Saturday, April 12, 2014

Albany and the DREAM Act

* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he wants to raise the minimum wage passed last year and pass the DREAM Act, but he doesn’t think there is momentum to pass the mixed martial arts bill this year, the Daily News reports:


Dream Act Supporters Blast Grisanti Ad

The DREAM Act will be reintroduced in the Assembly this week.

Tuition Aid to Illegal Immigrants Defeat Blame Game Connected to Control of State Senate
The state Dream Act, which would have granted state tuition aid to undocumented immigrants, failed in the Senate after a 30-29 vote, leaving the legislation two votes shy of passage

State Senate Rejects Bill Granting Tuition Aid to Illegal Immigrants(NYT) The legislation would have allowed students without proper immigration status to receive financial aid through state programs, if they met certain conditions.* DREAM Act killed in New York state Senate(NYDN) * Senate Republicans, united, defeat DREAM Act(Capital) * Senate narrowly votes Dream Act down(NYP) * Undocumented Students Denied Tuition Aid in Vote(WSJ) * A day after the state Senate failed to pass the Dream Act, Sen. Jeff Klein of the IDC and Democratic Sen. Liz Kreuger lobbed blame at each other’s conferences for the failed vote, the Daily News reports: * Klein: A Dream Act Vote Is What Advocates Wanted(YNN) *Wednesday Update Some sponsors of the DREAM Act are looking for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to include the measure in the state budget after it failed to gain enough votes to pass in the state Senate After DREAM defeat, state senators look to Cuomo(NYDN) * Gonzalez: Gov. Cuomo still has a lot to prove on immigration(NYDN) * Blame Begins After Dream Act Fails(WSJ) * Gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino plans to attend the Somos spring conference in Albany despite calls from DREAM Act sponsors for him to be dis-invited after he came out against the legislation, the Daily News reports:  * It’s only a matter of time before the DREAM Act, which failed in the state Senate 30-29 Monday, is passed in New York, state Sen. Jose Peralta writes in the Daily News: * Senate Dems To Cuomo: Dream Act Will Pass If It’s In The Budget (YNN)  * State Senate Majority Coalition Leaders Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein say the DREAM Act is not being discussed as part of the budget days after it failed in the Senate by a close margin, the Daily News reports: *Dream Act Revived In Assembly Budget Negotiations(WSJ) * Cuomo And Dream Act Supporters Meet(YNN) * Mayor Touts Support for Municipal IDs, DREAM Act at Albany Conference(NY1) * De Blasio, Mark-Viverito Back N.Y. State Dream Act(WCBS) * DREAM Act Dominates Discussion at Somos el Futuro Conference * State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is calling for the DREAM Act to be included in the state budget following its failure to pass through the Senate last week,the Daily News reportsMark-Viverito hires immigration and labor specialist(Capital)  

What About CUNY SUNY Tuition Increases?
For SUNY and CUNY, Top Lawmakers Support Plan to Raise Tuition $300 a Year(2011, NYT) Set a fixed rate for tuition increases: $300 annually for the next five years.* * A Cuomo-proposed initiative to offer college courses to state prison inmates would expand on programs that have offered inmates better opportunities upon their release, the Journal News writes:

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