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NYPD in Crisis: Sharpton, Noerdlinger, Rubinstein, de Blasio, Bratton, Garner Chokehold, Grand Jury and Protests 122

Mercury's Lobbyist McKeon Speaking for Rat Silver Real Estate Lobbyists Meara to Protect Skelos Form Lobbyists Avella the Rats Parter?
Meara Avella Dickinson, one of the state's most successful lobbying firms, has dozens of other clients. Though its employees didn't return phone calls, Mike McKeon of Mercury Public Affairs responded to the Times Union on behalf of his friend Meara. In an October 2013 news release, Abtech Holdings — the parent company of AbTech Industries — announced the $12 million contract to construct a stormwater management project for Nassau County. The release stated that another subsidiary of Abtech Holdings, the stormwater engineering company AEWS Engineering, would be involved in the project. More than a year later, AEWS in November 2014 secured Meara Avella Dickinson for "infrastructure" lobbying, records show. The contract was signed by Avella. But according to McKeon, that assignment came not through Glenwood but through another Albany lobbying firm, Capitol Group LLC, which had sought Avella's services. McKeon said the work only lasted two months. * How the Lobbyists Who Make Up the Shadow Government Cover for Each Other and Are Interconnected

No Transparency In Communications Between de Blasio and Sharpton
"City Hall took6 months to produce just 1 exchange totaling 11 words.” (NYP) Nothing in writing!Although Mayor de Blasio and Rev. Al Sharpton are close confidants who are said to speak regularly and at length on the phone, it seems they want to circumvent scrutiny by avoiding e-mail. When The Post asked for all correspondence between the two from the time the mayor took office on Jan. 1, 2014, until early last August, City Hall took six months to produce just one exchange totaling 11 words.Sharpton refused to talk about how he talks to the mayor. The Mayor’s Office did not respond to a request for comment.
de Blasio Needs Sharpton to Win Re-Election
Mayor to Attend Sharpton MLK Event Bill de Blasio will spend part of Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Rev. Al Sharpton (NYDN)  The New York Mayor last week refused to say whether he would be attending the annual King tribute at Sharpton’s National Action Network Harlem headquarters. But the mayor’s office on Saturday confirmed he’ll be there. “His friendship with Al Sharpton undermines his credibility (with cops),” said Sergeants Benevolent Association head Ed Mullins. “My mother always said, ‘Show me your friends. I’ll tell you who you are.’ ” * Anti-terror cops are still chauffeuring around bureaucrats(NYP) * Mayor de Blasiotalks police and protests on #MLKDay at @BAM_Brooklyn. * De Blasio Talks Policeand Protests on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (NYO) Mayor demands respect for NYPD @ Sharpton event. "If you're saying something vicious and vile to a police officer you're not making change!"

Sharpton and de Blasio Together Again First Time Since Two Police Officers Assassinated
Sharpton, AdamsDefend De Blasio At Separate MLK Events * 'Dr. King would not be satisfied on many levels': De Blasio looks past NYPD issues, turns focus on efforts to fix inequality (NYDN) The mayor touted the drop in stop-and-frisks during his watch and shifted the agenda to target income inequality. Public Advocate Letitia James drew applause when she announced she would sue over Eric Garner grand jury deliberations.* Mayor Bill de Blasio returned to Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network headquarters for a Martin Luther King Jr. Day rally, defying critics in the police department and the media, the Observer reports:  * Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former police officer, offered a fierce defense of de Blasio’s policing policies and his invocation of his son Dante at a Martin Luther King Day event in Brooklyn, the Observer reports:  *For the first time in weeks, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Rev. Al Sharpton appeared together, taking the stage at an event commemorating Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Both men urged civility and respect in the ongoing debate over community-police relations. * Police activity in New York City remained at a lower level last week than during the same period in past years, but continued its rise since enforcement came to a near standstill, the result of a citywide slowdown tied to the killings of two officers in December. * Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former NYPD officer, offered a fierce defense of de Blasio’s policing policies and his invocation of his son Dante, saying: “I did not elect the PBA. I elected the mayor.”

