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DOI Not Arresting Corrupt City Workers . . . A Political Operation?

Arrests by Department of Investigation drop 74 percent in 2014(NYP) Arrests and referrals for criminal prosecution dropped dramatically at the city Department of Investigation under a new commissioner who previously served as Mayor de Blasio’s campaign treasurer. Records show that from July through November 2014 — the first five months of the current fiscal year — arrests by the agency’s investigators fell 74 percent, from 374 to 96, compared with the same period a year earlier during the Bloomberg administration. Similarly, the number of referrals for criminal prosecution over the same period tanked from 301 to 105 — a decline of 65 percent. Referrals for less serious charges also dropped, falling by 37 percent. At the same time, the agency is taking 30 percent longer to close cases, 178 days compared with 137 a year before. Corrections Dept The city’s Department of Investigation found dozens of corrections officer hires had questionable backgrounds, including gang affiliations, criminal histories and psychological problems, the Times writes:

Team de Blasio Shuts Down A Boss Tweed Crime Fighter 
 See-no-evil department (NYP Ed)  Is Team de Blasio trying to cover up some shenanigans among its staff? If not, then why does its internal watchdog — the Department of Investigation, now run by Mayor de Blasio’s former campaign treasurer, Mark Peters — seem to have gone on permanent vacation when it comes to rooting out municipal corruption? Formed in the 1870s after William “Boss” Tweed stole millions from the city’s coffers, DOI’s job is to investigate potential ethics violations, embezzlement, bribery and other corruption among city employees and contractors. Yet as The Post reported this week, the agency’s arrests plunged a whopping 74 percent over the first five months of this fiscal year, versus the same period in 2013. Referrals for criminal prosecutions fell 65 percent; other referrals dropped 37 percent. The agency is also taking 30 percent longer to close cases, and — for the first time in years — didn’t publish a statistical report on its accomplishments for 2014.* * The New York City Department of Investigation, now run by de Blasio’s former campaign treasurer Mark Peters, seem to have gone on permanent vacation when it comes to rooting out municipal corruption, the Post writes: 
Arrests by Department of Investigation drop 74 percent in 2014  via @nypost appears office just a political operation

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The UFT Coup d'é·tat Of NYC Election System and Democracy

UFT Controlling Government By Breaking the Election Law . . .   Nobody Notices?

Cover-Up Of Campaign Consultants Advance Group/Red Horse Involvement in UFT PAC United for the Future, Which Conspired To Break Election Law to Control Council

How Campaign Consultant Lobbyists and The PACs They Controlled Broke the Election Law and Got Away With It and Built A Shadow Government

Teachers union contributed $4.7M to political activities last year(NYP) The city teachers union poured $4.7 million into political activities and lobbying last year — nearly $1 million more than in fiscal year 2013, according to its new annual spending report. Much of the spending was used to support Mayor de Blasio’s agenda — including the successful campaign to expand pre-K and the losing effort to knock Republicans out of power in the state Senate. The union also successfully fought back a plan to provide tax benefits to aid parochial schools.And the union generously bankrolls groups that support its agenda, including fighting the expansion of charter schools. 

CFB and Media Protecting UFT PAC United for the Future

The CFB Fined Two Councilmember for Working With Advance and Its PAC NYCLASS But Has Not Fined Advance and Red Horse for Their Clients Getting PAC Funds From the UFT PAC That They Controlled
The rebranded ACORN — the anti-charter New York Communities for Change — received $236,440 from the UFT. The Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network received a $25,000 donation, while Working Families Party founder and former ACORN honcho Bertha Lewis’ The Black Institute got a $30,000 “charitable” gift, and the anti-charter NAACP received $12,800. The report detailed more than $1.89 million in ad spending to Democratic consulting firm Shorr Johnson Magnus. The UFT also pays generously for other top political and legal advice. The union paid $252,233 to campaign consultant Red Horse Strategies, while Stroock & Stroock & Lavan — the law firm defending the union in the lawsuit to overhaul tenure and advising it in labor negotiations — was paid $3.63 million.* Despite setbacks, teachers’ union plans expansion(NYDN)

How the UFT Conspiracy to Control the 2013 Elections In NYC 

UFT Protected From Illegal Campaign Spending by Prosecutors and the Press 

The UFT PAC Paid Advance Through the Fake Group Strategic Consultants Inc. $370,000

