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DiNapoli Joins In On Those Blasting ACS After Another Death of A Child  
Thomas DiNapoli’s office says ACS ‘failed miserably’ (NYP)  The city’s Administration for Children’s Services failed miserably in implementing recommendations made in a 2015 audit that found kids are being put at risk by the agency’s renewal of contracts with poorly performing vendors, the state Comptroller’s Office said Wednesday.  “We found that ACS officials made virtually no progress in addressing the issues identified in our initial report,” wrote Michael Solomon, audit manager for Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.  “Of the report’s five recommendations, none were substantively implemented,” he reported.  The comptroller’s July 2015 audit found that ACS “did not provide sufficient oversight of contractor performance” and that contracts were renewed or extended with vendors despite substantial problems.  The audit sampled 12 contracts whose vendors had poor performance scores and found that seven vendors with nine contracts totaling $114 million had cases where children under their care were abused by employees or foster parents.* Fresh proof of deadly mismanagement at ACS (NYP Ed) State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s new report on gross mismanagement at the city Administration for Children’s Services is just the latest sign of Mayor de Blasio’s deadly failure to lead.  DiNapoli revealed this week that ACS essentially thumbed its nose at warnings from state auditors back in 2015; Team de Blasio failed to implement a single one of the five recommendations.  Actually, ACS shouldn’t have needed any warning in the first place that extending and renewing contracts with dodgy outfits would put children at risk.   The comptroller’s initial review flagged 12 contracts where the vendors had poor performance scores. Nine contracts involved outside agencies that had allowed child abuse by employees or foster parents — yet all were renewed.   DiNapoli isn’t remotely a de Blasio rival. We note that because City Hall has muttered of political motives when hit by other reports on ACS horrors from city Comptroller Scott Stringer and Public Advocate Letitia James.  Yes, Stringer is aiming to challenge the mayor this year, and James just might — though she was a de Blasio ally back when she first started pushing for ACS reform.  Stringer’s audits have flagged “pervasive mismanagement” at ACS, including systemic failure to follow its own guidelines.   This, at an agency that de Blasio promised to manage better than the Bloom¬berg team. Instead, the new mayor’s team ignored red flag after red flag, from three different outside officials — until the high-profile tragedy of little Zymere Perkins finally forced the ouster of ACS chief Gladys Carrion.  And the imposition of an independent state monitor — though the mayor tried to pretend the monitor was the city’s idea.   The overall ACS budget is nearly $3 billion; more than $774 million a year goes to 86 nonprofits to look after abused, neglected and sick children.   That ought to be enough to keep kids safe — if ACS weren’t stuck with a culture of dysfunction, under the control of a mayor who can’t seem to manage any branch of city government.

Media Cover-Up of Connecting Pension Scadal to DiNapoli What Happen to the Hevesi Reforms?
Pension-fund manager accused of drug-fueled sexcapades ordered to stay sober (NYP) The state pension manager charged with taking bribes to fund his rock-star lifestyle — including prostitutes, strippers and drugs — was warned Wednesday that he’d better stay sober pending trial or he’ll be tossed in jail.  “You will be subject to drug testing and treatment,” Manhattan federal Judge J. Paul Oetken told Navnoor Kang (right, leaving court) before releasing him on a $750,000 bond with the provision that he wears a GPS monitor.  The disgraced former New York pension official — hired by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli despite a shady past — pleaded not guilty to charges that he steered billions of dollars in fixed-income-securities trades to two brokers in exchange for bribes.  Kang’s co-defendant, broker Deborah Kelley, also pleaded not guilty, was released on a $500,000 bond, and was ordered to “not use or possess illegal narcotics” as a condition of her release.  The feds say Kelley and another broker, Gregg Schonhorn lined the hard-partying Kang’s pockets with more than $100,000 in cash and gifts, including luxury vacations and VIP tickets to a Paul McCartney concert. In exchange, Kang allegedly boosted their business by steering some $2.4 billion in fixed-income trades their way.  On Wednesday, prosecutors told the judge they have “consensual recordings” and text messages as evidence. Schonhorn, who has pleaded guilty, is cooperating with the feds * Correspondence between state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s and Cuomo’s office received through a FOIL show that the comptroller’s team had concerns about Cuomo hiring an investigator in the wake of a procurement scandal, the Times Union reports.

