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The Secret World of Rev. Al Sharpton 765

The Family Sharpton

Monday Dominique Sharpton finally makes her social media private (NYP) *** City orders Sharpton’s daughter to save incriminating hiking pics (NYP) City lawyers warned the daughter of Al Sharpton, Dominique, not to delete Instagram photos or her hiking in Indonesia taken after she sued the city for damages for permanent damage to her ankle on an uneven street in SoHo * Dominique Sharpton hangs in Las Vegas after ‘permanent’ injury (NYP) Add another leg to the Dominique Sharpton world tour: Las Vegas. The globe-trotting Sharpton — who claims to be permanently injured after spraining her ankle on a Manhattan crosswalk last...* Al Sharpton’s daughter behind ‘shadowy’ non-profit (NYP) The globe-trotting daughter of Al Sharpton followed her father’s footsteps by quietly launching her own “shadowy” non-profit four years ago, according to a new report. Dominique Sharpton runs little-known Education for a Better America, a tax -exempt advocacy group that operates largely as an appendage of her dad’s National Action Network and even shares the same address and phone number.

The Sharpton Way Takes A Hike
Al Sharpton’s daughter sues city for $5M after spraining ankle (NYP) * Rev. Al Sharpton announced the opening of a new office for the National Action Network on Staten Island and pledged a series of non-violent actions leading up to the anniversary of Eric Garner’s death, the Staten IslandAdvance reports: * Bratton: Millennials are too young to understand ‘Broken Windows’(NYP) Monday Al Sharpton’s daughter hiked up a mountain on ‘sprained’ ankle(NYP) * The Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter, Dominique, who is suing NYC for $5 million after spraining her ankle at a crosswalk in 2014, posted pictures to Instagram showing she completed a difficult mountain climb in Bali, Indonesia — even though her suit says that “she still suffers” debilitating pain from the injury. Tuesday Update Dominique Sharpton posts more photos contradicting ‘sprained’ ankle suit (NYP) * Dominique Sharpton & NYC’s plague of laughable lawsuits (NYP Ed)
The Secret World of Rev. Al Sharpton

Garner's Daughter Caught On Conservative Hidden Tape

Eric Garner’s daughter on Al Sharpton: ‘He’s all about the money’(NYP) Al Sharpton is all about the Benjamins, a daughter of police chokehold victim Eric Garner claims in a bombshell videotape. Erica Snipes tees off on the reverend as interested primarily in money during a secretly recorded conversation by controversial conservative activist James O’Keefe’s group, Project Veritas. One of O’Keefe’s investigators poses as a Garner supporter with a hidden camera during a protest last month at the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island“You think Al Sharpton is kind of like a crook in a sense?” the investigator is heard asking Garner’s oldest daughter. “He’s about this,” Snipes replies, rubbing her fingers together. “He’s about money with you?” the undercover asks. “Yeah,” Snipes responds. Eric Garner’s daughter Erica SnipesPhoto: Gabriella Bass Snipes, 24, also complained that the Staten Island director of Sharpton’s National Action Network, Cynthia Davis, scolded her for handing out street fliers about her father’s case that did not include NAN’s logo.* Al Sharpton, #Comcast sued forracial discrimination #AlSharpton * The Rev. Al Sharpton is firing back at a report questioning his motives for his involvement in the Garner case. * The Legal Aid Society has filed suit to force the CCRB to turn over information it might have about Daniel Pantaleo, the officer whose takedown of Garner led to his death on Staten Island last year.* Every Sharpton business known has been dissolved for failure to comply with tax rules.

Heastie Black Agenda and the Sharpton Stop 
Sharpton defends three men in a room: "Don't talk about breaking up the trio now. We just got in the trio." 

Assembly SpeakerCarl Heastie hopes to boost college access for low, middle income New Yorkers (NYDN) Speaking at a City University luncheon at the state Capitol complex, Heastie said the Assembly Democrats will push for creation of a state DREAM Act to provide public tuition assistance money to the college kids of undocumented immigrants.