Nothing Has Happen - Five Months Ago the Daily News Wrote:
UFT under fire for apparently trying to hide identity of consulting firm(NYDN)The city’s powerful teachers union is under fire from good-government groups for apparently trying to hide the identity of a consulting firm it was using to boost union-backed candidates.  "The listing of the phony firm, 'Strategic Consultants, Inc.,' in campaign filings, obscured that Advance Group was being paid both to promote candidates for the United Federation of Teachers' independent political action committee, and working as the main campaign consultant for several of those same candidates."Teachers union paid $370K to fake consultant * CrainsNY found was located in the offices of Advance. * Advance Group puts logo on phony firm's invoice(CrainsNY) Complaint Filed Against Advance Group for Election Work(NYO)* CrainsNY on the Advance Groups Double Dipping

On Third of the City Council Was Is Infected With Illegal PAC $$$ From Advance and Red Horse in the 2013 Election  

Candidates Funding By Advance and Red Horse 
NYCLASS:  Councilman Mark Levine (Advance Client), Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo: (Advance Client)
United for the Future: Councilman Mark Levine (Advance  Client), Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo (Advance Client),  Councilman Robert Jackson (Advance Candidate, Boro President Candidate)

Candidates Funding By Red Horse and Advance's United for the Future PAC:
Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito (Abvance Worked on her Speakers Race)Inez Dickens (Advance Client), Corey Johnson (AdvancePAC) (running against Advance client Yetta Krukland),

Red Horse Clients Who Received United for the Future Mailings from Red Horse 
James Vacca, Helen Rosenthal, Annabel Palm, Daneek Miller,  Antonio Reynoso,  Ritchie Torres

Advance Clients Who Received Mailings from Advance PACs
Mathieu Eugene, Yetta Krukland, Ydanis Rodríguez,  Rafael L Espinal, Jr.

Other Council Member Funded By United for the Future
Costa Constantinides, Mark Weprin (Hudson TG), Karen Koslowitz (Hudson TG),  Elizabeth Crowley (Berlin Rosen Client),  Richard Donovan (Berlin Rosen Client), Inez Barron, Jumaane Williams, Alan Maisel (Brandford), Mark Treyger (Hudson TG),  Debra Rose (Brandford), Steven Matteo, Vincent Ignizio, Eric Ulrich, Rosie Mendez Mendez, Inez E Dickens, Andrew Cohen, Rory Lancman, Steven Levin, Brad Lander

The Media Wear Blinders When It Comes to Explaining the PAC Corruption Behind Behind the 2013 Election
NYT Also Puts On A Pair of Blinders When It Comes to NYCLASS True Mission.  The paper uses the PAC to threaten de Blasio to not ban the horses, but does not explain or give details on the true mission of NYCLASS or that it is under investigation. Horse Nonsense From City Hall(NYT Ed)    TRUE NEWS HAS BEEN REPORTING THAT NYCLASS LIKE DATA AND FIELD IN 2009 WERE CREATED TO GO AROUND THE ELECTION LAW TO GIVE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE TO THE CANDIDATES THEY SUPPORTED.

The Advance Group Caught Working Illegally for NYCLASS Also Worked for the UFT's PAC United for the Future 

The Advance Group and Red Horse Worked for the UFT PAC United for the Future and for Candidates Who Had Mailings From the UFT PAC 
Last April, the CFB hit Ms. Cumbo and Mr. Levine’s campaigns  with $7,868 and $8,686 in fines respectively for accepting improper campaign contributions from NYCLASS. Both candidates were clients of the Advance Group* Anti-horse carriage group to settle campaign finance charge
New York Daily NewsIn May, however, the board ruled that the spending could not be considered independent because Levine, Cumbo and NYCLASS shared the same political consultant, the Advance Group. The board said the spending had to be considered an “in-kind contribution” — and as such, it violated two Campaign Finance Board rules.* It was apparent enough for just looking at press releases. Meanwhile, NYCLASS and Advance shared same small office for months*As first reported by Crains' .* Two NYC campaigns fined over cash from animal rights group(Newsday) 

A Payoff to the Advance Group
New YorkPanel Approves Fine for Group Against Carriage Horses(NYT)In documents released after its vote on Thursday, the board said it “found credible” statements by NYClass that it did not know the Advance Group was also consulting for Ms. Cumbo’s and Mr. Levine’s campaigns, and that it had relied on the Advance Group’s assurances that NYClass was in compliance with campaign-finance rules.  Chris Bragg ‏@ChrisBragg1  Days after deBlasio inaguration, Edison Properties inked the Advance Group to lobby him (CrainsNY) Edison and its related companies own some 40 parking lots and garages, and have made a fortune constructing everything from Manhattan Mini Storage facilities to luxury apartments on their extensive roster of parcels.