How the Daily News' Lovett Allows Himself to Be Used By DiNapoli to Distract From His Pension Corruption

ken lovett ‏@klnynews  LOVETT: N.Y. could lose as much as $5.7B if @readldonaldtrump kills Obamacare * State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said New York could lose more than $5.7 billion a year if the federal government kills Obamacare and doesn’t replace it, which would likely cost New York more than any other state, the Daily News’ Kenneth Lovett reports.

DiNapoli Picked By Corrupt Silver Because of Hevesi Pension Fund Scandal Has One of His Own 
Tom DiNapoli needs to answer for pension-fund scandal (NYP Ed) A s a director of the New York State Common Retirement Fund, Navnoor Kang allegedly took $1 million worth of bribes to steer $2 billion in pension-fund investments to two firms. Kang’s then-boss, state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, has a lot to answer for. Starting with how Kang got hired when he’d lost his previous job over similar allegations.  Plus: One of the brokers who now stands charged with bribing Kang apparently put in the good word that got him the job.  Then again, DiNapoli initially got his job thanks to a now-convicted felon, Assembly ex-Speaker Sheldon Silver.   Back in 2007, Alan Hevesi had to quit as comptroller — because he was headed to prison for a different pension-fund kickback scheme. State law effectively gave Silver the power to choose a new comptroller — and he tapped DiNapoli, an Assembly back-bencher with zero experience in finance. DiNapoli has since won election twice, and escaped controversy until now. But his internal investigation can’t be the end of this.  After all, DiNapoli insisted years ago that he’d put in sufficient safeguards against Hevesi-style corruption. How many chances does he need to get it right? The comptroller is the sole trustee of a $184 billion pension fund for more than 1 million public workers and retirees, with the taxpayers on the line to cover shortfalls. When he prosecuted Hevesi, then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo proposed putting a board of trustees over the pension funds. Now Gov. Cuomo is raising the issue again, noting the “chronic problem” of corruption.  He’s right: A single official shouldn’t have sole authority over the nation’s third-largest pension fund. Nor is an internal probe enough. Both the governor and the Legislature should pull out the stops to investigate — and possibly remove DiNapoli from office, since the voters won’t have the chance until 2018. * State controller’s office to review procedures afterex-pension fund director’s arrest on bribery charges (NYDN)

Cuomo vs DiNapoli
Cuomo’s financial regulator rips DiN
apoli for investing in hedge funds (NYP) New York state comptroller’s decision to stick with hedgefunds despite their poor returns has cost the Common Retirement Fund $3.8 billion in fees and underperformance, according to a critical report by the Department of Financial Services.(Bloomberg)* Report slams NYpension system's hedge fund investments. (Daily Beast)

DiNapoli I Just Did Not Know? No Comment On Background Check on Corrupt Pension Manager
DiNapoli whiffed on pension fund manager’s alleged drug-fueled sexcapades (NYP)  The ex-state pension official busted in a sex-drugs-and-rock-’n’-roll bribery case completely flew under the radar of state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli — who on Thursday said Navnoor Kang was fired over his management style, not the alleged corruption.  DiNapoli admitted a host of failings regarding Kang, whom the feds charged with accepting $180,000 in payoffs that included trysts with hookers, cocaine and VIP tickets to a Paul McCart­ney concert.  “Should it have happened? Absolutely not,” DiNapoli told Albany’s Talk 1300 AM radio, according to the Albany Times Union.  “Do we need to look at our internal policies and procedures to see if there is something else we could do? Yes. Do we need to look again about vetting and hiring? We’re looking at that.”  DiNapoli said he assisted the feds in their probe, but learned the extent of Kang’s alleged bribery scheme with two brokers only when the indictment was unsealed on Wednesday.  Kang was hired in January 2014 to manage $50 billion worth of fixed-income investments for the state Common Retirement Fund, despite having been canned by Guggenheim Partners for ethical violations similar to the crimes alleged in his indictment, according to the feds.  Court papers say Kang lied about the reason Guggenheim fired him, but DiNapoli’s office has refused to say what — if anything — it did to verify his claims at the time.The Journal writes that the recent indictment of a New York state retirement fund portfolio manager shows there’s an opportunity for corruption in the system and that workers’ money ought to be in individual accounts that the workers can control. * The Buffalo News writes that the six-count indictment of this pension manager claims the scheme lasted two years, which raises questions about the structure and oversight the state Legislature and state comptroller must immediately confront. * The Post writes that DiNapoli’s internal probe into the matter is not enough, and the governor and Legislature should both investigate and possibly remove DiNapoli from office, since voters won’t have the chance to do so until 2018.