New York’s New Assembly Leader Vows to Aid Blacks(NYT)  At a rally in Harlem, Carl E. Heastie, the first African-American speaker of the New York Assembly, cited reforming the criminal justice system as one of his goals. “This is a tremendous opportunity for our community,” Mr. Heastie said at a rally hosted by the Rev. Al Sharpton in Harlem. As speaker, Mr. Heastie, a Bronx Democrat, will join the governor and the State Senate majority leader as Albany’s “three men in a room” who negotiate the state budget and other important matters. “All of you are going to be sitting at that table with me for the first time in history,” Mr. Heastie said at the headquarters of Mr. Sharpton’s National Action Network. He cited reforming the criminal justice system as one of his goals.* Sharpton: "You respected Shelly Silver. You gave him deference. And you're going to show the same respect to Carl Heastie." * Carl Heastie on WBLS right now comparing the "3 men in a room" concept to how the President does business in D.C.* New York Speaker Calls Stronger Rent Laws His Top Priority(NYT)In his first public appearance with Mayor Bill de Blasio since being elected Assembly speaker, Carl E. Heastie allied himself with Mr. de Blasio’s tenants’-rights efforts.* * Newly elected Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie announced the appointments of two key staffers to handle budget issues—Blake Washington and Philip Fields, State of Politicsreports:  The Observer takes an in depth look at Heastie and whetherhe will be able to step out of the shadow of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and hold his own during budget negotiations with Cuomo* Allowing lawmakers to have an outside income but requiring full disclosure of the job would be a far simpler way to clean up Albany, instead of a full-time legislature, which would allow a significant pay raise, the Postwrites:

Will de Blasio Be Forced to Dump Sharpton As the Price of Peace With the Cops? 
After the Daily News Attempted to Rehab Spin Sharpton the Rev Has Split With the Mayor Over the Demonstrations

Rather than dispatching surrogates to the airwaves with an explicit set of talking points, they say they have privately encouraged community leaders, labor allies and elected officials to echo Mr. de Blasio’s message of calm and unity. “That’s how you want to portray the world,” the mayor scolded a reporter. “But we know a different reality.” While some mayoral advisers blanched at the outburst, supporters said Mr. de Blasio’s overall approach was guiding the city through a difficult moment. “His response is measured; it’s being respectful of everyone,” said Bertha Lewis, a longtime friend and adviser to the mayor, who, like another ally interviewed for this article, volunteered the phrase “pitch perfect” to describe his approach. De Blasio, unlike former New York City Mayor David Dinkins back in 1992, has almost three more years to rebuild his relationship with the NYPD and make things right before he faces voters in the Democratic primary in Sept. 2017, the New York Post’s John Podhoretz writes:  

 New York’s Mayor Walks a Fine Line(WSJ) Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pledge to enact a liberal agenda while leading the nation’s largest city is testing his ability to govern as a representative of the Democratic Party’s activist wing as he moves to heal rifts with police.* Sharpton facescriticism after NYC officers’ deaths (Wash Post)  Veteran civil rights leader Al Sharpton, who has tried to play the statesman during heated protests over police shootings, now faces accusations of incitement after the killings last weekend of two officers in New York City.* NYC’s victory over lawlessness being reversed by anti-cop mayor(NYP)* "This is not and never has been and never will be an anti-police movement, or a kill police movement," @TheRevAl says. Defending protests.* Eric Garner’s family and Rev. Al Sharpton lead tribute for 2 slain NYPD cops(NYDN)*  * At a Christmas dinner at the National Action Network headquarters in Harlem, the Rev. Al Sharpton said he has been talking with Cardinal Dolan about doing something big to bring the city together, but didn’t elaborate, Newsdayreports:

Sharpton Will Do Anything for the Cause 

Sharpton evokes image of him twerking atop skyscraper(NYP) The Rev. Al Sharpton justified his community activism on Saturday with a cringe-worthy verbal image of himself busting a move atop a famed city landmark. “If I got to meet with the mayor, if I got to march on the mayor, if I got to twerk on the Empire State Building, I’m going to make them understand your issues!” he thundered at his weekly rally at the National Action Networks headquarters in Harlem. “Nobody comes to me to keep their problem a secret,” he added.

The Power and Understanding Process of An Old Time Tammany Leader, Loyal Following of A Godfather the Public Relations Skills of A Cardinal 

Two Weeks After the NYTimes Knock Him Down Sharpton Has More Power Than Ever
NYC's Dear Leader
Scarborough Defends Sharpton from ‘Trial Lawyer’ Charges: These Families Call *Him*  (VIDEO) * Garner made “a victim of himself” by resisting arrest and 228,000 non-fatal misdemeanor arrests last year prove the idea of an “out of control” police force is false,op-ed contributor Bob McManus writes in the Post: 

Media and Social Media is Changing Politics Right Before Our Eyes

The Sharpton de Blasio Mulgrew Axis Protection

Among the honored guests at Sharpton’s Staten Island march and rally were American Federation of Teachers chief Randi Weingarten and United Federation of Teachers honcho Michael Mulgrew. The AFT and UFT are long-time sponsors of the Sharpton-led National Action Network.  Yet when Sharpton rails against the “school-to-prison pipeline,” I’m certain he’s well aware that that many schools in minority areas are saddled with U-rated (for “unsatisfactory”) and misbehaving teachers.