NYCLASS and United for the Future PACs Privatize Tammany Hall 
Strengthen NYC's Shadow Government
The Old Tammany Hall Machine was corrupt as corrupt as the lobbyists who have run today's New York's political system.  But the machine of the Boss Tweed era was far more responsive to voters and the communities that it served.  Terry Golway recent book explained how Tammany Hall depended on voter turnout for power.  To get votes the old machine offered services, provided jobs and protected the neighborhood where their votes came from. Tammany Hall governing style was responsible for creating New York's strong Neighborhoods of old. Tammany leader George Washington Plunkitt — the man who coined the phrase “honest graft” — met with constituents and lesser Tammany officials in his district several times a week to find out who was happy with Tammany’s services and who required some special attention. Today's lobbyist's controlled private machine gain power by getting electing candidates and feeding them with campaign contributions from their clients who are looking for city contracts or zoning changes, they never meet the voters.
The Shadow Government That Runs NYC Is Not Elected  . . .  Killing Democracy
Today's Lobbyist Private Political Machine did not replace the old Tammany Hall.  It replaced political parties machine running on fumes, using the election low and decreasing voter's turnout to stay in power.  The dumbing down of the press and the voting public and the end of organized political competition after the Eleanor Roosevelt who pushed out Tammany's de Sapio and the anti-Viet Nam reform movement, have left party bosses in power unchallenged.

The Shadow Government Makes Money by Brainwashing Public Opinion and Misleading Everyone Involved in Government 

Lobbyist Pitta Bishop On Both Sides of the NYPD Crisis . . .  Control Power In Puppet City
The  Pitta Bishop Del Giorno & Giblin Lobbying Firm Represent the "I Can't Breathe" Council Speaker at the Same Time It Represents the Detective's PBA-  Michael
Palladino, the president of the Detectives' Endowment Association 
Council Speaker Mark-Viverito who last mother put on an I Can't Breathe T-Shirt to join the anti-police protesters has made Pitta Biship Del Giorno millions in lobbying fees after the lobbyists help her win the speakership.  The lobbying firm also represents the Detectives' Endowment Association, whose leader Palladino said Mr. de Blasio should offer an kind apology. As the lobbyists who operate as political consultants have taken over the Tammany Hall machine these lobbying firms like Pitta Biship Del Giorno have moved away from positions or ideology and represents both sides in their quest for power to make money.

Mini Me Shadow Government Boards and Public Authorities  
New York’s Shadow Government Still In The Shadows(YNN) More than 100 public authorities on the state and local level have filed to file legally required financial reports with the state’s authorities watchdog, according to a report released on Tuesday.The report found a total of 136 public corporations, authorities and other quasi-public entities have missed deadlines to file annual reports and audit reports within 90 days of the fiscal year to the Authorities Budget Office. State authorities must submit a budget within three months prior to the start of the fiscal year, April 1. Local authorities must do so within 60 days before April 1. Several of the authorities listed in the report plan to resolve, but are yet to begin the formal dissolution process.* * The Public Authorities Budget Office released a list of 136 public authorities across the state that haven’t filed their required financial reports on time, the TimesUnion writes:
NY NJ Port Authority
Shadow Government Is Designed to Make Money Not Sever the Public 
In 2012 they donated over $350,000 dollars to both Republican and Democratic campaigns with 50% going to Republicans and 48% to Democrats. The old democratic party leaders were elected and stood for and supported candidates who supported the party's positions.  Lobbyists like Pitta Biship is not elected and operates in a shadow government where the voters have no impute. They work for candidates who will make them money regardless of their political beliefs.  The council has often been called the mayor's puppet because of the role de Blasio played electing the speaker. The speaker is also the puppet of Pitta Biship for the role they had in electing her. Mark-Viverito has already made the firm millions from the new lobbying clients. Not the NYP says it is all up to Melissa on if the chokehold bill will pass the council. It is really up to the mayor and Pitta Biship.  What seem to be happen is the shadow government is putting on a show for the public and cops designed to win back the mayor support. 

A Chokehold Bill Play to Fix the Mayor
It’s up to Melissa now(NYP Ed) Could this be — as Humphrey Bogart famously told Claude Rains — the beginning of a beautiful friendship? We’re talking about Bill de Blasio and the NYPD, now that the mayor has declared he plans to veto a bill that would criminalize the use of chokeholds by police, if it passes the City Council. At least one police union chief says it would be an excellent first step toward mending the rift. That’s where Melissa Mark-Viverito comes in. The City Council speaker could play a vital role by getting the council to kill the bill — or at least prevent it from overriding the mayor’s veto. Remember, this is a pol who largely owes her speakership to de Blasio’s support. Backing up his veto threat would be an excellent way to return the favor. More important, in so doing the speaker would also be helping the city back onto a path toward a saner, calmer approach to policing. Here’s looking at you, Melissa.


