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Brooklyn Dem Convention 313

It Was Corruption and NYPD War That Killed the Convention 

de Blasio's Failed Bid Aide Walks the Plank
De Blasio Chief of Staff to Leave City Hall for U.N. Job (NYT) Laura Santucci recently was charged with New York’s failed bid to host the Democratic National Convention in 2016.

Democratic Convention to Philly 
First on CNN: Philadelphia wins bid to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention
Avoiding @BilldeBlasio's New York is an early sign of how Hillary's party is going to navigate Elizabeth Warren's * This is the biggest snub of Brooklyn since the Dodgers left * Is Brooklyn over? Like WC Fields, the DNC on the whole would rather be in Philadelphia. * @maggieNYT  Somewhere, Cuomo's staff is watching the de Blasio DNC convention bid video and smiling broadly* Philly beats Brooklyn(NYP Ed)* * Democratic officials balked at the difficulties of holding the Democratic National Convention in Brooklyn in a densely residential neighborhood far from te hotels and amenities of Manhattan, The New York Times reports: Mayor's Chief of Staff Takes Blame and Could Fall Laura Santucci, who took a leave of absence from her post as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s chief of staff to head the DNC, now has an unclear future, with sources saying she may not return to City Hall, the Observerreports

The No Convention Blame Game
DNC to NYC: drop dead * De Blasio reacts to D.N.C. defeat (Capital) * Corruption scandals crushed de Blasio’s chance at 2016 DNC(NYP)* Cuomo: DNC Bid ‘A Loss’ For New York * Bill de Blasio Says NYPD Tension Played No Rolein Losing DNC to Philadelphia (NYO) * Despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s efforts to bring the 2016 Democratic National Convention to Brooklyn, the Democratic National Committee chose to host it in PhiladelphiaThe New York Times reports * DEM BUMS! Mayor de Blasio, Sheldon Silver and Brooklyn all share some blame as Big Apple loses out to Philly for 2016 Democratic National Convention(NYDN)* Despite big names and glamour, NYC loses to Philly inhosting 2016 Democratic National Convention (NYDN)* Send out the clowns: Why Brooklyn doesn't need theDemocratic National Convention anyway (NYDN Ed) Philadelphia won. Big deal.* Democrats Didn't Drink the Kombucha Kool-Aid (NY1)* Philadelphia is “a microcosm of the challenges Democrats face in putting together a winning coalition” for the White House in 2016.*  Another problem: A convention in liberal Brooklyn might have brought protests from the left, where the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, was vulnerable in 2008, and also raise questions about her ties to nearby Wall Street as the party tries to highlight a populist economic agenda. * A source told the Daily News that DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz worried about being upstaged by de Blasio if the convention was held in New York, where the mayor is trying to make a national name for himself as a progressive champion.* Critics of the Barclays Center seemed to take a “told-you-so” attitude about the arena losing its bid for the 2016 Democratic National Convention, but those who live and work near the site seemed more idealistic, The New York Times reports: * Dismay and Relief in Brooklyn Over a Party That Won’t Be Coming to Town (NYT) The borough offered mixed feelings to the news that Philadelphia will be hosting the Democratic National Convention in 2016.

Democratic Convention Closing Argument
Real Estate Player in the Silver Scandal On the Convention Host Committee
DNC head coming to city for 2016 convention push(NYDN) Democratic National Committee boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz will huddle privately with Bill de Blasio and other top officials, said a source familiar with the city’s bid. They're giving her the grand tour — and a closing argument. * De Blasio named a group of high-powered business leaders to serve as committee co-chairs in his bid to bring the 2016 Democratic National Convention to Brooklyn. One of the committee members is developer Leonard Litwin, a major campaign contributor in New York who is also a player in the Silver corruption scandal.* De Blasio InsistsPolice Union Tensions Not a Concern in DNC Bid (NYO) * Mayor Welcomes DNC Chair to Barclays Center as City Makes Final Pitch to Host Convention(NY1)* Jackie Robinson’s widow, Rachel Robinson, joins campaign tobring 2016 #DNCNYC to Brooklyn. Read @nydailynews: * De Blasio isn't being transparent about who's donating to his Brooklyn convention bid.   (WNYC)

