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NY Guns 803

Cuomo Bullet Background Check Forgetaboutit
Tuesday  State Senator Michael Gianaris said the chamber’s Democrats may file a court case to try to block Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s deal with the GOP on a gun control measure, the Daily News reports:  * Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, said now that more info has come to life on the Safe Act deal, he believes it does little to lift restrictions on ammo sales, The AssociatedPress reports:   * Tom King, the head of New York’s National Rifle Association affiliate, reversed his initial position on the SAFE Act MOU between the Senate GOP and Gov. * Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised that a database tracking ammunition sales would be part of the SAFE Act even though an agreement with Sen. John Flanagan promised not to enact it, State of Politicsreports:

Andrew Cuomo, saying it does little – and possibly nothing – to lift restrictions on ammunition sales. Cuomo, in unusual pact with Republicansenators, suspends a key element of his gun control law 
Assemblywoman Tenney on Cuomo/Flanagan''Safe Act'' MOU:""The MOU is a hollow gesture,as the database was a complete failure to begin with." * Cuomo Administration, Senate Republicans AgreeTo Changes In Gun Control Laws (WCBS) * Cuomo just quietly suspended -- by fiat, somehow -- thebackground checks in his own landmark gun control law. (NYT) * The Cuomo administration defended what critics called a retreat from the governor’s SAFE Act gun safety law, arguing that suspending a statewide ammunition registry program would simply ensure it would not move forward prematurely, the Times Union reports: * Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie wasn’t part of the deal between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Republicans making changes to the gun control SAFE Act, and Heastie joined Democrats voicing opposition and questioning the legality of the maneuver, State of Politics reports: * Cuomo antagonizes Republicans and Democrats with anti-gun deal (NYP)  The Cuomo administration has “come off the rails’’ with a bizarre memorandum of understanding with Senate Republicans that suspended part of the governor’s anti-gun “SAFE Act’’ in an effort to help the GOP stay in power, a leading state Democrat has told The Post. The move, indefinitely ending the more than 2-year-old but never implemented requirement that ammunition purchasers undergo background checks, angered many of the Republicans it was supposed to help — they said it didn’t go far enough — and infuriated the Legislature’s top Democrats, who said it went too far.* Liberals upset (again) at Gov. Cuomo--this time over gun law  (NYDN) *Keeping the Senate SAFE (YNN) * It’s clear the SAFE Act isn’t changing. But days after Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Republicans said they’d reached agreement to further delay the already stalled creation of an ammunition database, there isn’t a consensus on if and how gun owners — and elected officials — will or will not benefit from the pact. * We Cannot Go Backwards': De Blasio Rips CuomoCompromise on Gun Control (NYO) * Is The SAFE Act MOU Even Legal? (YNN) * After stewing over the weekend about the SAFE Act MOU, conservative Republicans and gun-rights advocates renewed their vow to launch primary campaigns against several Republican senators who support the agreement. * * Controversy around the memorandum of understanding between the Senate GOP and the Cuomo administration that appears to halt the SAFE Act’s ammunition database hinges on if the document has any legal standing, State of Politics writes:  * State Senate Dems to fight Cuomo's gun-database deal  * Astorino On SAFE Act MOU: ‘What’s The Right Word For BS?’ (YNN) * Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino mocked the memorandum of understanding reached between Senate Republicans and Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview, calling the deal “useless,” State of Politics reports: *  For DAs, More Clarity Needed On Special Prosecutor’s Role (YNN) *  Senate GOP Will Keep Pushing SAFE Act Changes (YNN) *  Cuomo pushes specialprosecutor as national model (NYDN) * Our view: SAFE Act memorandum an embarrassment:i  via @the_citizen  * Bill Hammond: Cuomo’s odd gun-control misfire (NYDN) *  A database for those selling ammunition is an important tool in the fight against gun violence and its effectiveness depends on whether Cuomo fills this gap in the enforcement of the Safe Act anytime soon, the Times’ Eleanor Randolph writes:  * The Daily News’ Bill Hammond writes that Friday’s maddeningly ambiguous memo about the SAFE Act’s ammunition database is clearly Cuomo’s way of wriggling out of a bind of his own making: * Senate GOP Will Keep Pushing SAFE Act Changes(YNN)

* Some 68 percent of the 4,848 guns recovered by authorities in New York in 2012 were purchased outside the state, ProPublica reports: http://goo.gl/l4vvIK

* Some pro-gun Republican lawmakers say they are upset that the state budget included millions of dollars in SAFE Act funding, claiming they didn’t know the budget bills included the spending, the Post reports: http://goo.gl/VHWF4I

* Donald Trump addressed a rally of gun supporters at the state Capitol, telling the crowd he opposes Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s SAFE Act legislation and revealing that he has a pistol permit in Manhattan, PBS reports: http://goo.gl/9KY9Jx   

* Inside the Capitol, advocates for stricter gun control held their own rally calling on the state to pass legislation limiting children’s access to guns, among other measures, Gannett Albany writes: http://goo.gl/kgIw13

* Astorino is attempting to woo angry gun owners by trying to link a Journal News editor’s 2012 decision to publish the addresses of pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland Counties with Cuomo’s anti-gun rhetoric in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, State of Politics reports: http://goo.gl/9SGWwK
* Critics of New York’s gun laws are literally printing their message on cold, hard cash—circulating bills stamped with the red-inked message: “Cuomo Must Go! Your Vote Counts,” the Democrat & Chronicle reports: http://goo.gl/zR4Vgv