Why Isn't the AG and the Manhattan DA Enforcing the Election Law? Red Horse Worked for Both Brooklyn and Manhattan DAs
The CFB determined under its rules that the Advance Group’s work on behalf of both Council candidates and the supposedly “independent” anti-carriage PAC really amounted to illegal coordination between the campaigns and NYCLASS. The board properly fined Cumbo and Levine. And its crackdown on the out-of-bounds campaign spending by NYCLASS has done the city a huge favor, by providing a badly needed glimpse into the big money play that successfully swung the 2013 city elections. Using funds from donors that included UNITE HERE — a union chaired by Mayor de Blasio’s cousin John Wilhelm — NYCLASS slimed mayoral rival Christine Quinn into oblivion.Now the FBI is probing the funding of the attacks on Quinn, and de Blasio’s flip-flop that led to his vow to ban the horses. The CFB needs to stay vigilant, making every effort to hold NYCLASS, the Advance Group and sponsored candidates to account for their actions in the 2013 campaign. Among the others benefiting from NYCLASS spending was Melissa Mark-Viverito, who took free services from the Advance Group in her successful bid to become City Council speaker.

DAs Have the Same Conflict of Interests When It Comes to Political Corruption . . .And They Ignore It 
Political consultant Red Horse worked for Brooklyn DA Thompson campaign along with Berlin Rosen.  Both Red Horse and Advance Group worked for the UFT's PAC United for the Future (the UFT attempted to covering up Advance involvement by paying them through a fake company) Red Horse worked for Manhattan DA.  Red Horse worked for Manhattan DA Cy Vance. The Advance Group worked for losing DA candidate Joe Hynes

Red Horse worked for Brooklyn BP Adams, Bronx BP Diaz and PA James.Red Horse worked for Pitta Bishop for Brooklyn BP Adams. Red Horse worked with George Arzt in the Queens BP campaign.

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DAs, Grand Jury and the Pols Escape Blame

Where are the Protests to Demand DA's Conflict of Interests Grand Jury Reforms?

The admonishment came in the wake of Saturday’s execution-style slayings of two NYPD cops as they sat in a patrol car in Brooklyn. “The court administrator told her she exercised poor judgment, and that she had a case on later that night, and that she should exercise better judgment in that case,” the source said. On Tuesday night, Johnson released Travis Maye, 26, without bail following his arrest in a violent melee with cops earlier that day. According to court records, Maye took swings at cops at Flatbush Avenue and Prospect Place at around 1:35 a.m., socking one officer in the eye and sending him to the hospital.

Quite true. The protesters haven't a clue except for anti-police anger.


DA and Grand Jury Let the Cop Go, Not the NYPD 

Why Did the Protesters Go After the Cops When It Was Elected Officials That Control the Prosecutorial System That Let the Garner Chokehold Cops Go?
Pols Set-Up Cops:
Blame Game
Community activist Tony Herbert who introduced a family member of officer Rafael Ramos said it the best, elected officials are using the cops, turning the community against them. Herbert ask why are the elected officials forcing to the cops to raise money for the city?  The relationship between the community and the police are strained Herbert said, cops are forced to give out parking tickets, act as tax collectors for government. That creates tension between the community and cops.  Herbert also has complained why the cops are force to deal with people who have mental problems, when it was the elected officials who have not properly dealt with that populations. Police did not cause bad schools, high black unemployment, homelessness or the inequities of the criminal justice system that puts male blacks in jail at a much hirer rate, elected officials did. In other words he says the pols use the cops. Yet they have to deal with the problems that are created by government failure. The pols has escaped any blame with the Grand Jury system which they control   It was the Grand Jury Run by the Staten Island DA Donovan that failed to indict the cop who put the chokehold on Garner. Yet the words out of de Blasio, Sharpton and dozens of elected officials many who has a say on how the state's prosecutorial system works, have all been directed to blame the cops.

Pols Untouched (Except Mayor) for Any Blame On the Failure of Police Community Relations 
Brooklyn Bridge Protest 'What do we want? Dead cops,' Now PO Ramos and Liu Can't Breathe and the Pols who said almost nothing after demonstrators attacked cops on the bridge are attending the memorials 
In fact all discussion on the state's system of prosecution has been avoided as the demonstrators egged on by the pols attacked the cops.  The anger of the demonstrators began to mimic  on Lord of the Flies as thousands of demonstrators march across the Brooklyn Bridge chanting Kill the cops. A few even attacks the cops.  If the demonstrators are going to achieve any reforms to will hold the police accountable they and they and the killer of officer Ramos and Liu have the wrong targets.* WATCH: Family and Friends of Slain NYPD Officer Hold PressConference * De Blasio’s arrogance puts cops in cross-hairs (NYP)Cops put brakes on ticketing cyclists, target jaywalkers(NYP) * New York City Police Commissioner Says Killings of Officers a 'Spin-off' of Demonstrations(WSJ)

