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War: de Blasio vs Cuomo #835

de Blasio vs Cuomo War Update: The Albany Budget "Tin Cup Day" Edition
@NYCMayor says states new 421-a proposal produces roughly half the affordable units the mayors proposal last year would have  Big BdB beef with Cuomo proposals: Gov's new 421-a plan. BdB says costs city too much in forgone tax $ for not enough affordable housing.  "Were particularly adamant that we cannot revert back to a plan that subsidizes luxury condominiums," @NYCMayor says  .@BilldeBlasio raises concerns about pre-k grant consolidation program. Includes rate cut that would effectively eliminate 3,400 pre-k seats * De blasio says charter school initiatives in budget would cut funding for public schools. He also says no need to raise cap on # of charters * Unsurprisingly, @NYCMayor is critical of state cut that defunds some DOHMH programs, foster care programs, aging programs * Now, @NYCMayor turns to homelessness. He says city will announce "new comprehensive vision" for city's homeless in February. * Cathy Young calls @NYCMayor pledge of no new prop tax rate increases a "shell game" because assessments keep going up * De Blasio makes another push for ‘mansion tax’ (NYP) * De Blasio Steps Away From Trump Turmoil to Defend His Ideas in Albany (NYT) New York City’s mayor, who has publicly opposed the new president, attended the state budget hearing, where he spoke about education, children’s services and affordable housing.* De Blasio fights Cuomo’s proposal to abolish charter school cap (NYP) * De Blasio told CNN’s Jake Tapper that it is OK to shield undocumented immigrants who drive drunk from federal authorities if it does not “lead to any other negative outcome.” * Speaking to state lawmakers, de Blasio insisted the “overwhelming majority” of cases investigated by the city’s Administration for Children’s Services are handled properly and he blamed the media for painting an unflattering picture of the agency, the Daily News writes. * * State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan called New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposed tax on home sales of more than $2 million “a non-starter,” after meeting with the mayor yesterday, State of Politics reports. * Video: Felder Slams De Blasio On Nickel Bag Tax & Being Unresponsive

Fredric U. Dicker ‏@fud31   “This is not about free tuition,it’s about shifting costs &putting added burdens on people in the city..a sham.”

De Blasio claims he wasn't following Cuomo to bomb threat (NYP) * This week’s snowstorm was just the latest excuse for Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to try and outdo each other, with the two trading press briefings about the city’s storm response, the New York Post reports.

Cuomo and de Blasio turn bomb scare into latest round of feud (NYP) Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo turned a Brooklyn bomb scare Thursday into the latest round of their endless feud — with the governor beating his rival to the address and vowing state cops would crack the case.  Cuomo practically needed a cape for his heroics at the the Jewish Children’s Museum. He swooped onto the scene at 11:15 a.m., risking life and limb as he raced into the building despite a threat that warned three pipe bombs would go off as part of a “well planned attack.” Cuomo then soothed shaken staffers outside in full view of the cameras — promising that his state troopers would bring the perpetrator to justice.  By then, Cuomo and most of the cops were long gone, Hizzoner did a quick walk-through before darting off without letting the media get near him.  The game of one-upmanship has become a tired ritual since de Blasio took office in 2014 — and has included everything from serious issues like child welfare to the saga of a wayward deer that died as the two pols bickered over its fate.  Thursday’s bomb scare — which comes amid a rash of antiSemitic threats in the city and around the country — was e-mailed to the Eastern Parkway museum around 8 a.m. Officials there called the cops and alerted both the governor’s office and City Hall.    Cuomo happened to be speaking at nearby Medgar Evers College — touting an affordable-housing plan that steps squar-ely on the toes of Hizzoner, who has made that one of the signature issues of his administration. “He’s right here . . . we called him, he showed up,” museum founder Devorah Halberstam said of Cuomo.* Cuomo’s millionaires tax could make high-income earners move out of the state, a rush that will only grow if Washington, D.C., scraps or trims the federal deduction for state and local taxes, making everyone in the state feel the pain, the Post writes.

NYPD officials would not say whether they’d be working with state law enforcement on the investigation.  Cuomo has previously used his troopers to nettle the mayor. He announced last December that he’d double the number of state troopers in the city to protect potential terror targets, but the mayor shot back that the city does not need policing help.  That same month, the state issued a scathing report of de Blasio’s embattled Administration for Children’s Services after the mishandling of two cases that resulted in the deaths of Zymere Perkins,6, and Jaden Jordan, 3.

Now Cuomo Says He Can Reform NY's Voting System Better than de Blasio As Cuomo Faces A Much Less Friendly Legislature in 2017 1st of 6 SOS Starts Today
The governor of the second-largest Democratic state in the union this week will present his agenda for the coming year. The speeches — half a dozen of them, delivered over three days around the state — come amid a steady stream of worrying news for Democrats coming out of Washington and a week before Trump’s inaugural address.  But Cuomo didn’t mention, let alone attack, Trump as he announced expanded college tuition subsidies and plans to remodel JFK airport last week. Instead, in this week’s State of the State tour, Cuomo is less likely to fire any kind of direct shot than he is to simply focus on policy responses. It’s an approach that fits with his core political narrative as well as the political realities in Albany.Cuomo Set His Agenda in the Trump Era (PoliticoNY)

Cuomo revealed more of his 2017 agenda ahead of his six State of the State speeches, including expanding voter access, cracking down on wage theft and promoting electric vehicles
Cuomo wants early voting, more electric car charging stations (NYP)  Cuomo unveiled several new policy proposals Sunday, including plans to allow for early voting and install hundreds of new charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the state.  The announcements came a day before Cuomo is set to kick off a three-day, state-of-the-state tour in which he’ll deliver addresses in Manhattan, Buffalo and Long Island.  His plan to create 500 new charging facilities would rely on incentives for employers who agree to install them at workplaces throughout the state. He also plans to install 69 more stations along the New York State Thruway as part of its greenhouse gas reduction push. There are only four charging stations along the 570-mile now.* De Blasio Calls For Voter Reform ‘Action’ After ReportsOf Long Lines At NYC Polling Sites (Nov8 WCBS) De Blasio has vowed to lead an effort to make it easier to vote in New York, urging the state to implement same-day voter registration, early voting and no-excuse absentee voting.* As he gets ready to roll out his agenda this week, insiders expect Cuomo, who has been warring with lawmakers, to rely less on the state Legislature than any time during his first six years in office, the Daily News writes.  * New rule restricts Cuomo staff access to NYS Senatefloor (NYDN) * The Times Union writes that Cuomo’s proposal to make public college affordable for most New Yorkers has gaps that must be filled in before it can be called an excellent plan

Cuomo vs de Blasio College War Twlight Zone: New York Caught in "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Govt Better" Unfunded College Programs 
Andrew and Bill Get Your Gun Flack, Lobbyists and Media Puppets
De Blasio announces plan to set up college accounts for students (NYP) Just days after Gov. Cuomo unveiled a splashy proposal to make state college tuition free for low- and middle-income students, the de Blasio administration tried to steal back the spotlight with its own plan to offset higher education costs. After questioning the viability of his political rival’s grand scheme, de Blasio announced a program on Thursday that will provide for college savings accounts for city kindergartners. “All of NYC’s kids deserve the chance to attend college and pursue their dreams, regardless of their family’s economic status,” de Blasio said in a statement. “We hope to see this program continue to grow so families across the five boroughs can start saving early for their children’s future.” Funded by a $10 million grant from the Gray Foundation, the NYC Kids RISE pilot campaign will kick off in District 30 in Queens beginning next fall. Roughly 3,500 kindergartners will be set up with $100 in a college savings investment account, with their ranks more than tripling to roughly 10,000 district and charter kids over the next three years. Kids also would be eligible for an additional $200 in matching funds if they satisfy basic incentives, such as good attendance.The Buffalo News writes that rather than just offer free tuition at public colleges, the state needs to examine the entire secondary education system and aim to keep education spending below the current rate of growth. * * Newsday writes that Cuomo’s lofty proposal to cover tuition at public colleges lacks detail and leaves questions and topics to debate, which means legislators must get answers and make it work.* Cuomo Tuition Plan Stands to Help Students Make ‘the Last Mile’ (NYT) For the thousands of students who could benefit from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s proposal, even a few hundred dollars would make a difference.* Taking the State of the State on the Road Allows Cuomo to Tailor His Speech for Suburban Audiences (NY1) * Cuomo Outlines Free College Tuition Plan, Indian Point Closure Deal in State of the State Address (NY1)

True News Wags NYP That the U.S. Attorney Will End the Silly Cuomo vs. de Blasio War That is All About Them and Not the People They Serve  
Cuomo’s campaign to ‘bigfoot’ de Blasio is starting to backfire (NYP Ed) Cuomo seems determined to end the year with a nonstop series of moves to “bigfoot” Mayor de Blasio. If he keeps it up, he’ll wind up making even the mayor’s harshest critics feel sorry for the guy.  Round One, the Battle of Lefty the Deer, arguably worked out OK for the gov (though not for the deer): Cuomo scored points with lovers of innocent furry creatures by demanding Lefty’s rescue, even though the city’s “put it to sleep” approach was simply complying with state policy.  But the governor’s looking a bit silly with his posturing on the Second Avenue Subway.   Fine, he controls the MTA, so he can order it to officially open the new line on New Year’s Day for a fine photo op. But it’s far too late to have the new trains actually running a full schedule that day, no matter how many press releases he issues — and straphangers will notice.  As for Cuomo’s order doubling the deployment of state troopers to the city, well: Keeping the streets safe is one thing de Blasio has managed fairly well, by avoiding too much political interference with the NYPD, the best police force in America.  Indeed, de Blasio at last came up with a decent zing at Cuomo on the trooper invasion — by suggesting the state cops pitch in on the security detail at Trump Tower.   Feuding between New York’s mayor and governor is a decades-old story, for a host of reasons. It often makes for entertainment, at least for political obsessives — and the coming competition to see who wins top status as The Anti-Trump promises to be quite the show (assuming US Attorney Preet Bharara doesn’t sideline either contestant).   But the feud stops being amusing if it looks like it’s interfering with no good purpose.

OH DEER HIGH NOON: State Troopers Now Pawns in the Cuomo vs de Blasio War Will A U.S Attorney End the War So Our Elected Leaders Can Serve Us?
‘It’s a pissing match’: Cuomo defies de Blasio — again (NYP) Cuomo plans to double the number of state troopers in New York City, with a law-enforcement source saying the move is part of “a pissing match” between the governor and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
De Blasio fires back at Cuomo over state trooper expansion plan (NYP) Mayor de Blasio’s ongoing sparring match with Gov. Cuomo heated up Monday night with Hizzoner getting territorial and saying the NYPD doesn’t need state troopers crossing into its jurisdiction.  “The NYPD is doing an extraordinary job keeping New York City safe … 2016 is about to be one of the greatest years of crime fighting in this city,” said de Blasio in a NY1 interview responding to a Post story about Cuomo planning to double the number of state troopers in the Big Apple.  “I assume, and we all believe, certainly [NYPD Commissioner James [O’Neill] believes, there’s a division of labor where the state police work all around the state, including on MTA facilities, for example, owned by the state. Great. And let the NYPD do what it does best.” * De Blasio also continued his sparring match with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying the NYPD doesn’t need state troopers crossing into its jurisdiction after reports emerged that Cuomo is planning to double the number of state troopers in New York City, the Post reports.  * New Yorkers don’t want Cuomo to run for president (NYP) * In year NY legalizes MMA, UFC parent company gives bigmoney to Cuomo, pols Update Cuomo pledges 150 additional state troopers to patrol city (NYP)

Cuomo Fighting A Second War de Blasio and Now the State Senate
Leaders of the state Senate’s mainstream Democratic conference met with Cuomo and tried to enlist him as an ally in their push to unify the chamber’s 32 Democratic members into a majority voting bloc, Politico New York writes. * Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said it’s possible the Legislature will reconvene before the end of the year to vote on salary increases for lawmakers but stressed the pay issue should not be linked to any items on Cuomo’s agenda, including term limits, the Daily News writes
Andrew Cuomo Stays Silent as an Ally Fuels Disorder Among Senate Democrats  (NYT) Charlie King, who has long had ties to Governor Cuomo, continues to rail against the party leadership..
Why Are de Blasio and Albany GOP Meeting and Pretending Their Real Goal is To Destroy Each Other?
During his marathon testimony at a joint legislative budget hearing, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio revisited one of last year’s biggest defeats: asking lawmakers to once again to grant him control of the city’s school system for at least seven years, if not permanently.. * During a five-hour marathon testimony at a joint legislative budget hearing, de Blasiorepeatedly found himself justifying the city’s tax and spending practices. He explained the need for the city to maintain a surplus, and calmly opposed arguments that the city should contribute hundreds of millions of dollars more to help pay for Medicaid and the City University of New York system. * De Blasio intended to protest cuts in the new state budget to Medicaid funding and the City University, but instead found himself fending off demands by lawmakers that the city limit increases in the property tax to 2 percent a year.* The Republican-dominated Senate quickly passed a measure requiring the city to honor the 2 percent cap. But a spokesman for the Democratic-controlled Assembly said that body wouldn’t go along. *De Blasio fights Albany’s bid to limit property tax increases (NYP) * De Blasio grilled over resistance to property tax cap (NYFN) * De Blasio traveled to Albany to ask for money but instead faced five hours of questions focusing on the city’s spending, with some lawmakers urging him to cap the city’s property-tax rate,The Wall Street Journal reports:  * * The Cuomo administration strongly backed a plan by city Controller Scott Stringer to divert $400 million in surplus money over 10 years to NYCHA improvements, but de Blasio called instead for new funding, the DailyNews reports: * The multimillion $ difference of opinion: de Blasio saysstate budget could cost $1B; state says it gives city $322M  * 2 against 1: Cuomo supports Stringer plan to fund NYCHArepairs, de Blasio throws cold water on it  (NYDN) * State lawmakers urge Mayor Bill de Blasio to cap New York City’sproperty-tax rate  *  In a shift, de Blasio goes humble in Albany (PoliticoNY) *  De Blasio Fends Off State's Efforts to Make City Pay More for Services (DNAINFO) The mayor asked for permanent control of schools and fought against the idea of a city property tax cap. * Following a year when most of his asks were either rebuffed entirely or whittled down, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio adopted a new, more deferent and humble attitude when meeting with state lawmakers, and also reduced the size of his wish list.* Carmen Farina urges Albany to OK mayoral control of schools (NYDN) * New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina went to bat for Mayor Bill de Blasio, urging state lawmakers to pass a seven-year extension of mayoral control, saying students “can’t go back to the system of patronage * NYC City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina went to bat for de Blasio in Albany, urging state lawmakers to renew the law giving him control of the school system. “After more than a decade we know that New York City students do better when the mayor has direct authority and accountability,” she told a legislative budget committee.

3 Months Flashback
de Blasio Say He Plans to Be Less Involved In Pushing for A Democratic State Senate
After a bruising state Senate election season in 2014 that failed to produce a Democratic majority in the upper chamber, de Blasio said he plans to be far less involved in next year's legislative elections when control of the state Senate is one again in contention, Politico New York writes: 

The feud between Cuomo and de Blasio has added a new dynamic in Bronx politics as Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. has stepped up his attacks against the mayor's policies and increasingly places himself in lock step with the governor, his ally, Gotham Gazette reports: * In an interview on the Brian Lehrer show, Cuomo declined to directly criticize de Blasio’s handling of homelessness in New York City, instead leaving his criticisms veiled while promising a full homelessness plan in his upcoming State of the State address.

Mayoral Control of Schools is Part of the War for the State Senate
Fariña’s failures prove that de Blasio can’t be trusted (NYP) Who will control New York City public schools on July 1? The question has become a referendum on Mayor de Blasio’s leadership. De Blasio requested permanent mayoral control of the schools last year. In June, an unimpressed state Legislature renewed it for a single year. De Blasio was essentially on probation. At an Albany budget hearing last week, de Blasio floated a seven-year extension — ensuring his control through a second term — when this year’s renewal runs out. A still-skeptical Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan responded that he “supports mayoral control . . . but not at any price.” Flanagan and his Republican colleagues are put off by de Blasio’s antagonism toward charter schools. They’ve also called for more scrutiny of the city’s education spending. De Blasio, then, hasn’t earned a longer leash. Why not? A primary reason is his handpicked schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña. * Playing politics with toddlers: De Blasio’s real pre-K priority (NYP) The mayor is refusing to pay roughly $720,000 due to the Success Academy network for pre-K tuition until Success signs a contract giving the city Education Department control over the charters’ pre-K programs. This, when many city-overseen pre-K outfits are just glorified day care, while Success and other charters actually teach. “Kids are hanging in the balance,” Success chief Eva Moskowitz wrote state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia. “We simply cannot sustain these classes without state-mandated funding. If there is no decision by Feb. 15, 2016, we will have no choice but to cancel our pre-K classes for next year.”

Cuomo Ends the Christmas Truce Quickly the 2016 War Has Begun  

De Blasio to defy Cuomo’s order to shelter homeless  via nypost * Homeless reject Cuomo's plan to force them into hellholeshelters (NYDN) * Cuomo’s helping hand (NYDN Ed)* City to End Use of‘Cluster’ Homeless Shelter Units (NYO) “We are taking this initiative in order to end the use of this program, which resulted in substantial sums being paid for apartments—many that were in substandard conditions,” Mr. Banks said today at a City Hall press conference. *Homeless Advocates Question Executive Order(YNN) In a statement from Coalition for the Homeless President & CEO Mary Brosnahan, the group said it has “major concerns” with the effort to force homeless people into shelters and decried “aggressive measures” pursued by Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s administration.* Bratton says Cuomo’s executive order doesn’t change anything for #NYPD officers, re: homeless * Local governments and police agencies don’t have much time to comply with Cuomo’s new homelessness mandate, which was issued Sunday and takes effect tomorrow.* De Blasio and Bratton: Cuomo’s order has little impact on NYC (PoliticoNY)  Mayor: ‘We appreciate the intent’ * NYPD stats show overall crime down, serious offenses up in ’15 (NYP)  * Cuomo Orders Homeless People to Be Taken to Shelters in Freezing Weather (NYT)  The executive order, which requires local authorities to remove homeless people from the streets when temperatures fall to 32 degrees, is likely to raise legal concerns and practical questions.  * As an arctic front headed toward New York City, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order requiring local governments across the state to take homeless people off the streets to shelters in freezing temperatures, The New York Timesreports:  * The de Blasio administration supports the executive order, but a New York City official said Cuomo lacks the power to impose the mandate and knocked him for failing to provide more legal or financial resources to help the homeless, theDaily News reports:  * Questions Over Cuomo’s Order on Homelessness (NYT)  Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s plan to forcibly take people to shelters as temperatures drop has drawn scrutiny.

'HELL NO! I WON'T GO TO A SHELTER': Homeless New Yorkers reject Cuomo's order to vacate streets in freezing temps (NYDN) * COLD WAR: Gov. Cuomo freezes out Mayor de Blasio, issuing order to get homeless off street when temperatures hit 32 degrees (NYDN) Cuomo will sign an executive order on Sunday that will bring the homeless in out of the cold — and it’s mandatory. Citing the risks of hypothermia and possible death, Cuomo will require communities — including New York City — to take the homeless who live outside to shelters when the mercury hits the freezing mark, the Daily News has learned. If they refuse to go, the order, which goes into effect on Tuesday, calls for the involuntary taking of the homeless to shelters when the temperatures hit 32 degrees or below. A Quinnipiac poll from October found 68% of voters disapproved of how de Blasio was handling homelessness and poverty. A Cuomo aide recently said the de Blasio administration “can’t manage the homeless crisis.” The mayor has said the city’s homeless crisis got worse after Cuomo cut a $68 million rental assistance program in 2011. After talks for a joint effort failed, the mayor recently announced a $2.6 billion, 15-year city plan to create 15,000 apartments that would cater mainly to people with mental illness and substance abuse problems. The city currently has a “Code Blue” procedure in place that goes into effect when the temperature hits 32 degrees or below. The procedure calls for double the amount of vans in the field for street outreach efforts to check on homeless individuals more frequently. It also allows the homeless to access shelters without going through the usual intake process. But unlike Cuomo’s order, it does not require the automatic taking of the homeless to shelters when the weather turns frigid. Cuomo’s executive order will not just have an impact on those living on the streets. It could also affect those sleeping in cars or in structures with inadequate heat during the cold weather. The order will not necessarily affect those who take shelter in subway stations that are heated. The state order, he says, will supersede any conflicting local laws on the issue *  Gov. Cuomo signs order requiring towns & cities to takehomeless people to shelters when temperature drops to 32  * BdB spox: forcing homeless off sts requires state law & order "adds no legal or financial resources to NYC programs to assist the homeless" * Cuomo to order homeless indoors when temperatures drop(NYP) *  A cool response from @BilldeBlasio on @NYGovCuomo's order to keep thehomeless off the streets in cold weather: (NY1)
War: de Blasio vs Cuomo
The Media Reports on the Homeless, the Mayor 180 Admits Its A Problems, But Nobody Explains the Reason for the Increase

Cuomo Uses His State Powers and Budget to Melts the Mayor's Power

Observers worry that the state will rely on more borrowing * * Cuomo called for rebuilding the state’s social and physical infrastructure during his State of the State address, which included a $20 billion housing initiative and plans to combat homelessness, The New YorkTimes reports:   * While saying he wished he spent more time with his Dying father, Cuomo said the state should enact a 12-week, paid family leave law that is funded with money taken out of employee paychecks, the Daily News reports:  * According to one source’s math, the governor’s $145 billion state budget plan may require New York City to pay about $800 million in new costs, which would amount to a large portion of the savings in the state budget, the DailyNews reports:  * The Times writes that Cuomo at least” included ethicsproposals in his State of the State address, even though were noted after facts about Greek yogurt and alcohol production, and calls his housing plan “promising”: * The Times Union writes that “Disingenuous doesn’t begin to describe” Cuomo’s public college funding descriptions, which amounts to $30 million more for SUNY, $245 million less for CUNY and $6 million less for community colleges:* Newsday writes that the governor put his own legacy on the line by putting so much on the table, and notes that one initiative he cannot let fall by the wayside in the next 11 weeks is ethics reform: * The Buffalo News writes that Cuomo’s plans are ambitious, but that’s what New York should be, and described ethics proposals to restrict outside income for lawmakers and limit donations from LLC as highlights:
Cuomo's costly agenda does not respect NYs hardworking taxpayers. We do not live in an imaginary utopia, where taxpayer money grows on trees

NYP's Dicker Tells Us What What We Already Know: All Out War Between Cuomo and de Blasio  
Sources said Cuomo’s proposed cuts in state aid to the city are prompting predictions that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will respond by backing attempts to oust the governor in 2018, the Post’s Fredric Dicker reports:

Aid cuts might be Cuomo’s downfall as de Blasio prepares to pounce (NYP) Cuomo’s latest assault on Mayor de Blasio — a “humiliating’’ cut in state aid to the city — is prompting predictions that an infuriated de Blasio will reciprocate by backing efforts to dump the governor in 2018, sources tell The Post. Cuomo, who has been attempting to recruit a candidate to run against de Blasio in next year’s Democratic primary for mayor, blindsided Hizzoner last week with a state budget plan the mayor said would cost the city some $800 million — prompting a furious de Blasio to vow to kill the plan “by any means necessary.’’ “This is just another step, and a big one, in Cuomo’s campaign to humiliate and weaken de Blasio, building up to running a candidate in the primary next year,’’ said one of the state’s best-known Democrats.* Sources said Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s request that the city pay more to CUNY belies the fact that he ultimately wants to merge CUNY into the state’s public university system and cut administrative costs at both institutions, the Post reports: *  Krueger: ‘Appalled’ By Cuomo’s Cuts To NYC(YNN) * Cuomo’s fast train to endless New York debt (NYP Ed)  * Gov. Andrew Cuomo and de Blasio joined a Harlem march led by Rev. Al Sharpton to demand a $15 minimum wage following a tribute at which the governor called Martin Luther King Jr. “a man of action,” the Postwrites:

True News Already Reported That Cuomo is Trying to Steal the Left From de Blasio
Excluding his battle with de Blasio, Cuomo seems to have stopped fighting with other opponents and various parts of his Democratic base, the Daily News’ Cuomo writes in the Daily News that the Port Authority must raise the minimum wage paid to airport workers from $10.10 per hour to $15per hour and put thousands of families on the path to financial independence:  It the End of the LLC Money Not the Polls Ken Lovett: “Having seen his poll numbers drop as he’s warred with a big part of the Democratic base, some insiders say that the Cuomo who would dig in when publicly challenged in the first term is now quicker to cave when attacked by the left.” Who Will Pay for All These New Programs? * Experts and advocates are asking  how officials will pay for new subway cars, a revamp of Penn Station and upgraded roads promised, to the tune of $100 million, by Gov. Andrew Cuomo during his State of the State address, the Journal reports: 

Cuomo Rubs Salt All Over His de Blasio Wounds 

Cuomo stresses ability to work with de Blasio on homelessness (PoliticoNY) Cuomo made the remarks after speaking face-to-face with the mayor before they appeared, separately, at a Martin Luther King Day celebration in Harlem today. Outside the National Action Network's office on 145th Street, Cuomo told reporters, “Frankly, these cuts, Medicaid and CUNY, are not the biggest items of concern. Biggest item of concern, frankly, is that the affordable housing program that we hope to pass, did not pass. Cuomo also told reporters that his spat with de Blasio is more of a media-driven perception than anything real. * Former state Democratic Party Executive Director Charlie King, a longtime ally (and sometime foe) of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is creating a statewide committee to push the governor’s agenda this year. It will be called the Committee on Social, Racial and Economic Justice, and was unveiled at the Rev. Al Sharpton’s annual MKL Day event in Harlem.*De Blasio’s plan to scale back NYC's horse carriage industry alarms parks advocates: (Curbed)

 Cuomo said he can work productively with de Blasio, who he has been feuding with since last summer, and that the lapse of 421a is the biggest challenge they will face to protect affordable housing in New York City, Politico New York reports No Chance De Blasio said he was “deeply disappointed” that 421a, a tax break aimed at spurring affordable housing, expired last week and that he would push the state Legislature to take up the issue, the Daily News reports:  *  De Blasio was delivering remarks about King at a Fort Greene church when several protesters jumped to their feet and ranted about the NYPD’s “broken windows” policy and the deportation of undocumented immigrants, theDaily News reports: *  Under political pressure from the governor and his critics, the de Blasio administration is attempting to taking steps to fix the city’s homeless shelters and undertake problems that plague shelters that have built up over decades, the Journal reports:   *Despite a slew of recent policies aimed at helping the homeless, 55 percent of New York City voters disapprove of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s handling of poverty and homelessness, according to a new Q poll.

It Was Not the Anti-421-a Activists That Killed the Developers Tax Break It Was the Cuomo vs de Blasio War
Cuomo insisted he can work productively with the mayor on combatting homelessness despite their long-running feud, and he said one of their biggest challenges is the expiration of the 4231-a tax abatement program to incentivize affordable housing development in NYC. * De Blasio said he is “deeply disappointed” a deal to save 421-a failed, and he plans to push the issue in Albany this session.* The carriage horse deal underlined the transactional side of a mayor who says he is on a mission to liberalize New York City, even as his efforts are propelled in part by wealthy contributors tied to special interests.* Cuomo is touting a massive infrastructure plan, but budget experts said much of the funding for the projects, estimated to cost $100 billion, remains unresolved. They also question what they said is a cost-shift from the State to New York City.* Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio joined a 20-block march in Harlem yesterday to demand a $15 minimum wage following a Martin Luther King Jr. tribute hosted by the Rev. Al Sharpton at which the governor described the civil-rights icon as “a man of action.”* Sharpton invoked a racial stereotype to make a point about community involvement during his National Action Network’s King Day celebration. “Dr. King was about public policy,” he said. “…On your birthday, we’ll eat chitlins and watermelon and drink some sweet iced tea because that’s what you do. But on his birthday, on his holiday, we do what King does. We’re going to march.” *  Real estate developers and housing analysts privately lament that 421-a was a casualty of the long-standing feud between the governor and the mayor. When the changes to 421-a were passed by the State Legislature in June, just as the fight between the two Democrats was unfolding in dramatic fashion, Cuomo put a twist in the typical legislative process. Instead of signing the bill, he ordered the Real Estate Board of New York and the umbrella group representing trades unions to negotiate a deal over private wages for construction workers. Laborers were angry that de Blasio's plan excluded any mandate for a prevailing wage for them, as it did for building service workers union.*Cuomo boasted of $100 billion in big projects last week as part of his renewed focus on upgrading the state’s aging transportation system. But for all the fanfare with the Democratic governor’s annual State of the State and budget address, municipal-finance experts and transit advocates are asking exactly how officials will pay for – among other things – new subway cars, a revamp of New York Penn Station and upgraded roads.

NY's Cuomo's Hatfields and Blasio's McCoys  
Mayor de Blasio is taking no victory laps, admitsfailures midway through his term (NYDN)  the governor’s support for charter schools and the mayor’s hopes to tax the rich for his prekindergarten plan.De Blasio lost both battles, and after months of behind-the-scenes bitterness, de Blasio this summer accused Cuomo of engaging in “payback” to his political enemies.  the governor’s support for charter schools and the mayor’s hopes to tax the rich for his prekindergarten plan. De Blasio lost both battles, and after months of behind-the-scenes bitterness, de Blasio this summer accused Cuomo of engaging in “payback” to his political enemies. The feud also complicates de Blasio’s upcoming agenda in Albany, where he will need the governor’s help on issues like mayoral control and the 421-a tax abatement program, necessary for his affordable housing plan.

Cuomo Hints At State Takeover of Homeless Social Services   
Cuomo did not rule out having Albany take over social services aimed at getting homeless people off the streets and reiterated that he plans to announce a related plan in his State of the State address

People who have spoken to the Cuomo administration said he is expected to announce plans for more scrutiny of New York City homeless shelters and for new supportive housing during his State of the State speech, The Wall StreetJournal reports: * Cuomo ready to step in to fix city’s homeless crisis (NYP) Cuomo decried New York City’s burgeoning homeless population on Sunday and left the door open for a potential Albany takeover of social services aimed at cleaning up bum-filled streets. After Mount Neboh Baptist Church in Harlem, the governor refused to rule out state intervention to solve the out-of-control homeless problem. When asked point-blank about Albany intervention, Cuomo didn’t rule it out.* In an effort to show he’s serious on New York’s homelessness epidemic, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he’s doubling the number of the city’s drop-in centers – from four to eight. * De Blasio forgot his own homeless-accountability measure (NYP Ed)  Mayor de Blasio just declared that his administration is ready to “own” the homeless problem “110 percent.” Hmm. This vow comes on top of news of yet another city fumble on the issue. As NY1 reported Thursday, the mayor announced last May he’d be sending repair squads into every city homeless shelter to issue scorecards on conditions. The shelters have been notorious for deplorable conditions and mounting safety violations — a big reason many homeless avoid them. De Blasio lauded his plan as “an accountability system.” Oops. The Department of Homeless Services Web site promised comprehensive reports “by September.” Then, “by November.” Today, eight months after the mayor’s promise, the administration’s rated just 23 out of 700 city shelters. Confronted with this embarrassment, de Blasio got stern: “Those scorecards,” he vowed Friday, “will happen by next month. If they don’t happen, a lot of people will be in trouble.” What’s next, Mr. Mayor — a strongly worded letter to . . . yourself? This, after a year when the administration effectively sat on its hands as the homeless crisis grew — and even denied it for months, though homeless-related complaints to 311 are up 127 percent since he took office. Who’s going to believe the mayor is “taking the gloves off” and “owning this issue 110 percent” — when he forgot to enact his own “accountability system”? When it comes to report cards on homelessness, he’s so far earned a big fat F. * The governor is expected to announce stricter state scrutiny of New York City’s homeless shelters and thousands of new supportive housing units during his big speech tomorrow, as he focuses on the growing problem of homelessness in city and continues to battle with Mayor Bill de Blasio.* It's got to give him a boost going into the State of theState -- because the state of Cuomo is better."  (TU) * Decisions the Cuomo administration made about how much the state would pay for NYC shelters, public assistance programs and homelessness-prevention initiatives have left the city shouldering more and more of the burden, even as that burden has swelled.*NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the formation of a task force made up of a “brain trust” of nonprofit homeless services providers to help create 15,000 units of supportive housing for the city’s homeless and mentally ill over the next 15 years. He hopes for a “partnership” with the state to address the issue.

An NYPD sergeant has been served with internal disciplinary charges for her role in the confrontation that led to the death in 2014 of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who died after an officer placed him in a chokehold during an arrest on Staten Island.  * NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, locked in a feud with Cuomo, said he will go to Albany next week to hear the governor’s State of the State/budget speech and had not yet been briefed on its contents.* New York City began its new rapid response program to more quickly address problems and repairs in homeless shelters, amid another round of one-upmanship between the mayor and the governor, the Daily News reports:  *  De Blasio’s plan to lift the minimum wage for 50,000 NYC workers to $15 an hour “establishes troubling patterns” of giving away taxpayer money with no offsetting savings or productivity gains and could require re-opening established contracts, the Citizens Budget Commission warned.* As City Hall increases spending by billions of dollars and hires thousands of new employees, some lawmakers and financial experts are pushing de Blasio to cut back and warning of possible budget troubles ahead.

Cuomo de Blasio: War PR Battles All Over On the Eve of Cuomo's Wish List Albany Speech  
Thursday Clueless mayor vs. cynical governor: NY’s homeless wars (NYP)

Mayor de Blasio will raise wages for 50,000 city employees to $15 an hour by 2018 (NYDN) * Cuomo is proposing a series of small business tax cuts as one of his top priorities in 2016. He will push to reduce the corporate tax rate for small businesses that make less than $390,000 in net income, and help those that pay the personal income tax rate by increasing and expanding a tax break now limited to sole proprietorships and farms.* But between the minimum wage increase to $15 Cuomo is pushing and other ideas like a paid family leave program, “businesses are just going to shrug their shoulders and turn away; there’s not going to be rousing applause” for the tax cut proposals, according toNFIB’s Mike Durant.* Every NYC worker will earn at least $15 an hour by the end of 2018 under pay raises Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to announce today that will cover 50,000 people and cost $200 million over the next four years or so, according to the mayor’s office.* Under the mayor’s plan, which matches a similar increase for state employees enacted by Cuomo last year, about 50,000 city workers — including crossing guards, prekindergarten teachers, custodial workers and others — would see their pay reach the $15-an-hour level by the end of 2018, making them some of the country’s highest paid municipal employees.* All the recent talk by de Blasio and Cuomo about getting homeless people off the streets of NYC when the temperatures drop dangerously low hasn’t had much impact, according to those best in a position to know.* Cuomo Drags de Blasio? (YNN) As Mayor Bill de Blasio moves to raise the minimum wage for New York City workers to $15 an hour, a Capitol observer on Tuesday noted it was Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the moderate Democrat, who dragged the liberal mayor along. Cuomo at a rally with 1199 and other labor leaders as part of his minimum wage campaign named in honor of his late father this week nudged New York City (and de Blasio’s administration) to push for a $15 minimum wage.

