are right, intellectually, that his experiment in recalibrating police tactics will take time, and that he can’t overreact to the Garner episode. Unfortunately, New York isn’t a particularly patient place. Events and vested interests are going to keep forcing the mayor to make tough choices, to take sides when he’d rather be in the middle. “Progressive advocates are calling for the end of ‘broken windows’ policing, but if de Blasio capitulates, he risks effectively losing Bratton. Yet if the mayor staunchly backs his police commissioner, he could antagonize his lefty political base. And de Blasio is operating in a tricky larger context: the classic skepticism that a liberal politician can maintain law and order.” -- Bratton: Sharpton march is MTA problem -- Capital’s Azi Paybarah: Police commissioner Bill Bratton said Thursday the decision whether to allow the Sharpton and others to march across the Verrazano Bridge on August 23 rests with the M.T.A., which operates the span. “We’ll wait to see if, in fact, the entity that owns the bridge decides to allow it,” Bratton said during a meeting with reporters at City Hall. Told the M.T.A. had said the decision was the NYPD's, Bratton said that's not true. "They own the bridge,” he said. “The initial authority would have to come from them—at least that’s my understanding [because] the liability is on them. If there were to be an injury, etcetera, that’s a cost that would be borne by the state or the authority.” 

NYP and Daily News Depressing While the NYT Holds Onto Their Rose Color ISIS Glasses
NYT Runs Interference for the Mayor Again
Mayor de Blasio is trying to take a middle-ground approach in responding to the public outcry over Eric Garner’s death, attempting to mollify his progressive supporters while remaining supportive of the NYPD, the Times writes: *
THROWBACK POST COVER: “BAD OLD DAYS: Squeegee men back – EXCLUSIVE: No, it’s not 1990 – it’s this week, as a squeegee man harasses a driver near the Midtown Tunnel, one of several such unwelcome sightings.” Inside, with the paper’s “THE WAR ON COPS” logo: “RETURN OF A CRIME ‘STREAK’: Squeegee men back on Big Apple Streets.” Online headline: “Squeegee men are back and terrorizing city streets.”  Read the story. * Bratton vows to crack down on ‘squeegee men’(NYP) *  Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik said the department has been “crucified” and “thrown under the bus” by de Blasio. *  Current NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said de Blasio is “very pro-cop.”* Facing growing concern over logistics of a planned protest march across the Varrazano-Narrows Bridge on Aug. 23, Sharpton is reportedly considering an alternate route.

SI Pols Compare Sharpton to Christie: Tying Up-Traffic On A Bridge Again?

A plan by the Rev. Al Sharpton to march across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge later this month to protest alleged cases of police abuse is angering Republicans and Staten Island officials, who say the traffic disruption could paralyze the borough. Staten Island (GOP) lawmakers demanded that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio step in and relocate the march to “a safer less disruptive place” that won’t hurt the borough. Leave it to the DA: No reason to hand Garner case to feds(NYP)* NYC’s new ‘criminals’(NYP Ed) We’re not sure how the mayor expects police to keep New York the nation’s safest big city when he gives his blessing to a highly politicized effort meant to imply cops are just like criminals.* Family of Eric Garner hires expert to review chokehold death autopsy findings(NYDN)Policing the facts(NYDN Ed) Cop unions must stick to the evidence* A Healing That Wasn’t: Liberal Activists and the Police Assail City Hall * Staten Island Councilmen Vincent Ignizio and Steven Matteo called on Mayor Bill de Blasio and the MTA to stop a plan by Rev. Al Sharpton to march across the Verrazano Bridge to protest police brutality, The Wall Street Journal reports:  * In the Daily News, Michael Meyers, executive director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, and civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel criticize Mayor de Blasio for convening a racially segregated summit on police misconduct allegations:  * Pat Lynch tells cops City Hall is 'not looking out for you' (NYO) *PBA Head Tells Cops City Hall Is ‘Not Looking Out For You’(NYO)
 NYPD, Commissioner Bratton, Chokehold and Garner's Death

NYPD Stop and Ticket

EXCLUSIVE: NYPD summons blitz stirs up critics as get-tough tactic targets blacks & Hispanics at a rate 6 times higher than whites — SEE INTERACTIVE GRAPHICS(NYDN) Summons for petty infractions are an element of 'broken windows' policing — and roughly 81% of the 7.3 million people hit with violations between 2001 and 2013 were black and Hispanic. Charges that the NYPD's execution of the policy is racially biased have intensified again since Eric Garner was killed July 17 during an attempted arrest for selling loose cigarettes.

 In the Post, Staten Island Councilman Vincent Ignizio writes that he does not see any justification for taking the Eric Garner case out of the hands of Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan and handing it to the feds: * In the Daily News, Queens Councilman Rory Lancman attempts to dispel some of the myths around “Broken Windows” policing, noting that the theory was born of a foot patrol experiment in Newark 40 years ago that did not reduce crime rates: MAYOR’S MESSAGING -- Bill de Blasio’s roundtable with community leaders, the police commissioner and Rev. Al Sharpton was supposed to be a healing moment but turned into “a spectacle,” according to an A1 story in The Times. With Bill Bratton on one side of the mayor and Al Sharpton on the other, the two disagreed vigorously. Rachel Noerdlinger, a longtime Sharpton aide who went to work for City Hall, told the paper: “We don’t want to give the wrong answer” on how to improve police and community relations, and change police policy. The story notes that allies, like Sharpton, want to see more decisive action from the mayor. As Khan Shoieb noted on Twitter, this predicament de Blasio finds himself in — wanting to assuage community members unhappy with the police, plus rank and file police officers — is a lot like the one his predecessor faced.* Planned Bridge Protest Over Police Chided(WSJ) * Police Changes on Stop-Frisk Draw Closer(WSJ) * work-rule slowdown? Bratton: "We are not experiencing any repercussions from that comment "(Capital)

Daily News Says Cops Blame #2 Banks For Cigarette "Loosies" Crackdown The New York Police Department’s Chief of Department Philip Banks made the order for police to crack down on the illegal sale of 75-cent cigarettes in Staten Island, setting of a chain of events that ended in Eric Garner’s death, the Daily News reports
NYPD No. 2's order to crack down on selling loose cigarettes led to chokehold death of Eric Garner(NYDN  EXCLUSIVE: Chief of Department Philip Banks made the order to investigate complaints over the sale of untaxed cigarettes in Tompkinsville, Staten Island, a source told The News. That fierce crack down resulted in the lethal manhandling of Eric Garner.An order to crack down on the illegal sale of 75-cent cigarettes in Staten Island came directly from Police Headquarters, setting off a chain of events that ended in Eric Garner’s death, the Daily News has learned.Chief of Department Philip Banks — the highest-ranking uniformed cop in the city — sent a sergeant from his office at 1 Police Plaza in July to investigate complaints of untaxed cigarettes being sold in the Tompkinsville neighborhood, a source close to the investigation told The News. “(Banks) set the whole thing in motion,” the source said.* Coalition of progressives will march with Sharpton over chokehold death of Eric Garner(NYDN)

Staten Island lawmakers protest Sharpton’s Verrazano march(NYP)Two lawmakers on Wednesday called on the NYPD and the MTA, which controls the span, to block the planned Aug. 23 demonstration and prevent protesters from snarling traffic between Staten Island and Brooklyn.City Councilman Steven Matteo (R-SI) tweeted that Sharpton’s plan would “set a precedent for closing the bridge for marches.”Matteo and Councilman Vincent Ignizio (R-SI) also demanded that Mayor de Blasio step in and relocate the march to “a safer less disruptive place” that won’t hurt the borough.Borough President James Oddo tweeted: “We should be building bridges in our community, not marching over them.”* Rev. Al says he won't apply for permit but his coalition might, and either way, he'd coordinate logistics with NYPD(NYDN) * paper on : “ should drop his plan to lead protesters across Verrazano Bridge (editorial)”(SI Advance) * A mayoral summit in black and white (NYDN Ed)* New York magazine’s Chris Smith details de Blasio’s handling of the Eric Garner death and raises the question of whether the mayor can be a man of the people and also “the man”:Blame the MTA?  DEB trying to shift accountability for SI Vz march to MTA (controlled by )they're not buying responding it's DEB call

NYPD Winds Of Revolt Slowdown 

Sharpton Blasts Idea of an NYPD Slowdown And Announces Plans For a March(NYO)
It’s Time to Respect the Voters - End Using LICH, Libraries and Building in the Park as Campaign Props * The Rev. Al Sharpton is organizing a march across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on Aug. 23 to Staten Island, where Eric Garner died of an apparent chokehold while in NYPD custody.
A source told the Staten Island Advance that Sharpton hasn’t yet obtained the necessary city permits to hold the march. …the paper does not approve of Sharpton’s plan, calling the march “a mistake.”Sergeant’s Benevolent Association President Edward Mullins lashed out at the de Blasio administration again, arguing that its reaction Garner’s death has left cops constantly afraid for their

--Today’s wood, “COPS IN REVOLT: NY’s fed-up Finest set for drastic jab at Blas … NYPD BLUE BLOOD BOILING: Cops threaten rule-book slowdown,” by Priscilla DeGregory, Yoav Gonen and Bruce Golding: “NYPD cops are so fed up with Mayor de Blasio over the Eric Garner case that they’re threatening to work strictly by the book to protect themselves — even if it keeps them from responding to emergencies. The head of the city sergeants union on Tuesday publicly urged cops to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ amid de Blasio’s alleged lack of support for officers after Garner’s chokehold death …
“‘Going forward, for members of the NYPD, we want you to do your job and follow the rule book the way it’s written,’ Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins said during a news conference in Manhattan. ‘If there’s a delay getting to the next place, so be it. …When a police officer responds to a scene, he should complete the job there before moving on to the next job.’”

CCRB head proposes new system to keep tabs on cops(NYP)The new head the Civilian Complaint Review Board wants to create a “CopStat”-type system to identify patterns of abuse and complaints in NYPD precincts and involving their officers.“It will allow the department to be forewarned about issues percolating out there,” said Richard Emery at his first meeting as the head of the board Tuesday. The information could be used for the additional training of officers and any transfers, hopefully reducing the number of complaints, he said. * Chokehold’ victim now victimizes NYPD – and entire city(NYP)* The new head of New York City’s police oversight board, Richard Emery, faulted the Police Department on Tuesday for its handling of officers found to have used chokeholds, The New York Times writes: * Emery said he wants to create a “CopStat”-type system to identify patterns of abuse and complaints in NYPD precincts and involving their officers. He also said the oversight board is making an app for people to file grievances against cops on their phones, the New York Post reports * Criminals' money will buy NYPD cops' bulletproof vests(NYDN) * City Council public safety chair calls for grand jury, blasts police union heads in Garner case(NYDN) * Policing the facts(NYDN) Right after he got through urging the city not to leap to conclusions about the officer or officers whose force caused the death of Eric Garner, the police union boss was quick to leap to one of his own: “It was not a chokehold, and we will get use-of-force experts to say that,” said Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch of the actions of Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Is that so? It was Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, no casual cop accuser, who, after viewing the video in the wake of Garner’s death, said “this would appear to have been a chokehold.”* THE BODY-CAM QUESTION -- “City maintains not-quite-yet position on NYPD cameras”: Despite the city's cautious official pace, cameras are increasingly on New York police officers already, as a game-changing amateur video of the arrest of Eric Garner showed. Since July 13, there have been four police encounters captured by amateur video that have led to investigations. Meanwhile, calls for the department to fit officers with their own cameras are growing more insistent.” * 12-Year-Old Boy Is Shot in the Bronx(NYT) * Police Unions Blast Mayor in Chokehold Case(WSJ) City police unions launched an offensive against Mayor Bill de Blasio and his administration, sharply criticizing the response to a man's death after an apparent police chokehold and calling the medical*Police Union Head: Bill de Blasio Leaving Cops ‘In Fear’(NYO)

