Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The NY Post Is Backed Into A Position to Prove Judgehips Are For Sale in Brooklyn

The NYP Brings Down Pols Like the  Washington Post?
NYP: The Accidental Muckraking Reformer 

Not with Journalists But With Lawyers

A lawsuit that can damage the Post and Murdoch has created an all out war pitting the tabloid newspaper against the New York State court system and a good chunk of the political power structure of Brooklyn.


The Father of the Brooklyn Judges for Sale Investigation is the Late Jack Newfield
Continuing Newfield's Investigation
A libel suit filed by Judge Francois Rivera against The New York Post in response the papers charges in 2005 that he told a grand jury he paid 50,000 for the judgeship, has turned Murdoch paper into the instrument that will finally prove that the late journalist former NYP columnist Jack Newfield was trying to prove at the the time of his death that the sale of judgeships are a common practice in Brooklyn.


 If the NYP Wins the Lawsuit the Corrupt Brooklyn Machine Will Be Destroyed

Crusading Italian prosecutor
Organized Crime Politics
The NYP has become New York's version of crusading Italian prosecutor Giovanni Falcone who was doing such a good job exposing the mafia that they blew him up in his car.  The lawsuit has forced the Post to prove in court what the Brooklyn DA, U.S. Supreme Court and the newspaper stories were unwilling or unable to do, to prove that  judgeships are for sale in Brooklyn.  More importantly the NYP without writing a single story has the power with this lawsuit to end what the reformers and good government groups were unable to do, end the corrupt political machines control over who get an elective judgeship and who is elected to most of the boroughs elective offices.


 NY Post's Lawyers: When Rain Becomes Fire
Bk Underclass Political Consultants
Unable to get the testimony in a deposition it wanted from the plaintiff Judge Rivera because another judge ruled his grand jury testimony on the sale of judgeships was off limits to the paper because what he said there is supposed to be kept secret.  The Post issued subpoenas to eight supreme court judges and a cast of political consultants who look and operate more like a rogues gallery of the criminal underclass right out of a Dickens' novel. The Brooklyn DAs top aids also were subpoenaed. The post wants each one of those subpoenaed to tell their lawyers under oath what they know about the sale of judgeships. 

Lower Court Judge Tried to Stop the Post
NYS Appellate Court Overruled: Says NY Post Ask Your Questions 
Judge Milton Tingling who agreed with the objections filed by the judges and political operatives tried to kill the NYP subpoenas as overreaching was forced by the Court of Appeals to overrule his own ruling.  15 or the 16 pages of Judge Tingling ordered overruling decision offered reasons why he believed the Appeals Court decision wrong. The last page granted the order of the higher court.  That 16 page decision according to some lawyers caused enough friction between the judge and the higher court that they sent an additional message to the lower court judge last week when they overruled three more of Tingling decision in one day.

Here are some key lines from the April 12ruling of Judge Tingling:
“Rivera must now respond and reveal any information he may have shared with a Grand Jury irrespective of materiality to the issues at hand and any confidentiality under which he testified at the time is now obliterated.”
And for more reading, here’s Judge Tingling original ruling on the case.

Part II of NYP: Judgeships for Sale
All you want to know about the judge being subpoenaed and why others should be

Part III of NYP: Judgeships for Sale
What the political consultant know

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