Cuomo Fires Back That He Will Save 50,000 Apts and the Homeless
Cuomo is seeking to return up to 50,000 illegally deregulated apartments into the rent stabilization system, alleging some building owners claim exemption from rent regulations while receiving lucrative tax breaks
Cuomo order would restore 50,000 rent-protection apartments (NYP) Cuomo is expected to announce Wednesday that he’s ordering landlords who received special tax breaks to restore 50,000 apartments in the city to the rent-protection rolls. Administration and housing officials are enforcing recent court rulings that found the apartments were illegally deregulated by landlords who received benefits under the J-51 housing program. The state’s Division of Homes and Community Renewal is sending out notices to landlords who own 4,149 buildings throughout the city that received J-51 tax abatements between 1994 and 2015 who also registered their apartments as being exempt from rent-stabilization upon vacancy. The affected buildings include 1,986 in Manhattan, 859 in Brooklyn, 741 in Queens, 547 in The Bronx, and 16 in Staten Island. * Cuomo announces revised plan to add third rail to LIRR (NYP)* Cuomo is expected to announce a plan for a major revamp of Penn Station that would jump-start a long-stalled project to relocate Amtrak’s waiting area to the Farley post office building, The Wall Street Journalreports: * * Cuomo’s Long Island Sound tunnel plans could be written off as harmless political grandstanding, if not for that proposal for a $5 million study—further indication that a few million dollars isn’t real money in Albany, the Empire Centerwrites: * New York’s Penn Station, long ridiculed as outdated, crowded and miserable for travelers, would undergo a major overhaul under a plan expected to be announced as soon as this week, according to people familiar with the matter. (Maybe even today, as Cuomo has an afternoon event scheduled at 4 Penn. Plaza in NYC).* Cuomo vowed to transform the “dark,” “bleak” and “ugly” Penn Station into a bright and beautiful hub at the center of a revitalized transportation system in the region. * Cuomo’s push to remake New York Penn Station could cost more than $3 billion and leverage air rights and retail space to attract developers that would largely pay for an overhaul, The Wall Street Journal reports:  * Cuomo’s 2017 state budget is likely to call for billions of dollars for highways and bridges, but taxpayers won’t get their money’s worth if the state continues to rig bids for public-works projects that all but guarantee the jobs go to unions, the Empire Center’s Kenneth Girardin writes inthe Post:

Main Event in the Cuomo de Blasio War it the Battle Over the Homeless 
A Real Plan Will Be to Find Out What is Causing the Homeless Increase And Fix That

Wednesday New York Today: Empire State of Conflict (NYT)  Tuesday: A look at city politics in 2016, freezing weather, and mulching your Christmas tree.* As Temperatures Plunge, Call to Keep New York’s Homeless Off Streets Has Little Impact (NYT) Advocates said the number of people taken off the streets on a cold Monday night seemed in line with what had happened during previous cold spells.* De Blasio Names Herminia Palacio as Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services (NYT) The appointment of Dr. Palacio, 54 and a native of the Bronx, fills a key role in the city’s efforts to confront a rise in homelessness.* 'IT'S JUST LIKE RIKERS ISLAND:' These horror stories reveal why city's homeless people would rather stay outdoors in the freezing cold than go to a shelter (NYDN) * Homeless ignore Cuomo, stay outside in below freezing temps (NYP) * Out-of-towners flock to NYC’s homeless shelters (NYP) * de Blasio filled a crucial post in a depleted team at City Hall, appointing Herminia Palacio, a Bronx-born public health official, as deputy mayor for health and human services, The New York Times reports:   * New York City-run lodging for homeless families is plagued by serious code violations, according to a report by Comptroller Scott Stringer, leading de Blasio to increase efforts to quickly upgrade conditions, the Daily News writes: * Pregnant, homeless woman refuses to go to NYC shelter on frigid day — 'Shelters are worse than the street' (NYDN)

More Designer News From the NYT to Protect Their Guy de Blasio on Homeless FU
Cuomo’s executive order on homeless people was confusing and seems like a move to exploit de Blasio’s weaknesses, but to really end the problem the pair needs to cooperate to build supportive housing and improve shelters, the Times writes:
So far, neither de Blasio nor Cuomo has real answers on the homeless (NYP) Sometimes Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio truly deserve each other — as when it comes to dealing with the homeless.  Because so far neither man seems serious about getting these folks off the streets — even in the cold.  Recall that when The Post spotlighted the surge of aggressive panhandlers and vagrants using streets as bathrooms, de Blasio denied it. Half a year later, he still has no plan to fix the problem. Even now, he claims “temperature alone doesn’t necessarily constitute” a reason to take a person to a shelter. “If someone’s not in danger, the law says that they still have rights to make that decision themselves.” Huh? Who wouldn’t be “in danger” living on the streets in below-freezing temps? Yet Cuomo isn’t moving to change the law — let alone to take folks off the streets in warm weather, which is only slightly less cruel.*  Cuomo’s order to remove homeless people during frigid weather angered some living in the streets who fear it would lead to harassment, complained about shelter conditions or called for more affordable housing, the Times reports:  * Cuomo took another swipe de Blasio’s handling of the homeless, charging that people live in the streets because they’re afraid of the city’s unsafe and dirty shelters, the Post reports:  * As part of the de Blasio administration’s effort to overhaul homelessness services, the city will end its use of private apartments, known as “clusters,” to house the homeless, and convert them into low-rent housing, the Observer writes:  *  Daily News says that Cuomo’s executive order ongetting homeless people off the streets in freezing temperatures would “change lots,” writing that New York City’s response will show how in sync de Blasio and Bratton are with the governor* The city’s homeless shelters are a last resort for many New Yorkers, but they’re attractingan increasing number of people from out of town. Roughly 1 in 6 adult couples and 1 in 10 families with kids who enter the shelters gave a previous address from outside the five boroughs.* City-run lodging for homeless families has become a wretched refuge, plagued by thousands of serious code violations, a comprehensive new report by NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer has found. In response, de Blasio will announce a “substantially increased” effort to identify problems and quickly upgrade shelter conditions. * Cuomo’s executive order on homelessness is drawing a mixed, muted response from municipalities across the state: Some are taking incremental actions and others aren’t doing much of anything.

Cuomo Spokeswoman vs de Blasio's Spokeswoman on Who is Responsible for the Homeless Crisis
Cuomo staffer rips ‘incompetent’ de Blasio in Facebook rant (NYP) A spokeswoman in the Cuomo administration blamed “incompetent leadership in City Hall” for the city’s growing homeless problem, in a blistering statement on Facebook. “I want to be very clear . . . The homeless ‘crises’ is the result of incompetent leadership in City Hall, the Human Resources Administration and the Department of Homeless Services,” wrote Barbara Brancaccio, a spokeswoman for the governor’s Office of Storm Recovery. “Together, they are tragically misguided, out of control and completely to blame,” she continued. De Blasio’s spokeswoman Karen Hinton responded, “We are sure the advocates would not agree with her. We certainly do not.” Last month, before the dinner, a Cuomo spokeswoman said, “Yes, it’s clear that the mayor can’t manage the homeless crisis, and the state does intend to step in.”* A spokeswoman in the Cuomo administration blamed “incompetent leadership in City Hall” for NYC’s growing homeless problem, in a blistering statement on Facebook. She later removed the post, and a spokesman for the governor disavowed her comments.

Will the UFT Replace Glenwood As Cuomo Rolls With the Punches
Did the teachers unions just break Andrew Cuomo? (NYP Ed) ‘The single best thing that I can do,” Gov. Cuomo said last year, is “break what is in essence one of the only ­remaining public monopolies”: the teachers union. Oops: Looks like the union broke him. For years, Cuomo has been hitting his head against the wall on getting a real state teacher-rating system. Every time he seems to make progress, it’s followed by delays, postponements and revisions that ensure nothing meaningful happens. Now he’s reportedly set to give up — abandoning the effort to use student scores on state tests to help judge teacher performance. If so, teachers will be judged subjectively, probably by their own peers. Count on every teacher to rank as just peachy — and incompetents to keep on “teaching.”* The Post writes that the teachers unions have finally broken the governor, as evidenced by him giving up a plan to tie teacher evaluation to students’ test scores, and their next target may be watering down the standardized tests * The NY Post says the teachers union “broke” the governor, thanks to reports that he plans to abandon the effort to use student scores on state tests to help judge teacher performance.* No easy options for Cuomo on coupling of tests and teacherevaluations (PoliticoNY)

Team Cuomo "A Visit From St. Bill" 
Cuomo ally uses ‘Night Before Christmas’ to rib de Blasio(NYP) Charlie King brought down the house at the Public House restaurant in Midtown Monday night by offering a sharp twist on the well-known poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”  “ ’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the state, everybody was working while de Blasio was late,” King read to guffaws from the 250 attendees that included Cuomo loyalists, elected officials and government insiders,” King read. “Some worked happy, others worked under duress. Some tried to solve the homelessness mess.” *  
Guests at Cuomo’s annual holiday party got some extra cheer this year from Charlie King, a longtime pal of the governor, who read a Christmas classic with new verses that ribbed de Blasio. The mayor did not attend.

The NYT and de Blasio Need to Get A Motel Room, Really 
 The Times commended de Blasio’s new approach andstrategies to combatting homelessness, which looks like a full-blown attack on the issue, but also said that now there needs to be visible results: 
War: de Blasio vs Cuomo

The Upstate War Against de Blasio Attempted Take Over of the State Senate Has Begun
Senate Republicans pushed back against Democratic criticism of disgraced former Majority Leader Dean Skelos filing for his pension.
Upstate politician blasts de Blasio for trying to flip state Senate (NYP) An upstate Republican senator is running for re-election — against Mayor de Blasio. In a fund-raising solicitation to supporters, Hudson Valley state Sen. Terrence Murphy blasted de Blasio for attempting to meddle in legislative races so he could help flip the Senate from Republican to Democratic control. “There is disturbing news, courtesy of today’s New York Post. Mayor de Blasio and his goons are at it again,” Murphy writes in the signed e-mail solicitation sent out Monday. “We need to send a message to these establishment clowns that the Hudson Valley is not for sale!”* NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel should not acquiesce to calls for his resignation, even as Emanuel comes under increasing scorn for his handling of the police-involved deaths of black residents in his city.* State Senate Republicans are hitting back at potential Democratic Senate candidate Todd Kaminsky’s harsh criticism of former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ move to begin collecting his pension despite his conviction, the Times Union reports: 

The Battle for Long Island Which Means Corruption and Future Federal Indictments and the Reaction by the Island's Voters Will Determine the Control of the Senate
Disgraced ex-senator Skelos files for $95K pension(NYP)  Disgraced former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos has filed for retirement and is in line for a taxpayer-funded annual pension of around $90,000, according to a Times Union estimate.

Campaign Manager de Blasio is in the Center of the Battle for Control for the State Senate 
De Blasio’s team vying for state Senate control (NYP)  de Blasio’s team is in secret strategy talks to oust Republicans from power in the state Senate — even as the mayor claims he will keep a lower profile in 2016 legislative elections, The Post has learned. Leaders of the Working Families Party have been in discussions with de Blasio’s legislative director and political adviser, Emma Wolfe, to help flip the Senate from Republican rule to Democratic control in next year’s elections, sources said. During the 2014 elections, de Blasio took a personal role in the Senate races, making calls to donors to steer money to Democratic candidates. But Republicans campaigned against de Blasio’s efforts in more conservative upstate and suburban districts, won the majority and were antagonistic to the mayor’s legislative agenda this year. During an end-of-year interview last week, de Blasio suggested he would defer to others and take a less visible role in legislative races.

De Blasio is playing with fire again, one Albany insider warned.  “Just when you thought the mayor couldn’t botch his relationship with the Legislature any more, this happens,” the source said. “Hypocrisy is not how you win friends and influence people — even in Albany.”* Ahead of a third go around in Albany, de Blasio has sought to improve strained relations with fellow Democrats in the state Legislature, but skeptical lawmakers are taking a wait-and-see approach, the Daily News’ writes: * Aides to Gov. Andrew Cuomo say he will call a special election to fill the vacant seat of former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, which the governor had previously said would likely be set for April 19, theDaily News reports:  * Nassau County Democrats have wasted little time with a new ad trying to link state Senate Republicans to their former leader Skelos, who was convicted on eight felony corruption counts, in an effort to win back the Senate, the Daily News reports:

Many supporters of de Blasio say they remain concerned about his messaging instincts, as he blames the packaging and stands fast on his liberal policies that he says are improving New Yorkers’ lives, The NewYork Times writes: * Aides to Gov. Andrew Cuomo say he will call a special election to fill the vacant seat of former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, which the governor had previously said would likely be set for April 19, theDaily News reports:  * State Democrats are close to picking a former federal prosecutor – freshman Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky, 37 – to run for scandal-scarred former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ newly open seat on Long Island, calling him a “dream” candidate, while Republicans are scrambling to find a contender. * Nassau County Dems late last week released a one-minute radio ad titled “There’s More” that seeks to raise questions about Sens. Kemp Hannon, Carl Marcellino, Jack Martins and Michael Venditto – all of whom publicly supported Skelos after his arrest and some of whom have had ethical questions raised against them.* "Since that June tirade, the relationship betweenstate's two most powerful Democrats has become even more toxic..." (AP) * Numerous de Blasio supporters say they remain concerned about the mayor’s messaging instincts, saying he falls prey to distractions and has failed to capitalize on his accomplishments. In other words, he needs to perfect the art of humble bragging.
War: de Blasio vs Cuomo

12/9 A war of words over how to solve the homeless problem continued between NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Cuomo, with the two leaders exchanged barbs through surrogates and members of their staff. Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi also assailed the governor for not doing enough to address this issue

Cuomo Thinking of Putting Homeless in Empty Building At Creedmoor Psychiatric Center
The ‘shock’ psych ward Cuomo may convert to homeless shelter (NYP) Under a plan being considered by Gov. Cuomo, hordes of city homeless people could soon find themselves housed in a facility that was once reserved for shock-treating the mentally insane, The Post has learned. The sprawling Creedmoor Psychiatric Center campus in eastern Queens has entire buildings that are empty — and could easily be converted into suitable lodgings for some of the Big Apple’s skyrocketing vagrant population. Cuomo and a group of homelessness advocates are giving it serious consideration and are also looking at other state psychiatric centers, sources said. Cuomo’s office confirmed that Creedmoor has been discussed — and that his Empire State Development Corp. is working on an overall plan for the site. “The governor’s staff has been holding meetings with dozens of homeless experts and providers to better understand the homeless problem in the city,” said Cuomo spokeswoman Dani Lever.*  Cuomo is considering converting the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center campus in Queens into lodgings for some of New York City’s homeless population, as well as using other state psychiatric facilities, thePost reports: * The de Blasio administration said it is open to converting the nearly empty Creedmore Psychiatric Center in Queens into a facility for the homeless, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reportedly proposing, the Daily News reports: 

What is Next Cuomo Gives de Blasio An Atomic Wedgie 
Cuomo rips de Blasio for ‘throwing money’ at homeless problem (NYP) * De Blasio called on Albany, the federal government and the private sector to address New York City’s growing hunger crisis, citing a new report that said nearly half of New Yorkers who can’t afford enough food and are of working age are employed, the Wall Street Journal reports:  * Cuomo and de Blasio squabbled again over the causes of New York City’s homeless crisis, with the governor saying it’s an issue not of money but of management and smarts, while the mayor pointed out that the state, under Cuomo, had cut funding for rental assistance in 2011, the Observerreports

Team de Blasio Astorino Hookup Contols Both the Falsely Labeled Reform Parties, WFP and Reform Party
Cuomo says hestruggles to ‘decipher’ de Blasio’s politics after mayor appears at event withRob Astorino (NYDN) The coming holiday season has done little to thaw the tensions between Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio. The mayor raised eyebrows by appearing Tuesday at a transportation event with Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, the Republican who unsuccessfully challenged Cuomo in 2014.Westchester County Exec. Astorino calls Cuomo a 'scorpion' (NYDN)

 “You’re talking to the wrong guy if you think I’m going to be able to decipher the mayor’s politics,” Cuomo said before criticizing Astorino for being anti-abortion and a “man who wants to lock refugees out of this country.” “It is not a person who I would stand next to,” Cuomo said. He also downplayed calls by the mayor and others for more state funding by saying the solution has more to do with leadership. "To me it's not just the money, it's more managing the city properly, efficiently, effectively, smartly, especially on this issue,” Cuomo said. Cuomo said there were far fewer homeless on the street under former mayors David Dinkins, Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. Cuomo noted that Police Commissioner Bill Bratton recently acknowledged that City Hall was slow to address the worsening homeless problem. “How do you solve a problem? Step 1 is acknowledge the problem and I think we were slow in the acknowledgment of the problem,” Cuomo said.* Mayor, Governor Engage in New Round of Public Sniping (NY1) Times Pushes de Blasio;s Mental Illness Program Treating Mental Illness in New York, From All Angles (NYT Ed) Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled a citywide initiative to tackle mental illness and addiction.* New York City’s Rising Number of Homeless (NYT) Readers discuss former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s comments about chasing away the homeless, “right to shelter” laws and the “medically homeless.”

The Cuomo-de Blasio Battle Escalates (YNN) *  The feud between Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio took a new turn yesterday over the mayor’s decision to join a Republican – Cuomo’s election foe in 2014, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino – at a bipartisan event seeking more federal transportation funding. * who I would stand next to,” said Cuomo, who was appearing with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, a potential 2017 primary rival to de Blasio. * Cuomo tore into the de Blasio administration’s handling of the homeless crisis, saying that better “management” by the mayor was needed instead of just “throwing more money at the problem.”

Cuomo Its Not the Money Its Bad Management By the Mayor
Cox Criticizes Cuomo’s ‘Personal Politics’(YNN) * Astorino: Cuomo ‘Needs Some Serious Help’ (YNN)* ‘Don’t worry Bill, I’ll fix the homeless crisis’ (NYP) Gov. Cuomo took his biggest shot yet at Mayor de Blasio by declaring that Hizzoner “can’t manage the homeless crisis” in the city — and saying that he plans to “step in” and fix the festering problem himself.A spokeswoman said Cuomo felt compelled to personally take action because de Blasio had proven himself inept at stemming the surging number of vagrants taking over the city’s sidewalks, subways and parks. De Blasio refused to discuss Cuomo’s planned intervention — the latest twist in their long-running feud — when asked about it at a news conference ahead of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “That’s an off-topic question. That’s a question for another time. We will talk to that in the coming days,” he said. The Albany shot at City Hall amplified remarks Cuomo made Tuesday, when he said the city’s homelessness problem “hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.” It also followed de Blasio’s assertion earlier Wednesday that Cuomo needed to “step up” and provide state funding to create “supportive housing” for mentally ill and drug-addicted homeless people. During an appearance on Fox 5’s “Good Day New York,” de Blasio touted his recently announced, $2.6 billion plan to create housing “with the services to get people right again.”* 'IT'S TIME FOR THE GOVERNOR TO STEP UP': De Blasio pushes NYC homeless issue back onto Cuomo, who blamed mayor's lack of management and intelligence (NYDN)

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Is Cuomo Trying to Take the UFT Away From de Blasio?

Cuomo to Cut Teacher Testing  With a parents revolt on his hands, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will reportedly make an about-face and push for the role of test results in establishing teacher performance evaluations to be reduced, possibly even to zero, the New York Times reports: * Schools Chancellor Defends Mayor's Policy of Not Rushing to Close Struggling Schools (NY1)  *  In Jan. Cuomo wanted test scores to be 50% of teacherevaluations. Now he's pushing to reduce their role, even to 0  *In a dramatic about-face and as parents revolt against what they see as over-testing of their kids, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reportedly pushing for the role of test results in establishing teacher performance evaluations to be reduced – possibly even to zero. The administration insists Cuomo is waiting for the recommendations of a task force he had set up to conduct a review of the Common Core standards and assessments.*  Cuomo looks to take standardized tests out of teacher evaluations(NYP) *  Teachers cheer potential cutback on Common Core (NYDN) * Cuomo, in Shift, Is Said to Back Reducing Test Scores’ Role in Teacher Reviews (NYT) Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who in January called for standardized exams to determine 50 percent of the ratings, is quietly seeking a reduction, even to zero.* Brooklyn school rezoning highlights challenges ofcity integration efforts (Politico)

NYP Which Has Been Pushing Jeffries for Mayor Now Says He Is Not Running
Cuomo’s pick for mayor has doubts running against De Blasio (NYP) U S REP. Hakeem Jeffries, Gov. Cuomo’s choice to oust Mayor de Blasio, is having doubts about entering the race, as Democratic unhappiness over Cuomo’s “belittling’’ of the mayor grows, senior Democrats have told The Post. Jeffries, whom Cuomo has encouraged directly and through intermediaries to challenge de Blasio in the 2017 primary, “is having second thoughts about running, and has begun resisting Cuomo,’’ a prominent Democratic activist with strong party ties told Dicker at The Post.* Astorino Joins de Blasio-Cuomo Feud (YNN)

NYP Led the Campaign for Jeffries for Mayor
Cuomo to appear at fundraiser for potential de Blasio challenger (Oct 14, 2015, NYP)
Cuomo's Groundhog Day Teacher's Evaluations Policy While Wooing the UFT As Part of His War On de Blasio

Once more, with feeling: In his umpteenth attempt to getteacher evaluations right, Gov. Cuomo must hit the mark (NYDN ED)  In the most forceful vow of his reelection campaign, Gov. Cuomo promised that as the children’s lobbyist, he would enact the nation’s most vigorous system to raise education standards and hold teachers accountable. He got what he wished for — and then some.Fired up by teachers unions, many parents rebelled against new Common Core learning standards that revealed many students were not as proficient as past tests had indicated. With 20% of parents boycotting tests, with the unions gaining sway over the Board of Regents and with public opinion polls running against him, Cuomo has embarked on one more adjustment to how teachers will one day be evaluated, if that day ever comes.Union leaders have made a mirage of performance evaluations — the closer you get to them, the farther they recede into the distance.Consider this digested history:* Amid growing criticism that New York City is demanding too little improvement from its lowest-performing schools, the Department of Education released a list of the education targets that schools in de Blasio’s $400 million School Renewal Program are expected to meet. *  Cuomo’s latest Common Core commission could report its recommendations this week — in time to hand them off to the state Board of Regents meeting before its next meeting, Dec. 14. * An overhaul of federal education law moving through Congress — the biggest legislative change in 14 years — holds the prospect of a major shift in New York’s contentious debate over the linkage of student test scores to teachers’ job evaluations.  * Although the state has already signaled it will change its teacher evaluation system next year, an overhaul of federal education law moving through Congress could cause a major shift in the state’s contentious debate over linkage of student test scores to teachers’ job evaluations, Newsday writes:  *  FIGURE OUT THE ANSWER, GOV: Cuomo's twists and turns on school testing must yield strong standards (NYDN Ed)

 May 13, 2011: In a letter to Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch, Cuomo urges the state education governing board to “improve and accelerate performance evaluations for teachers,” urging that “up to 40% of the total score ... be based on objective student growth measures on state tests.”  May 16, 2011: The board votes to permit districts to base up to 40% of a teacher’s annual review on student test scores. Jan. 10, 2012: Cuomo says that, due to teachers unions’ influence, the state’s 2010 evaluation law — which leaves it to districts to negotiate changes with their local unions — was “destined to fail. Feb. 16, 2012: Cuomo strikes a deal with the state teachers union that ensures teachers who can’t boost student test scores can’t be rated positively. He calls this deal “groundbreaking.” Feb. 7, 2014: Facing political backlash to the Common Core standards and tests on the cusp of his own reelection bid, Cuomo appoints a panel to study the implementation of the standards.  March 31, 2014: Cuomo and the Legislature pass a budget that, among other things, ensures that for two years, results on Common Core tests will not be used against students or appear on their permanent records. June 19, 2014: After parents — including his Republican opponent — opt their children out of state tests, Cuomo drafts a “safety net” bill that would give teachers the same two-year moratorium on Common Core test consequences.

Oct. 27, 2014: Cuomo tells the Daily News Editorial Board, “When I’m in the rocking chair, I want to be able to say I put in the first meaningful evaluation process” for teachers. Nov. 5, 2014: Cuomo wins reelection. Dec. 16, 2014: New York releases the results of the second year of evaluations; fewer than 1% of teachers are rated ineffective. That’s “not real,” says Cuomo. “I think we have to go back to work on the teacher evaluation process.” Dec. 29, 2014: Cuomo vetoes the bill he drafted in June and indicates he plans to increase, not decrease, the role of tests in evaluations. The teachers union says he “reneged” on their deal. Jan. 21, 2015: In his State of the State speech, Cuomo calls the teacher evaluation system “baloney,” and says he wants to make new state aid to districts contingent on new reforms, including a hike to 50% in the percentage of an evaluation tied to test scores. 

Do the Pols Care More About the Campaign Power, $ and Money Re-Elected, Than About Students Getting A Good Education?
March 18, 2015: With teachers unions stoking anger over the new evaluation plan and Common Core testing, 28% of those polled by Quinnipiac approve of Cuomo’s approach to education. March 31, 2015: Final budget language mandates a new evaluation model that ensures a teacher can only be rated effective or highly effective overall if his or her students’ test-score progress is also effective or highly effective. April 2015: Anxious about the tests and encouraged by the state teachers union, parents opt their children out of state tests in record numbers. June 4, 2015: In a Quinnipiac University poll, 59% of state voters disapprove of Cuomo’s education policies; 30% approve. Sept. 3, 2015: Cuomo announces that Common Core “is not working, and must be fixed,” and appoints a commission to review problems and recommend a path forward in time for his January 2016 State of the State speech. Oct. 26, 2015: In a Siena College poll, just 27% give Cuomo a passing grade on improving public education in New York.* The Post writes that de Blasio’s renewal plan for New YorkCity Schools is far too lenient on failing schools, with some schools to remain open even though they are expected to do worse in the future:* Advocates for kids with disabilities gave NYC mixed marks for special education reforms executed during the first full school year under de Blasio’s watch. The Citywide Council on Special Education issued its findings in November with a 154-page report on students with disabilities for the school year which ended in June.* In an exclusive interview with NY1, Mayor Bill de Blasiolooks back over his first 23 months in office and concludes that, at times, he needs to do a better job communicating with New Yorkers:  * Experts say there is little evidence that classroom lessons as part of de Blasio’s “Computer Science for All” initiative work to help young students develop skills for the fast-changing field, The Journal writes: 

War and Piece: Cuomo vs de Blasio Meet WSJ Reported "Didn't Go Well"
Welcome to 180 Politics in the Age of Bharara No Long Term Strategy Just Panic

No Breakthrough Reported in de Blasio-Cuomo Dinner (WSJ)  Aides called it ‘constructive,’ but a person briefed on the matter says it didn’t go so well.* Some familiar with the matter said there was no breakthrough between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio at their private dinner this week, and the conversation “didn’t go well,” The Wall Street Journal reports. * There was no breakthrough between Cuomo and de Blasio at a private dinner this week, according to people familiar with the matter. When the two Democrats dined in the backroom of an East Midtown restaurant Tuesday night with close aides, the conversation centered on their challenged relationship and “didn’t go well,” according to one source.* No bonding for de Blasio and Cuomo at secret dinner (NYP)* Bill de Blasio's 'constructive' dinner with Gov. Cuomooffered few details (NYDN)

Cuomo, de Blasio have secret dinner in bid to mend fences (NYP) Bitter rivals Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo broke bread during a secret sit-down at a Midtown restaurant in an attempt to mend their fractured relationship, The Post has learned. Hizzoner and Cuomo held the peace summit Tuesday evening in a curtained-off private room in the back of Casa Lever on Park Avenue at East 53rd Street, sources said. “It looked like a serious business meeting,” a restaurant staffer told The Post, saying there were no outward signs of acrimony but no laughs either during the tête-à-tête. De Blasio loses his 7th top official in less than two years (NYP) Iris Chen, director of the city’s Fund for Public Schools, resigned this week — making her the seventh top official to step down from the de Blasio administration in less...

Director of Group That Raises Money for New York Schools Abruptly Quits Amid Troubles (NYT) Iris Chen, who was appointed director of the Fund for Public Schools last year, will be replaced by a senior adviser to the schools chancellor.* The governor and NYC mayor held a secret sit-down at a Midtown restaurant Tuesday night in an attempt to mend their fractured relationship. The duo dined in a curtained-off private room in the back of Casa Lever on Park Avenue at East 53rd Street in Manhattan.* Iris Chen, the executive director of the Fund for Public Schools, a nonprofit that raises money for New York City public schools, abruptly resigned this week amid concerns about her management style and turnover on the fund’s staff.* Cuomo and deBlasio try to work out their differences over a nice Italian dinner:(NY Mag)* Cuomo and de Blasio Meet To Discuss Fence-Mending (YNN) Homelessness   Gov. Andrew Cuomo convened several meetings this week at his Midtown Manhattan office with nonprofit groups and top members of his administration to discuss NYC’s ongoing homeless crisis.

Nobody Asked Me But
The mayor said it was “downright crazy” to ask whether he would be endorsing Cuomo’s re-election campaign in 2018 because there were several election cycles before 2018, but said that he was a “loyal Democrat,” the Post reports: 
Better Question to the Mayor: Are You Happy and Proud of Your 2014 Endorsement of Cuomo?

Is Cuomo Moving to Left Because He See Skelos Trial, Real Estate $$$ Connected With Both Trials and the Hillary 2016 Vote Will Kill GOP Senate? 
As Cuomo Tries to Steal de Blaio's Left 
Cuomo, With Unilateral Actions, Advances a Renewed Liberal Agenda in New York (NYT)  Cuomo’s vision has taken on a personal urgency since the death of his father, who was an icon of the left. Cuomo appears to have been embracing what he describes as his inner progressive after the death of his father, a liberal icon, and after gaining a reputation as a centrist, pragmatic politician* Increasing his use of executive powers, Cuomo is marrying his drive to get things done with a distinctly liberal vision — a vision that has taken on new personal urgency since the New Year’s Day death of his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, whose soaring defense of liberalism made him an icon of the lefting to get ahead of the city’s homelessness problem and explain it to New Yorkers is the biggest mistake he has ade so far in office.
Cuomo spokeswoman: "Everyone understands the City has had a very real homeless problem and we’re glad the city is starting to act on it." * The Post writes that de Blasio’s plan to build 15,000units of affordable housing over the next 15 years to combat homelessness will do little, if anything, to help those who refuse services and contribute to a declining quality of life:(NYP)

Cuomo Should Appoint  A New Seabury Commission to Investigate the 1NY Slush Fund Shadow Govt
The Spin de Blasio Laguardia "In 1934, “thegreatest mayor we ever had, Fiorello LaGuardia,” created the New York City Housing Authority, de Blasio said. LaGuardia “believed that something bold and ambitious and transcendent had to happen to protect the interests of working New Yorkers,” said the mayor, and his administration is, “humbly, humbly presenting Next Generation NYCHA in that same spirit.” 

The Real de Blasio Walker  Increasing corruption within his administration, forced Walker to testify before the investigative committee of Judge Samuel Seabury, the Seabury Commission (also known as the Hofstadter Committee). Walker caused his own downfall by accepting large sums of money from businessmen looking for municipal contracts. Facing pressure from Governor Roosevelt, Walker eluded questions about his personal bank accounts, stating instead that the money he received were “beneficences” and not bribes.  He delayed any personal appearances until after Roosevelt’s nomination for President of the U.S. was secured. It was at that time that the embattled mayor could fight no longer. Months from his national election, Roosevelt decided that he must remove Walker from office. Walker agreed and resigned on September 1, 1932, and went on a grand tour of Europe with Betty Compton, his Ziegfeld girl. *  Cuomo screws w/ de Blasio because he can't screw w/ Bharara- 

For $15 Dollars Cuomo Owns de Blasio's Left
 Mayor de Blasio did the inevitable, canceled hispresidential forum after no one signed on to attend:  @bpolitics * .@KarenHinton says Mayor @BilldeBlasio will not be issuing a statement tonight on decision to  Iowa presidential forum (PoliticoNY)  Faces criticism for Progressive Agenda event * Mayor de Blasio’s Group Abandons Plans for Inequality Forum in Iowa (NYT) The Progressive Agenda Committee, founded by Mayor Bill de Blasio, said the forum had become unnecessary, because inequality had already moved to the center of the 2016 presidential campaign.* The Progressive Agenda Committee, a liberal advocacy group founded by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, abandoned plans for an Iowa presidential forum on income inequality not long after he endorsed Hillary Clinton, the Times reports *  Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined a throng of union workers and other supporters of a $15 minimum wage in lower Manhattan and formally announced he would be using his executive authority to make sure it went up for at least one group of workers — state employees. * The wage increase will be phased in by the end of 2018 for state workers in New York City and by the end of 2021 for state workers elsewhere. About 10,000 employees could receive an increase as a result of the governor’s action. Cuomo said he expected other states would follow suit. * The increased hourly rate would appear to heavily affect the state’s part-time workforce, such as lifeguards and other seasonal workers at state parks, but it also will affect food service employees, clerical workers and a variety of blue-collar, health care posts that one state workers union said involves mostly entry-level government jobs. * Even as he made a concession to one of his longtime sparring partners – public sector employees – Cuomo took a jab at his main rival in the state Democratic Party: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. Asked if he thought the city should ensure the same pay rate to its employees, the governor answered in the affirmative. * Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan said the statewide $15-an-hour minimum wage Cuomo is seeking will be discussed in detail by his conference, predicting “some kind of compromise” next year. * Cuomo’s minimum wage move became an issue during last night’s GOP presidential debate, with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio saying if $15 becomes the national hourly pay then “all the automation that is replacing jobs and people right now will be accelerated.” * Organizers have canceled de Blasio’s planned presidential forum, set for next month in Iowa, following months of dispute over the event. A spokeswoman for the Progressive Agenda Committee said the group would move on to other ways of advancing its agenda.New York's governor is raising the minimum wage for about 10,000 state workers to $15 an hour over the next six years. Andrew Cuomo's office says that will initially affect about 1,000 office assistants, custodial workers and lifeguards in New York City, whose hourly wage will reach $15 by the end of 2018. Another 9,000 employees upstate will see wages rise to that level three years later. New York's basic minimum wage is now $8.75 and is set to rise to $9 at year's end. The Democratic governor has called for a $15 basic minimum, ...    Full Story »

@GersonBorrero with a great line re DEB $15 minimum wage 4 NYC employees "Put up or shut up"

Cuomo vs de Blasio War 
Mayor, Governor Keep Their Distance at Somos El Futuro Conferenc Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s life miserable because it makes him feel good and provides focus and direction, but the rivalry may go back to their political mentors, sources tell the Post:  *Cuomo’s top priority is to torment de Blasio: aides (NYP)

Cuomo Wants to Save NYC 
Cuomo, who has been feuding with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, said recentlyat a private fund-raiser for his political committee that one of his top priorities now is to “save New York City.” GOV. 'SAVIOR': Cuomo says at private event his top priority is to 'save New York City' — intensifying feud with de Blasio (NYDN)

Cuomo Sends In The State Troopers to the City in Latest Battle of War With de Blasio
 Cuomo has ordered more New York State Troopers to Manhattan to beef up their presence in the New York City to boost the state’s profile there, a manuever in  his ongoing rift with Mayor Bill de Blasio, DNAinfo reports:  * Cuomo says his relationship with de Blasio is 'good' Capital New York * Cuomo insisted his relationship with Mayor Bill de Blasio is “good” despite public disagreements between the two and gently chided the press for focusing on the “soap opera” between their two offices, State of Politics 

Cuomo To Premature to Endorse Mayor

New Front on the  Cuomo vs de Blasio Education War
Arroyo Takes A Timeout Stealing From Albany and Gambling at the Casinos to Work on Team Cuomo War Attacking de Blasio
Carmen Arroyo Rails Against NYC Schools Chancellor (YNN) Raising her voice and even slapping her hand on the table for emphasis, Arroyo was angered by what she saw as a lack of assistance for bilingual students and their families in city schools.* While discussing mayoral control of schools, Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo contended New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina is distributing funds as if she were Santa Claus, the Post reports:  *  NYC schools boss Carmen Fariña criticized over inadequatebilingual classes (NYDN) * NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña received a mouthful in Albany when Bronx Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo charged that the chancellor used taxpayer funds to dole out frivolous programs like “Santa Claus” while doing nothing to help bilingual students.*  While discussing mayoral control of schools, Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo contended New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina is distributing funds as if she were Santa Claus, the Post reports: 

Saturday Cuomo Says Both Sides (City State) Far Apart On MTA Funding
Cuomo indicated that New York City and the state remain far apart on funding for the MTA’s capital plan, even as New York City officials have discussed increasing their contribution, the Times reports: 
Subway Service and Fare Meltdown and de Blasio Blinks A Little Million
EXCLUSIVE: City officials eye $1B more for MTA repairs but de Blasio, Cuomo remain at odds over who's responsible for funding (NYDN)*This is NOT what you wanted to wake up to (AMNY) Higher fares, worse service if MTA doesn't get state, city financial boost: Report State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said the MTA's 2015-19 capital plan, which funds big projects like the Second Avenue Subway, has a $9.8 billion funding gap despite a strong economy and record ridership.* Flanagan says Cuomo’s MTA stance not unreasonable, advocates not so sure (PoliticoNY)*Cuomo: MTA Budget Being Shortchanged by City, Not State (NY1)*Cuomo Says Deal Over M.T.A. Capital Plan Is Not Near (NYT) The city and state remain far apart on how to divide the cost of a $29 billion proposal to maintain and improve the authority’s vast system.* Labor Allies Blast ‘Irresponsible’ TWU AdsAttacking Bill de Blasio (NYO)* Punching back at a series of newspaper ads from the TWU blasting de Blasio, liberal allies of the mayor accused the union of doing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s dirty work in his ongoing feud with City Hall.*Latest TWU Ad Blasts Mayor for 'Farebeating'City's Working Families (NY1)*When a southbound G train hit a piece of wall and jumped the track last month, it becamethe latest event in an ongoing battle between Cuomo and de Blasio over the upkeep of New York City’s subways and who pays for what