Pols Have Made the Job of Policing Impossible By Not Fixing Social Ills That Create Tension Between Cops and the Community 
Any Outrage OutThere for Ramos and Liu, Protesters? (Daily Beast) “Once a bullet leaves a gun, it has no friends,” the late Sen. Pat Moynihan once said. That is the nature of power, too. Those who have it must take extra care to be precise in their words and actions, lest they unleash the dogs of hell. The mayor failed that test miserably. He can run from the consequences, but he can’t hide. His mayoralty is sunk unless he comes to grips with the fact that he lit the fuse that led to Saturday’s explosion. For two years, starting with his 2013 campaign, he painted a target on the NYPD. Many of us warned repeatedly that he was playing with fire, but he saw his election as a blank check.

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Rikers Island Jail

Feds Sue Rikers Island Jail Makes It Easier for the Mayor to Get Around Union/Political Power Seabrook Blocking Reforms 
Feds sue NYC over Rikers Island jail violence(NYP) Federal prosecutors have sued New York City to speed reforms at the troubled Rikers Island jail complex. The lawsuit was filed Thursday to address what a Justice Department investigation found was a culture of violence against young inmates.* U.S. Plans to Sue New York Over Rikers Island Conditions(NYT) Federal prosecutors are concerned about what they see as the slow pace of reforms at the jail complex, a court filing reveals.* Department of Justice sues New York City over Rikers' treatment of young prisoners
The DOJ, in courtpapers filed with the Manhattan (NYDN)  U.S. Attorney's Office, say the city and Department of Correction 'have engaged in a pattern and practice of subjecting the subject inmates to excessive and unnecessary use of force by DOC staff, and failing to adequately protect the subject inmates from violence inflicted by other inmates.'* Federal prosecutors are seeking to sue New York City over reports of inmate abuse at Rikers Island by joining a class action lawsuit filed by a former Rikers inmate, the Wall Street Journalreports:  * Gov. Cuomo has yet to take action on a bill the correction’s officers union representing Rikers Island pushed for, which would make the Queens district attorney responsible for all crimes committed in the jail instead of the Bronx DA, who currently prosecutes the cases, the Times writes: Feds Sue City Over Treatment of Juvenile Inmates at Rikers(NY1)* Next Steps on Brutality at Rikers Island (NYT Ed) By suing New York City, federal prosecutors are pushing for faster progress in reforms to end the jail’s culture of violence.* Advocates and Former Inmates Wary of Mayor's Housing Proposal for Rikers(NY1)

NYT Reports That Correction Officers' Union has Fed A Culture of Corruption 

At Rikers, a Roadblock to Reform(NYT) Norman Seabrook’s two-decade reign as president of the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association has paid huge dividends for his members, but has also fed a culture of corruption and violence at the Rikers Island jail complex. Over his two decades as president of the Corrections Officer Union, Norman Seabrook,has come to exert extraordinary control over the NYC Correction Department, consulting with commissioners on key appointments, forging alliances with high-ranking uniformed correction leaders and, more recently, speaking regularly with de Blasio about department policy.* Jury Is Deciding if Rikers Captain Ignored a Dying Man(NYT) Terrence Pendergrass is charged with depriving the rights of an inmate who ingested a toxic soap ball and suffered chemical burns.* NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to Visit Troubled Rikers Island Jail Complex(WSJ) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to visit Rikers Island on Wednesday, his first visit to the troubled jail complex since taking office in January. Mr. de Blasio has called fixing Rikers a “moral obligation."de Blasio and Correction Commissioner Joe Ponte announced that Rikers Island will end the practice of sending 16- and 17-year-old inmates to solitary confinement for breaking rules, theAssociated Press reports: 

The first Rikers Island correction officer to be tried for civil rights abuses in more than a decade was found guilty by a jury for his role in the death of an inmate in 2012, the New York Timesreports:  After months of intensifying pressure to address rampant brutality and corruption at Rikers Islandde Blasio toured the troubled jail complex – his first visit since taking office. * New York City says it has ended its longstanding practice of sending 16- and 17-year-old inmates to solitary confinement for breaking rules.* Ex-Captain at Rikers Is Found Guilty of Civil Rights Violation in Inmate’s Death(NYT) * De Blasio Tours Rikers Island Jail Complex for First Time as Mayor Mayor Praises Rikers Changes(WSJ)* After a scathing report concluded that the city placed 16- to 18-year-old inmates in solitary confinement on Rikers Island too often, de Blasio and Correction Commissioner Joe Ponteannounced that they have ended the practice.