Bill de BlasioEmbraces Al Sharpton Despite Criticism | New York Observer   *Officials won’t say if de Blasio will attend Sharpton MLK event(NYP) * Appearing Together, de Blasio and Sharpton Urge Civility(NYT) Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Rev. Al Sharpton took the stage together on Monday at an event commemorating Martin Luther King’s Birthday.* De Blasio received an exuberant welcome this morning at an MLK Day celebration in Brooklyn – one of the warmest public receptions he has seen since the start of heightened tensions between City Hall and the NYPD. * Defying his critics in the police department and the media, de Blasio embraced the Rev. Al Sharpton – literally – on Sharpton’s home turf in Harlem. * Sharpton might be a publicly hound, but he draws the line at “Dancing with the Stars.” * De Blasio urges ‘golden rule’ for NYPD critics in MLK Day speech at Rev. Al Sharpton’s headquarters(NYDN) * De Blasio and Sharpton hug and praise each other at MLK event(NYP)* Mayor Joins Sharpton to Denounce Anti-Police Rhetoric(NY1)* Erica Garner says dad‘s memorial was ‘burned to the ground’(NYP)

Daily News Give Ink to Sharpton To Attack the NYP  
Sharpton hits back at Murdoch, N.Y. Post for report accusing him of muscling companies out of 'hush money'(NYDN) Leader of National Action Network says Post's charge that his group seeks 'hush money' leaves out talks that led to paper's failed diversity bid* Dennis Saffran asksre Rep. Scalise & Al Sharpton, "What conduct should disqualify someonefrom a public career?"

6 Hours After de Blasio Scolded Cops at Press Conference 2 More Cops Shot
Cop wounded in shootout not happy about de Blasio’s visit(NYP)One of the cops wounded in a wild Bronx shootout didn’t appreciate a hospital sympathy visit from Mayor de Blasio, the wounded officer’s dad told The Post on Tuesday. The mayor accompanied NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton to St. Barnabas Hospital overnight to see wounded plainclothes officers Andrew Dossi, 30, and Aliro Pellarano,  Dossi’s father, Joseph Dossi, holds up photos of his son outside his home in Stony PointNY. Dossi served 2 tours in Iraq.* After a robbery resulting in the non-fatal shooting of two cops in the Bronx Monday night, fear took hold in the police department as commanders frantically sought to learn if, for the second time in recent weeks, officers had been targeted simply for wearing the badge, The Times reports: 

Mario Cuomo Negotiated A End to A Racial Tinderboxes Before He Ran For Office
de Blasio Creates One
NY1 ItCH: Origins of Cuomo: A Future Governor Finds His Footing in Forest Hills(NY1) On a July night in 1972, Mario Cuomo was watching television coverage of an epic chess match while he pondered his next move. Tapped by Mayor John Lindsay to play King Solomon in a racially-charged fight over a proposed housing development in Queens, Cuomo was rapidly discovering that he was in a no-win situation. A local lawyer who received some attention for helping residents in Corona save their homes from the wrecking ball, Cuomo realized that he was not going to be considered a hero by anyone in this case. He supported a compromise plan that would still bring housing for the poor to the neighborhood – but only in about half as many apartments than had originally been proposed by Lindsay's Housing Authority. The predominantly-Jewish residents were up in arms over the mayor's plan that they believed would bring more crime to their middle-class enclave. Advocates for the poor believed that any compromise was a sell-out to bigots.* DA Tries to Block Release of Garner Grand Jury Information, Citing Ferguson (DNAINFO)* First Lady Chirlane McCray penned an essay in Essence magazine calling Eric Garner’s death a "step backward” and wondering how to “build a relationship of trust” between the NYPD and minorities, the Daily News reports:

