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Mayor de Blasio First 3 Months

NYT Sets Goals for de Blasio's Pre-K Sucess
NYT Left Out Any Mention of Pre-K Improving Education
Political Memo: De Blasio Betting On Pre-K to Succeed: The mayor has placed an increasingly large wager that his... (NYT) Now the onus falls on City Hall to deliver in five months a program that has taken other cities years to develop, and on which the mayor has placed an increasingly large wager that his early missteps will be forgotten, so long as his centerpiece plan proves a success. That calculus — that a grand policy achievement can wash away tough headlines — was repeated time and again by Mr. de Blasio’s advisers throughout his painful legislative fight in Albany, where the mayor was routinely outmaneuvered by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and lost his fight to raise taxes on wealthy New Yorkers.* State Protections for Charter Schools Threaten de Blasio’s Education Goals(NYT)Albany’s mandate that New York City find space for the schools may hamper Mayor Bill de Blasio’s agenda of invigorating traditional public schools.* Mixed Grades for de Blasio on State Budget(WSJ) * Mayor de Blasio talks up housing agenda, citing Domino and Hudson Yards as models(NYDN)* Mayor de Blasio insisted Sunday he’s not losing control over the school system, despite restrictions in the state budget on the city’s charter school policies, reports our Erin DurkinThe budget deal struck this weekend requires the city to give space to three charters whose co-locations in public school buildings de Blasio blocked, and bans charging charter schools rent — as de Blasio vowed to do during the campaign.* Bill de Blasio Reaffirms Liberal Vision at Clergy Assembly(NYO)

By Running the Council de Blasio Finds Success in Liberal Agenda

De Blasio has found ways to pursue his liberal agenda, with his efforts now turning to dropping a campaign begun under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg to block legislation that guarantees higher pay for development project workers
Despite Critics, de Blasio Finds Success in Pursuit of Liberal Agenda(NYT) In fits and starts, the mayor has steadily found ways to impose his liberalism onto New York City.
Sit happens! Kid can’t ‘stand’ wait for chronically-late de Blasio(NYP) Chronically tardy Mayor de Blasio met his match Thursday in little Jael Jesus Ramirez. Oblivious to protocol, the 4-year-old plunked himself down on the floor for a breather after the mayor arrived 45 minutes late to his very first bill signing * First Lady Chirlane McCray writes in the Amsterdam News that there is a moral obligation to provide all children with high-quality early education and after-school programs, which her husband, Bill de Blasio, is committed to delivering:

EAT IT UP!: Mayor de Blasio signs paid sick-leave bill at ice cream shop(NYDN) * NOW THAT'S RICH: Bernie Madoff says Mayor de Blasio has backwards financial vision for the city: ‘I’m not a great fan of redistribution of wealth’(NYDN) * Get a grip, Bill(NYDN) With high hopes, New Yorkers look forward to watching a new mayor rise to the challenge of running America’s largest city. Their message as Bill de Blasio finishes a third month in office: Uh-oh. Throwing 194 predominantly African-American and Hispanic children out of a charter school — one of the state’s highest performing middle schools of any kind — without a credible explanation took a toll. The public recoiled from de Blasio’s willingness to sacrifice kids to a “progressive” anti-charter stance and animosity toward charter network leader Eva Moskowitz.* The Daily News editorial board argues Mr. de Blasio “should reset his compass to the true north of pragmatism, come to grips with having graduated from carping public advocate and applause-seeking candidate to chief executive, and find a wise adviser capable of saying, ‘That’s just nuts, Mr. Mayor.’”* ‘Chronically Tardy’ de Blasio Dismisses Lateness Complaints as ‘Noise’(NYO) * Mayor de Blasio blames lateness on ‘unexpected things’(NYDN)

Did de Blasio Just Blink on Pre-K?

Tuesday Update * The Daily News writes that New York City should be within shouting distance of universal prekindergarten now that Mayor Bill de Blasio appears to be heading toward defeat on his plan to tax the rich to fund it

Monday De Blasio will drop pre-K tax plan if state gives $530M for next 5 years(NYP) While insisting he still prefers his imperilled tax plan, de Blasio made it explicit that he would accept another plan that guarantees the $530 million a year for five years he needs to fund universal pre-K and after school programs for middle school students.
Did de Blasio just blink on the pre-K tax? Looks like it. (Did I just blink on my pledge never to use 'did X blink'?)  * De Blasio: I'd Accept "Verifiable" Alternative To Pre-K Tax Plan (NYP) * De Blasio Shifts Tune on Pre-K Funding, Would Now Accept State Cash(NYO)  

Rudy Giuliani Looking to Attack de Blasio
“Giuliani: de Blasio taking city ‘in the wrong direction’”

Rudy's Daily Press Attacks
"The city was on a very good course.. and he's kind of turned it around." Watch Greg and with Rudy Giuliani he dishes on Charters, Carriage Horses and * Rudy Giuliani Weighs In On Carriage Horses, de Blasio's Job Performance | New York Daily News * * Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani pushed back against the de Blasio proposal to ban horse and carriage rides, saying that when horses bred to work are put on farms, they die, the Daily News reports: 

While he hasn’t always been eager to disclose his conversations with business leaders, de Blasio has enjoyed using ABNY breakfasts to bolster his image as a progressive leader bringing a challenging message to what he describes as an unreceptive audience. His plan to tax rich New Yorkers in order to fund his education agenda was unveiled at an October 2012 ABNY breakfast.

de Blasio Flip Flops on 911 Dispatch Contract

Intergraph Corp has paid Mercury Public Affairs Over $1,000,000 Dollars
De Blasio to sign with 911 firm he criticized(Capital) 
The Mayor's Office of CItywide Emergency Communications (OCEC) intends to enter into a contract with Intergraph Corp. to provide a computerized dispatch system for the FDNY, according to an announcement in the City Record. Intergraph is the same company de Blasio asked the Department of Investigation to probe when he was running for mayor last year after its software used by police dispatchers failed. In a July 2 letter to former Department of Investigation commissioner Rose Gill Hearn, de Blasio cited a Daily News article detailing problems with the Integraph Computer Aided Dispatch (ICAD) system built by Intergraph and used by 911 operators to assign police officers to emergencies.

de Blasio Stick With His Friends
New de Blasio aide has history of vulgar tweets(NYP) A foul-mouthed former campaign aide to the mayor who was previously scolded for her Twitter rants against the NYPD and NAACP was quietly hired as the mayor’s new co-director of community affairs in Brooklyn. Kicy Motley was spotted by The Post last week cheering on de Blasio at the mayor’s first bill-signing ceremony in Brooklyn.  Twitter rants:  “NYPD fatally shoot knife-wielding man in Times Square. (VIDEO) F–k. The. Police” Motley wrote on Aug. 11, 2012, after cops shot Darrius Kennedy, 51. -  She slammed the NAACP in January 2013 for siding with drink companies against Bloomberg’s soda ban: “@NAACP aka corporate d–k riders. Standing with soda makers for a few bucks.” * "De Blasio slow to make police-oversight appointment" (Capital) “[D]e Blasio has yet to name anyone to lead the Civilian Complaint Review Board, whose last chairman, Daniel Chu, stepped down on Jan. 1.”

Nobody Likes de Blasio's Policies
Quinnipiac Poll: Most New Yorkers Don’t Support De Blasio’s Policies(WCBS)  Only 14 percent of New York City voters said the mayor should cut the number of charter schools. Forty percent said the city should add more charters while 39 percent supported the number staying the same. Meanwhile, 64 percent of those surveyed said de Blasio should not ban carriage horses, compared 24 percent who said he should. De Blasio has vowed to shut down the industry, saying it’s inhumane to keep horses in modern-day Manhattan. The Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday says voters prefer Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to pay for prekindergarten from the state budget over de Blasio’s plan to raise taxes on the rich by a margin of 54 percent to 35 percent.

On Morning Joe BDB has Clearly Lost Control of the Education Narrative

Tense Moments in de Blasio’s TV Interview(NYT)
Scarborough, Brzezinski Confront de Blasio: Is Charter School Campaign ‘Personal’? (VIDEO) Morning Joe played a clip of a fiery de Blasio during the campaign arguing that Moskowitz had an excess of money and political influence behind her, both of which would end when he was in office. Brzezinski pointed out that as Moskowitz’s schools were the first he went after, the policy seemed “personal,” a word the morning show hosts invoked four different times. “We approved five Success Academy schools for co-location in this round — we disagreed with three, we approved of five and by the way, we approved fourteen charter schools out of seventeen applications,” de Blasio countered. “I do think the facts matter a lot here. The bottom line is, we’ve got to fix the whole school system, so charters play a role in that. But a lot of other things have to happen. The schools on the receiving end matter too.” “What don’t you like about Eva Moskowitz?” Scarborough pressed. “That statement seemed very personal.”* De Blasio confronts charter-boosting ‘Morning Joe’ hosts(Capital)

Morning Joe’ Cast Grills de Blasio Over Charter Schools(NYO) “I don’t understand your positions on charters,” stated Mr. Scarborough. “The waiting list is 50,000. And it’s not a bunch of rich kids from Manhattan that want to get in there, it’s some of the poorest, most disadvantaged children of colors.” Ms. Brzezinski further brought up Mr. de Blasio’s 16-year-old son, Dante, as she inquired about some charter co-locations recently canceled by the de Blasio administration. “Let me ask it this way mayor: With all due respect, your son goes to–is it Brooklyn Tech? Has a $13 million endowment, it’s a highly-selective school; you’re very excited, I’m sure, that he goes there. If you found out that he wasn’t going there next year, wouldn’t you want to know what the plan was? Do you think you played this out in a way that might not have been effective?” she asked. Mr. de Blasio failed to persuade the skeptical hosts, however, and he was soon pressed on his hostility towards the charter movement and whether he had a personal beef with charter school leader Eva Moskowitz. (Speaking on the same program, Ms. Moskowitz extensively bashed Mr. de Blasio’s charter policy last week.)“There is no hostility,” countered Mr. de Blasio.“It does look like there is …” began Mr. Scarborough.“‘Looks like’ is an important word,” Mr. de Blasio interjected with a laugh. *  Lawsuits are expected to be filed—in New York City and Albany—against New York City for the de Blasio administration’s decision to reverse charter school co-locations, the New York Post writes: 

Parents at 3 NYC Charter Schools filing suit to stop "evictions" by DeBlasio Admin. * Moskowitz on filing lawsuit: can't leave families in the lurch. Says co-locations halted without public process. * Fariña says to ‘stay tuned’ on Harlem Success space(Capital)Mayor pressures through minority voters * Sources: Charter School Parents To File Lawsuits Against De Blasio (CBS) * Mayor de Blasio gets hit with 3 new charter school lawsuits (NYP) * What's missing from de Blasio's analysis: School quality (NYDN) The mayor and Chancellor Fariña are missing the crucial point that student learning matters most* Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Common Core panel wants to restrict how much time can be used teaching to the tests, limit standardized testing to those above second grade, and end the inBloom contract.

NYC's Teacher Retention Better
 Mayor Robin Hood Needs A Make Over
Can De Blasio Be Less Blah? The Mayor Who Needs a Makeover (Daily Beast) From charter schools to snow-clearing controversies to taxing the rich to pay for pre-K, Bill de Blasio has had a rough first few months as New York’s Mayor. To rehabilitate his battered public image, he needs to do more than take selfies on the steps of City Hall.




NYT No More Campaign Manager Mayor
A Hard Turn(NYT)The New York Times writes that while more bumps can be expected in the immediate future of Bill de Blasio’s mayoralty, now is the time for him to transition from campaigning to leadership.
De Blasio's Albany team doesn't issue bill memos supporting/opposing dozens of bills affecting NYC. Guidance needed.(NYDN) * The Times editorial board criticized Mr. de Blasio’s governing style: “A student driver with eyes fixed on the speedometer also has to remember the clutch, the yellow light, the double-parked car and that guy on the bike. Driving the city will eventually come more easily to this mayor, but for now, expect the forward motion to come with lurching and bumps.” *Bill de Blasio’s war for poverty(NYP) * Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fight with charter school executive Eva Moskowitz has all the markings of a petulant tyrant holding low-income students hostage, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal writes in the Post:

NYT Mayor Turn Down the Divisive Charter Rhetoric
Charter Schools(NYT) The mayor has hardly waged “war” on charter schools, but he does need to tone down the divisive rhetoric. * Send in the ‘ban bossy’ brigade for De Blasio(NYP) Here’s hoping Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg brings her “Ban Bossy” campaign to New York. Maybe she can get Mayor de Blasio to find a healthier response to Eva Moskowitz, and to end his war on charter schools and the children whose lives have been ever changed by them.  * De Blasio criticized former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts, saying the city needs to do better, The Wall Street Journal reports: * De Blasio’s costly education victory(Capital) Even as de Blasio is denied the credit he deserves for this substantive achievement, the political cost he pays will be significant. * Crain’s New York Business asked some P.R. experts what advice they would give Mr. de Blasio. ”I think he needs a communications director,” said James Vlasto. ”Be on time,” said Davidson Goldin. “Reporters have bosses breathing down their necks to file.” “Ignore it, because people remain very solidly with him on the issues,” said Matt Hiltzik.

Everyman Snow Shoveling: 7:00 - 7:15 AM Action

The Spin - De Blasio’s schedules show that his snow shoveling appearances at the onset of his tenure were planned out beforehand, though a spokesman said the mayor was just fulfilling his obligation to keep his sidewalk clear. “Hizzoner’s schedule, obtained by The Post under a Freedom of Information Act request, shows the snow clearing was blocked out beforehand — and even planned from the outset to include his popular son’s cameo.” De Blasio planned ‘snow shoveling’ shows at home (NYP)Hizzoner’s schedule, obtained by The Post under a Freedom of Information Act request, shows the snow clearing was blocked out beforehand — and even planned from the outset to include his popular son’s cameo.“7:00 – 7:20 am: Snow Shoveling Front of Residence with Dante de Blasio,” reads the mayor’s schedule on January 3. A separate entry on January 22, following another blanketing of the city, shows a shorter shoveling shift was planned: “7:00-7:15 AM SNOW SHOVELING.” * Dowd de Blasio in Your Face Style While they may share some Democratic ideologies, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s soft-spoken, calm style contrasts with that of de Blasio, who has been highly visible and abrasive and obsessive about pre-K  Another Tale of Two Cities(Dowd, NYT)

Using Hollywood to Improve Ratings

Main Ingredient in Mayor’s TV Cameo: Ham(NYT)
Mayor de Blasio made a cameo appearance on the CBS television show “The Good Wife.” Last night, Bill de Blasio made a cameo appearance on The Good Wife, appearing on a taxi cab video screen that won’t turn off. “It took two or three takes,” Mr. de Blasio told The New York Times, with a laugh. “They were surprised at how quickly I could get to over-the-top obnoxious.”* Buscemi Trains de Blasio For Inner Circle(YNN) * Inner Circle Schlep Video: Steve Buscemi Trains Bill de Blasio Ahead Of 'Inner Circle' Show

Does de Blasio Love NY?

De Blasio's sales tactics are a far cry from Mayor Michael Bloomberg's. Bloomberg was a relentless cheerleader for the five boroughs De Blasio Doesn't Give City Ringing Endorsement During Trip to Chicago(NY1) One of the most important jobs of a mayor is selling his or her city to the world, but Mayor Bill de Blasio was elected with the message that things need to change in the five boroughs, which makes selling New York much trickier, and during his trip to Chicago this week, he declined to give New York a ringing endorsement.Gov Carey started the  I Love New York campaign * De Blasio in Chicago: Way, Way Too Much Public Focus on Charter School Wars.(NYDN)
* Meet ‘Oblasio’: De Blasio’s turning into Obama’s twin(Goodwin, NYP) Ending the worst week of his mayoralty — his next good week will be his first — de Blasio got poll-whacked, with his job-approval rating sinking to 39 percent. Only black New Yorkers give him even 50 percent, and he’s under a majority in each of the five boroughs, according to the Wall Street Journal/WNBC/Marist survey. His habit of lecturing and his belief that talking is the same as doing make him a twin of President Obama. Think of them as “Oblasio.