Bloomberg Takes On the NRA and Beats Them

Bloomberg Beats Pro Gun Democrat
Bloomberg Credited With Defeating NRA-Backed Illinois Democrat - See more at: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/02/bloombergs-pac-defeats-pro-gun-chicago-democrat.html#sthash.HLgSdV8h.dpuf
Kelly Wins Dem. Nod For Ex-Rep. Jackson Jr.’s Seat

Bloomberg Credited With Defeating NRA-Backed Illinois Democrat - See more at: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/02/bloombergs-pac-defeats-pro-gun-chicago-democrat.html#sthash.HLgSdV8h.dpuf
Bloomberg Gave Kelly $2 Million
Pressure on 30 Democratic Pro NRA Congressmembers

Kelly Wins Dem. Nod For Ex-Rep. Jackson Jr.’s Seat
Kelly Wins Dem. Nod For Ex-Rep. Jackson Jr.’s Seat
The Latest Hurdle to Gun-Law Reform(NYT Ed)
The New York SAFE Act bars gun dealers from selling magazines with more than seven rounds, but gun manufacturers say magazines with just seven rounds don’t exist, The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle says:
As Gun-Control Vote Approaches, Mayor Bloomberg Puts Washington on Notice(NY Mag)
National Journal says Rubio is among the targets on Bloomberg's radar 
Bloomberg after D.C. gun meetings: "Time is coming' for new laws"
After meeting with Bloomberg in D.C., Sen John McCain said the mayor appears more focused on enhancing background checks on guns than on an assault weapons ban.
Americans for Responsible Solutions, the gun control PAC founded by Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly, is using the Bloomberg’s PAC special election in in Illinois as a fund-raising tool.  
Bloomberg takes victory lap in D.C. 
Bloomberg-Backed Candidate Wins Chicago-Area Congressional Primary (NY1)
State Gun Control and New Budget

On December 27th True News Wrote
Can the New State Senate Leadership Coalition Survive the Coming Gun Control Fight

On January 16th True News Wrote 
Cuomo understood early that New York being 1st at new gun control law would be a powerful issues for him to run for president on.  That is why he rush yesterday to sign into law a new law limiting legal gun ownership before Obama announced his plans for gun control today 

Today the NYT Wrote
To Be First With Gun Control Law Cuomo Made Skelos An Offer He Could Not RefuseThe NYT chronicles Cuomo’s “by any means necessary” push on gun control, which included everything from cajoling lawmakers to straight out threats.

Cuomo Made Skelos An Offer He Could Not Refuse
Intent on Being First, Cuomo Used All Means to Enact Gun Limits(NYT)if GOP-IDC didnt pass his bill, Cuomo threatened 2 "dissolve their fledgling coalition by pressuring his fellow Dems 2 reunite" [1/2] It was "not an intellectual response. it was emotional, visceral" Cuomo on his push for gun control.* Mainline Democrats, IDC Democrats Spar Over Roe V. Wade Resolution(YNN)

The gun lobby “had its silencer on” last week when lawmakers passed the bill, Now It is Fuck Cuomo From Gun Groups for "most divisive law in modern New York history"Vs  Million Mon March takes the Brooklyn Bridge.

Hit us with your best shot, Andy!(Dicker, NYP) Assault-rifle owners statewide are organizing a mass boycott of Gov. Cuomo’s new law mandating they register their weapons, daring officials to “come and take it away,”Gun lobbyists and Second Amendment protestors were nowhere to be found during the weeks leading up to the state Legislature passing sweeping gun reforms, as many protestors could not take a day off to protest at the Capitol, the New York Daily News Assault rifle owners across the state are organizing a mass boycott of a provision in the gun control law that mandates them to register their weapon with the State Police, encouraging hundreds of thousands of owners to defy the law. State Sen. Mark Grisanti has come under fire for being the only upstate Republican to vote in favor of the gun control bill, despite his assertion that Republican negotiators made the bill more palatable for him to vote for, The Buffalo News reports: * Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine(True News) * Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline(True News) * Group holds gun control march and rally in NYC(NYP)

Cuomo Signs Gun Legislation Into Law(NYT)

1/11/2013 New State Gun Laws Would Not Have Saved Raphael Ward From Being Guned Down Last Week
The Boy Who Shot Him Was Only 16 Years Old.  It is already illegal for anyone under 21 in NY to have a gun.

NYS Second Largest Subsidizer of Assault-Weapons Manufactures
NY is nation's second-biggest subsidizer of assault-weapons manufacturing, w/$5.5 million to Bushmaster maker.(New York World)
* Cuomo Cracks Door Open On Pre-State Of State Gun Control(YNN) * December was a record-breaking month for gun sales:(Slate) * Cuomo says gun show in state convention center a go (TU)

NY Elected Officials Attempts to Strengthen the States Gun Laws Will Not Stop Most Problems Gun Attacks in City
GOP Skelos: "90% of the guns used in the commission of a gun crime in NYC & 70% of gun crimes in NYS are illegal guns from out of state."  

Cuomo and Bloomberg Lead the Fight Against Guns Separately
Mayor goes on the ad-tack(NYP)  Marking the second anniversary of the mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz., that severely wounded then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Mayor Bloomberg’s gun-control group yesterday aired a powerful new TV ad that featured the mother of a little girl killed in the attack. WATCH: Ad featuring mom of young Tucson shooting victim debuts as part of mayor's push for tougher gun laws(NYP)  


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