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None Profits Corruption

City to Audit None Profit Incumbent Machines 

 Bloomberg Tolling for Vito Lopez's Votes Funds His None Profit Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Councilwith Tens of Million
Not Only is the JCOPE Sexual Harassment Report Against Vito Lopez Being Cover Up His GF Walks After Ripping Off His Non Profit Government Funded Political Machine Sweetheart No Jail Deal for Vito Lopez Girlfriend Crook Judge James C. Francis IV of Federal District Court in Manhattan Missed and opportunity to use Fisher to rat on the rest of the Lopez crowdProbation for Ex-Director of Nonprofit Group Tied to Assemblyman(NYT) Christiana M. Fisher, who was director of a nonprofit oranization controlled by Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, pleaded guilty to providing false documents about a jump in her salary, to $659,591 from $235,135. 

In 1993 the NY Times wrote About the Lopez Machine
Growth of a New-Age Political Machine(NYT)"The organization, the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, employs 1,400 people through more than 50 grants budgeted at more than $33 million annually. Yet at the same time many of those taxpayer dollars -- allocated for pressing human needs -- have been put to work for private, political purposes as well. They have paid for an agglomeration of power that has stunted the neighborhood's political diversity, rewarded a handful of Mr. Lopez's proteges with well-paying jobs, enriched politically connected contractors and produced programs that in several instances have been criticized for accounting and performance. Like the social-service groups connected to Representative Floyd H. Flake in Queens, Assemblyman Albert Vann in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Pedro Espada in the Soundview section of the Bronx, the Ridgewood Bushwick council has managed to fill the vacuum left by the dimming influence of county political bosses and the decade-long decline in Federal anti-poverty money."Pork-barrel polka(NYP Ed) * Vito’s ‘Money Honeys’ get big salaries — subsidized by you (2010, The Brooklyn Paper)* City suspends close to $1M in funding for troubled nonprofit(Capital)  The Institute for Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly (IPRHE), which has received tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer-backed funds for years, will not get $959,293—the amount it was granted in contracts from the City Council over the past two fiscal years, an administration official confirmed to Capital. (Those funds had not yet been processed; grants that are underway will not be pulled.)

AG Bags Another Corrupt None Profit Head

A.G. SchneidermanAnnounces Conviction Of NYC Nonprofit Director Who Stole Nearly $900k From Charity Yolanda Gonzalez, Former Director Of Nos Quedamos, Convicted Of Grand Larceny And Fraud, Sentenced To Up To 4.5 Years In Prison The group calls itself a "community development corporation comprised of residents, homeowners, and business owners from the South Bronx who are committed to promoting, supporting, and advancing ideas of healthy and sustainable growth, both for local communities and the larger society." Yolanda Gonzalez, the former Executive Director of We Stay-Nos Quedamos, Inc., for embezzling nearly $900,000 from the long-standing South Bronx-based nonprofit community development corporation.  Gonzalez is the second charity head to be charged by Schneiderman's office in recent weeks. William Rapfogel, the now-former CEO of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty and a close friend of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, was charged in a $5 million, two-decade kickback scheme. Rapfogel, whose wife is longtime Silver chief of staff Judy Rapfogel, is said to have personally pocketed more than $1 million. He also helped arrange that some of the other money be donated to city and state officials who helped steer funds to the Met Council. * Nos Quedamos saysit’s set to rise again (Mott Heaven Herald)Ex-Chief Pleads Guilty to Stealing From a Bronx Charity(NYT)
Non Profit's Dark Pool$

NYP Secret Pots of Public Dollars Guarantee Corruption

3 Days Ago
Rapfogel’s Albany enablers(NYP Ed)The report is called “Spending in the Shadows,” and it cites $3 billion in “off-budget” cash that will be spent in New York this year via “ ‘lump sum’ pots of money” on the sheer say-so of individual politicians. It’s a sweet setup for the pols, their pet projects and the groups that get the taxpayer cash. Remember, Rapfogel’s Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty got $90 million from all government sources ­last year. Thanks to secret money “pots,” key budget decisions don’t have to be debated publicly. They can be made after the budget is passed, on the whims of individual officials, and kept from public view. Groups that get cash can then direct donations back to the pols who arranged the funding, just as Rapfogel is thought to have done. It points to scandals involving Sen. Malcolm Smith, ex-Sen. Shirley Huntley and ex-Assemblyman Vito Lopez as examples.