 Winds of A Police Crisis 
COMMISSIONER SHARPTON? Cops mock Rev. Al by creating fake ID card naming him NYPD boss over his involvement in wake of Eric Garner's chokehold death (NYDN) * There is no single solution for stopping crime and preventing violence, but better police-community relations are needed to create a safer city, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams writes in Gotham Gazette:SHARPTON VS. DE BLASIO ON ‘CHOKEHOLD’ -- Capital’s Conor Skelding: The Rev. Al Sharpton and Mayor Bill de Blasio differ on whether police may ever legitimately use a chokehold. "Under no circumstances can police break the law with an illegal chokehold," Sharpton wrote in a blog post published Monday on the Huffington Post website. It's a slightly different position than that of de Blasio, who said last Monday at a press conference after the death of Eric Garner in police custody, "Let me just add, but for extraordinary circumstances, the chokehold is not acceptable." *PBA Slams ‘Police Haters,’ Sharpton in Wake of Garner Homicide(NYO) * De Blasio Dismisses Police Union Rhetoric on Eric Garner as ‘Nothing New’(NYO) * De Blasio CCRB Head Emery Pitches 'CopStat' to Keep Tabs on Police * The unions representing NYPD officers and sergeants blasted the “haters” they say are denigrating police offers in the wake of Eric Garner’s death. The unions also slammed the de Blasio administration’s “political” reaction to Garner’s death, saying the mayor had been threatened by civil rights leaders. …NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio shrugged off that criticism: “Union leaders will say what union leaders say.”* Eric Garner’s death is not solely the fault of the NYPD, but due to our society that clamps down on street vendors while failing to rein in rogue bankers and companies that move their headquarters to avoid paying taxes, am New York writes:

Chokehold Ruled Homicide By Medical Examiner

Tuesday Update

Bratton’s mistake: The Rev. Al won’t compromise(NYP)
Difficult Decisions Ahead in Responding to Police Chokehold Homicide(NYT)

Monday Update
Sharpton wants feds on chokehold case after witness’ arrest(NYP)
Man Who Filmed Fatal Police Chokehold Is Arrested on Weapons Charges(NYT)
It is time to move toward recording all significant police actions *Man Who Shot Chokehold Video Arrested(WSJ)
TESTING DE BLASIO AND BRATTON: In an interview on NY1 on Friday, Bratton defended the quality-of-life strategy:“There may not be a nexus to crime, but there is a nexus to fear, a nexus to disorder; there is a nexus to feeling less safe — who’s in control here.” And he referred to the 1982 article that first articulated the Broken Windows theory, as “The bible.” Doesn’t sound like he’s going to abandon it anytime soon. The question is: Will Bill de Blasio? He campaigned on a pledge of improving police-community relations, criticizing the previous administration’s reliance on stop-and-frisk. Now some of his allies, like the Rev. Al Sharpton and Councilman Brad Lander, say the department’s current policy needs to be re-examined. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bratton said the death of Garner is “the first test of him as mayor and his new administration on an issue he campaigned on…and it's the first test for me and our relationship.”
NEWS PUTS HEAT ON COPS -- Daily News cover, with cracked NYPD shield, “BEYOND BROKEN … Quality-of-life policy targets BLACKS & HISPANICS at rate 6 TIMES higher than WHITES” – “Daily News analysis finds racial disparities in summons for minor violations in 'broken windows' policing,” by Sarah Ryley , Laura Bult and Dareh Gregorian, with Rocco Parascandola, Tina Moore and Laura Dimon: “The number of summonses issued each year has soared since ‘broken windows’ was implemented in the early 1990s — from 160,000 in 1993 to a peak of 648,638 in 2005 … Although that number has fallen in recent years — to 431,217 last year and down an additional 17% so far this year — writing out violations still remains the most frequent activity of the New York City Police Department, far surpassing felony and misdemeanor arrests combined. …
“Roughly 81% of the 7.3 million people hit with violations between 2001 and 2013 were black and Hispanic, according to a New York Civil Liberties Union calculation of available race data on summons forms. Current Police Commissioner Bill Bratton first implemented the policy when he was head of the transit police in 1990, and expanded it citywide during his first tenure as police commissioner from 1994 to 1996. … The most common offenses were: consumption of alcohol (1.6 million), disorderly conduct (1 million), public urination (334,000), bicycling on the sidewalk (296,000) and operation of a motor vehicle in violation of the safety rules (213,000)….
“In some precincts, the rate of summonses was more than 1 in 10 residents last year, such as the 25th Precinct (East Harlem North), which is 90% black and Hispanic, where there were 18 summonses per 100 residents; the 40th Precinct (Mott Haven, Bronx), which is 98% black and Hispanic (16 per 100 residents); and the 41st Precinct (Hunts Point, Bronx), which is 98% black and Hispanic, (16 per 100 residents).” With great graphics
POST TAKES COPS’ SIDE – Sunday paper, “MEAN STREETS: Police facing new defiance out on patrol,” by Stephanie Pagones and Gary Buiso: “Assaults on police officers are up 4 percent this year compared with last year — a disturbing new trend that’s part of an emerging disrespect for authority on the street, cops and experts told The Post. Through July 27, there were 366 assaults on cops this year — up from 352 for the same period in 2013 … The new climate has emboldened street hustlers, cops and experts said.”

Tommy Rice, 43, who sued the NYPD after Pantaleo strip-searched him in public, said he was ‘kind of stunned’ when he saw the video of the officer putting a deadly chokehold on Eric Garner.* Toward chokehold justice (NYDN Ed) The consequences of the medical examiner's ruling that Eric Garner's death was caused by cops' violence against him* Should Mayor de Blasio be faulted for the dearth of diversity represented at his roundtable on police-community ...(SI Advance)Two civil rights advocates -- including prominent attorney Norman Siegel -- criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio Saturday for having convened a "racially segregated" roundtable on police-community relations Thursday at City Hall.* Family Of Eric Garner Joins Rev. Al Sharpton At Harlem Rally(WCBS) * Brooklyn Woman ‘Traumatized’ After NYPD’s Arrest Left Her Nearly Naked(WCBS)

Cop who used deadly chokehold should be charged: Sharpton(NYDN)Garner Family Speaks at NAN Rally After Homicide Ruling(NY1)

Staten Island Man Died From Chokehold During Arrest, Autopsy Finds(NYT)
NYPD chokehold death ruled a homicide (NYP)
* The New York City Medical Examiner has determined that Eric Garner’s death as he was arrested by cops on Staten Island was a homicide by chokehold, the Daily News reports: * Mayor Bill de Blasio reasserted his position from yesterday about the value of retraining officers to address tension between police and minority communities, saying, “I have to say I disagree with Rev. Sharpton … the training is quintessential to change,” the Observer reports: 

 Rep. Charles Rangel broke with NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and de Blasio in declaring that race was definitely a factor in the death of Eric Garner, who was killed at the hands of police officers in Staten Island, the Observer reports: * HE WAS KILLED: Medical examiner rules Staten Island dad Eric Garner was victim of homicide after NYPD cop used chokehold(NYDN) * Bill’s climate change (NYDN) Al Sharpton and other critics charge the NYPD with rampant, race-based brutality. Does the mayor disagree? * Toward chokehold justice(NYDN Ed)
The medical examiner’s ruling that a chokehold and chest compression caused the death of Eric Garner after a struggle with cops must lead to a fair, thorough determination of responsibility.* Medical Examiner: Eric Garner's Death Ruled a Homicide(NY1) * “: The Broken Windows in the Courtroom 

Sharpton Speakers
Eric Garner's wife says now that the ME report has come out, she hopes the DA & investigators do the right thing.  * "Why would I bring up the Mayor's son? Cause the Mayor's son did a commercial on stop & frisk during the election!" Rev. Al Sharpton

You Want to Bet This Is the Last Time These Two Cops Dump Medical Waste in A Public Trash Can

The city's health commissioner said the Ebola patient went on a jog; took the A, 1 and L subway lines; and bowled in Williamsburg. * Bassett: Spencer's first fever was this morning. Staff is being sent to the bowling alley where he bowled * Ebola puts spotlight on Bellevue, key NYC trauma center (WSJ) * Bellevue hospital has "dedicated laboratory" in #Ebola unit, really is "self-contained," Dr. Bassett says * The Ebola patient went to the High Line,  restaurant yesterday, NYC health commissioner says.* Race on to decontaminate Ebola doctor’s NYC home (NYP)*   Cuomo and Christie have announced a quarantine for medical personnel returning from Ebola-stricken countries to New York or New Jersey.* Cuomo and Christie Announce Mandatory Quarantines in Wake ofEbola Threat(NYO) * New York Cityauthorities began decontaminating the apartment of Craig Spencer, the doctor who tested positive for Ebola.


Sharpton and de Blasio to Meet on Chokehold  and Change Relationship Tactics   
Any Outcry Activist Tries to Govern
Sharpton to meet de Blasio at City Hall to discuss police strategy, tactics(NYDN)de Blasio is hosting Reverend Al Sharpton and a half-dozen clergy members for a “round-table” discussion on police-community relations following the death of a Staten Island man in police custody* At Round Table, Sharpton Claims Dante de Blasio Could Have Been Chokehold Target(NYO) * Bratton Dodges Questions About ‘Broken Windows’ and Dante de Blasio(NYO) * Sharpton alludes to de Blasio’s son in debate over NYPD chokehold death(NYP)* Once Leader of Outcry, de Blasio Is Now Trying to Quell It(NYT) 

Advocates Rally Against Police Brutality and Broken Windows(NYO) * In the first five months of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s tenure the NYPD has made 97,487 misdemeanor arrests, slightly more than the first five months of Mayor Bloomberg's final year in office, Gothamist reports: *At a discussion hosted by Mayor Bill de Blasio in response to the death of Eric Garner at the hands of New York City police officers, The Rev. Al Sharpton took issue with NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton that retraining cops on when to use force was the only answer, saying, “When they understand that they got to pay the way anybody else does that breaks the law, it will send a lesson that ten training lessons will not,” the Observer reports:

 Sharpton warns de Blasio: I’ll be your worst enemy(NYP) * Lupica: De Blasio, Bratton hiding under 'reform' as they deflect blame over Eric Garner death after Sharpton rips into them bothRev. Al Sharpton rips de Blasio, NYPD Commissioner Bratton over Eric Garner death as mayor calls for change(NYDN)
Bill’s climate change(NYDN Ed)
To eliminate all misunderstanding, it bears repeating that there must be fair accountability for the death of Eric Garner after a police officer subdued him with an apparent chokehold. And there must be an even-handed review of the more than 1,000 complaints filed since 2009 with the Civilian Complaint Review Board by people who say cops used the prohibited tactic on them.* Lambasted by the Rev. Al Sharpton over the death of Eric Garner, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged to do more to reform police conduct, but defended NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, calling him “finest police leader in the United States of America, period.”

Bratton 2.0: After Chokehold and White Flag

Tuesday Update

MAYOR, BRATTON HINT AT “BROKEN WINDOWS” CHANGES -- Azi’s Take: Police commissioner Bill Bratton, without mentioning “Broken Windows” by name, said the NYPD “is continuing our quality-of-life enforcement, where and when needed” and reassessing “how that should be applied.” At a press conference, the mayor said: “What we want to teach is the notion that” officers have discretion in how to handle quality-of-life matters -- “maximizing dialogue, attempting to resolve situations as effectively as possible, that doesn’t always require arrests.” De Blasio was asked about the use of body cameras for police officers. The mayor said that’s “not something that’s been perfected yet and it’s something that has to be worked on quite a bit to be used on the scale we’re talking about here.’”

