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Will Those Who Organized the $15Hr Campaign Help Workers Who Lose Job to ATM Order Takers? 
Another Historical Progressive Win for the Mayor McDonal's Jobs Below $15 Being Replaced by ATM Type Order Takers

McDonald's shoots down fears it is planning to replace cashiers with kiosks (Yahoo) McDonald's is rolling out self-service kiosks in restaurants across the US that allow customers...* Cuomo’s push for a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers using a state wage board could create an opportunity for Republicans if they have the patience to explain the unintended consequences, Nicole Gelinas writesin the Post:  * Cuomo Renews Minimum Wage, Labor Protections Push (YNN) * The Journal writes that progressive lawmakers pattingthemselves on the back for raising the minimum wage should consider the people who will be out of a job as a result of the hike:

Less Jobs in the City, Lower Unemployment Rate, Oh Yea
New York City’s unemployment rate dropped to 7.8 percent in July—from 7.9 percent in June—even though the private sector lost 9,000 jobs, The Wall Street Journal reports:

NYC Unemployment Up  
In New York City, unemployment stands at 8 percent. The Bronx, long one of the poorest areas in the nation, has an unemployment rate of 11.2 percent.

No Jobs NYC  . . .     
Unemployment Up in NYC to 7.9%
NYC Elected Officials Have Done Nothing to Reduce the City's High Unemployment Rate 
You Wonder Why the NYC's Poverty Rate is Rising

THE 99% -- “Poverty Rate Continues to Climb Among NYC's Working Adults, Study Finds,” by DNAinfo’s Colby Hamilton: “The number of full-time working adults living in poverty in NYC has continued to rise in the past five years, even as the economy improved, according to a report released Wednesday by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office. The poverty rate for full-time working adults in the city rose 1.8 percent between 2008 and 2012, the most recent year for which statistics were available, according to the report, issued annually for the mayor’s office by the New York City Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO). …Nearly 30 percent of Asians …were…living in poverty in 2012…Hispanics…[at] 25.7 percent, followed by blacks at 22.5 percent, while whites…had the lowest poverty rate at 14 percent”.
More on the Unemployed
NYC's Elected Officials Have Not Created Jobs

* New Labor Department data shows the state’s unemployment rate to be highest in New York City, Glens Falls and the Southern Tier, and lowest in Ithaca and the New York City suburbs, Gannett Albany reports:

EJ McMahon thinks the latest jobs report from the state Labor Department is nothing to brag about.
Unemployment Up in NYC to 7.9%
NYC Elected Officials Have Done Nothing to Reduce the City's High Unemployment Rate 
State Unemployment Stays At 6.8 Percent(YNN) * New York City’s Jobless Rate Rises(NYT) New York City’s unemployment rate rose in February to 7.9 percent. Wall Street, which traditionally had led the city out of recessions with robust hiring, shrank again last month and employs fewer people than it did a year ago, the figures show. The city also has about 140,000 more unemployed residents than it had six years ago, before the financial crisis struck.The number of people collecting regular unemployment benefits in New York State rose last month. A large number of New Yorkers — more than 663,000 state residents –— counted as officially unemployed last month, which means that they tried but failed to find jobs.

 But fewer than 200,000 of them collected regular unemployment benefits in February. More than 100,000 other unemployed state residents who had been out of work for more than half a year lost their benefits because Congress did not extend an emergency benefits program at the end of 2013.* So long, pound cake. Entemanns is closing its Long Island facility after more than a century in Bay Shore (WNBC) * Video: New Yorkers getting hammered on jobs. writes a book? 
More on NYC's Elected Officials Have Not Created Jobs

Sleeping Votes
The  Number of the City's Unemployed and Homeless is 5 Times the Amount That Elected Liu and de Blasio in 2009
Even though it is not an issue in the mayor's race or even the media we were reminded that this city is in the middle of an unemployment crisis and with the increase yesterday to 9.1% it is getting worse.  What is not understood that there are now over 400,000 New Yorkers unemployed and 50,000 homeless.  In 2009 John Liu won the comptroller job with 135,100 votes and Bill de Blasio won his public advocate position with 145,413 voters in the democratic primary runoff. Which in Brooklyn is a fix on winning the general election.  If the unemployed and homeless bullet voted both Liu and de Blasio would have lost with less than 20% of the vote.    

Does NYC Have An Unemployment Crisis? Nation Unemployment rate drops to 7.7% as NYC Rises to 9.1%

None of the Candidates Have Explained How They Will Create Jobs
City’s Jobless Rate in January Hit 4-Month High(NYT)The State Labor Department, in a new report, said the rate was 9.1 percent, up from 8.8 percent in December New York City spending $819M this year to help shelter the homeless(NYP)
*Even as advocates for the homeless pummel the Bloomberg administration for not doing enough to help the homeless, NYC taxpayers are picking up the tab for record numbers of homeless who are staying in shelters longer than ever.*  Mayor Bloomberg: Homeless can come in "private jet" and limousine and still the city has to give them shelter

We Also Need A Voting Act for the Unemployed and Homeless A Very Discriminated Class
Bronx Offers Case Study Over Future of Voting Act(NYT) With some members of the United States Supreme Court calling for an end to a section of the Voting Rights Act, arguments for and against election monitoring are again being batted about.

Pols and Media Push Rose Color Jobs Stories
Nobody interviews the unemployed Today. The media owners choose the topics that will be debated in the mayoral race.  Unemployment is not important to them.
New York City’s unemployment rate rose above 9 percent again, despite the fact that the city began the year with more jobs than had ever  3.94 million  with some economists believing the Big Apple could top 4 million jobs this year, The New York Times reports.* State's Unique Place in Jobs Picture(WSJ) blames homeless when talking about New York being a high tax state.*Mayor Bloomberg Says Focus on Jobs, Not ‘Relatively Meaningless’ Unemployment Statistic * New York added 29,600 jobs in January – a record 17 consecutive months of private-sector job growth – but the state’s unemployment rate rose to 8.4 percent, still outpacing the national average.* Mayor Bloomberg Says Focus on Jobs, Not ‘Relatively Meaningless’ Unemployment Statistic(NYO)

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