  1. Al Sharpton's Past Ties to Vote Fraud Taint His Fulminating ...

    The Daily Beast
    Dec 10, 2011 - Major Owens in 1976, when Sharpton tried to run against him in a ...Jim Sleeper, a Village Voice reporter who covered the 1982 election, wrote ...

More Rev. Sharpton's Secrets  . . .   

Will Sharpton Nation Survive?
Donald Sterling blowup’s surprise: Al Sharpton’s diminished influence(Salon) The Rev is a timeless adapter, able to exploit every news moment to maximum effect. It didn't happen this time. Sharpton’s name appeared at the top of the Los Angeles NAACP dinner invitation, right above Sterling’s (before it was deleted), and Sharpton is still scheduled to receive his “Person of the Year” honors, amid awards to such civil rights giants as top Wal-Mart executives. Leon Jenkins, the head of the NAACP chapter in Los Angeles that picked Sterling, recently co-authored an Op-Ed on state budget cuts with the president of Sharpton’s local National Action Network. Maybe the Rev and the NAACP need to have a meeting of their own “to make sure” that the sale of civil rights honors “never happens again.” The Sharpton camera-grab on Sterling didn’t attract much support, an unfortunate surprise for the TV host, as insinuating himself into an overnight win-win situation could have counterbalanced one of his worst stretches in the media since his latest reinvention.* NO GOOD SAMARITAN: City & State columnist Alexis Grenell explores New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “special treatment” for Rev. Al Sharpton despite the civil rights activist's shady past.
The Secret World of Rev. Sharpton

SHARPTON’S NON-ENDORSEMENT, SNUB OF RANGEL -- He argued against Rep. Charlie Rangel’s theory about why he should have one more final term, criticized the congressman’s debate rhetoric as dangerously close to race-baiting and suggested he was on the verge of putting his endorsement behind one of the candidates running to replace the 84-year-old lawmaker. In fact, one of Sharpton’s aides is working for Rangel’s leading challenger, Adriano Espaillat, and Sharpton’s top associates gave money to a second candidate, Michael Walrond, challenging Rangel. But Sharpton told the Times he is not going to make an endorsement in Rangel’s June 24 primary.

Rev. "Godfather"Sharpton Poker Showmanship Magic Walk Through Life  

Mohamed Ali
Pulling Tricks From Everyone’s Sleeves(Powell, NYT) Mayor Bill de Blasio can swell with enthusiasm for people and movements and moments progressive.  So he showed up at the Sheraton last week for the National Action Network’s convention to offer a rhetorical bear hug to that cat with 43 lives, the Rev. Al Sharpton. The mayor spoke of the ever-more diminutive and nattily tailored reverend in tones so reverent that reporters craned their necks to see if the reincarnated Martin Luther King Jr. had taken a seat on the dais.  

Back to the Future Sharpton D’Amato Gambling Joint, AEG II?

Whoa. This is Heavy Doc, Marty McFly
Al Sharpton pal wants to open $400M NY casino(NYP)A controversial Alabama gambling operator who boasts of his ties to Al Sharpton wants to open a $400 million resort casino at Stewart Airport — just 60 miles north of the Big Apple. Luther “Nat” Winn, CEO of Greenetrack Inc., serves as a board member of Sharpton’s National Action Network. For his part, Sharpton, in a recent Post interview, insisted he had nothing to do with Winn’s New York gambling venture and was not playing holy roller for a casino. “I don’t know anything about that,” Sharpton said of Greenetrack’s casino bid. “They haven’t talked to me about it.” Greenetrack has strong New York political connections. Charlie King, a former executive director at both Sharpton’s NAN and the state Democratic Party, is a Greenetrack lobbyist. Juanita Scarlett, a member of Al D’Amato’s Park Strategies firm who used to work for Mario Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer, is the group’s publicist.
. .
Van Susteren Takes Veiled Shot at Sharpton over Sterling Outrage (VIDEO)

  1. It never made any sense that Sharpton survived Tawana Brawley. Makes a little more sense now. The Al Sharpton story always an odd one more and more seems to be a helluva one--mostly still unwritten, too. But suddenly clearer.
    Why did Al Sharpton allow FBI to wire him? Patriotism or blackmail pressure?