As Sharpton Ducks Press After Police Shootings NYP Takes Another Shot
How Sharpton gets paid to not cry ‘racism’ at corporations(NYP)Want to influence a casino bid? Polish your corporate image? Not be labeled a racist? Then you need to pay Al Sharpton. For more than a decade, corporations have shelled out thousands of dollars in donations and consulting fees to Sharpton’s National Action Network. What they get in return is the reverend’s supposed sway in the black community or, more often, his silence. Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal met with the activist preacher after leaked e-mails showed her making racially charged comments about President Obama. Pascal was under siege after a suspected North Korean cyber attack pressured the studio to cancel its release of “The Interview,” which depicts the assassination of dictator Kim Jong-un. Pascal and her team were said to be “shaking in their boots” and “afraid of the Rev,” The Post reported. No payments to NAN have been announced, but Sharpton and Pascal agreed to form a “working group” to focus on racial bias in Hollywood.* What the NY Post left out: how Sharpton was persuaded toally himself with Joel Klein & stay mum on term limits(nycpublicschoolparents)
The Secret World of Al Sharpton

Sharpton Answers the NYP

On November 18, 2013 the NYT Blasted Sharpton

Rubenstein Gets Off 
Sanford Rubenstein dodges rape charges(NYP) Manhattan prosecutors have decided not to charge civil-rights lawyer Sanford Rubenstein after he was accused of raping a close female confidant of Rev. Al Sharpton at the lawyer’s Upper East Side penthouse last year, The Post has learned. Sources said the Manhattan district attorney’s decision not to put the case before a grand jury was prompted by a lack of compelling evidence presented by the accuser’s legal team. Rubenstein was accused of raping the 42-year-old business executive after the two stumbled into his pad following Sharpton’s 60th birthday bash at the Four Seasons restaurant Oct. 1. Update Rubenstein accuser 'baffled' that no charges were brought against him in sexual assault case(NYDN)

No Wonder Why This Case Never Made It to the Grand Jury: Viagra Rx in Sharpton Name Found In Rubinstein's Apt

"'I am unembarrassable,' Fumed Sharpton."
Brafman: Rubenstein "was successful before Al Sharpton, and he'll be equally successful after Al Sharpton." Says Sharpton owes apology. 2014 banner year for lower crime in nyc overall crime down 4.6% 2600 fewer robberies * No charges filed against NYC lawyer Rubenstein in rape case (LoHud)* After spending more than three months investigating rape allegations against the prominent lawyer Sanford A. Rubenstein, the Manhattan DA’s office has decided not to press charges in the case.* Sanford Rubenstein Will Not Face Rape Charges(NYT)  After a three-month investigation into rape allegations against Mr. Rubenstein, a prominent lawyer, the Manhattan district attorney’s office said there was insufficient evidence to press charges.

NO VIAGRA, NO PEACE: Rev. Al Sharpton admits Viagra prescription found in Sandy Rubenstein's apartment is his(NYDN)Cleared of rape charges, Rubenstein slapped with lawsuit(NYP)* HARD EVIDENCE: Viagra Rx in Al Sharpton's name found in Sandy Rubenstein's apartment search, cop source says — as lawyer is cleared of rape charge(NYDN)

Manhattan DA Troubling Sex Case History 
DA wanted lower sexoffender status for Jeffrey Epstein (NYDN)  Freaky financier Jeffrey Epstein got some help in his failed bid to be classified as a low-level sex offender from an unlikely corner — the Manhattan DA’s office. Epstein, who is now accused of supplying teenage sex slaves to Prince Andrew and other big shots, was desperate to avoid being labelled a dangerous public perv when he moved back to Manhattan after he was sprung from a Florida prison in 2009.  Epstein wanted to avoid the onerous requirement the state imposes on high-level sex offenders that they report to authorities every 90 days, according to court transcripts viewed by The Daily News.  At a sex offender registration hearing in 2011, Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Gaffney shocked a Manhattan judge by recommending that Epstein be classified as a Level One offender — the lowest on the sex fiend scale. “I have to tell you I am a little overwhelmed because I have never seen a prosecutor’s office do anything like this,” Justice Ruth Pickholz said, according to records. “I have done many (sex offender registration hearings) much less troubling Pickholz did not buy Gaffney’s explanation and pegged Epstein a Level Three offender — the most dangerous kind, records show. * High-Level Employee in Manhattan DA Office Accused of Sex Assault byIntern (DNAINFO)