Hamill: Boot the cowboys OFF THE FORCE! Rogue cops, not race issues, are bringing shame and stain on NYPD shield(NYDN)

Mayor de Blasio defends 'broken windows' strategy after Eric Garner death(NYDN)
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s style of policing, which entails the aggressive pursuit of individuals who commit minor infractions, The New York Times writes: 

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says NYPD will learn from mistakes amid Staten Island chokehold probe, Brooklyn Bridge white flags (NYDN)  In light of Eric Garner’s death and the planting of white flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton put together a stee ring committee that will focus on changes in police training. Security in New York City’s bridges has alsobeen strengthened. Bratton says the NYPD will learn from its mistakes, but it will take an indefinite amount of time and money.“He suggested we take a look at lateral vascular neck restraints,” says Bratton, referring to a type of hold that doesn’t compress the airway.  Bratton then referred to the late Jack Maple, his previous first deputy commissioner, saying he wants cops to learn ways of not having to use force.“We will prioritize our 18,000 patrol officers,” he said. “There is going to be a significant cost. “Over the next 60 days, we will have gathered up the latest state-of-the-art practices,” Bratton said. “The steering committee will then determine how long the new training will take. Is it a day? Two days? “Unfortunately, there’s a fundamental misunderstanding that stop, question and frisk has ended,” Bratton said, blaming the false impression for a dramatic increase in the number of suspects resisting arrests. “It has not ended. It’s still a basic tool of policing in our democracy. But the concern that Mayor de Blasio campaigned on, and what I expressed, was that there was too much of it. And in many instances it might not have been done appropriately because of lack of training and lack of supervision. So we still do stop, question and frisk but a lot less of it. “Similarly, enforcing of low-level quality of life crimes, broken-window policing, added another tool to American big city policing. It is not going away. It cannot go away. If it did, this city would quickly revert to what it was in the late-1980s. My motto is ‘If a cop sees something, do something.’”How quickly can change be realized? “This is not something that can be fixed overnight *Bratton to Send 6 Officers to train with * Bratton Expects Feds to Probe Chockehold Death (NYP) * Bratton to Send 6 NYPD Officers to train with LAPD: Police Commissioner William Bratton is sending six officers...(NYDN)
Part of the reason why cops are encountering resistance while even enforcing minor violations is pols like DEB demonized dept for pol gain
Councilman Fernando Cabrera on News 12 discussing the spike in shootings
Bill de Blasio Says It’s Too Soon to Say If Race Was A Factor in Eric Garner Death(NYO)

.@CommissBratton: "I would not be surprised if the U.S. attorney decides to open a civil rights violation investigation." #EricGarner "levels of resistance to arrests is up astronomically”—@commissBratton. #NYPD
Holder weighs in on man’s chokehold death(NYP)* OUT OF CONTROL: Another NYPD cop given desk duty after video shows him stomp on man's head — SEE THE VIDEO(NYDN)* U.S. Tracks Chokehold Case(WSJ) Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department is 'closely monitoring' the investigation into the death of a Staten Island man who was subdued with an apparent chokehold by New York police officers.* Sharpton, Garner Family Meet with Federal Prosecutors(WSJ)* Family of Eric Garner Meets with Federal Investigators(NY1) *  Commissioner Bratton Expects Lawsuits To Be Filed In Wake Of Eric Garner’s Death(WCBS)
NYT Says de Blasio Should End Broken Windows
Broken Windows, Broken Lives (NYT Ed) Mayor Bill de Blasio should reconsider policing based on the idea that aggressive enforcement against minor offenders means a safer city.

NYPD's Chokehold Story Media Has Legs 
Safer Era Tests Wisdom of ‘Broken Windows’ Focus on Minor Crime(NYT)
Final respects for victim in alleged police chokehold death(NYP) *Cops furious at de Blasio lawyer’s apology tweet over choke death(NYP)* At Funeral, Rallying Cry for a Symbol of a Divide(NYT)* Quick Action in Chokehold Case Has Shielded de Blasio From Ire, for Now(NYT)
* Every New York Police Department officer will be retrained in the use of force following the death of a Staten Island man who had been subdued by an officer with an apparent chokehold, The Wall Street Journal writes:
More on Chokehold and Garner's Death

COVERUP: Internal NYPD report on Staten Island father of six does not mention chokehold and states the dead dad was not 'in great distress' — EXCLUSIVE(NYDN) * Medical Workers Face Scrutiny After Man’s Death in Police Custody(NYT) De Blasio and New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton already face a daunting job in repairing the department’s reputation in black and Latino neighborhoods; they can start by determining whether Eric Garner’s death was an accident or part of a larger problem * In 9 Cases of Police Chokeholds, Punishment Was Rare, Review Board Says(NYT)* A Chokehold and a Tragedy(NYT Ed) The death of a black man being arrested on Staten Island leaves the Police Department and Mayor Bill de Blasio with many questions to answer.* * The Civilian Review Board recommended that the New York City Police Department pursue an administrative trial, which could lead to termination, in response to nine complaints by people who said police officers restrained them in a chokehold, the Times writes:  Tensions High Before Death in Chokehold(WSJ) The Staten Island neighborhood thrust into the spotlight when a man died after a police officer subdued him with an apparent chokehold is in a precinct that has historically seen tension between the police and residents.* DE BLASIO: ‘LOOKED LIKE A CHOKEHOLD’ -- Capital’s Sally Goldenberg: "As an individual who's not an expert in law enforcement, it looked like a chokehold to me," de Blasio told reporters in Rome after a meeting with Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. "Commissioner Bratton acted having looked at the facts, and it's quite clear that the chokehold has been prohibited for decades, but I leave the specific actions within the police department to commissioner Bratton," de Blasio said. "I have absolute faith in his judgment. And I think the actions that have been taken show that there is a serious commitment to a full investigation and appropriate follow-through."  MAYOR SENDING AIDES TO GARNER FUNERAL -- Capital’s Azi Paybarah: City Hall spokeswoman Marti Adams said Rachel Noerdlinger, the chief of staff to first lady Chirlane McCray, and Community Affairs Unit commissioner Marco Carrion will attend Garner’s funeral in Brooklyn on Wednesday. Both attended rallies held by Sharpton this weekend. --“How Anonymous Cops Online Are Reacting to the Death of Eric Garner,” by NY Mag’s Joe Coscarelli: “There has been no shortage of community outrage in the days since the death of Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father of six suspected of selling loose cigarettes, during a violent, videotaped arrest in Staten Island last week. … [But in] internet communities for law enforcement, like … and Thee Rant, an NYPD message board, the Garner story has stirred up racial, political, and professional tensions, most of them quite ugly. While all of the comments below are anonymous, and therefore not verifiable, both sites do require registration for membership … By no means a comprehensive view of law-enforcement feelings about the incident, the postings do provide a different — if beyond upsetting — perspective.” Officer in chokehold arrest receives death threats online(NYP)* * At a rally outside New York City Hall, city and state elected officials called for justice for Eric Garner—the Staten Island man who died after an NYPD officer apparently placed him in a prohibited chokehold—and more cameras recording cops on city streets, the Observer reports:  * NYPD probes bomb threat at precinct, harassing call toofficer's mom, following Eric Garner's death(SI Advance)

'What made you choke him like that?': Son of chokehold victim says he wants cop who was caught on tape using illegal move thrown in jail — with NO protective custody(NYDN)* Protesters call for Bill Bratton's resignation over StatenIsland death 
* In the wake of the death of Eric Garner—the man who died after an NYPD officer apparently held him in a chokehold and brought him to the ground last week—a mother whose daughter died from an asthma attack after a police officer pulled her over en route to the hospital is renewing a call for officers to receive CPR training every two years, the Observer reports: * Protesters at City Hall called for the resignation of New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton over Garner’s death, the Daily News reports:  In 9 Cases of Police Chokeholds, Punishment Was Rare, Review Board Says(NYT)* Arrest in Attack on Police Officer(NYT) * A Chokehold and a Tragedy(NYT Ed) The death of a black man being arrested on Staten Island leaves the Police Department and Mayor Bill de Blasio with many questions to answer.

Sunday Update Man in chokehold death had no throat damage: autopsy(NYP) The forbidden chokehold used by a cop to take down a Staten Island man in a deadly encounter did not damage his windpipe or neck bones, sources said.* Complaints About Chokeholds Are Focus of Study (NYT)* OUTRAGE! Video shows man put in chokehold by NYPD cop given no CPR, no medical attention while neighbors rally and officer stripped of badge and gun(NYDN)* Hamill: NYPD cop who put Eric Garner in chokehold that led to his death should be off the force(NYDN)* 'THIS IS GOING TO BE A REAL TEST': Rev. Al Sharpton calls death of Staten Island man Eric Garner a 'test' for Mayor de Blasio's administration(NYDN)* More than 1,000 city residents claim to be victims of NYPD chokeholds, CCRB says(NYDN)* CCRB to Review Police Chokehold Complaints in Wake of SI Man's Death During Arrest(NY1)* East Harlem housing cop punched, gets teeth broken(NYDN)* Community Furious As Investigation Continues In S.I. Man’s Death In Police Custody(WCBS)* NYPD officer stripped of his gun, badge over chokehold of Eric Garner, police say(SI Advance)

DA to investigate death of man placed in NYPD chokehold: de Blasio(NYP)* De Blasio delays family trip to Italy after Staten Island man’s death(NYP) * Cops who put man in fatal chokehold pulled from streets(NYP)* Bill de Blasio Vows Thorough Investigation Into Eric Garner’s Death in NYPD Custody(NYO) * De Blasio promised a full investigation into the death of Eric Garner, a Staten Island man who died yesterday after police officers put him in a chokehold and slammed him to the ground, the Daily News reports: NYPD Investigates Man's Death During Staten Island Arrest(NY1)* Man’s Death After Chokehold Raises Old Issue for the Police (NYT)* THEY KILLED HIM' - Heartbroken widow of 'gentle giant' who promised to help raise her family devastated after NYPD chokehold(NYDN)* Protests planned Saturday after Staten Island man diesduring arrest 
De Blasio phones in condolences after NYPD chokehold death(NYP)* The Civilian Complaint Review Board is promising a review ofpolice chokehold complaints after Eric Garner's death.(NY1)* Al Sharpton on #EricGarner: "Go to the tape! ... Thetape speaks for itself!"

Bad Timing Goes to the NYP For Defend the NYPD Today

Courtroom battle against NYC’s cops(NYP)
It’s open season on cops — at least in New York courtrooms. And that’s not a good sign for New Yorkers. On Wednesday, a Queens jury awarded an admitted thief $510,000 for a broken leg he suffered during his arrest for shoplifting. The award came even though Kevin Jarman pleaded guilty. He also sued the NYPD in 2005 and 2013 after separate drug-sale charges against him were dropped. 

More on the Mayor's Trip
City announces staff cost for Italy trip(Capital)* De Blasio Postponing Italy Vacation Until Saturday(NY1)* De Blasio's Man in New York(WSJ) First Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris will lead New York City government while his boss is in Italy for more than a week.* De Blasio Discovers Difficulty With Taking Vacation As Mayor(NYDN)* Buon Viaggio, de Blasio(NYT Ed) The mayor deserves his trip to Italy — just make sure to call home!

Shooting Up 10% From Last Year . . . A Shooting Tale of Two City  

De Blasio: Move away from stop and frisk did not lead to spike in shootings

Sunday Update  NYPD reassigns cops to Brooklyn and the Bronx in effort to combat gun violence(NYP)

De Blasio, asked about the spike on Wednesday, noted this year’s total is still the second lowest in city history.  Clearly prepared for the question with a host of stats, he noted there were 663 shootings in the first half of 2012, 604 in 2011, and 674 in 2010. During the same time, the number of stops made by police fluctuated with no apparent relationship between that number and the shooting total, from a high of 367,000 in 2011 to a low of 27,252 this year. “I don’t think there is a correlation to the change in stop and frisk,” de Blasio said. He said he was “very proud” that murder and overall crime have both gone down this year. De Blasio said 1200 more cops are being moved to areas plagued by shootings - 400 who have already been reassigned, 200 being moved from desk jobs, and 600 who just graduated from.  NYPD Commissioner Bratton has said he plans to temporarily reassign 400 officers to help reduce crime as the city heads into the long, hot days of summer and he offered details about that effort which is he calling a “summer violence-reduction plan,” in a June 30 memo to top police officials, a copy of which was obtained by Capital.
-- ‘Summer All Out’: As part of the 90-day program, 400 police officers and detectives “will be temporarily assigned to patrol precincts to assist those commands in their crime suppression efforts,” Bratton wrote in the memo. The memo is labeled as a "personnel request" and asks deputy commissioners to identify officers and detectives who could be deployed from bureaus under their command. READ THE MEMO: 
Police union boss blasts NYPD plan to combat gun violence(NYDN) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced 400 cops normally assigned to desk duty will be put on the street as part of 'Summer All Out.' Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch calls it a Band-Aid.

Bratton and CM Williams On the Spike in Shootings And the NYP Attacks

Safest City For Some 
* New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s study that found a correlation between the increase in shootings and decrease of stop-and-frisks will mislead policy-makers and sends a mixed message to police officers, John Eterno, a former NYPD Captain and Eli Silverman, a John Jay College professor, write in the Daily News:

Thursday Bratton Putting Desk Officers on Streets to Fight New York’s Summer Crime(NYT) The temporary program announced by the police commissioner, William J. Bratton, will last 90 days and draw on as many as 400 uniformed officers and detectives in office jobs.

. plans to temporarily reassign 400 officers to help reduce crime as the city heads into summer(Capital)
* Guns are being fired more often in New York City this year than last and a close look for the reason is all the more necessary because gunplay is an anomaly in a city where crime, including murder, continues to fall, the Daily News writes: k
Bratton declares NYC ‘safe’ despite spike in shootings(NYP) Following a weekend of gun violence that left three dead, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton declared that the city is safe and sound. “We made the city safe. It’s the safest it’s ever been,” Bratton said on Monday. “Twenty years ago, 1994, the mission was quite clear in the city — to take back the streets ­­. . . in a city out of control,” he said. “We now live in the safest large city in America and one of the safest in the world, thanks in large part to the efforts of the cops,” Bratton told 607 Police Academy graduates at Madison Square Garden. There were nine shooting incidentsover 12 hours Saturday into Sunday, with fatalities in St. Albans, Queens, University Heights, The Bronx, and Brownsville, Brooklyn.