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The Racial Divide, A Tale of Two City's Black and White

Lack of Leadership Dividing the City

Poll: de Blasio, Sharpton and Lynch Dividing the City
Saturday Update

#NYCPolitics - NYC Voters Like Cuomo More Than de Blasio; Voters Say No To Horse Ban, Yes To CellPhones In School * Billde Blasio’s Approval Rating, and the Racial Divide, Stays Steady: Poll (NYO) Despite the high-profile tension between Mayor Bill de Blasio and the police department, Mr. de Blasio’s approval rating remains steady at 49 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today—but a wide racial gap persists. The 49 percent approval rating, with 40 disapproving of the job the mayor is doing, is actually a slight uptick from 47 percent in the last poll taken December 18, before two police officers were brutally murdered in Bedford Stuyvesant, leading to a difficult month for Mr. de Blasio. But as in previous polls, black, white and Hispanic voters have widely different views of the mayor. Among black voters, he enjoys a 78 percent approval rating, with 15 percent disapproving. That figure dips considerably with Hispanic voters, of whom 54 percent polled approved of the mayor and 35 percent disapproved. It reverses among white voters, with the majority, 57 percent, disapproving of the mayor, and just 32 percent of white voters saying the mayor has done a good job.* DEB disapproval rate at 40% rate Not a good sign one year into job & he inherited a good economy* The poll also found that among New York City voters, Cuomo is viewed far more favorably than de Blasio, with 71 percent approving of the governor’s performance, Gannett Albany reports:  * New Yorkers less confident about improving race relations(NYDN) * “Mayor Bill de Blasio must look with envy at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s approval rating ,” said Q pollster Mickey Carroll. * Quinnipiac Poll: Mayor's Approval Rating Hovers at About 50 Percent(NY1) * Second NYPD Officer Injured in Bronx Shootout Leaves Hospital(WSJ)*New Yorkers say race relations are strained in new poll(NYP)

Who Polarized NYC?  

How Did NYC Transform Itself Into A Volcanic, Racial-Battlegroud?
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Has Lost Control Of The Big Apple The NYC police don’t listen to Mayor Bill De Blasio anymore; they hate him and have turned their backs on him. The anti-cop, protesters have no respect for him either. Even when the embattled mayor asked activists to halt protests out of respect for 2 murdered cops they took to the streets in defiance hours later. “The mayor says stop that…we say f**k that! the angry mob chanted at one point. “NYPD, KKK, how many kids have you killed today?” they shouted as they marched down 5th Avenue. The Big Apple has reached a boiling point and it’s about to lava over.* De Blasio's first year risks overshadowing by cop struggles(NYDN)

A City Government of Strangelove: We New Yorkers Let de Blasio Destroy Their City?
 As the entire nation watches, Mayor De Blasio stands by and allows NYC to transform itself into a volcanic, racial-battleground.* Stasi: There was hope that the death of Officer Ramos would bring the city together, but maybe that's not to be this time(NYDN) During the week leading up to the funeral, protesters continued to ratchet up the rhetoric, ripping at the deep wound gushing from the heart of the city. Anti-NYPD protesters marched with signs reading “Jail Killer Cops,” and on Friday, a banner was flown over the Hudson with the words, “DE BLASIO, OUR BACKS HAVE TURNED TO YOU.”

A Tale of Two de Blasio's Black Vs White, Poll City Headed In Wrong Direction 

A Racial Divide Poll is A Picture In Time
New Yorkers split on de Blasio and direction of city(Capital) More than half of New York City residents support Mayor Bill de Blasio but still feel the city is on the wrong track, according to a poll released this morning. The same percentage—52—that approves of de Blasio's job performance also said the city is on the "wrong track," compared to 41 percent who believe the city is headed in the "right direction."   As has been the case in other recent polls, de Blasio's margin of support—52 percent for, 32 percent against and 15 percent undecided—was deeply divided along racial lines.  Seven in 10 black voters approve of his job performance, compared to 60 percent of Hispanics surveyed and only 32 percent of whites.His disapproval rating among blacks is just 19 percent, compared to 49 percent of whites and 25 percent of Hispanics.* The same poll found more than half of residents – blacks and whites alike – say the city is headed in the wrong direction.