As the Manhattan DA Gets Ready to Rule the NYT's Reports Mostly on the Career of Rubinstein  
A Rape Claim Has Put Sandy Rubenstein on the Edge of Disgrace(NYT) Over the course of one week in early October, Sanford A. Rubenstein appeared on the front page of The New York Post four days in a row. It was a lot — even for him. Mr. Rubenstein, a civil rights lawyer who has handled some of New York’s most explosive cases of police brutality over the years, has been featured so often on the city’s tabloid covers that some have joked he owns a time share there. But this run of publicity was different. The noisy headlines in 180-point type did not describe him as what he had been for decades: a man who fought the police on behalf of victims’ families. They described him as what he had become: a man accused of rape.

Sharpton's Rubenstein is Not the Manhattan DA's Ham Sandwich 

The woman who accused Sandy Rubenstein of rape is planning to file a lawsuit against the high-profile lawyer, as her attorneys fired off an angry letter charging Manhattan prosecutors with running an unfair probe, the Daily News writes: * Jury SelectionBegins in Rikers Inmate Death Case: Jury selection begins today for a former Rikers Island captain…

Next Day Update 
Sandy Rubensteinalleged rape probe likely to wrap up before Christmas(NYDN)The prosecutors’ probe into a business exec’s claims that the high profile attorney raped her in his Upper East Side pad on Oct. 1 will finish in two weeks.

UFT Sends Members to Sharpton Washington Rally to Protest Killer Cops 

Saturday Update Sharpton struggles to find marchers for DC protest(NYP) The Rev. Al Sharpton is keeping expectations low for Saturday’s National March Against Police Violence — predicting that only “several thousand” protesters will gather along Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue. “We have over 100 buses coming from New York alone, but I’m not giving out numbers,” Sharpton told The Post Friday night. The permit is for just 5,000 protesters, a National Parks Service spokesperson said Friday.* All the Rev’s enablers(NYP Ed)*Protesters rage against police brutality(NYP) *25,000 March in New York to Protest Police Violence(NYT)* Police issue warningafter 2 officers assaulted amid massive protests in Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan  *UNITED IN LOSS: Grieving mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner give first joint interview(NYDN)

YOU'RE DEAD TO US! Patrolmen's group tells de Blasio, Mark-Viverito to 'stay home if NYPD cop dies on duty' over pols' 'consistent' lack of respect toward officers(NYDN)* Rev. Al Sharpton, families of black men killed by cops to lead ‘Justice For All’ rally in Washington, D.C.(NYDN) * Patrolmen's Benevolent Association takes cheap shot at Mayor de Blasio with 'Don't Insult My Sacrifice' form: political science professor(NYDN) * Eric Garner grand jury evidence could still be released: Public Advocate Letitia James(NYDN) * Mayor de Blasio wants to change historic City Hall paintings(NYDN)* Morbidlypolitical (NYDN Ed) The PBA takes the low road in its latest attack on Mayor de Blasio* How Fergusonand Eric Garner show the political power of hip-hop.(Wash Post)

Faces, and Forces, Behind New York City Protests(WSJ) The thousands in New York who have protested the recent grand jury decisions not to indict white police officers in the deaths of unarmed black men cut a wide swath.* Eric Garner’s Family, Protesters Visit Staten Island Arrest Site(WSJ)* Garner Family Hopes Continued Pressure Will Lead to Policing Changes(NY1)* Concerns Raised Over Shrill Device New York Police Used During Garner Protests(NYT) Three lawyers sent a letter asking that the beeping from long-range acoustic devices, called a deterrent function, not be used until the police had fully tested it.