Preet ARRESTING NYS Pension Fund Managers . . . They Did It Again WFT DINAPOLI REMEMBER HEVESI

Was Silver Picked DiNapoli Qualified to Run NY's $200 Billion Pension Fund?
Even state comptroller a result of scandal-plagued system (NYP) State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, whose office failed to vet a shady pension director, is a creature of the scandal-scarred New York Legislature. Democrat DiNapoli’s first term as comptroller in early 2007 didn’t come from voters, but from the opaque ­levers of power in Albany. The Legislature, with since-convicted Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in power, handpicked then-Long Island Assemblyman DiNapoli for the post even though he lacked the financial qualifications. The comptroller is the sole trustee of a $184.5 billion pension fund covering more than 1 million government workers and retirees, and oversees an office with more than 2,600 employees that audits state and local governments, administers state government’s $15 billion payroll, and reviews contracts and issues debt.  DiNapoli, 62, replaced former Comptroller Alan Hevesi, who resigned in late 2006 after admitting that he had a state employee chauffeur his wife around. His lack of experience in financial matters showed early on, when he failed a pop economics-101 quiz sprung on him by The Post in February 2007. He couldn’t name the number of retirees or portfolio returns for the pension fund.

Where Were the Hevesi Scandal Reforms? 
.@PreetBhararaProstitutes, narcotics, cash used to bride a State Pension Fund portfoliomanager#PayToPlay probe* Drugs, bribes at center of NY pension scandal ( Kang, who oversaw $53 billion worth of fixed-income securities, is accused of accepting bribes worth $100,000 in weekend getaways, narcotics, nightclub bottle service and other perks from brokers Gregg Schonhorn and Deborah Kelley. In exchange, Schonhorn and Kelley's employers received millions in dollars in commission from the pension fund, with Schonhorn and Kelley taking between 35 and 40 percent, according to U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's office. In a statement, state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli -- who oversees the pension fund -- said his office is "outraged by Mr. Kang's shocking betrayal of his responsibilities." Kang was fired in February. "As the criminal indictment says, he secretly circumvented our rigorous ethical standards and policies," DiNapoli said. "When his misconduct was uncovered by federal authorities, our inspector general worked with law-enforcement officials to uncover the extent of his scheme."  Schonhorn, however, has been cooperating with authorities, according to the indictment, and recorded Kang instructing him to give false testimony to investigators.  According to Bharara's office, Kang's hiring came despite him being fired from his previous job at a private firm for not complying with internal reporting requirements about accepting gifts and entertainment, including a Rolex wristwatch he allegedly accepted from Schonhorn. Kang allegedly lied to DiNapoli's office about his dismissal from the private firm, according to the indictment. * A former portfolio manager was indicted for taking more than $100,000 worth of bribes in exchange for steering more than $2 billion in New York state employee retirement funds to two brokers, The New York Times reports.  * In the wake of that indictment, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said corruption in the pension fund is a “chronic problem” and once again questioned whether one person should have oversight of the system, State of Politics writes.  * State pension investment manager charged in drug- andsex-fueled pay-to-play scandal (CrainsNY) New York State Common Retirement Fund's director of fixed income and head of portfolio security steered $2 billion to two brokers who provided cocaine, prostitutes, lavish meals and concert tickets, prosecutors said * U.S. Charges 3 With Bribery Involving New York State Pension Fund (NYT) Cocaine and trips were among the lures offered a portfolio manager by two brokers who went after billions in state pension business, the federal authorities said on Wednesday.