The New Broken Windows: "Police have arrested more than 240 people on misdemeanor charges related to acrobatics"
New York police to city's subway acrobats: siddown(Guardian)
A fourth man was killed early Monday in The Bronx. Gun violence is up 8 percent this year, with 521 incidents versus 482 last year. But Bratton isn’t worried.* 'You name it, we got it at the NYPD': Most diverse class of graduates hit the streets to patrol city's extremely dangerous areas(NYDN)* NYPD Rookies Hit Streets, Target Crime(WSJ) More than 600 officers graduated into the New York Police Department on Monday and many will be placed in eight of the city's most troubled precincts, where shootings have been on the rise.* The return of NYC’s broken windows(NYP Ed) What happened last weekend — the series of shootings that left four dead and 19 wounded in a frightening echo of Chicago’s present and New York’s past — could be a portent of worse times to come

The NYP Stop Cause and Shootings Effect 

The guns are blazing — no-frisk policy’s bitter fruit(NYP Ed)

A battle of the Bills?(NYP Ed)We’ve not always been reassured by the way Police Commissioner Bill  Bratton has tried to dance between his commitment to keeping New York safe and his mayor’s ideological opposition to a tool even Bratton says is necessary: stop-and-frisk. But we were encouraged last week to see Bratton is at least asking the right question. That was when the commish said the NYPD was crunching the numbers to see if there is a connection between the rise in shootings and the drop in the police’s use of stop-and-frisk.* Guns blazing in NYC thanks to de Blasio’s lax policies(NYP)

Some 68 percent of the 4,848 guns recovered by authorities in New York in 2012 were purchased outside the state, ProPublica reports

Only Williams Speaks Up From the Supporters to Ban Stop and Frisk

Councilman looks to form anti-gun violence group(NYP) Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams, a vocal critic of the NYPD’s stop- and-frisk policy, announced plans Monday to form a new national coalition against gun violence — without providing any new ideas for stemming the spike in shootings this year.*Jumaane Williams launches anti-gun violence group for city pols from around the country(NYDN)

Sal Albanese ‏@SalAlbaneseNYC 
Guns blazing in NYC thanks to de Blasio's lax policiesvia @nypost 1 thing is clear cops are just "chasing the radio

Blood Weekend 

Increase In Shooting Continues: 21 Shot This Weekend

Jumaane Williams to Media: Don’t Link Stop-and-Frisk to Shooting Spike(NYO)

Violent Weekend Leaves 21 Shot Across The Five Boroughs
'Boy and man shot in (WCBS)Coney Island(NYP)
Sal Albanese ‏@SalAlbaneseNYC 
Stop asking pols about why shootings are skyrocketing in poor neighborhoods Have off the record talks with street cops

Does It Take A Black Mayor for the Media to Hold A Mayor Accountable to Increase In Shootings?

Dave Do Something

During the Dinkins administration a front-page headline in the New York Post had screamed: “Dave do something!”— a direct call to then mayor David Dinkins to get crime down fast.  Today shooting in the city are up after years of going down.  Not only is the press not digging into the reasons for the increase, but they are not holding the mayor’s feet to the fire while New Yorkers are shot.  With the press of the press and the resulting public press  Dinkins' with the help of Albany and the council speaker dramatically increase the size of the NYPD.  Today we have a press that allows mayor  and his flacks to chose the issues that are covered in the media.  Nobody in the media wants to talk about the growing shooting problem and the reason for it.   The press will not hold today's incumbents feet to the filed like that did former Mayor Dinkins. 

As the Council, Mayor and Commision Spin in the Press Shooting Explode on the Streets 
Bloody start to summer as a dozen people shot over 12 hours(NYP)* Gunman on the loose after Queens shootout(NYDN) * Police: Separate Bronx Shootings Leave 1 Dead, 4 Injured(WCBS)
Watch your tracks(NYDN) * One teen is dead and two others are injured after a shooter opened fire at a NYC house party (NYDN)
* Teen shot and killed, 2 others injured at Bronx party(NYDN)
Man shot and killed in Brooklyn
* Police search for man who allegedly fired at them
Police Question Person in Connection with Deadly Bronx 

Scared stiff on shootings (NYDN)
Stop-and-frisk opponents are closing their eyes to the evidence

‘SHOW TIME’ ARREST MAP -- The New York Police Department’s crackdown on subway dancers has led to the arrests of 240 people so far this year, compared to just 48 all of last year. An NYPD spokeswoman told Capital that more than one-third of all those arrests occured in just five locations. They arrest numbers and locations are: 23 — Canal Street; 20 — Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights; 17 —125th Street (A/B/C/D train lines); 16 —14th Street Union Square; 15 —59th Street Columbus Circle. Arrest numbers at other train stations are in the single digits, according to the spokeswoman.

POT POLICE — Daylight between Bratton and Kelling? — News’ Harry Siegel: The NYPD Commissioner’s longtime adviser, George Kelling, appears to break rank with his boss, and agree with the Brooklyn district attorney who announced last week a policy of not prosecuting most first-time offenders arrested for possessing small amounts of marijuana. Kelling tells Siegel, “Broken windows from the very beginning focused on low-level illegal behavior, minor problems. The criticism coming up with it has been that it criminalizes. From the very beginning, both (co-author) Jim Wilson and I did not emphasize arresting or criminalizing people. We talked about warning, educating and, at times maybe arresting people — but we were never interested in a mounting number of arrests.”

Pressure Mounting On Bratton to Stop the Rise in Shooting  

For a Much Safer New York, Bratton Redefines Role(NYT) Six months into his second tour as New York City police commissioner, William J. Bratton describes his strategy for keeping the city safe and for improving relations between police and the public. * The de Blasio administration has proposed increasing the number of NYPD officers on the streets while keeping the department’s employment numbers steady, though the City Council is continuing to call for an increase in the department’s head count, The Wall Street Journal reports: * Mayor Bill de Blasio has yet to name a chair for the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board, and since February a three-member executive committee has been voting on decisions usually made by the chair, the Daily News reports: *  No one's watching over the city’s NYPD watchdogs: Six months into his administration, Mayor de Blasio has yet to name the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board’s new chairman, and critics are wondering if Hizzoner will ever fill the important post. “What’s going on?” Chris Dunn, associate legal director for the New York Civil Liberties Union asked CCRB members last week. “The mayor has spoken often and loudly about his interest in police oversight. You are the city’s police oversight agency. It’s June . . . there’s no new chair.”
More About NYPD & Commissioner Bratton

Daily News Pushing Stop and Frisk . . .  Would There Be More Pressure On the Mayor to Do Something If the Rise in Shooting Were City Wide and Not Just Concentrated in Minority Neighborhoods
Public allowed to sue NYPD cops over stop-and-frisk profiling, state judge rules (NYDN)A Manhattan judge tossed a Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association challenge to a law that makes it easier for people who think they were racially profiled before a stop and frisk to sue individual officers



NYCHA Safety Depends on More than Cops or Cameras(City Limits)

 A Quinnipiac New York City poll found approval for the NYPD dipped to 59 percent today, approval for Commissioner Bill Bratton stayed the same at 57 percent and 59 percent want police to patrol the hallways of public housing:

Cops should beef up public housing patrols: poll(NYP)

City adds long-delayed cameras to Brooklyn housing project where six-year-old boy was killed(NYDN)

Rise In Shooting in Poor Neighborhoods
the ironically named DEB Community Safety Act has already resulted in a major spike in shootings in poor neighborhoods. Heck of a job, Bill
Mayor Visits Housing Development Where Kids Were Stabbed (NY1)* NYC Will Finally Finish Installing Public Housing Security Cameras, Two Years and Two Horrific Stabbings Later(Village Voice)

Silence the shooting spike(NYDN) Bratton must stop the rising gunplay shooting incidents rose from 448 to 507 in the same span, up 13%. In some precincts — like the 47 in the north Bronx — they have nearly doubled. Bratton says this is but a blip, one his NYPD will reverse by zeroing in on kids known to run with gangs. It must. Experts say the pullback in the use of stop, question and frisk by the NYPD, which began in the final year of the Bloomberg administration, can’t be ignored as a reason for the shootings hike.  While officers retrieve firearms in only a tiny fraction of these stops, former Commissioner Ray Kelly relied on the practice as a deterrent — discouraging untold numbers of young guns from packing heat on city streets.Bratton’s crew crackdown is a fine idea — provided his officers can turn early successes into a reliable system of law enforcement. The numbers will tell if that’s so. Meanwhile, the NYPD must rely on time-tested strategies to reduce gunfire — including stop-and-frisk

De Blasio refuses to back increased disability pensions for cops: source(NYDN)

* New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton fired the 31-year veteran officer who accidently shot his partner in the wrist during a night of drinking, the Daily News reports:

NYC Pot Arrest Up? 
The Times highlights data for New York City showing that the number of arrests for possession of small amounts of marijuana in March is up from last year, indicating de Blasio’s lack of concern for the racial disparities in arrest statistics

NYP Need to Host A Debate Between Albanese and Lander On Police Tactics 

Brooklyn pols in Twitter fight over police tactics(NYP) Former mayoral candidate Sal Albanese and Brooklyn City Councilman Brad Lander got into a fierce Twitter fight on Wednesday over the de Blasio administration’s policing tactics. Albanese, a Bay Ridge Democrat and former councilman, lashed out at Lander, calling him a “limousine liberal.”  At 6:53 a.m., Albanese tweeted, “@bradlander et al demand aggressive policing in their neighborhoods but attack pro-active policing in poor neighborhoods.” Lander replied 10 minutes later, “You say a lot of silly things but this one is simply and utterly false. I have fought consistently for one standard.” Albanese wouldn’t let go. “This may be silly to you but unlike you I grew up in a working class neighborhood and understand the importance of pro-active policing,” he fired back. Lander, whose district includes leafy Park Slope, sniped, “I’m glad you understand everything. But that doesn’t mean you can make up other people’s positions.”

7% Crime Spike in Shootings. . . Council Pushing for More Cops, But Have Blocked Aggressive Policing   

Crime Fighter Reppetto On City's Rising Crime
Thomas Reppetto is the former president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City and author of “American Police: 1945 To 2012.”
The threats over NYPD’s horizon(NYP)
Less than six months ago, the city’s cop critics were demanding that we end police tactics such as stop, question and frisk as well as NYPD attempts to keep criminals out of housing projects.Today, the same people are screaming about the rise in shootings and gang violence in the projects and certain precincts.
I’m not yet ready to say, “I told you so.”

Over the two decades of New York’s dramatic drop in crime, we’ve often had temporary spikes in certain areas.So far, the NYPD has always been able to bring them under control by concentrating its forces on the “hotspots.” If the current situation is no more than temporary in some local areas, the cops will deal with it. That is, if they’re allowed to enforce the laws. The problem will come if these are not merely local spikes, but an emerging citywide phenomenon. This is what happened during the crack wars of the 1980s.* Congressman calls on Mayor de Blasio to reduce pot arrests(NYDN) * FIRST DAY ON THE I.G. JOB -- The city's new inspector general for the police department started work on Tuesday. Mayor Bill de Blasio said he’s “very hopeful” about Philip Eure's capacity to improve the department but offered little detail: “This is not about the average cop on the street," de Blasio said. "This is about the policies of the department.” But Eure's purview would appear to include both. Back in March, when Eure was first named to the position, a reporter asked about the I.G.'s latitude to investigate individual cases, and the answer was that it’s up to Eure. More from Capital’s Azi Paybarah:


Bratton Puts Rookie Cops Into High Crime Areas Just Like Kelly  
The NYPD is rolling out “Operation Impact,” which will bring an influx of rookie police officers to eight high-crime precincts and public housing complexesNYPD Prepares Rollout of Revamped Operation Impact(WSJ) When 82 fresh-faced police officers arrive in Brooklyn's 79th Precinct this summer, they will become part of a successful but controversial tactic of flooding traditionally high-crime neighborhoods with rookies.


