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NYFD Discrimination Suit 911

NYC's Heros Families Taken Care of 10 Years After Fire
$183M TO HEROES: Families of FDNY firefighters killed or critically injured in 2005 Black Sunday blaze in the Bronx to get whopping amount in damages (NYDN) Three FDNY firefighters who survived the infamous Black Sunday tragedy more than a decade ago and the families of two Bravest who died were awarded $183 million by a Bronx jury. More here. * A Bronx jury’s decision to award $183 million in damages to five New York City firefighters caught in a deadly 2005 blaze could face more legal wrangling, as the city’s lawyers criticize the verdict and contemplate an appeal.

NYFD Exam Cheat Ring Exposed
A group of New York City firefighters taking a recent exam used cellphones during bathroom breaks to access the test’s answer key, and the city Department of Investigation is reviewing the incident, the Post writes: * A group of firefighters taking the recent FDNY lieutenants exam dashed off to the bathroom to access the answer key on their cellphones. The possible cheating scandal is under investigation.

'SHE'S A VERY INTELLIGENT WOMAN, VERY FOCUSED': Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro's new right-hand man is a woman — the first in FDNY history(NYDN)

The city fire commissioner’s new right-hand man is a gal — for the first time in FDNY history. Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said newly promoted Capt. Elizabeth Cascio would be the first female and first EMS member to hold the post as executive officer to the commissioner. “Certainly it’s not a bad example for the department that we’re moving in a different direction,” he said at a promotions ceremony in Brooklyn on Monday. “There’s a place in the department for everyone.”
New FDNY Commissioner praises the department's history, but vows big changes(NYDN)

New Fire Chief Push Diversity . . .  
Retired FDNY Chief of Department Daniel Nigro emerges as leading candidate for department’s top job: sources (NYDN) Mayor de Blasio is expected to name a new top firefighter any day now and Nigro, who was the top uniformed FDNY officer in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks, is considered the main contender.* Daniel Nigro, a retired fire chief credited with shepherding the FDNY through some of its darkest days on and after Sept. 11, 2001, will return to city government as the new fire commissioner.* Former New York City Fire Department official Daniel Nigro, who took control of rescue operations on Sept. 11 when the chief of the department was killed, is set to be named the department’s commissioner, The New York Times reports:  * De Blasio Set to Tap Insider for Fire Post(WSJ)* Councilwoman Crowley Wants Mayor to Add More Women to FDNY(Capital) * . says Nigro spearheaded merger of EMS into the Fire Dept and implementation of CompStat* Cuomo eyes potential new running mates(NYP) * Mayor Bill de Blasio named as fire commissioner Daniel Nigro, a retired FDNY fire chief who led the department after the 9/11 attacks claimed the life of his predecessor, Chief Peter Ganci, CBS New York reports: * City’s New Fire Commissioner Vows a Push for More Minorities in the Department(NYT) * Veteran Firefighter Is New FDNY Chief(WSJ)

A New Fire Commissioner(NYT)

The new chief in New York City has promised to end racial discrimination in the department, but it will take more than words to fight the entrenched problem.

FDNY commissioner has abused his subpoena power, lawyer says(NYP)

Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano has abused his power to obtain firefighters’ private phone records, a lawyer contends. Ron Kuby, who represents the United Firefighters Association, said the city code mandates...


  * New York City is giving $2,501 checks—not part of a $98 million settlement—to members of the Vulcan Society, which sued for FDNY discrimination, who sought separate emotional damage claims over the department’s hiring practices, the New York Post writes:

Payouts start flowing in FDNY discrimination suit(NYP)

FDNY Settlement of Racial Discrimination Lawsuit
City Officials Cheer $98 Million F.D.N.Y. Settlement(NYO) * A black firefighters’ group has settled with New York City a discrimination suit that will allow some 1,500 minority fire department applicants to be eligible to receive $98 million worth of back pay, the Associated Press writes:  * Fire sale(NYP Ed) In a deal announced Tuesday, the city agreed to shell out $98 million in back pay, medical benefits and interest to the suing firefighters. The payout comes in the wake of two other decisions in similar lawsuits: the city’s decision to drop an appeal of another federal court’s ruling against the NYPD on stop-and-frisk, and its move to settle the $250 million lawsuit brought by the five men who had their convictions for raping a Central Park jogger in 1989 overturned. The Post writes that following New York City’s settlement with a black firefighters group, it’s apparent the new team at City Hall consists of activists setting policy for uniformed services and a Law Department that is an ATM for giving public funds to plaintiffs* New York City Settles Lawsuit Accusing Fire Dept. of Racial Bias(NYT) As part of the settlement, which came after more than seven years of litigation, the city agreed to pay nearly $100 million in back pay and benefits.* It shoudn’t have taken so long(NYDN Ed) * A Fire Department for the 21st Century(NYT Ed) This week’s settlement ends a long, bitter battle, but more fixes are needed for a firehouse culture still rooted in the past.


 Nobody Owns Killer Firetrap building?