NYPD de Blasio Crisis Could Kill Democratic Convention Chance 

The tense relationship between New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city’s police officers is casting a shadow over the city’s chances to host the Democratic National Convention in 2016 'THERE'S NO SOLUTION IN SIGHT': De Blasio's bad NYPD relations may shadow his 2016 DNC bid (NYDN) * Daily News: BDB vs. cops may shadow DNC bid; News12 suggests residents "push" for convention(AYR) * NYPD-De BlasioTensions Might Imperil Gotham's DNC Bid  * Bill de Blasio'stense relationship with the NYPD casting shadow over DNC bid (NYDN) Party officials are concerned the bad blood might still be an issue when the convention is held in 2016, stealing the spotlight from the party’s presidential nominee, a top Democrat told the Daily News * MT @CapehartJBlas-cop war could cost DNC   *   Brooklyn group expresses concern about convention bidvia @capitalnewyork

Barclays Center Building Violations
The Barclays Center, where de Blasio hopes the 2016 Democratic National Convention will be held, has racked up a slew of federal and city building violations Barclays Center faces slew of violations prior to DNC decision(NYP)* City unions knock convention competitors(Capital)vSay Philadelphia and Columbus unfair to organized labor

After One Step Back With NYPD Crisis City Pushes Diversity in Bid for 2016 Convention 
Welfare Cheat Ratner Wants More $$$ From the City And Make $$$ Hosting Convention
New York City Promotes Diversity in Bid for 2016 Democratic National Convention (NYT)  As New York looks for an edge during its final pitch, the city’s team overseeing the bid is trumpeting its immigrant-friendly policies and its large Hispanic population. NYPD $$$ Drop Donations for New York City’s bid to bring the Democratic National Convention to Brooklyn in 2016 have ground to a halt during the ongoing rift between de Blasio and NYPD officers, the Daily News reports: Key player in deBlasio's attempt to bring DNC to Brooklyn seeking $90M city-backed subsidy (NYDN)  Bruce Ratner — who developed the Barclays Center where de Blasio hopes the convention will be held — requested the city-backed subsidy from a quasi-governmental agency controlled by the mayor. If approved, the tax-break will cost the city nearly $1 million in tax revenue and create not a single new job. A hearing is set for Thursday. * City bond program offers Ratner tax-exempt re-financing4Atlantic Terminal tower (AYR) Sweetheart deal? * Context re Ratner tax-exempt bond request: largest ever forBUILDNYC  * The de Blasio administration supports issuing more than $90 million in tax-exempt bonds for a company controlled by Forest City Ratner, a firm run by a high-profile political supporter of the mayor who was co-chairman of a fundraiser for him at the Waldorf-Astoria, The Wall Street Journal writes: * Firm of de Blasio Ally Ratner in Line to Get a Break(WSJ)

NY tax payers pay to make Russian Oligarch and Chinese millionaires richer, While they push the tax payers out of the neighborhood

#DNC2016 Schumer: "a special place2have a convention that symbolizes the great future of NY& America" Barclays co-owned by Russian oligarch!* #AtlanticYards [exc BC] now 70% owned by Shanghai government;+ cheap loans from Chinese millionaires seeking green cards#EB5 @unitedNYblogs * At press conference toutingDNC bid, happy talk about Brooklyn and Barclays Center  (and nothing about Russian/Chinese ownership) A Democratic National Convention in Brooklyn would symbolize a lot of things, some in contradiction, such as wealth and poverty, the revival of Brooklyn neighborhoods, the hollowing out of middle-class jobs, the boom in walkable urbanism, and the lack of voter engagement in a one-party city. Oh, and an arena now 45% owned by a Russian oligarch--he could own more by the time of the convention--that's part of a larger project (excluding the arena and one tower) owned 70% by the government of Shanghai.
2016 Democratic Convention Site

New York, Philadelphia, and Columbus make short list tohost 2016 Democratic National Convention(NYDN) * DNC Narrows PossibleConvention Spots to NY, Philadelphia, Columbus  (NBC) * NewYork Is One of Three Finalists to Host the Democratic National Convention (NYO) Bill de Blasio Very Psyched New York Still in Running for Dem Convention(NYO) * D.N.C. Picks New York City as a Finalist for Its 2016 Convention(NYT) A Comparison of New York City, Columbus and Philadelphia(NYT) * Dese, Dems and dose(NYDN) Brooklyn has to be the pick for 2016 * Brooklyn Is a Finalist to Host 2016 Democratic Convention(WSJ) * CAUTIOUS ABOUT BUSINESSES: Mayor de Blasio does not rule out possible local closings if city gets DNC, stating he hopes to minimize disruption(NYDN)*Brooklyn: So conventional (NYP Ed) 

Greatest scam of all time? Privatization "auctions" by Russian gangster-pols, according to Taibbi(AYR) In September, The Atlantic magazine asked The Big Question, What is the greatest scam of all time? One answer came from journalist Matt Taibbi, then of First Look Media (which he has since left): Dreamed up in the ’90s by Russian gangster-pols and their Western advisers, the privatization “auctions” of the loans-for-shares scheme were actually crudely rigged pantomimes in which cronies of Boris Yeltsin were handed some of the world’s largest energy companies—like Yukos and Sibneft—for pennies on the dollar, instantly creating an oligarch class. That, of course, would include Brooklyn Nets majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who Taibbi in 2010 called "a real gangster."