Latest transit unionad shows Bill de Blasio hopping the turnstile (NYDN) The ad from Transport Workers Union Local 100 — its third in a month — that appears in the Daily News on Monday tells de Blasio to “Stop farebeating New York City’s working families.” The “farebeating” refers to calls from the TWU — as well as from Gov. Cuomo and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority — for de Blasio to put in $3.2 billion for transit repair needs. The city has pledged $657 million.* With Cuomo pressuring de Blasio to allocate more than $3 billion for the transit system’s overdue capital plan, Transport Workers Union Local 100 is buying ads blasting the mayor, but the union’s complaint lacks credibility because of its track record and motives, Crain’s writes:   Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Thomas Prendergast's blaming of de Blasio for failing to properly fund the city’s subway system may come back to haunt him, as two riders injured last month are suing the city, the Daily News writes: * Train derailment victims use MTA-NYC funding feud in lawsuit against city (NYDN)*Two subway riders injured in last month’s G train derailment have filed notices to sue for damages, alleging they were victims of a feud between the city and the MTA over the funding of repairs to the system.  Anonymous labor leaders came to the support of Mayor Bill de Blasio, defending him against attack ads run by the Transport Workers Union Local 100, who they say are doing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s dirty work, the Observerreports:*Cuomo to de Blasio: Follow Bloomberg on MTA (Politico)
More On the MTA and Bridge Tolls

Another Poll Shows Cuomo Beating de Blasio
Cuomo proves more popular than de Blasio in NYC, state: poll  (NYDN)  The Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday morning shows Cuomo's job approval statewide is split evenly, with 43% of voters saying they like what he's doing and 43% saying they don't.  But in New York City, Cuomo's job approval is 54% with 29% saying they disapprove, the poll found. Cuomo's favorable rating was at a relatively low 45% statewide, but a much stronger 55% in New York City and 59% among state Democrats.  De Blasio fared far worse. Just 23% of voters statewide view him favorably while 46% view him unfavorably.  It's not much better in New York City, where his favorable-to-unfavorable rating is 37% to 49%. Even among Dems, just 41% view him favorably while 29% view him unfavorably.  The Quinnipiac poll found that 57% of voters believe Cuomo and de Blasio are in a public feud while just 15% believe the two are working together for the public good. Of those who say the two are feuding, voters by a 61% to 9% margin say Cuomo is winning.  But 78% also aid the feud is harmful to all of New York.* A Quinnipiac poll found 57 percent of New York voters believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio are feuding and not "effectively working together for the public good,” and among those voters, most say Cuomo is winning: * Gov. Andrew Cuomo took issue with the perception – bolstered by a recent Quinnipiac poll - that his political feud with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has interfered with governing, the Times reports * Poll: Spat Between Mayor and Governor Harming State (NY1) * New Q poll this morning, 52-33 percent, NY voters say Gov. Cuomo ''part of the problem of ethics in government, not part of solution.'' * A Siena University poll found that Cuomo’s job approval rating has remained level and his favorability rating went up by just a point despite his efforts to bolster his standing with the left through initiatives like the fast food worker wage hike, Politico New York writes: * The Post’s Bob McManus writes that Cuomo’s constantchasing of polls and public opinion could be his downfall, as he tends to favor pandering to the public over sound policy:

NYP's Dicker Says What Everyone Knows Cuomo Will Work to Defeat de Blasio
Cuomo personally recruiting candidates to de-throne de Blasio (NYP) Cuomo, who, according to a recent poll, is winning his bitter feud with Mayor de Blasio, is upping the ante by becoming personally involved in recruiting potential candidates to oust the mayor — and he apparently doesn’t mind people knowing it, The Post has learned. Cuomo has assigned state Democratic Committee Executive Director Basil Smikle Jr., a Harlem resident with strong ties to African-American politicians, to help lead the effort. Smikle has already held preliminary talks with several possible challengers, including Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of Brooklyn and city Comptroller Scott Stringer, an influential Democratic insider who knows Cuomo and de Blasio told The Post. “It’s my view based on what I see going on that not only does Cuomo want de Blasio to lose in 2017, he wants people to know that he’ll be having something to do with it,’’ the insider, who demanded anonymity, told The Post.* Former Jet Michel Faulkner to announce run for mayor (NYP) Former Jets player Michel Faulkner is ready to tackle City Hall, telling The Post he’ll formally announce his run for mayor on Monday. Faulkner, 58, a Republican who played for the Jets in 1981, will make the announcement at 44th Street and Seventh Avenue at 11 a.m. before a Harvard Club fund-raiser later in the day, a campaign spokesman said. “There is no Republican that has my record of serving the disenfranchised and the poor,” Faulkner told The Post. The New Horizon Church pastor, who lives on the Upper West Side, ran against Rep. Charlie Rangel in 2010 and lost, 71 percent to 9 percent. * Former New York Jet Michel Faulkner, now a socially conservative minister in Harlem, announced in Times Square that he would challenge New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2017, Politico New York reports: 

Cuomo Reach to the UFT Undercutting the Mayor as Part of his War on de Blasio

de Blasio's Not So Secret War Against the GOP State Senate
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s team may be trying again to wrest control of the state Senate from the GOP, as evidenced by a campaign operative filing freedom of information law requests, the Post’s Fred Dicker reports:  Mayor de Blasio, who was punished by the GOP in this year’s legislative session for his effort last year to end Republican control of the Senate, may be at it again. Binghamton Republicans say Nolan Wanecke of Brooklyn, once a campaign operative for de Blasio’s re-election committee, filed six Freedom of Information requests for information regarding Broome County Undersheriff Fred Akshar. Akshar is the GOP candidate in the special November Senate election to fill the seat left vacant by the felony conviction last month of Tom Libous (R-Binghamton). “It’s clear to me that we have liberal New York City interests trying to play a role in what happens in the future in the Southern Tier, but people here don’t want someone with a de Blasio/Cuomo agenda dictating their future to them,” said Broome County GOP Chairman Bijoy Datta. But De Blasio campaign committee spokesman Jonathan Rosen said Wanecke no longer works for the mayor.* Binghamton Republicans say Nolan Wanecke of Brooklyn, once a campaign operative for de Blasio’s re-election committee, filed six Freedom of Information requests for information regarding Broome County Undersheriff Fred Akshar.

Will Cuomo Work to Dump de Blasio? Are You Kidding?

He talks bad about us.” *  NO CHEERS FOR BILL: De Blasio booed at Dominican Day Parade for calling the looming deportations of Haitians in June ‘a racist act’ by the country's government(NYDN) * Cuomo and de Blasio marched one block apart in yesterday’s Dominican Day Parade, butreceived very different receptions. The governor was cheered, while the mayor was booed. *  Cuomo Cozies Up To de Blasio Rivals (YNN) Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the weekend received some warm words from New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer. Later today, he will be attending a roundtable discussion with U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. Both Stringer and Jeffries just happen to be potential mayoral candidates and rivals to the incumbent, Bill de Blasio.* Gov. Andrew Cuomo has received some kind words from New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer and U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, both of whom are seen as potential challengers to de Blasio in 2017, the State of Politics reports:  * Is de Blasio vulnerable in 2017? (CrainsNY) The key is what Democrats think of him.
Opera House Hotel rips de Blaz admin for leaking legionairres' info to Times. media contact is Michael McKeon, who led GOPers for Cuomo
True News Answer Lovett McKeon is a Partner in Mercury Campaign Consultant Lobbyists who hire Noerdlinger Former Aide to the Mayor's Wife

When Your Moving In to Kill Off A Mayor Team AG Looks A Lot More Sexy to A Warrior
Cuomo and AG Eric Schneiderman huddled with minority lawmakers at the governor’s Midtown Manhattan office yesterday over his recent executive order giving Schneiderman special prosecutor powers in certain police-involved deaths of civilians. *  “There are obvious questions. How does this happen? How does a person arrested for shoplifting wind up dying? Is she was that ill, why was she left in the cell?” Cuomo said ofRaynette Taylor, a Mount Vernon woman who died in police custody. Schneiderman is investigating.

Cuomo de Blasio War Final Battle Constitutional Convention?
Former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner writes in the Times that aconstitutional convention may be the only way to give New York City more say over its governance and mend the mayor’s and governor’s relationship: *  The Times Union writes that the state Legislatureshould support efforts to amend the U.S. constitution and reverse impacts of the Citizens United decision that lifted political spending limits for groups and corporations: 

Even After Cuomo Guy Shot He and de Blasio Avoid Each Other At Parade
Cuomo, Bill de Blasio avoid each other at parade(NYDN) The governor and the NYC mayor, who have not appeared together since Bill de Blasio blasted Cuomo as a vengeful political manipulator in June, both spoke at a breakfast at Brooklyn’s Lincoln Terrace Park and then marched in the West Indian-American Day Parade along Eastern Parkway, but never crossed paths.

Cuomo vs de Blasio War Expands to Times Square 
Cuomo Moves On de Blasio's Times Square Tit Party

 Cuomo in a NY1 interview pledged to crack down on topless female performers in Times Square, calling their actions “illegal” and a potential return to the “bad old days” in New York CityState of Politicsreports: *  Gov. Cuomo says he'll close topless shows in Times Square (Newsday) * NYC searches for ways to ban Times Square topless ladies(NYDN) * Mayor Bill de Blasio convened a special task force, which includes City Planning Commission Chair Carl Weisbrod and Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, to find a legal way to ban topless performers from Times Square, the Daily News writes: 

State Education Dept Using Three little Pig to Go After de Blasio
War: Cuomo vs de Blasio the Education Battle
The city thinks ‘The Three Little Pigs’ is a book for high schoolers (NYP) State officials uncovered astonishing evidence that city high-school diplomas are worthless — a Manhattan classroom of 11th-graders reading “The Three Little Pigs,” The Post has learned. The report from the state Education Department says the classic children’s fairy tale was just one of several ridiculously easy reading assignments uncovered at Landmark HS this year.* Three Little Pigs’ — a fairy-tale nightmare for NYC schools (NYP Ed) It’s worse than we thought: Auditors found kids reading “The Three Little Pigs” in an 11th-grade class at a city school. Forget “To Kill a Mockingbird” or other high-school classics. These high-school juniors at Manhattan’s Landmark HS were reading the 1st-grade fable as class work. The school’s principal says it was just a five-minute “exercise” for “a discussion on bias and point of view.” Bias against the wolf? In fact, the State Education Department team saw otherwise. The group “observed a variety of text and materials” in classrooms, said the report. “Some [texts] were low-level . . . For example, ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story was read round-robin style,” suggesting “limited student access in this class to grade-level text.” * The Post writes that the state legislature may be the onlyhope for improving long-struggling New York City schools because de Blasio and city Schools Chancellor Carmen Fraina are working to hide the truth:

Bigfoot Cuomo de Blasio War the Legionnaires Battle
Cuomo calls in CDC for Legionnaires’ help(NYP) *  Cuomo uses Legionnaires Disease to bigfoot de Blasio (NYDN) Cuomo unveiled a state plan to deal with the spate of Legionnaires cases in the Bronx that includes calling in a Centers for Disease Control team, a move that bigfoots de Blasio * Meanwhile, a 36-year-old man being treated for the disease at Harlem Hospital is expected to be the first of 100 Legionnaires’ disease victims to file a notice of claim against the city, the Daily News reports:   * Bronx dad stricken with Legionnaires’ diseaseplans to file notice of claim against NYC as families of other victims speak out(NYDN) * The Times writesthat it’s dismaying how sluggish the city was in responding to theLegionnaires’ disease outbreak, but after Thursday’s action, other state’sshould consider acting as New Yorkhas: 

The Only Winners of the Education War Between Cuomo Vs de Blasio are the Lobbyist$
Education, Labor Dominate Lobby Spending In First Half Of Year (YNN) The report found that overall the top lobbying entities spent $23.4 million during the first six months the year. Total lobbying spending accounted for some $131 million between January and June 2014. The report found the New York State United Teachers, the umbrella group for the state’s teachers unions, spent the second-highest amount, $3.8 million. Another education-oriented group aligned with Cuomo’s education policies, Students First NY, spent $2.2 million. Families For Excellent Schools Advocacy, a pro-charter organization, as well as its companion organization Families For Excellent Schools, Inc., spent a combined $2.3 million, the report found. But education wasn’t the only major issue discussed. Groups pushing for the extension of and changes to the 421a tax abatement in New York City also spent big. New York City and Vicinity Carpenters Labor Management spent the third highest amount, $3 million. Putting New Yorkers To Work spent $1.8 million, while the Greater NY Laborers-Employers Coop spent $1.2 million. The top lobbyist for the first half of the year in total compensation and billings was Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP, which reported $5.4 million. Runner-up: Kaiser Consulting, which reported $4.1 million. Brown an Weinraub $4,082.732, Bolton St. Johns $4,049.464, James Capalino $3,759.722, Park Strategies $3,552.103, Greenberg Traurig $3,254, 387, Hnman Staub $2, 621.652, Manatt, Phelps $2,276.967, Pat Lynch $2,136.221 *  The two most contentious issues of the 2015 legislative session, education policy and real estate tax breaks, drove the biggest spending by lobbying groups in the first six months of the year, according to a report released by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.*  $131M in lobbying to push Cuomo, state lawmakers in 2015 (NYDN) The $130.9 million spent on lobbying from January through June marked a $21.1 million increase from the same period in 2014, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics said in its mid-year report Thursday. The biggest spender was the Coalition for Opportunity in Education, which spent $5 million in an unsuccessful push for the adoption of a tax credit for individuals who give money to educational institutions. New York State United Teachers, which opposed the tax credit, was second on the spending list with $3.8 million spent on lobbying.

Poll de Blasio Losing to Cuomo in the City, Quality of Life Falls
The Bronx Manhattan have turned against BdB in this Q-poll
Q-Poll: NYC VotersGive Higher Marks To Cuomo Over de Blasio (YNN) New York City voters give Gov. Andrew Cuomo a higher job approval rating than Mayor Bill de Blasio, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday that also found the first-term mayor may have a difficult path to re-election. The poll found voters approve of the job Cuomo is doing by a margin of 58 percent to 36 percent, up from a June survey that showed his approval numbers at 52 percent to 29 percent. The mayor, meanwhile, scores an approval rating of 44 percent, with 44 percent equally disapproving of his job performance. Democratic Comptroller Scott Stringer, who is believed to be a potential candidate for mayor at some point, has an approval rating of 54 percent, compared to 21 percent who disapprove. De Blasio, who was first elected in 2013 in a landslide, faces skepticism from voters as to whether he should be re-elected: 47 percent believe he does not, while only 41 percent back the mayor for a second term. * More Voters Than Ever Disapprove of Bill de Blasio Read moreat: (NYO)  Poll   * A new Quinnipiac poll shows New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio falling to the lowest approval rating of his tenure, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo performed somewhat better, The New York Time reports:   * Mayor's officeaccuses Cuomo admin of dodging questions, hogging spotlight. Gov's office says"soap opera is over." * Is Quinnipiac Undercounting Democrats in Their Bill deBlasio Polls? | Observer

Cuomo vs de Blasio Fighting Over the Speaker Where Do Her Lobbyists Friends Fix In . . .  Progressive?
Team de Blasio Good at Scamming the Campaign Finance System and A Weak Press Not Good At Politics

Thursday  The Times writes that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s legacy may be the governor’s penchant for large-scale projects, such as the replacement for the Tappan Zee Bridge over the Hudson River and the overhaul of La Guardia airport:

Wednesday Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke on the phone for the first time in weeks, which the mayor described as part of an “ongoing thing,” that has not produced a resolution, the Daily News reports:  * After weeks of silence, @BilldeBlasio & @NYGovCuomo now on speaking terms—butstill at odds over @MTA funding. * After nearly a month of studied silence, and careful avoidance of one another at parades and party functions, Cuomo and de Blasio revealed yesterday that they had finally spoken on the phone. The mayor offered a hint that their feud may not quite be over, saying: “I think it was an airing of concerns, and I wouldn’t say a resolution was reached.”

Tuesday De Blasio can’t stop praising City Council after Uber clash (NYP) * De Blasio: Don't compare spat w Council speaker to feud wGov. "Have you heard of the concept of apples and oranges?" (NYDN) * Mayor Bill de Blasio and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito shared their mutual admiration at a news conference, after she had rebuked him for dropping a plan to cap Uber and failing to give the Council credit for negotiations, the Times reports:  * .@BilldeBlasio and @MMViverito move past fightover @Uber: (NYT) * -- Missing from airport announcement -- “Asked why, Mr. de Blasio said he thought it was an Association for a Better New York event, which he attends only ‘when I’m speaking.’ He said it did not mean he was not invited. ‘It means that an event like that is the kind of event that I go to when I am doing exactly what the governor will be doing — when I have something to announce.’
Andrew Cuomo may have new friend in NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito (NYDN) Cuomo's lobbying last week of Mark-Viverito against the mayor's bill to cap Uber growth for a year raised eyebrows in many Democratic circles. The two have never been particularly close, but Cuomo may have seen an opening, particularly with the mayor out of the country at the time when talks were amping up to determine the fate of the Uber bill, city and state Democrats say.* After criticizing @BilldeBlasio@MMViverito sat down with theMayor to hash out their differences over @Uber deal * Is Cuomo out to 'out-progressive' critic de Blasio? | Newsday * Allies and critics of Mayor Bill de Blasio say he appeared unprepared for a public relations clash with Uber, and failed to emphasize some unflattering truths about the tech behemoth, the Observer writes: * The feud between Cuomo and de Blasio remains heated as last week opened a new front for their bickering—funding for the city's buses and subways, with insiders saying there is no end in sight to the fighting, Capital New York writes:  * Council Speaker's Attack on Mayor May Give Her Perception of Independence (NY1) * Council Speaker's Attack on Mayor May Give Her Perception of Independence * De Blasio and Mark-Viverito Move Past Fight Over Uber (NYT) The mayor and City Council speaker seem to have moved past their disagreement over the for-hire vehicle company.* Last week, El Diario ran a piece on the SBJSA and specificallyhighlighted CM Mendez, CM Rodriguez, CM del Carmen Arroyo (not on Twitter) and CM Espinal as being supporters and Speaker MMV, CM Reynoso, CM MEnchaca and CM Reynoso as non-supporters. * @BilldeBlasio was conspicuously absent from @NYGovCuomo’s LaGuardia announcement:   * Cuomo On Friendship And The ‘Soap Opera’ (YN)

A Post Uber Battle in the War
Legionnaires Battle: Cuomo Vs de Blasio
 Cuomo and de Blasio can’t even agree on Legionnaires’ outbreak (NYP) * Legionnaires' disease may be ebbing in New York City, but the jockeying between themayor and governor is not. (NYT)* ANDY ALL OVER THE BRONX: Cuomo outdoes Bill de Blasio again as state starts plan to fight Legionnaires' disease — while mayor insists 'outbreak is tapering off' (NYDN) * Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared to present conflicting information about the scope of the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak during simultaneous news briefings, The New York Times writes:  * The Legionnaire’s disease outbreak in the Bronx has exposed the depth of the rift between NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. *  In a bizarre communication breakdown — later attributed to a missed voice mail message — Cuomo and de Blasio appeared to present conflicting information about the scope of the outbreak during simultaneous news briefings. At issue was the number of additional buildings that tested positive for Legionella bacteria. (The eventual answer: five.) * The arrival of the Opera House Hotel in the South Bronx two years ago was a turning point for a poor corner of New York City. But now it’s at the center of the worst outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the city’s history, with its water cooling tower one of five that tested positive for the bacteria.* * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reassured residents in the South Bronx that the outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease is ending and that it is treatable with antibiotics, NY1reports: * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reassured residents in the South Bronx that the outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease is ending and that it is treatable with antibiotics, NY1reports * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reassured residents in the South Bronx that the outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease is ending and that it is treatable with antibioticsNY1reports:   Wednesday Update Bronx hotel blamed for Legionnaires’ blasts de Blasio (NYP) * The Cuomo-de Blasio truce still doesn’t face facts on Legionnaires’ disease (NYP) * Everyone is still getting it wrong on the Legionnaires’ outbreak (NYP) * NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, facing criticism that their political infighting could damage their response to the Legionnaires’ outbreak in the Bronxagreed to craft joint regulations for responding to the disease that has killed 12 and infected more than 100. * Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, facing criticism that their feud could damage their responses to the Legionnaires’ outbreak in the Bronx, agreed to craft joint regulations for responding to the disease, The Wall Street Journal writes:  * The public deserves not just a show of cooperation, but the real thing from Cuomo and de Blasio, so that both men can take a step back to look at what’s truly needed to guard against legionella bacteria,the Post writes:  *Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said the state Legislature may also want to come up with a plan for combating Legionnaires’ disease, despite the governor and mayor outlining regulatory frameworks, State of Politics reports:   Thursday  South Bronx residents living in a new supportive housing building went from the fears associated with homelessness to fearing that they might come down with Legionnaires’ disease, the Journalreports: Senate Puerto Rican/Latino Caucus Calls For Water Tests Of Legionella (YNN)* In the wake of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak, the New York City Council passed a bill that will require cooling towers to be registered with the Department of Buildings, the Observer reports: * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he believes the city has “contained” the Legionnaires’ outbreak and announced no new patients have tested positive for it since Aug. 3, the Observer reports:  * The state Senate Puerto Rican/Latino Caucus called for hospitals’ water systems to be tested for Legionella bacteria every three months after an outbreak that has led to 12 deaths in New York CityState of Politicsreports:  Friday De Blasio says Legionnaires’ outbreak is contained (NYP) * The NYC Council unanimously passed new regulations to force building owners to register and test their cooling towers, aiming to combat future outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease. * The legislation was developed by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, and requires building owners to provide annual certification that their towers have been inspected, tested, cleaned and disinfected. Failing to do so could result in fines or even prison time. * De Blasio maintained that the outbreak, which has that has killed 12 people and sickened 122 others in the South Bronx, has been contained. “The corner has been turned,” he said during an appearance at Lincoln Hospital.Sunday  JUST NOT HACK-ING IT ANYMORE: Yellow cab pickups plummet 10 percent to 77 million in 2015 so far, analysis shows (NYDN) New York City officials said the legionnaires' outbreak that left 12 people dead may be contained, but the number of those infected keeps rising with the total number of infected people in the South Bronx up three to a total of 124*New Yorktaxi pickups have dropped by more than 8 million rides in the first half ofthis year: analysis. (NYDN)*Taxi Medallion Owners, Drivers Protest TLC Over For-Hire Companies (ny1)Monday Order to Clean Towers Strains Crews Amid Legionnaires’ Outbreak in Bronx (NYT) The health department has ordered every building in New York City with a cooling tower to evaluate and disinfect it, prompting frustration and confusion.** As the city and state scrambled to contain the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in the Bronx, cleanup crews were stretched thin and the effort resulted in confusion and frustration, The New York Times reports:* Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation from the New York City Council aimed at preventing future outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease, requiring that cooling towers be registered and tested, State of Politics 

NYP and GOP Senate Working Together to Stop de Blasio's Control of the Schools
Bill de Blasio’s sorry stewardship makes the case against mayoral control the schools (NYP Ed)The New York Post’s recent investigation uncovering a widespread grade-fixing scandal in New York City schools is deeply troubling. The findings unearthed an abysmal failure within the system — one that threatens the value of the very education that’s being provided to our kids. The Post did New Yorkers a tremendous service by exposing these misdeeds, and now they must be immediately corrected. As a result of what occurred, everyone — from Mayor de Blasio to Chancellor Carmen Fariña, right on down the line — must be held accountable. * The Post convinced NY that de Blasio shouldn’t be controlling schools (NYP) State legislators are threatening to put an end to Mayor de Blasio’s control of the city’s troubled school system after The Post’s exposés of “credit recovery” and grade-fixing abuses. Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (R-Suffolk) is leading the charge, saying he won’t ­renew “mayoral control” next year without a “thorough review.” Upstate Assemblywoman Jane Corwin (R-Clarence) insisted that even though she supports mayoral control as an option, de Blasio isn’t fit for the task.* Who is Responsiblefor New Yorkers Hate Living In NYC More Than Ever (NYP)  * A federal judge ruled that the new licensing exam for teachers in New York state does not discriminate against minorities, adding that despite some poor scores the test evaluated the skills necessary to do the job, the Times reports:  * * The recent headlines detailing illicit ways New York City schools have pushed students towards graduation has reopened the debate over “credit recovery” programs to help students get back on track, Chalkbeat NY writes: *  Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan writes in the Postthat New York City’s grade-fixing scandal proves the single-year extension of mayoral control, and a thorough review of that arrangement, was the right decision: *  Cyndi Kerr, a top city Department of Education official, was CC’d on an email that included information about plans to graduate 150 failing students through online courses in an apparent violation of the rules,the Post reports: * A test gets passinggrade for finding qualified teachers (NYDN Ed) A federal judge has vindicated New York’s ability to impose rigorous standards, fairly applied, to licensing teachers for public schools. Breathe a great sigh of relief. In a case stretching back nearly 20 years, Manhattan Federal Judge Kimba Wood had barred two previous exams because she found they discriminated against black and Latino teacher applicants. This time, Wood reviewed a new assessment, the Academic Literacy Skills Test, which was developed specifically to measure potential instructors’ capacity for teaching the Common Core curriculum. It was designed, she found, to gauge the literacy skills teachers would have to impart to students. Thus she declared the exam job-related, making the gap between the pass rates of whites, blacks and Hispanics legally irrelevant.* The state Education Department released standardized test questions showing that New York gives some of the most difficult tests in the nation, with some of the questions even stumping parents, the Times writes:  *  The state Education Department released questions from the third- through eighth-grade tests, giving parents a look at the kind of work their children are now expected to do. The school-by-school results from the tests will be announced later this week. * As the start of classes nears, school districts across the state are weighing whether to seek a waiver that could postpone for up to a year the implementation of stringent new teacher evaluation plans.

de Blasio Says Legionnaires Historic Perfect Storm But the Storm is His Administration 
The NYT to protect the mayor buried that fact that the mayor's top aide said the mayor's chief spokeswoman does not speak for the administration. That is the lead meant to cover-up scandal, the Times buried. Wow

Late Friday night, Phil Walzak, a senior adviser to the mayor, said Ms. Hinton’s remarks regarding the state’s performance did not reflect the views of the de Blasio administration. Ms. Hinton staunchly defended the city’s performance, noting that the majority of the approximately 540 cases of Legionnaires’ disease diagnosed in New York State each year are found outside New York City. “People have written about the city’s performance, but what about the state’s performance?” she said. * NYT Does Not Question Who Does the Mayor's Spokesperson Speak For? Legionnaires Cover-U * 'I'm not going to leave it to cities’: Andrew Cuomo announces state laws to fight Legionnaires’ disease (NYDN) 

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio fired back Saturday at his frenemy Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as a brigade of state and city inspectors scoured the Bronx for signs of the lethal Legionnaires’ disease bacteria. “I can say something very simply,” the mayor said. “We took charge on day one, we took matters into our own hands, and that’s why the situation is changing.” * Cuomo promised to take state action to regulate cooling towers, after an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the South Bronx that has killed ten people and infected at least 100. “This is a disease that tends to repeat itself and at the end of this, I’m going to have reforms for a statewide system that changes everything,” he told reporters. Monday A shocker. City never inspected S. Bx school where teacherdied of Legionnnaires' April 30 (SNAINFO)* The Death toll rose to 12 in the New York City Legionnaires’ disease outbreak and two more sites have tested positive for the bacteria, although no new cases have been reported since Aug. 3, The WallStreet Journal reports: *  Cuomo and de Blasio Offer Differing Answers toLegionnaires’ Disease Crisis  (NYO)  

Cuomo: “We’re Taking Matters into Our Own Hands”
Since the city learned of the outbreak in late July, health officials investigated the area, eventually narrowing in on five water-cooling towers in the South Bronx that were found to have the legionella bacteria. On Thursday, city health officials issued an order requiring buildings with the towers to inspect and clean them within two weeks. That, apparently, was not sufficient for the state. On Friday, state health officials convened a meeting and news conference with investigators from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at the Manhattan office of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo. The governor said he requested the federal investigators after he received a call from the Bronx borough president, Ruben Diaz Jr., asking for help. “We’re taking matters into our own hands,” Mr. Cuomo said in an interview Friday on NY1. De Blasio blames Legionnaires’ outbreak on ‘perfect storm’ (NYP) * One dead, another injured after gunfire erupts at Brooklyn barbecue: police sources (NYDN) * The Bronx is furious over city’s slow response to Legionnaire’s(NYP Ed) * Cuomo cleans up for de Blasio again in Legionnaire’s outbreak (NYP Ed) * OP-ED/ Michael Benjamin, @SquarePegDemThe Bronx is furiousover city’s slow response to Legionnaire’s (NYP) * * The Post argues that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to combat the Legionnaire’s outbreak through rapid decontamination is “too much, too late—after weeks of too little,” and only came after Cuomo got involved:  Update  @APfive more Bronx buildings test positive for Legionnaires butofficials say they haven't infected anyone  * Legionnaires' Response Appears to Have Caused Turf Battle Between Mayor, Governor (NY1)

Cuomo de Blasio Education War
“In my efforts to find common ground, suspiciously, it seemed that every good idea got rejected or manipulated,” the victim mayor told NY1 without a hint of irony. The public, he declared, wants to see “forceful leadership” that, unlike Cuomo’s, isn’t dominated “by special interests.”  Strange as it might seem, de Blasio may have borrowed this call to arms against special interests from the union and its allies, which regularly apply the term and worst to the fat-cat education-reform donors to Cuomo and the Senate, though these hedge funders derive no discernible benefit from teacher evaluations or charters. The union, on the other hand, is by definition a special interest with fiduciary obligations to its members — one that has infected many of its members and its public partners, including the mayor, with Cuomo contempt. In that light, de Blasio’s attack on transactional politics was itself a transaction, a favor for labor. . . . Heastie even told the website Capital New York in the aftermath that his relationship with Cuomo was “for the most part pretty good.” Cuomo, he said, “likes to be a dealmaker and bring the two sides together,” but that was “very hard to do” because both sides “couldn’t move anywhere.” Though only speaker for five months, Heastie offered an indirect lesson plan to de Blasio, a citywide elected official for five-and-a-half years:  The best evidence of the union’s poisoning of the air is in the largely uncovered segments of the same interview, with the mayor saluting the same agreement that drove him nuts. In the same interview in which he cried that “in my efforts to find common ground, suspiciously, it seemed that every good idea got rejected or manipulated,” he went on to boast that the final Albany package offered “substantial improvement” in the rent laws and “game-changer” gains on 421 — a tax break for developers that will “help to achieve tens of thousands of units of affordable housing.” “You have to realize you live in a political reality. As long as there’s a Republican-controlled Senate, there are not going to be wholesale changes in the rent laws.” If de Blasio got much of what he realistically could have expected, why did he go so ballistic?  As quiet as it is kept, Cuomo and the Senate did conspire to get 50 charter slots in the city, and won the battle to allow the charter-friendly State University of New York to authorize and regulate them — bitter pills for a union with indigestion already. In the first months of de Blasio’s term in 2014, he tried to kick a charter with some of the top math scores in the state out of a city school, triggering a firefight with Cuomo. The mayor lost that skirmish during the last legislative session, with Cuomo getting a bill through that required the city to either pay rent for charters or let them use public space. De Blasio is 0 for 2 on charters in Albany. . .  The union campaign to undermine tests it never had a problem with so long as they were used, by Ed Koch and Mike Bloomberg, to hold third graders back, but started railing against when Cuomo decided to make collective scores part of teacher assessment. . .  De Blasio rejected the “convenient conventional wisdom” that an angered Senate majority blocked mayoral control, contending that the GOP didn’t really blame him for being the first mayor to host fund-raisers to unseat them.  A campaign consultant by trade, de Blasio was conscious enough of his own political calendar that he back-loaded the UFT and other labor contracts so that most of the extra cost kicks in after he’s reelected. With the public fighting between Cuomo and de Blasiostretching from days into weeks, Capital New York compares the incident to the hostilities between Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and New York City Mayor John Lindsay in the early 1970s: 

New Cuomo de Blasio Poll: Public Thinks They Both Suck "Race to the Bottom"
New Siena poll: Who best represents your political views, Cuomo or deBlasio: Democrats only: Cuomo, 39%, deBlasio 44%. * Who is more trustworthy, Cuomo or deBlasio? Democrats only: Cuomo 35%, deBlasio 41%. * New Siena poll on Cuomo "reducing corruption in state government'': Positive: 20%. Negative: 74%. * New Siena poll on Cuomo: improving public education: 24% positive/73% negative; improving NY economy: 34% positive/63% negative. * New Siena poll: Cuomo overall job performance: NEGATIVE 39-60 percent, down a little from a negative 41-59 percent last month.
NYC voters just barely side with de Blasio in his feudwith Cuomo: poll (NYDN) The Siena Research Institute poll released Wednesday morning found 37% of city voters taking de Blasio’s side in the political war of words and 33% backing Cuomo. Another 27% said they either had no opinion or sided with neither of the two. When it comes to getting things done, however, 50% of city voters said Cuomo was more effective, compared to only 36% who said de Blasio. Statewide, the numbers were even more in Cuomo’s favor, with 39% backing Cuomo in the feud and only 28% siding with de Blasio. Fifty three percent of state voters felt Cuomo was more effective, compared to only 27% who felt de Blasio was better at getting things done. “Among all voters across the state – as well as among Republicans, independents, upstaters and downstate suburbanites – Cuomo is seen as more effective, trustworthy and representative of their views,” said Siena spokesman Steven Greenberg. “And thus these groups all side with Cuomo over de Blasio in their ongoing public war of words.” Overall, however, Cuomo’s favorability and job performance ratings continued to slump. Only 49% of state voters view Cuomo favorably, the first time the rating has dropped below 50% since Cuomo became governor. A month ago, 53% of New Yorkers had a favorable opinion of Cuomo. * Police charged Allen Roskoff, president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct after he criticized Cuomo at the third-annual Demmy Awards earlier this week. * A Siena College poll found Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s favorability rating fell to 49 percent from 53 percent in May, but found voters believe he is still more effective and trustworthy than Mayor Billde Blasio: * Voters back Cuomo in clash with de Blasio: poll (NYP) * A new Siena College poll showed Cuomo’s favorability numbers have slipped to 49-44. That marks the first time he has dipped below 50 percent favorability in a Siena poll since becoming governor in 2011. It’s also the first time he’s been sub-50 since 2007, when he was attorney general. * Low Poll Numbers? Cuomo Blames Albany ‘Writ Large’
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Cuomo de Blasio Not Speaking
Cuomo told reporters he has not spoken to Mayor Bill de Blasio since he accused the governor in an interview with NY1 last month of deliberately undermining his agenda in Albany for cheap political gain, the Observer writes:   Capital New Yorkprofiles former Cuomo aide-turned-de Blasio communications director KarenHinton, whose hiring may have aggravated the relationship between the two, but who could also be the future outlet to repair their public rift: * Cuomo and de Blasio Still Keep a Distance (NYT) Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, who have been throwing verbal barbs at each other for weeks, both spoke at the Bronx Democratic County Committee on Thursday night * Taking The Cuomo-de Blasio Relationship Temperature, Yet Again (YNN) * Cuomo admits he’s not friends with de Blasio (NYP)  * Cuomo calls de Blasio relationship 'professional' (NYDN) * Cuomo’s nearly $5.2 million in campaign donations this year is a glaring example of how money in New York politics isn’t just about getting candidates elected, but about trying to influence them once they’re in office, the Times Union writes: * Cuomo: De Blasio relationship is ‘professional’ (Capital) * Cuomo Changes Tune on Relationship With de Blasio (NY1) * Taking The Cuomo-de Blasio Relationship Temperature, Yet Again (YNN) * Cuomo, de Blasio narrowly miss chance to make public amends (NYDN) * Michael Benjamin asks why residents of New York Stateare bound by laws forged in corruption and suggests that when legislative leaders are arrested the laws they passed should be reviewed:*  Rudy Giuliani blasted Mayor de Blasio's"destructive" reign  *"Cuomo has made some incredibly bad decisions..&needs to own up to his declining poll numbers."Popularity on decline  (Watertown Times)

Cuomo Homeless Surge de Blasio Fault Cuomo: De Blasio trying to pass the buck for homeless crisis(NYP)  Cuomo said Thursday that he personally has witnessed the surge in homeless street people that Mayor de Blasio denies — and accused Hizzoner of trying to “pass the buck” over the spiraling crisis. *  Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio both spoke at the Bronx Democratic County Committee dinner last night, but the governor left before de Blasio even arrived, ensuring there was no awkwardness, The New YorkTimes reports: * Karen Hinton reveals Bill Clinton once hit on her (NYDN) * Capital New York profiles former Cuomo aide-turned-de Blasio communications director Karen Hinton, whose hiring may have aggravated the relationship between the two, but who could also be the future outlet to repair their public rift: de Blasio Hits Back At Cuomo?   A network of LLC tied to a developer in Kiyras Joel contributed $250,000 to Gov. Cuomo’s re-election campaign after he vetoed legislation that residents complained would have restricted development in the heavily Orthodox community.* Cuomo campaign scores $250K after ‘pro-Hasidic’ veto (NYP) That doesn’t seem kosher. Gov. Cuomo accepted a whopping $250,000 in campaign cash from limited-liability corporations linked to a developer with interests in upstate Hasidic community Kiryas Joel. And the money flowed in less than a week after Cuomo vetoed a bill that would have limited development there — a law the community’s leaders opposed, a report said Friday. That’s more money than Cuomo took from any other source, according to Capital New York. A network of LLCs tied to a Kiryas Joel developer gave Gov. Andrew Cuomo $250,000, more than any other source this year, less than a week after the governor vetoed a bill that could have restricted development of the Hasidic village, Capital New York reports:  * "$250,000 in 2015, more than any other source."Filings show Kiryas Joel money flowed to Cuomo after veto (Capital)

A Tale of Two Soccer Floats
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio rode on separate floats at today’s ticker tape parade to honor the US women’s soccer team. *  Peter Ragone, a former de Blasio aide who worked on Cuomo’s failed 2002 bid for governor, said the governor has a habit of “trashing people” during off-the-record phone calls with reporters. “Politics is a tough business,” Ragone said. “It’s a contact sport. But a contact sport just to hit people is not the way you do it.”

