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Teacher Evaluations

Cuomo Puts Education Funding On The Line In Teacher Evaluations Debate

Ending Unions’ Occupation of Albany (NYP, Dicker) The Post’s Fred Dicker applauds Cuomo’s education reform attempts, which would severely limit the education unions’ dominance in Albany *The NYT cheers Cuomo’s hardball tactic, calling it “smart” and his overall budget proposal “sound.” * Cuomo's Budget Pushes Teacher Evaluations(WSJ) * Godspeed, Governor(NYP ED) * In Cuomo’s Budget, Nip-and-Tuck Cuts and Big Policy Aims(NYT) * Gov. Cuomo’s Sound Budget(NYT Ed) The Times endorses Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “smart” budget, but wonders whether the state Legislature will go along with it 
Cuomo Pushes Teacher Evaluations(WSJ) Cuomo told school districts to adopt new evaluation systems for teachers or risk losing a portion of their state funding, employing his expansive budgetary powers to set education policy. * Gov. Cuomo applies muscle in new budget (Newsday) Newsday calls Cuomo’s education reforms “the centerpiece of another sensible budget,” and suggests support for the Aqueduct Convention Center and other economic development plans will hinge on a transparent planning process * Face it, teacher quality matters(NYDN) * You fix ed system, or I will: Gov (NYDN)* Thanks to a smaller budget deficit than last year ($2 billion after the tax code reform deal, compared to $10 billion), Cuomo’s cuts were mostly nips and tucks, allowing him to focus on sweeping policy reforms.* “Following a successful first year in Albany, the governor went all-in with his cred, arguing for a budget blueprint that tackles some of the state’s thorniest issues,” the DN’s Ken Lovett writes. * Not surprisingly, the public employee unions weren’t big on Cuomo’s Tier 6 proposal. Republican lawmakers were generally supportive of Cuomo’s budget, but voiced concern about how he plans to pay for all the big-ticket infrastructure and economic development items in it.* “The budget process starts now and it ends at the end of March,” said Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who called Cuomo’s budget proposal a “good document.”* Cuomo raised another $6.2 million over the past six months – about $1 million a month – and now has $14.4 million on hand. His biggest donation was $100,000 from the Manhattan law firm Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman.* The leader of the state's largest public sector union called Cuomo's pension reforms "an assault on the middle class."

UFT Attacks Bloomberg Not the Politically Popular Cuomo

Mike: UFT doesn’t give a s#!t about losing aid (NYP) In an editorial board meeting with the New York Post, Mayor Michael Bloomberg claims the UFT doesn’t care about losing potential education funds if a teacher evaluation system isn’t implemented.

Paterson the Education Reformer

Spirit of reform renewed (TU) Cuomo’s teacher evaluation reforms and new pension tier would likely not have been proposed in the budget without former Gov. David Paterson’s pioneering use of budget “extenders” to threaten government shutdown 


Bloomnberg Makes His Legacy Move on the UFT

Unanswered Question: In the Education War Where Do the 2013 Mayoral Candidates Stand on Teacher Evaluations?

Bloomberg Focuses His Legacy on Education Reform(NYT) * As a Broader Group Seeks Early Admission, Rejections Rise in the East(NYT) * Mayor Draws Teacher Threat(WSJ) * Mike's school plan to get OK from state eduction offiicials(NYDN) * Some Teachers Skeptical of Merit Pay(NYT) * Teachers Union Calls for Renewed Contract Negotiations(NYT) 

UFT Out on the Limb

Lew's View - UFT and Evaluations(Fox 5)* Mike’s valiant battle(NYDN Ed) * New York State risks losing $1 billion in federal education funds - $300 Million More Than Previously ThoughtCuomo vows ‘to do everything he can’ to get school funding(NYDN) * Evaluation mandate flawed: Andy(NYP) *Take ’em to school, gov (NYP) It’s time to hold unions accountable * Teacher evaluation: Faking success in the New York City school system is the same as fooling our kids (NYDN)  If all the teachers are 'satisfactory' why do only 65% of students graduate from high school? *  The DN says it was UFT President Mike Mulgrew’s “obstructionism,”* The UFT is threatening to go to court to block Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to replace staff at 33 troubled schools, and asked the state PERB to intervene in the teacher evaluation standoff.* The Post lauds Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s education proposals and incentive plan for good teachers, saying it treats teachers like professional  Mike’s school groove (NYP) Why taking on union will pay


NYP Goes After Poor Performing UFT Charter School
The UFT proves a point(NYP Ed)File this under “TP” for Totally Predictable: A charter school run by the United Federation of Teachers isn’t cutting it — and may soon be shut down. The charter saw a mere eight of its 82 eighth-graders pass the state reading test this year, one of the worst rates of any city charter. Just 28 percent passed math. The Post relishes the problems of a United Federation of Teachers-run charter school that may soon be shut down, saying that charter schools weren’t meant to bypass union rules The president of the American Federation of Teachers wrote a letter to the Post about the movie Won't Back Down, saying "We share the film's sense of urgency" but disagree with their "false stereotype of teachers and their union." [Randi Weingarten]

‘Labor’ pain for school (NYP) It’s no lesson in leadership. The city teacher union’s bid to show it could run a charter school as well as any non-unionized shop has blown up in its face, the latest school results show. Fewer than 10 percent of eighth-graders at The UFT Charter..

We Were Told No More Rubber Rooms
Troubled public school teachers are still languishing in revamped “rubber rooms,” a practice supposedly shut down two years ago, as the city will pay $22 million to teachers for doing nothing, the Daily News learns: *City Agrees to Shut the 'Rubber Rooms' - WNYC(2010) * Once-Respected Teacher Banned From NYC Schools After Admitting(NYDN)

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