Brooklyn Convention
City raises $10M in effort to host 2016 convention(Capital)* Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city has raised $10 million of the $100 million it is seeking to host the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential convention, Bloomberg reports:  * Mayor pledges to raise $100 million to bring the #DNC to Brooklynin 2016. (NY1)
de Blasio Says NY GOP Wins Will Not Hurt Convention Chances . . .  But What About Philly Electiong Dem Governor? 
De Blasio said Democrats’ poor election performance won’t hurt Brooklyn’s chances of hosting the 2016 Democratic National Convention, despite talk that a swing state is now a more likely choice, the Daily News reports: * NYC Bill de Blasio insisted the beating the Democrats took in this week’s midterm elections won’t hurt the city’s chances of landing the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Does Randell Attacks on Brooklyn Mean Democratic Convention Coming Here?  

Philly’s ex-mayor trashes NYC’s bid to host Democratic Convention(NYP) Philadelphia is fighting dirty in its bid to land the 2016 Democratic presidential convention. Rather than pumping up the City of Brotherly Love as a prime site, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has been trashing rival New York City, The Post has learned. Rendell, who is close to Hillary Rodham Clinton and was once Philly’s mayor — has sent the Democratic National Committee articles casting the Big Apple in a negative light. One hit job focuses on bedbugs. Another points to the sweltering heat of the subway platforms in summer, when delegates would be here. Reached by phone, Rendell said he has been lightheartedly busting the city’s chops over a potentially serious problem: transporting thousands of delegates from Manhattan to Barclays Center in Brooklyn during rush hour. “I think that’s the big weakness with New York City’s bid: the hotels are in one borough, the convention’s in another,” he said.

Brooklyn Slight Favorite for Dem ConventionB

Even Pennsylvania politician former Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell think New York has the edge.
* Brooklyn—a long with backing of deep-pocketed New Yorkers—should be a “slight favorite” to land the 2016 Democratic National Convention, former party chief Ed Rendell said, the Post writes:

Big Push for Brooklyn Dem Convention 

SPOTTED at Gracie Mansion last night for the DNCNYC BBQ, hosted by Mayor Blasio: Alan Patricof, David Kovner, Robert Zimmerman, Cynthia Nixon, Stuart Appelbaum, Ruben Diaz Jr., Karen Keogh, Suri Kasirer, Fred Dixon and Kathy Hochul. Along with frankfurters, fried chicken and corn muffin were cupcakes that said “NYC.”
-- MAYOR’S DNC PITCH: RIDE OUR TRAINS -- Capital’s Gloria Pazmino: “De Blasio touted the city’s ‘vast’ public transportation offerings as yet another reason why the 2016 Democratic convention should be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. ‘We just had a lovely 25-minute subway ride from Rockefeller Center,’ … he said at a press conference in the Barclays Plaza on the second day of a tour with party officials. ‘[We] had great conversations along the way, about everything that New York City is … able to do to win this convention and make sure it’s a great convention for the Democratic Party.’”
--QUOTE OF DAY: “We learned a lot from the mistakes of 2004.” -- Bill de Blasio, on hosting political conventions.
--“De Blasio: Democratic National Convention in Brooklyn will mean 'a lot of money flowing',” by Newsday’s Emily Ngo: “The disruption to everyday commuters and residents during the summer of 2016 would be ‘limited and brief,’ … de Blasio said … The event would bring more than 30,000 attendees to the city, many of whom would stay in Manhattan hotels and travel to Brooklyn's Barclays Center … via traffic lanes, shuttles and ferries dedicated to the convention … de Blasio said the presidential nominating convention would likely take place in July or August, when more residents are on vacation, and the major events would likely occur over four nights.”