Buying into the 's many alibis: “If I played poker, I would want the mayor at my table,” Powell
Our mayor employs Mr. Sharpton’s longtime top assistant as the $170,000-a-year chief of staff to his wife, Chirlane McCray. Mr. de Blasio sounds ready to swallow whole Mr. Sharpton’s rap. . . “He was asked by the F.B.I. to support their efforts, and he agreed to help,” Mr. de Blasio noted. “And that’s what a citizen should do.” If I played poker, I would want the mayor at my table. In fact, Mr. Sharpton began working for the F.B.I. after agents showed him a video in which he nodded sympathetically as another gentleman — an undercover F.B.I. agent — discussed major cocaine deals.
The many willing partners of : from drug kingpins to , from to Zuckerman

A man on a first-name basis with a striking number of made men from various and many Mafia families. A Genovese here, a Gambino there, Baldy, Fritzy, Vinny the Chin, the reverend was nothing if not ecumenical.  . . Mr. Sharpton has Muhammad Ali’s ability to slip a punch; dodging these latest accusations offered child’s play. . .  The truth is that you approach writing about Mr. Sharpton with great reluctance. He’ll denounce you in the morning and prove a charming dinner companion in the evening. It’s as if he’s the love child of Houdini and P. T. Barnum. In 1986, Mr. Sharpton endorsed United States Senator Alfonse M. D’Amato, a Republican, against a liberal Democrat challenger. Afterward, Mr. D’Amato steered a $500,000 federal grant to Mr. Sharpton to establish an antidrug program in Brooklyn. Mr. Sharpton’s partner in that effort, Robert Curington, was another music producer. Mr. Curington was also a “Class 1” trafficker. The grant was later canceled. Years back, some brave black leaders, Major Owens and Al Vann, challenged the corrupt Brooklyn machine. A young Al Sharpton was aligned with their opponents, and tried to bring them down.
They sort of forgave him; everyone does.  Mr. Sharpton as a Judge Judy type. James Rosemond, his business partner, paid the airfare and hotel for this expedition, The Smoking Gun noted. Mr. Rosemond was a music industry executive. As the United States attorney for the Eastern District pointed out, Mr. Rosemond also went by the name Jimmy Henchman. He was sentenced last year to life imprisonment for running an organization that moved 50 to 100 kilos of cocaine each month.

The thing w Rev. Al is if you wait long enough, he'll say anything, some good, some atrocious & often self serving
More recently, Mr. Sharpton entered an alliance with the former schools chancellor Joel I. Klein to back charter schools. Mortimer B. Zuckerman, the publisher of The Daily News, wrote a column in which he kvelled about this strange new alliance.Maybe it wasn’t really so strange. A hedge fund backer pumped half a million into the bank accounts of Mr. Sharpton’s nonprofit.This is a well-practiced move. A couple of years back, Comcast desired a $30 billion merger with NBC. It needed federal approval. So Comcast, as the reporter Wayne Barrett pointed out, pumped $140,000 into Mr. Sharpton’s coffers. Voilà. Mr. Sharpton supported the merger.“He’s the real thing,” Mr. de Blasio said last week. Yes, he is. The real “what” is the question. * Uncle Luke Slams Rev. Al Sharpton's Past As FBI Snitch The Urban Daily

The Rev. Al Sharpton Show Reality Show
Sunday Update
Sharpton: I didn’t use cocaine – but I would admit it if I had(NYP)None of New York City’s 12 other members of Congress failed to pay rent because of last year’s federal sequester — the excuse Rep. Charles Rangel gave for stiffing state taxpayers out of $87,000. “It’s not just my office. It’s any office that had to take a cut that we didn’t ask for in our budget,” the deadbeat pol whined in a TV interview following The Post exposé last Sunday.* Al Sharpton Gets Testy With Lesley Stahl When Asked About FBI Role In 2011(WCBS) * Ahmed Obafemi recalls 1983 meeting with Rev. Al Sharpton and his bugged briefcase(NYDN) After The Smoking Gun website quoted secret court papers detailing how Sharpton used a bugged briefcase for the FBI in the 1980s, Obafemi said he feels vindicated. Obafemi, an activist with ties to black revolutionaries, had suspicions about Sharpton and the unusual attention he paid to his briefcase during a 1983 meeting about Joanne Chesimard. Sharpton has always denied allegations that his cooperation with the feds included trying to obtain information on black revolutionaries, as one law enforcement source told Newsday in 1988.* Stasi: Don’t worry, Al, your MSNBC friends, who forced out some former colleagues, got your back though many people mistakenly think you're a race-baiting extortionist

"You can’t be an activist and an opportunist”
Sharpton was ‘eager to sell coke’ in the ’80s: pal(NYP) DURHAM, NC — A drug trafficker who worked for Al Sharpton’s nonprofit in the 1980s said that despite the preacher’s denials, he was eager to get a slice of the lucrative drug deal captured on FBI surveillance video. “It was greed. He just wanted money,” Robert Curington, 72, told The Post during a two-day interview at his North Carolina home, detailing for the first time how Sharpton stepped into the FBI’s trap — and was then forced to become a federal informant. Sharpton has said he showed interest in the drug deal only because he feared the undercover agent was armed. He also claimed that he snitched for the feds — as first reported by The Smoking Gun this week — because the mob was threatening him. Curington called all of that a tall tale. He instead provided a detailed account of how Sharpton wined and dined a man he thought was a South American drug lord — and said Sharpton met him not just once, but three times.* FIERY SPEECH: President Obama stands with Rev. Al Sharpton while accusing Republicans of threatening voter rights(NYDN) * Obama: Republicans want to keep people from voting(Wash Post) * Obama Talks Voting Rights Act Threat at NAN Convention(NY1)* Obama Tells Sharpton Group to Get Out the Vote This Year(Bloomberg News)