Charter to File Lawsuit Against Mayor
 Breaking Source: Success Charter parents to file federal civil rights complaint against for charter school eviction. * De Blasio slapped with suit over charter schools(NYP) A federal civil rights lawsuit will be filed against de Blasio for cancelling the co-location of Success Academy IV Central Harlem middle school with a neighboring public school, a source said. Two legal complaints also will be filed with state Education Commissioner John King to try to reverse City Hall’s decision to prevent two new Success Academy charter elementary schools from opening at the Murry Bergtraum HS facility in downtown Manhattan and the August Martin HS complex in southeast Queens. * Who Is Behind the Pro-Charter Schools Group Fighting de Blasio?(WNYC)  * Charter School Parents Say De Blasio’s Plan Will Violate Kids’ Civil Rights (WCBS) * .: "We in this community, more than anybody, needs to be concerned about the issue" (Capital) * NAACP Statement on outrageous Eva Moskowitz lawsuit against Mayor de Blasio: * Mayor and allies on pre-K and, gingerly, Cuomo(Capital) * De Blasio Administration Spreads Pre-K Message to Churches * A Study Seeks to Determine What Makes Prekindergarten Successful(NYT) The study will follow 4,000 children to see if curriculum can create lasting improvement in students’ skills and a likelihood to persevere academically.

Slow Transition, Shorris Defends His Boss

Tuesday Update Deputy mayor: charter expansion could lead to ‘privatized’ school system(NYP) * Shorris heralds a housing-health mix at LICH(Capital)

Monday  Tony Shorris admits at Crain's breakfast forum that 's transition has been "a bit slower than some"* Deputy mayor Tony Shorris, listing de Blasio campaign pledges fulfilled so far, cites living wage expansion... but he hasn't done that yet. First dept mayor Tony Shorris downplays the "Sturm und Drang" the de Blasio administration has faced over charter colocations."No one group of children & no one group of charter operators can be privileged over others," Shorris says, defending co-location decisions.Re financing pre-K, Shorris doesn't mention Cuomo, but says "some folks of means unwilling to give up the latte a day to pay" for pre-K.* . to Tony Shorris: is there a danger of group think? (If all share progressive "values" & "reading off same script") * Shorris: "There'll be arguments about taxes...I don’t believe those are fundamentally the core of why [businesses] make location decisions." * Shorris suggests some advocates are using charters "as a lever to undermine public education in America."* Deputy mayor cites tough ‘criteria’ as cause of slow transition(Capital) * De Blasio Deputy Acknowledges Hiring Process Has Been a ‘Bit Slower Than Some’ (Politico) * De Blasio Deputy Mayor Praises ‘Terrific’ Press Team in Face of Criticism(NYO)

A Campaign Manager Mayor's Communications Problems
de Blasio Communications Problem Has to Do With His Campaign Manager Background, Attitude and Policies

The Campaign Manager Mayor Speaks 
De Blasio: I think the Democratic process tends to yield resolution in all matters(WSJ)

City and State blames the fact that Mr. de Blasio’s press shop is filled with campaign holdovers with limited government experience. Some said Mr. de Blasio’s press team “has too many ‘true believers’ and not enough sober, experienced voices in the press office.” Staffers have to “let the Kool-Aid wear off a little bit,” said Leland Jones, a press secretary for David Dinkins. Mayoral Media Growing Pains Not Unique To De Blasio * de Blasio’s growing administration. The New York Times reported the mayor has been picking liberal activists over managers for city posts. “In Bill de Blasio’s City Hall, it seems more and more, there is only a left wing,” they wrote, noting, “The mayor, who advanced in politics by grass-roots organizing, has built a team filled with former activists — figures more accustomed to picketing administrations or taking potshots from the outside than working from within.”

In October the New York Times asked Bill de Blasio what a mayor’s resume should look like.
His response contained many words, but the nut of it was this: “It’s about ability to communicate. It’s about clarity of vision and ability to sense what’s going on on-the-ground, and listen.” * Dinkins spox Leland Jones said that ’s press team “needs to let the Kool-Aid wear off a little bit.” (City and State)

The Associated Press reports on how Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s “ambitious agenda to fight income inequality … has taken a backseat in recent weeks to a series of political stumbles that have become tabloid fodder and shaken his everyman image.” The wire argued that, “ironically, the strength behind de Blasio’s mayoral campaign”–his remarkable message discipline–”may have produced some weakness in his first two months in office.” * Bill Cunningham, a former communications director for ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg argued in the story that Mr. de Blasio’s young staff have had particular “trouble taking a story and keeping it a one-day story.” De Blasio spokesman Phil Walkzak acknowledged the bumps, but dismissed their impact: “We live in a town and a culture where things can become distractions,” he told the outlet. “But I will say I do not think these hiccups have distracted from our larger policy agenda.”

de Blasio Hires His Election Lawyer
Lawyer Who Convinced the BOE to Put de Blasio Back on the Ballot in 2009 After He Made A Mistake is Not A Special Adviser to the Mayor
.Henry Berger, a longtime New York City election lawyer, has been hired by the de Blasio administration as special assistant corporation counsel and adviser to the mayor, a position in which he will provide legal counsel to the mayor and staff at City Hall. The hiring reunites the mayor with Berger, who played a key role in ensuring that then-councilman Bill de rBlasio had a spot on the 2009 public advocate ballot—although Berger was also responsible for de Blasio being kicked off in the first place. In July of 2009, the Board of Elections initially ruled that de Blasio made an error on the cover sheet for his ballot petitions—listing 131 volumes of petitions when there were really 132. On "Good Day New York" several days later, de Blasio said, "Our lawyer...just did his math wrong," referring to Berger. At the time, Berger stated that in 35 years practicing election law, he had never seen such a case. The Board of Elections eventually voted unanimously to allow de Blasio on the ballot, and he went on to win the public advocate's race, using the office as a launching pad for his 2013 run at City Hall.

NYT Mayor's Appointments More Left Than Managers

Aides say [BDB] works backward in his hiring process...identifying a candidate who shares his political philosophy..De Blasio Picks More Liberal Activists Than Managers for City Posts(NYT) In Bill de Blasio’s City Hall, it seems more and more, there is only a left wing. The mayor, who advanced in politics by grass-roots organizing, has built a team filled with former activists — figures more accustomed to picketing administrations or taking potshots from the outside than working from within. His administration is heavily populated with appointees best known for the fights they have fought.* In a letter to the editor, Mr. de Blasio’s press secretary, Phil Walzak, took issue with a New York Times story that framed City Hall hires as more activist-oriented than managerial, pointing to a previous Times story that said “the mayor’s recruitment process has ‘a pronounced bent toward candidates with deep experience’ and that ‘the lengthy résumés of Mr. de Blasio’s picks have earned him praise.’” * The Nation also took issue with the same report, writing “what is definitely off-target is the notion, which the Times repeated Saturday but certainly didn’t invent, that ‘more managerial’ appointees are somehow ideologically neutral. This misconception underlay a lot of the skewed analysis of the Bloomberg administration, which was seen as apolitical.”

Mayor Moves on Cop Lawsuits
De Blasio switches sides to ditch cop suit(NYP)Mayor de Blasio one-upped his vow to ditch the city’s legal challenge to a law that exposes cops to civil suits for racial profiling by announcing Monday that he would, in effect, switch sides to defeat the bid. De Blasio asked Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh to swap out the mayor’s position from plaintiff to defendant in the case.

More Mayoral Appointments Fit His Mold of Liberal Activists
Mayor Names Immigrant Affairs, School Construction Leaders(NY1) * New HRA Commissioner a Thorn in Side of Past Mayors (City and State) One former Dinkins official who served on BdB transition was "floored" re: Banks pick considering his past battles:* Mayor Names Human Resources, Immigrant Affairs, School Construction Leaders(NY1) * Mayor De Blasio Appoints Former Rival Steven Banks To Top City Post(NYDN) * Litigant Against Social Welfare Agency Will Be Its Leader(NYT) * De Blasio picks ex-thorn to run HRA(NYP)* Diverse Cabinet  Mayor Bill de Blasio has so far fulfilled his campaign promise for a diverse cabinet, but several positions are open 

Sanitation Commissioner Doherty Resigns

Kathryn Garcia to head Sanitation
NYC Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty resigns; last day on job will be March 28.* De Blasio Appoints Kathryn Garcia Next Sanitation Commissioner (NY1)* NYC's newly appointed sanitation commissioner began her career as an intern in the department *   Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty stepping down this month |(SI Advance) *De Blasio’s sanitation commissioner tenders resignation(Capital)

So Long, Road Salt. Hello, Sun and Sand.(NYT) * Sanitation Department Commissioner retiring(NYDN) * City Sanitation Commissioner Doherty Resigns (WSJ) * Sanitation Commissioner Stepping Down at End of the Month(NY1) * New Sanitation Department boss Kathryn Garcia: I ‘love’ garbage(NYDN) * De Blasio names new sanitation chief(Capital) Kathryn Garcia will serve as the city’s next sanitation commissioner, a day after John Doherty’s resignation* New Sanitation Commissioner Faces Challenges(WNYC) * Capital New York looked at the “de Blasio way to clean a street” in light of his new sanitation commissioner pick, Kathryn Garcia: “A reporter asked how the de Blasio sanitation department would actually differ from the Bloomberg sanitation department. ’I want to talk about it in terms of where we want to go,’ de Blasio said.”

 Mayoral Control of the Schools Expires Next Year De Blasio’s antics puts mayoral control over schools at risk(NYP Ed) The law that gives the mayor control expires next year. This question fairly jumps out from Eva Moskowitz’s appeal to the state education commissioner to fight the denial of co-location to one of her Success Academies. The filing is being made on behalf of 19 parents of current and prospective pupils of a Success charter school in Harlem.* * A study of prekindergarten practices is being conducted as New York City and the state debate universal pre-K proposals, with the results possibly being used to shape a program in the city and elsewhere, The New York Times writes:  * UFT says that if New York City doesn’t raise teachers’ salaries in the upcoming contract negotiations, there could be an exodus of educators to the suburbs for higher-paying jobs, the Post writes: * While some educators fight hard for charter schools, some top charter officials are making close to or more than schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña’s $212,000 per year, The New York Times’ Michael Powell writes: * "Eva Moskowitz is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s problem now." (NY Mag)

Big Stop and Frisk Win for the Mayor

Stop-and-frisk case going back to Manhattan judge(NYP) The de Blasio administration scored a big win in the city’s stop-and-frisk case on Friday when a federal appeals panel passed it back to a Manhattan judge — potentially fast-tracking an anticipated settlement deal between the new mayor and plaintiffs, and snubbing city police unions in the process. The new mayor had asked the panel to formerly withdraw the city’s appeal made by the Bloomberg administration late last year and move the case back to Torres in the hopes of soon reaching a settlement with the plaintiffs.* Appeals court stops NYPD unions' bid to halt de Blasio's stop-frisk deal(NYDN)

Opening Hand: Union Contract Dance

HIGH-STAKES: Mayor de Blasio pushes for healthcare savings in exchange for pay raises with city union contract talks(NYDN) de Blasio is pushing for healthcare savings in exchange for pay raises as he negotiates with the city’s unions, which are looking for more than $7 billion in retroactive pay increases * * While critics are blasting de Blasio for reforming stop-and-frisk, pushing for a tax on the rich to fund prekindergarten and aiming to reform the charter school system, those are exactly the stances that got him elected, the Daily News’s Denis Hamill writes * Though he’s a largely unknown candidate outside of Westchester County, there is no turning back for County Executive Rob Astorino now that he has announced his run for governor, the Journal News’s Phil Reisman writes: *City laboring to find health care deals(NYDN)

The Irish Political Disconnect

Amid Mayoral Missteps, Irish Eyes Are Rolling in New York City(NYT) The city’s Irish, long accustomed to an outsize role in political life, are feeling left out. And the affronts, according to Irish officials and civic leaders, have quickly added up. * In the same paper, Irish civic leaders complained about Mr. de Blasio’s “mayoral affronts.” “Irish leaders say they do not believe Mr. de Blasio has deliberately set out to provoke them,” the Times notes, however. “The missteps do not come from malice, but basically from total inexperience,” commented Brian O’Dwyer. De Blasio’s relationship with New York City’s dwindling, yet still significant Irish community is not good, thanks to several early missteps. His aides are scrambling to make amends.* Bratton Says He Marched to Honor NYPD Tradition, Not Against Gay Groups (WNYC) * Mayor de Blasio honors Irish on St. Patrick's Day, but skips parade(NYDN) * Without Mayor, St. Patrick's Day Parade Marches On(WSJ) * The St. Patrick’s Day roasting of Bill de Blasio(Capital) On Monday night, at the Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick’s annual dinner, the mention of de Blasio’s name drew boos from the 2,000-plus crowd at the Sheraton, according to an attendee. The president of the organization, John Walton, joked that horses were not the only animal de Blasio was concerned about protecting. “Mayor de Blasio is not here because he's meeting with PETA to figure out how the Easter Bunny is being exploited,” Walton said, according to an attendee.

St. Patrick’s Day Parades

If gays want to march in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, they should be able to, and that’s why New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is right choose to not attend in protest of the restriction, Maureen Dowd writes in The New York Times: * Though de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito won’t march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton will still join revelers in the annual march, the Daily News writes

Instead of marching in the official St. Patrick’s Day parade, de Blasio decided to march in the “St. Patrick’s Day Parade for All” in Queens on Sunday instead, celebrating the event’s “inclusion, diversity, unity”
 Bratton Not Following Boss’s Lead on Parade(NYT) * The eyes are smiling(NYDN) The commissioner puts his best foot forward * De Blasio joined the gay-friendly St. Pat's For All Parade in Queens Sunday, saying the parade celebrates inclusion(WNBC)* The nyccouncil had the largest contingent ever of council members marching in this year's * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has upset some members of the Irish community by failing to appoint an Irish liaison, taking on the Central Park carriage industry and choosing the gay-friendly St. Patrick’s for All parade today over the Rockaway parade – among other things.* De Blasio marches in gay-friendly St. Patrick’s Day parade(NYP) * de Blasio says he rejected Rockaway parade bec it's not "inclusive" Didn't stop him marching last year!* Boycott of St. Patrick’s Day Parade Puts Mayor in Middle(NYT) Mayor Bill de Blasio’s refusal to march in the event has left him caught between the city’s traditional Irish enclaves and the progressive advocates emboldened by his leftward leanings.* De Blasio marches in alternative, gay-friendly St. Patrick's Day parade:(TPM) * New York mayor out of step with St Patrick's Day march over anti-gay ban(Guardin)

Guinness Gay Parade Protest
Guinness Withdraws Sponsorship of St. Patrick’s Day Parade(NYT) The decision, brought about by the event’s ban on public expression of gay pride, was applauded by gay rights groups that had threatened to boycott the company’s products.* LGBT groups can’t march in Manhattan’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, so neither will de Blasio.(WNYC) * Catholic Group Calls for Guinness Boycott(NYO)


Tuesday's Education War Update

Team Mayor Hits Pause 
in Albany

Thursday Update
Teachers union warns of suburbs exodus if salaries don’t rise(NYP)

An ally comes forward, another steps back(Capital) Assembly plans to include it in a preliminary budget plan, potentially giving the mayor some leverage to negotiate a better deal with Andrew Cuomo. After a weekend building momentum for the plan through rallies and church visits, a union that supported de Blasio's mayoral bid scrapped its plans for a radio ad urging voters to support the pre-K effort, Capital has learned.  De Blasio's wife, Chirlane McCray, abruptly canceled a planned trip to the state capitol Tuesday to lobby lawmakers for the proposal. And the mayor himself reiterated that he would accept state funding in lieu of the permission to hike taxes, as long as the funding is sufficient. The Professional Staff Congress, a union representing CUNY faculty, confirmed it has canceled its planned ad campaign on Albany radio stations.* Cindy Adams on Eva Moskowitz: "She loves the attention. Loves every little bitch of it."(NYP, Page 6) *Surprise guest at charter operators' second meeting with city: de Blasio himself * Team de Blasio Diane Ravitch penned a Huffington Post column criticizing the “smear campaign” against Mr. de Blasio. Ms. Ravitch writes, “De Blasio did not abandon charters or evict children from charters. The attacks on him are a power play by charter operators, specifically Moskowitz, to restore the good old days of the Bloomberg administration, when her requests were never turned down.”