NYC giving swag bags, iPads, personalized Nets jerseys to DNC site-selection comm membrs
efore Mayor Bill de Blasio began his bid to win the 2016 convention he made sure he had the Clintons’ blessing, three people familiar with the discussions said. * PULLING OUT THE STOPS: Mayor de Blasio dishing out gifts, gala to convince DNC committee to choose Brooklyn for 2016 convention(NYDN) * Courting a National Political Convention(WSJ) Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to host a two-day fete for Democratic National Committee officials starting Monday, in a bid to convince the party that New York has the transportation infrastructure to pull off its 2016 national convention.*Bill de Blasio has a lot to gain should Brooklyn win the 2016 Democratic National Convention (NYDN) Hosting the political extravaganza would be a priceless opportunity for the freshman mayor to star on the nation's political stage. Monday Update IT'S LIKE SHOVING NEW YORK DOWN EVERYBODY'S THROATS': Big Apple emerges as one of the top contenders to host 2016 Democratic National Convention, but many think it should go to swing state(NYDN) * Can  break Philly's "early edge" for #2016 DNC convention? He's pitching home boro Brooklyn this week.  * One of five cities bidding for the Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia appears to hold  an early edge with a track record of hosting the major gathering — not to mention that both Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden have family ties to the state.*
$100 MILLION IN COMMITMENTS -- “NYC’s all-star convention roster,” by Maggie Haberman: The city “has put together a sweeping list of more than [70] people — ranging from Napster founder Sean Parker to Goldman Sachs Chairman Lloyd Blankfein to designer Diane von Furstenberg to union leaders — committed to raising the money to host the Democratic National Convention in Brooklyn in 2016. … [O]ne of the most surprising names is Parker — who has made moves to become a political force this cycle and who has ties to Deputy Mayor Peter Ragone.
“There are entertainment industry figures, like actress Cynthia Nixon, hiphop producer Russell Simmons and HBO chief Richard Plepler. There are donors with long ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, like Alan Patricof and Ron Perelman, but also those now known primarily from the Barack Obama orbit, like financiers Robert Wolf, Mark Gallogly, Blair Effron and public-relations executive Michael Kempner. There are other Wall Street titans, like JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon and American Express’s Kenneth Chenault, real estate leaders like Douglas Durst and Marc Holliday, and business figures like Partnership for a Greater New York City president Kathy Wylde.
There are union leaders like Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union President Stuart Appelbaum and 32BJ SEIU President Hector Figueroa. There are communications executives like Verizon senior vice president Leecia Eve and AT&T executive Marissa Shorenstein. The goal of the list is to demonstrate a broad cross-section of people committed to the event, as well as an ability to fully fund a convention.” De Blasio’s goal: The mayor’s effort to lure the 2016 Democratic convention helps him fulfill one of his top long-term objectives: showing the USA what progressive government looks like. From business (a jolt to the economy) to transportation (shuttling conventioneers) to security (managing protests and party crashers), the convention could instantly validate de Blasio’s administration as a progressive operation that can get things done, while keeping progressive values. The Republicans’ selection of Cleveland could be a helpful foil in at least one way. De Blasio aide Rebecca Katz tweeted: “I cannot believe the Cleveland Indians still have their logo. In 2014.” *

ew York City’s effort to bring the Democratic National Convention to the Barclays Center in 2016 — a bid that could help elevate Mayor Bill de Blasio’s national profile while infusing the party with a dash ofBrooklyn Cool — reached the pep rally stage on Monday, as convention officials were welcomed for a two-day tour. 

-- “City events to pitch Brooklyn to DNC,” by Gloria Pazmino: “The week will begin with a media availability at Barclays Center, where the convention’s main events would be held. The Democratic National Committee’s technical advisory group will be met by Senator Charles Schumer, city first lady Chirlane McCray and a stack of Brooklyn Nets jerseys with their names printed on them, according to an A.P. report. … The mayor will not attend the event at Barclays Center, but on Monday evening he will attend a Democratic National Convention dinner with the site selection committee at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The event is invitation-only and closed to the press.” --ATTENDING the 11:45 a.m. media avail at Barclays Center, per a Mayor’s Office release: “Schumer … Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development … Bill Bratton … Polly Trottenberg, DOT Commissioner … Fred Dixon, President & CEO, NYC&Co. … Melissa Mark-Viverito … Laurie A. Cumbo, City Council Member … Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President … Bruce Ratner, Executive Chairman, Forest City Ratner Companies and Developer and Majority Owner of Barclays Center … Amy Dacey, DNC CEO.”Tuesday Update Traffic nightmare feared if DNC comes to Brooklyn in 2016(NYP) * 'TOLERANT, FERTILE AND EXHILARATING': New York politicians shower Brooklyn with praise in push to bring 2016 Democratic National Convention to Barclays Center(NYDN) * New York City Courts Democratic National Committee(NYDN) *Councilwoman Inez Barron, who represents East New York, isn’t supporting de Blasio’s push for Brooklyn to host the convention because there’s no evidence it will help the low-income residents in her district. The convention could bring a “traffic nightmare” to the Big Apple.

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