Lesson not learned as UFT again throws support behind Sharpton anti-cop rally (NYP) The UFT plans to send busloads of protesters to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s anti-cop rally in Washington, DC, this weekend — despite the fury it sparked by co-sponsoring a similar march over the summer. “We can’t stop them from supporting Al Sharpton and the anti-cop brigade. It’s the Useless Federation of Teachers,” one outraged teacher told The Post. In August, scores of city teachers — including many married to NYPD cops — blasted the UFT on its own Facebook page for supporting a Sharpton-led demonstration on Staten Island.* A teaching moment(NYP Ed) *The union’s decision to support Sharpton over the police repeats the similar support it gave a Sharpton-led march in Staten Island after Garner’s death in August.* Daughter of Eric Garner holds 'die-in' on same sidewalk her father was put in fatal chokehold — 'I felt his spirit when I was walking down to the spot'(NYDN)
Pro Cop Rally Also  

NYPD supporters planning pro-cop rally at City Hall(NYP) NYPD supporters are planning a “Pro-Cop Rally” at City Hall next week to counter ongoing anti-cop protests — and could wind up squaring off against activists hellbent on disrupting the event. The Dec. 19 demonstration was announced on the “Thank you NYPD” Facebook page, where it scored 3,000-plus “Likes” by Thursday evening and more than 235 people had signed up to attend. The city resident behind the Facebook page — created in August amid mounting controversy over Eric Garner’s death while resisting arrest — said the rally was proposed by many of the page’s 14,000-plus followers.Piling on the police(NYP Ed) Here in New York, the week began with City Council members holding a “die-in” and then blocking traffic to protest a grand jury’s decision not to indict a cop for the death of Eric Garner. Now the council has asked for an investigation of how allegations of police abuse are handled. In Albany, Senate Democrats announced a bill for a new office to review cases of killings by cops. The day before, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman demanded prosecutorial power over such cases. 

The Assembly has long sought special investigators for cops. Not to be left out, Gov. Cuomo is reviewing his options.Meanwhile, US Attorney General Eric Holder, who’s probing the Garner case, may impose his own “reforms” on the NYPD — as he’s done in 15 other cities. All this would add to the existing oversight — by the NYPD’s new inspector general, by the monitor ordered last year by a federal judge, by a newly energized Civilian Complaint Review Board, by five district attorneys and by an army of private lawyers eager to sue. 

The Cops Have Had It With de Blasio 
 Congressional staffers walk out, protesting Garner &Brown decisions(NBC)* "More than halfsaid that New York was as safe as it was a year ago, before Mr. de Blasiobecame mayor." (NYT) From all this you’d think the NYPD is the most abusive, deadly force on the planet. The opposite is true: A 2013 study shows New York has fewer shootings (and fatalities) per capita by cops than ChicagoHoustonDallasBaltimore,Washington or Philly. Another report, out this week, shows that 2013 saw the fewest police shootings in recent memory — 81. Back in 1995, there were 345. * Police officers to mayor: Don’t attend my funeral(Capital) 
Police officers to mayor: Don’t attend my funeral(NYO) Grand Jury Poll Some 65 percent of New Yorkers believe a Staten Island grand jury should have indicted a white police officer in the death of Eric Garner, a black man, according to a new Siena College/New York Times poll, the Observer reports: * The poll found 48 percent of New York City residents think race relations are generally bad in the city and more than half—blacks and whites alike—say the city is headed in the wrong direction, the New York Timesreports: * Police union asks NYC mayor not to attend funerals for NYPDofficers (NBC) 

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association is asking rank-and-file cops to tell NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito to stay away from their funerals if they’re killed in the line of duty.* Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson blasted a request to appoint a special prosecutor in Eric Garner-like cases as “unworkable,” the Observer reports: * The labor-backed Working Families Party is backing state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s request for the power to investigate and prosecute unarmed civilian deaths at the hands of police officers, State of Politics reports * Morbidly political (NYDN Ed) The PBA takes the low road in its latest attack on Mayor de Blasio YOU'RE DEAD TO US! Patrolmen's group tells de Blasio, Mark-Viverito to 'stay home if NYPD cop dies on duty' over pols' 'consistent' lack of respect toward officers * Cops to de Blasio: Stay away from our funerals(NYP)
WNBC Reports SI DA Did Not Ask for Reckless Endangerment Charge

Staten Island DA Didn'tAsk Garner Grand Jury to Consider Reckless Endangerment Charge: Source(WNBC) Staten Island's top prosecutor did not ask grand jurors to consider a reckless endangerment charge in the chokehold death of Eric Garner, a source familiar with the case told NBC 4 New York. District Attorney Daniel Donovan only asked grand jurors to consider manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide charges against NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the cop seen on widely-watched amateur video wrapping his arm around Garner's neck as the heavyset, asthmatic 43-year-old yelled,  