* While there have been fewer stops and frisks under Mayor de Blasio, he has failed to live up to his campaign promise to reduce marijuana possession arrests, with minorities accounting for the vast majority of the charges, Brian Root writes for the Daily News:

 * Several groups are filing a complaint seeking to force an audit of NYPD surveillance in response to reports that officers have been monitoring political meetings and filing reports on their plans, the Times writes:


* As the state Legislature considers passing a bill to legalize medical marijuana, the Daily News urges lawmakers to put tight controls on the drug and not to make the mistakes California did when it implemented its law in the 90s: 

* New York City police officers will soon carry medical kits to treat heroin overdoses, expanding a program on Staten Island to all precincts in the city with funds from the state Attorney General’s office, the New York Times writes:

Bratton is Bring Broken Windows to Israel
Israel may be known around the world for its terror-fighting security forces, but the nation could learn a few things from the NYPD, Commissioner Bill Bratton told a crime-fighting conference in Jerusalem Tuesday. Bratton, who famously employs the “broken windows” approach of aggressively targeting minor offenses to fight violent crime, called on Israeli cops to respond more aggressively to anti-Arab vandals.

NYPD to pull cop cars from patrol to escort NYU graduation buses(NYP)

NYPD told to carry spray paint to cover graffiti(NYP)

Cops unhappy that NYPD is forcing them to carry spray paint to cover graffiti v

Looking for information in all the right places

\It’s called ‘policing’(NYDN Ed)
A salute to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton for standing foursquare behind the NYPD’s practice of seeking anti-terror intelligence from criminal suspects. The department’s tactics for seeking leads in the Muslim community have come under unjustified fire since an Associated Press series falsely depicted cops as “spying” simply by mapping neighborhoods where immigrants from Islamic countries concentrated. Bratton scrapped the program, which had largely completed its work and had been reduced to three detectives.

New York Police to Limit Seizing of Condoms in Prostitution Cases(NYT)
New York City defends use of Muslim police informants
The change will end a procedure that health officials had long criticized as undermining their efforts to protect prostitutes from disease.

De Blasio Reserving Judgment on NYPD’s Muslim Informant-Seeking Program
NYPD To Stop Seizing Condoms As Evidence Of Prostitution: NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Police Department will no...

BRATTON CONTINUES: Though NYPD commissioner Bratton disbanded one component of his predecessor’s crime-fighting legacy -- the Zone Assessment Unit, which provided demographic information and reports on Muslim individuals and institutions -- Bratton is keeping in place the Citywide Debrief Team, whose job is to find potential terrorism informants by interviewing recently arrested immigrants still in police custody. Deputy commissioner John Miller said the program was “effective.”
Based on information from a former detective and member of the team, the Times’ Joseph Goldstein explained they “received a list of immigrants, cataloged by country of origin, who had been arrested in New York the previous day. Arrestees from Middle Eastern and other predominantly Muslim countries, typically, attracted the most interest …

--HOW IT PLAYED … Post: “NYPD pressures Muslim immigrants to become spies” “NYPD is encouraging Muslims arrested for minor crimes to become spies for cops: report” “The NYPD Pressures Jailed Muslims to Become Police Informants” “Surprise! NYPD Still Trolling City For Intel On Muslims” “NYPD forcing Muslim immigrants to become spies: report”

Despite efforts to be on the forefront, the New York Police Department struggles to effectively respond to non-English speakers who are in need of translators.

Stop and Frisk Cancer  . . .  
Bratton compares ‘stop and frisk’ to needless cancer treatment(NYP)

Whistleblower cop’s racist quote to stay in countersuit: judge(NYP)A federal judge on Thursday shot down whistleblower cop Adrian Schoolcraft’s attempt to remove a quote of himself using the N-word from a countersuit by his ex-commander, saying its use... .

The NYPD routinely pressures Muslim immigrants to become spies for them in exchange for making offenses go away.

Stop and Frisk Stops Down   . . .     
NYPD Suspicious-Activity Stops Down From Year Ago(WSJ) Stop-question-and-frisk stops made by NYPD are down 86% from a year ago:* Bratton: 16% of stops lead to arrests. Up from 10%. Credits drop to directives issued by Ray Kelly two years ago.

 NYT to Council Why More Cops?   . . .

Council in the Catbird Seat: Even If No More Cops Are Hired, They Can Not Say We Told You So If Crime Goes Up
The New York Times writes that without an increase in crime, the burden is on the New York City Council to show convincingly why and where it believes 1,000 new NYPD officers are needed The Crime-Inequality Link: A Test for New York Mayor(WSJ) One difference between the Bronx's Morrisania neighborhood 20 years ago and today is that residents now expect to walk down the street in daylight without incident. Residents say they want the same to be true at night. High-crime areas pose challenge for de Blasio
NYPD and Bill Braton

Supreme Court Hears Cases Involving Police Searches of Cellphones During Arrests(NY1)

7% Crime Spike in Shootings. . . Council Pushing for More Cops   

Crime Fighter Reppetto On City's Rising Crime
Thomas Reppetto is the former president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City and author of “American Police: 1945 To 2012.”
The threats over NYPD’s horizon(NYP)
Less than six months ago, the city’s cop critics were demanding that we end police tactics such as stop, question and frisk as well as NYPD attempts to keep criminals out of housing projects.Today, the same people are screaming about the rise in shootings and gang violence in the projects and certain precincts.
I’m not yet ready to say, “I told you so.” Over the two decades of New York’s dramatic drop in crime, we’ve often had temporary spikes in certain areas.So far, the NYPD has always been able to bring them under control by concentrating its forces on the “hotspots.” If the current situation is no more than temporary in some local areas, the cops will deal with it. That is, if they’re allowed to enforce the laws. The problem will come if these are not merely local spikes, but an emerging citywide phenomenon. This is what happened during the crack wars of the 1980s.
Do We Need More Cops or Activists Cops Seeking Out the Criminals?
Will Mayor de Blasio let crime run rampant in the projects?(NYP)Though crime is down 3 percent citywide compared to a year ago, NYPD stats show that shootings have jumped 7 percent and housing-project crime is up 3 percent. He blamed project-based gangs — “crews” is the term of art — for the increase in gunplay: One shooting will guarantee a retaliatory shooting, said the commissioner, and the key to controlling mayhem in public housing is a sustained, high-profile policing.“Society isn’t the issue,”* * amNewYork writes that while the New York City Council has proposed adding 1,000 new NYPD officers, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton must work smarter to solve crime with the current resources he has: 
Bratton put it Wednesday, quite correctly. “People are. Criminals.”Remove the criminals, he said, and flowers will bloom.There was a murmur of approval, but then the criminologist Heather Mac Donald stood up with a most apt question. Bratton’s boss, Bill de Blasio, she noted, has shown no stomach whatsoever for policing policies of the sort the commissioner had just described. So what happens if City Hall torpedoes them. Translation: What happens if de Blasio caves in to a bizarrely activist federal judge in ongoing litigation that specifically seeks to prevent aggressive policing in housing projects?After all, the mayor refused to fight the same judge’s finding in a separate case — that the NYPD’s now-abandoned “stop-and-frisk” policies were so overtly racist that the department needs the oversight of a federal monitor.Bratton paused, ever so briefly, and said: “I will work with what I have.”
Fatal Shooting in Part of Bronx With Surge of Violence(NYT)In the public safety chair’s backyard, crime is on the rise(Capital) CM Gibson, a Democratic former assemblywoman who is now chair of the Council's public safety committee, reiterated those sentiments at a hearing yesterday, telling Carlos Gomez, chief of the NYPD's housing bureau, “What is the problem? Why are we having such an increase in crime at public housing? … Crime is actually going in the wrong direction.”Members of the New York City Council Black, Latino and Asian Caucus are calling on de Blasio to add 1,000 more NYPD officers to address increases in crime, including a 7 percent uptick in shootings compared to last year, the Daily News writes:  * Commissioner Details Policing Options and Use of Resources at Council Budget Hearing(NYT)  Bratton was pressed about the idea of adding 1,000 officers to the force, but did not take a position, saying it was between the Council and the mayor.*  QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I know that you are sympathetic and that privately you support this initiative.” -- Public Advocate Letitia James to NYPD officials about hiring 1,000 officers* Shootings rising at city's public housing projects; NYPD searching for solutions(NYDN) *** Stop and Frisk Update A memo written by an attorney for the Civilian Complaint Review Board would appear to lower the bar for police frisks
* Let cops be cops(NYDN) the takeaway for the Council must be that it’s not the number of cops that counts the most; it’s how the department deploys them on the street. Right now, thanks in no small part to sentiment on the Council, the police are operating without the full benefit of the stop, question and sometimes frisk strategy.* Bratton: NYPD robocalls will measure our performance (NYDN) 

 City Council members call on mayor to add 1,000 cops following 7% spike in shootings(NYDN)“That’s a major, major problem, and a major concern,” said Bronx Councilman Andy King, whose district has reportedly seen eight murders so far this year–versus just one in 2013, according to the Daily News. Flashback City politicians push for more cops in crime-ridden NYCHA buildings(NYDN) With major crimes shooting up 31% at public housing projects In 2010 the city was sued for NYPD vertical patrol at NYCHA buildings. What do you think the tenants living in fear today in public housing think about the vertical patrols ending? * . lukewarm on adding 1000 cops, decriminalizing marijuana during Council testimony NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton: Funding isn't there for extra cops(WSJ)* A Roadmap to the NYPD's Priorities (WNYC)
BRATTON’S STRATEGIST SPEAKS -- This morning, police commissioner Bill Bratton will introduce George Kelling, the co-author of the Broken Windows theory, at a breakfast hosted by the Manhattan Institute. Kelling is consulting with the NYPD now that Bratton is back in charge. When the two first paired up in the 1990s, Bratton was a new police commissioner here putting Kelling’s theory to its first real-world test. Bratton and Kelling’s theory largely succeeded. 

-- Bratton for drones, in theory: “I'm supportive of the concept of drones,” Bratton told the council, in a response to a question from Corey Johnson. Bratton said he supported drones for public safety and anti-terrorism efforts, and said they are "something we active* Bratton sez he will continue to use overtime to make up for officer headcount losses, existing officers easier to deploy. Wouldn't want to cut OT for PBA members? Since when is a rookie harder to deploy than a cop with seniority?
. says misunderstands how police are distributed at . "more complex than how it was presented"

New York Police Twitter Strategy Has Unforeseen Consequences(NYT)

A departmental campaign, meant to elicit smiling snapshots, instead attracted tens of thousands of less flattering images of officers.

A federal judge has ordered former Village Voice reporter Graham Rayman to turn over documents he gathered while reporting on police misconduct in the NYPD.

What is the Definition of Broken Windows? 
Whose broken window?(Capital)  Bill de Blasio has promised to decrease arrests for possession of small amounts of marijuana, which have disproportionately affected young men of color. But he has also pledged to implement Broken Windows policing, which when it was used in New York City in the late 1990s relied on high levels of marijuana arrests.

* The NYPD said no one will be disciplined for yesterday’s Twitter fiasco, when thousands of users posted pictures of alleged police brutality using the department’s #myNYPD hashtag, the Daily News reports:

DeBlasio administration should settle the Schoolcraft lawsuit, stop NYPD from embarrassing itself any further.

de Blasio Changing and Testing Relationship With the NYPD

De Blasio’s surprising praise for the NYPD(NYP) De Blasio should be congratulated for celebrating the intertwined spread of peace and prosperity throughout New York. Those triumphs occurred before his watch, however. Check those same crime and property-value maps in another five years to see whether de Blasio’s own policies have benefited the city or set it back.
More About Bratton and the NYPD

Bratton Minority Relations and Polling

Friday: Rev. Sharpton -Breaking the Bratton Kelly Putdown

Bill Bratton takes tough questions from African-American leaders(NYP) * Bratton and Sharpton Discuss Profiling Issue(NYT) Police Commissioner William J. Bratton met with the Rev. Al Sharpton to talk about profiling by police in retail stores, which has resulted in several lawsuits by black shoppers. 
police union likes ’s idea to survey employees:
Bratton working on ‘polling mechanism’(Capital) Police commissioner Bill Bratton said on Friday he is “designing a polling mechanism” to measure attitudes among the NYPD’s 50,000 employees, and the attitudes of residents toward their local police precincts.