More on Rev. Sharpton  
Who advised POTUS to embrace Al Sharpton on very day new scandal erupted? Sharpton always a rogue disgraces otherwise good causes.

Smoking Gun Who Broke the Sharpton Story Responds to CI-7 Explanation 

Obama Pays Tribute to Sharpton in Wake of FBI Controversy(NYO) * Speaking at the NAN convention, President Obama gave a shout-out to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for pre-K.

Friday Update
New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray told the crowd at the National Action Network’s power breakfast that she hoped to be First Lady for “at least eight years,” the Daily News writes:* At first debate, Rangel asks to ‘wrap it up’ with Obama(Capital)
“I am not married to this job just to stay here until I drop dead,” said Rangel.

Facts Derail Lying Sharpton's Informant Tale (Smoking Gun) Former FBI Mafia snitch spins fabricated story of "CI-7" work. Sharpton did not bother to reveal how he happened to know Buonanno in the first place. Buonanno had been involved in the record industry for decades, and was business partners with Robert Curington, a convicted felon who also happened to be a close associate of Sharpton’s (and a vice president of the reverend’s not-for-profit National Youth Movement). Concerned for his safety, Sharpton claims that he called the FBI in early-1984 and reported the Pisello encounter. In short order, the reverend began cooperating with federal agents. Spurred by the threat, Sharpton says he taped a series of ten face-to-face meetings with Buonanno--but not Pisello, the hoodlum who allegedly threatened the activist’s life. Concerned for his safety, Sharpton claims that he called the FBI in early-1984 and reported the Pisello encounter. In short order, the reverend began cooperating with federal agents. Spurred by the threat, Sharpton says he taped a series of ten face-to-face meetings with Buonanno--but not Pisello, the hoodlum who allegedly threatened the activist’s life.

Those Sharpton recordings--made with an FBI-issued briefcase containing a hidden recording device--spanned a three-month period beginning in April 1984, according to FBI records. As Sharpton spun out this tale Tuesday, he claimed to have detailed the Mafia death threat in his 1986 book “Go And Tell Pharaoh.” He dismissed TSG’s review of this period of his life as “old news” since he had purportedly already written the story himself years ago. However, while Sharpton’s book does refer to a menacing gangster named “Sal,” Buonanno does not rate a single mention. Additionally, Sharpton’s problems with “Sal” appear to have been settled quickly--and in the activist’s favor, according to the book.* Sharpton wore FBI wire to save himself from drug sting: report(NYP) Sharpton began cooperating with the FBI in mid-1983. So he had actually been working as a confidential informant for about nine months before Pisello’s purported threat, an encounter that Sharpton now falsely claims prompted him to first contact federal agents (and subsequently begin recording Buonanno). The reverend was “flipped” by FBI agents three months after he was filmed in March 1983 (during a bureau sting) talking cocaine with an undercover agent. On a Thursday afternoon in June 1983, Sharpton showed up at a Manhattan apartment expecting to meet again with the undercover agent, who was posing as a former South American druglord seeking to launder money through boxing promotions.
Instead, Sharpton was confronted by FBI agents who showed him the “cocaine” videotape. The panicked reverend agreed--on the spot--to cooperate with federal agents, according to sources familiar with the contents of Sharpton’s FBI informant file.* I DID WHAT WAS RIGHT! Rev. Sharpton rips revelations that he spied on the mob, slams attention to his work as FBI mole as racist(NYDN) * Sharpton’s Group Seems Undaunted by His F.B.I. Role(NYT) * Obama unconcerned by Al Sharpton's history with the FBI and mafia(Wash Exam) * Mike Walrond Hires Firm to Guide Congressional Bid(NYO) * Sharpton Caught in Bald-Faced Cocaine Lie ...(Fox News) * Who Cares If Al Sharpton Was An FBI Informant 30 Years Ago?(News One) * Al Sharpton was 'flipped into being an FBI informant'(Daily Mail) * Sharpton denies any wrongdoing in FBI informant role(LA Wave) * De Blasio offers Sharpton a public embrace, Cuomo doesn’t(Capital) n* Cuomo's Ethics Deal Faces Ethics Probe(WNYC) * De Blasio gets relative of freed bishop to help praise first 100 days(NYP) * Obama And Al Sharpton: An Odd Couple Who Make Political Sense (NYP)

