Sunday, November 17, 2013

What is Happening in the Media

No More Gambling in the Morndings

Radio Host John Gambling to Retire(NYP)
Mr. Gambling seemed to get on especially well with Mr. Bloomberg, putting the mayor at ease and creating a long record of controversial, off-hand statements on topics of the day, ranging from suggesting New Yorkers go to the bathroom less frequently to requiring that all public housing residents be fingerprinted–to name two recent examples.

Brian Stelter is leaving the NY Times to join CNN.

CBS Correspondent Apologizes for Report on Benghazi Attack (NYT)
The Onion Is Just Another Blog Now(NY Mag)
Back in their old digs, 'Daily News' is bunking in half the space, reports:

The New York Times has lost a lot of big names this year. (NY Mag)
Jill Abramson - Has the gold standard lost its luster? For generations, the Holy Grail of journalism has been a job at The New York Times, but this week Brian Stetler and Matt Bai became the paper’s latest big names to bolt for other gigs. They follow the departures of Megan Liberman, Jeff Zeleny, Rick Berke, Susan Saulny, David Pogue, Nate Silver—and half a dozen senior editors. Whether this exodus means that the Times is in trouble remains unclear, but it can’t be good news for Abramson, who said that talent retention would be one of her top priorities when she became executive editor two years ago.

PRESS FREEDOM — Fox News reporter stretches New York's press shield law — Capital's Jimmy Vielkind: The judges of New York's top court grilled an attorney for Jana Winter, a Fox News reporter who is attempting to use the state's reporter shield law to prevent her from answering a Colorado subpoena related to the Aurora theater shooting. Winter's lawyers argued that the intent of New York's shield law was broad, and should extend to cases involving news gathering by its citizens beyond its borders. "You don't become the global leader of news when you confine your protections to the metro desk," said Christopher Handman, Winter's lawyer.

WaPo columnist is being criticized for 'gag' remark about Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's family.

Colbert Tears Into '60 Minutes' Over Benghazi

Jill Abramson tells NYT played Obama apology small because it was an 'everyone has it' story  
Myths about Rupert Murdoch: He's not as conservative as you think (Wash Post)
Opinion: '60 Minutes' must do more than apologize  (Politico)
Chris Christie just officially proved how stupid and useless the Sunday shows have become:(Salon)

Bloomberg Says News Service Did Not Kill Articles on China(NYT)
Fit to sprint: Top talent exits New York Times, reports
POLITICO has a new magazine.

* The Times Union calls for more transparency regarding New York’s SAFE Act, since a wholesale exemption from the Freedom of Information law makes it impossible to gauge whether the gun control legislation is working:

MSNBC Suspends Alec Baldwin and His Talk Show(NYT)

City Hall Gadfly

The Bane of Four Mayors(NYT)
Known for his rambling and provocative questions, Rafael Martínez Alequin, a City Hall reporter, has been an irritant to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and other mayors.

The Journalist Blogger That Got Pedro Espada, Still Ignored By Main Stream Media
At First Rafael Martínez Stood Up to Pedro Espada Alone Putting His Life in Danger  .(TRUE NEWS) . .  13 Years After He Started His Investigation of the Former Senator's Corruption He Watch, the U.S. Attorney Declared "The Espada Era Is Over"

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