Opening Battle of 2016 NY Civil War for Control of the State Senate de Blasio vs Cuomo
De Blasio, Gloves Off, Blasts Cuomo (YNN) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an exclusive interviewwith NY1’s Errol Louis, blasting the governor he says is consumed with “transactional” politics. “What I found was he engaged in his own sense of strategies, his own political machinations and what we’ve often seen is if someone disagrees with him openly, some kind of revenge or vendetta follows,” de Blasio said of the governor. The broadsides against Cuomo are the culmination of an increasingly tenuous relationship between the state’s top elected official and the more liberal Democrat who was elected with a wave of progressive support in the city. In the interview, de Blasio knocked Cuomo for working to closely with Republican-led Senate at the expense of the Assembly, which is dominated by Democrats from New York City. * Giuliani advises Cuomo-bashing de Blasio to be ‘diplomatic’ (NYP) * Cuomo-De Blasio Feud Similar to Political Spats of Past (NY1) * Liberals ecstatic as de Blasio finds backbone (CrainsNY) Left-wing advocates cheered Mayor Bill de Blasio's rant against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but worry about sustaining the momentum. * Would a Governor Hochul serve three years, or seekreelection?  (Buffalo Chronicle) Tuesday Update De Blasio shares credit for rent freeze in olive branch to Albany (NYP) Launching a charm offensive on Gov. Cuomo’s turf, Mayor de Blasio is inviting Democratic state lawmakers to make robo-calls to their constituents to tout the first-ever rent freeze by the...* Andrew Cuomo: mayoral control was 'very controversial'  (NYO) * Cuomo Says He's A Calm Guy Who Never Takes AnythingPersonal: Governor Cuomo, responding to questions about Ma...  * Cuomo on de Blasio: “It’s clear that his style is to air hispublic frustration” * Andrew Cuomo Says He’s Biting His Tongue AfterBill de Blasio’s Tirade (NYO)  

'WE'RE GOING TO TAKE HIM ON A RIDE': Irate subway riders unleash grievances to cardboard replica of Cuomo after governor leaves MTA plan to improve service (NYDN).@NYGovCuomo@BilldeBlasio 'obviouslyfrustrated' over failed agenda  (Capital) * A week after NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio eviscerated Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a pair of stinging interviews, the governor declined to punch back, telling reporters that the mayor was “obviously frustrated” with Albany. “I try to bite my tongue once in a while,” he said. * De Blasio complained about the state Legislature during a breakfast meeting with the Republican Mayor of FlagstaffArizona. * Sen. Diane Savino doesn’t understand why de Blasio thinks he did so poorly in Albany this year. “He needs to, perhaps while he’s on vacation, to sit back and reflect on how well he has done,” he said. * Cuomo Tells de Blasio Life Can Be Unfair (YNN) * Cuomo to de Blasio: Do a ‘good job’ and you’ll get more school control (NYP) *   Taking more digs at his erstwhile friend, de Blasio, Cuomo claimed during a NY1 interview that it was he that made the mayor’s signature policy achievement in his first year in office – universal pre-K – possible. * We Made Pre-K Possible': Cuomo Keeps Digging atde Blasio (NYO) * Astorino: Give Flanagan A Chance (YNN) * Uber to launch $10 carpool deal to help ease congestion (NYDN) * De Blasio, Cuomo ride on separate World Cup parade floats (NYDN) * * Today’s parade featured both de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, albeit in separate floats, further highlighting their public spat, theDaily News writes:  * With the recent public fighting between de Blasio and Cuomo, the governor has found himself unexpectedly on the defensive over his approach to politics, The New York Times writes: 

Does the Daily News Also Believe the 1776 Patriots Should Have Worked Out Their Differences With the King?  
de Blasio and Cuomo Have Real Political Differences Like the 13 Colonies and the English King.  Does the Daily News Believe Every Conflict in Government is Psychological? If So They Are Nuts
GOING THROUGH A ROUGH PATCH: De Blasio, Cuomo can work out their rocky political relationship, therapists say  (NYDN) That’s the opinion of professional therapists contemplating the rocky state of the 20-year relationship between the two pols. “The mayor and the governor have to put their issues aside for the good of the children,” said Michelle Ascher Dunn, an Upper East Side psychotherapist.

Cuomo Dumps Gaga for de Blasio?
Bill deBlasio v. Andrew Cuomo in two word clouds (Washington Post) Bill de Blasio trashing Andrew Cuomo completely overshadowed everything that the New York governor accomplished this month. The New York City mayor unloaded on his Democratic counterpart in Albany during an interview with the New York Times that ran on Wednesday’s front page, accusing him of blocking New York City’s legislative priorities “out of personal pettiness, ‘game-playing’ and a desire for ‘revenge.’” Our analytics partners at Zignal Labs tracked all 100,000+ mentions of Cuomo on social, traditional and broadcast media from early June through July 2.  A month ago, social media mentions of the governor were dominated by buzz about an initiative with Lady Gaga called “enough is enough,” aimed at combating assault on college campuses. A month ago, social media mentions of the governor were dominated by buzz about an initiative with Lady Gaga called “enough is enough,” aimed at combating assault on college campuses.De Blasio aides hoped AG Eric Schneiderman, who has had his own differences with Cuomo, would serve as a surrogate for the mayor in his tiff with the governor, but the AG declined, saying he has to work with both of them. 

Mayor After Getting the WFP to Endorse Vendetta Cuomo Hoisted by His Own Petard
 De Blasio: Publicly Disagree with Gov. Cuomo, 'Revenge orVendetta Follows' (VIDEO) * de Blasio was giving a group interview to City Hall journos,not a sit-down with Louis.  (NYT) * De Blasio rips Cuomo for derailing his agenda  (Capital) * * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Gov. Andrew Cuomo uses revenge or a vendetta to respond when people openly disagree with him and that his “lack of leadership” has interfered with the city’s business, NY1reports: * De Blasio toCuomo: Drop Dead  (SI Advance) * At last, de Blasio takes off gloves and hits back atCuomo (AP) * @deBlasioNYC thinks "conventional wisdom" of Senate Rs mad at him bc he backed Dems in #2014 is a "mistake." Natural for Ds to back Ds. *  The long-simmering tensions between NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomoboiled over, as de Blasio went on the offensive less than a week after an anonymous Cuomo administration official (possibly the governor himself) called the mayor “bumbling and incompetent”. * The mayor is betting that he can outflank a governor who wields enormous power over his administration’s affairs, even as he needs him as a negotiating partner.

Opening Battle of 2016 NY Civil War for Control of the State Senate de Blasio vs Cuomo
De Blasio, Gloves Off, Blasts Cuomo (YNN) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an exclusive interviewwith NY1’s Errol Louis, blasting the governor he says is consumed with “transactional” politics. “What I found was he engaged in his own sense of strategies, his own political machinations and what we’ve often seen is if someone disagrees with him openly, some kind of revenge or vendetta follows,” de Blasio said of the governor. The broadsides against Cuomo are the culmination of an increasingly tenuous relationship between the state’s top elected official and the more liberal Democrat who was elected with a wave of progressive support in the city. In the interview, de Blasio knocked Cuomo for working to closely with Republican-led Senate at the expense of the Assembly, which is dominated by Democrats from New York City. * Giuliani advises Cuomo-bashing de Blasio to be ‘diplomatic’ (NYP) * Cuomo-De Blasio Feud Similar to Political Spats of Past (NY1) * Liberals ecstatic as de Blasio finds backbone (CrainsNY) Left-wing advocates cheered Mayor Bill de Blasio's rant against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but worry about sustaining the momentum. * Would a Governor Hochul serve three years, or seekreelection?  (Buffalo Chronicle)

 Bill de Blasio needs to quit whining and start **working** (NYP Ed)  * De Blasio's press secretary — a former Cuomo aide — has notheld back from zinging her former boss (NYDN) Karen Hinton, who became de Blasio’s press secretary in May, first worked for Cuomo when he was assistant U.S. housing and urban development secretary in the mid-1990s. * DE BLASIO BAITS THE BEAR (Andrew Cuomo, that is) (NYDN Ed) * De Blasio and Cuomo should fight it out, then start working together for New York (NYDN) * Cuomo responds to de Blasio's claim that governor makes 'revenge' attacks, saying compromise is only way to pass laws (NYDN) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s public criticism of him: “Everybody’s entitled to their own comments and their own feelings, and I’ll leave him to speak to his…I’ve known Bill, the mayor, a long time. I consider him a friend. He says what he says, I say what I say, and I’ll let him speak for himself.” * De Blasio and Cuomo stayed far away from each other yesterday, but turned to surrogates to fan the flames of their feud. The mayor’s aides not only reached out to supporters, but also provided them printed talking points to use, mayoral spokeswoman Karen Hinton confirmed. * Hinton, who became de Blasio’s press secretary in May, first worked for Cuomo when he was HUD secretary during the Clinton administration and is married to top former Cuomo aide Howard Glaser. She hasn’t been shy about issuing zingers at her former boss. * De Blasio’s decision to publicly vent his frustrations with Cuomo was “the culmination of months of private ire and careful strategizing at City Hall,” and a belief among the mayor’s advisors that the governor was “taking pleasure in blocking the city’s priorities in Albany.” * Bob McManus: “Folks looking for a strong leader to stand up to Cuomo — and there are a lot of them, mostly from the extreme left wing of an already firm-left party — aren’t likely to be inspired by de Blasio’s blink-of-an-eye disappearance.” * Mayor was urged to go after governor by his new presssecretary, a former Cuomo aide who calls gov by first name.(WSJ) * Cuomo responded to criticism from Mayor Bill de Blasio, saying the mayor is entitled to his opinion while calling him a friend and emphasizing his own record of compromise in Albany, NY1 reports:  * The Times writes that although the immediate reaction to de Blasio’s comments was to analyze whether they were foolish, “the important point is that everything he said is true”: * Cuomo has always had only two types of people in his orbit—sycophants and targets—and he needs competent dissent, but de Blasio is failing to live up to that role, the Post’s Bob McManus argues * Mayor's Criticism of Governor Raises Speculation Over Whether City Will Face Political Payback (NY1) * De Blasio's Scathing Criticism of Cuomo Gets Mixed Support (dnaifo)
Some local politicans declined to criticize Cuomo while others welcomed the mayor's comments.* State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli urged Cuomo and de Blasio to set aside their ongoing feud for the future of millions of New Yorkers, State of Politicsreports: 

Beyond the TMZ Media Coverage: 
As We Peal Away the Personalities of Cuomo and de Blasio, Maybe We Will Find Out Why NY's Govt is So Corrupt and Dysfunctional
 Having tried everything else, de Blasio believed criticism was the last effective option. * Liberals who have long chafed under Cuomo’s centrist approach to governing were thrilled with de Blasio’s display. “Democrats are angry with a governor whose word is not trustworthy, and who pursues Republican policies,” said Zephyr Teachout, who challenged Cuomo in the 2014 Democratic primary. “This is a big moment for de Blasio. And for the state.” * Tom Precious: “The governor has a problem – a Democratic Party problem. And it goes far deeper than (de Blasio)…Once relegated to whispers, a growing number of Democrats no longer are afraid to publicly take on Cuomo.” * Alexander Burns and Thomas Kaplan write: “The mayor’s remarks this week, accusing Mr. Cuomo of governing through vengeance and fear, are likely to further embolden Democrats who have long chafed at what they characterized as Mr. Cuomo’s ironhanded methods and imperious personality.” * Publicly, most Democratic elected officials are declining to choose sides in the Cuomo vs. de Blasio spat. But Rep. Nydia Velazquez has a message for the top leaders of her party: “They need to put their high-level testosterone aside and get to the issues that are important to our state and our city. Come on. Grow up.” The New York Times: “The immediate analysis focused not on the truth of what the mayor said, but on whether he was a fool and a noob for saying it, or whining, or showing weakness at playing Albany chess against a grandmaster. The important point is that everything he said is true.” Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani recalls when he was warring with then-Gov. George Pataki, a fellow Republican. He suggests de Blasio try diplomacy in dealing with Cuomo. “(S)it down and talk to him. Publicly attacking him? You’re not going to gain anything doing that. You’re going to lose that battle.” * Cuomo has a “Democratic Party problem” that goes beyond de Blasio, with Assembly members, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli questioning him too, The Buffalo News’ Tom Preciouswrites: * * De Blasio’s extraordinary accusations against Cuomo were the “culmination of months of private ire and careful strategizing at City Hall,” the Times’

Is de Blasio Saying Anyone Who Disagree With Him Has A Vendetta, Who Elected Him King?
De Blasio, Cuomo keep distance day after mayor accusesgovernor of 'revenge' attacks while aides fan their flames (NYDN) Team de Blasio not only reaches out to surrogates, but gives them printed talking points * Former Gov. George Pataki does not think it was “particularly smart” of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to publicly tee off on Gov. Andrew Cuomo. “There are always personal battles. You keep them behind the scenes.” * Behind Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to escalate rift withGov. Andrew Cuomo  via @WSJ * @NYGovCuomo: "I choose to bring people together.. I choose to compromise... It has worked in New York@ny1 * "everybody's entitled to their own comments and their own feelings and i'll leave him to speak to his." * New Yorkpoliticians are getting drawn into the fight between the mayor and governor,whether they want to or not (NY1): 

Cuomo's Response to de Blasio "Enjoy Your Vacation"
“I don’t believe the Assembly had a real working partner in the governor or the Senate in terms of getting things done for the people of this city and in many cases the people of this state,” de Blasio said. In one stinging rejoinder during the interview, de Blasio took aim at the Cuomo administration’s habit of conducting background briefings and providing anonymous jabs at the mayor and his policies. De Blasio personally vouched for Cuomo with the labor-backed and liberal Working Families Party, which only 13 months ago openly considered not giving the centrist governor its ballot line. Weeks after the WFP fight, de Blasio endorsed Cuomo for a second term as governor and introduced him as the state Democratic Convention in Suffolk County. The bad blood culminated last week, when a Cuomo administration official — who appeared in direct quotes to speak in the recognizable cadence and syntax of the governor himself — blasted the mayor in a background briefing. “He is more politically oriented in terms of his approach … and then he makes it almost impossible for him to achieve success,” the Cuomo official said, according to The Daily News. * New York’sMayor and Governor are now in an open war (Vanity Fair) * De Blasio rips Cuomo for derailing his agenda (Capital) * De Blasio’s attack on Cuomo will haunt him — and the city
Squeeze Play: Cuomo is stuck between the Righteous Preet investigating pay2play and Lefty Bill, who wanted to expand 421-a to 35 years.

To Albany Education is About Campaign $$$ And Re-Election
Education reformsspur NY lobbying 'arms race' (democratandchronicle.) Education policy is big business for lobbyists in New York state.  Various education interests have spent at least $124 million trying to influence lawmakers, officials and the general public at the state and local level since the start of 2006, including a record of at least $16 million last year, according to a review of state records by Gannett's Albany Bureau.  That's in addition to $45.3 million in lobbying expenses reported by the New York State United Teachers union and its New York City affiliate over the past nine years. They are tallied as labor organizations, not education groups, by the state's lobbying regulator. Add in political spending and the numbers are starker: Education interests and teachers unions have spent more than a quarter-billion dollars — $285.5 million — on lobbying, campaign contributions and independent political expenditures over the past decade, according to a report by Common Cause/NY, which the good-government group is set to release Monday. * De Blasio Prods Graduates to Challenge Injustice (and Son to Take a Joke) (NYT)  In a highly personal speech, Mayor Bill de Blasio addressed his son’s graduating class, offering emotional guidance to parents and challenging seniors to “not stand idly by” amid inequality. New York’s never-ending teacher-evaluation farce (NYP) * English Class in Common Core Era: ‘Tom Sawyer’ and Court Opinions (NYT) The standards, which have been adopted by more than 40 states, mandated many changes to traditional teaching, but one of the most basic was a call for students to read more nonfiction.

 Last year, the two sides also spent heavily on state elections, with Senate Republicans being the biggest beneficiary, receiving $5 million in contributions from groups and individuals backing charter schools and other like-minded efforts, according to the Common Cause report. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's re-election campaign received about $3 million from those backers, the report found. NYSUT and its allies, meanwhile, contributed about $1 million to the Assembly Democrats' campaign efforts, as well as $772,000 to the Senate Republicans' campaign committee. Monday Update Lawsuit aims to block charter school from co-locating (NYP) * * A Board of Regents committee has fleshed out rules for new teacher evaluations, but some members expressed concerns that the rollout would be too rushed and the reliance on state test scores was too heavy, the Journalreports: * Bloomberg Philanthropies Gives $100 Million to Cornell Tech (NYT)  The graduate school will use the money for the first academic building on its Roosevelt Island campus, which is set to open in 2017. * The State Education Department will require all school districts to provide extensive data on poor teacher attendance, which studies show has a greater impact on minority schools, the Post reports:   * Cornell Tech is expected to announce a $100 million gift from Bloomberg Philanthropies to construct the first academic building on the school’s Roosevelt Island campus, the Times reports   * The Times Union writes that the law pushed by Gov. AndrewCuomo and passed by the Legislature requiring a new teacher evaluation system to be implemented this fall has set the education department up for another failed roll out:

Cuomo Calls de Blasio A Fake Progressive Giving Away Tax Payer Money to Developers
de Blasio Strikes Back Saturday
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued his harshest attack of Gov. Andrew Cuomo yet, saying Cuomo puts out distractions to stymie the city’s agenda and fails to show leadership, Newsday writes: * Cuomo said complicated issues cannot get done with “thisSenate and Assembly” in a matter of days, in response to de Blasio’s 421-a proposal and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s ethics plan, the Times Union reports: 

Cuomo raises the stakes in ongoing feud with de Blasio (NYP) Cuomo took his feud with Mayor de Blasio to a whole new level Thursday by accusing the ultra-progressive mayor of trying to engineer a “giveaway to developers.” A day after meeting with de Blasio, the governor charged that the deal the mayor made with the real-estate industry to extend the 421-a tax-abatement program to help produce more affordable housing was a windfall for developers. “A lot of people think the deal negotiated by the city is too rich for developers and not enough for workers,” Cuomo told reporters after touring the Greene County Correctional Facility near Albany on Thursday. Turning the tables on de Blasio, Cuomo said the mayor’s progressive agenda doesn’t give construction workers who build the housing “fair wages” and dismissed de Blasio’s comment that he was “frustrated” after a lobbying trip to Albany Wednesday. “

The mayor of New York is almost perpetually frustrated with Albany,” Cuomo said. “The city is a creature of the state, so the state Legislature passes laws that affect the city. So when the mayor wants to make a change, he has to go to Albany and ask Albany.” The body slams came as Cuomo supporters and labor-union leaders essentially called the mayor a hypocrite. * Cuomo suggested de Blasio waited too long to engage in the Legislature’s negotiations on the extension of mayoral control of city schools and rent regulations, the Daily News reports:  Another Clueless Story  Despite spending months trying to understand Cuomo, de Blasio’s aides concluded little that can be done to improve their relationship because of “fundamental power dynamics,” The Wall Street Journal reports:   * The Post writes that de Blasio’s cool reception in Albany shows making political speeches in Iowa and California and whining about New Yorkers not appreciating you is a poor way to get what you want from the state: “Mayor of the City of New York, frustrated with Albany?” Cuomo said, barely containing his laughter. “Now there’s a shocker.” * The latest flashpoint between the two top Democrats is 421a – the real estate development tax abatement program that expires next month. Cuomo stepped things up a notch by accusing the ultra-progressive mayor of trying to engineer a “giveaway to developers.” * Thirty-second ads slamming de Blasio for backing a rent freeze, paid for by the Rent Stabilization Association, have begun airing on NY1 and News12 in Brooklyn and the Bronx ahead of the June 24 Rent Guidelines Board vote.* Ad campaign charges de Blasio as hypocrite for backing arent freeze (NYDN) * "The UP4NYC and carpenters group statements camefrom the same email address at the PR firm, M Public Affairs." (YNN) * Labor Groups Push Cuomo’s 421a Plan (YNN) * Cuomo Digs at de Blasio on Real Estate Tax Plan,But Claims No ‘Clear Right or Wrong’ (NYO) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo continued to criticize de Blasio’s proposed changes to the state’s 421-a tax break for developers, even as he claimed to be undecided on how the program should be reformed, the Observer reports:  * Affordable housing advocates are urging Democratic Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie to “stand strong” against a “straight extender” of current rent regulations, even as a June 15 expiration date for the laws looms, the Times Union reports * While the 421-a tax credit has bought great benefit tocondo owners in New York,its absence has not deterred buyers on several projects built )without thecredit, Crain’s writes:  * Cuomo: Questions remain on both sides 421-a debate (Capital) * De Blasio’s Office Touts Slights Against Cuomoin TV Interview (NYO)

True News Wags the NYP Over A Lousy T-Shirt
The NYP Even Steals de Blasio T-Shirt From True News 
Why ‘traveling mayor’ de Blasio just fell flat in Albany (NYP Ed) Mayor Bill de Blasio went to Albany this week toting a list of political requests and he didn’t even get a lousy T-shirt. What he got instead was a backhanded slap from Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Republicans.

Thursday True News Wrote:
de Blasio Goes to Albany Comes Back With Butkus
De Blasio frustrated Albany ignoring city’s agenda (NYP) You’re not in San   Francisco anymore, Mr. Mayor. Mayor de Blasio went to Albany Wednesday and emerged from an hour long meeting with Gov. Cuomo saying he’s “frustrated” and fears that key parts of the city’s agenda won’t be enacted in this legislative session, which ends June 17.

Cuomo Speaks After de Blasio's Weekend Attack 
Tuesday Update
Session end looms small for Cuomo (2PM Capital)  As lawmakers shuffle through the final weeks of the session, most are predicting inaction on all but three must-do issues: the renewal of the 421-a program, rent control and mayoral control of New York City schools. Those issues become the focus of fighting between Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City who is his self-proclaimed “friend.” * At Capitol rally, construction workers blast de Blasio (Capital) * Mayor’s 421-a plan would cost $9.9 B. over 45 years, city says (Capital)* Heastie Says EITC Remains A ‘Difficult’ Bill For Assembly (YNN) * Assembly Housing Chairman Keith Wright introduced a 421-a property tax abatement proposal, which included prevailing wage stipulations, and he called for MWBE provisions at a rally, the Times Union reports:   * Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said his conference wants prevailing wage for workers in 421-a, which comes after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio pushed a plan that excluded such a measure, State of Politicsreports:   * Meanwhile, a coalition of business groups is opposing a bill that would require construction workers to receive prevailing wages on affordable housing projects granted government aid, State of Politics reports:  * Members of CongressUrge Albany to Renew Mayoral Control of Schools(NYO) * Jimmy Vielkind: “The person who has the most to lose if this year’s legislative session ends with a whimper is Andrew Cuomo.” * Hundreds of construction workers rallied on the steps of the Capitol, blasting NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and urging state lawmakers to attach a prevailing wage provision to any renewal of the 421-a tax abatement program. * Staten Island DA RaceTakes Shape  (WNYC)*In challenge to de Blasio, Assembly introduces 421-a bill (Capital

Cuomo de Blasio Fighting Over A Flack
 Dolan, after a brief meeting with Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, who did not attend a luncheon for lawmakers with the Catholic leaders at the governor’s mansion, said he had“constructive and helpful” discussions with legislators. * While meeting with Dolan and Cuomo, state Assembly Democrats aired frustrations about negative advertising in which they’ve been slammed for their position on an education tax credit. * Sources tell the DN Cuomo has been privately seething over de Blasio’s decision to hire Karen Hinton – the wife of the governor’s former top aide Howard Glaser who also worked for Cuomo at HUD – last month, which he viewed as an “act of treason” and tried to get reversed. (A Cuomo aide denied this).  * “The governor, who prizes loyalty, was surprised by the appointment, and irritated that a person he had considered part of his inner circle was headed to work for a rival,” and was also upset he had not been given a heads up either by de Blasio or Hinton. * The governor threatened to call state lawmakers back to Albany every day of the summer if they end the legislative session this month without voting to extend the expiring rent regulation law. He would like to see more tenant protections added to the law. Among them, he’d raise by $200 the current $2,500 rent threshold that allows a vacant apartment to become deregulated. * Cuomo confirmed his support for extending the NYC mayoral control law for three years. This came as de Blasio lined up prominent business leaders and even paid a rare compliment to former Mayor Mike Bloomberg in hopes of getting the Republican-controlled state Senate to renew the law.* Democratic lawmakers want Cuomo to close LLC loophole (NYP)

*** Gov. Cuomo says he'll fight "like a Trojan" for what he believes. They're most famous for a deceptive and calculating move. .@NYGovCuomo threatens to call special sessions every day if Legislature leaves w/out renewing rent regs. @nygovcuomo: I want to see rent renewed & improved, charter cap raised, raise the age passed, sexual assault bill to address "crisis." Cuomo, talking turkey on rent control: Short of repealing vacancy decontrol, talks of changing rules so fewer units are deregulated. * "421-a needs to be improved," @NYGovCuomo says, but "disagrees" w/ @BilldeBlasio plan. Wouldn't respect BdB if he wasn't a "tough advocate" * On 421-a, @NYGovCuomo asks, are we getting a enough units to merit billions of dollars?  @WCNY * Cuomo says $2700 would be "reasonable" ceiling for rent control * BDB lashed out at Cuomo, now the Gov sounds subdued. “He does what he does very well,” he says of the mayor. * "I was this nation's housing secretary and we made some terrible housing deals"

Cuomo Insists He's Still "Friends" With BILL 
 @ NY Gov Cuomo tells @sarbetter arguing vs longterm 421-a as is * Tax break out for 35 years = billions for developers, gov says. "Are we getting enough affordable units" in exchange?* Cuomo on de Blasio: “He is a tough advocate.” “He is a personal friend.” * .@NYGovCuomo repeats that he and @deBlasioNYC have been friends for 30 years, but gov thinks there could be a "better" plan for 421a.* Cuomo Insists His Personal Relationship With de Blasio Is Strong (YNN) * Andrew Cuomo Insists He’s Still ‘Friends’ WithBill de Blasio (NYO) * Cuomo: Attorney General Schneiderman ‘Late inthe Day’ With Ethics Proposal (NYO) * De Blasio’s Office Touts Slights Against Cuomoin TV Interview (NYO) * @NYGovCuomo says tensions with @BilldeBlasiopart of a 'healthy debate' (Capital) * AG Schneiderman: Endof session "like dog years"(City and State) * As Mayor And AG Push Policy, Cuomo’s Eye Is On The Clock (YNN) * Dolan And Bishops To Meet With Cuomo (YNN) * Cuomo brushed off questions about his relationship with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, insisting that he respects him despite their latest disagreement on the extension of a lucrative tax abatement, State of Politicswrites:  
* Alicia Glen, de Blasio’s deputy mayor, said mandating prevailing wages for construction crews in a new 421-a tax break program could nix 17,000 affordable apartments, the Observer reports:  * Dolan And ‘Inspirational’ Cuomo Pitch EITC (YNN) * Latest UP4NYC Ad Backs Cuomo Over de Blasio (YNN) * Why Bharara’s New Charge Against Skelos Could Be Very BadNews For Cuomo (Albany Project) *  
Cuomo frames war with de Blasio as 'healthy debate'(CrainsNY)  Governor fires back at the mayor's 421-a plan, saying it would lavish tax breaks worth "billions and billions" upon developers.

Daily News Calls NY's Govt A Mob War 
de Blasio Does Not Understand A Lawmaker Body Who Cannot Control
Editorial: Bill deBlasio baits Andrew Cuomo (NYDN Ed) At this time in New York’s political history, the mayoralty is a pretty cushy berth. More, the vast majority on the City Council subscribe to the de Blasio ethos of progressivism even more strongly than de Blasio does. There, he faces an independent-minded Legislature, including Republicans who have veto power over virtually everything. It’s also a body plagued by pay-for-play politics. Everything’s a deal, and sometimes a corrupt one. Less meritoriously, lecturing that Cuomo should be more a philosopher king than a transactor borders on egotistical dementia. In fact, although de Blasio doesn’t believe it because he came home from Albany without every last jot and tittle, the mayor made out well in Albany because Cuomo made deals with the Republicans.

Bill de Blasio’s Allies Decline to Join His New Crusade Against Andrew Cuomo
Where de Blasio got smacked was in the Republicans’ refusal to extend mayoral control of the schools for more than one year — because de Blasio had tried to unseat them from power. As the old saying goes, wounding the bear — here named Andy — without killing the bear is a bad idea, because the bear will come back to get you. How dumb can you get? * SHOTS FIRED: De Blasio unleashes barrage of allegations against Cuomo — claims he thwarted Albany agenda out of revenge (NYDN) * John Podhoretz called de Blasio’s decision to publicly criticize Cuomo “refreshing, but nuts”, adding: “The use of the word ‘vendetta’ was…perhaps a bit much.”* After Mayor Bill de Blasio accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of purposely undermining the interests of New York City in this year’s legislative session, most major city political leaders failed to endorse the mayor’s statements, theObserver writes:

de Blasio Goes Rogue on Cuomo 
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo De Blasio continued their war of wordsthis past weekend over the mayor’s plan to relieve developers of the costly requirement to pay workers a union “prevailing wage” when they build low-income units.* The mayor has decided there is no upside in continuing to hold his tongue while he is publicly embarrassed by the governor, a fellow Democrat and his supposed friend of 20 years, sources tell Ken Lovett.  * “I’ve seen our governor move mountains a when he wants to,” de Blasio told UFT members, after being introduced by the union’s president, Mike Mulgrew, as “this union’s best friend.”

* It marked the fifth straight day of escalating rhetoric between the two Democrats since the mayor's unsuccessful visit to Albany last week, marking a change in what has until now been a more lopsided dynamic, with Cuomo in the alpha role and de Blasio decidedly not. Cuomo, who attended the parade and left 30 minutes before de Blasio arrived, continued to criticize de Blasio’s proposed reforms as a “sweetheart deal to large real estate developers in the city.” It’s a break from the way de Blasio behaved during last year’s fight over pre-K funding. At the time, and on other occasions on which he was publicly rebuked or embarrassed by the governor—notably when Cuomo sided with charter school executive Eva Moskowitz in de Blasio's first year in office—the mayor declined to criticize the governor, and spoke of him as a “friend.” * Mayor @BilldeBlasio and @NYGovCuomo have a lot ofissues 
A year ago today, Bill de Blasio put his reputation on the line to urge WFP and the left to trust & endorse Andrew Cuomo. Happy anniversary!

Cuomo Accepts WFP Endorsement 
 (You didn’t think it was an accident that the Cuomo-created Women’s Equality Party [WEP] might be mistaken for the WFP on Tuesday, now did you?) Which is not setting well with true-believing, leftward-tilting Democrats like Teachout and activist Bill Samuels, who flirted with a primary run of his own last spring. Teachout, still an enrolled Democrat, is refusing to endorse the party ticket while Samuels complains bitterly about the governor to anybody who’ll listen: “[Cuomo’s] politically reckless behavior is endangering Senate Democrats” — which, in the end, seems rather to be the point.

de Blasio Now Regrets Supporting Cuomo for Re-Election 
Real estate fight marks end of de Blasio’s Cuomo strategy (Capital) Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has engaged in unprecedented criticism of Governor Andrew Cuomo in recent days, suggested for the first time Sunday that he regrets working to shore up liberal support for his putative ally in the governor's race last year.  "I'm just surprised the governor is acting this way," de Blasio told reporters after an appearance at the "Celebrate Israel" parade, when asked whether he regrets backing the governor a year ago, given their recent fight over how to reform the 421-a tax break for city development projects.* De Blasio suggested for the first time that he regrets working to shore up liberal support for his putative ally in the governor’s race last year. 
* A year after de Blasio helped secure the endorsement of the Working Families Party for Cuomo, all are reluctant to discuss the deal because it appears nobody won their policy or political goals, Blake Zeff writes in Capital New York: * A year after the “shotgun” wedding between the WFP and Cuomo, organized by de Blasio,none of the legislative initiatives that were supposed to be part of the endorsement deal have been realized.

 A year after the Cuomo-W.F.P. bargain, everyone’s a sucker (Capital) Bill de Blasio, who played matchmaker to the adorable couple, got to assume a hero role in the negotiations, watch his beloved W.F.P. live to see another day, and possibly convince his “friend” Cuomo to be less uncooperative towards his agenda (for a few months, anyway). In other words, everyone won. Unless you actually cared about those policy pledges. * W.F.P.-CUOMO, ONE YEAR LATER—As a result of the shotgun wedding, each participant attained a key short-term political goal: Cuomo evaded a third-party challenge and emerged with a much easier general election win, and the W.F.P. got to survive (by restraining the governor’s impulse to kill it). Plus, Mayor Bill de Blasio, who played matchmaker to the adorable couple, got to assume a hero role in the negotiations, watch his beloved W.F.P. live to see another day, and possibly convince his “friend” Cuomo to be less uncooperative towards his agenda (for a few months, anyway).

