Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mental Health 499

More City Homeless/Mental Health Incompetency . . . 
This Time Causes A Worker's Life 
DEAF TO THE PLEAS: City ignored calls for extra security at Bronx shelter where brute shot manager to death; alleged killer barks in court, ‘That’s not my attorney!’ (NYDN) City officials ignored calls for extra security at a homeless shelter that housed 24 sex offenders — and the ex-con accused of trying to rape its director and then executing her as she ran naked down a Bronx sidewalk. The deranged suspect, who staffers say has a history of mental illness, was busted forgunning down helpless Ana Charle. The brute lived for seven months in the facility as community leaders begged in vain for more muscle at the problem-plagued facility.

Ann Charle Calls for Added Security Went Unanswered 
SEX-SLAY VICTIM LIVED IN FEAR: Homeless shelter head asked for security, looked for new job months before ex-resident attempted rape, killed her (NYDN)New York City officials were on security alert at city shelters as details emerged about how a man with a long arrest record allegedly stalked and gunned down the director of the Bronx shelter.*  Fatal Shooting Boosts Safety Concerns at Homeless Shelters (WSJ) The Bronx homeless shelter whose director was gunned down this week, allegedly by a former resident, had been asking the city for more security for months, according to people familiar with the matter.

NYC Closed It Horrid Mental Institutions in the 70's Embedded the Serious Ill Without the Needed Services
State and city officials need to lock away the dangerously mentally ill, improve shelter security and rid neighborhoods of the threat posed by offenders in order to save lives, the Daily News writes:  They didn’t have todie (NYDN Ed) In less than one month, four mentally ill people have taken lives or been killed by cops in New York City. The madness must stop. On Monday, deranged serial offender West Spruill stripped naked and shot dead the woman who ran the Bronx homeless shelter where he lived. Two days earlier, on April 25, police fatally shot Felix David after the mentally troubled 24-year-old violently assaulted them during an attempted arrest on a robbery charge. On April 24, Jonathan Efraim, a mentally unbalanced ex-Marine opened fire with a gun in a Queens bar and wound up dead after he turned on responding cops. On April 1, Latisha Fisher, a schizophrenic, ended her 20-month-old son’s life with a hand over his mouth in a burger-joint bathroom. Two of the four killed innocents.

* New York City Council members are pushing for the creation of a medical registry for people with developmental disabilities and access to GPS tracking devices in the wake of Avonte Oquendo’s death, the Daily News writes: http://goo.gl/jox4Pu

Cuomo will propose increasing mental-health screening required as part of a gun-control package
Last Year NYS Cut the Mental Health Budget by $100 Million
No more Sunando Sens(NYDN Ed)
It is known as Kendra’s Law because it’s named after Kendra Webdale, a young woman who was was pushed in front of a subway train by a deranged man in 1999.

Last Year NYS Cut the Mental Health Budget by $100 Million
No more Sunando Sens(NYDN Ed)
The confessed subway pusher who took the life of Sunando Sen last week is the product of a fundamentally insane system that allowed her mental illness to metastasize and become lethal.
Fourteen years ago, New York enacted a law empowering authorities to seek a court order to forcibly medicate dangerous mentally ill people. It is known as Kendra’s Law because it’s named after Kendra Webdale, a young woman who was was pushed in front of a subway train by a deranged man in 1999.
On Thursday, her parents, Patricia and Ralph Webdale, published an article in the Daily News that took note of the law’s strengths and called for eliminating its weaknesses.

Mental Health Blame Not the  Pols?

The Scissor Attack Was One of 90,000 the NYPD Responds to of Emotional Disturbed People Every Year

When Will the Media and Public Start Blaming the Politicians for Not Solving the Mental Health Problem for These Constant Dangerous Attacks? 
Mayhem in Riverside Park -- unusual, seeming random multiple stabbing this morning: (NYT)
Madman stabs 5, including tot(NYP)* 5 Stabbed or Slashed in Riverside Park(NYT) * Five Are Injured by an Attacker With Scissors in Riverside Park

Mentally Ill
Mental Health Default NYPD

Police Must Deal With Pols Failures to Treat Mental Illness 
Shrugging off psychos(NYDN)

Three deranged men wreaked bloody mayhem in the city over the course of less than a month, killing one New Yorker, stabbing or slashing five and forcing a Times Square police shooting that wounded two. There’s little doubt that the mental health system failed Redrick, and likely Brodnax and Graham as well. One man is dead and seven are injured — and, under the shroud of secrecy, no one will be held to account. So the violence will go on.

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