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PA James Who Hired Lobbyist MirRam Consultant As Her Chief of Staff Says Using Consultants in Govt is A "Violation of Ethics"
Letitia James: De Blasio’s use of consultants a ‘violation of ethics’ (NYP) Public Advocate Letitia James joined the chorus of voices attacking Mayor de Blasio’s use of outside consultants Thursday, denouncing the practice as a “violation of ethics.”  James, who’s considered a potential 2017 mayoral challenger, said there should be “a firewall between those who lobby this city” and policy makers.  “Consultants, lobbyists — to me, it’s a distinction without much of a difference,” she said at an unrelated press conference. “The bottom line is when it comes to devising policy in the city of New York, a change in legislation, I just think it really should be between the principal and their staff.” Mayoral aides insisted that only the mayor and his staff are enacting policy. “The mayor and his staff make policy decisions, not the types of outside advisors any mayoral administration has,” said spokesman Eric Phillips. “I’m confident the public advocate knows that.” The mayor’s use of outside advisors came under fire after the administration claimed their communications with City Hall were exempt from press and public scrutiny * .Public Advocate Letitia James Names Chief of Staff (City and State)  New York City Public Advocate Letitia James has begun to fill out her office, hiring Ibrahim Khan, a communications consultant with the MirRam Group, as her chief of staff * New York City Public Advocate Letitia James said the new federal ban on smoking in public housing might inflame the relationship between cops and community and said she’s afraid of “aggressive enforcement” of the ban, the Daily News writes. * Surprisingly good sense from Letitia James (NYP)
More On Bronx Lobbyists MirRam Group

WFP Flack Vs Flack In A Sea of Misleading the Voters and the Press 
Oops! Working Families Party PR rep accidentally sendsstrategic e-mail to Brooklyn Paper reporter (Brooklyn Paper) Oops! Working Families Party PR rep accidentally sends strategic e-mail to Brooklyn It is a case of the flacks fighting the flak! Working Families Party operatives and top aides to Public Advocate Letitia James worked together in an attempt to fend off questions about James’ muddled support of a party candidate’s successful assembly bid, an e-mail chain accidentally sent to The Brooklyn Paper revealed. “Need a coordinated response from Tish’s office,” wrote Working Families Party communications director Nancy Goldstein to party director Bill Lipton in response to query by New York Observer reporter Ross Barkan as to why James’ photo was positioned over the words “Endorsed by leaders and organizations we trust” on a flyer supporters of Diana Richardson handed out despite the fact that James didn’t pick sides in the race. Next to James’ image was the quote “Vote Working Families Party to stand up for tenants and homeowners.” Goldstein ran her statement by Khan for approval, then told The Observer that James had signed off on the quote “because of her longstanding relationship and support of the WFP,” despite admitting in an initial e-mail to Lipton that she did not know if they had run the materials by James’s office. “I don’t know the back story here — whether we cleared it with Ibrahim first,” she wrote. It was not clear from the e-mails whether Khan had approved the materials.  “The notion that this wasn’t misleading is absurd,” said Greenpoint District Leader Nick Rizzo, who worked on Richardson’s campaign and handed out some of the flyers bearing James’s quote. “I’m proud to have worked on the campaign and I still support Diana, but I wish it had been a little more honest. It is incumbent upon us to campaign cleaner if we want a cleaner government.”
WFP accidentally emails @noahhurowitz about my @tishjames story. This is fun. 

Quick Win for PA James From Mayor Who Reacts to Media Stories  
Human Rights chief fired after Letitia James demands new head(NYP) In an unusual move, Mayor de Blasio is replacing the head of the city’s Commission on Human Rights — one day after getting a strongly worded letter from Public Advocate Letitia James attacking her and demanding she be fired. James charged in a letter dated Wednesday that Patricia Gatling was overseeing a “moribund” operation that hasn’t been aggressive in rooting out discrimination. Just 24 hours later, the mayor’s office pronounced Gatling a goner. Gatling, a former assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, has kept a relatively low profile since being named human-rights chief by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2002, and has never been called out before for her performance.