Team de Blasio Got Control of the Media Spin This Weekend
de Blasio to Cuomo Stop the Excuses After Getting Him the WFP Endorsement in 2014
NUTS Totally Awkward
De Blasio: Cuomo, stop making excuses and ‘stand up’ for city (NYP) Mayor de Blasio pleaded Saturday for Gov. Cuomo to “stand up for the city” and pass his housing plan before time runs out in Albany. “I’ve seen our governor move mountains when he wants to,” said de Blasio at the United Federation of Teachers’ annual spring conference at the Hilton Hotel. “Here’s a chance for our governor to get something done for hardworking families who need affordable housing — so it’s time for him to do it, right?” *De Blasio slams Cuomo as 'disingenuous' in housing proposal (NYDN) Monday Update De Blasio and Cuomo in war of words over affordable housing (NYP) Editorial: Albany plays schoolyard game on mayoral control (NYDN Ed)

Cuomo Calls de Blasio A Fake Progressive Giving Away Tax Payer Money to Developers
de Blasio Strikes Back Saturday
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued his harshest attack of Gov. Andrew Cuomo yet, saying Cuomo puts out distractions to stymie the city’s agenda and fails to show leadership, Newsday writes: * Cuomo said complicated issues cannot get done with “thisSenate and Assembly” in a matter of days, in response to de Blasio’s 421-a proposal and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s ethics plan, the Times Union reports: 

Cuomo raises the stakes in ongoing feud with de Blasio (NYP) Cuomo took his feud with Mayor de Blasio to a whole new level Thursday by accusing the ultra-progressive mayor of trying to engineer a “giveaway to developers.” A day after meeting with de Blasio, the governor charged that the deal the mayor made with the real-estate industry to extend the 421-a tax-abatement program to help produce more affordable housing was a windfall for developers. “A lot of people think the deal negotiated by the city is too rich for developers and not enough for workers,” Cuomo told reporters after touring the Greene County Correctional Facility near Albany on Thursday. Turning the tables on de Blasio, Cuomo said the mayor’s progressive agenda doesn’t give construction workers who build the housing “fair wages” and dismissed de Blasio’s comment that he was “frustrated” after a lobbying trip to Albany Wednesday. “

The mayor of New York is almost perpetually frustrated with Albany,” Cuomo said. “The city is a creature of the state, so the state Legislature passes laws that affect the city. So when the mayor wants to make a change, he has to go to Albany and ask Albany.” The body slams came as Cuomo supporters and labor-union leaders essentially called the mayor a hypocrite. * Cuomo suggested de Blasio waited too long to engage in the Legislature’s negotiations on the extension of mayoral control of city schools and rent regulations, the Daily News reports:  Another Clueless Story  Despite spending months trying to understand Cuomo, de Blasio’s aides concluded little that can be done to improve their relationship because of “fundamental power dynamics,” The Wall Street Journal reports:   * The Post writes that de Blasio’s cool reception in Albany shows making political speeches in Iowa and California and whining about New Yorkers not appreciating you is a poor way to get what you want from the state: “Mayor of the City of New York, frustrated with Albany?” Cuomo said, barely containing his laughter. “Now there’s a shocker.” * The latest flashpoint between the two top Democrats is 421a – the real estate development tax abatement program that expires next month. Cuomo stepped things up a notch by accusing the ultra-progressive mayor of trying to engineer a “giveaway to developers.” * Thirty-second ads slamming de Blasio for backing a rent freeze, paid for by the Rent Stabilization Association, have begun airing on NY1 and News12 in Brooklyn and the Bronx ahead of the June 24 Rent Guidelines Board vote.* Ad campaign charges de Blasio as hypocrite for backing arent freeze (NYDN) * "The UP4NYC and carpenters group statements camefrom the same email address at the PR firm, M Public Affairs." (YNN) * Labor Groups Push Cuomo’s 421a Plan (YNN) * Cuomo Digs at de Blasio on Real Estate Tax Plan,But Claims No ‘Clear Right or Wrong’ (NYO) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo continued to criticize de Blasio’s proposed changes to the state’s 421-a tax break for developers, even as he claimed to be undecided on how the program should be reformed, the Observer reports:  * Affordable housing advocates are urging Democratic Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie to “stand strong” against a “straight extender” of current rent regulations, even as a June 15 expiration date for the laws looms, the Times Union reports * While the 421-a tax credit has bought great benefit tocondo owners in New York,its absence has not deterred buyers on several projects built )without thecredit, Crain’s writes:  * Cuomo: Questions remain on both sides 421-a debate (Capital) * De Blasio’s Office Touts Slights Against Cuomoin TV Interview (NYO)

de Blasio Cuomo's Fuck You Meeting
Friday Update
New Round in a Rivalry for de Blasio and Cuomo (NYT) In the latest chapter of New York’s most passive-aggressive political relationship, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo are clashing, yet again, over a housing proposal.
FU Cuomo After Meeting With (Cuomo FU de Blasio to His Face)  Him De Blasio took a swipe at Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying his friend of 20 years needs to step up and lead to ensure rent regulations are extended for 2 million New York City residents. Don’t get me wrong,” a Cuomo administration official responded to the mayor’s comments. “It was nice he showed up. But to appear in the Capitol a few days before the end of session with controversial and untested ideas that are opposed by significant groups such as the AFL-CIO is not how leaders get things done.” * Though it’s not looking good for him on the issue, de Blasio is still pushing for Albany to make mayoral control of the NYC school system permanent, launching an online petitionin hopes of pressuring lawmakers into seeing things his way. Renewal of the rent laws is tied to the 2 percent property tax cap, though it doesn’t sunset until next year. Senate Republicans want to make the cap permanent. Progressive advocates want to know what happened to the circuit breaker Cuomo unsuccessfully pushed in his executive budget. *  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s reps criticized one another’s approaches after the mayor pushed for mayoral control of schools and his housing agenda in Albany, The Wall StreetJournal reports: * * De Blasio said he was “frustrated” with issues stalling, called on the governor to take action, commended the Assembly and described his meeting with state Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan as “cordial,” the Postreports: * De Blasio pushing Cuomo to strengthen rent regulations, extend mayoral control of city schools (NYDN) * Mayoral correction? “I actually don’t remember,specifically, getting the finger."   * Gov. Andrew Cuomo brushed aside complaints from Mayor Bill de Blasio that New York City issues were not being taken seriously in Albany, noting the inherent tension between the city and state, Gannett Albany reports:  Battle Over RealEstate Tax Break Opens Another Rift Between Cuomo, de Blasio (NYO) * Cuomo Open To ‘Intelligent Suggestions’ On Education Changes (YNN) *   As Raise The Age Debate Continues, Cuomo Pushes For Alternative Housing (YNN) * Amid scandals, N.Y. legislative session nears end  * Exclu: @BilldeBlasio surprised at @NYGovCuomo. 1-on-1 w Hizzoner on UpClose.  (WABC)

Cuomo and de Blasio Put Their Gloves Back On (NYT)  Monday’s rapprochement, temporary or not, came after an episode of conflict extraordinary even by the standards of this notably rocky relationship. *  Cuomo says feud vs. de Blasio is political, not persona l(NYP) * ‘HE WAS BERATING HIS STAFF’: Cuomo was outraged after de Blasio hired his former aide as press secretary, sources say (NYDN) * Cuomo backs extension of de Blasio’s school control (NYP) * Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio took steps to reconcile their differences, which had been exacerbated by de Blasio’s recent hiring of Karen Hinton, a Cuomo loyalist, as his press secretary, The New York Timeswrites:  * Cardinal Dolan lobbies for tax breaks in Albany (NYP) * Cuomo threatened to call state lawmakers back to Albany every day of the summer if they end the legislative session this month without voting to extend the expiring rent regulation law, the Daily News reports: * The Post writes that both de Blasio and Cuomo come across as hypocrites in the war of words they have waged over issues like the 421-a tax break and mayoral control in recent weeks:  * Sexual assault — the city’s other crime problem (NYP Ed)

 More On Cuomo vs de Blasio

Cuomo Says No to de Blasio Hot Mess NYCHA Also
NYCHA planned to repair leaking public housing roofs by using $100 million from the state, but then Cuomo pulled the rug out from under those plans and redirected the money, leaving thousands of residents suffering until the Housing Authority finds another way to get the job done.The Daily News asks whether the governor’s “animosity”toward de Blasio is so extreme that he would prefer the state pay for less urgent public housing needs in New York City than repair leaking roofs: * Gov. Cuomo pulls back $100M that would have gone to fixing NYCHA's moldy and leaking roofs — sending devastating blow to suffering tenants (NYDN) * Editorial: Cuomo's porky NYCHA scheme (NYDN) * David Jones: Cuomo’s bizarre NYCHA repair plan (NYDN) Senate Republican leader John Flanagan introduced a bill late last night offering a single-year extension of de Blasio’s authority—a far cry from the permanent extension he sought,the seven years afforded to his predecessor  or the three-year extension backed by Cuomo and Democrats who control the State Assembly. The bill would also require that state officials approve the mayor’s school budget each year. De Blasio met with the Republicans’ new point man on education, Carl Marcellino, but was kept waiting by Flanagan for several minutes—the senator calculated it was better to keep the mayor waiting than to walk out of a session with the governor

De Blasio Leaves Albany, Sans Commitments On Key Issues (YNN) He left town, by his own admission, without any commitments for agreements as the legislative session starts to wind down. The mayor also admitted he was “frustrated” by a seeming inertia on rent control regulations and mayoral control of schools in the city, both of which are due to expire next month. * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is slated to push for rent regulations and continued control of city schools in Albany today, but many are not optimistic about contentious bills’ fate, The New York Times reports: * State Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein will introduce a bill today that would revive a New York City property tax rebate program that ended five years ago, the Daily News reports: *  With less than a month remaining on the legislative calendar and Cuomo faced with two untested newcomers at the negotiating table, the focus in Albany is on a range of prosaic, time-sensitive issues which nonetheless could affect millions of New Yorkers.* Publicly, de Blasio offered a call to action. “We need the governor to act,” he told reporters. “We need leadership and we know the governor has been able in the past to make real change here in Albany and get big things done. This is a moment when we need that leadership. … I’m quite frustrated that issues of such great importance to millions of New Yorkers still have not been addressed ...It would be an irresponsible act. I think this is a chance for Albany to take a step in the right direction, make some common sense moves that would actually help people's lives and restore a sense of faith in what happens here.” *  Cuomo did not appear in public, and his spokesperson did not respond to de Blasio. But a quote from an “administration official” was circulated to several news outlets criticizing de Blasio’s last-minute push and noting his 421-a plan was criticized by major labor groups. "Don't get me wrong, it was nice he showed up,” the administration official said in the emailed statement. “But to appear in the Capitol a few days before the end of session with controversial and untested ideas that are opposed by significant groups such as the AFL-CIO is not how leaders get things done.”* Flanagan Bill Extends Mayoral Control For 1 Year (YNN)*Tenants, officials attack Cuomo's decision to block NYCHA from spending $100M to fix roofs (NYDN) * Oink, oink, oink: Cuomo's scheme to spend $100 million onNYCHA smells like pork (NYDN Ed)

Cuomo vs de Blasio From Nails to Cop Pensions
You Kind of Wonder if this Volunteer Effort Was Not Planned Before the NYT Wrote the Story
Hundreds Volunteer to Educate Nail Salon Workers on Their Rights (NYT) City officials hoped the volunteers, armed with information for manicurists in different languages, would visit 800 to 1,000 nail salons in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx on Thursday.
The placards are the latest effort by city and state leaders to curb the widespread exploitation of workers in the sprawling nail salon industry.

  • Starting this week, every nail salon in New York will be required to post a manicurists’ bill of rights, the latest effort by city and state leaders to curb the exploitation of these workers, The New York Times writesOfficials and volunteers aimed to visit more than 800 nail salons in New York City Thursday with the goal of educating manicurists about their rights and how to protect their health, The New York Times reports

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is backing off plans to withhold state aid to more than a dozen New York City homeless shelters, ending the latest dispute with the de Blasio administration. * Cuomo Wants to Roll Back Part of Pension Reform for Police, Firefighters (NY1) * Cuomo takes aim at de Blasio, again (Capital) * The latest was Cuomo’s statement to the Associated Press that he stands with the police and firefighter unions in their fight with the de Blasio administration over pension costs.* Cuomo Wants to Roll Back Part of Pension Reform for Police, Firefighters (NY1) * Chris Smith assesses the new dynamic for Gov. Andrew Cuomo after his fellow amigos are no longer legislative leaders in Albany. * Following Cuomo, de Blasio responds to nail salon series (Capital)  ‘Every New Yorker must be protected from predatory workplace practices that threathen their health’* Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he supports New York City police and fire unions’ attempts to boost retirement benefits for recent hires who have been injured on the job, the Daily News reports:    City set to investigate nail salons over poor work conditions * De Blasio Says New York Will Investigate Nail Industry Practices (NYT) Voicing outrage at the “deplorable conditions” for nail salon workers, Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed to take action, though the city’s powers to regulate the industry are limited . * With Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio both pledging action to look into the impact nail salons have on workers health, it may be good to catch up the New York Times in-depth series on the issue. * With Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio both pledging action to look into the impact nail salons have on workers health, it may be good to catch up the New York Times in-depth series on the issue: *Following Cuomo, de Blasio responds to nail salon series (Capital)  ‘Every New Yorker must be protected from predatory workplace practices that threathen their health’*  
Polls say approval ratings for de Blasio and Cuomo are attheir lowest levels ever, but that's not the whole story * Cuomo is expected today to introduce two new measures in the Legislature that would give regulators greater authority to punish nail salons that mistreat workers and make it easier for manicurists to acquire licenses.  * Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to introduce two measures in the Legislature that would give regulators greater authority to punish nail salons that mistreat workers and make it easier for manicurists to acquire licenses, The New York Times reports:At a press conference yesterday, Assemblyman Ron Kim and Rep. Grace Meng didn’t exactly oppose Cuomo’s recent plan to take emergency measures to improve conditions in the nail salon business. But they didn’t offer a ringing endorsement either.

After Protests de Blasio Reverses Decision to Cut After School Funding 
As the Trouble Schools Drift with No Real Plan

The guaranteed failure of Bill de Blasio’s plan to help failing schools (NYP Ed) * Editorial: Albany plays schoolyard game on mayoral control (NYDN Ed) * In a trip organized by the governor’s office, Cardinal Timothy Dolan will join a delegation of the state’s Catholic bishops at the executive mansion tomorrow for meetings with state lawmakers about the EITC.* De Blasio held a press conference with the city’s top business leaders to demand that Albany renew his control of the city Department of Education, and thanked the governor for his support, the Observer reports: 

Cardinal Timothy Dolan plans to travel to Albany on Monday to push for the Education Investment Tax Credit, which has been rebranded as the Parental Choice in Education Act, the Times Union reports: 

De Blasio reverses decision to cut after-school program funds (NYP) The de Blasio administration is backing off its plan to slash funding for middle-school summer programs following an uproar from parents and educators. “After hearing from parents and kids, we’re pleased to announce that the administration will fund the full 34,000 middle-school seats for this upcoming summer — for this year only — so that families and providers are not left hanging,” mayoral spokeswoman Amy Spitalnick said Thursday.

The Post reported two weeks ago that the administration reserved $27.7 million in February for more after-school programs this summer. But earlier this month, the money was yanked, even though many schools had already hired staff and enrolled students.* After backlash from New York City Council members, the de Blasio administration reversed plans to pull money from free youth summer programs and direct it to struggling schools, The New York Times reports: * The de Blasio administration announced that $28 million worth of funding for 17,000 slots in summer programs for middle school students that had cut at the last minute – in some cases after parents had enrolled their children – would be restored after criticism from Council members and advocates. There’s no word on where the money will come from. * Mayor Reverses Course, Reinstates Summer Program Funding for Middle-School Students (NY1)* A chancellor’schallenge: In Daily News forums, Carmen Fariña displays experience andknowledge galore, but her plans may not be bold enough to answer parents'urgent need for better schools (NYDN) *  De Blasio on containing crime without boosting NYPD headcount (Capital) * Sen. Schumer backs mayor control over NYC schools  (NYDN)

Cuomo vs de Blasio It Was Never Just An Education War
CUOMO vs. DE BLASIO -- “Gov. Cuomo to station state-troopers in NYC barracks,”  “Gov. Cuomo is upping the ante in his battle with Mayor de Blasio — by putting a state-trooper barracks right in Hizzoner’s back yard … The governor recently sent a scouting team to Manhattan to pick a location for the new barracks, a move that sources say is clearly designed to get in Hizzoner’s face and under his skin. ‘It’s just one more tit-for-tat thing between these two guys. This is [Cuomo] flexing his muscles. He said that he is also the governor of New York City,’’ a law-enforcement source told The Post. ‘People are asking, ‘What would [the troopers’] responsibility be?’ Don’t forget, there are 36,000 NYPD cops. So what are they going to do? Nobody knows.’”* WEDNESDAY, IN ALBANY (NYDN) -- “[D]e Blasio will head to Albany Wednesday to make a late push for his agenda. De Blasio’s top priorities include strengthening of the rent regulation law, extending the expiring law governing mayoral control over city schools, and reforming a controversial 421a tax credit program for developers who provide some affordable housing in new buildings. * The governor recently sent a scouting team to Manhattan to pick a location for the new barracks, a move that sources say is clearly designed to get in NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s face and under his skin. * According to advocacy group United to Counter the Core, almost 200,000 New York students refused the English language arts tests in April, with just 76 percent of districts reporting. The state Education Department enlisted the help of regional BOCES offices to assemble opt-out numbers for grades 3-8. * Newsday accuses the Assembly Democrats of pandering to the teachers union with its recently passed legislation on the evaluation system and tests. * The state Board of Regents will appoint MaryEllen Elia as the next state education commissioner, making her the first woman, and the first with Buffalo Niagara roots, to the take the post, the Buffalo News reports: * Gov. Andrew Cuomo is placing a state trooper barracks in in Manhattan, which sources argue is another example of the governor asserting his power over Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Post writes * Already, new state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia faces tumultuous times, as foreshadowed by her appointment, which came after a hastily-called Board of Regents meeting Tuesday where she was introduced for the first time to half of its members  New School Superintendent .MaryEllen Elia Named New York State Education Commissioner (NYT) * The Daily News writes that incoming state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia has solid” credentials, but she’ll need courage to continue implementing new teacher evaluation plans: * MaryEllen Elia, a former school superintendent in Florida with Western New York roots who led efforts to tie teacher evaluations and pay to student achievement and was fired after clashing with her board, was unanimously appointed state education commissioner by the Board of Regents.* New York City’sIndependent Budget office issued a report on the city’s renewal schools program, outlining the challenges that will have to be overcome in order to prevent the 94 identified schools from closing:* During a visit to a school in Albany, the state’s new Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, talked with teachers about new education standards and affirmed that she will work with teachers to make the best education policies possible. * Elia, along with Board of Regents chancellor Merryl Tisch, talked with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s staff, legislative leaders and education committee chairs in a series of closed-door meetings today.
War: de Blasio vs Cuomo, How the GOP Won the Senate, Education Attack

Weaken de Blasio Losing Albany Pension Union Fight  

De Blasio’s pension opposition is about to blow up in his face (NYP) De Blasio’s pension opposition is about to blow up in his face (NYP) de Blasio is facing a humiliating defeat in Albany, with legislators threatening Friday to pass higher disability pensions for the city’s newly hired uniformed employees over his opposition. Normally, the Legislature waits for a “home rule” message from the City Council before taking action on a major pension change that would affect the city. But on Thursday, the state Senate voted unanimously to raise the disability pensions of cops, firefighters and other uniformed personnel to 75 percent of their final year’s salary, up from the 50 percent that kicked in for new hires starting in 2009. And on Friday, Assemblyman Peter Abbate (D-Brooklyn), chairman of the Committee on Governmental Employees, warned he’s prepared to pass a companion measure in his body if the City Council and the mayor continue to stall.* Police Officers and Firefighters Rally Against City’s Disability Pay Proposal (NY1) * Top Democrats Join Critics of NYC Mayor’s Plan on Police, Firefighter Benefits(WSJ) * Senate Passes Bill To Restore Disability Pensions to NewNYPD Officers via @Dnainfo  *  New York City’s Public Advocate Letitia James and city Comptroller Scott Stringer joined police and firefighter unions to push for more generous disability benefits, The Wall Street Journal writes:
Does de Blasio Education Panic 

A measure introduced by Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan would extend mayoral control of New York City schools for only one year and raise the cap on charter schools by 100, State ofPoliticsreports:   * Senate leader's bill ties mayoral control, charter schools (NYDN) *
In a TU OpEdAlbany’s Bishop Ed Scharfenberger defended the education investment tax credit, saying the criticism that it’s a giveaway for “elite” and wealthy New Yorkers is unfair and unfounded. * CEO members of the Partnership for New York City today urged legislative action to maintain mayoral control of the city school system for at least three years. * Senate leader's bill ties mayoral control, charter schools  (NYDN)*   LOTS OF SCHOOL WORK: Carmen Fariña addresses evaluations, security and mental health aid in NYC education system (NYDN)

De Blasio’s school program revamp ignores teacher unions (NYP) Mayor de Blasio rolled out plans Tuesday to allow another 64 public schools to operate outside teacher-union guidelines — much like the charter schools he opposes. The so-called PROSE program — which lets traditional public schools skirt union rules to enact innovations like lengthening the school day — will more than double under the plan, expanding from 62 to 126 in just one year. The UFT claims there are 2,500 empty seats in NYC charter schools, which it believes should be sufficient reason not to lift the charter cap in Albany. * Charter schools furious de Blasio denied $14.2M in special-ed funds (NYP)  Charter-school advocates are fuming that Mayor de Blasio has denied a request for $14.2 million to cover special-education services — after he criticized charter schools for not doing enough to help ­students with disabilities. de Blasio Screws Charters Again   Charter schools furious de Blasio denied $14.2M in special-ed funds (NYP)  Charter-school advocates are fuming that Mayor de Blasio has denied a request for $14.2 million to cover special-education services — after he criticized charter schools for not doing enough to help ­students with disabilities. * A group of two dozen pastors wrote a letter to Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie urging him to pass the education investment tax credit, which would largely benefit private and parochial schools, the Daily News reports: Charter school proponents are upset de Blasio denied theirrequest for $14.2 million to cover special education services after the mayor criticized charters for not doing enough for pupils with disabilities, the Post reports: * Pastors call Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie to pass tax credit benefitting private, parochial schools (NYDN) * New NY education commissioner on Common Core and evaluations  (Capital) Tax Credit Ad War Interest groups sparring over a proposal for an education tax credit recently began direct mail campaigns targeting specific members of the Legislature, Jessica Bakeman reports. New York State United Teachers, a statewide union, is spending in the “low six figures” on mailers in 44 Democratic State Assembly districts that will continue through the end of session, a spokesman said on Wednesday. … Alternatively, the Coalition for Opportunity in Education, which includes religious, labor and community groups, began sending mailers earlier this month promoting the tax credit and attacking legislators who oppose the proposal. Bob Bellafiore, a spokesman for the group, would not say how many legislators were being targeted by the ads, whether they were members of the Assembly or Senate or their party affiliations. He also wouldn’t disclose how much the group is spending on themailers or for how long they will be sent to voters.   * New NY education commissioner on Common Core and evaluations  (Capital) * Flanagan Bill Extends Mayoral Control For 1 Year (YNN) * In a TU OpEdAlbany’s Bishop Ed Scharfenberger defended the education investment tax credit, saying the criticism that it’s a giveaway for “elite” and wealthy New Yorkers is unfair and unfounded. *  CEO members of the Partnership for New York City today urged legislative action to maintain mayoral control of the city school system for at least three years.

Albany's Education War: Mayor and UFT vs Cuomo Charters and Tax Credits

Tuesday Update
New York’s pollution and poverty are killing kids’ IQ: study (NYP) The city’s air is polluting children’s brains. Big Apple kids exposed to high levels of airborne filth and economic hardship have lower IQs that will haunt them into adulthood, according...* Big Apple kids exposed to high levels of airborne filth and economic hardship have lower IQs that will haunt them into adulthood, according to an exhaustive, first-of-its-kind study by Columbia University. * City parents need more say in public schools, NYC Public Advocate Letitia James argues in an analysis delivered to de Blasio and state senators last week – just as Albany considers renewing mayoral control, which expires in June. * According to advocacy group United to Counter the Core, almost 200,000 New York students refused the English language arts tests in April, with just 76 percent of districts reporting. The state Education Department enlisted the help of regional BOCES offices to assemble opt-out numbers for grades 3-8. * The popularity of career and technical education high schools, which give students practicable knowledge and put them on the path to middle wage jobs, is on the rise, The Wall Street Journal reports: 


Moskowitz Mayor Failed School Leader
In a scathing letter, charter school leader Eva Moskowitz took aim at Mayor Bill de Blasio, suggesting that mayoral control should not be renewed in New York City because he hasn’t proven he can lead city schools, the Daily News reports: * The Parental Choice in Education Act is a tax break that will benefit mainly the wealthy and Cuomo should instead be investing the $150 million for the plan back into public schools, The New York Times writes:  Friday Assembly Waters Down Cuomo's Education Reforms  The noxious politics of New York’s cap on charter schools  (NYP Ed)* The state Education Department’s decision to reject all 15 applications for new charter schools has astonished lawmakers, even some who are allies of charter foes like Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan, the Post writes: * The Post writes that the state Department of Educationneeds to avoid playing politics with charter school applications, and wonders why there is a cap on the number of schools at * StudentsFirstNY Sad That Assembly Watered Down Some Cuomo Education Reforms: From Capitol Confidential:The Ass... * Caps off to charters: The real lesson behind New York State's rejection of 15 charter-schoolapplications (NYDN Ed) The State Education Department rejected 15 charter school applications for reasons of quality control and not politics, Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch insisted.  …but even some close allies of the teachers unions, which are generally foes of charter schools, questioned SED’s move. * State Sen. Carl Marcellino will assume the Senate Education Committee chairmanship, the committee’s former leader and chamber’s Majority Leader John Flanagan announced, State of Politics reports:  * Marcellino: Mayoral Control And Charter Cap Will Be A Conference Decision (YNN) * Marcellino’s Bills: Extend Teacher Eval Deadline, Reveal Common Core Info (YNN) * Marcellino In Line For Senate Education Chair (YNN) * The New York Times: “Gov. Andrew Cuomo can talk passionately about improving New York’s “failing public schools,” but when he made that point at churches and a yeshiva last Sunday it was, at best, disingenuous.”  In a scathing open letter to de Blasio, charter school maven Eva Moskowitz said he hasn’t proved he’s the boss of city schools — and suggested he shouldn’t be granted continued mayoral control.

As Cuomo Pushes for More Charters His Education Dept Kills Charters
State rejects all applications for new charter schools (NYP) The state Education Department has rejected all 15 applications for new charter schools, including 12 in New York City, claiming they failed to meet academic standards. “We always look for quality and these applications didn’t measure up,” Education Department spokesman Dennis Tompkins said Wednesday. “We invited several of the applicants to reapply in June and we gave them suggestions on how to improve their applications.” But charter-school advocates weren’t buying it, saying the rejection of all the applicants reeked of pro-teacher-union politics.  * The state Education Department has rejected all 15 applications for new charter schools, including 12 in New York City, claiming they failed to meet academic standards, the Post reports: * The state Education Department told all 15 groups that submitted plans to open new charter schools that they did not meet the state’s standards, marking the first time since at least 2010 that an open application period will end without an approval for a New York City applicant. More hereRegents chancellor defends rejecting charter school applications(NYP)
The New York City Department of Education has distributed“Progress to Graduation” software that allows educators access to real-time student info on academics and attendance, the Daily News reports:* Assembly Votes To Delay Teacher Evaluation Impact(YNN)
Changes to teacher-evals will make it harder to score high (NYP)The Assembly voted to continue mayoral control of New York City public schools for three years and to extend rent regulation laws, but the state Senate has not taken action on either measure, the Post reports: * The Times Union writes that the governor’s education taxcredit idea seems to show he’s “conflated public education with his animosity for teachers’ unions,” and that the state must remember public schools are the priority:  * Assembly votes to extend mayoral control of schools(NYP)* As they began discussing complex calculations for rating the performance of public school educators, some members of the State Board of Regents aired their broader concernsabout the future of the teaching profession in New York. * The bruising battle between Cuomo and public education advocates is going another roundas the end of the legislative session nears. * Cuomo is putting his political energy into a proposal to enact a $150 million education tax credit program to benefit mostly private and religious schools before the session ends – despite his veto lectures to lawmakers against such matters coming up after the budget. * The Assembly voted to extend mayoral control of NYC schools by three years, as Cuomo has suggested, but the issue remains unresolved in the GOP-controlled Senate.* Nationally and in New York, colleges and universities are under increasing pressure to improve their graduation rates, as more parents and potential students scrutinize the numbers during the college search process and as federal and state governments moved toward restricting aid based upon performance in areas such as college completion. * The Regents voted to further delay full implementation of new teacher certification requirements, temporarily allowing prospective teachers who fail the more difficult exams other options for obtaining credentials. * -- New York State United Teachers on Monday launched a radio advertising campaign against the new tax credit proposal on Monday. The 60-second ad that will run for ten days features an interview with "Mr. Moneybags," who calls the tax credit “a scheme designed to favor us ‘zillionaires’ and our exclusive schools.” The character says during the ad: “When you’re rich like me, public schools aren’t your concern.” Listenhere: * Cuomo Given Starring Role In EITC Ad (YNN) * Albany Times-Union: Cuomo's Shabby Voucher Plan  * Senate Democrats introduced a package of measures designed to alter the education policy changes included in the state budget last month, a response to concerns from parent and teacher groups, State of Politics reports:  * Cutting-edge new tracking software distributed to schools across NYC yesterday will chart student and faculty performance with laser-like accuracy.*  The Assembly passed an omnibus education reform package that addresses both the updated teacher evaluation system and the Common Core standards, the Times Union writes: * Opting out of state tests has become a rallying cry for parents, teachers and teachers unions who oppose new evaluation systems being implemented by the state education department, the Times writes:

New York Mayor’s Agenda Faces Tough Go in Albany(WSJ)Many of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policy goals for New York City face an uphill path in Albany, with only weeks remaining in the 2015 legislative session and many state lawmakers unlikely to cooperate. * Cuomo visited churches and a yeshiva Sunday to push a bill giving tax credits to families with students in private schools, including religious ones, but the measure faces opposition in the Assembly, the Timesreports:  * Cuomo to lawmakers: Bring education tax credit to floor fora vote (Lohud)* In a campaign-style tour meant to put pressure on lawmakers, Cuomo visited churches and a yeshiva yesterday to promote a bill to give tax credits to families of students at private schools, including religious ones. He argued for his proposal by pointing to the presence of “failing public schools,” and saying he wanted to give parents another option. * Ed tax credits, mayoral control: Cuomo, Flanagan set thetable for the last 15 session days: (TU) *  NYSUT Radio Ad Knocks Education Tax Credit  * Assembly To Vote On Mayoral Control, With 2018 Sunset (YNN) 

 The state Board of Regents says it would like to reduce the time students spend preparing for and taking tests, although they warned there will be tradeoffs if that happens, the Times Union reports:  *  The state Board of Regents says it would like to reduce the time students spend preparing for and taking tests, although they warned there will be tradeoffs if that happens, the Times Union reports:  *  The state Education Department recommended a new matrix to evaluate teachers and principals based on student performance and in-class observations, and also proposed allowing schools to seek a two-month waiver to delay the implementation of the evaluations.* Frustration over the state’s education policies looms large in Tuesday’s local school district elections. Standardized tests, state aid givebacks, teacher evaluations and school mandates from Albany are top concerns for dozens of people running for seats on area school boards.* Regents further delay new teacher certification exams@jessicabakeman reports (Capital)* Cuomo Given Starring Role In EITC Ad

The Battle to Who Will Control NYC's Schools Its About the Deal Not the Millions Spent on Lobbyists TV Ads and Spin Stories in the Media . . . . Its About Making A Deal Increasing the Number of Charters and Allowing Tax Credits   

MAYORAL CONTROL ‘GAMES BEGIN’The State Senate may not extend mayoral control of New York City schools, let alone make it permanent, according to a prominent Republican senator. “I can’t envision that we do something in a permanent capacity,” Senate education committee chair John Flanagan, a Long Island Republican, said on Wednesday during an interview on WCNY's "The Capitol Pressroom."Flanagan, who has previously questioned whether mayoral control should be extended when it expires in June, wouldn’t say definitively that it would be renewed. “I believe we have a very sincere and open opportunity to do so,’ Flanagan said. ‘Can I guarantee that? No.” * Audit: NYC underreported school violent episodes to state (WSJ) * City to continue funding this floundering school with just 49 students (NYP) *Principal sues after losing job for ‘starting a riot’ (NYP) * Struggling, underfunded schools get extra $33M in Bill de Blasio’s proposed budget (NYDN) * One of New York City’s long-struggling middle schools hasjust 49 students this year, a stunning lack of applicants that has critics saying it’s time to pull the plug the Post reports: Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader JeffKlein said mayoral control of New York City’s public schools should be extended five years, but a charter school parent should join the city’s Panel for Educational Policy, the Daily News reports:  IDC Leader Jeff Klein wants to extend by five years the law authorizing mayoral control over the New York City school system, with some key changes – including requiring the mayor to appoint a parent of a charter school student to the advisory Panel for Educational Policy.
de Blasio Will Pay A Price to Continue In Control of the City's Schools
Cuomo Promotes Tax Credits for Families of Students at Private Schools (NYT) Visiting churches and a yeshiva, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo made it clear he considered the bill a top priority of the legislative session, despite opposition from some fellow Democrats. *  The bruising battle between Cuomo and public education advocates is going another roundas the end of the legislative session nears.
Flanagan’s ascension to Senate majority leader is making de Blasio and other New York City progressives nervous about how the end of the session will play out, GothamGazette writes:   * Cuomo and Cardinal Timothy Dolan have reunited after a falling out surrounding the education investment tax credit, which did not make it into the state budget and is again being pushed by the governor, State of Politics reports:  * As students begin preparing to cram for end-of-the-year tests, Cuomo is making a legislative crunch-time push to get an education investment tax credit through the Legislature.* Cuomo and Cardinal Dolan tout parochial school tax break (NYP) * To help New York schools, Andrew Cuomo needs to think big (NYP Ed) * Heastie: EITC Remains ‘A Challenge’ For Assembly (YNN) * The governor appeared with Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Long Island and in Buffalo yesterday to call on lawmakers to approve the controversial Education Investment Tax Credit, which has a new family-friendly name: the Parental Choice in Education Act. * While previous versions of the bill have failed, Cuomo’s new effort incorporates featuresthat he hopes will lead to passage before the Legislature adjourns in June. He blamed prior failure on “political powers in Albany” who have so far stymied its passage. * Cuomo recalled his days as a student at St. Gerard Majella, which is now closed, and Archbishop Molloy HS, both in Queens.* By a 2-1 margin, 969 registered voters in a new Quinnipiac University poll said they opposed allowing de Blaiso to “retain complete control over public schools.” Sixty percent said other elected officials should have more of a say.* Assembly Democrats have introduced legislation that would delay the development and implementation of new teacher evaluations, as well as no longer tie school aid to the new standard, Gannett Albany reports: * Kids deserve many more escape routes from failing public schools (NYP) * New teacher evaluations would be delayed in New York and tying school aid to the evaluations would be dropped under legislation introduced by Assembly Democrats.* Cuomo cuddles Cardinal Dolan in push to use taxpayer $$$ topay for religious/private schools:  *  Paterson Backs De Blasio On Permanent Mayoral Control (NYO)

 Dems propose giving de Blasio shorter leash on control of schools (NYP) The latest measure would extend mayoral control of the schools for three years, through June 2018. During Bloomberg’s tenure, lawmakers twice extended the mayor’s authority over the school system — for six years each time. Senate Republicans — who de Blasio campaigned against last year — said they wanted more information before agreeing to the extension in any form. “The Senate was not willing to do more, so we matched the governor’s proposal,” said Heastie spokesman Michael Whyland. * Unlike prior bills, legislation currently pushed by Cuomo to establish an education tax credit offers more of an incentive to donate to private school scholarship funds than public schools, Capital New York reports:  * Despite de Blasio’s push for a permanent extension of mayoral control, the mayor’s biggest backers in Albany – the Assembly Democrats – introduced legislation this week that would extend it by only three years. *  The latest three-year bill puts the Assembly, which initially sought a seven-year extension of mayoral control, in sync with Cuomo, who also recommended the shorter extender.* Editorial: New York's tests are correct to the core (NYDN Ed) * NY tests do good job of tracking student achievement: report *Correct to the core: Study confirms that New York's standardized tests are telling hard truths about student achievement *   Cuomo To Pitch Tax Credit To Jewish Community In Brooklyn (YNN) * Charter school advocates rallied at City Hall to lift the cap on charters statewide.* De Blasio’s mayoral control tied to charter school cap: advocate (NYP) 
* The state Board of Regents says it would like to reduce the time students spend preparing for and taking tests, although they warned there will be tradeoffs if that happens, the Times Union reports:  * The state Board of Regents says it would like to reduce the time students spend preparing for and taking tests, although they warned there will be tradeoffs if that happens, the Times Union reports: 

With Less Than 1% of the Students Op-Out Does the Media Give the UFT Too Much Ink?
United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrewwrites in the Daily News that standardized tests give parents misleading information and are “all but useless” to educators:

Eduction War: Cuomo, de Blasio, UFT, Charters
"NYT Starts Its Report How Well Inner City Charter Schools Are Teaching and Then Goes On to Find Every Teach Fired By Charter's to Bash the Schools" Morning Joe

Saturday Al Sharpton an unlikely ally in support of Common Core exams(NYP)  * Too many bad apples: Mayor de Blasio's Renewal Schoolshave a high proportion of lower-quality teachers, which is why he and CarmenFariña should fight for more power to shake up staff (NYDN)