New Gangs of New York Vs Mayor 
If  Qui-Gon Jinn, “Priest” Vallon and the Princess Are Going to Win For Their Cause, They Must Expose the Corruption Done to the 2013 Elections By the Evil Advance Group PAC Empire
 Mayor's Gang A war on children(NYP Ed)Mayor de Blasio now promises to help charter students whose schools he took away only a few weeks ago. But the Charter War he’s been waging isn’t ending — it’s escalating. And it’s not just de Blasio and his schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña. These kids are going up against an entire city establishment. Take Letitia James. On Saturday, the public advocate vowed to move ahead with her own offensive: a lawsuit against other co-locations. City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has also signed on to this suit. And James is also threatening to ask the court to delay the charters’ admissions lottery, which would wreak havoc on tens of thousands of New York City families. * ‘Morning Joe’ Takes a Third Pass at de Blasio’s Charter Policy(Capital) This morning’s show featured a handful of young children learning as they would at their embattled Success Academy charter school: playing chess, solving multi-step fraction problems, making molecular models and, for one student, “doing some writing before she dances.” * A charter-driven space crunch, presented two ways(Capital) In co-location debate, de Blasio and Moskowitz both find alternatives ‘unconscionable’* Charter schools need affordable housing, too(NYP Ed) * While a blind eye was turned to some Bloomberg-era school policies—and negative ones were cheered—everyone from the governor to charter backers wants to stop Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plans to reform charter schools, the Daily News’s Juan Gonzalez writes: * Listen: Charter school leader Eva Moskowitz finds feud with de Blasio "bizarre" and sees herself as advocate   *    The kind of press de Blasio got from that mommy blogger event:

de Blasio Flip Flops on 911 Dispatch Contract

Intergraph Corp has paid Mercury Public Affairs Over $1,000,000 Dollars
De Blasio to sign with 911 firm he criticized(Capital) 
The Mayor's Office of CItywide Emergency Communications (OCEC) intends to enter into a contract with Intergraph Corp. to provide a computerized dispatch system for the FDNY, according to an announcement in the City Record. Intergraph is the same company de Blasio asked the Department of Investigation to probe when he was running for mayor last year after its software used by police dispatchers failed. In a July 2 letter to former Department of Investigation commissioner Rose Gill Hearn, de Blasio cited a Daily News article detailing problems with the Integraph Computer Aided Dispatch (ICAD) system built by Intergraph and used by 911 operators to assign police officers to emergencies.

Mayoral Appointments

. appts Joseph Ponte for Correction, Ana Bermudez for Probation, Elizabeth Glazer for Crim Just, Vincent Schiraldi as adviser * Bill de Blasio Appoints Host of Criminal Justice Positions(NYO) * NYC's 1st deputy mayor acknowledged Monday that BdB has been slower on appointments than predecessors. He said it's best to get it right. Ana Bermudez, new NYC Probation commish, is native of Puerto Rico who went to & *

Is the Mayor's and Governors Charter Fight Splitting the City Minorities Apart?

The Divider Mayor Over Race?
De Blasio pressures Cuomo through minority voters(Capital) Mayor and allies do church circuit for pre-K* After a battering, de Blasio allies begin to organize against Success(Capital)

Mayor's Neighbors Save on Property Tax
De Blasio’s neighborhood among city’s top property tax savers(NYP)Small-home owners in Carroll Gardens and Park Slope are saving an average of $10,760 per year on their property-tax bills — the biggest benefit outside Manhattan — thanks to byzantine rules, an analysis has found.The savings are largely due to caps on tax hikes for one-, two- and three-family homes enacted decades ago.

de Blasio Goes to the Bullpen

Mayor de Blasio will keep Bloomberg's Bullpen(NYDN) Despite criticizing it during his campaign, de Blasio and his aides have concluded it will be too expensive to replace the open-air style office space at City Hall known as the Bullpen

More on Mayor de Blasio 
Mayoral Transition Timeline


"Mayor's Approval Rating Hits 39 %: Poll” (WSJ)

Job performance rating: 10%, excellent; 29%, good; 37% fair; 20% poor
Poll: NYers approve of the way has handled snowstorm streak, not as happy about school closing decisions. Poll: 's approval rating highest in the Bronx, lowest in Manhattan * WSJ/NBC/Marist Poll: 43% said BdB changing NYC for better; 20% say negative impact; 25% say no impact.* Want boroughs? Bronx, 44%, approve; Brooklyn, 43%; Queens/SI, 36%; Manhattan, 30%.* Poll showed racial divide. Approval rating among black voters, 50%; 45%, Latino; 30%, white. How is the first lady doing? 52% have a positive view of her; 29%, unfavorable; 29% never heard of her or unsure.How did BdB do w/ snow management: 56% satisfied. But 50% said decision on canceling school wasn't good.* New Yorkers Not Too Impressed With Mayor De Blasio's First Two Months On The Job(NYDN) *Cuomo More Popular Than De Blasio in NYC, Polls Show(SNAINFO)

Ouch: BdB falls from 73% of vote to 39% job approval. Partly due to expected tabloid hazing of any lib + self-wounding stumbles/spin/'tude.
* At a forum with other big city mayors in Chicago, de Blasio focused on political philosophy in talking about the beginning of his mayoralty while others discussed more specific points of municipal maintenance, the Times reports:--The Times’ Michael Grynbaum, also in Chicago, described a lofty de Blasio, saying he “left the nuts-and-bolts details of municipal maintenance to his peers, preferring philosophical points over statistical detail as he described his experiences in the first two months of the job.”

  1. On , pretends he's fair and balanced about charter schools -- his record says otherwise.* National TV hosts just spent 15+ minutes hammering on fate of 3 charter schools. BDB has clearly lost control of the narrative* . calls out for denying that his attack on charter schools was personal about Eva Moskowitz* * Former Gov. George Pataki, who moved through the initial charter-school law, blasted de Blasio for his push against charter schools, calling his campaign an “outrageous abuse of political power,” the Post reports: * The Wall Street Journal writes that New York is at the center of the national education reform debate with the charter school issue, and national Democrats should declare what side they’re on, just like Gov. Andrew Cuomo did: * As thwarts at every turn, the mayor is rallying minority voters toback him, not Cuomo * "I'm very confident" there will be a major expansion of pre-k for "tens of thousands of families this fall". -Tony Shorris
Mr. de Blasio, meanwhile, spent the weekend sending his surrogates around black and Latino neighborhoods in the city, arguing on behalf of his universal pre-K plan, as the News and Capital New York report.  “Tell them you don’t just like this plan. You don’t just want this plan. You need this plan for your children,” Mr. de Blasio said in the Bronx.
  1. Question to on "why be so hostile to charters..." Seems like the joe just become Kool Aid.

Pot Hole Repairman de Blasio
De Blasio Adding Millions to DOT's Pothole Repair Budget  * Bill de Blasio Tackles Potholes(NYO)
: So far this year, city's DOT has filled 113,131 potholes, more than 2012 & 2013 combined.

Waste Transfer
Tale of 2 Cities
The East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station is a hurdle in de Blasio's 'Tale of Two Cities'(Newsweek)

 Were In the Political Education Spin Phase
The political education of Carmen Fariña(Capital) Says she regrets “beautiful day” comment last week  “I happen to be a very honest person and I obviously rue the day I ever said, ‘beautiful,’” she said. “It comes with the territory … I understand reporters have to do their job.” * NY1 Online: Longtime City Hall Insider Talks de Blasio Transition Longtime City Hall insider and Lindsay administration official Sid Davidoff joined Inside City Hall to discuss the de Blasio transition, the mayor's struggle to stay ahead of the snow, and the fight between the mayor and governor over how to pay for universal pre-k. * Charter Schools On the eve of a meeting with New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina advocates for charter schools are trying to play nice with the new administration, focusing on their shared goals of providing better education for students who are most in need, Chalkbeat reports:

Mayor Do as I Say(NYT Op-ED)

Bill de Blasio gave an impassioned presentation about traffic safety on Tuesday. On Thursday he was caught barreling down the highway over the speed limit. Mayor Bill de Blasio gave an impassioned presentation about traffic safety on Tuesday. On Thursday, under the immutable law of political comeuppance, he got busted by a TV news crew that caught his two-S.U.V. detail rolling through stop signs, changing lanes without signaling and barreling down the highway over the speed limit.

The Campaign Manger Mayor Fails to Understand Message Control Does Not Work When Your Mayor
At this point another law of politics kicked in, wherein the official response generates more heat and derision than the actual offense. The mayor’s office said, “We also recognize N.Y.P.D.’s training and protocols, and refer questions related to security and transportation to them.” Ah, yes: blowing through stop signs, changing lanes without signaling: two proven executive-protection tactics, to throw off potential pursuers. Maybe in Kandahar. This was Queens. A more plainspoken explanation by Mr. de Blasio on behalf of himself and his security detail — we were jerks, and this won’t happen again — would be more credible than invoking the Blackwater defense. It is my non-professional judgment that these were simply cops rolling through stop signs and speeding in the classic New York, outta-my-way manner — routine lawbreaking sanctioned by their official status, powerful passenger and S.U.V. bulk. * Wrong answer on speeding, Mr. Mayor (NYDN OP-Ed) How de Blasio should react to his SUV driving scandal if he really cares about Vision Zero
Shark Jumped, de Blasio gotcha edition (NYP)
Public Advocate de Blasio Bloomberg Speeding Endangering Citizens
(NYT Continues) If Mr. de Blasio were still the righteous Public Advocate, he would be calling this mayor out for endangering citizens and treating himself above the law. The rules haven’t changed now that Mr. de Blasio has a bigger job. They remain: Accountability. Transparency. Leading by example. Applying basic traffic rules to himself and his drivers may make it even harder for this perennially behind-schedule mayor to show up to places on time. Answering questions forthrightly, without obfuscation, may make it harder for him to stick to his chosen message and control the narrative. But doing these things will make him a less irritating mayor, and a more believable one. * Where's the Fire, Mr. de Blasio? (WPIX) * Mayor Faces Questioning Over Driver(WSJ) Former city officials who had NYPD drivers said they had the authority to instruct detail to abide by traffic laws. Former NYPD deputy chief says drivers "are generally supposed to obey the traffic regulations."* NYC mayor faces flap over SUV speeding video (Washington Post ) * NYPD Decides Which Laws to Obey in Motorcade, de Blasio Says (2) (Businessweek ) * Mayor De Blasio Dodges Traffic Controversy, Heads For Pennsylvania (CBS Local ) * Mayor de Blasio Declares War On Transparency; Ducks Q's About Speedgate(JP Updates) It was a haughty move from the Nixon playbook by a man who has preached openness and transparency throughout his career. Why bother holding press conferences if you get to tell reporters what questions they can ask you? Public policy is often messy and unpredictable – not political kabuki.(NY1)

Super Skyscrapers OK

Mayor Bill de Blasio today praised some of the biggest names in the real estate industry and told them he has no qualms about building large in the name of affordable housing
De Blasio: 'Height and density' key to affordable housing plans  Audio: Bill de Blasio Promises REBNY He’ll Build Big(NYO) Many residents in neighborhoods across the city complain regularly about housing developments they say are too tall or too large for their locations. But Mr. de Blasio said he hoped that, with the promise of new affordable units and a stamp of approval from his administration, such super-sized projects will be swallowed more easily. * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told members of the Real Estate Board of New York that he has no problem with allowing super skyscrapers to be built in exchange for meeting his goal of 200,000 units of affordable housing, the Daily News writes: *de Blasio speaks to REBNY, promises "to use height and density to the maximum feasible extent"(AYR) * De Blasio wants to see more high-rise buildings(NYP) * De Blasio tries to find balance between responsible budgeting + progressive agenda (City and State) * Perhaps in an attempt to repair his reputation among the city's real estate power brokers, Bill de Blasio told the Real Estate Board of New York that he doesn't want to slow the new development boom while in office.(Curbed)* The Post is “encouraged” by de Blasio’s remarks to the Real Estate Board of New York that he plans to build “aggressively” and vow to let builders “use height and density to the maximum feasible extent”
“Wisdom is knowing we are all On

Mayor Fights Negative Press With A Quick Roll Out of His Traffic Accidents Plan
 De Blasio called for lowering the citywide speed limit from 30 m.p.h. to 25 along with several other new initiatives in his “Vision Zero” plan, which aims to eliminate pedestrian fatalities, the Times reports:
NYPD Promises More Transparency on TrafficStat | *De Blasio wants to cut speed limit by 5 mph citywide(NYP) * De Blasio wants to shut down meters to slow speeding cabs(NYP) * Here’s de Blasio’s plan, dubbed “Vision Zero.”* Bill de Blasio Sets Up Another Fight With Albany (NYO)* Thursday Update Speeding taxi shut-off technology may not exist (NYP)

The Daily News approves of Mayor de Blasio's Vision Zero action plan—and wants Albany to get out of the way

Wednesday * De Blasio Outlines Steps to Eliminate Traffic Deaths(NYT) de Blasio’s sweeping proposals, rooted in a Swedish street safety approach called Vision Zero, include a new focus on speeding and taxis.* IT'S LIFE OR DEATH: De Blasio's 'Vision Zero' traffic plan features a black box recording device for cabs to curb carnage(NYDN) * The Daily News writes that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio needs to follow through on every measure he can to improve traffic safety, and the state must produce legislation that will enable him to do things like lower the speed limit * Victims’ families praise de Blasio’s plan to lower speed limit(NYP) * Bill de Blasio’s solid plan to fight traffic deaths(NYP Op-Ed) * Calmer Streets, Safer City(NYT Ed) Mayor Bill de Blasio’s focus on public safety is sensible, and his plan to prevent traffic deaths could make a difference to New Yorkers.* A City Safe for Walking(NYT) What steps can city officials, pedestrians and drivers take to reduce the number of accidents?*  The New York Times writes that it is ridiculous that decisions about more traffic cameras and lowering the speed limit in New York City are determined in Albany and can be blocked by a Rochester lawmaker:

Mayor: No Weekly Radio Show Planned
De Blasio May End Weekly Call-In Radio Show(NY1) The weekly call-in radio show that Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani embraced may soon be a thing of the past, as Mayor Bill de Blasio does not seem as interested in following them to the airwaves, though he has not yet made an official decision about his plans. 

de Blasio Rosemary Woods Editing of the ReBNY Meet
108 Minute Gap
De Blasio Seems to Be Struggling to Fulfill Transparency Pledge (NY1)NY1 asked the mayor's aides repeatedly for his closed-door remarks and was told that they would not be released. However, by the afternoon, amid growing criticism, City Hall changed its tune. At 5 p.m., four-and-a-half hours after the meeting ended, the mayor's office sent NY1 a recording of the mayor. It is 12 minutes long. The entire meeting lasted nearly two hours.  