NYP Connects James Office No Show to Weaknes of the PAs Office

Public Advocate Letitia James isn’t showing up for hours at a time, or is cutting out early some days, the most likely reason is because there’s no real work to do and the office should be abolished
We have to wonder at all those New Yorkers who profess to be shocked, shocked to discover that Letitia James, our new public advocate, doesn’t seem to make it into the office much. In practice, as The Post has long argued, “the only real service the office provides is a soapbox for grabbing attention and making mischief.” That, and using it as a publicly funded stepping stone to a run for mayor. If James isn’t showing up for hours at a time, or is cutting out early some days, the most likely reason is because there’s no real work to do.The agency that handles New York City's tax revenue collection wants to establish a "taxpayer advocate" to help residents with complaints about their bills and navigate the murky system, Capital New York reports:  @NY1 Public Advocate Talks Salon Workers, Foster Youth & BodyCameras 

James' Pay to Play Hotel 
Letitia James Backed Hotel Project After Builder Donated toHer Campaign(DNAINFO) Letitia James received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions last year from two real estate entrepreneurs hoping to build a hotel on city land in Brooklyn — and just three days after pocketing their donations, she penned a glowing letter on their behalf to city officials deciding on the proposal, records show.

Acting Mayor James . . .  Maybe 

New York City Public Advocate Letitia James has directed lawyers on her staff to research what executive powers she might have when de Blasio is on vacation in Italy
The New York City Charter states that the Public Advocate, in this case Letitia James, can assume certain mayoral duties if the mayor is out of town for more than nine days, a possible reason why de Blasio announced his vacation to Italy would be shortened from 10 to 9 days, the Daily News reports: 
First Deputy Mayor Shorris to run city during de Blasio's vacation(NYDN) * Time when certain mayoral powers go to Public Advocate: 9 days. Time de Blasio will be out of NYC: 8 days, 20.5 hrs.* De Blasio’s Italy-vacation agenda(Capital)* Herzzoner(NYDN Ed)  Tish James is a little hasty eying the mayor’s office

Judge Dismisses Attempt to Block Co-Locations   v_______

 NYC Public Advocate Tish James said the new budget indicates Cuomo didn’t “get the memo” on income inequality.

Tish James Renews Public Advocate’s Legislative Role(NYO)

Free Lunch Support
Rachael Ray: free lunch helps eliminate social pressure on kids(NYDN)

Felling he Heat de Blasio Hands Off the Anti-Charter Fight to James

PA to File Lawsuit
Public advocate wants to suspend charter-school lottery(NYP)  Public Advocate Letitia James not only plans to sue to shut down “co-located” charter schools — her team wants a judge to suspend the admissions lottery for the 2014-15 academic year. The move would slam at least 4,500 city families slated to enter a new class — and thousands more already in charter schools — all because of James’ opposition to Mayor de Blasio’s decision to let 36 schools share space in public school buildings. Children hoping to enroll in a charter next year must sign up for the city-run lottery by April 1. The lottery-deadline delay would be a legal strategy in a lawsuit filed by charter-school opponents including James, who is the lead plaintiff.  Charter-school leaders called the suit “senseless” and blasted James for “putting ideology before kids. “The destructive tactics . . . would create havoc and uncertainty for tens of thousands of New York City families from low-income communities,” New York City Charter School Center CEO James Merriman said. * The Absurd NY Tabloid Propaganda War Against de Blasio's Reasonable Charter School Policies | Alternet Public advocate: Lawsuit to block 30 co-located charter schools will go forward(NYDN) * Mayor de Blasio Preaches Pre-K At Bronx Church * In Rent Plan for Charters, Mayor Faces a Hard Road (NYT)

Public Advocate Letitia James
New York Times Denies Public Advocate Played Role in Dasani Story(NYO). clarifies: "to be clear, I was not a source behind the feature on Dasani and did not intend to imply so.”* Times disputes Tish James' Dasani claim(Capital) * Public Advocate James Says She Wasn't A Source In New York Times Feature On 'Dasani' (NY1) * Public Advocate Tish James clarified comments suggesting she helped the Times with its Dasani Coates series:(C&S)

Dasani, from series, will hold the Bible as Letitia James takes the oath of office.: Dasani and family on stage* Dasani, from the 's Invisible Child series, is holding the Bible as Letitia James is sworn in as public advocate.* Dasani, a homeless girl featured in NYT series, holds bible for Letitia James. * Amazing what a break all of the rhetoric this afternoon is from the last 12 years. Luxury condos=bad * The Public Advocate is truly touting her progressive credentials in acceptance speech.. *As talks abt prioritizing people as opposed to tax cuts and subsidies for stadiums, looks over at * . sits, arms crossed, as lambastes stop-and-frisk, Muslim surveillance and luxury condos * Mike Bloomberg in front row, stone faced, as Tish James rips his policies, like high stakes testing and stop and frisk

