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ACORN, NY Communities for Change, Spin Groups 413

A Fake Grassroots Movement to Support A Union Agenda 
Even while the union talks about backing a Republican who voted for U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, it cross-fertilizes progressive resentments against Cuomo, fueling tenant and other fires as if its self-interest agenda is part of a broad grassroots movement. That’s the scorched-earth backdrop to de Blasio’s blast. This is his labor allies’ attempt to punish Democrats who won’t do business with them on their terms. * As Cuomo & de Blasio feud, 25K homeless children sufferin nightmarish NYC shelters.  (Albany Project) * Protest held at fund-raiser fo@NYGovCuomo in #EastHampton

Who is Forming or Fueling Issues Groups to Spin the Press and Albany?  
2.  New Transit Group With Former Berlin Rosen Staffer Attacks Cuomo
Angry subway riders rip Cuomo over miserable commutes (NYP)  Angry subway riders ripped Gov. Cuomo on Sunday for what they called deteriorating transit service — and even made posters about their miserable commutes while calling for more funding for the MTA.  The advocacy group Riders Alliance collected stories about riders’ commutes from hell at the Atlantic Avenue- Barclays Center station in Brooklyn to share with Cuomo and the state legislature in Albany.“The subway service has been atrocious recently, and people get frustrated with the MTA,” said Alliance Executive Director John Raskin. “People need to take their frustrations to Gov. Cuomo and the state legislature.” Board of Directors of Riders Alliance

de Blasio and Communities for Change Joined At the Hip
New York Communities for Change has withdrawn an anti-charter school lawsuit, helping keep the group aligned with de Blasio’s position on charters 
Monday Update* Former ACORN group quits lawsuit against charter schools(NYP) Forced to choose between politics and its purported principles, the rebranded organization formerly known as ACORN has come down on the side of politics, critics charged Sunday.  But now that he’s been forced, as mayor, to make a nearly 180-degree change in his position, the group showed it’s still in his corner by withdrawing from an anti-charter lawsuit. “It’s hypocritical. It shows they’re not about the kids,” fumed Mona Davids, head of the NYC Parents Union and a plaintiff in the suit along with Public Advocate Letitia James, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and some 70 parents and advocates. “NYCC is more interested in playing inside politics than fighting for the best interests of children. They’re for the unions and special interests. They’ve become de Blasio surrogates. That’s why they pulled out of the lawsuit,” Davids claimed.

de Blasio Puppet Group Not Only Opposes Rangel But Works to Split the Harlem
New York Communities for Change Endorses Mike Walrondfor Congress(NYO)

A community organizing group close to Mayor Bill de Blasio has endorsed Pastor Mike Walrond’s bid to unseat Congressman Charlie Rangel. The influential group, formerly known as Acorn, is a staunch opponent of charters and praised Mr. Walrond for appearing at a rally opposing one of the co-locations of Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz’s schools. NYCC, backed and funded by several labor unions, achieved a degree of prominence after endorsing Mr. de Blasio’s mayoral bid early into last year’s race. They proved able to marshal ground troops on behalf of candidates in heavily minority areas like central Brooklyn and southeast Queens, but will be testing their clout this year in a district that spans uptown Manhattan and parts of the Bronx.* Walrond Gains Support of Early de Blasio backer(YNN) A community organizing group close to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has endorsed Pastor  Mike Walrond’s bid to unseat Rep. Charlie Rangel.
ACORN, NY Communities for Change

AQE, NY Communities For Change Target Avella - NY State o

NYCC, Reincarnated Acorn, Rises in de Blasio's New York(NYO)

  SEIU's[...] - Worker Centers

public relations firm Berlin Rosen and funded to the tune of $15 million by the Service ... DONATIONS KEY. Berlin. Rosen. NYCommunities for Change. United.

  Another registered lobbyist said to be helping the transition, Amelia Adams, the political and legislative director of New York Communities for Change, was also a paid adviser to Ms. Mark-Viverito's speaker campaign. Her organization is the successor to the once-influential ACORN, which was disbanded, reincarnated and renamed after some bad publicity.

  1. True News (The Bund): ACORN, NY Communities for Change

    Apr 9, 2014 - New York Communities for Change has withdrawn an anti-charter school .... The New Machine, Progressives, WFP, NYCC, Lobbyist (Advance, ...