Old Bull Rangel Goes After Rev. Sharpton

Details of Sharpton’s Time as Informer Shed Light on a Life With Many Chapters(NYT) In the 30 years since his involvement with the F.B.I., the Rev. Al Sharpton has gone from being a belligerent street activist to being a cable-channel host and sometime political candidate.* . Faulkner: "The past isn't...even past." Rev's history relevant if he now won't tell truth why Feds wired him & Mob trusted him * Sharpton on helping FBI: I’m not a rat, I’m a cat(NYP) * Made-Over Sharpton Gets Blast From Past(WSJ) *Al Sharpton downplays revelations about his work as an FBI informant who spied on the Mafia  (NYDN)
The reverend and civil rights activist insists he went to the FBI only after his life was threatened by mobsters. ‘I did what anybody would do ... other than a thug,’ he say

"The White House wouldn't comment for a 2nd day on the Sharpton revelations but de Blasio had no such reluctance" (NYDN) * Our Harry Siegel's column: "There’s no small irony in seeing Al Sharpton — hardly an amateur when it comes to impugning the reputation of others — responding with frustration to an attack on his own. Old history came back Monday to nip at the heels of the once-rotund reverend, immortalized by Tom Wolfe as Rev. Bacon and now by the FBI as Confidential Informant No. 7, who joins Client 9 in the numbered annals of shady NYC politics."* Sharpton’s take on his FBI work, over the years(Capital)* Things are complicated for Reverend Al Sharpton. on the long-running Rev melodrama:*Bill de Blasio on Al Sharpton: ‘He’s the Real Thing’(NYO) * At Sharpton Convention, Fans Dismiss ‘Rat’(NYO) * Cuomo To Attend National Action Network’s Reception * Sharpton opens civil rights annual; Obama expected(Wash Pos) * Obama to attend NYC Sharpton conference(WSJ) * Al Sharpton's Media Enablers(WSJ)

Keep Your Faith Baby
When you work in congress, you understand that nobody goes after the old bulls.  An old bull is a congressman who knows the art of revenge. Rangel is also part of the Harlem 4 who have run Harlem and black politics in New York for a generation or two. Sharpton fresh off a City Hall takeover for his team is looking to consolidate his power in Harlem.  Sharption has not endorsed Congressman Rangel for what he said will be his final term. Has not spoken out against a NJ Preacher Michael Walrond who many political pros believe was put into the race to split the decreasing black vote in the district, giving the Latino candidate a better shot to beat the incumbent.
More on Rev. Sharpton

The Reporter to Uncovered the Sharpton FBI Connection in the 1980's  for Newsday
Rev. Al Sharpton and Me(NBC News)
ICYMI: The Sharpton story has been around since literally 1988


If Your Going to Kill the King Make Sure Your Kill Him
Finally some of the Reverend political allies are working for State Sen. Adriano Espaillat who almost beat the congressman in 2012. With today story in the national blog, The Smoking Gun, Al Sharpton's Secret Work As FBI Informant, it is not clear that Congressman Rangel and his powerful connected friends team will not go quietly or gently.* Rev. Al Sharpton worked as FBI informant in the '80s: report(NYDN) * Rev. Al Sharpton Was FBI Mob Informant, Says The Smoking Gun(Gothamist) *  

Schumer Endorses Rangel
Sharpton pushes back on report he was mob informant(Fox News) * Sharpton: I wasn't FBI informant(Politico) * Rev. Al Sharpton is a former paid FBI informant: report(Wash Times) * Al Sharpton Was FBI Informant(Daily Beast)Sharpton Is Linked to Spying on the Mafia (NYT) * ' "Eliot Spitzer did do something wrong, and he got a TV show," said the Rev. Al,' who got a TV show. (NYP) * Al Sharpton Denies He Helped FBI Take Down Genovese Mobsters CBS Local *Schumer endorses ‘tenacious’ Rangel(Capital)

Sharpton and Dangerfield Tied to Same Genovese Mobster Family

Family Ties
Dangerfield & Sharpton shared ties to same mobster: report (NYP)Comedian Rodney Dangerfield and Al Sharpton allegedly had at least one thing in common — ties to the same Genovese mob soldier. Joseph Pagano, whom Sharpton knew through his sports-promotion dealings, was extremely close to the comic, according to FBI records detailed by The Smoking Gun. * AL THE MOB SNITCH: Rev. Sharpton carried bugged briefcase to help bring down infamous Genovese crime family in the '80s, report reveals* Al Sharpton: I was no FBI informant (TPM) * AlSharpton An FBI Informant?: 10 Things We Learned(Hiphopwired) * Things Are Complicated for Reverend Al Sharpton (NY Mag)