DiNapoli Protects de Blasio On Homeless By Auditing Cuomo on His Homeless Mess
Audit slams Cuomo administration for bad oversightleading to lousy living conditions at homeless shelters (NYDN)The bombshell audit by state Controller Thomas DiNapoli found the state Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance's failures resulted in a “range of substandard living conditions, the most egregious of which pose obvious and dangerous risks to shelter residents' health and safety.” DiNapoli's auditors found rodent and vermin infestation at 16 shelters statewide, fire safety issues at 18 facilities, mold growing in resident rooms at eight, and worn and soiled mattresses.* At the same time Gov. Andrew Cuomo has criticized NYC’s handling of the homeless, a new audit by state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office, set for release today, knocks his administration for oversight failure that has left many homeless families and adults living in squalor.*  Cuomo budget amendment broadens state oversight of homeless shelters (PoliticoNY) * Responding to a state comptroller audit, Gov. Andrew Cuomo admitted the state had not been aggressive enough in tackling poor conditions at homeless shelters, but still laid a large share of the blame on New York City, the Daily News reports: * New York City has made progress toward “functional zero” homelessness among veterans, which means that the number of homeless veterans entering shelters over 90 days equals the number leaving, The Wall StreetJournal writes * In response to an audit by state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office, Gov. Andrew Cuomo admitted the state previously had not been aggressive enough in tackling poor conditions at NYC homeless shelters, but nonetheless still laid a large share of the blame on the city.
"Mayor"Cuomo=failures“substandard ...conditions...pose obvious and dangerous risks and safety.”

DiNapoli Protects State Agencies From the Press

State ControllerThomas DiNapoli's office tips off agencies being looked into by press (NYDN) Leaks to the press are not uncommon in Albany, but state Controller Thomas DiNapoli’s office seemingly prefers to leak information sought by the press to other state agencies. DiNapoli’s office Thursday alerted the Attorney General’s Office of a request the Daily News made into the employment history of seven AG staffers who recently departed the office. It was the second time advance warning was given to a state agency that the Daily News was seeking information despite assurances from DiNapoli’s office after the first incident that it would not happen again.

Will the State Comptroller Duck Reality In His Start-Up NY 100 Million TV Campaign 

Insiders agree state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, is completing a hot-potato audit of Cuomo’s controversial “START-UP NY” TV campaign that will make or break DiNapoli’s reputation for years to come
 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo spent just shy of $20 million on his re-election effort in the two-month period ending Monday, according to filings his campaign made with the state Board of Elections, The Wall Street Journal reports:

State Comptroller investigates Cuomo’s state-funded ads(NYP) State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, a Democrat long derided as weak and indecisive, is completing a hot-potato audit of Gov. Cuomo’s controversial “START-UP NY” TV campaign that will make or break DiNapoli’s reputation for years to come, insiders agree. Over $100 million has been spent around the country on START-UP or similar commercials supposedly designed to promote New York’s new business-friendly, tax-reducing policies. But Republican critics and even many of Cuomo’s fellow Democrats say the commercials have really been about boosting the governor’s popularity in and out of the state. “If those ads have done anything to help New York, I don’t know about it,’’ one of the state’s best-known Democrats told The Post.* Fred Dicker: “State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, a Democrat long derided as weak and indecisive, is completing a hot-potato audit of Gov. Cuomo’s controversial ‘START-UP NY’ TV campaign that will make or break DiNapoli’s reputation for years to come, insiders agree.”* Cuomo Has $9.1M Left In The Bank(NNN)*  Zephyr Teachout and the Working Families Party reunite toattack Gov. Cuomo on charter schools * Cuomo spent about $8 million in the weeks before and after his Nov. 4 re-election, outspending Republican foe, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, by more than 5-to-1.* Cuomo’s committee has taken in $46.9 million over the past four years – the biggest haul of any governor in state history.
Brain-Washing: TV Ads, Emails

Comptroller DiNapoli Has An Opponent  . . .  
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is set to announce the creation of an investigations division in his office, the Daily News reports:(NYDN)

Antonacci Launches Campaign For Comptroller(YNN) As widely expected, Republican Bob Antonacci on Wednesday launched his campaign for state comptroller, taking on Democratic incumbent Tom DiNapoli.
Antonacci, currently the Onondaga County comptroller and serving his second term, had reportedly taken last weekend to consider launching a statewide bid.* Antonacci To Accept Public Matching Funds(YNN) * Astorino Urges Senate GOP To Vote Against Public Financing(YNN) * Republican Onondaga County Comptroller Bob Antonacci launched a state comptroller bid and said he would “happily participate” in the new public campaign financing system shunned by the incumbent, Gannett Albany reports:  *Upstate Republican Announces Bid for State Comptroller(NY1) * EJ McMahon says state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s report of “stellar” pension fund earnings in 2014 needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