  1. New York Communities For Change, Inc. - NYC Lobbyist ...

    New York City
    New York Communities For Change, Inc. 2-4 Nevins Street, 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11217. United States of America (347) 410-6919, 01/01/2013, 12/31/2013

Mayor Main Focus Building His New Political Machine, For Re-Election

Managing the City?
Mayor de Blasio leads cheers for car wash union drive - NY Daily NewsMayor de Blasio and the city's other top office holders threw the full support of city government behind the effort to unionize car wash workers Wednesday night.De Blasio headlined the Car Wash Workers Assembly hosted by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, which has own votes to unionize at eight car washes and aims to organize the whole industry.* The Nation reviewed Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s first 100 days in office. “The good news is that city government is controlled by a progressive mayor who is actually sticking to many of his campaign promises,” the publication writes. “Privately, people on the left who have dealt with the administration describe a level of disorganization more typical of campaigns than governments.” * At a Midtown event last night, Mr. de Blasio praised unionization efforts for car wash workers, NY1 reports. “It will be my honor to fight shoulder to shoulder with you,” he said. RWDSU President Stu Appelbaum praised the mayor in turn, declaring, “Our mayor is not just the leader of our city, but the leader of a movement.”* Mayor Shares Support for Campaign to Unionize Car Wash Workers in City(NY1)



Acorn 2.0, Inc (NY Communities for Change)

New Tammany Hall GOTV Field 2013
NYCC, Reincarnated Acorn, Rises in de Blasio’s New York(NYO)One of the country’s best known community organizing groups, it crumbled rapidly four years ago, after right-wing activists, posing as a pimp and prostitute, secretly filmed Acorn workers providing them tax advice. But it turns out that Acorn’s exile was only temporary. The very same agitators are now whispering into the open ear of the new mayor, under the name New York Communities for Change. NYCC, which is battling to raise the wages of low-income workers and eventually unionize them, increase affordable housing and beat back the charter school movement, is also entwined with the influential Working Families Party. n the early stages of the mayor’s race.* Housing Activists Rally At City Hall(NYDN) The "Real Affordability For All" launch includes leading progressive groups like Make the Road New York and New York Communities for Change, and is billing itself as the "largest affordable housing campaign in the city." The Black Institute was also paid $23,000 for polling last October by then-state Sen. Eric Adams' campaign for Brooklyn borough president. Mr. Adams faced token opposition for the seat and won handily.
Were the PACS, NYCC and WFP Working Together in the Primary in Violation of the CFB Spending Caps?
NYCC launched a valuable vote-pulling operation in minority neighborhoods where a gawky white candidate like Mr. de Blasio, even with a black wife, might not have held supreme appeal. A 501(c)(4) nonprofit that can participate in political activities without revealing its donors, NYCC has proven most potent in predominantly black areas in central Brooklyn and southeast Queens, where voter turnout is heavily Democratic and deceptively high.  Where the WFP begins and NYCC ends can be difficult to discern. The two organizations are headquartered in the same Nevins Street building, one floor apart. Jonathan Westin, the successor to Mr. Kest at NYCC, who died in 2012, sits on the WFP’s executive board. And their political aims, from unionizing fast food and car wash workers to combating the power of the real estate and banking industries, are all but identical.
The New Machine, Progressives, WFP, NYCC, Lobbyist (Advance, Pitta Bishop Del Giorno, Berlin Rosen)
Machine Coup D'etat
“It seems to me these folks are like the worker ants of the Working Families Party,” said one right-leaning nonprofit executive. “They’re kind of a nonprofit community front for the party.” Lending its ballot line, organized labor troops and dogged get-out-the-vote operation, many credit the WFP will helping to spearheaded the victories of the public advocate, comptroller, council speaker and various council members last year. NYCC’s own greatest coup of 2013 may have been helping crown the speaker of the City Council, ensuring that the group would have its phone calls returned by the two most powerful elected officials in the city. NYCC played a crucial, behind-the-scenes role. Rallying around her speakership candidacy early on, NYCC dedicated a top staffer. After her victory, Ms. Mark-Viverito would hire Ms. Adams as a senior adviser. Meanwhile, Ms. Lewis hasn’t disappeared from the scene entirely. While she has no official role with NYCC, she still uses the pronoun “we” when discussing the organization and remains one of Mayor de Blasio’s closet confidantes. * The New York City Council Finance Committee “lavished praise” on de Blasio’s budget proposal at a hearing, which reflects the “progressive” values the mayor and many Council members share, Crain’s writes:  * Crain's analyzes Lewis's support for opponents of waste transfer station after period of neutrality(AYO) In  Mayor's ally being paid to fight him, Crain's New York Business reports on the curious situation in which Bertha Lewis, head of the Black Institute and longtime friend/supporter of Mayor Bill de Blasio, is opposing mayoral efforts--which began under Mike Bloomberg and which de Blasio supports--to build a waste transfer station on the Upper East Side.* Mayor's ally being paid to fight him (CrainsNY) Instead of opposing the heavily favored Mr. de Blasio in the general election, however, Pledge 2 Protect hired the Advance Group, a Manhattan-based Democratic consulting firm that had just run a $1 million campaign to sink de Blasio rival Christine Quinn. Pledge 2 Protect also hired Ms. Lewis, who shares an office with the Advance Group and whose nonprofit is a client of it.




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