Borough Hall - Brooklyn supports de Blasio's Pre-K plan!
* A source says some Working Families Party members seemed unreceptive last week to the idea of endorsing Gov. Andrew Cuomo for re-election without a “big” campaign win, such as the creation of a public campaign finance system. * Larry Sabato thinks Cuomo “seems even less inclined” to run for president than his father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, “who played Hamlet in 1992 and ultimately did not run.”* Post columnist Bob McManus was even harsher, declaring Mr. de Blasio “spent his first six weeks in office stumbling about like a drunk in the dark.” In particular, Mr. McManus said Mr. de Blasio’s approach to the pre-K debate has left Gov. Andrew Cuomo “not-so-quietly seething — even if conciliatory words were exchanged in Albany over the weekend.” * LISTEN: Cuomo Digs In Against de Blasio's Pre-K Tax(WNYC) * MT Dicker () just said on the radio that the press in New York is "supine" in how it covers the Cuomo administration.* Queens preschool head says he already has the space for universal pre-K(NYDN) * Mayor de Blasio's pre-K plan faces funding, staffing challenges (NYDN)

Is New York City Suffering Snowmageddon and Garbagemageddon Because de Blasio Dropped the Groundhog?
Sanitation Commish Doherty on all the snow this winter: "You lose your momentum on garbage."

"It's never the crime, but the cover up that gets you" - Nixon
 BdB's press strategy seems to be to go out of his way, not even 2 mos. into his term, to smugly alienate those covering him.

NY Magazine Calls de Blasio Stalking Out Deeply Weird
Mayor De Blasio Gets Pressed (NY Mag) Well, that was deeply weird. Mayor Bill de Blasio just stalked out of a City Hall press conference after refusing to answer any questions about Speedgate, leaving behind an angry, disbelieving pack of reporters. Thus ensuring that coverage of the “truly historic…transcendent moment” the mayor had just spent an hour promoting would be buried by his walkout.* Mayor Ducks Reporters' Questions After TV Crew Catches His SUV Speeding, Ignoring Stop Signs(NY1)

BdB's press strategy seems to be to go out of his way, not even 2 mos. into his term, to smugly alienate those covering him.

Why is the NYC Press Corp In A Coma During Bloomberg's 12 Years Attacking de Blasio?

Daily News Wrong answer on speeding, Mr. Mayor
* NYT: Mayor Do as I Say
* NYP: Kaiser Wilhelm * WCBS TV: Whatever You're Preaching, You Need to Practice It * TV camera catches de Blasio breaking traffic laws(SLLive) * NY Magazine Mayor De Blasio Gets Pressed
Sunday De Blasio still owes onmayoral campaign stop parking ticket: report(NYP)

de Blasio Team Failure
  1. Even if one thinks the traffic story on was unfair, hard to argue his team has handled the fallout well . very much following the Obama mold on approaching softer media, avoiding the harder-edged NY press corp

de Blasio Not Tonight
Why Did Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, First in NYC in 42 Years, Have Rudy Giuliani Welcome Him and Not de Blasio the Current Mayor?
Tax break helps NYC lure 'The Tonight Show' home (AP)

Does de Blasio Understand He Is Making The Press Attack On Him Worse By Not Answering Questions?

Bill de Blasio Refuses to Take ‘Speedgate’ Questions Despite Vow(NYO) * ‘The way it is’: Bratton defends mayor’s speedy driver(capital) * Mayor de Blasio "Committed" To Street Safety, Won't Talk About His Detail Breaking Rules | New York Daily News
  1. Political world seems flummoxed by the mayor's actions today. Late on a Friday, you don't take the bullet and respond to Qs?
Embarrassment Comes Just Days After Mayor Announced New Traffic Safety Initiative
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Just days after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an aggressive plan to prevent traffic deaths, CBS 2 cameras caught the driver of a car carrying the mayor violating a number of traffic laws. As CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported Thursday, the vehicle was seen speeding and blowing through stop signs — and that’s not all. When the mayor announced his 62-point safe streets initiative, which includes lowering the speed limit to 25 mph, he said, “We want the public to know that we are holding ourselves to this standard.” But Kramer reported the mayor failed to practice what he preached Thursday. CBS 2 crews found Mayor de Blasio’s cars going through a stop sign at a Queens intersection, and that wasn’t the only traffic violation caught on tape.* Ex-NYPD intel chief: "running away from a reporter or being late for a meeting" isn't considered a threat.(WSJ) *'TRANSPARENT' MOVE: Mayor de Blasio blows off questions after report he blew past traffic lights, violated speed limit(NYDN) * Other Politicians Had Traffic Miscues(WSJ) *Driving while mayor (NYDN Ed) De Blasio has to obey the traffic laws, just like everyone else * Mayor de Blasio "Committed" To Street Safety; Won't Talk About His NYPD Detail Breaking Rules(NYDN) * "already...the source of at least 3 controversies that seem 2 contradict his campaign promise to 'end the 2 cities'"

"They Don’t Know What They’re Doing"

de Blasio Learning Curve?
Democrats say de Blasio must learn how to play politics in New York capitol(NYDN) About a dozen Democrats in New York’s Assembly and Senate questioned why, tactically, Mayor de Blasio would suddenly spring the minimum wage issue at the same time he is asking the Legislature to fight for his pre-K tax plan for New York City. 'The job of public advocate is to be a paid complainer,' one Democratic insider said, referring to the mayor’s prior job. 'That’s fine, but it doesn’t move things in Albany.'After waiting for a Democratic New York City mayor, some members of the state Legislature are wishing that de Blasio would slow down with his progressive proposals and focus on one at a time, the Daily News reports:  * De Blasio will be judged on more than just his response to snow or calling the NYPD about an acquaintance, and one judgment that can already be made is the mayor thinks he has more political capital than he actually does, the Daily News’s Mike Lupica writes: * About a dozen Democrats in the Assembly and Senate questioned why, tactically speaking, de Blasio would suddenly spring the minimum wage issue at the same time he is asking the Legislature to fight for his pre-K tax plan. * "Those close to BDB say he also regularly engages w/ state lawmakers personally in a way MRB never did.” * Some New Yorkers who met Mayor Bill de Blasio when he opened Gracie Mansion to the public in early January have yet to receive the photographs of their meeting, NY1 reports:;postID=9220847277452584268;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname

de Blasio First Contract Settlement, UFT Demands Back Pay
The de Blasio administration struck its first labor contract settlement, making a deal with 200 environmental officers who will receive an average of more than $50,000 each in back pay, the Daily News writes: 3 retro raises for enviro officers union - 5, 4 and 4 for 2005-07 - but not expected to set pattern for others *
president Mulgrew says retroactive raises "a big issue for us" in next contract, says teacher retention is key too * Teachers union head says getting retroactive pay raises a big issue(NYP) * The president of the United Federation of Teachers is pushing for New York City to provide back pay to the union's nearly 100,000 members, which some estimate could cost more than $3.2 billion, the Daily News reports:  * The Post writes that while United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew is calling for back pay, he’s leaving out the fact that members have received raises because of the Triborough Amendment * Mike Mulgrew’s Whopper(NYP Ed) In his quest to get Mayor de Blasio to cough up $3.2. billion in back pay for his members, union boss Mike Mulgrew keeps claiming his people have gone without raises because Big Bad Bloomberg refused to negotiate a new contract. What Mulgrew never tells you is that most of his members have received raises. They’ve received them because of a perversity in New York law called the Triborough Amendment, which mandates that all parts of a public union contract — including automatic “step” increases in pay — remain in effect even after a contract has expired. * . called $1B in health c are retiree trust a "cushion" that could spend on union contracts.* Stringer Doesn’t Think de Blasio’s Budget Deals With Open Labor Contracts (NYO) * New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer urged de Blasio to settle the city’s outstanding union contracts before the start of the next fiscal year on July 1, calling them the “Achille’s heel” of the budget,

More Mayoral Appointments
More appointments by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.
One of his new appointees, Emily Lloyd, is reprising her role as Department of Environmental Protection chief, which she held under former Mayor Bloomberg.* De Blasio Suggests Parks Appointment Will Represent Departure From Bloomberg(NYO) * De Blasio taps environmental chief he once held ‘accountable’(Capital) * ‘Too Perfect’ Job Offer Lures a Parks Expert Back to Work(NYT)Tupper Thomas, former chief of the Prospect Park Alliance, is coming out of retirement to lead New Yorkers for Parks. * \Citing ‘Inequality Crisis,’ Mayor Names Top Legal Adviser and Fills 2 Other Jobs(NYT) * Former Dinkins aide named de Blasio’s DEP commisioner(NYP) * . says labor contracts need to be resolved by June 30 before labor arbitrators make decisions for taxpayers.* De Blasio Hires Another Transition Team Member to His Administration(NYO) * . hires point person to handle recovery work, reports * The announcement that Legal Aid Society chief Steve Banks will be New York City’s next welfare commissioner signals there will be several giant steps back for fiscal and personal responsibility, Heather Mac Donald writes in the Post

UFT Why Are the Schools Open?
Union prez Mulgrew: "Having students, parents & staff traveling in these conditions was unwarranted. It was a mistake to open schools today"  * All City Council hearings are canceled. Schools? Open.
Teachers’ Union and Elected Officials Blast de Blasio’s School Day Call(NYO) * Parents blast mayor's decision to keep NYC schools open, worry about road conditions for school buses (NBC) *City schools see dismal 45% attendance during snowstorm; De Blasio defends ...(NYDN)
* For Mayor, Keeping Schools Open Brings Another Headache(NYT) * Student’s Facebook page mocks NYC schools chief, goes viral(NYP) * IS IT REALLY A ‘BEAUTIFUL DAY’? New schools chancellor scowls for cameras after city gets a foot of snow, leading to record low school attendance

If you want a campaign manager mayor elect a campaign manager as mayor

Bill goes ugly(NYP Ed) In cheering the mayor’s decision to take away space promised to three charter schools run by Eva Moskowitz — leaving hundreds of children without a school for next year — Bill de Blasio ally Bertha Lewis hailed it as justice: “Eva Moskowitz got away with murder for so long.”* Chirlane McCray Details How She Was Bullied(NYDN) * The Working Families Party Has Its Moment (WNYC)

de Blasio's Politically Motivated Vendetta: Moskowitz
 De Blasio administration halts expansion of Success Academy charter schools(NYP) The de Blasio administration is blocking the opening or expansion of three Success Academy charter schools run by Eva Moskowitz, sources said Thursday. “I never supported co-locations — ever. Eva Moskowitz got away with murder for so long,” said Bertha Lewis, former head of ACORN and co-founder of the Working Families Party.  Mayor expels Eva Moskowitz's schools from planned sites around city, sources say(DNAINFO)The rejected co-locations proposals were deemed unfair and did not make sense, BdB says.

I am skeptical of the motives and morals of people expressing smug joy that the education of 700 charter school kids is now at risk.

 Chancellor Says ‘We Are Turning the Page’ While Pulling Plug on Some Co-Locations(NYO) * New York City’s Education Department will reverse nine of the 45 school co-locations approved under the Bloomberg administration, including three of Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academies, Capital New York reports:  *De Blasio deals blow to Moskowitz schools(Capital) * The NYC Department of Education reversed nine of the 45 school co-locations approved by the Bloomberg administration last fall – including three charter schools.*Mayor de Blasio vs. Charter Schools, Round I (NY Mag) To Eva Moskowitz, who runs the only three schools being completely rejected, the decision is a politically motivated vendetta. That de Blasio and Moskowitz are bitter antagonists is not new: As a candidate, de Blasio used his harshest language to attack her and the Success Acadamies she's created. Moskowitz wasted no time escalating the battle, staging a pro-charter protest march across the Brooklyn Bridge in October, a month before de Blasio was officially elected mayor* And here, via New York True, is Mr. de Blasio’s response yesterday about his Department of Education’s decision to block the previously-approved co-locations of three Success Academy charter schools:

Mayor de Blasio is rescinding three charter-school plans previously approved by Bloomberg, all run by his antagonist
 New York Mayor's Charter School Decisions Anger Both Sides(WSJ) Reverses Plans to Allow Three Schools in City Buildings, but Approves More Than a Dozen Others * De Blasio Seeks to Halt 3 Charter Schools From Moving Into Public Spaces(NYT) * Don’t write off my son(NYP) * De Blasio’s charter war hurts the minority kids he purports to help(NYP) * De Blasio starts his war on charter schools(NYP) * De Blasio Boots Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy From Some Planned Sites (DNAINFO) * Mike Bloomberg calls charters ‘pathway to success’(NYP) * Cheating poor kids by choking charters(NYP Ed) * The Daily News writes that the hammer unfairly fell on three charter schools looking to co-locate in public school buildings, leaving uncertainty about the other 19 charter plans approved last fall: * Eva Moskowitz’s crisis day (Capital) * DeFran: Pre-K Will Be Revisited In Future Budget Years(YNN) * Cuomo chose not to criticize New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for his decision to reverse some charter school co-locations that were approved by the Bloomberg administration, Capital New York reports:  * Bill slams Eva’s kids (NYDN Ed) The hammer unfairly falls on three charter schools

Barack’s lesson for Bill(NYP Ed) How ironic that on the same day Mayor de Blasio was closing doors of opportunity to hundreds of African-American kids in New York, in Washington President Obama was championing a new initiative to help young men of color claim their part of the American Dream.

The Gang of Four (L to R – Dinkins, Paterson, Sutton, Rangel)  - See more at:
Charters. How can de Blasio do this same day Obama making major effort for disadvantaged black and Latino boys 

  1. In the East Room of the#whitehouse for 's initiative for young men of color.

    Urban League Keep the Common Core
    The state can’t afford to stop the implementation of the Common Core standards because students need to be college and career ready without the need for remediation, New York Urban League President and CEO Arva Rice writes in the Daily News:

Farina Does Mr.Rogers Beautiful Day
 De Blasio defends decision to leave schools open. ‘It's absolutely a beautiful day out there,’ schools chancellor .*Clueless schools chancellor defends opening classrooms: ‘It’s a beautiful day out’(NYP)
* Public Advocate Letitia James: "Re-Evaluation" Needed Of When NYC Schools Close After Storms(NYDN) * Fariña defends open schools, says it’s a ‘beautiful day’(Capital) * De Blasio must get used to tough questions on snowy schooldays, pal's(NYDN) * Carmen Fariña and Al Roker do damage control over insensitive snowstorm comments(NYDN)

The Hometown Paper (Daily News) Won't Even Take A Stand On School Closing
Do They Ever Wonder Why Voters Don't Follow Their Endorsements of  Quinn, Squadron or Reforming the BOE?
The Daily News writes that it won’t second guess the decision to keep New York City schools open Thursday, though late-arriving or absent students shouldn’t receive demerits and schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña should choose her words more carefully next time:

My Cousin Farina How Many Fingers?
School Attendance
Preliminary data shows NYC Public School attendance for Thursday, February 13, 2014 is 44.65%.” Parents, not the Mayor, made final call on .

de Blasio Throws Al Roker Under the Bus
Weatherman Bill
 Bill de Blasio Has Lost Al Roker(NRO) “Why are schools all around NYC closed?” Mr. Roker asked, calling the snow policy “ridiculous.” “It’s going to take some kid or kids getting hurt before this goofball policy gets changed.” Retweeted by
How dare throw NWS under the school bus. Forecast was on time and on the money * So now my daughter's NYC public school is being let out early. @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCSchools Is it worth putting kids' safety at risk? * I knew this am @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCSchools would close schools. Talk about a bad prediction. Long range DiBlasio forecast: 1 term* 'Is there no one there with any common sense?' Al Roker slams de Blasio for not closing schools as storm drops up to a foot of snow; Mayor hits back with icy response(NYDN) * Al Roker hits Bill de Blasio on NWS remarks (Politico) Update says he regrets one of his tweets about NYC Mayor * Al Roker's Sorry For 1 Tweet, But Not For Blasting De Blasio(NPR) * Who came out on top in the battle between and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio?

de Blasio Losing His MoJo After 6 Weeks?
* . "appeared stiff and nervous as he answered repeated questions about the issue”"Mr. de Blasio, who is normally relaxed and often makes jokes in news conferences, appeared stiff and nervous." (NYDN)Al Roker blasts Mayor de Blasio on Twitter for not cancelling school.(NYDN) * School bus crashes into car in Brooklyn, injures more than a dozen(NYDN) * Al Roker calls Bill de Blasio a one-term mayor for not closing NYC schools today(Newsweek) * New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, a close ally of de Blasio, said closing city schools would have been “warranted,” Capital New York writes: * De Blasio defends phone call to NYPD about jailed supporter (SI Advance)

The Bishop Power Base
De Blasio bishop a Brooklyn powerhouse despite money, legal woes(NYP) Findlayter’s power doesn’t come from his own Brooklyn congregation, the New Hope Christian Church, which boasts only 250 or so members; it springs from the umbrella organization his church belongs to and which he leads — Churches United to Save and Heal (CUSH), a multidenominational network of 40 mostly Caribbean churches in Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. For politicians, Findlayter, 50, is a gatekeeper to thousands of voters and activists. “If you’re looking for black voters, you have to start at the church,” state Sen. Kevin Parker, an ally of Findlayter for the past 15 years, told The Post. “Mayor de Blasio understood that, and that was key to his victory . . . Pastors are really the institution of black communities that do the most service.” But while Findlayter’s influence increased, so did his money problems.

