Sunday, December 22, 2013


New twist in George Washington Bridge shutdown ‘scandal’(NYP)


The Noah's Ark of Patronage Port Authority
Great column by on how Port Authority is used by Gov of NY & NJ as a patronage haven for cronies & contributors, lobbyists
Cuomo Trumps Christie in PA Patronage Swamp 
Investigating Political Hack Work Near the George Washington Bridge(NYT) Apparently — by which I mean, definitely — a political hack shut lanes entering the George Washington Bridge for five days in September and ruined traffic.   On the Port Authority, Cuomo "just stuck a fucking spear in the eye of Chris Christie," reports: * * Port Authority executive Bill Baroni, a friend and appointee of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, resigned over allegations he closed George Washington Bridge lanes in an attempt at political retribution, The Wall Street Journal reports:  

Christie appointee resigns in wake of bridge traffic probe(NYP) * Christie Views Lane Closings on George Washington Bridge as Overblown(NYT) * Top Chris Christie appointee resigns from Port Authority over George Washington Bridge lane closures(NYDN) * Sunday Update George Washington Bridge lane closures remain a mystery * Sources close to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie downplay rumors of tension between the two, despite the recent flareup over Christie’s Port Authority appointee closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge, the Daily News reports: * With friends like these (NYDN) Port Authority patronage pit poses problem * Cornered by Accusations, Christie Parries With Jokes and Stonewalls With Snarls(NYT)* New York Public Authorities Pay Out $7 Billion In Salaries And Benefits | New York Daily New* Christie dismissed the George Washington Bridge traffic jam scandal as “not that big a deal.”

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