Bratton to survey police, public about reactions to NYPD(NYP)Top cop Bill Bratton said Friday he wants to get feedback on the NYPD’s job performance from both street cops and members of the public.* Improving police, minority relations is NYPD's top priority: Bratton(NYDN) * NYPD Polling in Works(WSJ) * NYPD Brings Internal Charges in Shooting(WSJ)

Can Bratton deliver as Ray Kelly did?(NYP)

Mr. Bratton also had some choice words for members of the media, accusing them of “trying to stir up something that’s not actually happening” and “gin this up into a slugfest.” “I’m sorry. He’s a consummate professional. I like to think I’m a professional,” he said of the spat. As for Mr. Kelly: “He knows how the game is played with you guys, as well as I do. … We’ll try to stay out of, basically, giving you additional fuel for the fire.” ., & retail task force to meet tomorrow to discuss dept store "shop & frisk" incidents* Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said he didn’t mean to diss his predecessor, Ray Kelly, when he described morale on the force as ‘awful.’ “It was not meant as a shot at Ray, that is basically just a fact as I understand it,” Mr. Bratton told reporters, according to the Daily News. “I should make it very clear that I have the greatest respect for Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg for what they did.”

More on NYPD & Commissioner Bratton

de Blasio Appoints NYPD IG

First, meet the cops(NYDN Ed) Bill de Blasio fatefully has what he demanded: an inspector general of extraordinary powers to oversee what’s now his Police Department. *  New York City officials named an independent investigator to oversee the police department, appointing a former federal prosecutor who most recently monitored the police department in Washington, D.C.
Inspector General for New York Police Department Is Named

New NYPD IG 3rd agency to oversee NYC cops, but new IG sez it "will not be redundant. It will, however, fill a void."(NYDN)
Philip Eure Named NYPD’s First Inspector General(NYO)
New York Police Department’s Oversight Office, Fought by Bloomberg, Gets First Leader(NYT) * Philip Eure named first inspector general for NYPD (NYDN) * NYPD Inspector General Says Role Will Not Be Redundant(NY1) * NY1 Online: Jumaane Williams Discusses Appointment of NYPD Inspector General * NYPD Gets Independent Investigator(WSJ)
More on the Scheindlin's Stop and Frisk Decision
More on NYPD Bratton 

NYPD Ends Muslim Tracking Unit

Thursday Update
NYPD unit that spied on Muslims was shrunk before shutdown (NYDN)Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the spying was 'pretty much over' when defending his decision to disband the demographics unit earlier this week.

NYPD has disbanded unit that tracked where Muslims ate, prayed & shopped, in major change under de Blasio & Bratton(NYT) * New York Drops Unit That Spied Among Muslims(NYT) * NYPD disbanding Muslim spying unit(NYP) * John Miller vows to dispel some NYPD mysteries(Capital) The focus will remain where it needs to be, depending on where the threats are coming from at any particular time or where the suspects are coming from. … But the idea of surveilling an entire community or religious group, that’s not what we do. We go to where the issue is, or where the threat is. And that is usual ly a relatively small group, not a nationality or religious group.* City Disbands NYPD Surveillance Division Created to Spy on Muslim Communities(NY1)* NYPD decision to drop spy unit lauded by Staten Island Muslims (SI Advance * Disconnecting the dots(NYP Ed)*Tuesday Update  Spying at the N.Y.P.D.(NYT Ed The commissioner of the New York Police Department did the right thing when he disbanded the unit that spied on law-abiding Muslim citizens. The New York Times writes that NYPD Commissioner William Bratton did the right thing by dissolving the Demographics Unit, but to prevent similar practices in the future, the city should create an authority to review investigations into those engaged in political activity* The commish cops out(NYP Ed) * Bratton takes big risk in ending Muslim surveillance(NYP Ed)  * NYPD’s cosmetic surgery (NYDN Ed)One way or another, counter-terror intelligence-gathering must continue * NYPD’s ‘Muslim mapping’ saved lives(NYP Ed)
20 Days Ago Obama Said He Worries About A Nuclear Weapon Not Going Off in Manhattan

de Blasio Policing Test
Will the mayor stand up for the NYPD—and public housing residents?

NYPD Union Leader Agrees With Bratton That ‘Morale of the Police Force Is Awful’(NYO)
Kelly Brother: Bratton's Cheap Shot 
Ray Kelly’s brother slams Bratton over criticism(NYP)“I think it’s a cheap shot by Bratton. I think he’s paranoid of Ray and always has been, and he’s a back-slapping, smiling guy,’’ Donald Kelly said on WABC Radio’s “Curtis & Kuby’’ show.  “Commissioner Kelly’s legacy was cemented in the reality of record declines in homicides, particularly in minority neighborhoods, and the creation of a world-class counterterrorism program that kept New Yorkers safe . . . after 9/11.’’* NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton‘s critical remarks towards his predecessor, Ray Kelly, have landed on the New York Post‘s front page for a second day. “I think it’s a cheap shot by Bratton. I think he’s paranoid of Ray,’’ Mr. Kelly’s brother, Greg Kelly fired back. “I’m mad as hell … I never cared for Bratton.”
Tuesday Update Spoiled Bratton(NYP Ed) *Ex-NYPD commish refuses to respond to Bill Bratton(NYDN)

Here We Go Again
Police Commissioner Bill Bratton slammed his predecessor, Raymond Kelly, for leaving the NYPD with “awful” morale, in part due to his heavy reliance on the controversial stop-and-frisk tactic, report our Simone Weichselbaum and Reuven Blau“Morale coming into this department was awful,” Bratton said in an interview aired Sunday on Channel 7. The public didn’t understand that, politicians didn’t understand it, but it was a very dispirited organization. It was an organization, I think, beat down over several years, beaten up by the political establishment.”* Bratton raps Kelly and Bloomberg on stop and frisk(NYP)

  1. PC needs 150 people to coordinate with IG 's 50+100's in IAB& CCRB soon we will have more people watching cops than cops enforcing law

    Bill Bratton says Ray Kelly's NYPD was demoralized. Really?

    Singing the blues (NYDN Ed) After three months atop the NYPD, Commissioner Bill Bratton says that he took over “a very dispirited organization” with “awful” morale after “several years of being beaten up by the political establishment, by the press” in the stop-question-frisk controversy. Can you imagine how bad morale would be had not Ray Kelly built an internationally renowned anti-terror unit, brought the department into the high-tech era, instituted predictive policing, overcome a budget-driven reduction of 6,000 officers, devised anti-gang strategies like Operation Crew Cut, attracted the most diverse work force in NYPD history, driven down the use of force by officers and, most important by far, averted thousands of murders and prevented tens of thousands of New Yorkers from being victimized in other crimes? We hate to think.* INTERESTING SHOT AT BILL BRATTON as lead editorial in Post, which continues to have Ray Kelly’s back – “Spoiled Bratton”: “It’s easy for Bratton to go on television to talk about the shortcomings of his predecessors now that they are out of office. For the city’s sake, we just hope he can match their record of success.”
    More on NYPD, Ray Kelly

NYPD Tweet
NYPD to have Twitter accounts for all precincts(NYP) The NYPD hopes it will help precincts forge closer connections with their communities using social media, sources said* Extra, Extra: You Will Soon Be Able To Complain To NYPD Precincts Via Twitter(Gothamist)


Bratton Meets the Bishop

Orlando Findlayter, the bishop at the center of a de Blasio administration controversy, appeared at a Monday night event featuring NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton. “I said hello, how are you?” Mr. Findlayter told Capital New York of his interaction with Mr. Bratton. The commissioner replied, “Bishop, good to see you.”

The Zero Tolerance Stop-and-Frisk Question

Zero tolerance (NYDN ED) An ACLU attack on new Newark stop-and-frisk numbers raises a crucial question for New York City Despite a court-ordered monitor of NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy, “it’s only a matter of time” before Blasio runs into “the anti-stop absolutism” reflected in an ACLU report on Newark, the Daily News writes:  It’s only a matter of time before de Blasio and Bratton crash into the anti-stop absolutism of the activists whose federal suit declared the program unconstitutional. For evidence, consider a report that the American Civil Liberties Union has issued on stop, question and frisk in Newark. Now, the ACLU has offered some clarification.
The Gang of Four (L to R – Dinkins, Paterson, Sutton, Rangel)  - See more at:
At 25%, Newark’s hit rate is more than double New York’s, and that is still not good enough. When Bratton was Los Angeles police chief, the LAPD had a hit rate that, at 30%, was only a smidgen higher than Newark’s. He and de Blasio stand warned: No matter how they “fix” stop-and-frisk, it won’t be good enough. That monitor will be on their case for good.* De Blasio and Bratton visit injured officer in Brooklyn(Capital)

Braton's Broken Windows 2.0

The NYPD Is Cracking Down on Subway Characters(NY Mag) Newish police commissioner Bill Bratton, who subscribes to the "broken windows" theory of policing, has vowed to focus on cutting down on minor crimes in an effort to prevent New York from becoming the pre-Giuliani-style criminal paradise promised by candidate Bill de Blasio. And it looks like he's following through


Mayor Bill de Blasio has asked a Manhattan judge to toss a legal challenge brought by two police unions against a city law that makes it easier for those who feel wronged to sue cops for racial profiling. The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and the Sergeants Benevolent Association “have not demonstrated any concrete, particularized harm to their members,” the mayor said in court papers this week, according to the New York Post.  The move was met with harsh words from unions’ leaders. “I understand that the mayor is new to his position and most likely has not fully digested the duties and role of the NYPD,” said SBA President Ed Mullins. “Bill de Blasio was elected mayor and not appointed [to be] a Supreme Court justice. Ultimately it is up to an experienced judge to make this decision.” PBA President Pat Lynch piled on, saying the “misguided law … penalizes our members — NYC police officers — and the public rather than addressing bad policies.”*  BRATTON ON JAYWALKING: ‘GET REAL’ -- Capital’s Dana Rubinstein: The NYPD Commissioner dismissed the uproar over the spike in jaywalking tickets issued recently, saying "In a city of 8.5 million people we’ve issued about 300 jaywalking tickets … Let’s get real." After riding the train with Broken WindowS co-author George Kelling, Bratton said "The issues of concern are those quality-of-life issues, the acrobats, the aggressive begging, the people manipulating the swipe cards in the turnstiles … We’re going to be having significant focus on those issues.”*Rage as cops slap 452 with jaywalking tickets — in 2 months!(NYP) * NYPD supervisor countersues whistleblower(NYP) A scandal-scarred NYPD supervisor on Tuesday countersued whistleblower cop Adrian Schoolcraft, alleging he drummed up bogus complaints about wrongdoing at a crime-ridden Brooklyn precinct that the official once commanded as “revenge” for a bad evaluation. Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello filed his $2 million countersuit in Manhattan federal court, which also seeks to dismiss the $50 million suit that Schoolcraft socked the city, him and others with in 2010. * Police Priorities Detailed (WSJ) The city's aging police precincts are in 'deplorable' condition and the New York Police Department is reviewing financial options to spruce them up, Commissioner William Bratton said Friday.* Bronx Lawmakers Push for Statewide Gun Registry(NY1) Traffic WNYC: "The NYPD is required to investigate all traffic deaths and serious collisions. But family members of the victims complain they often can't convince authorities to hand over the results of those investigations. Now City Council members Brad Lander and Peter Koo are proposing a bill to change that. Their bill, slated for introduction on Wednesday, would ensure that police post collision reports on a secure website that family members could access." * .: Over the past 12 years, every precinct has lost around 60-80 officers. * Unsanctioned subway buskers, vendors feel NYPD’s wrath(NYP) * Rikers a warehouse of horrors that hides mentally ill in jail(NYP)

Mixed Message On Stop and Frisk

Basic Tool and Oversight 

NYPD faces five years of oversight after stop-and-frisk ruling(NYP) * Street Stops Still a ‘Basic Tool,’ Bratton Says(NYT) The New York police commissioner, William J. Bratton, told a business group that the department would focus on fighting low-level crime, citing the “broken windows” theory of policing.* Bratton to ride night subways to survey problems: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton says he'll ride late-n... *'Future' of NYPD: Keeping Tab(let)s on Crime Data(WSJ) * Police unions link contract talks to stop-frisk litigation (Capital) * Astorino insists to the Observer that he's not in this for "the silver medal" * The NYPD will soon be carrying tablet computers in the field. (WNYC)

Crime is Down, Is It Because of the Cold Weather?

Despite an early suggestion that murders were up under Mr. de Blasio, New York reports that serious crime is actually down so far this year, “with murders and robberies dropping despite the declining number of stop-and-frisks, which some former police officials have said are necessary to maintain order in the city.”
De Blasio drops suit over anti-profiling law(NYP)
Off to a good start (NYDN Ed) The NYPD keeps driving crime down

More on Commission Bratton

Mayor Moves on Cop Lawsuits
De Blasio switches sides to ditch cop suit(NYP)Mayor de Blasio one-upped his vow to ditch the city’s legal challenge to a law that exposes cops to civil suits for racial profiling by announcing Monday that he would, in effect, switch sides to defeat the bid. De Blasio asked Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh to swap out the mayor’s position from plaintiff to defendant in the case.


