The NEW-YORK Times, in an article specially intended for the consideration of the members of the last Legislature, as well as for all its readers, inveighs with great severity against the corruption which it alleges pervaded and controlled it, and warns the people against the ultimate consequences of such corruption. The TIMES may have been incited to unusual vigor in its denunciations, by the fact that the legislature passed sundry bills affecting the City of New-York, the contents of which are not acceptable to that, paper. The merit of the article is not diminished by this, and we think the TIMES deserves great credit, and it certainly has heretofore earned reputation for its watchfulness of the City interests, and for its pointed; forcible und fearless exposition for all schemes for public plunder, and just rebuke of all men who have attempted to live and grow rich at the expense of the tax-payers. It is today, with its kindred journals, held in greater dread by all such men than its courts of justice, and all the machinery of the law. It is doubtless the fact that property owners are better protected by the vigilance and fearless outspokenness of the leading New-York papers, than by all the cumbrous and ineffective paraphernalia of law, which is supposed to protect the rights of its citizens. This is lamentable, but it is true. The great fountain-head of all the streams of corruption that flowed in on the Legislature is the City of New-York; and it is entirely proper that the City should have the benefit of such advice and rebuke as the TIMES or any other paper may have to bestow. This fact, however, does not shield the Legislature if it has been corrupt, and words are not forcible enough to express the indignation which should be visited on the offending members. Not one word shall we offer in their behalf, and can only say if there is ground for charges which are made against certain of them, they should be forthwith indicted and tried for the offence. It is indeed no pleasant prospect to contemplate, which at this stand-point opens before us. The people are at, the mercy of corporations and rich and bad men, and the day has come when the voice of the people has no influence in shaping legislation, nor can constituencies rely on the integrity of representatives. The City of New-York, which paid no attention to the complaints of the means and appliances brought to bear on the Legislature by the railroads, but, with its usual selfishness, promoted all their schemes, has found out that the corruption which could aid the railroad could also be brought to aid the mercenary and selfish schemes of the speculators from the City. The blade has two edges, and it is quite as likely to cut the manipulator as the object at which it is aimed; and while the City groans under the infliction which its own citizens have brought on it, we say it is a matter which concerns the City alone; let the City bear it -- suffering of this kind may end in its ultimate benefit. While the country cordially concurs with the City of New-York in its opinion, that the corruption and bribery will sooner or later end in the ruin of the State, it has no more of pity for the agony which the City suffers under the inflictions of selfish and corrupt speculators, whose names are to be found in their annual directory.

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In January, Eric A. Stevenson, a former Democratic assemblyman from the Bronx, was convicted of bribery and other corruption charges; in May, he was sentenced to three years in prison. This month, Malcolm A. Smith, a Democratic state senator from Queens, was granted a mistrial in his trial on bribery and wire fraud charges; Mr. Smith, who has pleaded not guilty, is to be retried in January. And William F. Boyland Jr., a Democratic assemblyman from one of Brooklyn’s prominent political families, was convicted in March of bribery and other charges in federal court in Brooklyn. In late March, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo abruptly disbanded a panel he had established to investigate corruption in state government and develop reforms that would help deter it. His decision prompted an unusual public rebuke from Mr. Bharara, whose office received the panel’s investigatory files and is now examining the circumstances surrounding its dismissal.

Assemblywoman Fakes Her Citizenship Arrested 

Rosa I Not As Bad As My Colleagues
Rosa “I didn’t get rich out of my position,” Ms. Rosa said. “I didn’t take any bribes. I didn’t do none of the things that usually you are very used to seeing in the other guys who get into this situation.” Weekend Update: Assemblywoman Rosa Leaves Albany in the Normal Way "Til jail do us part" 

Sunday Update
Disgraced politician Gabriela Rosa keeps low-profile after pleading guilty to marriage fraud charges (NYDN) There was no sign of the 47-year-old former Assembly member at her Washington Heights high-rise Saturday, where she returned following Friday’s court appearance.
Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa set to plead guilty to marriage fraud charges (NYDN)
Rosa, who was elected in 2012 to represent upper Manhattan, will appear in federal court Friday afternoon, the Daily News has learned. According to court papers, Rosa married her husband in 1996 in order to obtain permanent lawful resident status.She also lied in a 2009 bankruptcy filing in which she underreported her husband’s wealth, the court papers charge. Rosa faces between 12 and 18 months in prison.* Journo: cooperating in case against other electeds? Lawyer: cant comment.* Gabriela Rosa Forced From Assembly After Marriage Fraud Conviction(NYO)* Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa pleads guilty to marriage fraud,steps down from office: (WSJ) * New York Assemblywoman Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case(NYT) Ms. Rosa told Judge Denise Cote that she had gotten married some years ago to “regularize my immigration status.” Prosecutors said that around 1996, Ms. Rosa, a citizen of the Dominican Republic, paid a United States citizen $8,000 to enter into “a sham marriage” while she was in a relationship with a man whom she would later marry; she ended the sham marriage few years later.* Assemblywoman Pleads Guilty to Marriage Fraud, Resigns (WSJ) Ms. Rosa also admitted that she had received $1,000 from a representative of a foreign government..* New York Assemblywoman Resigns Over Green Card Marriage(NY Mag)

Proof The Culture of Protecting Corruption In Albany is Strong

'SHE'S NOT A RAT OR A SNITCH': Disgraced former Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa refuses offer from U.S. attorney to wear wire(NYDN)U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara prosecuted Rosa for entering a sham marriage to gain citizenship, and then made her an offer to wear a wire in exchange for leniency, according to sources. But Rosa said no way.

Bruno's Last Loot of the Government Budget 

Joe Bruno seeking $2.4M from taxpayers to cover legal bills(Capital)* * Former state Senate Republican Majority Leader Joseph Bruno wants the state to reimburse him $2.4 million in legal fees now he has been acquitted on corruption charges, the New York Post writes: 

Hold the Bagel Seabrook May Get A New Trial 

Appeals court asks judge to review Seabrook trial(NYP) A federal appeals court on Wednesday asked a Manhattan federal judge to review whether the bagel-loving ex-pol was denied a fair trial when he was convicted in 2012 in a brazen fraud scheme involving more than $1 million in taxpayer money.The Bronx Democrat — who is serving a five-year prison sentence — had appealed to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals that his constitutional rights were violated at trial ​when a deputy clerk asked his brother, a friend and a​ ​constituent to leave the courtroom during part of jury selection. The judicial panel said that it’s not resolving the issue but gave the ​crooked politician ​new ​hope for a retrial, saying Seabrook’s claim “warrants further fact finding.” The panel sent the case back to Judge Deborah Batts to “clarify whether people were excluded from the courtroom.”* Bronx Ex-Councilman’s Trial Is Investigated(NYT)