At Success Academy Charter Schools, High Scores and Polarizing Tactics (NYT) Students at the charter schools, led by Eva S. Moskowitz, outperform their public school peers, but the schools’ methods and culture are not for everyone. * Cuomo has sent school leaders back to the negotiating table to come up with new agreements. This time, however, school administrators and union leaders will have far less discretion in deciding how teachers are rated. But they face the same threat: Get a deal done by November or risk losing state aid. *  Test Opt-Out Effort Now Includes Citizen Action  AQE has launched an online petition urging parents to opt out of this month’s state math and English tests.*  A proposal from Cuomo could increase the Success Academy charter school network size closer to founder Eva Moskowitz’s goal of 100 schools, which would make it larger than the entire Buffalo school district, the Times reports:  * Lawmakers uncomfortable with the education reforms in the new budget have taken comfort in the fact that it appeared the Board of Regents would have unprecedented influence over the new teacher evaluation system. But that interpretation was premature, if not outright wrong. * In its devotion to accountability, Success AcademyNew York City’s polarizing charter school network, may have no peer. But its methods and culture – and relentless pushing of students and teachers to achieve – have sparked criticism. * New York City education officials said they would keep Pearson’s test for admission to gifted and talented programs for one more year, reversing plans last fall to switch vendors.* Success Academy C.E.O. Eva Moskowitz says this week’s New York Times feature about her network of schools is “slanted” and “unfair.” “The article contains many inaccurate statements and unfair portrayals of our schools—scenes that could come straight out of a Dickens novel,” she wrote in an email to Success employees.* De Blasio defended his administration’s push for universal full-day prekindergarten in New York City, responding to complaints from some parents who believe a full-day program is too exhausting for 4-year-olds.* Emails show administration’s 2014 charter scramble (Capital) *Community Leaders Urge Mayor to Add Three Hindu Holidays to School Calendar

de Blasio: Merit Pay for Lawyers But Not Teachers . . . UFT Power
The de Blasio administration is embracing merit pay to reward and retain the best city employees — but only in the Law Department. While he opposes merit pay for teachers, de Blasio has approved $1.9 million in the next fiscal year for the bonuses, which are growing to $3.4 million in fiscal 2019. In Shift, New York City To Keep Test Vendor For Gifted and Talented Programs (WSJ) New York City education officials said Monday they would keep Pearson PLC's test for admission to gifted and talented programs for one more year, reversing plans last fall to switch vendors. * Am New York writes that de Blasio’s approach to improving struggling schools “sounds promising in principle,” but principals at some of the worst schools have not received extra help pledged in November: * Teachers union President Karen Magee’s public call for parents across the state to opt out of standardized tests has been answered, with a number of the union’s allies joining the call, State of Politics reports If too many students “opt out” of Common Core-aligned state exams later this month, New York might be forced to administer national tests instead, Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch said. * * Around 20 troubled schools not included in New York City’s renewal program for struggling schools are among 70 such institutions that could be placed under receiverships if they do not make major improvements, Chalkbeatreports:

StudentsFirstNY Touts Cuomo’s Education Measures (YNN) * Questions of Bias Are Raised About a Teachers’ Exam in New York (NYT)  Black and Hispanic teaching candidates have been passing an exam at lower rates than white applicants, prompting concerns of decreased diversity among teachers. * A federal judge is questioning whether a new exam for aspiring teachers in New York is discriminatory against minorities – a case that could derail the state’s efforts to create a more rigorous set of tests for entry into the profession. Pre-K Free, full-day prekindergarten was one of de Blasio’s first big pushes when he took office. Now, some parents are pushing back on the full-day part. * * As free, full-day prekindergarten is rolled out in New York City, some parents are pushing for more half-day options, arguing the full-day schedule of six hours and 20 minutes is too much, the Journal writes:  * A two-year federal grant worth almost $6 million will help put more than 300 AmeriCorps members into struggling New York City schools to help serve as mentors, reduce absenteeism and boost parental involvement.* State Sen. Martin Golden, a Brooklyn Republican, said religious groups, particularly one tied to an unnamed rabbi, may try to oust state lawmakers who won’t support the Education Investment Tax Credit, theObserver reports: * The Public takes an in-depth look at the education reforms passed in the state budget and the floor debates that led to the eventual passage of the budget bills, despite opposition: * As Full-Day Pre-K Takes Hold, Some Parents Plead for Half-Day Options (WSJ) Free, full-day prekindergarten was one of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first big pushes when he took office. Now some parents are pushing back on the full-day part. Opt-Out Movement The Buffalo News editorialized against the opt-out movement earlier this week, saying: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Improvement means change and New York State United Teachers are not much into that.”* Hochul: Test Opt-Out Could Be A ‘Disservice’ To Children(YNN) * Calls for students to opt out of this month’s state assessments are irresponsible and the rhetoric coming from some education “leaders” is not constructive, education advocates Steve Sigmund and Jennifer Hensley write inNewsday: * A flurry of parents opting their children out of taking new state assessments in places like ColoradoFloridaNew Jersey, and New York has both the U.S. Department of Education and state education departments reviewing policies and procedures for dealing with such instances. * Among the dozens of struggling NYC schools facing the threat of takeover by outside groups are about 20 troubled schools that are not part of the city’s new turnaround program, according to a Chalkbeat analysis of “failing” schools identified by Cuomo’s office.* Advocates urge charter schools to accept students mid-year (NYP) * CharterGroup Claims Schools Not Filling Vacated Seats (NYO)
PS MidYear Transfers Charters "Its All About the Numbers"
Charter-school head says city’s transfer kids can’t keep up (NYP) The head of the city’s largest charter-school network says she doesn’t accept midyear transfers from regular middle and high schools because their students don’t keep up with their charter counterparts....* State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating Cooper Union’s financial decisions, including its handling of land beneath the Chrysler Building, that led the nonprofit school to begin charging tuition, the Journal reports:

Cuomo Down in the Polls Blinks On Education Reforms
Key education reforms may be yanked from budget proposal (NYP) Cuomo’s key education reforms may be yanked from his state budget proposal and taken up in the Legislature’s regular session after doubts arose over whether they could pass, sources told The Post.“The Dream Act, charter schools, mayoral control [of New York City schools] and the Education Tax Credit are all out of the budget,” a state official familiar with the process said Monday. Cuomo blinked when it started to appear as if passage of the reforms might not survive negotiations with both political parties rushing to pass the $142 billion spending plan by the April 1 deadline, sources said.* DREAM Act unlikely to be adopted in state budget: lawmakers (NYDN) * The state Senate and the Cuomo administration said extending New York City mayoral control of schools may be taken up post-budget following a joint plea from de Blasio and Rudy Giuliani to extend it, The New York Times reports

State Senate Finance Committee Chairman John DeFrancisco said the GOP is close to an agreement with Gov. Andrew Cuomo on new income disclosure requirements in the state budget, State of Politics reports:

Albany Lawmakers Worried Everyone Is Wearing Wires  (NY Mag) New Legislator Has Peers on Guard (WSJ)  Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky, who was a federal prosecutor before being elected in November, has been viewed by his legislative peers with equal parts reverence and skepticism. * Legislators on Lookout as Scrutiny Intensifies (WSJ) * Cuomo said he had a “good conversation” with Senate Republicans in their third floor offices as the conference remains skeptical over a proposal to disclose private legal clients of state lawmakers, State of Politics reports: * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said his conference is "just about there" with Cuomo on education reform, but the Democratic-led Assembly remains another matter, State of Politics reports:   Silver the Member * Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver last week he introduced a bill that would provide a maximum $500 credit to parents who pay tuition for parochial or private schools, State of Politics reports

Cuomo indicates a number of controversial measures could bedone outside of the budget (YNN) * In a late-afternoon statement, Cuomo Communications Director Melissa DeRosa dropped hints that the governor would sign a budget that lacked key education initiative pieces like the DREAM Act and the Education Investment Tax Credit – proposals that continue to divide the two majority legislative conferences. She doubled down, however, on Cuomo’s pledge to reject any budget deal without ethics reform.* “The key education reforms are dealing with the epidemic of failing schools, improvement to the teacher evaluation system, tenure reform, teacher performance bonuses and scholarships to attract new teachers. If those reforms are passed, the governor will support a significant funding increase,” DeRosa said.  * Tom Precious: “The administration statement, offering threats and olive branches of sorts, served one purpose: It signaled areas of the budget likely still open, from a proposed increase in the minimum wage to the $1.5 billion upstate fund.” * Assemblyman Francisco Moya, a Democrat from Queens who sponsored the DREAM Act, released a statement accusing Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos of being motivated by “xenophobia” and “lack of foresight.” Moya called on Cuomo to “show true leadership” and bring Skelos back to the table to negotiate this measure. * Alternate methods of teacher evaluations are under discussion at the state Capitol, including a “matrix” or “grid,” which include a variety of “boxes” or categories for measuring educators’ performance.* Stewart-Cousins Questions Budget Linkage (YNN)* He coulda been a contender: The rise and fall of AndrewCuomo(Politico) 

Giuliani Joins de Blasio to Save Mayoral Control of Schools 

De Blasio teams with Giuliani in push to grant mayor full control over NYC system, pushing Gov. Cuomo aside(NYDN)New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and former mayor Rudy Giuliani sent a letter urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislators to extend the city executive’s control over public schools. In an unlikely alliance, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is teaming up with one of his predecessors, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, to push for an extension of the law granting the mayor full control over the city school system. The frequent foes have written a joint letter to Cuomo and state legislators urging them to extend the expiring law without changes.* Investigators are probing accusations of a massive grade-fixing scheme by educators at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn said to be desperate to boost the graduation rate, the Post reports:   Update Hours after a joint letter calling for the extension of mayoral control in NYC was issued by the unlikely alliance of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, state Republican leaders and Cuomo’s office signaled that the issue would be put off until after the state budget was finalized, opening the door to months of protracted negotiations.* Sheri Lederman, the Great Neck, Long Island fourth grade teacher who is challenging the state’s teacher evaluation system was in court yesterday, where her husband/lawyer Bruce Lederman and state lawyer Colleen Galligan argued about whether the case should be dismissed. * The Fiscal Policy Institute released a comparison of the three education proposals in Albany that outlines in broad strokes how each one differs, the Times Union reports: The Independent Budget Office finds that the de Blasio administration has relied on increased state education aid to expand after-school programs, and in 2016 the city will count on even more aid to fund a further expansion:* A group of city high school students disrupted a NYC Council hearing where Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña was about to speak, chanting “civil rights matter” to protest a lack of sports programs at their schools. Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg declined to sign onto a joint letter from de Blasio and ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani asking Cuomo and state legislators to make mayoral control permanent in the five boroughs, so that it would not have to be routinely renewed The city Board of Health has issued new rules on the amountof juice kids can drink at licensed (NY1)

'PASS' THE TEST: Thousands of NYC families will boycott state math, reading exams use rate teachers, schools: activists (NYDN) Monday PM Giuliani and de Blasio Form Unlikely Alliance on New York City Schools (NYT)  Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, and former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, a Republican, both signed an appeal to state legislators to reauthorize mayoral control of the city’s schools.* Success Academy charter schools applications soar (NYP)* Success Academy charter schools applications soar(NYP) With 10 days until the deadline, 19,000 applications have already been filed for 2,688 seats this fall — or about seven requests for every opening, the charter network reported. Last year, there were 14,400 students trying to snare 2,870 slots. The number of applicants has soared 57 percent over two years ago as top-performing Success Academy expands its foothold. Tuesday  The de Blasio administration said it is unlikely that the Lunar New Year will be a school holiday next year, as the mayor promised during his campaign, because the academic calendar has been printed, the Post reports:

de Blasio Bullies Cuomo in Education War
More shots at Cuomo from de blasio: (Capital) Amid ethics battle, @NYGovCuomo invokes Al Smith (Capital) * Ads to air in support of education investment tax credit (NYDN) In the ad, Yohan Garcia, executive director of the League Of United Latin American Citizens Queens Council, says students need "not just math and science, but art and music" and labels the proposed tax credit for those who donate to schools the "mostly widely supported idea in a generation." While strongly backed by Timothy Cardinal Dolan and the state’s Catholic bishops, private and parochial schools, and state Senate Republicans, it is vehemently opposed by many legislative Democrats, who say it would take away needed funding from public schools. But some Democrats, including Senate Democratic Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Marcos Crespo, the chairman of the Assembly Hispanic Task Force, support the measure. Supporters of an education investment tax credit for those who donate to schools will air TV ads trumpeting the proposal in English and Spanish ahead of the state budget deadline

Cuomo Poll Sienapoll: NYers skeptical of Cuomo's email policy and upstate economic competition  Cuomo job approval underwater in new Siena poll: Positive (excellent/good) 43%; negative (fair/poor,) 56%. * Most New Yorkers polled said Cuomo’s proposed ethics reforms and education policy changes should be addressed apart from the budget, unlike the strategy he has taken, a Siena Collegepoll found: * Siena Poll: Keep Emails Longer Than 90 Days (YNN) * Nearly 70 school districts in Westchester and Long Island did not have a single teacher rated developing or ineffective, figures Cuomo cites in pushing his controversial plan to change the system, the Times reports *  New York voters overwhelmingly disagree with Cuomo’s policy of automatically deleting state workers’ emails after 90 days, according to a Siena poll, The New York Times writes: * New York voters may disagree with Cuomo’s budget tactics of tying so much policy to spending and the 90-day email deletion policy, but his favorability rating since December is largely unchanged, State of Politicsreports: 
*Cuomo writes in the Post that the Legislature should pass the DREAM Act and the Education Tax Credit, which he argues will result in more private donations to public and private schools and more options for students. Around the state, administrators, teachers and parents have been protesting the governor’s proposals, which would both increase the weight of test scores, to 50 percent of a teacher’s rating, and decrease the role of their principals’ observations. * A bipartisan group of Long Island Assembly members and more than 50 parents, teachers and union leaders called Sunday for Cuomo to increase school funding and strip out education policy proposals from budget negotiations.* A poll found 80% of New York voters disagree with Cuomo’s policy on purgingstate emails  * In Spanish And English, Supporters Push Education Tax Credit (YNN) Monday PM Update  Cuomo’s push to raise the cap on charter schools will now likely be taken up later in the session, and he is also backing away from insisting that “failing” schools go into receivership, State of Politics reports: * Speaker Carl Heastie said the Democratic majority is still discussing the education investment tax credit and the DREAM Act, but that talks “are not very favorable right now,” the Times Union reports: * A Quinnipiac poll found that Cuomo and former Gov. George Pataki don’t excite New York voters as potential presidential candidates, while Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker garner more support, Gannett Albany reports: * A group of clergy and lay people from around New York is writing to government leaders in Albany asking them to reject Cuomo’s education proposals and to urge them to approve a sizeable increase in state spending on public education. *The Cuomo administration is spending nearly $1 million for expert witnesses and another $700,000 for contracted private attorneys in a case the state is fighting to avoid spending more money on schools.

In Albany's Education War Money is King, Enter Catholic PAC  
Education is About Money and Political Power, Not Results 

A friend in Jesus: New York’s new Catholic PAC (NYP Ed) Two days after Cardinal Egan was laid to rest, a group of Catholic laymen gathered just across the street. They too had a preservation project in mind: New York’s Catholic schools. Over drinks in the historic Madison Room, with Timothy Cardinal Dolan in attendance, more than 100 of these lay Catholic leaders — including Alfred Kelly Jr., former president of American Express and president/CEO of the 2014 NY/NJ Super Bowl; Samuel Di Piazza Jr., chairman of the Mayo Clinic and former CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers; and Al Smith IV, CEO of A.E. Smith Associates and great-grandson of the first Catholic to run for president on a major-party ticket — announced a new political action committee. It’s called Catholics Count, and it aims to support a Catholic school system that, despite the heroic work it does, is too often dissed by the state’s political class.* Senate expected tountie Cuomo's education policies from spending in its one-house resolution(YNN)

Big case, huge landmark (NYDN) In allowing parents to challenge the constitutionality of the state’s teacher tenure and dismissal laws, Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Philip Minardo made a bold stand for the betterment of New York’s kids. The claim before the court is that by granting the lifetime job protection of tenure to virtually every probationary teacher, and by making it all but impossible to fire terrible teachers, state law violates children’s rights by subjecting many to classroom lemons. Represented by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, leaders of the education establishment and teachers unions scoffed at the concept. They argued that the Legislature, not the courts, should decide the issue; that school districts, not the state, are responsible for teacher discipline, and that the parents hadn’t produced solid evidence linking ineffective teachers to really lousy educations. Well, Minardo blew that away, ruling that the school bosses and unions had failed to produce any evidence disputing the parents’ claim that the “tenure laws permit ineffective teachers to remain in the classroom” and that “ineffective teachers continue to teach in New York due to” state law.* Mandatory Race Talks Roil Elite New York City School (WSJ) Charter School Parent Writes About Failed Schools Don’t let New York City schools fail your kids (NYP Ed) Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña says that she can turn failing schools into great ones if she changes the principal, gives students an extra hour of class and throws in lots of extra money. As a former public-school student and parent, I’ve heard these types of promises before. And they’ve never done any good. We’re in the midst of an education crisis, and none of Farina’s fixes will stop these schools from failing this generation of students the way they failed the last generation.

Cuomo de Blasio Build Teams to Fight Education's NY's Civil War

Tuesday Update  Assembly Democrats rejected the governor’s proposals linking an increase in school aid to several prospective education policy changes and sought to extend mayoral control of schools for longer, the Times reports: * * De Blasio and Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner are both pushing the governor to increase school spending, but sources say Miner is the political leader that truly rankles Cuomo, the Journal reports: * Schools in Queens areJAMMED  @DNAinfo * NY State Assembly proposes $1.8B increase in education aidto counter Cuomo's agenda:  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner are teaming up to push the state to make a sizeable payment toward complying with the Campaign for Fiscal Equity court decision that calls for equal education funding, the Daily News’ * A group of black preachers is supporting Cuomo’s education reform and teacher evaluation proposals and ministers plan to preach about the benefits of these ideas during the month of March, the Post reports: * United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew said if Cuomo has time to go to Cuba, he should have time to visit a public school classroom amid this push for education reform, the Daily News reports *The Buffalo News writes that “nothing good” will come from “the machinations” that led Robert Bennett to drop his bid to remain on the Board of Regents and calls him a true champion of education: * An Assembly spokeswoman said the plan does not contain Cuomo proposals to raise the number on charter schools allowed in the state or establish a new education tax credit.* In the State Senate, Republicans want to up the Assembly’s ante on school aid, sources said, and will propose a $1.9 billion funding increase. About $1 billion of the extra money would do away with the Gap Elimination Adjustment, an annual funding grab by Albany of money marked for public schools.* Saying Cuomo’s educational policies “scapegoat teachers” for the problems of failing schools, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner said many failing schools do not get as much state aid as they are entitled to by law. She has joined forces with another Cuomo critic, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. * Bill de Blasio Touts Early Progress atStruggling City Schools (NYO) * Senate Expected To Unlink Education Policy From Spending(YNN)* The Senate’s budget proposal accepts Cuomo’s call to allow 100 more charter schools to open statewide. It would also increase funding for charter schools by $225 per student next year – even more than the governor’s budget would. * The Senate did not include in its budget extension of NYC mayoral control of the public schools, which runs out at the end of June.* A judge has denied a motion to dismiss two lawsuits that target New York state’s teacher tenure rules, determining the plaintiffs “clearly have standing” to assert their claims as students who have been deprived of their right to a sound, basic education. * Nearly 200 New York City schools participated in rallies against the governor’s proposed education reforms, including having standardized test scores account for a larger portion of teacher ratings, the Daily News reports: * A Staten Island judge denied a motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the state’s teacher tenure laws and contending they deprive children of a sound education by making it too difficult to fire bad teachers,the Times reports:  * Opponents of New York State’s teacher tenure laws won a small but important victory when a Staten Island judge allowed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of those rules to move forward. The decision comes as battles over the way teachers are hired, fired and evaluated swirl through courtrooms and statehouses across the country.* The decision was hailed by the plaintiffs and by TV journalist-turned education activist Campbell Brown, who has supported the legal challenge. NYSUT said the ruling was disappointed, but not unexpected, and plans to appeal. Testimony in a lawsuit seeking more state funding for small urban school districts drew to a close yesterday amid claims from supporters of the plaintiffs that the state hired an expert witness known for questioning the value of school desegregation. A decision isn’t expected until the fall. Thousands of parents, union leaders and teachers rallied at almost 200 NYC schools yesterday against Cuomo’s proposed education reforms. The Assembly and the State Senate showed their budget hands with passage of separate, one-house budget resolutions. The measures show splits still to be resolved over education spending, ethics rules, minimum wage, property taxes, criminal-justice matters and billions in capital spending for everything from roads to transit systems. The controversial elements of the budget negotiation will continue to center on education and ethics. Cuomo proposes a $1.1 billion increase in education aid if lawmakers agree to major policy overhauls; without changes, his aid proposal drops to $377 million. Both houses have proposed more.* Sen. Gustavo Rivera, who has a high number of failing schools in his Bronx district,responds to Cuomo’s recent highlighting of that fact in an effort to push his education reform agenda.

Schools Wars Albany's Battle, Special HS Continuing Racial Divide 

* Heastie said he doubts there is support in the Democratic conference to approve an education tax credit meant to spur donations to scholarship funds for students, State of Politicsreports: 
Lack of Diversity Persists in Admissions to New York City’s Elite High Schools(NYT) Five percent of the students offered placement in eight specialized high schools were black and 7 percent were Hispanic, according to statistics released on Thursday.* Parents should have to approve when schools or teachers have students take a side in public, such as at this week’s charter school rally, the American Enterprise Institute’s Frederick Hess writes in the DailyNews: * Education Reforms Don't Fit Into Usual Political Boxes (TU) * School Matches Show Challenge of Racial Diversity (WSJ) The challenge of diversifying New York City's elite specialized high schools persists: Data released Thursday showed 5% of students offered seats for next fall are black, 7% Hispanic, 28% white and 52% Asian.* SCHOOLYARD SHOWDOWN: De Blasio prepares to fight for control(NYDN)* Newsday: “(T)eachers, just like any workers, can and should be evaluated objectively and impartially. Neither side is presenting a truly workable system to evaluate teachers, but the governor, at least, understands that the system must change.” * The NYC Department of Education will close two low-performing charter schools at the end of this year. These are the first schools, charter or otherwise, closed by chancellor Carmen Fariña during her tenure.
Chalkbeat: Taking the same road to Albany, education lobbying events ondivergent paths   * NYP Editorial: "a travesty that children should have to march in Albanyto get schools where they can learn."  * Another UFT failure after being confronted with the charterschool successes. (NYO) * 9 electeds expectedat large pro-charter school rally * On stage  Representatives for Families for Excellent Schools said some 13,000 people attended the pro-charter school “Don’t Steal Success” rally today – unlike last year, the governor was not one of them. …and, in case you were wondering, it wasn’t actually a rally, but a “civic field trip.” * NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña tore into Cuomo’s proposal to base public school teachers’ ratings and retention on standardized testing.* Thousands of charter school backers covered the state Capitol’s east lawn, voicing support as lawmakers debated whether to raise New York’s cap on the publicly funded, privately run schools, Gannett Albany reports * Charter school parents, teachers, students rally in Albany (NYP)* Parent advocate: put an end to unions holding students hostage (NYP) * Cuomo’s push to disrupt the public school “monopoly” is the exception rather than the rule, and other leaders must hear the roar for better schools and heed the charter school movement’s success, the Daily Newswrites * It’s too bad Cuomo was missing from the 13,000-strong charter school rally in Albany, the Post writes, because the governor needs to make breaking the “unaccountable monopoly” on public schools his top priority* Cuomo and the 13,000 (NYP Ed) * Ending elite high school entry test will not increase diversity: study(NYDN) * To UFT, Stewart-Cousins Knocks ‘Demonization’ Of Teachers (YNN) * With the political winds seemingly at its back, New York City’s charter school movementstaged a splashy rally in Albany with an enthusiastic mix of thousands of students, a raft of state leaders and a pinch-hitting pop star. At the same time, supporters of teachers’ unions, who had also traveled to Albany in an armada of buses, gathered at a convention center adjacent to the Capitol.* The students, many of them from Eva Moskowitz’s NYC-based Success Academy Network, got a day off school to take part in the huge rally on the steps of the Capitol that called for an end to the “failing schools crisis” and featured the hip-hop singer and WNBA star Lisa Leslie. * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, IDC Leader Jeff Klein and LG Kathy Hochul attendedthe charter school rally, while Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie spoke to the teachers union members. * The pro-charter event, paid for by the pro-charter advocacy group Families for Excellent Schools, featured an performance by Ashanti. Organizers claimed attendance of 13,000, though that number seemed high by at least a third. State Police said the event was permitted for 7,500 people. * Senate Republicans Introduce Common Core Refusal Bill (YNN) * A Tale of Two School Rallies (WSJ) Lawmakers resign, and policies change, but charter schools continue to divide the two houses of the New York state Legislature. The issue's ability to galvanize supporters and inflame detractors was again apparent on Wednesday, as thousands of charter advocates rallied outside the Capitol building.* The charter school rally and the convention for the United Federation of Teachers held on the same day in Albany demonstrated some split allegiances as lawmakers negotiate the budget with Cuomo, Gannett Albanywrites:
Democrats: ‘Anybody but Cuomo’ for president (Dicker, NYP) The Daily News writes that some schools in a new program for struggling campuses are waiting for renewal plans, which suggests de Blasio does not view this as an urgent task or cannot get staff to treat it as such: The Post writes that a proposal to grant tax credits to those who contribute to scholarship funds at public and private schools will test whether Cuomo truly supports education reform * In an op-ed in @Newsday@NYGovCuomo outlines his plan toensure all students have quality teachers (Newsday) * Teacher advocacy group urges heavier reliance on evaluations (NYP) * In The Wilderness, Senate Democrats Raise Their Voices Against Cuomo (YNN)

In de Blasio's NY Not All Failing Schools are Equally Closed 
Where failure is an option (NYP Ed) In fact, we would go further to point out that one of the attractions of charters is that if they don’t get the job done, they will go out of business. That’s unlike their traditional public-school rivals, which are typically allowed to fail for decades before anyone even tries to get them closed down. Our position, of course, stands in stark contrast to Mayor de Blasio’s. The mayor and his schools chancellor are in favor of keeping bad schools open, at least if they are the traditional type of public schools run by his friends in the teachers union. To put this in context, it’s worth noting that New York City has 300 failing non-charter schools. And at least 50 of them have a worse record in terms of students who are proficient in English and math than the two charters slated for closure. That’s not the only embarrassment. Is it any coincidence the United Federation of Teachers closed down its own charter last week just days before the Department of Education sent these two charters to the chopping block?

Daily News de Blasio in A Bad Relationship With Cuomo Seeks Advice  . . . The Education Battle Continues 
Cuomo will skip today’s pro-charter school rally in Albany, but nine elected officials plan to attend, including the lieutenant governor, state Senate Majority Leader DeanSkelos and IDC Leader Jeff Klein, the Daily News reports: * ‘Don’t steal possible’ (NYP Ed)  Today, moms and dads and children from some of the most successful charter schools in this city will make the trek to Albany to send a message to the powers...* Thousands are set toshow their support for #charter schools today in Albany (NY1) * Who Will Take Round2 of the Charter SchoolDebate in AlbanyThis Year? (NY Mag)* Charter, edu reform groups, their consultants & theirgovernor sharpen 'failing schools' messaging (Capital) * Chris Smith says today’s charter school rally “won’t have the immediate substantive impact that last year’s did; but its aftermath will provide an insight into whether a new era really is beginning in Albany.”* Funding for public state colleges could be tied, in part, to how they attract businesses to tax-free zones developed under Cuomo’s Start-Up NY program – a budget proposal being questioned by union officials and legislators. The governor has proposed withholding 10 percent of aid for SUNY and CUNY schools if they do not submit “performance improvement plans,” and is also dangling $30 million in bonus funding as he pushes to move from enrollment-based to performance-based funding. * One day before thousands of parents, students and teachers head to Albany in support of more charter schools, a NYC Council committee held a hearing that portrayed charters as the enemy of other public schools.* Assembly Democrats raised concerns that many New York City charter schools are serving far fewerhigh-need students than traditional public schools in the same communities,State of Politics reports

Cuomo to de Blasio: "I Will Respect Your In the Morning"  

Cuomo Boasts of30-Year Friendship With De Blasio Despite Public Spats (DNAINFO) Despite a history of public spats, Gov. Andrew Cuomosaid he and Mayor Bill de Blasio will go down in history as having the best political relationship between any governor and mayor —and he's willing to bet money on it. "This will be the best relationship between a mayor and governor in modern political history when all is said and done," Cuomo said at the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights.* Despite periodically undercutting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Cuomo said they may have the best relationship of any New York governor and mayor in “modern political history,” the Observer reports: De Blasio said he doesn’t “have enough sense of modern political history to fully analyze.”* De Blasio Makes His Albany Pitch, Sometimes at Odds With Cuomo (NYO) * Bill de Blasio Slams Andrew Cuomo’s Homelessness Proposals (NYO) * Mayor Bill de Blasio's agenda diverges significantly fromGov. Andrew Cuomo's, via @andyjayhawk

Mayor Bill de Blasio trekked to Albany to present state lawmakers with a wish list that included a $15 minimum wage, permanent mayoral control of city schools and an end to vacancy decontrol of rent-regulated housing, Crain’sreports:  *  The mayor asked the state Legislature to find $300 million more for New York City’s chronically underfunded public housing authority, one prong of his agenda to protect the city’s affordable housing stock. But de Blasio declined to take a position on the controversial 421-a real estate tax break, the Observer reports: * De Blasio lashed out at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to slash funding for state programs aimed at preventing families from becoming homeless, a paring back that would apply only to New York City,the Observer reports: * Before a Q-and-A focused largely on ethics reform and investigations, Cuomo held a cabinet meeting to highlight two initiatives in his budget proposal, including plans to boost spending on pre-K for 3-year-oldsGannett Albany reports:  * Extras: Asked if his cabinet meeting was deliberately timedto coincide with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s budget...  * Cuomo And de Blasio: No Rivalry Here(YNN) * Cuomo: Mayoral Control ‘An Experiment’(YNN) * Asked if his cabinet meeting was deliberately timed to coincide with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s budget testimony, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said: “Only a really twisted mind would come up with that one.” * Cuomo did not endorse NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s call for permanent mayoral control of schools, saying: “I think it’s going well enough to extend it for three years.”* De Blasio, in Albanyto Discuss Budget, Faces Competition From Cuomo (NYT) Questions about Capitol chicanery ran rampant in Albany on Wednesday after Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo held a cabinet meeting at the same time as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s budget presentation to state lawmakers.* The mayor said Wednesday that the state must do more to fundthe MTA's Capital Plan: (NY1)* De Blasio goes to war against Cuomo over schools control(NYP)* New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s call for permanent mayoral control of public schools pits again him against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who would like to extend it for three years, The Wall Street Journal reports: * De Blasio’s first trip to Albany this year could not be called a success. His budget requests were met with skepticism from some lawmakers, and his call for a permanent extension of mayoral control was promptly dismissed by Cuomo, who held a competing event at the Capitol. *The mayor’s agenda diverges significantly from the governor’s this year.* Cuomo shot down de Blasio’s pitch for permanent mayoral control of the NYC school system, saying the idea should be subject to review in Albany every few years. *  Cuomo, who convened a cabinet meeting at the exact time de Blasio was providing budget testimony to a legislative panel, scoffed at the notion that he would seek to upstage a man whom he has repeatedly referred to as a good friend, saying: “Only a really twisted mind would come up with that.” * The mayor panned two of Cuomo’s top education proposals that would weaken his say over school policy — including one that would allow the state to put failing city public schools into a receivership.

With Some Snark, Cuomo Administration Reacts To Senate GOP Ethics Proposal (YNN) Former Gov. David Paterson said today that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has successfully neutralized the innate media advantages Mayor Bill de Blasio enjoys in the governor-mayor tug-of-war. Speaking to host Joe Piscopo on AM 970 The Answer, Mr. Paterson said that the mayor of New York City usually enjoys far greater press coverage and a closer relationship with the public than the governor, and commands the support of a huge part of the state’s population “The mayor is holding all the cards. The central media outlets are all in New York City, the governor is sitting in Albany,” said Mr. Paterson, now the chairman of the New York State Democratic Party. “Everyone sees the mayor almost every day. The mayor is far more accessible than the president. If you want to see the mayor, go down to City Hall and hang around, you’ll see the mayor. You can shake the mayor’s hand.”

Cuomo Report More Money Does Not Help Failing Schools 

UFT Charter Contradictions
Errol Louis says the UFT’s decision to shut down the K-8 grades at its NYC charter school “neatly contradicts much of the union’s overheated rhetoric about the supposed ills and evils of charter schools.” * Rallies both in support of and against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed education reforms took place at the state Capitol yesterday.* The ranks of the anti-Cuomo protestors were stronger, with more than 1,000 teachers and public education advocates marching through the Empire State Plaza concourse, clogging security checkpoints into the Capitol and rallying on the Million Dollar Staircase in a boisterous protest of the governor’s plan.
Start the revolution(NYDN)  More than 100,000 students across the state attend 178 campuses where test scores and graduation rates are persistently bottom-of-the-barrel. In many, the percentage of kids able to read or do math at grade level is in the single digits. In New York City, more than 50,000 kids are trapped in 91 such schools, including 18 that are on track to close this year or next. Forty city schools have been allowed to flounder, and steal kids’ futures, for a decade or more. Take Community Health Academy of the Heights in Manhattan. It’s been on the failing schools list for four years. Only 8% of its kids passed the state math tests and only 12% are reading at grade level. Yet 100% of its teachers are officially rated as “effective” or “highly effective.” Or take the Ida Posner School, P.S. 165 in Brooklyn. It’s been deemed failing for five years, with only 9% of its students passing in math and 11% in reading. Yet 94% of its teachers are scored “effective.” More money is not the answer.

As Cuomo’s report documents, all of these failing schools have seen substantial funding boosts over the past four years, and their per-pupil spending is typically around double the national average. Mayor de Blasio’s answer, to the extent he has one, is: “Trust me, I’ve got this.” He and Chancellor Carmen Fariña plan to layer on extra support services and lengthen the school day. But they fall short of taking the necessary steps to aggressively weed out weak links on the faculty. A clear-eyed mayor with fewer allegiances to the teachers union would recognize that Cuomo is offering him the chance for greater control and fresh strategies for helping kids trapped in failure.* *A day after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio traveled to Albany and requested to remain in charge of turning around the city’s poorest performing schools, Cuomo challenged that with a report highlighting the schools’ struggles, Chalkbeatreports:  * The City University of New York’s approach to community college, with its web of support services, is a “highly promising strategy” for raising graduation rates among the disadvantaged, the Times writes: * As a new report shows that more than 97 percent of area principals and teachers are deemed effective or highly effective, educators across the state are rallying against a plan by Cuomo to make the rating system tougher. * Though 95 percent of New York’s teachers were deemed effective or highly effective in 2013-14, there are some exceptions.
A day after NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio traveled to Albany to try to convince state lawmakers that he should remain in charge of turning around the city’s lowest-performing schools, Cuomo challenged that assertion with a new report highlighting those schools’ struggles. * In the report, Cuomo linked legislators’ names to chronically failing public schools in their districts in a provocative move to win support for his education reforms. * Cuomo’s report cited 178 failing schools across New York – the same number used in a Families for Excellent Schools (F.E.S.) report released Wednesday, which calls for a state takeover of those schools, a major component of Cuomo’s education reform proposals. * Republicans in the state Assembly pushed Cuomo to release school aid runs so that districts can better plan their budgets and tax levies, which are due to go before voters this May.* "Educational wastelands plague New York, especially in the city and itsneediest neighborhoods." (NYDN)* Senate Finance Committee Chairman John DeFrancisco sharply criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s approach on education spending in this year’s $142 billion budget proposal “bizarre” and said it risked an on-time spending plan, State of Politicsreports: * A massive pro-charter rally co-organized by Success Academy, New York City’s largest charter school network, that is scheduled for this Wednesday in Albany will be headlinedby Lisa Leslie, the former Women’s National Basketball Association star and Olympic gold medalist.