Saturday Update of A Bad Week for the New Mayor

1. Cuomo Rope-A-Dope
 Cuomo Offers de Blasio Support, With Barbs(NYT) Cuomo defended Mayor Bill de Blasio’s move to open schools in a snowstorm, but mocked his “two cities” mantra.* Cuomo turns ‘tale of two cities’ on de Blasio in pre-K fight(NYP) Cuomo dropped a political bomb on Mayor de Blasio Friday by turning the mayor’s own “tale of two cities” mantra against him in the fevered fight over pre-K funding. “The answer to inequity and inequality is not to create more inequity and inequality,” Cuomo added.

Cuomo even got in a sly dig at de Blasio’s claim to the “two cities” theme, suggesting he’s not the first politician to invoke it. In a bit of political one-upmanship that hit close to his own home, Cuomo pointed out that it was his father, Mario Cuomo, who brought up the very same “two cities” issue 30 years ago. “I was in the audience in 1984 at the Democratic convention when I think it was articulated very well,” said Cuomo.

2. Mayor's Traffic Jam - New Yorkers' Jay Walk
 De Blasio’s Vow to End Traffic Deaths Meets Reality of New York Streets(NYT)de Blasio faces challenges in altering the balance of taxis, buses, trucks and cars amid the city’s deeply ingrained pedestrian culture.

3. Snow Attendance To Go Lower
After Storm, 100% Attendance Is Not 100% Accurate(NYT) A few schools in New York City reported perfect or near-perfect attendance rates, but a few of them were inaccurately high.

Not Only Hot Meals Eva’s lesson for Bill (NYP) By contrast, Moskowitz kept her schools open for one reason: In a city where the overwhelming number of black and Latino students are failing their proficiency tests, she believes students cannot afford to miss the precious education they get. * Mobs Soldier Says Closes the Schools Bill  Mafia member Thomas Gioeli tweets complaint about de Blasio during snowstorm (NYDN) Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli tweeted “How long is reckless Bill de Blasio gonna play chicky w/the life’s of our children,” to his followers Thursday after the decision was made to keep schools open despite the snowstorm.

4. Orwellian Speaker Drop the Adversarial Role?
Bill’s buddies (NYDN) Too much coziness for comfort in Mayor de Blasio's City Hall * Mayor de Blasio’s foolishness in personally calling the NYPD after the arrest of a political supporter grows ever more evident as Bishop Orlando Findlayter’s background emerges.While racking up debts, he scored approval for more than $200,000 in taxpayer grants for not-for-profit groups with the help of state Sen. Kevin Parker, Councilman Eugene Mathieu and former Councilman Kendall Stewart. Findlayter never collected the money after failing to register his nonprofits with the Internal Revenue Service.  On Thursday, the mayor grew irritated responding to questions about his actions while saying they were “appropriate” and that he’d handle such matters on a “case-by-case” basis.

Sharpton Also Tells the Media to Move On Mr. Sharpton, who has become one of Mr. de Blasio’s most vocal supporters, nonetheless addressed the controversy, urging the reporters present to move on. .-"I'd rather just move on." -"I defer to the decision of the mayor." -"You all need to go to the next thing."

Meanwhile, in a government dominated by a small circle of friends, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Public Advocate Letitia James revealed how little oversight the public can expect from them. “I would rather just move on and talk about other issues,” said Mark-Viverito. “I defer to the decision of the mayor of the city of New York,” said James. Sorry, not good enough. * PA Not My Job The Public Advocate said it's not her job to question the mayor's judgment.(Capital) * CLERGYMAN OF CASH: Bishop who was spared night in jail after de Blasio picked up the phone has murky financial past and used deep political ties to leverage cash gifts Bishop Orlando Findlayter, spared a night in jail earlier this week after Hizzoner called to inquire about his status after a traffic stop, has $214,000 in city and state funds sitting in limbo, the Daily News has learned. * Bishop Findlayter Cancels Planned Harlem Appearance (NYO) * Bishop Orlando Findlayter a no-show at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network gathering (NYDN) * Times' ed board member criticizes de Blasio’s police call(Capital)

5. Bishop Orlando Findlayter Cancels Press Conference at House of Justice. Reporters Grumble. . . 
Findlayter, 50, who hobnobs with politicians from City Council members to state senators to President Obama, didn’t pick up the cash. The stalled money is just a piece of the murky financial picture of a man who owns a nearly $600,000 Long Island home, but needed a Legal Aid Society attorney when he answered a pair of outstanding warrants in court on Tuesday. Guidestar, a nonprofit tax tracker, has no record of tax returns from either of Findlayter’s organizations — even though a Dun & Bradstreet report from May 2013 said his community center employed two people and had $230,000 in annual sales. No further details were available. He and his wife bought a $579,000 house in Lynbrook in 2007, getting a $434,850 mortgage. Yet his church was booted from Church Ave. in Brooklyn in 2010 after he defaulted on $45,000 in back rent — and he skipped out on a $100,000 court judgment against him on a slip-and-fall in the same building. * A footnote on de Blasio pal Findlayter: he was an original signer of the Atlantic Yards CBA (then vanished)(Atantic Yards Reports)

Sharpton echoes Rudy, in defense of de Blasio(Capital) * New York Bishop Advised Against Addressing Arrest (WSJ) Bishop Findlayter's wife, Yvette Findlayter, told The Wall Street Journal that the bishop was advised Saturday to not make a statement.Ms. Findlayter said she didn't have details of who advised her husband or what exactly what the advice was.* Reached by phone, Mr Findlayter’s wife told The Wall Street Journal that he had been advised not to attend. She initially said she did not know who had made the suggestion but later said it was a PR adviser.

 6. The Rev. Sharpton Media Advice On Findlayter
says reporters should find out how many times elected officials call to inquire about community leader // LETS DO IT * Sharpton to media: "Some stories just don't run for more than 1 night. I mean, stuff is crazy, & y'all are getting crazy right now. Common." * Sharpton sides with Giuliani in defending de Blasio(Capital) * Rev. Sharpton says de Blasio's call to police about the arrest of his ally, a Brooklyn bishop, wasn't a "big thing." (WSJ) Sharpton recalling a reporter asking him about the scandal during a trip to DC, he urged the media to focus on policy issues like Mr. de Blasio’s push for universal pre-K.
  1.   Time for distinctions -- if a PA or Councilmember "inquires" bc bad policing, one thing. For MAYOR for pal to his NYPD, diff.
7. Mayor Hiding From the Press
 De Blasio dodges media talk after storm backlash(NYP) After taking a battering over his decision to keep schools open during a heavy snowstorm Thursday, Mayor de Blasio suddenly canceled a scheduled press conference Friday. “The city’s response to...* Bill de Blasio, under fire, keeps low profile (Newsweek)

de Blasio vs. PBA
Mayor tells police unions to stay out of stop-frisk case(NYP) Mayor de Blasio sent the city’s police unions a stern message Friday: butt out of the stop-and-frisk case! Zachary Carter, de Blasio’s handpicked corporation counsel, filed legal papers with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals saying the city is withdrawing prior support under the former Bloomberg administration of the unions appealing Manhattan federal Judge Shira Scheindlin’s ruling that found stop-and-frisk unconstitutional.
PBA “the documents we submitted” last week “speak for themself”
Scheindlin through her lawyers on Friday also filed court papers with the appellate panel objecting to the unions’ motion to appeal her ruling.  The panel on Friday also agreed to let lawyers for former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey submit briefs in support of the police unions’ motions.

de Blasio Hell Week
Bill de Blasio -  An unhappy recap of de Blasio’s no good, very bad week: First, Republican Senate Co-Leader Dean Skelos rained on the mayor’s universal pre-K parade by firmly stating his intention to block a floor vote on the mayor’s tax hike proposal to pay for the program. Skelos’ Democratic counterpart Jeff Klein then swelled up with courage to vigorously defend de Blasio’s proposal, only to play the shrinking violet less than 24 hours later by walking back his commitment to stall the budget if the tax hike did not receive a vote. If only it ended there, but de Blasio also displayed the downside to his micromanaging personality by reportedly personally calling to check on the arrest of a clergy member who happened to be on his transition team.
The mayor was pilloried for what may have been an inappropriate phone call, with few coming to his defense, save for Rudy Giuliani. Rule of thumb, Bill: when Rudy, who can hardly be called an ally, is the only one patting you on the back, it might be a good idea to think twice about “inquiring” into police arrests no matter how “appropriate” you claim your actions were. Lastly, Mr. Mayor, when you’ve lost Al Roker, you’re in trouble. * peaker and Public Advocate Refuse to Criticize de Blasio Over Bishop Call Controversy(NYO)
Cancels Press Conference  Bill de Blasio Cancels Press Conference One Day After Grilling(NYO)

Trending in the Media Now
School Rage Opening the Schools and de Blasio Call to NYPD on Friends Arrest Warrant

New York City School's Chancellor, "It is absolutely a beautiful day... (Video)

Cuomo: "Answer to a tale of two cities is not to create two states" on why he doesn't support tax for NYC to create its own Pre-K


 Losing Al Roker A Bad Week
de Blasio was surprised by the cold this week. His pre-k plan is getting an icy push back from Governor Cuomo, reporters are grilling him at length, his Schools Chancellor is being mocked for saying "it's a beautiful day" in the middle of a sleet storm, and even weatherman Al Roker blasted the mayor on twitter. (WNYC)

For de Blasio It Keeps Raining

Monday Update
De Blasio Downplays Pre-K Tax Plan in Albany: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t push the income tax
Friday Update
De Blasio’s mum on pastor he helped get out of jail(NYP)

At Church Service, Pastor Makes No Mention of de Blasio or Arrest(NYT)
De Blasio’s bishop buddy stays silent on arrest(NYP)
Bishop Whose Arrest Drew De Blasio Call Delivers Sermon(WSJ) Orlando Findlayter Didn't Address His Arrest, Calls on Congregation to Remember Immigrants * Lupica: Mayor de Blasio will be judged by more than snow days, jailed crony (NYDN) The new mayor has to know that’s not the way it works with anybody working a big job here. He has to know that New York City, especially when you are trying to prove you have the chops to govern it, is in a hardball league, and you need to wear a helmet.* At a church service that was part of the state Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus Weekend, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio seemingly struck a conciliatory tone regarding pre-kindergarten, The New York Times writes:  

de Blasio I Am Done Commenting On the Findlayter Matter 
de Blasio declined to answer a question about the controversy around his Monday night call to the NYPD after learning of the arrest of Bishop Orlando Findlayter.  Despite his clear desire to move on to other topics, it appears that press and public interest is far from sated (Full Interview) .  * De Blasio avoided tax-hike proposal talk during Albany visit(NYP) * Comptroller Scott Stringer went on PIX11 and expanded on his “problematic” comments regarding Mr. de Blasio’s call to police after Bishop Orlando Findlayter‘s arrest. “It’s pretty clear that the mayor didn’t do anything inappropriate,” said Mr. Stringer. “I just commented that mayors who make those calls are going to get some blowback.”

  1. won't answer questions in wake of BdB intervention If he does, he should be asked abt role

Sunday Update

NYP Says Findayter evicted at least 10 people, one for failing to pay a measly $950, public records show, While He Owed $150,000 since 1989, public documents show.
Bishop Findlayter was a Brooklyn slumlord: ex-tenant(NYP) * Lack of checks-and-balances haunts de Blasio's scandalous jail favor for Bishop Findlayter (NYC New Analysis) * De Blasio inaugural committee member exceeded campaign contribution limits(NY World) Bill de Blasio’s campaign for mayor took in contributions exceeding legal limits from a member of his inaugural committee whose organization holds $168 million in contracts with the city. As he ran for mayor last year, de Blasio took in $2,500 in contributions from Yitzchok Leshinsky, the head of a not-for-profit called Housing Bridge that runs shelters for the Department of Homeless Services. Under New York City campaign finance rules, executives of organizations that do business with the city are barred from donating more than $400 to a mayoral candidate* In the Midst of Pre-K Battle, Cuomo and De Blasio Cross Paths at Albany Event(NY1)   *  Mayor de Blasio Talks Up Cuomo And Pre-K But Does Not Mention Tax in Caucus Remarks - UPDATED(NYDN) UPDATE - At a Q&A with reporters after the church apperance, de Blasio stuck by his plan for a tax on the wealthy and said he was simply being "respectful" to Cuomo by taking a softer tone at the church. A few moments later, he added: "I wanted to be respectful of the governor. I truly do respect him. And it’s well known that we have a difference on how to get this done and I didn’t think that in a church was a place to have a debate over this issue." * MUM'S THE WORD: Bailed-out bishop Orlando Findlayter goes to church, stays silent on why Mayor de Blasio helped him avoid a night in jail(NYDN)
New BDB strategy: MT Mayor refuses to answer Q re Findlayter, says he's already "covered it in great detail" Video of press conference

de Blasio Appointees Have Ties

Will de Blasio's NYU Connected Staff Influence the University Expansion Approval?
Last week, de Blasio named professor Vicki Been head of the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development, the agency charged with housing the city’s neediest residents. Been and her hubby, Richard Revesz, who was dean of NYU’s law school for 11 years, owe the university $6.4 million for sweetheart mortgages on their West Village town house and Connecticut vacation home.De Blasio’s first deputy mayor is former NYU Langone Medical Center honcho Anthony Shorris, who made $1 million as both a vice dean and hospital chief of staff.The mayor also tapped former Trinity Real Estate President Carl Weisbrod as chair of the City Planning Commission. Weisbrod, who served in the Lindsay, Koch and Dinkins administrations, was an academic chair at the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate. The city’s new corporation counsel, ex-US Attorney Zachary Carter, is an NYU Law trustee.“It looks like the fix is in,” said a community activist who refused to be identified for fear of retaliation by NYU. “People are afraid [the university] will have undo influence.”