.Attorney General Campign  . . .
GOP Candidate for AG 

AG Eric Schneiderman picked up the first major endorsement of his re-election campaign with the backing of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York.
Ex Pataki aide announces run for governor(NYP)
Prominent Pols and Women’s Groups Trash Cahill Candidacy(NYO)
* A complaint filed with the state ethics commission against GOP state attorney general candidate John Cahill seeks an investigation into whether his consulting firm illegally lobbied the state, the Daily News reports: 
Speaker joins the Cahill attack via  

Schneiderman Counter Punches Super PAC
GOPER John Cahill decides to challenge Democratic AG Eric Schneiderman (2nd item)

Schneiderman makes fund-raising appeal to counter Super PAC(NYP)
John Cahill takes major step toward NY attorney general run by creating campaign committee(NYDN) A former top aide to ex-Gov. George Pataki has taken a major step toward announcing his candidacy by creating a campaign committee that allows him to begin accepting contributions. Cahill has never run for office. He currently heads an energy and environmental consulting firm with his former boss, The Pataki-Cahill Group.
Attorney General Schneiderman and His Re-Election
 * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli announced that the state's Common Retirement Fund is bigger than ever and broke down returns for its asset classes the performance over the past 20 years:

NYS Comptroller Race and Gov Fight
Campaign Finance vs Budget
John Cahill, the likely Republican candidate for attorney general, is expected to form an exploratory committee this week, according to GOP leaders, Gannett Albany reports: * DiNapoli questions Cuomo’s budget (Capital) Comptroller’s report says spending growth is larger than it’s made to appear

 * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s re-election team will include John Del Cecato, creator of the now famous ad featuring Mayor de Blasio’s son, Dante, praising his father’s progressive policies, Business Insider reports: Conservative Ready to Go It Alone Against DiNapoli With or Without GOP
State Conservative Chairman Michael Long says his party is prepared to run its own candidate for state comptroller against incumbent Tom DiNapoli if the Republicans can’t find someone.

Comptroller DiNapoli Pay to Play Problem Hevesi accepted six luxury vacations to Israel and Italy from a California venture capitalist Elliott Broidyto gain the right to manage $250 million in state pension-fund assets.Broidy pleaded guilty to a felony charge of rewarding official misconduct -- in cases involving at least four high-level officials in the comptroller's office whom he didn't name -- and had agreed to forfeit $18 million in fees he received for managing pension-fund investments

Broidy also rewarded another official in Hevesi's office by providing a "sham" $380,000 consulting contract to a relative, Cuomo said. According to the NYP a source identified the official as former Deputy Comptroller Tom Sanzillo and said the contract went to his brother Frank Sanzillo, a lobbyist at the state Capitol.
Tom Sanzillo is Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli First Deputy Controller
Frank Sanzillo was indicted in 1987 in a payroll abuse investigatio, as part of the Manfred Ohrenstein investigation of corruption in Albany. Frank who was once considered a whiz kid worked his way up though the Brooklyn Democratic Organizaton.

No Pension Pay to Play Free Lunch for Pols, Lobbyists and Consultants

Andy's 'Hevesi Law' to $lam crooked pols * Cuomo Waits to Take Aim at Pension Gap(WSJ) * Pensions: Legislators who break the law will lose their pensions. * By pushing for prison closures, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is dismantling a piece of his father’s legacy.

Some Pols Lobbyists and Consultants Already Caught:

Kevin McCabe * Hank Morris * Carl McCall * Freddie Ferrer * Global Stragities

Raymond B. Harding

Quadrangle Settles with Cuomo, Trashes Rattner; Global Strategies Group Fined Too... *  Raymond B. Harding Pleads Guilty in Pension Fund Corruption ...  * Cuomo Implicates Lobbyist, Patricia Lynch, in 'Pay to Play ...  Ex-Comptroller Carl McCall Is Part of New York Pension Inquiry ...  * After Introduction From Ferrer, Firm Earned $100,000 From State Pension Fund . . . * unlicensed placement agent Kevin McCabe, $715,000 . . .