Big Stop and Frisk Win for the Mayor

Stop-and-frisk case going back to Manhattan judge(NYP) The de Blasio administration scored a big win in the city’s stop-and-frisk case on Friday when a federal appeals panel passed it back to a Manhattan judge — potentially fast-tracking an anticipated settlement deal between the new mayor and plaintiffs, and snubbing city police unions in the process. The new mayor had asked the panel to formerly withdraw the city’s appeal made by the Bloomberg administration late last year and move the case back to Torres in the hopes of soon reaching a settlement with the plaintiffs.* Appeals court stops NYPD unions' bid to halt de Blasio's stop-frisk deal(NYDN)

Lawsuits Against NYPD Double Costing $1B 

Lawsuits against NYPD cost taxpayers more than $1 billion over decade(NYDN) The number of claims against the department doubled over the past decade to a record high of 9,570 filed in 2012. A Daily News review of lawsuits reveals that 55 officers in the 34,000-person department have been sued 10 or more times during that time period. Read the suits and see the settlements of NYPD's 12 most sued with our interactive graphic. Detective Peter Valentin (top) and (from left) Detective Vincent Orsini, Sgt. Fritz Glemaud and Detective Warren Rohan are among the 55 NYPD cops who have been sued at least 10 times over the past decade.

Mixed Messages On Stop and Frisk

Basic Tool and 5 Years of Oversight
Street Stops Still a ‘Basic Tool,’ Bratton Says(NYT) The New York police commissioner, William J. Bratton, told a business group that the department would focus on fighting low-level crime, citing the “broken windows” theory of policing.* NYPD faces five years of oversight after stop-and-frisk ruling(NYP)

Bratton faces challenges over crime trends, stop-frisk reform(NYP)

. with a nice profile on Rikki Klieman, wife of NYPD :

Commissioner says he's "always been supportive" of medical pot, but not for the full legalization.
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton supports med-mar, but thinks legalization of pot for recreational use is a “terrible mistake.”

Police Protester Moves Inside

Longtime Critic of Police Policies Basks in a de Blasio Moment(NYT)
Eric L. Adams was once known for the often incendiary curbside news conferences he held outside One Police Plaza in Lower Manhattan. Now he is the Brooklyn borough president.* New York’s Broken Parole System(NYT Ed) For low-risk inmates, early release into parole should be the default and the board should have to articulate a good reason to keep them locked up.

My Fair Cop

Watch: Mayor de Blasio And NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Talk Tactics At 25th Precinct(NYDN)
Finest, now be kindest: NYPD respect push(NYP) * Mayor Announces 7 Steps for Better Police Interactions with the Public (DNAINFO) * De Blasio Announces Seven-Point Plan to Improve Police-Community Relations (NY1)“Cops in this city, indeed, around the country, get in more trouble with their mouths than they do with any of the tools we give them–clubs, guns,” Mr. Bratton said after visiting a precinct in East Harlem.

Bratton Safe Streets
Bratton talks ‘Safe Streets’(Capital)
Commissioner Bill Bratton will appoint retired police Capt. Steve Davis as deputy commissioner for public information in the coming days, sources said.
Bill Bratton said Thursday he had no intention of ending the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy.
Bratton wouldn’t have returned as NYPD’s top cop without CBS’s John Miller(NYP) Bill Bratton said he would not have returned to his old job if he was not allowed to bring back as his spokesman John Miller, who is also a former CBS investigative journalist* De Blasio Big on Respect in Address to New NYPD Recruits (NY1)
Gap in experience between Miller and Cohen is staggering”—@nyDaiyNews re: counter-terrorism officials

Daily News Miller Light
BRATTON, THEN AND NOW: At his first press conference since returning as NYPD Commissioner, Bill Bratton said, “Terrorism was not an issue when I was commissioner last time. I don’t think I spent one percent of my time on terrorism in 1994.” The first attack on the World Trade Center took place on February 26, 1993. The FBI’s website says “Middle Eastern terrorism had arrived on American soil” that day. Bratton said based on briefings he’s now received it, anti-terrorism may take 30-40 percent of his time.
No retakes on this job(NYDN Ed) Miller has Bratton’s trust and respect, and that counts for something, given Bratton’s standing as a law enforcement professional. Still, Miller’s government service pales in comparison with that of those who served on Ray Kelly’s team.Daily News SOMEBODY should tell Police Commissioner Bill Bratton that this isn’t ‘Homeland.’ In a surprising move, Bratton has named former TV news star John Miller … as the city’s anti-terror honcho -- a massive role for which he has limited experience.” * The front page of the Daily News took issue with Bill Bratton‘s choice of John Miller, a CBS correspondent with police experience, to head up a counter-terrorism unit. “And then hope that Bratton is right that his in-and-out-of-television confidant is up to his no-margin-for-error responsibilities,” the paper ominously editorialized.* Bratton and Miller Back in Blue for Round 3 (NYT)* Bill Bratton informally offered John Miller a job as soon as he became NYPD commissioner: (Huff Post)
John Miller Joins Bratton's NYPD Again

It's official: CBS News correspondent John Miller joining NYPD | Capital New York * CBS News prez Rhodes tells Miller will be back on his air soon, in a very different capacity: * Revolving door spins after NSA puffery ": : Our will be joining the NYPD as a Deputy Commissioner."* CBS News prez to John Miller: "If and when he wants to return to journalism, we are going to welcome him back."(Capital) * John Miller, CBS Correspondent, to Join New York Police Dept. Again(NYT) * It’s official: CBS' Miller to NYPD counterterrorism(Capital)* CBS News Correspondent to Join Bill Bratton at NYPD (WSJ)* CBS is letting out of his contract early so he can rejoin the NYPD.  ”If you take the L.A. experience, we had a pretty effective shop there, I think if you look at the New York experience they have, certainly it is the most complex and forward-leaning counterterrorism operation of any police department in the world, so it will be a great challenge that I will have to rise to,” said Mr. Miller, who will take on a high-level counterterrorism role at One Police Plaza.

Bratton's LA Style, Kelly Goodbye
Last Days of Kelly New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly defended the state of his agency, adding that he would have stepped down from his post no matter who won the mayoral election and that he has no intention of ever running for mayorKelly Recounts Successes, Criticism as Commissioner (WSJ) “The danger is that people just accept it as the new reality and it can’t change,” Mr. Kelly said of the crime reductions during his tenure. Asked if he thought it could, Mr. Kelly said, “We’ll see.”* In the Post, the New York Sun’s Seth Lipsky writes that Mayor Michael Bloomberg should use the swearing in of new cadets at Madison Square Garden to pay homage to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: * Kelly & Bratton's shared assumptions, and different approaches, to Muslim mapping/surveillance. * Don't Believe the Hype: Bill Bratton Vs. Ray Kelly (Daily Beast) The new commissioner of the NYPD will do many of the same things for which the old commissioner has been criticized. Politics change. Policing, not so much.  * Felder calls Kelly city’s ‘best police commissioner ever’ (Brooklyn Eagle)* Thank you, Ray Kelly(NYP Ed)
Reviewing Resumes Incoming Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is demanding to see resumes from roughly 200 supervisors with the rank of inspector or above in the New York Police Department, though sources say Chief of Department Philip Banks’ job is safeNYPD's top brass 'scrambling' to update their résumés as Bratton delivers directive ahead of his return to One Police Plaza(NBYDN)  * In the Times, Connie Rice, the co-director of the Advancement Project highlights the positive gains made by the Los Angeles Police Department under Bratton, and writes that he is “the best chief” for the challenges facing New York City cops: * Why morale surged in Bratton’s NYPD  (NYDN) * The imaginary crisis in police-community relations(NYDN) De Blasio and Bratton overstate the problem * Hail to the Police Chief(NYT) Can Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s new police commissioner, William Bratton, reduce crime and restore the N.Y.P.D’s relationship with minorities? The experience of Los Angeles says yes.
Bratton’s LA record is good news for New York(NYP) The most important thing Bratton did was change the culture of the LAPD. The police were despised by the residents of Los Angeles’ poor, minority communities — and, with good reason: The LAPD had become a sort of paramilitary force, with helicopters, machine guns, even tanks. When gang violence erupted, it would rush into a community and then quietly retreat a few days later. Police-community relations deteriorated further with the Rodney King incident and the ensuing riots. In the late ’90s, the Rampart scandal erupted, with dozens of officers in the anti-gang division found to be involved in corruption and abuse.
The Justice Department placed the LAPD under federal oversight, alleging a “pattern-and-practice of police misconduct.” Bratton won their trust by spending his first few months meeting with community leaders and listening to their concerns. He walked the most crime-ridden blocks and talked to the residents to learn what they thought the LAPD could do to improve life in their neighborhoods. He held monthly town-hall meetings. He brought local leaders in to observe CompStat meetings to improve transparency.Bratton’s community-oriented style of policing generated impressive results in Los Angeles. Not only did violent crime drop by 54 percent but the reputation of the police improved dramatically. * Bill Thompson Thinks Bill Bratton Will Be Much Better This Time Around    (NYO)

Bratton Not Briefed On Mayor's NYPD Call
Bratton Has ‘No Problem’ With Mayor’s Call About Arrested Bishop(NYO)Bratton OKs de Blasio’s call to bishop buddy(NYP) * Bratton: 'No Issue Whatsoever' With de Blasio Call to NYPD After Friend's Arrest (NY1) *Video: Bratton gets ‘questioned out’(Capital)

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton reportedly was not briefed until the morning on the call placed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio regarding the arrest of a Brooklyn bishop, the New York Post reports:  * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has stumbled during his first six weeks in office, picking two unwise fights with Cuomo, calling the NYPD about an arrested bishop and handling snow in such a way that Al Roker predicted he’d last one term, the Post’s Bob McManus writes: * It was seven hours before NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton was briefed by an aide about NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s call to Deputy Chief Kim Royster to inquire about de Blasio’s pal, Bishop Orlando Findlayter.* So far, de Blasio’s Albany lobbying staff is small. He’s relying on top administration aides, and – in a departure from the Bloomberg days – reaching out to lawmakers himself to get his message across.
Bratton's Missing
Besides the Mayor A Lot of People are None Avoiding Commenting On the Bishop Findlayter Scandal  Buzz on the internet is that members of the NYPD leaked the story on the mayor's phone call. Is that an indication that some in the department want to get even with de Blasio for is efforts to stop stop-and-frisk? Is Bratton worried that by supporting the mayor on the call he will lose the support of his member?* Report: Lawsuits against NYPD officers double(NYDN)

Saturday True News Wag Today's NYP in Recognizing Sharpton's Increased Power
Sharpton Filling NYC's
Power Vacuum
Team de Blasio moves quick to wipe out Bratton Giuliani story line
Bratton: "your police force will be respectful *Bratton says one of his big regrets is never having met Mandela * "We have has our good days and bad." says about Bratton. Says he worked with him in LA.* Incoming NYPD chief William Bratton pledges equality during appearance with Al Sharpton and Mayor-elect de Blasio: (WSJ)
A 2009 Harvard study found that 83 percent of Angelenos, including more than two-thirds of blacks and Latinos, said the LAPD was doing a good or excellent job. * What Bill Bratton must beware(NYP) The Scheindlin ruling is an explicit repudiation of policing practices largely invented by Bratton and colleagues more than 20 years ago — which became the foundation for the transformation of New York City from Dodge City to . . . well, if not Mayberry RFD, then close enough.  The Post’s Bob McManus writes that Rev. Al Sharpton’s appearance with de Blasio and new Police Commissioner Bill Bratton signifies that he has become more than just a peripheral player, for better or worse.* MUSLIM MAPPING -- Bratton abandoned proposed program in 2007 -- Capital’s Azi Paybarah : “We will never do anything to the Muslim community, we will only do things with the Muslim community,” Bratton told a group of Muslim community leaders the day he announced his decision, recalled Salam al-Marayati, president and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who attended the meeting.
More on Bratton