Affordable Housing Developers Connected Poised to Rake In Millions During the Mayor's Drive to Build More Housing
Two de Blasio affordable housing appointees have ties to developers(NYDN)Alicia Glen, the new deputy mayor for housing and economic development, and Vicki Been, head of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, both have ties to an organization funded by major developer Ron Moelis. The housing deals Glen worked on at Goldman Sachs may also come before her for approval in City Hall. At the time of her selection by de Blasio, Glen also sat on the board of the Moelis Institute for Affordable Housing Policy, an organization founded by a major developer of affordable housing — Ron Moelis of L+M Development Partners Inc.And Vicki Been, de Blasio’s choice to head the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, also has ties to Moelis. The Moelis Institute has dedicated $2 million to assist the program at New York University Been has run since 2004, the Furman Institute for Real Estate and Urban Policy.
Picture: Sanford Loewentheil (right) and Ron Moelis, co-founders of L+M Development Partners Inc. Moelis founded the Moelis Institute for Affordable Housing Policy

Mayor's Bad Week Gov Great One
Andrew Cuomo - From ABCs to pre-K to Q, Cuomo tops the list this week. First he slapped down the Board of Regents’ Common Core proposals as too little, too late, asserting himself on another election-year issue. Next a Quinnipiac poll showed state residents like his no-tax pre-kindergarten plan, and then he rubbed de Blasio’s nose in it, again offering to do whatever it takes to give kids pre-K. And for a back end of the week finale, Quinnipiac showed that he’d stroll into another term as governor, and President Obama gave him the $8 billion Medicaid waiver the state desperately needed. All together it’s no Sexiest Man Alive list mention week, but it was certainly a politically sexy one. * Cuomo Says de Blasio's Pre-K Plan Could Create a Tale of 'Two States': (NYO)


Press Fair de Blasio Coverage
  1. Vision zero got wood of both tabs - positive stories that laid out plan. Paid sick and SQF got good coverage too.

NYP Memo to Bill de Blasio: You’re the Mayor — Not the King
General George Washington Defeated the Last King of New York
Kaiser Wilhelm(NYP Ed)  Perhaps you should act that way. Alas, that hasn’t been the case for the past two months. Surrounded by political sycophants and seeing his 3-1 electoral win over Joe Lhota as a mandate (though 81 percent of registered voters failed to back him), he seems to think he can do whatever he likes. We’re not just talking about driving over the speed limit, as his car was caught doing this week, two days after he called for lower limits and vowed to hold “ourselves to this standard.” (And never mind that the very next day The Post caught him jaywalking.)
Consider that in just the past few weeks, we’ve seen that de Blasio:
• Personally placed a late-night call to the NYPD following the arrest of a political pal, Bishop Orlando Findlayter.
• Is allowing his police department to withhold the bishop’s arrest report.
• Has barred the press from a number of speaking engagements.
• Omitted a speech to pro-Israel AIPAC from his public schedule.
• Held secret meetings with members of the Obama administration.
• Insists on taxing the wealthy for pre-K, even though Gov. Cuomo offered to give him state aid to fund it instead.
• Refuses to answer questions he finds inconvenient.
It’s starting to look like an imperial mayoralty. De Blasio has created an image of an official for whom the rules of accountability don’t apply, one who seems to have contempt for the public, the press and anyone who disagrees with him. Nor does he fear pushback even from fellow elected officials in the city. Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Public Advocate Letitia James are both mute on the Findlayter episode, for example. (Would former Public Advocate Warren Wilhelm, er, Bill de Blasio have been so silent about then-Mayor Mike Bloomberg?)

Unlike Everything Else Team de Blasio is On Top of the Pothole Crisis At Least PR Wise
Instead of blaming the mayor or the potholes the media is covering de Blasio press release that the city is working hard to fix them and has already filled 1.000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Potholes Weekend pothole repair work underway in NYC(WCBS) * DOT Repairs Hundreds Of Potholes, But Many Drivers Still Fit To Be ...(WABC) * Sunday night, it focused on the FDR Drive.(NY Fox) * Harsh Winter Breeds Costly Pothole Pain(NBC)
* DOT crews fixing potholes all around NYC (Fox 5)

CBS2 says this shot captures the mayor’s driver speeding through Queens.
The safety violations came just two days after the mayor unveiled his traffic safety plan. “We’ve put a very bold plan before you, and we want the public to know that we are holding ourselves to this standard,” de Blasio said Tuesday. The mayor’s two-car caravan violated speed laws and racked up other motor vehicle violations after he held a news conference in Maspeth, Queens on pothole repairs. De Blasio even filled a pothole himself. The mayor was in the front passenger seat of the lead car, driven by a member of his security detail. But being in the front, the stop sign violations were clearly seen. Kramer said as she followed de Blasio’s caravan, his words at the road safety press conference rang her ears.

Children Removed From 2 Homeless Shelters
New York Is Removing Over 400 Children From 2 Homeless Shelters(NYT)
Mayor Bill de Blasio will announce on Friday that his administration is removing hundreds of children from two shelters that inspectors have repeatedly cited for deplorable conditions, officials said. * Mayor Announces Reforms to Two Large Homeless Shelters(NYO)

Ex Staffer de Blasio Road Rage Awful
Staffers Say De Blasio is an Awful Driver(politicalwire) "According to four former de Blasio staffers, all of whom would talk about their former boss only on background, he was inclined to speed or direct staffers to drive faster when he was public advocate and a mayoral candidate."  Said one: "Dear God. Some of the worst road rage I've ever seen, seriously." * Safe mayor was an aggressive driver(Capital) According to four former de Blasio staffers, all of whom would talk about their former boss only on background, he was inclined to speed or direct staffers to drive faster when he was public advocate and a mayoral candidate. 

Fork $2500
Remember that fork used to eat pizza on staten island and got grief? sold for $2500 at auction for charity today.
* Mayor's "Pizzagate" Fork Scooped Up by Anonymous Bidder (NY1)

“We hope that every time someone reads one of your stories, they’re also asking the question — are they handling their vehicle as responsibly as they could?” the mayor said. But as Kramer followed de Blasio, she saw his cars go 40 to 45 mph in a 30 mph zone, and as they passed a 45 mph sign, Kramer clocked the caravan going much faster – up to 60 mph. Under his new plan, the mayor’s goal is to reduce traffic speeds from 30 to 25 in the city and stop cabbies from speeding, too. “The likelihood of a fatal crash and this statistic is very powerful. The likelihood drops significantly for speeds below 30 mph, so if we get those speeds down, it will be the difference between losing a life and saving a life,” he said. Kramer contacted the Mayor’s office, where representatives said she had to go through the Police Department. Police said they are reviewing the speeds of the caravan and will get back to Kramer. * De Blasio SUV seen speeding, running stop sign: report(NYP) * and now de Blasio faces the downside of focusing so much on symbolism & political theater (NY Mag) * Mayor de Blasio's Car Caught Breaking Traffic Laws Days After Safety Announcement(NYDN) * WHAT A SPEED deMON! 'Mr. Safety' Mayor de Blasio's SUV caught running stop signs, doing 60 mph in a 45 zone(NYDN0 * Was it a race for mayor -- on city streets? TV report shows NY mayor on speedy trip(CNN) * De Blasio's mayoral caravan caught violating traffic laws just two days after he ...(Daily Mail) *Driving while mayor (NYDN Ed) Mayor de Blasio redefined the term limousine liberal Thursday as his chauffeur blew stop signs and exceeded the speed limit, just two days after the mayor announced that he would require New Yorkers to slow down and drive safely.

Letitia James: I have no opinion on ‘friend’ mayor’s gaffes(NYP)

Never in memory has there been such an immediate and yawning gap between a mayor’s orders for the city and his enforcement of the rules as they apply to Hizzoner personally. The episode follows hard on the heels of de Blasio’s phone call to the NYPD to inquire about the arrest of Bishop Orlando Findlayter, a supporter and inaugural committee member who had been arrested on outstanding warrants after being stopped for — it just had to be — failing to signal on a left turn. Findlayter was released shortly after the mayor inquired. So much for the mayor’s pledge to make us one city, with one set of rules. De Blasio is fond of claiming a mandate for his progressive policies. At this rate, it won’t last very long. * DOT Commissioner Dodges ‘Speedgate’ Questions(NYO) * A Lesson for de Blasio as His S.U.V. Breaks Some Rules of the Road(NYT) * Bratton on the ‘real’ rules for driving a mayor(Capital) will officer filmed yesterday will continue driving the mayor? Bratton said, “certainly,” and walked away.* Mayor's Park Slope Neighbors Say His Vehicles Should Slow Down (NY1) QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Let's get real. Security issues are going to be paramount. We have the obligation to provide security, protect the life of the protectee. And that's where the officers are basically instructed and trained to make decisions, to basically provide that balance." – NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton responding to questions about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s security detail speeding and running stop signs, via the Daily News. * New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said he didn’t see anything wrong with what Mayor de Blasio’s security detail did in the video WCBS ran last night, the Daily News reports: * good observation here about@BilldeBlasio & , then and now.

Mayor's Office and NYPD Answer
Speeding and running stop signs, translated by the NYPD, are "techniques" and "tactics"(NYO) * City Hall clammed up about Mr. de Blasio’s second-latest controversy: the Bishop Findlayter arrest. “City Hall and the NYPD have refused since Monday to respond to 14 questions,” the New York Post reported today. “When a reporter asked if that included getting responses from City Hall to questions posed by the media, [Mr. de Blasio] answered, ‘I’ve covered this topic.’”

Mayoral Update: SpeedGate About Undisclosed Security  Reasons
De Blasio Takes ‘Speedgate’ Questions After Refusing Them Friday(NYO)
The mayor, however, refused to admit he did anything wrong, doubling down on his statement from last week that his chauffeured vehicle ran stop signs and broke the speed limit for undisclosed security reasons.* Mayor Takes Dig at Media for Focusing on ‘Sideshows’(NYO) * De Blasio on the motorcade ‘sideshow’(Capital) * QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I don’t tell the NYPD how to do their work when it comes to protecting me—they’re the experts. I respect that. So, in any given moment, they may see something I don’t see. They may act in a way that isn’t immediately understandable to me. But they’re trained to handle things in a certain way.” – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio addressing the controversy surrounding his detail speeding and running stop signs, via The Wall Street Journal. *Responding to a report that his police-driven SUV was speeding, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said everyone needs to respect the law, but would not second guess his security detail, The Wall Street Journal writes: doesn't slam on traffic violations, says she hopes NYPD is obeying law via *This Time, de Blasio Confronts S.U.V. Issue Head-On(NYT) de Blasio on Monday finally fielded inquiries about his motorcade’s caught-on-camera violations of traffic laws — but he could not resist offering reporters some pointed criticism of his own.Tuesday Update Mayor Bill de Blasio avoids questions on NYPD driver. Get the article here:(WOR)

Cuomo and de Blasio's Learning Curve
Both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio seem to have taken some of former President Bill Clinton’s traits, with Cuomo copying Clintonian tactics and de Blasio seemingly absorbing some bad habits New York’s ‘Sons of Bill’(NYP)Since Election Day 2013, there’s been a tight struggle between Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio to determine, not just who’s the King of New York, but who’s the biggest “SOB.” That is, who’s the true “Son of Bill” — the rightful heir to that other Bill who still looms over Democratic politics: Bill Clinton. Cuomo has plainly mastered the classic Clinton technique of triangulation — and skillfully used de Blasio to do it. The president set himself up as the above-the-fray moderate between an unacceptable/incompetent left (old-school Democrats) and a radical right (my then-boss, Newt Gingrich, and the post-1994 Republican Congress). That allowed him to reject the overly ambitious liberal agenda (HillaryCare) of his first two years, rebound from a disastrous 1994 midterm election that swept the GOP into power and cruise to a rather easy 1996 re-election. * Poll: Gov. Cuomo Holds Commanding Lead Over Potential GOP Rivals Even As His Numbers Drop(NYDN)* Andrew Cuomo on Presidential Ambitions: ‘Sorry, I’m Losing You’(NYO) * Cuomo Dismisses ‘Silly Question’ About Education Policy(YNN) * Asked About 2016, Cuomo Jokes About Tech Trouble(YNN) * Cuomo’s proposed college classes for prisoners and a higher age for felony offenders is good news, but he does not need another commission to learn how to combat recidivism, Michael Benjamin writes in City & State:

de Blasio Roker Today Show Summit

Bill De Blasio vs. Al Roker: Two to face off on ‘Today’ show to settle their feud (NYDN)
Hizzonor has been invited to cut the ribbon on the new and improved plaza outside Rockefeller Center studios, where the breakfast show airs. The popular weatherman has been using that venue to tell his audience that de Blasio made a huge mistake keeping New York kids in school during a snowstorm. * Roker, de Blasio to face off on ‘Today’(NYP) * Pre-K Losing Fight With Gov. Andrew Cuomo offering an election year pre-kindergarten plan, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio should stop spending political capital on a losing fight and declare victory by accepting the governor’s offer to fund pre-K, Democratic strategist Lis Smith writes in the Daily News:  . & chat on was less than a minute long.* On de Blasio's stumbles: "Do I think he's had a rough couple of days? Yeah." Vs. "Give him a chance to run the city."(WSJ) * Al Roker and Bill de Blasio played nice- and forecast snow- after the Today Show host criticized the mayor:(WSJ)
Does Pre-K Help Improve Education?Experts, studies clash on benefits of Mayor de Blasio's pre-K expansion plan (NYDN) Experts in early childhood education say preschool programs have lasting benefits for children — but some think public pre-K resources should be focused on just low-income kids. While one study found that test-score gains from federally funded pre-K vanished by third grade, other research shows long-term benefits such as lower arrest rates remain. * Chirlane McCray: No time to wait to provide pre-K to our children(NYDN) * LET'S START CRAMMING: Mayor de Blasio's pre-K plan, which demands thousands of qualifiying classrooms and trained teachers in short time, has wrinkles to address(NYDN)

Meet the New Boss Same As the Old Boss

ROCKY ROAD FOR LABOR DEALS: In some ways New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio sounds like his predecessor on the unsettled municipal union contracts, including the need to offset raises by finding equivalent savings, The Chief’s Richard Steier writes in City & State:

Mayor's Property Still Not Registered, Hotel Hermit
De Blasio still failing to register $1.1M rental property(NYP) Mayor de Blasio has still failed to register his Brooklyn rental property with the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development, three months after The Post pointed out the lapse.* Hotel hermit got $17M to make way for 15 Central Park West(NYP)

de Blasio Vs Charter School
Charter schools are working, but New York's mayor wants to stop them  (Economist) A 2013 study by Stanford University found that the typical Illinois charter pupil (most of them in Chicago) gained two weeks of additional learning in reading, and a month in maths, over their counterparts in traditional public schools. One city network of charters, Youth Connection, is credited with reducing Chicago’s dropout rate by 7% in a decade. Overall, however, the city’s public schools are in a sorry state: 51,000 out of 240,000 elementary-school pupils did not meet state reading standards in 2013.  But New York’s new mayor, Bill de Blasio, a union-backed Democrat, wants to hobble charters. 
First, he intends to curb their growth. On January 31st Carmen Fariña, his schools chancellor, announced a plan to divert $210m earmarked for charter schools to help pay for pre-kindergarten teaching. She also announced that, in future, every expansion plan will be reviewed—even those that are long settled, such as the plan of Success Academies, with the largest network in the city, to open ten more schools in August. * Eva Moskowitz: Teachers Union Enemy No. 1(WSJ) * Charter Schools Group Launches Digital Campaign(YNN)

Children Removed From 2 Homeless Shelters
New York Is Removing Over 400 Children From 2 Homeless Shelters(NYT)
Mayor Bill de Blasio will announce on Friday that his administration is removing hundreds of children from two shelters that inspectors have repeatedly cited for deplorable conditions, officials said. * Mayor Announces Reforms to Two Large Homeless Shelters(NYO)

de Blasio Blames the Media, Political Class
Mayor de Blasio tells he believes ordinary New Yorkers see the world different than the political class and the media. 
Love Dave Evans but not right to call motorcade "tabloid fodder" when it was broken by network TV and covered by everyone.  I hope he's not implying he's an ordinary NY & not a charter member of political class  confirmed his tardiness to partly on "six snowstorms in 7 weeks" that "deeply affected our schedule." * Bill de Blasio Insists He’s ‘Plenty Sunny’ Despite Recent ‘Bumps’(NYO)