Cuomo and state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli are a bit at odds over the governor’s plan to make permanent rules banning placement agents, lobbyists and elected officials from involvement with the pension fund. 



DiNapoli Solution to the Pension Fund Corruption Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Health Commissioner Richard Daines talk about what state policy can do to reduce the number of empty calories ingested by young people. (TU) *** Pension Play to Play Update Today's LA Times said Alfred Villalobos earned $53 million opening doors to CalPERS LA pension funds by spenting years helping Wall Street players gain access to the California Public Employees' Retirement System's vast wealth. What he did for his fees is now part of a CalPERS probe (LA Times) *** Freddy Ferrer, the Democratic nominee for mayor of New York City in 2005, worked as a consultant for Alvco in 2007. Seven months after Mr. Ferrer made the introduced Vilalobos to NY State Comptroller DiNapoli, Ferrer earned $100,000 in fees and a $10 million fee for Vilalobos firm Alvco *** Former Comptroller McCall’s Firm Is Subpoenaed in Pension Inquiry .Mr. McCall’s firm, Convent Capital, was included on a list of intermediaries, known as placement agents, that was released Wednesday by the office of the current state comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli. It names intermediaries used to broker deals between investment firms and the state pension fund during the troubled tenure of Alan G. Hevesi, Mr. DiNapoli’s predecessor. Mr. McCall’s firm is not registered. Other unregistered firms on the list include businesses affiliated with Peter J. Powers, a deputy mayor of New York under Rudolph W. Giuliani; Susan Torricelli, a prominent Democratic fund-raiser and ex-wife of former Senator Robert G. Torricelli of New Jersey; and Kevin McCabe, who served as chief of staff to Peter F. Vallone Sr. when he was the City Council speaker. True News What Will the Pensions Scandal Cost $$$ New York *** Calpers Rocked by 'Pay-to-Play'

 Much About Public Financing Reforms in Albany, Results in Nothing
“Let me be that I am, seek not to alter me.”

Wednesday Update

Planned Failure
Classic Albany *Reform* Exercise: Create a public financing system for the comptroller that the comptroller won't use  Comptroller to Opt Out of Public Financing System(NYT)
Thomas P. DiNapoli, New York State’s comptroller, says the system just enacted is a badly written, sloppy piece of legislation that was obviously rushed into effect. Thomas P. DiNapoli, the state comptroller, is the first to admit that what he plans to do is hypocritical. But it is true.  By adhering to the system, Mr. DiNapoli would have to forgo more than 70 percent of the roughly $2.1 million in contributions he’s raised.

DiNapoli Who Push For Public Financing Will Not Participate in the Test Program
After decades spent calling for the public financing of political campaigns, Mr. DiNapoli, a Democrat, says he will opt out of a public financing system that New York lawmakers have just enacted, in time for this fall’s elections. Then again, Mr. DiNapoli says the new system is a badly written, sloppy piece of legislation that was obviously rushed into effect — “a Frankenstein monster,” he calls it — and he fears that it may actually have been designed to fail, by lawmakers who either do not really believe in, or do not understand, public campaign financing at all.*Election reformers push Cuomo on public campaign financing(NYP) Activists say Cuomo’s failure to deliver what advocates deem to be a stronger statewide public campaign financing system means the Working Families Party will likely endorse someone else in the November election, the Post’s Fred Dicker*Updates  DiNapoli: I Won’t Be A ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ For Public Financing(YNN) * What’s the point of that DiNapoli-specific reform plan?(Capital) * Cuomo Admin ‘Suprised’ DiNapoli Opting Out Of Public Financing(YNN) * Cox Suggests Public Financing Program Is Political Payback(YNN) * Silver Hopes For ‘A More Realistic’ Public Financing Program(NYP)

DiNapoli: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Tom's Assembly Friends Voted DiNapoli in Office After Hevesi Resigned

The friends of Tom DiNapol The Post accuses State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli of moonlighting for the tort-law lobby, or falling under the influence of his top deputy, a former state environmental commissioner, for recommending an industry-paid fund to pay for potential damages related to hydrofracking(NYP) * DiNapoli Proposes 'Fracking' Fund(WSJ)


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