New Top Cop Meets the New Boss
Ray Kelly ‘content’ to quit as top dog(NYP)
Bratton faces challenges over crime trends, stop-frisk reform(NYP)
Saturday Bratton Meeting With Sharpton Former Foe; Sunday the Rev. Joins the War Room In Selling the New Bratton
Rev. Al Sharpton writes for The News: There is a real chance for change with Bill Bratton driving police force(NYDN)
Sharpton Filling NYC's
Power Vacuum
Team de Blasio moves quick to wipe out Bratton Giuliani story line
Bratton: "your police force will be respectful *Bratton says one of his big regrets is never having met Mandela * "We have has our good days and bad." says about Bratton. Says he worked with him in LA.* Incoming NYPD chief William Bratton pledges equality during appearance with Al Sharpton and Mayor-elect de Blasio: (WSJ)
Bratton joins Sharpton at rally in Harlem(WABC) * At a Sharpton rally, Bill Bratton invokes Mandela, from (Capital) * Bratton pledges 'respectful' NY police behavior (Fox 5) *Bratton, at Sharpton HQ, pledges respect to community(Newsday) * Incoming Police Chief Bill Bratton On NYPD: "It Will Practice What Mandela Preached"  (NYDN)* Bratton Says NYPD Will Be Committed To Freedom And Equality For All (NY1)  * Bratton's First Stop as Top Cop: Al Sharpton's Headquarters(NY Mag) * In Sharpton's House, Bratton Vows to 'Practice What Mandela Preached'(NYO)*Bratton Pledges "Respectful" NYPD Behavior(NBC) * De Blasio, Bratton join Sharpton at Mandela tribute(WABC) * A NEW HOPE: Incoming NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton vows to reform stop, frisk — but won't end it(NYDN)
Bratton Tells NAN he Will Run NYPD with Mandela's Message: Respect for All
. says when he first heard Bratton was doing good things in LA, he was skeptical  *. "we all know the history of the LAPD...poster child of how to do things wrong." Bratton changed that. That's why he chose him. * . says he and Bratton have frequently spoken about overuse of stop-and-frisk. "You can't break the law" to enforce it, he says *. "as I think of the days ahead, were going to work for social and econ justice every single day."* . said "went to jail" to protest hospital closings. actually -- he got arrested & given a summons, did not go to jail * Stop and Frisk the Campaign and After Video
*   New Police Commissioner Same as the Old Police Commissioner
Did Bratton's apparent success in LA also just really come from gentrification? And if so, damn is this dude lucky to strike gold twice

Bratton Tells NAN he Will Run NYPD with Mandela's Message: Respect for All
. says when he first heard Bratton was doing good things in LA, he was skeptical  *. "we all know the history of the LAPD...poster child of how to do things wrong." Bratton changed that. That's why he chose him. * . says he and Bratton have frequently spoken about overuse of stop-and-frisk. "You can't break the law" to enforce it, he says *. "as I think of the days ahead, were going to work for social and econ justice every single day."* . said "went to jail" to protest hospital closings. actually -- he got arrested & given a summons, did not go to jail * Stop and Frisk the Campaign and After Video
*   New Police Commissioner Same as the Old Police Commissioner
Did Bratton's apparent success in LA also just really come from gentrification? And if so, damn is this dude lucky to strike gold twice

Bratton’s Time in California May Offer Clues to His Plans for New York Police(NYT) The incoming commissioner, William J. Bratton, has relied on many of the aggressive techniques that have proved divisive in the city, while navigating complicated racial tensions.* New Police Chief Faces Less Crime, More Counterterrorism (WSJ)* De Blasio, Bratton Join Rev. Al Sharpton For Rally(CBS
New Top Cop

Saturday Meeting With Sharpton
Bratton’s Time in California May Offer Clues to His Plans for New York Police(NYT) The incoming commissioner, William J. Bratton, has relied on many of the aggressive techniques that have proved divisive in the city, while navigating complicated racial tensions.* New Police Chief Faces Less Crime, More Counterterrorism (WSJ)

NYC's New Police Commissioner Is Old Commissioner Bratton
With his hard-charging press-friendly style, Bratton managed to garner considerable acclaim for the crime drop in NYC(NYT) * Cuomo Praises Bratton Pick(NY1)* "I believe fundamentally in the broken windows theory," says * Bratton brought his favorite book as a kid - "Your Police," which he often checked out of library. Bill Bratton says he's been doing community policing since before there was such a term, in 70s in Boston. "There was different leadership in the city back then, that may have had a different set of values," BdeB says of Bratton in Giuliani yrs.

 QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Over an extraordinary career, Bill Bratton has proven that you can fight crime effectively and bring police and community together. He’s focused on preventive strategies, proactive strategies, innovation and the use of the latest technology but also good old fashioned understanding that communication at the grassroots, the cop on the beat talking to a neighborhood resident, is fundamental to protecting our city.” – New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, on his appointment of Bratton as NYPD commissioner, via City & State* Memorial For Bill Lynch Interrupted By Death Of Nelson Mandela(NYP) * Welcome back to NY’s next top cop Bratton(NYP Ed)
NYT Dwyer Stop and Frisk Already Down Times’ Jim Dwyer notes that Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s selection of William Bratton as police commissioner comes with the promise of curbing stop-and-frisk, despite the fact that use of the tactic is already on the decline * The Post laments that neither de Blasio or Bratton mentioned the positive work of current Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, but view Bratton’s appointment as a sign that the new mayor is serious about keeping crime down:* BRATT TO THE FUTURE: Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio names Bill Bratton as NYPD commissioner, promising to mend force's relationship with minority communities * Lupica: "That Bratton did not acknowledge Kelly’s extraordinary service ...was as graceless as it was predictable" * Go get ’em, Bill (NYDN Ed) * New Police Chief Faces Less Crime, More Counterterrorism (WSJ)
de Blasio and Bratton Stop and Frisk Dance“[D]e Blasio supporters looking for the clean break from the Bloomberg administration the mayor-elect promised in the campaign, during which he also pledged to “end the stop-and-frisk era” in New York, may find Bratton's substantive views about police work to be remarkably similar to the current administration's.” (Capital) Bill Bratton on stop-and-frisk: “the most basic, fundamental and necessary tool of American policing." * The Daily News wrote it “inspires confidence that New Yorkers elected a law-and-order mayor after all,” while the New York Post cheered the pick as “welcome news.”* On that topic, New York magazine’s Chris Smith writes Mr. Bratton “still clearly loves the spotlight, and he has warm relations with much of the city’s press”: “The mayor-elect didn’t want to risk choosing an untested police commissioner — but he’ll take his chances on competing with his top cop for headlines.”* Bill Bratton to Inherit NYPD That's Fighting Rising Overall Crime Numbers via  * Bratton’s return a ray of hope, despite truths de Blasio ignores(NYP) * Are @BilldeBlasio/Bratton really going to start by shutting down local media police blotters? * The NYPD ordered the city’s 77 precincts to stop giving out crime reports to local residents, and instead to funnel all requests to the deputy commissioner for public information, DNAinfo reports:

Bill de Blasio frames policing strategy as "focusing resources" on problem areas, not on innocent NYers, particularly "young men of color." Red Hook Community Justice Ctr, site of BdB presser, has close Bloomberg ties: founded & Amanda Burden & others worked on it.* De Blasio praises Banks and Pineiro as "extraordinary leaders" who made it a "tough, tough choice" for police commissioner.* "Stop and frisk is essential to every police department," Bratton said. The difference, he says, is to do it constitutionally. * De Blasio re Bratton: "I knew it in my soul that we were kindred." * Bratton said on hindsight, he contributed to some of the friction between he and Giuliani. Said he's learned from his mistakes. * Instant Reax To Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio's Pick Of Bill Bratton For NYPD Commissioner * SECOND SHOT AT TOP COP: Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio names Bill Bratton as NYPD commissioner(NYDN) * Bill Bratton Tapped as NYPD Commissioner (DNAINFO) * . Rev Al knew Bratton back in the day, when Bill was swaggering cop and Rev an FBI informant ...* Al Sharpton doesn't seem too thrilled with the appointment of Bill Bratton as police commissioner(NYO) * De Blasio Says No Contradiction in Picking ‘Progressive Visionary’ Bratton(NYO) * Sharpton Cool on Bratton Appointment(NYO)\ Ray Kelly: "I congratulate Bill Bratton on his appointment and welcome him back to One Police Plaza." Promises "smooth transition." * Barron Says Hiring Bratton ‘Like Asking an Arsonist to Help You Put Out Fires’(NYO) * With this new job, Bratton’s role as an analyst at NBC News will be ending. * . told in 2010 the NYPD under Dinkins wrongly focused not on crime but community relations (Crains NY) * Next NYPD commissioner shares children’s book that inspired him(NYP) * Author Of Bill Bratton's Favorite Children's Book, 'Your Police,' Was Popular With The Kennedys(NYDN) * Pols, agencies react to de Blasio's police chief pick(NYDN) * Bratton to Lead New York Police For Second Time(NYT)Bratton Is Expected to Reshape Police to Rebuild Relationship With Public(NYT) * Bill Bratton has run police departments in 3 of the country's biggest cities and changed the way cops fight crime: (WNBC) “Bratton will need to work closely with a civil liberties community that aims to curtail the NYPD's surveillance practices, gain access to many of its currently classified internal databases, and overhaul its use of stop and frisk. He will also face unprecedented new oversight from both a city inspector general and a court-appointed federal monitor, put in place after a U.S. judge ruled the stop and frisk practice unconstitutional. … Critics have suggested that better training could significantly improve police-community relations. For beat cops, ‘draconian’ discipline driven by staffing shortages has sapped morale in recent years.”   * Bloomberg Praises de Blasio’s First Administration Picks   (NYO) * Bill Bratton's Favorite Children's Book Gets A Chance At A Second Life (NYDN)
Mayoral Transition Timeline   

Broken Windows 

Broken Windows author on NYPD gig(Capital) Capital interview with George Kelling. George Kelling, whose co-authored the theory that revolutionized policing, says the NYPD needs to improve relations with minority communities and the key to doing that is better communication and more transparency. Kelling confirmed in an interview with Capital that he is in talks with Police Commissioner Bill Bratton about a consulting role with the department. A New Hampshire resident, Kelling has visited the city only a handful of times in recent years, but he said media reports made clear the NYPD’s relationship in minority neighborhoods is damaged. "The press seems to indicate there is a problem and that needs to be addressed,” he said. Despite lobbying from some advocates, Kelling argued it was necessary to aggressively enforce quality of life laws, but said it could be done without causing a rift with minorities. * Broken Windows (1982 Atlantic) The police and neighborhood safety

Jail Reform and NYPD Community Relations
.: "New York can have law enforcement that’s tough and fair, pro-active and respectful" 
Jail union chief warns de Blasio’s pick for new boss will cause deaths(NYP)
Evidence suggests that police-community relations are improving, but PC Bill Bratton wants data to back that up. (NY1) * De Blasio Setting Up a Test: Prison Reformer vs. Rikers Island(NYT)

A Children is Shot
Nobody Cares?

As so many innocent people, young and old, are affected by gun violence day-by-day where is the anger? Were are the city hall press conferences?  Where are the marches?  In 1990 the NYP demand that Mayor Dinkins do something after a young girl was shot.  Today's lower crime rate has not diminished the the anger, press conferences and law suits against the NYPD and Bloomberg for the Stop-and-Frisk policy.  It has not stopped anger against NYPD program to monitor Muslim groups.    
 The Daily News  A 17 year old child Vada Vasquez who was the victim of a gun shot to the head telling Armando Bigo who was shot in the Bronx the other day to be brave.  Vasquez "advice to Armando is that he has to overcome it. The bullet wasn’t meant for him. He shouldn’t take it to heart. The recovery will be long, but he can get through it." NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly called the shooting of an 8-year-old Bronx boy an “unacceptable reality ” in poor neighborhoods and said more needs to be done to bring down crime in the city.  Where are the pols from those neighbors or the 2013 mayoral candidates demanding that more be done? Agony of gun violence(NYDN) Where is the media?  Why do they never interview the patients of the shooters. * Manhattan Elected Officials Rally Against NYPD's Stop-And-Frisk Policy (NY1)

Where is the Outrage Over the Shooting of Armando? 

'Wise ass' alleged gunman arraigned in shooting of Bronx boy (NYP) * Teenager Arrested in Shooting of Boy, 8(NYT) * Shooter busted in wounding of Bronx boy, 8(NYDN) * Teen Arrested For 8-Year-Old's Shooting(Fox 5) * Teen arrested in shooting of 8-year-old(WABC)* Armando Bigo recovering(NYDN) Wounded Bronx boy Armando Bigo is recovering and may be home Monday (NYDN) Suspected attacker Edward Rodriguez facing multiple charges * Bronx