Week 8 4 de Blasio Tough

Favoritism de Blasio and the Bench Warrant
Arrest Inquiry by de Blasio Stirs Some Debate(NYT) The mayor is facing questions about favoritism and undue influence after he called a high-ranking police official to inquire about the arrest of a Brooklyn bishop, a key political supporter. * Comptroller to de Blasio: Don’t get involved in arrests(NYP) *Friends of Bill(NYP) * FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: Bishop sprung from jail by Mayor de Blasio also has connections to President Obama(NYDN) * FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: Bishop sprung from jail by Mayor de Blasio als... * Critics blast de Blasio over police call to help free political ally(NYP) de Blasio is known for taking a hands-on approach to governing, but his call to the NYPD about an arrested clergyman to whom the mayor has connections is stirring some debate * LIONEL COMMENTARY: If you‘re arrested on two warrants you’re held until you went before a judge. No*De Blasio’s reverend can’t pay bills, keep roof over congregation(NYP)

Both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal provided a detailed tick-tock of what happened the night Bill de Blasio placed a controversial phone call to inquire about the arrest of his ally, Bishop Orlando Findlayter. “When the mayor is inquiring in this personal manner, a deputy chief knows what this means,” political historian Fred Siegel told the Times.* De Blasio Insists He Did Nothing Wrong After Pastor’s Arrest(NYO) * De Blasio speaks on bishop's release: 'I made an inquiry,' did not ask for him to be let go (NYDN) * De Blasio defended his decision to call a top police official to ask about the arrest of Bishop Orlando Findlayter, a member of his inaugural committee, saying it was “appropriate,” the Wall Street Journal reports:  * Cuomo: Pre-K Bill That ‘Divides’ Won’t Pass(YNN) * Will de Blasio make another call to NYPD on behalf of a friend? "I wld make my decisions on a case by case basis." * Bill de Blasio and the NYPD Are Off to a Rocky Start(The Atlantic) * Shaken, red-faced de Blasio sheds light on bishop friend's release: 'I made an inquiry,' did not ask for him to be let go from jail(NYDN) * New York City Public Advocate Letitia James declined to weigh in on de Blasio’s call to the police about the arrest of a political ally, and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said it was time to move on, Capital New York writes:  * ., rarely press shy, has said nothing about de Blasio ally's arrest & release after mayor called NYPD deputy chief. * De Blasio allies urge end to questions about his call to police(Capital)
* Bishop Orlando Findlayter, the de Blasio political ally who the mayor called the police to inquire about following a recent arrest, was sued for bouncing a check for $11,400, according to a source who called the Bishop a con-artist, the Daily News writes: * BLESSING FROM ABOVE: Brooklyn pastor, Mayor de Blasio pal Findlayter tells Sunday congregation the man upstairs promises all of his troubles are history(NYDN)

Did Wolfe Write the Emails to the NYPD?
Emma Wolfe, Mayor de Blasio’s Secret Weapon (NY Mag)
NYT and Emma Wolfe: "Did you get the car and the driver?" "I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about that." Why not? * Emails sent to the NYPD by mayoral aides (NYDN)

The Bishop Power Base
De Blasio bishop a Brooklyn powerhouse despite money, legal woes(NYP) Findlayter’s power doesn’t come from his own Brooklyn congregation, the New Hope Christian Church, which boasts only 250 or so members; it springs from the umbrella organization his church belongs to and which he leads — Churches United to Save and Heal (CUSH), a multidenominational network of 40 mostly Caribbean churches in Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. For politicians, Findlayter, 50, is a gatekeeper to thousands of voters and activists. “If you’re looking for black voters, you have to start at the church,” state Sen. Kevin Parker, an ally of Findlayter for the past 15 years, told The Post. “Mayor de Blasio understood that, and that was key to his victory . . . Pastors are really the institution of black communities that do the most service.” But while Findlayter’s influence increased, so did his money problems.

de Blasio Goes to Another Secret Meeting 
Did GOP Senator Set Up the Mayor By Dropping the Picture of the Secret Meeting?
De Blasio Has Private Sit-Down With Republican Lawmaker in Brooklyn(NYO) Mayor Bill de Blasio quietly met with GOP State Senator Marty Golden this morning, sharing a breakfast but declining to reveal publicly what the secret sit-down was about. News of the meeting leaked after Mr. Golden posted a picture of himself and Mr. de Blasio at a Bay Ridge diner this morning. Mr. Golden, however, said that the tweet was not intended for the public.

de Blasio Bishop A Financial Mess 

After Arrest, Pastor Linked to de Blasio Is Under Scrutiny for Tangled Finances(NYT)
Bishop Orlando Findlayter, whose arrest prompted a call from Mayor Bill de Blasio to the police, is at the center of a controversy that has raised questions about the pastor and the mayor’s judgment.

Oh Really, DN: What is the Pre-K Plan?

A City That Need Years Delay to Teach the Core Curriculum Can Set Up Pre-K for 53,600 4-Year-Olds in 5 Months

Elementary, Mr. Mayor(NYDN Ed) Mayor de Blasio is making the hard sell on pre-K. The city, he now reports, has found more than enough classroom space to offer full-day, high-quality early childhood education to 53,600 4-year-olds just six months from now. So far, he has produced a 14-page report followed by a 10-page report, both full of rhetorical flourishes alongside hard facts. This does not an implementation plan make. Charter school applications are many times more detailed. So too the plans sure to be required by Cuomo before the state opens its funding taps or — unlikely — approves de Blasio’s tax. Who will be in charge? Right now, an unworkable five agencies oversee pre-K instruction and facilities. What about staff? Transportation?  And what exactly will the little ones do when they show up on day one? Oh, right. That.ear * What is the ID Card Plan? Some in other cities say developing and implementing an ID card program can be difficult and takes years, not the months that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio would have to get a program up by the end of this year, The Wall Street Journal writes: * NY1 Exclusive: Tax Break Bill Proposes Letting NYers Donate to Education Organization Instead * De Blasio to pre-K supporters: ‘We will win’(Capital) * Albany Pro: Why de Blasio won’t yield on pre-K(Capital)

NYP Ask the Mayor What is Your Education Policy Beyond Pre-K?

Opting for failure(NYP) Anyone who’s read The Post exposé on Murry Bergtraum HS won’t be surprised to learn how badly its students write. The question is, why is a school so manifestly failing its students still open? Alas, Murry Bergtraum is all too typical of a public-education system that looks the other way so long as it’s black and Latino children who aren’t learning. Here’s just a small taste of the rotten status quo:

  • At 53 city-run public schools, zero African-American students passed the state’s most recent math tests.
  • At 48 schools, zero Latino students passed those tests.
  • At one Bronx middle school — MS 203 — not one of the 210 Latino or 75 African-American children who took the tests passed.
  • At PS 194 in Harlem, none of the 50 African-American or 46 Latino test-takers was proficient in English Language Arts.
  • There are 105 schools where the math proficiency rate is 5 percent or less.
  • There are 69 public schools where the ­English Language Arts proficiency rate is 5 percent or less.

“Can [the mayor] look every parent in the eye who expects to send their child to these schools in the fall and say to them, ‘The school that I will now force you to go to is going to be better than the school I am taking away from you’? ” The answer is that de Blasio is going to keep failing, traditional public schools open no matter how badly they do — and make it difficult to expand charters no matter how well they do. You can call this many things, but you can’t call it progressive.* New York voters are divided about the Common Core, with 36 percent saying the standards are too demanding and 24 percent saying they are not demanding, while 50 percent want a two-year moratorium on implementation, according to a Siena poll: 

What is the Educational Plan?
 Cuomo says he nixed so-called “death penalty” plans for chronically failing school districts in part because of the controversy surrounding the implementation of the Common Core standards, the Buffalo News reports: * Cuomo says he understands the criticism of his proposal to offer college courses to inmates when some parents can’t afford to send their children to college, but he will continue pursuing the plan anyway, the Buffalo News writes: * An analysis shows that co-locating charter schools has no discernible impact on public school students’ achievement, the Manhattan Institute’s Marcus Winters writes in the Daily News: *Pre-K Fast Start NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio released an analysis that he says proves the city is ready to rapidly expand the number of full-day pre-K seats by September, – assuming it can pay for the program. * De Blasio vowed to shutter pre-K programs run by community-based organizations that have been slapped with violations posing health hazards to children. * * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio released an analysis outlining the city’s ability to rapidly expand the number of full-day pre-K seats starting in September as long as reliable funding exists, Crain’s reports:  * Gov. Andrew Cuomo defended his pre-K plan and said he is committed to not raising taxes because he has been trying to send that message for three years now, the Times Union reports:  * Cuomo dismissed as “silly” a Siena College poll question about who should be setting education policy, the state Education Department or the governor’s office, State of Politics writes Wednesday  Update De Blasio Says New York Can Add 29,000 Pre-K Seats(NYT) * Handicapped Students Stranded  New school bus routes leave disabled kids stranded(NYP) * School officials say they are still feeling the pinch from the gap elimination adjustment put in place four years ago, and they’re continuing to call for Cuomo to restore aid levels to what they were before then Gov. David Paterson made cuts, the Buffalo News reports:  * Charters Fight Back  Eva Moskowitz & other Charter School Allies Adopt High Profile Fight to Prevent De Blasio From Stopping Co-Locations

Pre-K Quality Control Dangers Ahead
Why are the papers the only one raising Pre-K problems, where are the elected officials who are reviewing the programs expansion?

Mayor de Blasio's Pre-K program includes operators with health, safety violations — and history of corruption(NYDN)Operators of pre-K programs have record of health, safety violations — and corruption  A Daily News review of the health inspection records of pre-K programs overseen by the ACS showed that the centers were frequently hit with health and safety violations, and some have even billed the city and state for children that didn't exist.

Charter Schools War or Peace?
Daily News  De Blasio and Fariña ready an assault
Tuesday Update City charter operators shifting advocacy efforts to Albany(Capital) As it fails to gain traction with local electeds and the administration
Schools Chancellor, Charter Leaders Seek Common Ground
Save these schools(NYDN Ed)
De Blasio and Fariña ready an assault on charters
Pro-charter pol asks for state help against de Blasio’s plan(NYP)An influential Brooklyn legislator is calling on the state to step in if Mayor de Blasio follows through on his plan to limit charter-school expansion in the city. Democratic State Assemblyman Karim Camara said he’s studying whether a state authority could provide housing support for new charters if the de Blasio administration makes it more difficult for charters to build new facilities or “co-locate” within existing public schools.Assemblyman Karim Camara said he’s studying whether a state authority could provide housing support for new charter schools if the de Blasio administration makes it difficult to build new facilities* Booting Bronx charter ‘feels like revenge(NYP) * The Left shuns progressive charter schools(NYP) * With the spotlight on full-day pre-K, the governor and Legislature have failed to protect access in the state to kindergarten, writes Sister Ana Maria Causa and Rev. Bruce Baker of Westchester United in City & State:   
* Charter school leaders warming up to Education chancellor Farina(NYP)The meeting at the New York City Charter Center in Manhattan comes after weeks of feuding between charter advocates and Mayor de Blasio, who has vowed to slash city funding and support for charter schools. Still, Farina didn’t discuss the mayor’s proposals to stop charter expansions at the private meeting, sources say.*
Charter School Leaders Meet de Blasio Official(NYT)  New York City’s schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, met with more than 100 representatives from the city’s charter schools, and they found common ground over serving at-risk children. * Schools Chancellor, Charter Leaders Seek Common Ground in Meeting (NY1) * Chancellor and charter school leaders have "good will" meeting but no decisions yet on rent or co-locations (WNYC) * Mulgrew and SEIU 1199 President George Gresham met Friday with selected state legislators to urge them to support de Blasio’s pre-K plan.* De Blasio on charters: Focus on the other '95 percent'(Capital)

de Blasio Taking Over NYPD CAU
De Blasio "is clearing out the city's Community Affairs Unit, replacing nearly every existing staffer with his longtime loyalists," Cap NY writes. "De Blasio's team notified C.A.U. workers they have to depart their jobs by today, according to a source briefed on the situation. Some had previously left on their own, the source said... Among the new staffers are several former de Blasio campaign aides, including one who made news for tweeting her skepticism of the police, and staff who worked for him when he was public advocate. Several have close ties to his labor allies." Bill de Blasio and the NYPD Are Off to a Rocky Start(The Atlantic)

De Blasio $$$ and Top Appointees
De Blasio’s donor-studded cabinet(Capital) Eight of Mayor Bill de Blasio's top appointees are also de Blasio donors.

The 1% Transition

De Blasio’s transition team drops big bucks(NYP)Campaign-finance reports released Wednesday show that the team spent $277.17 for dinner at Delmonico’s Steak House near Wall Street on Dec. 23; $601 for one night at The W hotel in DC on Dec. 12, when de Blasio was visiting President Obama; and $1,142 at The St. Regis in Midtown on Dec. 16. Despite this, they blew through only about half the $2 million raised for the transition. De Blasio has $988,000 left.** Even after the election, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio received more than $2 million in campaign donations for his transition, including money from several parties with business before the city, Politicker writes: *Bill de Blasio Transition Donors Include Many With

Driving Team de Blasio's 9

New Health Commissioner
Bill de Blasio to Name Mary Bassett Health Commissioner(NYO) Ms. Bassett replaces Thomas Farley, who became one of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s most high-profile commissioners through his embrace of a litany of controversial public health initiatives, from the so-called “soda ban” to restrictions on public smoking.

  de Blasio Law and Order & Traffic

Bratton vows to crack down on killer drivers(NYP) * Eric Holder talks crime prevention with de Blasio(NYP) * The Daily News writes that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has set a steep, yet worthy goal by aiming to reduce the number of traffic fatalities in the city:* Bratton on why stop-and-frisk problem is ‘solved’(Capital)
“In 2011, the NYPD conducted 694,000 documented stops. In 2013, the figure was about 194,000.” * De Blasio’s plan to cut pedestrian deaths(Capital) * A.G. probes Empire over health exchange complaints(Capital) * Stop-and-frisk in some neighborhoods has been stopped,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton declared Wednesday, according to Capital New York. Speaking at a conference about community policing, Mr. Bill Bratton went on to declare that, “In terms of being about what to about the high number of stops, my answer is this aspect of the problem has more or less been solved.”* The De Blasio administration plans to drop city's appeal over the stop-and-frisk ruling next week. (NY Mag)

Building the New Administration

Nearly all of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s appointees are receiving the same salary as their counterparts from the Bloomberg administration, The Wall Street Journal writes: * Frustration Brews as de Blasio Drags Feet on Remaining Appointments(NYO) * De Blasio ‘Glad’ City Agreed to Settle RNC Arrest Lawsuit(NYO) * De Blasio Backs Slower Streets to Curb Pedestrian Deaths(NYO)* QUOTE OF THE DAY: “The goal is literally to reduce fatalities on our roadways to zero. That is our singular focus.” – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiling his new Vision Zero plan to reduce pedestrian fatalities, via WNYC.* * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that he will pressure Albany to give the city the power to install speed cameras and red light cameras wherever data shows that they will make streets safer, WNYC reports   * De Blasio and several of his top administration officials are expected to attend the Real Estate Board of New York’s annual gala, which Mayor Michael Bloomberg attended every year, Crain’s reports:  * A coalition of liberal groups including the Working Families Party and 32BJ will launch a campaign to allow municipalities to set a minimum wage through a vote by the local legislative body, Crain’s writes:  *Bratton vows to crack down on killer drivers(NYP

The Pope and the Mayor
BDB: "I have been inspired by Pope Francis' message...he's the most powerful voice on this earth on how we have to address inequality"

 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio met with New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and the two agreed to work together to encourage Pope Francis to visit the city, The Associated Press reports: * Mayor de Blasio and Cardinal Dolan Join Forces to Try to Bring Pope to New York  * HEAVENLY VISIT: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Cardinal Dolan meet, team up to bring Pope Francis to New York(NYDN) * De Blasio, Dolan discuss papal visit(Capital)The mayor and the cardinal discussed affordable housing, midtown zoning and Pope Francis* Papal Visit to City Is Sought(WSJ) BDB: "I have been inspired by Pope Francis' message...he's the most powerful voice on this earth on how we have to address inequality"

 New Mayor Builds His Adminstration
Mayor Splits Day Discussing Education, NYPD(NY1)
In response to  question yesterday “about whether he’s encouraged her not to punish her detractors,” Mr. de Blasio instead praised Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito‘s status as the first Latina citywide official. “It’s evident today all over the city that there is tremendous pride in the historical moment that’s been achieved by Melissa Mark-Viverito,” he said.  Later this afternoon, Mayor Bill de Blasio will be holding a roundtable discussion at a Staten Island Goodfellas Pizza. But this morning, his administration already found itself defending its local record in the Staten Island Advance after his transition reportedly didn’t consider residents of the borough for top economic jobs.

