Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reform Bill

NYP Asks Cuomo Who is Pushing for Public Financing to Also Push for Term Limits
The reform pols hate(NYP Ed)Gov. Cuomo is pulling out all the stops to promote his ideas for campaign finance. That includes holding a “telephone town hall” tonight on the issue with the folks from Fair Elections for New York. As first articulated in his State of the State, the governor’s general idea of state campaign finance seems to be to follow the lead of New York City. That is, to impose stricter limits on what candidates can raise or spend, and to use matching public funds to fund more campaigns. Here’s our question: So long as the city is a model, why no mention of the one big limit on city politicians that doesn’t exist at the state level — term limits? wants donation disclosure within 48 hours and board of elections with real enforcement power and real teeth.

Early Voting Bills

While the Early Voting Act pending in both houses of the state Legislature could allow residents to vote up to 14 days before Election Day, some local officials argue that the convenience will come at a cost.

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