Poll: A Racial Divided City Runs Through de Blasio
 Poll Finds Unease in New York After Garner Case; Challenge for de Blasio(NYT) * Document: Full Results of The New York Times/Siena College Poll on Mayor de Blasio(NYT)*De Blasio getting the thumbs down from NYers(NYP) Mayor de Blasio, elected on a promise of bringing the city together, is getting a thumbs down from New Yorkers when it comes to race relations. A poll by Siena College and The New York Times released Friday found 48 percent of voters think race relations are “bad” in general — up from 30 percent who thought so at the end of the Bloomberg administration.*Nearly two-thirds of New Yorkers believe Officer Daniel Pantaleo should be charged in Eric Garner's death: poll(NYDN)

Blasting the Press,de Blasio, Sharpton Over Noerdlinger and Racial Divide

City's Race Relations PLUMMETS   
Poll: Sharpton and Lynch Equally Unpopular
Q-Poll: NYC Voters Disapprove Of Cops Turning Their Backs On de Blasio(YNN) A broad majority of New York City voters disapprove of police officers turning their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday found. The poll found a full spectrum of voters — black, white and Hispanic — are opposed to the public display seen at the funerals slain police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, 69 percent to 27 percent. A Siena College poll found only 31 percent of New Yorkersthink race relations in the state are excellent and Cuomo and NYPD CommissionerBill Bratton are making police-community relations better, while de Blasio and PBA President Pat Lynch are making them worse:

An even larger majority — 77 percent to 17 percent — found comments made by PBA President Pat Lynch that the mayor’s office had blood on its hands following those officers’ deaths are “too extreme.” “Cops turning their backs on their boss, Mayor Bill de Blasio, is unacceptable, New Yorkers say by large margins,” said Quinnipiac’s Mickey Carrol. “Even cop-friendly Staten Island gives that rude gesture only a split decision.”* Bill de Blasio Yet to Confirm For Rev. Sharpton’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day Event(WSJ) * The NY Police Union's Civil War(Daily Beast)* Poll: Most New Yorkers believe race relations ‘fair’ or ‘poor’ (Capital)
PBA vs de Blasio, 2Cops Killed , Protesters, Dolan 676

The Leaders Who Rip NY Apart Looking to Save Themselves After 2 Dead Cops 
Will Dolan Rescue Sharpton and Or the City?
Sharpton Needs Something Big Will Dolan Help Him?
At a Christmas dinner at the National Action Network headquarters in Harlem, the Rev. Al Sharpton said he has been talking with Cardinal Dolan about doing something big to bring the city together, but didn’t elaborate, Newsdayreports: Rachel Noerdlinger yesterday made her first public appearance since getting dumped by City Hall — standing beside Sharpton as he publicly disagreed with de Blasio.* "The cardinalcould sell his grand private mansion in Midtown..." Cardinal,Please SpareThis Church (WSJ)* Bratton gets standing ovation from NYC power brokers(Page6) * Bill de Blasio and the making of a police-union nemesis(Capital) * Noerdlinger stands by Rev Sharpton as he rebukes de Blasiocall for protest moratorium. 
Cardinal Dolan, please spare this church.(Noonan, WSJ)

As NY's Great Liberal Pacesetter Passes On, Our City Drifts Leaderless 

The Real Tale of Two Cities has to do with leadership of New York.  In a weekend of almost undivided adulation for the passing of Mario Cuomo for his communication and leadership skills we face a divided city with its current office holders unable to lead, because they have lost trust and have very poor speaking skills. 
Cuomo was the “true leader” of the liberal opposition in the Reagan era, but he show us a better way with vision, a spellbinding orator, never dividing New Yorkers against each others. Mario lead always with dignity and inclusiveness, championed tolerance, opportunity while fighting for a more equitable New York for of opportunity.  Opportunity he always reminded us that his parents were given to raise him and allow him to become governor of the empire state. Cuomo never hid behind flacks and press release. He was a politician from a generation who welcomed and directly addressed controversial issues.  When Sharpton said he might run against him, Cuomo said, "I Should Be So Lucky."

Cuomo Was the Poet Laureate of Liberalism, Keeper of his Party's Conscience Who Delivered One Hell of a Speech at the 1984 Democratic National Convention. Cuomo never used his office to divided, he showed us a better way, winning deep respect and affection. We miss more than Mario Cuomo this weekend, New Yorkers miss his leadership and the Way He Touched NY's Soul

The Race Divide Is Not Longer Explained by or Defined by the Race Divided 
Police Killings Reveal Chasms Between Races (NYT)  Divisions over the killings are not simply black and white. They also run along generational, socioeconomic and geographical lines. Whites have joined blacks in street protests here and across the nation against police violence. And some blacks have joined whites in raising concerns about the behavior of blacks. Still, in Ferguson, some whites said they felt like blacks had rushed to judgment in condemning them as bigots. In interviews here and around the country, both blacks and whites described tense conversations in office cubicles or across dinner tables about the killings and subsequent protests.  * George W. Bush: Garner Grand Jury Decision 'Hard to Understand' Charles Barkley Responds to Critics: They Can 'Kiss My Ass'