Al Sharpton An FBI Informant?: 10 Things We Learned - See more at:

"Whoever wins is going to have to deal with N.A.N. and me,”Rev Sharpton (The New Guard)
The Harlem Take Over Again, Adam Clayton Powell Knock Out by Rangel 1971
Sharpton: ‘No sacred seat’ for Rangel(Capital) The Rev. Al Sharpton rejected on Sunday the idea that Rep. Charlie Rangel should be accorded one final term, as a graceful exit for the longtime congressman. "Rangel's been in office 44 years," Sharpton said at a church in Harlem.  "I remember as a kid Rangel ran against Adam Clayton Powell. And won. ... And now, all of a sudden people are going to tell us ‘Well, let Rangel retire in office.’ He didn’t let Adam retire in office."
Flashback Barrett: Watching Al Sharpton Operate at the Percy Sutton Funeral (Village Voice)

Rev. Shapton Ratted on Wiseguys
Al Sharpton's Secret Work As FBI Informant(Smoking Gun) Untold story of how activist once aided probes of NYC When friends and family members gathered recently at the White House for a private celebration of Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday, one of the invited partygoers was a former paid FBI Mafia informant.
A lengthy investigation by The Smoking Gun has uncovered remarkable details about Sharpton’s past work as an informant for a joint organized crime task force comprised of FBI agents and NYPD detectives, as well as his dealings with an assortment of wiseguys. Exposed his interactions with four of the five New York City crime families.
Beginning in the mid-1980s and spanning several years, Sharpton’s cooperation was fraught with danger since the FBI’s principal targets were leaders of the Genovese crime family, the country’s largest and most feared Mafia outfit. In addition to aiding the FBI/NYPD task force, which was known as the “Genovese squad,” Sharpton’s cooperation extended to several other investigative agencies.* The untrustworthy men of God: how the (paid by Ratner) Revs. Daughtry and Sharpton twisted the truth(AYR)
More on Rangel Re-Election

Rev.Sharpton Answers Back the FBI Charges
“It’s crazy. If I provided all the information they claimed I provided, I should be given a ticker-tape parade”Sharpton 
Sharpton secretly worked as FBI mob informant: report(NYP)Sharpton was known to have crossed paths with underworld figures through his work in the music industry and boxing world, including with his mentor James Brown. He also had an association with boxing promoter Don King. Sharpton, in a Post interview, did not deny that he cooperated with the FBI. But he said the report greatly exaggerated his role.“It’s crazy. If I provided all the information they claimed I provided, I should be given a ticker-tape parade,” Sharpton said.
He insisted he did not own a briefcase with a listening device.

 What Does de Blasio and MSNBC Think of Sharpton Mob Ties?
De Blasio Praises Sharpton After ‘Rat’ Reports(NYO)Doesn’t change the relationship one bit. I’m very proud to be his friend. I think he has done a lot of good for the City of New York and for this country,” Mr. de Blasio said.The mayor further pointed to Mr. Sharpton’s own remarks this morning at a hastily-called press conference where Mr. Sharpton argued that cooperating with the police was a laudable act. “What’s obvious from what he said this very morning is that he was asked by the FBI to support their efforts and he agreed to help. And that’s what a citizen should do,” Mr. de Blasio said. “And so I have the exact same positive view of him I had before.” There’s a dispute about how Sharpton became an FBI informant. The report said Sharpton was recorded in a meeting that involved an undercover FBI drug sting. While Sharpton did not explicitly offer to arrange a drug deal, the feds had enough to frighten the fiery activist into becoming an informant, the report said. But Sharpton offered a different account. He said it was he who contacted the feds after a mobster threatened him while he was acting as a concert promoter.* Al Sharpton's Secret Work As FBI Informant | The Smoking Gun, credits NY Newsday's long-forgotten 1988 story on same. 

"I am not a rat! I'm a cat!"  
"Because I chase rats"

. says he hopes everyone cooperates with police to try to fight crime * @TheRevAl says he "was not a rat, because I was not with the rats. I am a cat, because I chase rats." * Al Sharpton: ‘I Was Not and Am Not a Rat, Because I Wasn’t With the Rats. I’m a Cat’(NYO) * Al Sharpton responds to report that he spied on New York Mafia figures for the FBI (NBC) *Al Sharpton addresses report of FBI involvement: The Rev. Al Sharpton says a report that he spied on New York ...(WABC) * Sharpton Rejects Detailed Story About FBI Informant Role (NRO) *Sharpton says he's a cat, not a rat, for helping FBI chase mobsters(LA Times)* 'I DID WHAT ANYBODY WOULD DO': Defiant Rev. Sharpton says he did 'what Al Sharpton Addresses FBI Report on MSNBC: 'I Did the Right Thing' 