Shocking the NYT Tells Us Cuomo and de Blasio Don't Get Along
Never an easy collaboration, the relationship between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who describe themselves as friends, has become steadily more strained, according to close associates of both.Gov. Andrew Cuomo is urging education officials to review the “Massachusetts model” of overhauling failing schools through receivership and is pushing a similar measure in New Yorkthe State of Politics reports: * Cuomo to Regents: Study Bay State's Model for Failing Schools (NY1) * Camara To Headline Education Reform Rally(NYP

The UFT Used Its $$$ To Buy the City Government Does Not Own the Governor

The teachers unions are used to funneling cash and warm bodies into elections and then reaping the political rewards, but Cuomo understands that New York should be getting much better results for all its spending, the Post writes: Elif Gure-Perez, who was named in June as an executive director in the DOE’s Office of School Improvement, created a “hostile, race-based work environment,” a Manhattan federal court found months before her appointment. Gure-Perez, the former principal of PS 316 in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, called one staffer the N-word to her face; referred to an African-American teacher as “Shining,” an insulting term for a shoe shiner; and spoke of buying a bright orange blouse to wear to school “since I know black people like loud colors,” witnesses testified.* RICH SCHOOLS, POOR SCHOOLS: Funding gap between NYC schools and state's wealthy districts rise 43% under Cuomo(NYDN) Teacher Ratings Associated Press queries to districts around the staterevealed that few parents have asked for their child's teacher's rating since New York began requiring teachers to be classified every year:* A coalition of charter school supporters is planning a charter advocacy day in Albany on Feb. 3, shortly after Cuomo proposes his budget for the next year, to rally for charter-related legislative priorities.* * Education advocates accused Cuomo of trying to punish the state’s teachers because unions representing them did not endorse his re-election campaign in 2014, the Daily News writes:  * Here are 4 pressingissues that will shape Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina’s second year.(DNAINFO)* Hearing Set on Challenge to Teacher Tenure Law(WSJ)* Skelos Open To Gubernatorial Control On Education(YNN) Charter Rights in Public Schools Charters have right to share space with public schools: court *Sheldon Silverquestions need to raise charter school cap * Silver: No Reason To Change Regents Appointments(YNN)* Skelos continued to support Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s push to reform the state’s education policy by taking away the Assembly’s controlling power over how members of the Board of Regents are appointed, State of Politicsreports: * The state Education Department agreed to improve school safety enforcement after an audit from state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli found that seven New York schools failed to report cases of violence and bullying, Gannett Albany reports  * Protesters at the state Capitol this week called for pouring $2.2 billion more into the state’s education budget, but lawmakers should rather be focused on spending the billions already in the system better, Bill Hammond writes in the Daily News: * The state Conservative Party supports Cuomo education reform push.* Cuomo pledged to have a “full agenda” of proposed reforms to the state’s education policy in his State of the State, due to be given next Wednesday, State of Politics reports: * Challenged broadly by @NYGovCuomoteacher unionsticks to funding issue(Capital)

Education Arms Race: UFT vs Charters

Wednesday Cuomo’s Plans Set Up a Clash With Teachers(NYT)  Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is expected to seek changes to teacher evaluations and charter school limits, reforms that, uncharacteristically for a Democrat, will put him in conflict with the unions.* More than 80 state lawmakers have joined a long list of advocates urging Cuomo to include a big boost in spending among any education proposals he lays out in his address today.* Cuomo has been laying the groundwork for an aggressive education agenda as he begins his second term, signaling that he will seek several major changes that, atypically for a Democrat, will put him in direct conflict with teachers’ unions. * The governor reportedly will propose tying together two education initiatives that have split the left and right — creation of a state DREAM Act and an education tax credit. This is the first time he’s including the DREAM Act in his budget, which is something advocates have been pushing.
“It’s an education arms race,” said Basil Smikle, a former state Senate candidate. “Education has become the dominant policy issue in New York City . . . Everyone is sort of playing defense now. The union is using all the resources it can muster to counter the school-choice movement. And school-choice advocates are marshalling significant resources to protect their charter schools.” One pro-charter group, Families for Excellent Schools, spent $5.95 million on Albany lobbying last year. And the campaign arm of StudentsFirstNY, another school-choice group, spent $4.4 million to help Republicans secure control of the Senate. * Cuomo faces a lot of pressure to propose education reforms that address the social and cultural issues that hobble urban public schools while challenging the status quo of teachers unions, the Post’s Bob McManuswrites:  * Poll: Nearly half of voters oppose Common Core (Capital) Cuomo’s job approval stands at 47 percent, but 60 percent have a favorable view of him* Education group ripsGov. Cuomo in a new video a day before he proposes school reforms (NYDN) *Poll: Nearly half ofNY voters oppose Common Core but more trust State Ed Dept than Cuomo  via @capitalnewyork * “The most sophisticated lobbying, politicking is done around the education budget,”Cuomo said. “And the answer to education has always been the same: more money, more money, more money.” * nAQE released a video ripping the governor’s policies and calling on him to address funding inequities between poor and rich school districts. * A group of state and city politicians are mounting a legislative push to tighten laws surrounding the locations of new charter schools in New York City. * * Gov. Andrew Cuomo will propose tying together two hot-button education initiatives that have split the left and right—creation of a state DREAM Act and an education tax credit, the Daily News reports:  *All Education, All the Time(YNN)
Cuomo's Plans

Cuomo's Education War With de Blasio and UFT
Impose stricter teacher evaluations, extend the period to earn tenure, expand charter schools and boost state oversight of failing public schools.

The UFT is holding a series of “emergency meetings” for educators, parents and clergy today in response to Cuomo’s fiery declaration of war on the union in the aftermath of his State of the State speech.
.@BilldeBlasio on charter cap "I think the cap we have now is sufficient." Cuomo just announced he plans to raise it by 100 schools. * Cuomo’s Education Policy: Expand Charters, Reform Teacher Tenure(YNN) * Cuomo Dangles ExtraSchools Funding in Exchange for Education Reform(YNN) * Republican-Led Senate Passes Controversial Education Tax Credit(NYO) * Cuomo proposes sweeping education reforms (NYP)Half of a teacher’s rating should be tied to how their students perform on state standardized exams, up from the current 20 percent, Cuomo said in his State of the State Address.Classroom observations by school officials and an independent educator would account for the other 50 percent. The Cuomo plan also seeks to prevent school districts from inflating the scores of teachers. Any instructor who is rated ineffective based on student test scores or observations would be barred from receiving an overall rating of effective. The governor also recommended that teachers not be awarded tenure until they got five years of effective ratings, up from three years. Cuomo also called for an increase in the number of charter schools allowed statewide to 560 from 460.An education tax credit would give New Yorkers a tax break for donating funds to public schools or scholarship funds that aid students in parochial schools. The plan is a top priority of Cardinal Timothy Dolan. The Cuomo education plan, which requires legislative approval, also would authorize the state education commissioner to appoint receivers to try to turn around chronically failing public schools — modeled after a Massachusetts program. Cuomo on state's 178 failing schools: When a school fails for 3 years a not profit, another district or turnaround takes over * The governor proposed sweeping education reforms, including stricter teacher evaluations, a longer period to earn tenure, more charter schools and greater state oversight of failing public schools, the Post reports: * NYSUT, the state teachers union, ripped Cuomo’s education proposals, blasting him for his “intellectually hollow rhetoric that misrepresents the state of teaching and learning,” Gannett Albany writes: * The Republican state Senate approved a bill that would that would provide a tax credit for donations to aid public and private schools, setting up a battle with Assembly Democrats, the Observer writes:  *Cuomo unveils big education plan, budget proposal in annual ‘State of the State’ address(NYDN) * School Aid Runs Will Have To Wait For A Budget Deal(YNN) * The Cuomo administration is breaking a long-standing tradition by refusing to release school aid runs until the Legislature acts on the governor’s education reform agenda, which is tied to education aid. * Tom Precious: “Perhaps showing the signs of a fifth year in office, many of the Cuomo proposals are either old or re-shaped from previous years.” * To wit: Many of Cuomo’s government reform proposals aren’t new. * Andrew Cuomo's bold education agenda faces a tough battle(NYDN) *   Campbell Brown: Cuomo's gutsy call for New York educationchanges deserve support (NYDN)  The reforms he wants would help so many students who have waited for so long.* Cuomo has rightly characterized the state’s education system as a failing public monopoly, and his agenda is the right prescription—more accountability and more alternatives, rather than just more money, the Postwrites  * Cuomo made a convincing argument that public education in much of New York continues to fail students, particularly poor and minority students, and it is to his credit that he keeps trying to improve the system, Newsday writes: * New York’s schoolchildren—many from poor and minority families—found a champion as Cuomo launched a war on Wednesday to end the culture of failure that afflicts too many of the state’s schools, the DailyNews writes * Cuomo’s push to make it easier to fire failing teachers and to require instructors to perform well for five rather than three years before qualifying for tenure deserves praise, Campbell Brown writes in theDaily News: Gov. Cuomo Takes On Education(NYT)  The governor’s undertaking for his second term is overdue and laudable, but he will face resistance from the state’s powerful teachers’ unions.

Who is the Boss More gently this time@NYGovCuomo shows @BilldeBlasio who's boss, @SallyGold reports

Cuomo de Blasio Education War Escalates 
New York City Schools Chancellor Objects to Cuomo’s Plan for Grading Teachers(NYT) Chancellor Carmen Fariña told state legislators that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo wanted to base too much of a teacher’s score on the state’s student test results.* New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña disagreed with some of Cuomo’s education proposals, including the calibration half of a teacher’s grade based on state test results if they teach the subject tested. Fariña knocks Cuomo’s plan to overhaul teacher evaluations(NYP)* State education officials and the statewide teachers union asked legislators for at least $2 billion more in aid next year, which is roughly twice the increase proposed by Cuomo, The Wall Street Journal reports: * City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña criticizes Cuomo's education plans(NYDN) * Testifying before a joint legislative budget hearing, NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina criticized Cuomo’s teacher evaluation plan, which relies more heavily on test results than before.* Charlie Rose Actually Asks Andrew Cuomo Why He'sSo Irritating to People * Cuomo: ‘I Fully Respect Teachers’(YNN) * Cuomo said school should plan for a 1.7 percent increase after he tied a 4.8 percent increase to his education reforms proposed during his 2015 State of the State/budget address, Gannett Albany reports:  * Civic groups and education advocates called on Cuomo to ditch a proposed tax credit that would benefit donors to education entities or charities, claiming it would funnel public dollars to private education, theTimes Union writes: * SUNY may close failing charter school founded by de Blasio pal (NYP)  A state charter panel recommended that a failing Brooklyn charter school founded by Mayor de Blasio’s controversial pal Bishop Orlando Findlayter should close at the end of the school year. The SUNY Charter Schools Institute chose to deny renewing the charter of the New Hope Academy Charter School because student test scores were on a “downward trajectory,” teachers and staff have fled in droves, and school leaders struggled to design a plan to improve it, as first reported by Chalkbeat New York. * NYSUT now has digital billboards calling on Cuomo to “come to our schools” and listen to teachers.* Principal encourages kids and parents to lobby against Cuomo(NYP)* If New York City can’t fix 40 failing schools, including three charters, then the state should step in and run them, parents and activists demanded Thursday at a small rally outside City Hall, the Post reports: * New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña has dismantled policies instituted under the former mayor that tracked data closely, used it to rank schools and offered principals more freedom, the Times writes: 

The GOP Senate and Education Policy
New York’s charter school advocates have poured millions of dollars into electing a state Senate hospitable to their agenda items. Now, those leaders are beginning to craft their legislative priorities, which will include eliminating the state’s cap on charter schools, increasing funding for established charters, and establishing more accountability measures for district schools and teachers. More Albany The Legislature is back in session this week. If you’re looking for a lawmaker after hours in Albanyhere’s a list of restaurants where you’re likely to find them.* NY Senate Dems sayit's 'disappointing' IDC continuing partnership with GOP  * The new year'spolitical noisemakers (CrainsNY) * This year's legislative session is getting off to a staggered start due to former Gov. Mario Cuomo's death, but lawmakers don't expect the delay to make much difference in the temporal dynamics of the deal-making to come, the Times Unionwrites:  * Community, faith and labor groups took advantage of the silence at the state Capitol on Monday to hold a brief vigil calling on state politicians to concentrate on what they say is morally sound legislation, the Times Union reports: * Ready or not, Albanyhere comes Assemblyman Charles Barron.* * State Sen. Thomas Libous said that while Senate Republicans will be in charge in the upcoming session, they are willing to carve out a role for the Independent Democratic Conference, Gannett Albanyreports:  *Libous: IDC To Be ‘Respected’ In New Rules(YNN) * Senate Republicans will ultimately be in charge, but they are willing to carve out a role for the IDC, Sen. Thomas Libous said.  * New York State Legislature Will Convene Amid a Changed Political Landscape(NYT) One issue lawmakers could be confronted with has been bubbling up from New York City: balancing the need for criminal-justice reform with safeguarding the police.

Cuomo's 180 On Bad Teacher Protection 

Wednesday Update 
Teachers to protest at Cuomo’s open house over evaluation overhaul(NYP) Cuomo Veto Highlights Difficulties of Firing a Teacher(NYT)  Fewer than 1 percent of the state’s teachers were rated ineffective last year; those so rated can appeal and even go on to win their case before an arbiter. * Cuomo’s veto of his own so-called “safety net” Common Core bill, which would have provided protection to some teachers who received low ratings, could leave close to 400 teachers around New York State in danger of being fired.** In a letter to Cuomo, Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch and acting Education Commissioner Elizabeth Berlin called for teachers who get two bad reviews in a row to be removed more easily, The Buffalo News reports:

In a sharp reversal, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday night vetoed a bill that would have protected teachers and principals from receiving a low rating because of their students’ performance on state tests, the Timeswrites:  In an unusual move that wasn’t unexpected, Cuomo vetoed his own Common Core “safety net” bill, saying it doesn’t “fix the foundational issues with the teacher evaluation system.” The governor vowed to proposed “comprehensive reforms” to the system in 2015. NYSUT President Karen Magee called Cuomo’s veto “disrespectful to teachers.”* NYSUT Assails Cuomo Safety Net Veto(YNN)* The state’s largest teachers union NYSUT, which plans to demonstrate outside Cuomo’s open house at the Governor’s mansion tomorrow, blasted him for vetoing a bill to provide a safety net for teachers evaluated under Common Core, the Daily News writes: * Chalkbeat NYbreaks down point by point all the policy changes proposed by Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch and soon-to-be acting Commissioner Elizabeth Berlin* Chancellor Merryl Tisch and the Board of Regents are firing back at Cuomo, saying much of the reform a top aide to the governor outlined in the letter is actually outside their control.* Tisch and soon-to-be-acting state Education Commissioner Elizabeth Berlin did recommend changes that would make it easier to remove ineffective educators from the classroom. More here. * The Central Crisis in New York Education (NYT) New York, which regards itself as a bastion of liberalism, has the most racially and economically segregated schools in the nation.* To improve public education, Cuomo must move beyond peripheral concerns and score-settling with the state teachers’ union and address racial and economic segregation and inequality in funding, the Times writes: * Close these charters down (NYP) When it comes to failing schools, Mayor de Blasio is an equal-opportunity defender. The mayor’s asking the state not to shut down three poorly performing charter schools: Imagine Me Leadership and Lefferts Gardens (both in Brooklyn) and Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Science (in The Bronx). That squares with his tolerance for failing traditional public schools. * Critics of New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña say that after a year in the job, they still don’t see a comprehensive vision for boosting student achievement, TheJournal writes: New York Schools Chancellor Gets Mixed Reviews Some critics of Carmen Fariña say that after a year in the job, they still don’t see a comprehensive vision for boosting student achievement.

Education: Winds of War Cuomo vs de Blasio 

A letter sent to the Board of Regents appeared to outline the governor’s education agenda, with many of the issues raised opposing the stances of the speaker and unions.(NYDN)

Education commish wants a stop to limiting charter schools(NYP)
Cuomo moves to take control of education policy(Capital)Between the lines of a Thursday letter from a top Cuomo administration aide to state education leaders about education reform was a plan to overhaul the Board of Regents. It wasn't the first time Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, suggested changes to the powerful education policy-making panel, and he's hardly the first governor to seek influence on the independent board. But the governor's plan would effectively give him ownership of the state’s massive public school system, and would be among the most ambitious changes he’s pursued in his governorship, a tenure that so far has included legalizing same-sex marriage, strengthening gun control, creating a statewide property-tax cap and reforming the state pension system. NYC’s high school graduation rate jumps to 64 percent(NYP) The city’s four-year high school graduation rate jumped to 64.2 percent in the 2013-14 school year — up from 61.3 percent the previous year, the state Education Department reported Thursday. A decade ago, the graduation rate was a dismal 46.5%. State Education Commissioner John King said that while the numbers were headed in the right direction, a significant number of students still weren’t making the grade.  * Teachers unions blasted the Cuomo administration’s letter to state education officials, blaming charter school-supporting hedge fund managers for Cuomo’s stance on education,State of Politicsreports * A total of 76.4 percent of students who entered ninth grade in 2010 graduated with a diploma before June 2014, up from the 74.9 percent who graduated within four years the previous year, Gannett Albany reports:  * Eva Moskowitz of Success Academy Charter Schools called off a press conference after the New York City Department of Education agreed to find space for her network of expanding charter schools, the Observer reports: * Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, called off an anti-de Blasio press conference after the DOE agreed to find space for her network of expanding charter schools.* The four-year graduation rate for New York City students entering high school in 2010reached 64.2 percent - a small uptick from 61.3 percent the previous school year. Statewide, a total of 76.4 percent of students who started high school in 2010 graduated before June 2014 – up slightly from the 74.9 percent in 2009.* The city’s worst high schools for dropouts(NYP)

The Other Dance Routine War: Mayor Vs Gov
Because it's fun to watch our mayor and governor pretendto get along (NYM) One of the funniest and most revealing moments in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recentautobiography comes on page 499, in the acknowledgments, and is ­communicated in his use of punctuation. The governor put the word friends in ­quotation marks. This isn’t to suggest that Cuomo has few true personal friends—though after stipulating that friends “should be measured in quality and not quantity,” he does name only two. But in the governor’s line of work, the definition of friends is highly elastic and should usually be interpreted to mean people who are useful—for the moment, anyway.What’s interesting about Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, though, is that they are genuinely friendly, in the simplest, civilian understanding of the word­—which hasn’t stopped them from trying to outmaneuver one another. In fact, familiarity has bred complexity, because both Cuomo and de Blasio think they understand how the other’s mind works

Cuomo vs de Blasio Education War Reboots 
Cuomo vows education reform in second term (NYP) * Gov ready to teach unions how to deal with change(NYP) Cuomo — who noted that the state teachers union didn’t endorse him in either of his two races for governor — said overhauling the education system would be as important to his legacy for him as winning approval of gay marriage and enacting strict gun-control laws. “I want performance in education. It’s that simple … Did that upset the teachers union? Yes it does. We have a difference of opinion,” Cuomo said on the Albany radio show “Capitol Pressroom” Thursday. Cuomo has had rocky relations with the teachers union. * Cuomo goes to school (NYDN Ed) Gov. Cuomo has declared war on New York’s big-spending, poor-performing public school system. Go get ’em, gov.  Late in his reelection campaign, Cuomo told the Daily News Editorial Board he wanted to break up the “public education monopoly.* New York saw a significant drop in the number of candidates who passed teacher certification tests last year as tougher exams were introduced. Officials portrayed the results as a long-needed move to raise the level of teaching and the performance of teacher preparation schools.

Liberal Gatekeeps WFP, UFT and Senate Dems Have Failed  
Cuomo is Just Being Cuomo - Governing From the Middle
Gov. Cuomo’s reelection campaign said to widen rift with liberal base (NYDN)
Some Democratic leaders say that in the last two weeks Cuomo’s words and deeds have harmed not healed.
Cuomo in the past two weeks:
— Created a furor among educators by referring to the education system as “one of the last remaining public monopolies.”
— Pressed New Yorkers to vote for him on the Women’s Equality Party ballot line he created — leading many progressives to believe it’s an attempt to kill or weaken the Working Families Party, which party publicly embarrassed him in May before he ended up getting the party’s endorsement after Mayor de Blasio helped broker a deal.
— Did virtually no campaigning for state Senate Democrats who are trying to take control of the chamber. Cuomo had promised to make it a priority.* Weingarten defends Cuomo on public schools (Capital) * If de Blasio helps Democrats retake the state Senate, he’ll crown himself New York’s most important elected official and he’ll use his power to affect policy, but more important will be the money and fealty that go to him rather than to the governor, Nicole Gelinas writes in the Post: Gov. Cuomo's closing campaign strategy has left manyDemocrats scratching their heads(NYDN) * Journalists cite Cuomo's culture of secrecy (PostStar) * How Cuomo could lose on Election Day --- to de Blasio(NYP) * ON THE HOMEFRONT: Rob Astorino faces uphill battle against Cuomo (NYDN)* @NYGovCuomo rally ends without @BilldeBlasio ever showing up* * Sen. Jeff Klein, the leader of a breakaway faction of Democrats, edged away from an agreement made with the mainline conference of Democrats earlier this year, saying that “a lot has changed,” State of Politicsreports: * De Blasio missed a massive get-out-the-vote rally for Cuomo and the rest of the Democratic ticket in Times Square—pulling up after the governor had left the stage and the television crews had departed, the Daily News reports: Cuomo: Hydrofracking, Common Core Opposition MotivatingVoters(YNN) * Often-late NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio missed a massive get-out-the-vote rally in Times Square on Monday for Cuomo and the rest of the Democratic ticket.* Hawkins On WFP’s ‘A Silly Argument’ (YNN) Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins in a radio interview on Monday said the Working Families Party is making a “silly argument” to suggest vote for Gov. Andrew Cuomo on their ballot line will send a message.* On Election Day eve, Cuomo's campaign makes a push for voteson the Women's Equality Party 

Wins of An Education War  Tish (Cuomo) vs Farina de Blasio 
If You Though He Would Go Back to Hiding on the Second Floor Forgetaboutit
State threatens to close low-performing schools(NYP) The head of the state’s Board of Regents vowed Sunday to shut down the city’s worst schools if they do not shape up. Chancellor Merryl Tisch said that 94 of the city’s lowest-performing schools — which Mayor de Blasio has vowed to fix — will be shuttered by this spring if they aren’t fixed by the city. “From the state’s perspective, if we do not see movement with these lowest-performing schools in terms of their ability to retool their workforces by the spring, we will move to close them,” Tisch told John Catsimatidis on his AM 970 radio show. “These are the schools that have failed for generations now.” De Blasio last week announced his School Renewal Program, a sweeping plan to spend $150 million to help fix those low-performing schools — but Tisch said the “devil is in the details.” “It depends upon what they do with the money,” Tisch said. “There needs to be the capacity to manage how and where we place our teachers.” The main issue, according to Tisch, is that the principals need leverage to fire educators if they don’t meet standards. * GOP conferencegathers at a trying time for Libous (Capital)

Cuomo Loves the Mayor and WFP Like Michael Loves Fredo . . . Fuck You Lesson 
Bacio de Morte Canter, de Blasio 

Yes Cuomo Wanted To Keep the Senate Away From the Democrats, But His Anger Exploded When He Found Out WFP and de Blasio Conspired to Teachout Him A Lession
De Blasio Denies Dem Defeats in New York About Him(NYO) de Blasio argued to reporters today that he is not at fault for the failure of Democrats to capture the State Senate, nor for GOP Congressman Michael Grimm’s stunning defeat of former Councilman Domenic Recchia yesterday–even though Republicans in all races relied heavily on linking the Democratic candidates to Mr. de Blasio and his policies.* The Working Families Party withstood what many have characterized as an attempt from its own candidate, Cuomo, to destroy it, but in the process got elbowed out of its ballot row by the Green Party, theObserver reports: 

The Rise and Fall of NY's Progressives Cult Gang 
After a year of slights, resentments and seemingly earnest claims of rapprochement, the tension between Cuomo and de Blasio is not likely to change with the results from Tuesday, The New York Times reports: 
* Working Families Party Survives, But Loses Ground (NYO) * Thomas Kaplan ‏@thomaskaplan  WFP assails Cuomo: He "squandered millions on a fake party" while "Democrats in the Legislature and in Congress withered on the vine."* "long-term strategy of offering favors & politicalcover to the gov, despite his active undermining of City Hall"…(NYT) *De Blasio reckons with a Republican Senate (Capital)

The Aftermath: All Out "War" Between Cuomo and de Blasio
Did Republican Astorino Big Win Up-State or Big Money From Deep Pocket Contributors of the Mayor and Governor Make the Senate GOP?

Dems lost seats where Cuomo underperformed (Capital) * With Republicans claiming outright control of the state Senate, a major defeat was handed down to Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Daily Newsreports:  .@NYSenate Dems handed bruising loss, kept out of power (Capital)* Sen. Simcha Felder might not be the only breakaway Democratto continue working w/ the state senate GOP. * Students First NY, a group supportive of charter schools and education reform that spent $4.2 million on Republicans in key state Senate races, is touting itself as a new counterbalance to the powerful statewide teachers’ union, State of Politics reports:  * Democrats were routed in the state Senate in areas where Cuomo won markedly less support than in his 2010 campaign, according to voting returns, Capital New York writes: 

Cuomo stepped on de Blasio’s Albany press conference by holding a competing press conference of his own.

For Cuomo and de Blasio, Still Some Good Old Days

Historically the nature of the governor’s relationship with New York City’s mayor has always been something of an arranged marriage, but like many couples, the governor and the mayor do seem to enjoy each other’s company, at least when they are not fighting.

Gentlemen Cuomo and de Blasio Now Kind to Each Other
After months of political battling to begin the year, both Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio exchanged from afar kind words about each other as state budget season wrapped up, the Journal reports: 
Whose Civil Rights Issue?
The rhetoric of civil rights in the charter-school debate(Capital) Claims by both sides in a fight between Success charters and the de Blasio administration
Gov. Cuomo Says Pre-K Tax Is Not 'Verifiable' Funding; Calls Failing Schools 'Civil Rights Issue Of Our Day'(NYDN) Whereas de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, called universal prekindergarten the civil rights movement of our time, Cuomo said the destinction actually belongs to the issue of fixing failing schools. He said charters will play a big part in that.*ZIP IT, LADY! Gov. Cuomo fires back at Chirlane McCray over pre-K 'civil rights' claim(NYDN) * Cuomo Praises Charter Schools After de Blasio Bombarded With Criticism(NYO) * Assembly Budget Resolution To Include Mayor de Blasio's Prekindergarten Tax Plan(NYDN) * The Alliance for Quality Education marched on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office to demand more money for education and also criticized the Assembly’s education funding proposal, the Times Union writes:

Cuomo A Strong Education Leader: de Blasio's Gift to Cuomo 2014 Campaign
Governor Yoda
Le Grand Grand Illusionist
In a city where most kids can't read or write and students entering CUNY are not college ready, Cuomo is seen as a great education leader.
Cuomo Put His Weight Behind Charter School Protections(NYT) Seizing on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s missteps and driving legislation from start to finish, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo was a potent force, interviews with state and city officials as well as education leaders make clear. Charter school leaders had built a formidable political operation over the course of a decade, hiring top-flight lobbyists and consultants. They had an ally in former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, but Mr. de Blasio promised a sea change, saying that he would charge rent to charter schools that had large financial backing, and that he would temporarily forbid new schools from using public space.

"We saw my opportunities and I took em" George Washington Plunkitt and Cuomo

A lot was riding on the debate for Mr. Cuomo. A number of his largest financial backers, some of the biggest names on Wall Street, also happened to be staunch supporters of charter schools. According to campaign finance records, Mr. Cuomo’s re-election campaign has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from charter school supporters, including William A. Ackman, Carl C. Icahn, Bruce Kovner and Daniel Nir. Kenneth G. Langone, a founder of Home Depot who sits on a prominent charter school board, gave $50,000 to Mr. Cuomo’s campaign last year. He said that when the governor asked him to lead a group of Republicans supporting his re-election, he agreed because of Mr. Cuomo’s support for charter schools.* * In offering funding for prekindergarten in the state budget, Gov. Andrew Cuomo again aimed to teach Mayor Bill de Blasio a lesson in politics, the Times’ Michael Powell writes: 

de Blasio Hate of Moskowitz Give Cuomo the Opening to Kick His Ass
 It was not until late February, shortly before the rally on the steps of the Capitol, that a full-fledged battle broke out. Mr. de Blasio, reviewing plans for school space, had decided to deny it to three schools run by Success Academy Charter Schools, a high-performing network founded by Eva S. Moskowitz, a former city councilwoman. At the same time, Mr. de Blasio was struggling to move beyond the controversy. He began reaching out to supporters of charter schools on Wall Street. And at the urging of Hillary Rodham Clinton, former President Bill Clinton phoned Mr. de Blasio to offer his advice.A day later, the advocacy group that had run the ads against Mr. de Blasio released a new one. “Parents from Brooklyn to the Bronx had a cause, and they had a voice,” it declared. “They just needed some champions.” A photo of Mr. Cuomo, smiling and holding his fist high in the air, appeared on screen.

Throwback Thurs! How long has it been since a Gov had 4 straight on-time budgets? See photo.  
The same picture is displayed on the governor’s campaign website. * New York City has started to accept applications for 4,268 full-day prekindergarten seats as the de Blasio administration shifts into “full-gear” implementation mode with state budget funding secured, The Wall Street Journal writes: * Westchester County Executive and gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s communications strategy has shifted from his early days as a county legislator to now include ways to reach people statewide while controlling his message, the Journal News writes:  

Presidents Cuomo(Capital)Historical scenarios reenacted by Andrew Cuomo and company
 *FULL GEAR: City adds 4K pre-K seats as April 23 deadline approaches(NYDN) * A revealing tale of two leaders(NYDN) As de Blasio goes big, while Cuomo comes up small * A history lesson: How four New York governors became president – with cameos by Cuomo.

Now They Are Fighting Over Speed Cameras 
Speed cameras emerge as the latest source of friction between Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio(NYDN) SPEED CAMERA SPAT: Aide for Gov. Cuomo says Mayor de Blasio was too late making request for additional cameras, while City Hall says they pushed for weeks. Larry Schwartz, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide, suggested a request from de Blasio to approve more speed enforcement cameras came too late to make it into this year’s state budget.

Daily News Tell Cuomo to Hang Tough to Protect Charter Schools
Win one for the kids (NYPD Ed) Protecting good schools  As budget negotiations came down to the wire in Albany, New York’s charter schools appeared on the verge of breakthroughs that would bring fairer funding and fairer access to classroom space. This is a rebuff to Mayor de Blasio’s early anti-charter moves — and promising news for these privately managed, publicly funded schools, which by and large offer high-quality options to low-income families and innovative examples to the school system. Gov. Cuomo promised to rescue charters from the mayor’s plans to charge rent and otherwise constrain their growth, and the early signs suggest that he is delivering. He must hang tough against last-minute pushback by the teachers unions and others perversely claiming that equity for charter kids is an attack on other children. * City's thriving charter schools share secrets of success(NYDN)

Clearly Cuomo Has Won the Education Battle in Albany
HOW CUOMO AND DE BLASIO WIND IT DOWN -- New York’s Chris Smith: De Blasio would take a short-term political loss by punting on a tax increase for the city’s wealthiest, but his side would be able to claim a big victory for little kids. Cuomo would win by appearing to follow through on his vow to “save” charters and to have held the line on taxes. But is this the first step toward eroding mayoral control of the city’s public schools?(NY Mag) DE BLASIO’S TAX-FREE VICTORY: Bill de Blasio is welcoming news that leaders in the State Senate passed a one-house budget bill with more money for pre-kindergarten and after-school programs than the mayor said was needed. But the budget resolution comes with two major caveats: it won’t come in the form of a tax, which the mayor initially wanted. And second, the Senate is moving to protect charter schools from some of de Blasio’s decision-making, altering the balance of power that Albany had previously given to City Hall. For de Blasio, it’s a victory on his key proposal, coming at a cost he appears willing to accept. * De Blasio Closes In on Pre-K Funding, but Not From a Higher Tax(NYT) * A Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled that state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli doesn’t have the authority to audit New York charter schools because they aren’t technically units of the state, the Daily News reports:  * The Daily News questions the process for choosing a new member of the state Board of Regents, writing that the way education policy is made in the state is pathetic: Just appoint anyone What an abysmal process for choosing a new member of the state Board of Regents * The unexpected election of new Regent Josephine Finn has raised questions about how members of the Board of Regents are selected by lawmakers, the Times Union reports: 5.  The state Education Department is standing behind the new portfolio-style exam for new teachers, which critics say has been rushed in New York—one of two states to currently require it for teaching certification, Gannett Albany writes:  * The Post writes that if a state Senate bill that would provide additional funding for charter schools becomes law, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s overreach in trying to curb charters will be to thank: * Even if a funding stream for universal prekindergarten is found, finding space for more than 20,000 4-year-olds meets the problems of a state rule limiting the number of youngsters per classroom and outfitting the spaces to their size requirements, the Times’ Jim Dwyer writes:

Deal: Charters Protected In New State Budget

What Does A Connected Lobbyists Do After He Loses the Charter Tax War to Cuomo 
Pre-k agreement is proof of power of advancing big bold ideas, ignoring chorus who say it's dead on arrival and fighting until you win.
The State of Charter
State leaders reached a tentative deal to put in the state budget charter school protections, including increased per pupil spending and rent money. A tentative budget agreement would guarantee space for charter schools that have been approved for co-locations and increase per-pupil funding for charters across the state  Silver: Budget provides space, funding increase for charters(Capital) * Gov. Cuomo boosts charter schools in tentative deal(NYP) * Charter school protections in new state deal(NYDN) * To finishing the charter revolution(NYP Ed) Half as many kids are waiting to get into a charter as are actually in charter schools. It’s time Albany finally takes action to address the infrastructure needs of all charters. It’s time for lawmakers in Albany to take the next step forward and finally provide charters access to building aid.*The NYP Questions, Will Pre-K Improve the Schools?  Pre-K math doesn’t add up(NYP Ed) At the 13 elementary schools that offer pre-K in District 5 (Central Harlem), seven out of eight third-graders cannot read proficiently.  At the 16 schools where pre-K is available in District 7 (the South Bronx), nearly nine out of 10 kids don’t make the grade. In District 16 (Bed-Stuy), 86 percent of the kids at the 15 pre-K schools flunked.* State reaches tentative deal to protect charter schools(NYDN) As part of the deal, the city would be barred from charging rent to charters co-located in traditional public school buildings–a major slap against Mayor Bill de Blasio, if it comes to pass. “There is a complete ban on rent,” one source was quoted saying. (That proposal was not mentioned by other major outlets that reported on the deal.) * Education Advocates Push Back Against Two-Tier Reimbursement(YNN) * Teachers’ union ‘pushing to steer state pre-K funds from private to public schools’(NYP)

2014 Gov Race and Cuomo


Cuomo Clever Maneuvering His Opponents 
Dances to 2014 Re-Election and Messes With GOP
Cuomo leads GOP challenger Rob Astorino 61 to 26 percent, down slightly from last month, and 64 percent of voters say Cuomo has been effective, while few see improvement on various issues, according to a Siena poll: * New York Gov. Cuomo Holds Large Lead Over GOP Rival Astorino: Poll * Former state Democratic Party Chair John Sullivan is calling for Cuomo to reject Independence Party support, while Working Families Party activists are threatening to back someone else besides Cuomo, the New York Post’s Fred Dicker writes:  * A poll commissioned by EffectiveNY’s Bill Samuels shows that while Cuomo is still popular and would win a three-way race for governor, his margin of victory could be lower than what those close to him say he’s looking for, the Daily News’s Ken Lovett writes:   * A review of bills passed by the Legislature during Cuomo’s tenure shows that while he is currently calling for tax relief and a reduction of local government layers, the governor has rarely vetoed bills that increase local governments, the Buffalo News reports: * LOVETT: Third-party leftist candidate bad for Cuomo — poll(NYDN) Flashback LIZ BENJAMIN goes inside Governor Cuomo’s GOP-outreach strategy:  *Rob Astorino Says Gov. Cuomo's Using Start-Up NY Ad Campaign As A Popularity Booster (NYDN) * Cuomo Says He Hasn’t Discussed Mahoney Joining The Ticket(YNN) * Cuomo met privately on Monday with several influential labor unions, including 1199 SEIU and 32BJ, amid signs that progressives are frustrated with the governor, Newsday reports: * Gubernatorial candidate and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will join Donald Trump and Carl Paladino at a pro-gun rally in Albany on April 1, State of Politics writes:  Wednesday * Gov. Andrew Cuomo tiptoed around a question about if he’ll pick Republican Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney to be his lieutenant governor running mate instead of Robert Duffy, saying the conversation hasn’t happened, the Post-Standard writes: 
More on the 2014 Gov Race and  Cuomo 
War: de Blasio vs Cuomo

Progressive Machine Lost  Sharpton, Rev. Already On Team Cuomo 
The Rev. Al Sharpton called on Astorino to focus on settling a lawsuit against the Department of Housing and Urban Development before he looks for a “promotion” to governor, the Journal News writes:

What Does Cuomo's Ass Kicking of Mayor in Albany Mean?
Cuomo’s grasp of public opinion leaves de Blasio looking dumb(NYP Ed) de Blasio has been stepping in cow pies since he took his hand off the Bible on Inauguration Day. The consequences have ranged from minor embarrassments to the humiliating drubbing he’s now taking from Gov. Cuomo on education reform.