Wasn't me: Bank and investor both deny ownership of killer firetrap in Bronx(NYDN) * Service Marks 10 Years Since Deadly "Fathers Day Fire"(NY1)

 June 5, 2011

When It Comes to Firetraps City Agencies Have the Same Problem that the Intelligent Services Had Before 911 - Disconnected

Where is the Mayor or City Council Oversight On Firetraps?

Critical gaps that can spark disaster: City agencies often don't unite to fight firetraps(NYDN)

The Buildings, Fire and Housing Preservation departments have different missions that can work at cross purposes in the fight to eliminate deadly chopped-up apartments.  Records show that at times, all three agencies cross paths at the same building, yet somehow the suspected illegal apartments stay in place.



 June 9, 2011

Councilman Who Attacks Weak Inspection Laws of Firetrap Buildings Uses the Broken System for His Own Advantage
He Did It

Buildings Dept. probed apartment owned by pol Jumaane Williams in '08(NYDN)

What he didn't mention was that on May 30, 2008, someone called the city to claim there was an "illegal conversion of basement apartment" in a two-family Williams owned on E. 98th St. Inspectors showed up July 11, 2008, to find no one home. They slapped a notice on the door, demanding that the owner contact them immediately to arrange an inspection. The visit came three days after Williams filed papers saying he planned to run for Council. Records show Williams ignored the inspectors' request. Inspectors showed up again in September 2008 and left a second note. There's no record Williams responded.(NYDN)


 June 8, 2011

Another Crackdown on Illegal Apartments 

City Renews Crackdown On Illegal Apartments(NY1)




Every Time Fire Kills Because of Illegal Apartments The City Announces A Crack Down

A History of Broken Promises To Crack Down on Illegal Apartments
That makes 5 in last month. When will city get serious about carved up dwellings?

DOB responds to fatal Brooklyn fire with Twitter and flier ...Feb 25, 2011Bloomberg and Department of Buildings Commissioner Robert D. LiMandri announced on September 30, 2010 the results of an undercover operation to crack down on illegally converted dwellings and hold property owners accountable for putting potential tenants and first responders at risk. In June 2005 the Building Department announced Crackdown has begun on Middle Village illegal apartments * Wave of bogus illegal apartment conversion complaints hits Northeast Queens (December 28, 2009) * Pol wants probe of 3 fire deaths Cites illegal conversion of bldg. (2004)On Temporary Walls or Partitions * Black Sunday Two NYFD Died; super didn't know about illegal wall, tenant says ... (January 23, 2005)

On April 26 was the date of the last fire that killed because of illegal apartments and announcement by the city of another crack down  Drug dealers barred city inspectors from firetrap Bronx building despite complaints (NYDN) * After Fatal Fire, City Vows Crackdown on Illegal Apartments (NYT) * Efforts to close firetraps 'not enough,' Mayor Bloomberg says(NYDN) * Those responsible for the deaths of family in a Bronx firetrap must be brought to book (NYDN Ed)


It Happen Again Friday Night: Illegal Apartment Hotel Fire

Sunday Update  Building was an illegal hotel: officials (NYP) * Illegal Brooklyn boarding house went up in flames after hot plate sparked blaze (NYDN) * Out-of-town owner clueless burned Brooklyn house was a hotel (NYDN) * FDNY: Hot Plate Accident Caused Fatal Bushwick Fire (NY1) * DOB: No Evidence Of Illegal Walls At Site Of Fatal Brooklyn Fire (NY1) *Death house an illegal SRO (NYP) 

Bloomberg CYA Releases A Video of Illegal Hotel Crackdown 

 Illegal Hotel Crackdown  (Video)

Two Are Dead After a Fire in Brooklyn(NYT) *  Fire roars through Brooklyn home, killing two(NYP) * Two Dead In Bushwick Brownstone Fire (NY1)



It's turning out to be another bad year for deadly fires in illegal apartments in the city


Round Up the Usual Suspects: City Cracks Down on Illegal Hotels Again After Death Fire

Looks like the NYT Does Not Read For years papers have been waring about illegal apartment death traps. Today's NYT says the fire reveals the fire traps Fire Reveals Illegal Homes Hide in Plain Sight Death trap warnings over the years THE BATTLE OF tRICHMOND HILL llegal subdivisions are transforming suburban homes in Queens into modern-day tenements and fire-traps (City Limits 1998) * High demand for illegal Chinatown apartments (May 2007) * Bill Would Increase Penalties For Dividing Houses Illegaly (NYT 1997) * Queens Leads City in Complaints About Illegally Overcrowded Houses (2005) 


A Diversifying Fire Department

Minority-Dominated Class Graduates From New York Fire Academy(NYT) The new recruits are another stage in efforts to diversify the department, which have been met with hostility by some firefighters.

Race and the NYFD

Fire Officials Told to Watch for Bias as Rookies Report(NYT) The court-appointed monitor overseeing efforts to diversify the Fire Department has issued a report urging leaders to guard against possible discrimination against new black and Hispanic firefighters.
The newest batch of New York City firefighters graduated from the fire academy yesterday, with minorities making up 60 percent of the class, the most diverse class in department history, part of a court-ordered mandate to increase diversity, the Times reports:



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