Bill de Blasio Transition Donors Include Many With Interests Before City(NYO)
De Blasio to Return Transition Contribution(NYO)

Stewart Does Pizza With A Falk
 "And you call yourself a radical socialist bent on destroying New York City."
Stewart Channels His Inner Angry NYCer to Ream de Blasio for Eating Pizza the Wrong Way


The Divide Is Growing Between de Blasio Two Cities
2013 ends with weakest job growth in years(CNNMONEY)
Hiring slumped sharply in December, as the economy added only 74,000 jobs, according to the government. This was the weakest month for job growth since January 2011 and came as a huge surprise to economists, who were expecting an addition of 193,000 jobs.  Only 62.8% of the adult population is participating in the labor market now -- meaning they either have a job or are looking for one. That matches the lowest level since 1978.

 New Mayor Builds His Adminstration
Mayor Splits Day Discussing Education, NYPD(NY1)
In response to  question yesterday “about whether he’s encouraged her not to punish her detractors,” Mr. de Blasio instead praised Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito‘s status as the first Latina citywide official. “It’s evident today all over the city that there is tremendous pride in the historical moment that’s been achieved by Melissa Mark-Viverito,” he said.  Later this afternoon, Mayor Bill de Blasio will be holding a roundtable discussion at a Staten Island Goodfellas Pizza. But this morning, his administration already found itself defending its local record in the Staten Island Advance after his transition reportedly didn’t consider residents of the borough for top economic jobs.

Press Covering the Mayor Eating Pizza With A Fork
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio raised eyebrows by eating pizza both by hand and with a knife and fork – a move that sparked ridicule when Donald Trump he did it.* The new mayor said he picked up the eating-pizza-with-utensils habit while visiting Italy, “my ancestral homeland.”* De Blasio counsel cuts ties with Sampson, Cablevision(Capital) *Some rich detail on the history of the Gaspard-de Blasio relationship in this piece * Bronx fixer/lobbyist Stanley Schlein is a top fundraiser for inauguration * Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos said de Blasio has yet to make a persuasive argument to raise taxes to fund an expansion of pre-kindergarten.* Actor Liam Neeson went to bat for the Central Park carriage horses de Blasio wants to ban, calling them an “iconic, historic part of New York.”* De Blasio doing a smiley meet-&-greet in Staten Island, hours after Advance dings him for snubbing SI in transition  De Blasio to Return Transition Contribution(NYO) de Blasio’s transition team will return a $1,100 contribution it mistakenly accepted from its top money bundler, whose company does millions of dollars worth of business with the city, an administration spokesman said. As Politicker reported yesterday, Charles Hocking, the president of Hazen and Sawyer and the top bundler for Mr. de Blasio’s transition, is listed in new campaign finance documents as having raised $30,350 for the effort, including a $1,100 personal contribution to help pay for the new mayor’s inauguration and other transition expenses. Hazen and Sawyer–an engineering firm that specializes in providing safe drinking water and controlling water pollution* Chancellor Carmen Farina vows to mend relations with families(NYDN) * With a Fork, Bill de Blasio Eats Pizza(NYO)  * De Blasio narrowed his list of candidates for New York City planning commissioner to three women, Harriet Tregoning, Anna Hayes Levin and Karen Phillips, Crain’s reports: * Bill de Blasio Shows His Love for Staten Island(NYO) * Consumer Affairs head quietly departs(CrainsNY)

Who is Who With Mayor Bill
A relationships guide for new NYC mayor(Politico)
In the hours before Bill de Blasio’s inauguration as the mayor of New York City, the seats on the dais at City Hall already bore name tags. The closest one to the podium? Reserved for an “H. Clinton.” Next? “B. Clinton.” Also in the front row: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and outgoing Mayor Michael Bl“Gaspard helped bring the new mayor together with Obama, starting long before de Blasio’s candidacy took off by taking the then-public advocate and his family backstage to meet the president at an event in Philadelphia. … David Axelrod … is a mentor, friend and former partner of de Blasio’s top political consultant, John DelCecato, whose own ties to Obama run deep. A campaign adviser who cut some of the president’s re-election ads, Del Cecato also coached the new mayor on engagement with the White House.”* De Blasio inauguration to have A-listers, everyday New Yorkers(NYDN)* Liberals are now watching New York City to see if Mayor Bill de Blasio can deliver on his populist ideals. “The mayor has a remarkable opportunity to make real many progressive policies and prove their merit,” Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor of California, told The New York Times.\ “There’s got to be a connection between vision and speeches, and execution and policy … Our beloved president — that brother gives beautiful speeches, but he is milquetoast oftentimes when it comes to execution,” added Dr. Cornel West. “We don’t want de Blasio going down that Obama lane, or we’ll be in trouble.” * The Nation reacts: “There are conventions in politics as dependable as the tides. For instance, once elected, a politician’s rhetoric shifts from the inspirational to the incremental, and after months of saying nasty things about their opponent, they make nice … In the weeks since he was elected mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio has abided by neither custom.” * Farewell to All That - and Hello to Politics in City Hall(NY1) Boomberg.For de Blasio, these four figures are not just prominent politicians whose positions alone grant them seating privileges Wednesday. They are among several people he will have some sort of relationship with in the coming years, whether personal, professional, or simply in the public imagination.* Two repeated themes of the de Blasio movement heretofore: diversity and progressive. Let the parsing begin.

Buzz is that de Blasio Wants to Increase Taxes To Help Hillary
Even if Cuomo Finds the Pre-K $$$ From the General Budget

Cuomo and De Blasio’s Political Chess Match Has Begun(NY Mag)

Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio may agree New York City needs universal pre-kindergarten, but you won't hear the governor take up how to pay for it when he delivers his State of the State Address on Wednesday, our Ken Lovett and I reportCuomo did not absolutely rule out de Blasio’s call for the state to authorize the city to hike its income tax on the wealthy to pay for the expanded programs. But he made it clear as he unveiled an election-year relief plan that he believes New York’s taxes need to be lowered, not increased — something he has said in the past when talking about de Blasio's proposal.Announcing a new Global NY initiative to expand trade between New York companies and foreign countries is in the cards for Cuomo’s State of the State address, according to administration officials, The Wall Street Journal reports: 
Cuomo Makes Global Trade A New Focus(WSJ)
Cuomo To Push Pataki-McCall Tax Cuts(YNN)
Cuomo Outlines $2 Billion In Tax Cuts That Includes Relief For | New York Daily News
Cuomo also outlined a plan to cut taxes by $2 billion, including a personal income tax credit for renters with incomes below $100,000 and whose rent exceeds a certain percentage of their total income (Daily News)
De Blasio loves taxes(NYP)
 The Post writes that de Blasio’s position on raising taxes for the wealthy to fund a universal pre-K program is astounding for a mayor whose citizens are among the most highly taxed in the country
"De Blasio's swearing-in ceremony was a persistent rebuke to the centrist spirit of Clintonism." \

 Mayoral Update

Mayor De Blasio Wins Grins, Eye Rolls With Persistent 'Dad' Humor(WSJ)
De Blasio brandishes a hammy brand of humor as a disarming tool, demonstrating to the public a playfulness that his family and staff have observed for years.

De Blasio orders probe in torture death of toddler(NYP) *Before His Death, Boy Faced Weeks of Abuse, Officials Say(NYT) *Abused Child's Caregiver Appears in Court(WSJ)  * In Myls’ memory (NYDN Ed)  The torture and murder of 4-year-old Myls Dobson are too horrendous to contemplate. Mayor de Blasio has rightly pledged to get to the bottom of how the city failed to protect him — charging Deputy Mayor Lilliam Barrios-Paoli and Administration for Children’s Services Commissioner Gladys Carrión with investigating what went wrong.* Boy Found Dead "Tortured" for Last 3 Weeks of Life: DA(WNBC)*  Prosecutors Accuse Caretaker of Numerous Abuses in Wake of 4-Year-Old's Death(NY1) * De Blasio is late, delays Correction grad ceremony(NYP) * Bill de Blasio Shows His Love for Staten Island(NYO)* De Blasio considers four potential city planning heads:  Mayor Bill de Blasio is close to naming a new... * Mayor de Blasio vows to find killed of kidnapped landlord Menachem Stark, who body was found burned in dumpster(NYDN) * Hamill: Mayor de Blasio’s pick as adviser on labor deals a poor choice(NYDN) * Mayor de Blasio: NY Post Cover Of Stark Was 'Unfair and Hurtful'(yeshivaworld) * De Blasio Blasts Post Stark Cover After Criticism(NYO)

Daily News: Mr. Mayor Eat Pizza Like A New Yawkuh

A Fork? De Blasio’s Way of Eating Pizza Is Mocked(NYP) * De Blasio's Pizza Eating Causes Stir on Staten Island(WSJ)Chow, baby (NYDN Ed)
Pizza and forks do not mix, Mr. Mayor. have you never heard the expression, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”? Of course you have. But there’s a corollary that 8.4 million live by: When you come home to New Yawk, you do what should come naturally to everyone in the world. You eat like a New Yawkuh.

Press Covering the Mayor Eating Pizza With A Fork
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio raised eyebrows by eating pizza both by hand and with a knife and fork – a move that sparked ridicule when Donald Trump he did it.* The new mayor said he picked up the eating-pizza-with-utensils habit while visiting Italy, “my ancestral homeland.”* De Blasio counsel cuts ties with Sampson, Cablevision(Capital) *Some rich detail on the history of the Gaspard-de Blasio relationship in this piece * Bronx fixer/lobbyist Stanley Schlein is a top fundraiser for inauguration * Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos said de Blasio has yet to make a persuasive argument to raise taxes to fund an expansion of pre-kindergarten.* Actor Liam Neeson went to bat for the Central Park carriage horses de Blasio wants to ban, calling them an “iconic, historic part of New York.”* De Blasio doing a smiley meet-&-greet in Staten Island, hours after Advance dings him for snubbing SI in transition  De Blasio to Return Transition Contribution(NYO) de Blasio’s transition team will return a $1,100 contribution it mistakenly accepted from its top money bundler, whose company does millions of dollars worth of business with the city, an administration spokesman said. As Politicker reported yesterday, Charles Hocking, the president of Hazen and Sawyer and the top bundler for Mr. de Blasio’s transition, is listed in new campaign finance documents as having raised $30,350 for the effort, including a $1,100 personal contribution to help pay for the new mayor’s inauguration and other transition expenses. Hazen and Sawyer–an engineering firm that specializes in providing safe drinking water and controlling water pollution* Chancellor Carmen Farina vows to mend relations with families(NYDN) * With a Fork, Bill de Blasio Eats Pizza(NYO)  * De Blasio narrowed his list of candidates for New York City planning commissioner to three women, Harriet Tregoning, Anna Hayes Levin and Karen Phillips, Crain’s reports: * Bill de Blasio Shows His Love for Staten Island(NYO) * Consumer Affairs head quietly departs(CrainsNY)

Governing By War Room

War Rooms Where Strategists Shape Campaigns, Control and Rally the Troops by Controlling the Media Message

Game  Change
De Blasio Style Evident in Effort to Sway Critics of Bratton(NYT) Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio and aides are conducting a campaign of diplomacy with influential black and Latino New Yorkers who view William J. Bratton as divisive.  Behind the scenes in the past 48 hours, Mr. de Blasio and his top aides have quietly waged an aggressive campaign of outreach and diplomacy to secure support for Mr. Bratton, whose deep ties to the divisive policing era of the 1990s have unsettled some allies of the mayor-elect.
The effort — including conference calls and other phone conversations among Mr. de Blasio, Mr. Bratton and prominent black and Latino leaders — offers an early glimpse of the grass-roots political style that Mr. de Blasio, a savvy operative with a background in community organizing, intends to bring to City Hall. On Thursday afternoon, after introducing Mr. Bratton at a Brooklyn news conference, Mr. de Blasio and his top political aide, Emma Wolfe, convened a conference call with liberal advocacy groups to reaffirm his commitment to curbing the use of stop-and-frisk tactics. Around the same time, the city’s incoming public advocate, Letitia James, received an unexpected call on her cellphone: Mr. Bratton was on the line. Councilman Jumaane D. Williams of Brooklyn, who helped pass a police oversight bill this year, said Mr. de Blasio’s aides had been in constant contact with him since Thursday about setting up a meeting with Mr. Bratton.

Since Hillary de Blasio Has Went to School and Mastered the Wall Room
In 2000, a War Room Didn’t Fit de Blasio’s Style -

Bill de Blasio Was a High-School Overachiever, Featured in 1979 Boston Globe, Father Cancer Committed Suicide

NYC mayoral favorite Bill de Blasio has Mass. roots(Boston Globe) He was nicknamed ‘Senator Provolone,’ in a nod to the generous Italian sandwiches he would bring to lunch … In the high school yearbook, he was labeled ‘future president of the U.S.A. — the Untied Sneakers Association.’” "One teacher recalled that students hummed “Hail to the Chief” when de Blasio walked into class."*  In the Daily News, Robert Radosh, a professor emeritus of history at CUNY, gives some historical context to Nicaragua’s Sandinista movement in the wake of de Blasio’s past support of the regime:   *
Chasing Bill de Blasio (NYT Video) * De Blasio’s father committed suicide while suffering from cancer(NYP) * De Blasio admitted to being arrested at least four times while protesting different causes, including the closing of Long Island College Hospital and the shutdown of a firehouse in 2003, The Post writes:  * Bill de Blasio tried getting out ahead of a New York Post story by announcing his father committed suicide while suffering from terminal cancer in 1979. Warren Wilhelm Sr.'s death was first reported in a Connecticut paper that ceased publishing this June. [Dana Rubinstein]*Bill de Blasio Addresses Ailing Father’s Suicide in ’70s 

NYT Look's Into de Dlasio Problems With His Father
From His Father’s Decline, de Blasio ‘Learned What Not to Do’(NYT)But by the time Mr. de Blasio turned 7, family life had started to go bad. His father, Warren Wilhelm, was drunk and angry much of the day. At one family gathering, he fell to the floor and had trouble getting back up.The New York Times and WNYC did deep dives into Bill de Blasio‘s early childhood and relationship with his parents. “I have a real respect, and a real anger and sadness at the same time,” Mr. de Blasio said of his father, who became estranged from the family. “I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do the math on exactly what it all means.”* Between losing his leg in WWII and his tragic suicide in 1979, Bill de Blasio's father forged a career with think tanks and multinational corporations aimed at blocking the spread of communism. A decade after his death, his son was in Nicaragua, working in support of the kind of socialist government his father's old colleagues tried to prevent in Latin America.* De Blasio's Political Awakening Started As A Child(NY1)

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