Goodwin, NYP- "A savvy friend sizes up New York politics this way: “Andrew Cuomo is running against Bill de Blasio.” He was only half joking. Unless you’ve been on Mars, you know that Gov. Cuomo’s re-election campaign is off to an unorthodox start. He’s an overwhelming favorite to win a second term, but his early moves aim not to shore up his Democratic base as much as to appeal to those most likely to support a Republican opponent. That’s where his fellow Dem de Blasio is coming in handy. The radical new mayor thinks voters gave him a blank check and insiders say he believes he can roll Albany and get anything he wants. He started by demanding approval of a tax hike on upper incomes to pay for pre-kindergarten expansion, while also trying to strangle the charter-school movement. Both are terrible ideas — and tailor-made for a governor looking to show he’s no mad lib. Cuomo waited about 30 seconds before shooting down the tax plan, saying the state would fund pre-K, then waded into the charter battle by promising to save them. Both moves aim to give New Yorkers who are thinking of leaving reasons to stay. The result is that de Blasio looks naïve and arrogant, while Cuomo looks both sensible and bold. He ought to pay de Blasio for that kind of image-making. The truth is that Cuomo was always going to take a more prominent role in Gotham after Michael Bloomberg left City Hall. Bloomy had a giant footprint and didn’t let the governor get much traction in his town. But de Blasio’s missteps are speeding up that transition and making Cuomo a go-to guy for those who think the mayor is from another planet. It will be fascinating to see how much political capital de Blasio wastes before realizing he’s being overmatched and outmaneuvered. * PR pros tell mayor how to recover (CrainsNY)

Could Mean That Team de Blasio, WFP and Progressives Will Not Try to Take Over the State Senate 
Koppell Waiting for Budget Before Deciding on Klein Challenge(NYO)

Cuomo the Education Establishment Disruptor

Cuomo embraces his ‘disruptive’ charter stance(Capital) Cuomo cast himself as a "disruptive" force in support of charter schools, in a congratulatory appearance on the first episode of John Catsimatidis' new radio show. "We have a big bureaucracy with a system that is entrenched, and it funds public education," Cuomo said. "They have their lobbyists and they have their little public relations teams, and they have their front groups and their advocates, and this is disruptive to that entire system, which is a multi-billion dollar system, so you get a lot of pressure against charter schools." “Ninety three percent of the kids in charter schools are minorities that finally got a chance to succeed, and we shouldn’t be kicking them in the butt, pardon my language,” he said.* Govs. Cuomo, Pataki Hit Airwaves With John Catsimatidis To Defend Charter Schools(NYDN)

 State senate makes bid to undo anti-charter school moves(NYP) The state Senate will propose sweeping measures in its budget bill to undo Mayor de Blasio’s ­moves against charter schools, sources familiar with the plan said. The recommendations — to be released as early as Thursday — include overriding the mayor’s decision to block three of Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy charter schools from opening in city buildings. “We’re going to fix this problem,” said Sen. Martin Golden ­(R-Brooklyn). “We agreed for the first time to provide ‘facilities’ aid as well as operating aid to charter schools.”* Moskowitz: Charter school booted from ‘not overcrowded’ building(NYP) The Harlem public school that critics and the de Blasio administration say is too crowded to accommodate a Success Academy charter school has 15 percent fewer students than anticipated * Senate budget may not include ‘specific number’ for pre-K(capital) * Cuomo Says Charters, Not Pre-K, Will ‘Be the Main Educational Issue’ in Budget(NYO) * Cuomo to make co-locations part of budget talks(Capital) * MT NY Senate may weaken mayoral control over schools, increase guv Regents control. * Cuomo, In Statement, Renews Call For Charter Schools Protection(YNN) * Silver: No Pre-K Tax? Fine * New pre-K teachers in New York won't be unionized, necessarily(Capital)

de Blasio Makes Cuomo Appealing Centrist
 Cuomo’s rift with de Blasio could benefit the governor’s bid for reelection by making him more appealing to centrist voters in the suburbs, Greg David of Crain’s writes:

Cuomo Strong Arms de Blasio Pre-K Gang
Cuomo camp to de Blasio supporters: Back off(Capital) Cuomo's office has pressured elected officials and others to pull support from Mayor Bill de Blasio's universal pre-kindergarten plan, several sources confirmed to Capital. One New York politician, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of antagonizing Cuomo, discussed receiving a call earlier this year from a top Cuomo aide, Joe Percoco, after publicly endorsing de Blasio's proposal, which calls for a tax increase on wealthy city residents to fund a pre-K expansion.* Karim Camara Says More Charter Support Unlikely in Budget Deal(NYO)

GOP Senate to Protect NYC Charter Schools, Albany Moves on Pre-K Funding

Friday Update
Charter schools are here to stay: Cuomo(NYP)
Thank you, Mr. Mayor(NYP)New York owes Bill de Blasio a thank you. In trying to squash charter schools, he might just have made them stronger.* Senate Moving Away From Tax for Pre-K Boost(WSJ) * State comptroller cannot audit charter schools: judge(NYDN) * State Senate proposes $540 million pre-K plan(NYDN) * Cuomo Wants More State Control Over Charter Schools(YNN) * Cuomo Doesn’t Want to Earmark Pre-K Cash for New York City(NYO) * Cuomo hedges on mayoral control(Capital) * At an ABNY luncheon, Cuomo continued to defend charter schools, his funding plan for universal prekindergarten and his plans to address the controversial Common Core standards, City & State reports: * Cuomo, who proposed $1.5 billion over five years for prekindergarten expansion, now faces calls for more spending in the Legislature but would not put a price on how much to spend, Gannett Albany writes:  *Cuomo Tweaks de Blasio on Charters at ABNY Luncheon (City and Staste) “The way we’ve now written the law, we give tremendous power to the mayor, and it’s possible for a mayor [to say], ‘I don’t like charter schools, I’m not going to…fund any new charter schools,' and it’s possible that the whole movement would dry up," Cuomo said. "I think that would be bad for the city and bad for the state.” * Cuomo Seeks More State Control to 'Protect' Charter Schools(WNYC) * Scott Stringer Wants To Audit Charter Schools: "Evicting 194 Kids Was Not A Smart Move"(NYDN) * Mayor’s Pre-K Tax Drive: Views Vary on Its Success as Widely as on Its Merits (NYT) * Success Academy parents officially filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against the city Department of Education, alleging, among other things, that founder and C.E.O. Eva Moskowitz was targeted by de Blasio.
More on de Blasio vs Cuomo

 Nobody Beats the Wiz
Cuomo says de Blasio's funding stream, a tax, is "not" more certain than anything else in the * Cuomo says charters are "spurring a dialogue which we have to have." Cuomo, shorter: My plan offers more certainty than de Blasio tax.* . says he thinks charterschools are the civil rights issue of our day

Whose Civil Rights Issue?
Gov. Cuomo Says Pre-K Tax Is Not 'Verifiable' Funding; Calls Failing Schools 'Civil Rights Issue Of Our Day'(NYDN) Whereas de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, called universal prekindergarten the civil rights movement of our time, Cuomo said the destinction actually belongs to the issue of fixing failing schools. He said charters will play a big part in that.*ZIP IT, LADY! Gov. Cuomo fires back at Chirlane McCray over pre-K 'civil rights' claim(NYDN) * Cuomo Praises Charter Schools After de Blasio Bombarded With Criticism(NYO) * Assembly Budget Resolution To Include Mayor de Blasio's Prekindergarten Tax Plan(NYDN) * The Alliance for Quality Education marched on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office to demand more money for education and also criticized the Assembly’s education funding proposal, the Times Union writes:

Cuomo de Blasio Battle Out In the Open

NY Leaders

Eva Moskowitz Goes on Media Tour Bashing ‘So-Called Progressive’ Bill de Blasio(NYO)
Gov. Cuomo "Five Chess Moves" Ahead Of Mayor de Blasio(NYDN)

De Blasio backers sue to block more charters(NYP) Upset that the mayor didn’t go far enough, Public Advocate Letitia James and Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito are moving ahead with their lawsuit to overturn other charter school co-locations that were approved by de Blasio last week.* THAT'LL TEACH YOU! Gov. Cuomo cheered while airing support for charter schools, going over Mayor de Blasio's head yet again(NYDN)
After meeting, Cuomo and de Blasio don’t budge(Capital)

The Daily News writes that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s promise at a Tuesday rally to save charter schools was a major positive and each commitment he made was a slap at de Blasio’s policies:
De Blasio, Cuomo push dueling education agendas San Francisco Chronicle
Take that, Bill(NYDN)
Hyper-liberal de Blasio is Gov. Cuomo's best asset(NYP)
Charter schools leader Eva Moskowitz again insisted her rally yesterday was not a dig at Bill de Blasio‘s pre-K rally, telling NY1 advocates were simply “very worried with Mayor de Blasio’s campaign rhetoric and then his announcement that he was cutting $210 million from the capital budget and then saying he was going to impose rent on public charter schools. We were just feeling under siege.”The Daily News editorial board praised Gov. Andrew Cuomo for siding with the charters yesterday, writing that he “hit it out of the park on Tuesday with a full-throated promise to ‘save charter schools’ just days after Mayor de Blasio killed three of them, including throwing 210 children out of one of the state’s highest achieving programs.”

QUOTE OF DAY: “I feel fired up!”--Andrew Cuomo, at a charter school rally yesterday
Cuomo touts charter schools in surprise rally appearance, clouding de Blasio's ...Chalkbeat
Over 11K charter school supporters pack Albany rally(NYP)
* The further left de Blasio leans, the more reasonable Cuomo looks to voters, which is why he is continuing to fight the mayor on universal prekindergarten funding and charter schools, the Post’s John Podhoretz 
The mayor is running out of options in his pre-K duel with Gov. Cuomo. (NY Mag)
Gov. Cuomo airs support for charter schools, going over Mayor de Blasio's head — again(NYDN)
"Today, we are all Andrew Cuomo fans now"--
Gov. Cuomo may be friends with Mayor de Blasio but the Democrats have failed to see eye-to-eye on education. While Mayor de Blasio pushed for his universal pre-K tax-the-rich plan, scores of charter school families rallied to keep their schools open.
City’s charter movement gets the Albany day it wanted(Capital) As Cuomo pledges to “save charters” and provide financial support
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Says Charter Schools Are Not The Only Ones That Need Help (NYDN)
* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said that charter schools are not the only ones that need help building schools, pointing out that many students go to class in trailers for years, the Daily News reports:
* New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray will be in Albany next week to campaign for her Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pre-K plan and dismissed the idea that the fight has been frustrating, the Associated Press reports:
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said a space “crisis” in New York City schools should be fixed before Cuomo helps secure space for charter schools.

Friday Charter Pre K, Charter War Updates

De Blasio and Dolan Announce a Push for More Pre-K Classes(NYT)Mayor Bill de Blasio gained a high-profile partner in Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan as he raced to find classroom space in New York City for 24,000 4-year-olds by the fall. * De Blasio, in Radio Interview, Defends Position on Charter Schools(NYT)* Timothy Cardinal Dolan meets with sparring Cuomo, de Blasio(NYP) * Marie Antoinette Fariña(NYP Ed)“They’re charter schools,” she says. “They’re on their own. That is part of what they do, and that’s an independent structure, and that is how they function.”*
CLASS WARFARE: Education crusader Eva Moskowitz promises all-out fight with de Blasio over charter schools(NYDN) *Gonzalez: Mayor de Blasio just not letting charter school administrators do whatever they want(NYDN) * The Daily News writes that de Blasio and schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña are showing themselves to be willing to sacrifice kids whose choice of schools is a rebuke to the public education system the mayor and chancellor have allegiance to:* "De Blasio went into this thinking that he and Cuomo were friends, but Andrew Cuomo doesn’t really have friends.”(NYT)

More on de Blasio vs Cuomo

Daily News Cuomo Schooled de Blasio

THAT'LL TEACH YOU! Gov. Cuomo cheered while airing support for charter schools, going over Mayor de Blasio's head yet again(NYDN)

De Blasio and Builder of Charter School Empire Do Battle(NYT) Eva S. Moskowitz, who built a chain of charter schools during the Bloomberg administration, saw plans for three more canceled by Mayor Bill de Blasio. * Cuomo Vows to Defend Charter Schools, Setting Up Another Battle With de Blasio(NYT)
Cuomo and charter school advocates, and proponents of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s universal pre-K plan, including the mayor himself, held dueling press conferences in Albany, The New York Times reports:
Cuomo, de Blasio push budget priorities at simultaneous rallies(Capital)
Eva Moskowitz finds her big-time ‘friend’(Capital) Success Academy leader says all she wants from Cuomo is ‘help’ and ‘leadership’
Quick-footed IDC Leader Jeff Klein managed to attend and speak at both the pre-K AND charter school rallies today. Ditto Assemblyman Karim Camara.
Cuomo Joins Charter Advocates at Rally Critical of de Blasio(NYO)
NYC Assembly Members Push Pre-K as Advocates Rally(NYO)
Bill de Blasio Takes His Pre-K Case to Albany Once Again(NYO)
Unions persuade Assembly to back de Blasio’s ‘tax-the-rich’ pre-K plan(NYP)
Mayor De Blasio Presses Prekindergarten Agenda To Crowd At Half-Filled Albany Arena(NYDN)
Fired Up Gov. Cuomo Vows To 'Save Charter Schools' At Massive Capitol Rally
Progressive Caucus Of NYS Democratic Party Calls On Senate IDC To Rejoin The Fold 
Cuomo Vows to Defend Charter Schools, Setting Up Another Battle With de Blasio(NYT)
* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said that a bill delaying the implementation of Common Core standards until 2016 would move along, possibly with changes, State of Politics reports:
* State Education Commissioner John King and Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch raised concerns about the Assembly bill, arguing that provisions of the legislation violate state and federal laws, Gannett Albany writes: 
Cuomo, de Blasio Discuss Pre-K, Charter Schools in Albany Meeting(NY1)
Video: Mayor de Blasio's full press conf outside Gov Cuomo's Albany office, discussing pre-K, charters

Education Policy: It is All Politics Now

TWO-FRONT WAR -- Jessica Bakeman: Andrew Cuomo is preparing to chellenge Bill de Blasio on a second education-funding front: charter schools. The move comes as advocates for charters and de Blasio's tax-the-rich plan for funding pre-kindergarten will face off with simultaneous rallies in Albany today. The Post reported that Cuomo told Republican business leaders at a recent fund-raiser that he would back legislation to fund space for charters that get kicked out of New York City public buildings. Last week, de Blasio reversed three Bloomberg administration approvals for charter co-locations. Cuomo spokesman Matt Wing partially confirmed the Post report in a statement: “The governor discussed his support for charter schools but there was no specific conversation about legislation.”
Charters would be the second education area in which Cuomo big-footed de Blasio, or tried to. De Blasio said he "hopes" to meet with Cuomo when he's in town Tuesday for the pre-K rally. --Read more: * Assembly is considering a delay to the Common Core standards for teacher evals and student assessments * Bill de Blasio is headed up to Albany today to pressure the state government to back his universal pre-K tax increase, but New York writes that “his more realistic allies are admitting that the chances of winning the tax hike are shrinking toward zero.” Some in Mr. de Blasio’s camp are reportedly “itching to toughen up the tactics” against Gov. Andrew Cuomo.* rep on charter schools: guv will “work with legislative leaders to ensure they are able to continue to serve the community."

Education Rumble In Albany Tuesday

Charter School Rally to Compete With Pre-K Rally in Albany NY1
De Blasio heads to Albany for pleas and protest San Francisco Chronicle
GOP brass: Cuomo backs charter schools evicted by de BlasioNew York Post
Battle Lines Drawn As Wild Day Of Universal Pre-K Debate In Albany LoomsCBS Local 
Golden defends charter schools Brooklyn Daily Eagle
can stay on the pre-k high road as enjoys a charter school distraction? (NY Mag)

Because of Mayor Lindsay's Community School Boards the UFT Got Involved in NY's Political System
De Blasio Plans to Double Number of After-School Seats by Fall 2014 DNAinfo
Lacking funds to expand pre-K program, city delays signups(NYDN)
* The New York City Council picked instant runoff voting as one of its 35 budget and legislative priorities in Albany, where Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito will join Mayor Bill de Blasio for a lobbying day today, The Wall Street Journal reports
* The Daily News writes that while some don’t agree that charter school students should be lobbying in Albany on a school day, the traditional public education system falls short of what charter schools provide in terms of education:
* The Post writes that today’s charter school lobbying at the Capitol continues a noble fight and shines a light on the fact that New York City is making second-class citizens out of the mostly minority students the schools serve: 
This is de Blasio's fourth trip to Albany since becoming mayor. Supporters of de Blasio's pre-k plan will rally in Albany as will pro-charter school activists.
* 's pre-K plan sets off citywide land grab(CrainsNY)

Breaking: Cuomo to Back Classroom Space for Kicked Out Charter Schools

Cuomo backs funding for charter schools evicted by de Blasio(NYP) Cuomo told a group of Republican business leaders that he would back legislation to provide funds for classroom space for charter schools if they are kicked out of city buildings, The Post has learned. But Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and the Democrat-run state Assembly — closely aligned to de Blasio and the teachers’ union — would have to sign off on any added support to the charters. So would the Senate’s five-member Independent Democratic Caucus headed by Jeff Klein.* ov. Andrew Cuomo told Republican business leaders last month he would back legislation to provide funds for charter school classroom space if they are kicked out of NYC buildings.

de Blasio's Holding Up Albany's Budget Threat
"Apparently Bill de Blasio is persisting in what appears to be a losing campaign for his pre-kindergarten plan in Albany, rather than compromising and declaring victory, because he believes he could have one bit of leverage over Andrew Cuomo," Cap NY writes: Having allies hold up passage of the state budget.

GOP CM Mayor's A Bully
Councilman Says GOP Under Siege by de Blasio Administration(NYO)

Fight Over How Much Pre-K $$$

Mayor’s Pre-K Tax Drive: Views Vary on Its Success as Widely as on Its Merits(NYT) Albany may give Mayor Bill de Blasio financing for universal prekindergarten, but the anticipated failure of his preferred revenue mechanism illustrates the limits of mayoral power.* Gov. Cuomo calls Senate's pre-K plan a 'wish list'(NYDN) * Cuomo Pressed for Less Pre-K Money in Senate(WSJ) Assembly urging $540m for NYC education initiatives. Senate urging $540m for NYC. Gov. Andrew Cuomo urging less."Jeff Klein's political issues are his business at this point," Mr. Cuomo said, in interview with WSJ reporter.More on de Blasio vs Cuomo  

Cuomo’s looking to stave off liberal griping about his opposition to the mayor’s pre-K plan by positioning his opposition as progressive
 State of Politics reports:  * A Presidents’ Day tweet from Cuomo may have suggested he is thinking about the White House, though an aide said not only was there no hidden message, Cuomo didn’t actually send the tweet himself, the Daily News writes: *Cuomo wants de Blasio’s base, too(Capital) Governor appropriates liberal mayor’s themes in killing key proposal * DE BLASIO’S TIMING: Bill de Blasio spent Sunday in Albany, where state lawmakers grumbled to Ken Lovett that the mayor’s agenda was getting too ambitious. De Blasio recently added a push to raise the city’s minimum wage onto his existing request for a pre-K tax, which already looked highly uncertain in the legislature. New York magazine’s Chris Smith sees the minimum wage proposal as “another chip in the poker game” with Andrew Cuomo, but some lawmakers told Lovett it was “too much to chew” and the mayor should take it one issue at a time. * Gov. Cuomo Announces State Funding for College Education in Prison(Huff Post) * Blake Zeff on Cuomo’s pre-K script flip: “The guy who aborted a national liberal leader’s signature plan to tax the rich and fund a new pre-K program in New York City was now inoculating himself from liberal criticism by invoking his famous father…Impressive, and too cute by half.” * Bill Hammond: “Can we stop pretending that the squabbling over universal pre-kindergarten is about what’s best for the kids?”* On NY1 Lis Smith, a former spokeswoman for Bill de Blasio, offered some critical analysis of the new mayor’s tenure. “Anyone who thought that the New York Post was going to give Bill de Blasio a honeymoon was seriously deranged,” she said. “I think he’s learning that competence should trump ideology and his ideological pursuits.” * Blake Zeff asked in Capital New York. “Not content with taking a two-by-four to de Blasio’s signature pre-K proposal, Cuomo is assailing the mayor’s very political core.”  * The New York Times writes that data backs up Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to offer college courses to state prisoners, and the arguments against such a move make no more sense than they did two decades ago when the debate played out in Congress *  Avella now supporting Cuomo's pre-K plan over 's (DNAINFO)
More on Cuomo 2014

“Cat in Albany Is Outfoxing New York City’s Mouse”: “Credit is due the mayor. … [H]e succeeded at the devilishly difficult task of making a martyr of Ms. Moskowitz.”

Hoisted on Your Own Petard
Governor Cuomo has not only stymied the mayor, but also seized the moment for his own gain,” they write. “And he has offered what amounts to a master class in political gamesmanship, turning the mayor’s arguments upside down and boxing him out of the headlines.”
PARENTS TO BLAZ: YOU'VE FAILED US! Brokenhearted charter school families searching for answers after mayor boldly cuts co-locations — SEE THE VIDEO(NYDN)
Farina to homeless charter schoolkids: You’re on your own(NYP) Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña says charter- school students she booted from city-owned space in Harlem “are on their own” and can always go back to regular public schools. * Passionate parents leading the newest civil-rights movement(NYP Ed) Last month, the city’s first lady, Chirlane McCray, urged support for her husband’s signature universal pre-K program by declaring, “Education is clearly the civil-rights issue for today.” She may well be right — but her husband may be on the wrong side of the real civil-rights issue in education. If Tuesday’s huge rally at the state Capitol, and the words of the parents who rallied, tell us anything, it’s that the charter cause is increasingly looking and sounding like movements of old.* Taking New York’s school fight national(NYP Ed) * Regents boss urges mayor to find space for Moskowitz charters(NYP) * De Blasio: Charter school funding has ‘strong private sector element’(NYP) de Blasio emphasized that there is a “strong private sector element” in the funding of charter schools — even though the bulk of the school funding comes from the public.... * Convicted Assemblyman Boyland, Jr. will keep his state pension. State ethics law only strips $ from convicted pols elected post 2011.* Cardinal Dolan Backs Mayor de Blasio On Universal Pre-K, But Not So Sure On Tax(NYDN)  * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended his position to charge some charter schools rent, suggesting that advocates for charters are funded by “very wealthy Wall Street folks,” the New York Times reports: 

'Cuomo has observed privately that the mayor is still acting as if he still held role of public advocate'(NYT)

* In a game of political cat and mouse, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is outmaneuvering New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio as the two continue their battle, which now includes charter schools, The New York Times’ Michael Powell writes:school vouchers(NYP) Restore millions of dollars for some after-school programs — pulling the exact same move he excoriated his predecessor over. During a budget hearing Wednesday, City Councilman David Greenfield identified the absence of as much as $16 million for low-income after-school vouchers in the preliminary fiscal 2015 budget. Many of the vouchers benefited large Orthodox Jewish families. “The mayor flagged it as a priority in his campaign.* 250 Clergy Call For Mayor de Blasio's Pre-K Tax Plan To Be Enacted * Gov. Cuomo suggested that a “legislative fix” may be needed to address the charter school co-location struggle, adding that it was a “technical issue,” Capital New York writes:

de Blasio' Unintended Gift Empowered Charters and Reelected Cuomo in One Move
One would think it would still be a priority now,” Greenfield told budget director Dean Fuleihan. “I am disgusted that in 2009, Mayor Bloomberg came to this community, begged and pleaded for support . . . took the support, turned around and took away every single voucher,” de Blasio told Jewish leaders during his own mayoral run. “The chutzpah of that is unbelievable and inappropriate and unfair,” added de Blasio, vowing to restore the vouchers.* Silver: No 'crisis' over charter schools(NYDN) * NYC mayor's wife to lobby Albany(AP)“Chirlane McCray, who already wields more influence than any New York City first lady in recent memory, will further expand her role when she travels to Albany next week for some high-profile lobbying for her husband's signature pre-kindergarten plan. McCray, … in her first extensive interview since Bill de Blasio took office, said access to universal pre-kindergarten was a ‘civil rights issue’ … McCray, who will visit Albany Tuesday, said she was not upset by the roadblocks her husband's plan has faced. ‘I don't think it's frustrating -- they're negotiating,’ she said as she sat for the interview in City Hall's sun-soaked Governor's Room. …* 's Jimmy Van Bramer: "Progressive Moment" Can Lead To Win On NYC Pre-K | New York Daily News * Cuomo: 'Kids won't mind' if there's no pre-K tax(Capital) * Cuomo said a legislative solution which could provide “co-location” of charter schools within traditional public schools is being discussed with legislative leaders.* De Blasio claimed Cardinal Timothy Dolan as a high-profile ally in his fight for universal pre-kindergarten – but Dolan stopped short of supporting the tax on the wealthy de Blasio wants to fund the plan.
Agree MT : Not sure the Mayor can risk 's approach to media: "That which is sloppy, who cares?"  Mr. de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, is apparently not a big fan of the press. “I do read the papers (but) I don’t pay much attention to those that I don’t have high regard for,” she told the Associated Press in a sit-down interview. “I pay more attention to that which is thoughtful and well-written and well-researched because that’s where you get information that you use to improve your game.” She added, “That which is sloppy, who cares?”

Cuomo's Re-Election de Blasio Free
Cuomo plans re-election without de Blasio, NYC Dems(NYP) Cuomo’s re-election plans include pressing for votes upstate by playing to upstate interests and fighting New York City interests’ progressive moves like tax hikes, the Post’s Fred Dicker writes*  “A win for on either pre-K or min wage would be a huge loss for Cuomo & Cuomo’s not going to permit it."

Cuomo’s re-election strategy is to sacrifice New York City’s interests, take on Mayor de Blasio and pander to anti-tax and pro-business sentiments upstate, where he’s politically the weakest, angry Democrats from the city charge. “The governor’s polling numbers show he will win the city with a huge margin. He knows that, he’s told people that, so he doesn’t think he needs the mayor or city Democrats for political help.The anger of city Democrats is rooted in what is, in effect, a civil war pitting downstate “progressives’’ or leftist Democrats, who have strong support from public-employee unions and the union-controlled Working Families Party, against Cuomo, a small group of moderate upstate Democrats and, ironically, state Senate Republicans. Let NYC pay for its pre-K (TU) * It’s the tale of two pre-K editorial viewpoints. In one corner, Newsday argues the “myopic” Bill de Blasio has failed to recognize statewide educational needs. “The point de Blasio has missed as he inveighs against New York’s tale of two cities is what Cuomo is calling our tale of two states,” the paper opined in an article titled “Editorial: Bill de Blasio fumbles his key issue.”* Mayor lauds Gov. Cuomo during religous services... then blasts him on pre-K stance(NYDN) * Bill de Blasio’s Old Campaign Operations Live On, in One Form or Another(NYO)

More on How de Blasio Dances With Cuomo 

 Pre K Poll Supports Cuomo
Survey Suggests Voters Prefer Cuomo’s Proposal for Pre-K(NYT) * Cuomo’s pre-K funding plan gains support: poll(NYP) * The New York Post writes that de Blasio isn’t the only Democrat making a case for pre-kindergarten funding based on attacking inequality, and Cuomo seems to be the one with the better argument * Gov. Cuomo: de Blasio's pre-K tax scheme will hurt state(NYDN) * Gov. Cuomo Says Mayor de Blasio's Pre-K Tax Plan 'Repugnant' to Income Inequality Argument(NYDN)
* De Blasio and Sharpton take aim at Skelos (Capital)* Senate Republicans Blast de Blasio Pre-K Plan, Stick Up For Cuomo(YNN) * De Blasio Demands That State Lawmakers Put His Pre-K Plan Up for a Vote(NY1) * Cuomo Steps Up Rhetoric in Universal Pre-K Funding Battle (NY1) * Upstate lawmakers are banding together against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s universal pre-kindergarten funding plan to raise taxes on the rich; instead, many of them support Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s stance, The Wall Street Journal reports:  * While there is agreement from some across the state on the goal of universal pre-kindergarten, there seems to be little agreement statewide about how to fund it either on a local or statewide level, The New York Times’ Jim Dwyer writes: * De Blasio Wants to Enroll More Pre-K Students Than NJ Has in 15 Years(WNYC) * Cuomo: There already is a millionaires tax that can pay for pre-K (YNN) * Cuomo said that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to tax the wealthy to pay for universal pre-kindergarten would further exacerbate educational inequality, Capital New York reports(YNN) * One takeaway from the new mayor’s first crack at the budget: de Blasio wants to rely more on Albany, even as he says he wants to rely less on Albany. (M
anhattan Institute)

Winds of War: Cuomo Vs. de Blasio
Supporters of de Blasio’s plan to increase taxes on the wealthy to fund universal pre-k are preparing to attack Gov. Andrew Cuomo for proposing a $2 billion tax cut that will benefit millionaires and billionaires, the New York Post writes:  Protesters say Cuomo’s proposed tax cuts as just for ‘the rich’(NYP) * Bill de Blasio is Chris Hayes' boy, except for that pesky AIPAC thing...(NYO)  * Mayor de Blasio Pals Call On Gov. Cuomo To Spell Out Extra Pre-K Spending In Budget Amendments (NYO) * If Cuomo wins pre-K battle, will he deliver?(Capital) * De Blasio-allied group presents a tale of two pre-Ks(Capital)* Mayor de Blasio Pals Call On To Spell Out Extra Pre-K Spending In Budget Amendments  * De Blasio Push for Universal Pre-K Is Missing the Mark - Critcs say he isn't twisting the right arms
Those on both sides of the aisle in Albany say de Blasio's unwillingness to "play politics" and failure to court those whose backing he needs is jeopardizing his chances of success. "The bottom line is that we're just not going to play Albany insider politics," de Blasio's team reiterated in an email to DNAinfo on Monday. "We're going to focus on getting pre-K for kids and convincing folks in the city and the state that it’s what right for all of us." * Cuomo’s name won’t be on the ballot until November, but his re-election campaign is looking for phone bank help today.* The governor has all but won the pre-K battle, but can he deliver on his funding promises? Experts say no.* Mayor de Blasio's pre-K plan would give parents freedom to work, drop private preschool bills(NYDN)

When the New Mayor Get the IDC by the Short Hairs Their Hearts and Mind Follows
 Update Contra Capital report from last night, Cuomo now saying he won't address pre-K in state of state.* Mayor, Union Leaders Vow to Pass Tax For Universal Pre-K * scaling back expectations for from campaign. Says he doesn't know # of seats possible in first year. (Campaign: all seats by fall) *  How does Scott Stringer's endorsement of Melissa Mark-Viverito in the speaker's race affect Dan Garodnick's hope of an 11th-hour win?* De Blasio doubles down on tax hike for pre-K (CrainsNY) * Cuomo Unveils Tax Cut Plan Early, Says Pre-K Talks Still Premature (NY1) * Alongside labor leaders, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio re-affirmed his commitment to paying for universal pre-school and after-school programs through a dedicated funding source, namely a tax increase on wealthy New Yorkers, City & State reports: *A Cuomoite in de Blasio’s Fold(YNN) * Klein: We Let Everyone Else Raise Local Taxes, So Why Not NYC?(YNN) * Two people close to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio tell NY1′s Bob Hardt that the mayor believes it’s important to raise taxes on the city’s wealthiest residents regardless of the pre-K fight.(NY1) * Said the mayor himself: “We will not bargain against ourselves or water down our goal. We don’t want half measures or partial funding.”*De Blasio says he’ll tax rich even if state pays for pre-K(NYP) * "Cuomo didn’t want a pre-K confrontation with De Blasio overshadowing everything else he’ll be proposing..." (NY Mag) * "90% of schools have less classroom funding since took office" * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is still supporting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to tax the wealthy to pay for universal pre-kindergarten, at least for now, Capital New York reports: * Mayor de Blasio makes pre-k pitch to Senate IDC reception  

de Blasio A 4th Man in the An Albany Room
Winds of War On A State Tax Fight
Cuomo is weighing cutting more than $1 billion in taxes, per recommendations from his tax commission co-chairman George Pataki, though Pataki’s plan to slash personal income taxes has delayed the release of the report, The Wall Street Journal writes * Sheldon Silver, the survivor, is setting himself up as the de Blasio-aligned counterweight to Andrew Cuomo Silver time?(Capital)* Cuomo Tax Commission Considers $1 Billion in Cuts (WSJ)* Skelos Wants ‘Broad-Based’ Tax Relief Proposals(YNN) * NY Has A Long Way To Go On Universal Pre-K(YNN) * * Thirty-eight New York State lawmakers, including state Senators Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein, signed a letter to members of Congress asking them to prioritize pre-kindergarten funding in budget negotiations, Capital New York writes: *Nassau's Jay Jacobs on Bill de Blasio's inaugural committee via

A Taxing Gov New Mayor Perfect Storm
Is the Dinkin Rebuff A Sign That Team de Blasio Will Try to Put the Senate Dems Back  in Power?
The incoming mayor says a substantial, organized campaign will soon be launched to get the Legislature to pass his plan to tax the rich and use the proceeds to fund universal pre-K and after school programs.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that New York City’s municipal unions have to be “realistic” during negotiations with Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, and that they should recognize that the city does not have a “fountain of funds” to tap into, the Daily News reports: * The latest Quinnipiac University poll finds that 63 percent of New York state voters support de Blasio’s proposal to increase income taxes on households making more than $500,000 to fund city public schools, and 62 percent say state government is dysfunctional * Cuomo’s tax focus threatens de Blasio plan(NYP) * Cuomo said that New York City unions negotiating new contracts need a “reality adjustment” and should consider the fiscal difficulties facing the city when making their demands, DNAinfo writes: * Gov. Cuomo Throws Cold Water On Plan To Revise Congestion Pricing For New York City

Reduce Taxes What Happens to de Blasio's Plan to Pay for Pre-K?
Former Gov. George Pataki, co-chair of a commission on tax reform, will propose a plan this week that would reduce the state’s personal income taxes, including those in the highest bracket, and will address estate and business taxesPataki Said to Push Income Tax Cut(WSJ) * "if de Blasio wins universal prekindergarten, he'll never have to do shifts at the food co-op."(CrainsNY) * Cuomo says he is not interested in tinkering with the state’s personal income tax rates, shooting down a trial balloon floated by former Gov. George Pataki* Cuomo said he is not interested in tinkering with the state’s personal income tax rates, as suggested by former Gov. George Pataki, but said he wants to find ways to reduce the burden of property taxes in 2014, The Buffalo News reports:  * The Daily News’ Bill Hammond notes how business tax credits are taking a huge bite out of the state’s finances, almost $1.8 billion this year alone, and characterizes it as “corporate welfare” * * Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that he expects there to be a budget surplus that would pave the way for tax cuts in 2014, and that he wants to focus on providing property tax relief, State of Politics writes: * Cuomo says don’t count on tolling the East River bridges. “It hasn’t passed in the past, and I don’t believe it would pass now.” 

Praised by de Blasio, Dinkins Responds With an Arrow(NYT) Former Mayor David Dinkins opined at Columbia University that Bill de Blasio should reconsider his tax-the-rich plan for funding prekindergarten programs. * Dinkins questions de Blasio’s tax plan(NYP)* The Post writes that former Mayor David Dinkins was right in pointing out de Blasio’s tough road ahead in getting a tax increase passed in Albany, but wrong suggesting that suburban commuters should be taxed instead *
As he often does before making major decisions, Cuomo punted to a commission of appointees—in this case, making a show of tapping former rivals to contrast himself with the partisan bickering that has hobbled Washington. The report comes out at the end of next week. The question now is whether this commission will provide the template Cuomo is looking for ahead of his re-election year budget, or go off-script, like the first commission he convened did.* Poll: Voters Are With De Blasio On Plan To Increase Taxes To Pay For Pre-K(NY1) * Cuomo vowed to aggressively push for state tax cuts next year — casting further doubt on NYC Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s plan to raise city income taxes on the wealthy.* The governor said his intention to once again hold the growth in state spending to 2 percent in the 2014-2015 fiscal year, which begins in April, would help offset any drop in revenues from tax reductions.

“The last thing the governor Cuomo wants is a clash with a Mayor de Blasio’’  
Fearing a clash with likely new NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio over his tax-the-rich plan to fund a universal pre-K program
Cuomo worried about tax-hike fight with de Blasio(Dicker, NYP) Cuomo has directed his staff to explore “alternative options” to allow New York City to raise revenue without going through with de Blasio’s plan to tax wealthy city residents to pay for universal preschool*  In the Daily News, Patrick Lynch, president of the New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, argues that the best way to restore public trust in the NYPD is to increase staffing for the department and decrease quotas: * De Blasio attended a private meeting with "a couple of dozen" city business figures, including Rupert Murdoch and Mort Zuckerman. [Joe Pompeo and Azi Paybarah]

Cuomo: Pay for Universal Pre-K Without Raising Taxes
Cuomo Says State Might Cover Cost of NYC's Universal Pre-K Without Tax Hike(DNAINFO)

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