James Declares Dasani Coates Is Her ‘New BFF’
 . speech whole-sale repudiation of Bloomberg era, who sits stone faced behind her.* James talks about the growing gap between the haves and have nots. * "The growing gap between the haves and the have-nots undermines our city and tears at the fabric of our democracy." - Letitia James * .: the "exclusion and marginalization that has left a mark on so many New Yorkers… unrepresented, unspoken for" * cracks as she speaks about her parents - used to back breaking work rather than dinner parties* What 's thinking: "Wonder if we can catch a quicker flight to New Zealand" @InaugNYC * Missing from NYC Inauguration Day. Thank you Mayor Bloomberg!!!* James disses chum Ratner in swipe at Barclays stadium deal. * Tone thruout very much about those excluded from gains of last 12 & 20 years. Almost no outreach to "whole city," non-BdB voters.* Did you see squirming in his seat with a sour-puss face when was abusing his politics? * ., fresh off denouncing in speech, hosts party at 7 WTC - office of Silverstein Properties, frequent Bloomberg ally * Tish James Declares Dasani Coates Is Her ‘New BFF’

NYP Goes After PA Office

When they are not furthering the interests of their own political ambitions, they are serving the special interests of the unions and activist groups that helped elect them
New York’s sham office(NYP Ed) In theory, the advocate is supposed to provide some balance against the elected politicians. to make sure important voices are not overlooked. In practice, James will only add to the echo chamber of a new city government whose council and mayor will all be as far to the left as she is on most issues. Leave aside that holding politicians accountable for their promises is, in a democracy, a responsibility left to voters acting through the ballot box. The practical problem for New York is that there is virtually no check on this government. The offices of mayor, public advocate and member of the City Council will all be dominated by people who have a strong allegiance to the Working Families Party, a tool of the unions. Start with de Blasio, a co-founder of the party. Then there’s the new council, where the Working Families Party will soon enjoy greater influence than it’s ever had — and will have a huge say in selecting the new speaker. Next comes James herself, who has long ties with the party.

James No Matching Funds

Letitia James: I Won't Accept Matching Funds In Public Advocate Race(NYDN) New York City Democratic public advocate nominee Letitia James has pledged not to accept any public matching funds in the general election, which would have been roughly $28,350, saying “it’s not necessary* Setting a good example  (NYDN Ed) Letitia James and Scott Stringer say no thanks to tax dollars for runaway elections. Brooklyn Councilwoman Tish James, who won the Democratic public advocate nomination in an Oct. 1 runoff, says she won’t accept the estimated $28,530 in matching funds that would likely be available to her because she is facing a field of weak challengers.* Payback time(NYDN Ed) Give two cheers to Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz and incoming Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, who will return tens of thousands in excess campaign funds to the public fisc.
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Public Advocate-elect Letitia James discusses her plans for the office and her hopes for transportation improvements

5 September 2011- New York, NY-  NYC Councilwoman Letitia James at the 44th Annual West Indian Day Carnival held on Eastern Parkway and the Brooklyn Museum on September 5, 2011 in Brooklyn, New York. © Terrence Jennings / Retna Ltd.
"If anything should happen to Mayor Bill de Blasio, you're looking at the next mayor of the City of New York," Tish James pointed out as she introduced Representative Charlie Rangel at a Harlem church on Sunday. While it's true that, as Public Advocate, James stands first in the line of succession to New York's mayoralty, we're didn't realize that it was on the forefront of her mind. Be careful over at City Hall, Bill.

Tish James Wishes She Never Commented
Q & A With Tish James on Schools Remaining Open During the Snow Storm and the Mayor's Phone Call to the NYPD on Bishop Findlayter Arrest

Tish James Wishes She Never Commented
Q & A With Tish James on Schools Remaining Open During the Snow Storm and the Mayor's Phone Call to the NYPD on Bishop Findlayter Arrest

Letitia James: I Won't Accept Matching Funds In Public Advocate Race(NYDN)


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