NBC Poll Shows Deep Divide: Confidence in Cops Split Along Racial Lines
BREAKING: Poll showsdeep racial divide in confidence in law enforcement(NBC) In the wake of the deaths of unarmed black men in police confrontations in New York and FergusonMissouri, 47 percent of Americans say that law enforcement applies different standards to blacks and whites, while 44 percent disagree. But 82 percent of African Americans say that police have different standards based on race, while half of whites say the opposite. And while 72 percent of the public and 79 percent of whites say that they have "a great deal" or "a fair amount" of confidence that police in their community will not use excessive force on suspects, just 43 percent of black Americans say the same.* Police Face a Long and Complex Task to Mend Distrust Deepened by Killings (NYT)* 64% of blacks say race was a major factor inno-indictment in Michael Brown case. 60% of whites say it was no factor. * White people aremore convinced than ever that local police aren't racist: (NY Mag)

A Campaign Mayor Dividing the City
Bill de Blasio’ssteep learning curve (NYDN)  The politics that made him mayor now appear to stand in the way of him governing the city. A s he grapples with the task of uniting a divided city, a key question facing Mayor de Blasio is not whether he can broaden his coalition but whether he even wants to.De Blasio lashed out at the press for reporting the bad news. “We know a different reality,” he said loftily, chastising reporters for having the temerity to note that some political protesters have said and done vile, disturbing things — with a handful even calling for violence against police officers. The politics that brought de Blasio to Gracie Mansion now appear to stand in the way of him governing the city. During the tumultuous 2013 Democratic primary, de Blasio’s key to victory was to be the most progressive politician with a reasonable shot at winning.  To Team de Blasio, the lesson of the campaign is that victory depends on keeping a tight-knit team of true believers, disregarding opinion polls and ignoring a political press corps that failed to recognize and report the compelling and savvy nature of the progressive message. That style might be enough to squeak out a reelection victory in 2017, but it’s not the best way to govern a city with New York’s great diversity of ideologies and lifestyles. The band of City Hall insiders needs to be greatly broadened, with more representation from the mostly white, working-class communities in the Rockaways, Staten Island, Bayside and other enclaves that feel neglected, ignored and shut out.* CharlesGasparino:DeBlasio's worst enablers: New York City'sbusiness elite (NYP)

Picture This Mayor Diversity   
The Real Diversity are the Men Who Have Occupied City Hall and the Way They Have Built A City That Aloud Wave After Wave of the Immigrants and Poor to Join the Middle Class, Not the Historical Pictures That Hang On Its Walls

David Dinkins, Afro-American (1990-1993); Ed Koch, Jewish (1978-1989); Jimmy Walker, Irish (1926-1932); Fiorello H. La Guardia, Italian (1934-1945); John Lindsay, Protestant (1966-1973); Robert Wagner, Catholic (1954-1965); Seth Low, Episcopalian (1902-1904)  . . .  Note while no Latino has been mayor, the man who came the closest was Herman Badillo, whose funeral the mayor did not attend last week.   De Blasio wants to revamp the art collection at City Hall(NYP) Move over, George Washington!  Mayor de Blasio wants to revamp the art collection at City Hall to spice up the mostly vanilla collection of portraits of historically prominent white men.  “The Mayor and First Lady believe the art at City Hall should reflect the vibrant diversity of New York City, and discussions on how to update the building’s collection to celebrate that diversity are underway,” Mayoral spokeswoman Marti Adams said Friday. 

Should A Mayor Elected With Less Then 15% Of New Yorkers Votes Control  History

Were is the Outrage?

Sunday Update Former city design head blasts mayor’s plan to remove portraits(NYP) Mayor de Blasio’s off-the-wall plan to take down the City Hall portraits of white historical figures is not only dumb, it’s also “condescending’’ to minorities, a former city official said Saturday. “The premise is stupid,’’ said Michele Bogart, an ex-vice president of the Public Design Commission, which overseas the portrait collection. “You take down the dead white men because they represent something you don’t like in history instead of the portraits being a point of conversation. Use it as a teaching tool.’’ De Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, want to banish the portraits of former mayors, presidents and military heroes — some by famous artists — to make way for art that “celebrates’’ the city’s “diversity.’’“I don’t think it’s appropriate for the mayor to be bashing the previous mayor through the portrait collection,’’ Bogart said. Modal Trigger Michele Bogart is now a professor at Stony Brook University. “It’s not a political football. It was not conserved to make a political statement.” She noted, “Black historians agree with me,’’ adding, “It’s fine to add diversity, maybe commission new pieces, but don’t remove what’s already there. “The way they want them removed it assumes that blacks and Hispanics somehow can’t handle learning about people from the past. It’s dumbing down history and it’s condescending.*De Blasio wants to change historic City Hall paintings to reflect 'vibrant diversity' of NYC(NYDN)