 Failed Parking Lot Soccer Stadium
Bloomberg's midnight rush to fix a $50M fiasco that only Juan Gonzalez bothered to report: Bx soccer stadium deal
Gonzalez: Bronx soccer stadium deal near Yankee Stadium offers big incentives to Arab firm(NYDN) Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio will have 30 days after inauguration to ink a deal that would allow a stadium for the New York City Football Club to be built on city land — that would be rent-free for decades. The New York Yankees and Manchester City have a deal to tear down a bankrupt parking garage on E. 153rd St. to build a soccer stadium on the site. GAL Manufacturing, a producer of elevator equipment that employs more than 350 workers, would also need to be relocated for the deal to go through. 
Now the garage company is bankrupt and the city is owed nearly $50 million in back rent and taxes that it will never recover. * As Bloomberg departs, a soccer arena deal emerges(Capital)The New York City Football Club, a consortium backed by the Yankees and Manchester City owner Sheik Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan, has been working with the Bloomberg administration to hammer out the broad outlines of an agreement to build a soccer arena just south of Heritage Field, the site of the old Yankee Stadium.* Deal for Bronx Soccer Stadium in Works as Clock Ticks(NYT) * Manufacturer that must move for Bloomy's new soccer stadium got $1M solar tax deal last year. Now it's 'Never mind.'

The New Deputy Borough President of Queens Comrie Has A None Profit Member Item Corruption Problem

The City Council dished out nearly $147 million for pet projects throughout members’ districts, including a grant to a dysfunctional medical center in Queens that even Mayor Bloomberg’s agencies doubt should get taxpayer money. Included in the massive list of “member items” — funds individual council members dole out to non-profits — is a $5,000 allocation to Angeldocs, whose city funds are under examination by the city Health Department. Last year’s taxpayer-funded council grants to Angeldocs were reviewed in April by the Department after The Post reported it was delinquent on property taxes and its only staffer, Dr. Dorothy Ogundu, refused to reveal details about her practice. Despite that, Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-Queens) appropriated another $5,000 for the clinic, which Council Speaker Christine Quinn has yet to approve. Council’s pork bill at $147M(NYP and Queens Crap) * Queens nonprofit Angeldocs stole $350000: authorities (NYDN) Founder Dr. Dorothy Ogundu allegedly used the Hollis-based outfit to pocket city, state and federal funds earmarked for public services and capital improvements — to pay for personal expenses, including buying cars and shipping them back to her native Nigeria. Founder Dr. Dorothy Ogundu allegedly used the Hollis-based outfit to pocket city, state and federal funds earmarked for public services and capital improvements — to pay for personal expenses, including buying cars and shipping them back to her native Nigeria.
Looks Like the City Health Department Was Sitting On this Story and Moreland Report Pushed It Out
600G health clinic in a vegetative state(NYP) Dr. Dorothy Ogundu says she created her Angeldocs charity to improve access to health care for the poor. But the former church she turned into the Aki Life Health Center on Hillside Avenue in Holliswood was locked up tight on two visits by The Post last week. Its front door, where the business hours were listed as 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. six days a week, was chained shut with a padlock. Ogundu used government grant money, including a $100,000 allocation from the state Dormitory Authority, to turn the former classroom area of the church into treatment rooms. Rep. Gregory Meeks secured federal grants totaling $380,500 for renovations and programs. A state member item from Assemblywoman Vivian Cook went to renovate a second-floor kitchen.

A sign proclaims the space “Cook’s Kitchen.” She paid $20,053 in property taxes in 2006 and then let the bills mount until they reached $300,368 by 2010. The property was not eligible for a charitable tax break because it was owned by a for-profit.Ogundu transferred the title of the property to Angeldocs in late 2010 and then gained a city tax exemption. But she still owes the $300,368. “I told them this is ridiculous,” Ogundu said. “I think that the city should meet me halfway.” She turned to her local representative, Assemblyman David Weprin, whom she said she has known from his days on the City Council and her own community involvement. Weprin, along with Cook, sponsored a bill earlier this month to let Ogundu file for a retroactive tax exemption, refund any taxes she paid and wipe out her debt.

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