Sunday, November 17, 2013

Queens Melinda Katz BP 346


Does Queens BP Katz Have A Clue How Bad She Look On Morning Joe
Katz dodge every question about who was the breakdown in police relationships, she gave the same talking points over and over how she had a great relationship with the mayor and people are working to fix the problem.  No specifics at all.  A right to protest? (Morning Joe) Boy, that Melinda Katz spoke as a true politician. She took 'alittle side-step' and went in circles and did NOT answer the fricking question. What are the rank and file police in her district saying. What frustration. Joe just finally gave up. She wasn't saying. Always about saving face. Geez. (Video)

Melinda Katz takes over as Queens Borough President
Katz Returns NYC's Chump Change
Melinda’s epiphany (NYDN Ed) New Queens Beep Katz ends her footdragging on keeping public dollars Held up once too often as a glutton for taxpayer money in this space, incoming Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has finally returned $51,630 in excess public campaign finance funding.
Katz Pays Off the Consultants

Katz gets piggish (NYDN ED)

Taking public money for a blowout election is just wrong. Other politicians who won primaries and then moved on to walk-over general election contests have spurned or returned their matching funds. They include: the next public advocate and controller, Letitia James and Scott Stringer and the future borough presidents of the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island (Ruben Diaz, Gale Brewer, Eric Adams and Jimmy Oddo), as well as Bronx Councilman Jimmy Vacca and Council newcomers Corey Johnson and Helen Rosenthal from Manhattan.

Pay to Drop Deputy BP

Comrie Payback for Dropping Out of the BP Race
Incoming Queens Borough President Melinda Katz picks City Councilman Leroy Comrie as her deputy(NYDN)

Katz's Media

Melinda Katz Was A Paid Lobbyist For @nypost @FoxNews @newscorp At Greenberg Traurig 

What Katz did while in office for a year
It's been anything but a sleepy first year for Queens Borough President Melinda Katz. Since her January inauguration, Katz has boosted Queens’ status as “The World’s Borough” and helped oust the free-spending head of its library system. “The library situation just blew up,” said Katz, 49, who was focused on attracting businesses to the borough when problems at the Queens Library came to light. “It seemed like there was something else in the news every day about what was wrong there. In a series of bombshell articles, Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez revealed Queens Library CEO Thomas Galante made almost $400,000 in salary, raked in another $140,000 from a side job and spent tens of thousands of dollars on meals and concert tickets with the approval of the library’s Board of Trustees. All of it was charged to his library corporate credit card. The scandal sparked an aggressive campaign by the normally reserved Katz to force the board to open its books after it refused to make its financial records public. So the only things she's done for the entire year are:
1) Promote tourism (yawn)
2) Remove the library head (because the media exposed it)

Meanwhile, every other pol has publicly expressed their condolences after attending yesterday's funeral, but the last thing on Katz's Twitter feed is a picture of a party for Leroy Comrie.

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