Mark Green Goes Rogue Also
"I’m happy to grade these power-players because I don’t need to have lunch in this town again" Green

 NY1 Online: Green, Reporters Discuss Cuomo-Bharara Feud Over Moreland Commission * Gov. Cuomo's ad for anti-corruption Moreland Commission criticized by former public advocate Mark Green (July 2013 NYDN) * The men behind the masks(Mark Green, NYDN) After a big week for Mayor de Blasio, Gov. Cuomo and Rev. Al Sharpton, The News asked Mark Green — who’s been in the arena with all three of his fellow Dems — to rate how they are doing. Cuomo has an unusual style of governance – avoiding nearly all TV interview shows and largely operating behind the curtain via staff and spare rehearsed lines. The Albany cliché is three men in a room running the show, but Cuomo has increasingly become the singular man behind the curtain. And that’s worked well him if you believe the metrics of polls, campaign contributions and, he argues, results.
More On the Secret World of Rev Sharpton

The Godfather Rev. of the New Progressive Government

Sharpton Pushes A 
Senate Coalition
 'INDEPENDENT' OR OWNED?Observer's Kamelia Kilawan: Members of the State Legislature's Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian caucus rallied with the Rev. Al Sharpton to unveil their legislative priorities, and push those in their way. Exactly who those opponents are is up in the air, but Sharpton seemed to single out the state Senate's Independent Democratic Conference: “I’m all for building coalitions but coalitions are based on agendas,” he said. “Coalitions that do not have the agenda of those that are working class and those that are needy and those that are not getting their fair share—that is not a coalition, that’s a co-option.” Klein stressed his relationship with de Blasio and his support for his pre-K plan. And de Blasio reciprocated, telling NY1's Zack Fink: “It’s a good relationship. I have known him for a long time and I very much appreciate his support on early childhood education and after school.”

de Blasio At Sharpton's National Action Network

Paying Respect to the Godfather
. just compared to obama "Bill de Blasio will not walk on water on the Hudson" Sharpton saying we elected a mayor, not a savior. But its a new day of progress". Sharpton notes campaigning is different than governing; nods.* Six minutes into his speech, brings up his full day pre k plan and talks going to Albany for a tax hike.* De Blasio Thanks Supporters And Reiterates His Vision For NYC With Sharpton In Harlem (NY1) * Bill de Blasio: 'cleared the air' with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly(NYDN)  De Blasio says after the New York top cop’s comment that the mayor-elect and other politicians were ‘full of s---’ the pair spoke and ‘we’re moving forward.’ *  De Blasio pushes ‘aggressive agenda’ at Sharpton meeting(NYP) * De Blasio meets with Ray Kelly, to 'clear the air' | Capital New York *The Victory Lap: Incoming Elected Officials Visit Sharpton's Harlem HQ To Talk Progressive Change(NYT)

Tawana Brawley
Al Sharpton Should Step Down YesterdayBy Alton H. Maddox, Jr
Al Sharpton says report of FBI cooperation not new - Beaumont Enterprise
The Neverland Music Summit | Village Voice 
Al Sharpton’s Long Bill of Goods, From Tawana Brawley to Primetime - The Daily Beast 
Ex NYPD Cop: We Used to Call Al Sharpton 'The Fat Rat' | Washington Free Beacon 

Bo Dietl: Informant Sharpton Known as 'Fat Rat'
Former NYPD detective Bo Dietl says the Rev. Al Sharpton was known as "the fat rat" — and that the MSNBC host had likely been turned into an FBI informer after he was filmed allegedly trying to buy cocaine. Sharpton admitted that he had cooperated with an FBI investigation into New York’s Genovese crime family, but he denied he was paid to snitch on the mob. Dietl, however, told Fox News it was well-known that Sharpton was helping the FBI. "People I knew from East Harlem, everyone on the streets at that time, knew he was an informant. We used to call him the fat rat," Dietl said.
Read the Full Story — Go Here Now

The latest entry in the "et tu?" sweepstakes is the news that Al Sharpton is hawking car title loans on TV in Virginia, a product considered to be so predatory in nature that it's banned in most states, including New York.

Sharpton Told Tawana, You Can Get Rich if You Stick With Your Story, According to the Exclusive Newsday Story by Les Payne

Les_payne_pic[It's been forgotten by time but this is the story that brought Sharpton down from on high when he was pushing the Tawana Brawley hoax some 25 years ago.]
[photo: Les Payne, from website National Association of Black Journalists]
- See more at: 

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