"I can't breathe!" nearly a dozen times during the July 17 confrontation, the source said.It's not clear why Donovan left the lesser charge off the table, and he has said strict confidentiality laws surrounding grand jury proceedings prevent him from discussing the details of the case —only manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide charges were asked for by the DA* DA didn’t ask Garner grand jury to weigh lesser charges(NYP) * Staten Island DADaniel Donovan didn’t include reckless endangerment charge as option to EricGarner grand jury: WNBC (NYDN)  Donovan only asked for manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide against Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the report said.* Garner cop Daniel Pantaleo still faces civil lawsuits -- including a new suit filed last month(SI Advance)* 'The time for remorse was when my husband was yelling to breathe': Widow of Eric Garner rips NYPD as cop who killed him with fatal chokehold is not indicted(NYDN)

Update Grand Jury Convened In Stairwell Shoot

Serpico Cowardly Cop Dividing City  
Cowardly cops living by the 'shoot first, ask questions later' mantra put the good guys in a bad light and threaten the public's right to justice.* Sal Albanese ‏@SalAlbaneseNYC  

NYP Says Mayor's Slur Against NYPD Attacks Us All As Thousands Demand Change
"When you fight against the status quo it is not surprising
 the status quo will tell you you're crazy," @BilldeBlasio 
De Blasio’s slur against NYPD imperils us all(Goodwin, NYP) The city is in turmoil over the Staten Island case and the mayor throws gasoline on the fire by painting the entire police force as a bunch of white racist brutes. Has he no shame? He certainly has no facts. In addition to the not-so-minor detail that the police force is now an impressive mix of races and ethnic groups, crime statistics leave no doubt that any harm to befall Dante de Blasio likely would come from another nonwhite, non-cop male. Those stats show that, year in, year out, about 90 percent of homicides involve a nonwhite man killing another nonwhite man.* New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has pledged to heal relations between police and minority communities, is getting mixed reviews for his response to the Garner case, among the most racially divisive episodes of his tenure, the Journalreports:  De Blasio on lack of indictment in Eric Garner case: 'this is based on centuries of racism'(NYDN) * NYPD union chief slams Bill de Blasio for comments made about cops(NYDN)* Cops collect ‘several million dollars’ in overtime for protests(NYP)* The opposite of respect: Mayor’s empty words on cops(NYP Ed)

Media and Social Media Is Changing Politics Forever Right Before Our Eyes
Garner family attorney blasts immunity deal(Capital) * Rudy Giuliani attacks Mayor de Blasio over Eric Garnerresponse (NYDN) * De Blasio, P.B.A. continue war of words(NYDN) * De Blasio emails supporters about Garner(Capital) Says incident can’t be repeated * Thousands protesting the Eric Garner decision flooded into Manhattan Thursday night, with over one hundred arrested for shutting down bridges and streets—including teachers union boss Randi Weingarten, the New York Post reports: * Over 200 people arrested in New York Cityin latest #EricGarner grand jury protests: #statenislan   Police Body Cameras At Garner's Pct 75th Precinct to begin body camera training next week#Brooklyn #NYPD  * George W Bush calls Garner decision "hard tounderstand" (CNN)* Staten Island Lawmakers To Push Grand Jury Transparency(YNN)* WNYC“Records also show that a relatively small number of cops generate the most civilian complaints - and the (NYPD) routinely ignores recommendations on how to discipline the worst of them.” * After two days of protests to the Garner decision, the de Blasio administration touted numbers showing what officials say is a “significant drop in misconduct complaints” against NYPD officers over the last five months.* Protesters stormApple store, Macy's, Grand Central, Wall Street for 3rd night after Eric Garnergrand jury decision (NBC)*  Hillary Rodham Clinton Backs U.S. Inquiry Into Police Chokehold Death(NYT) The former secretary of state praised plans for a task force to review police tactics after high-profile cases involving unarmed black men killed by white officers.* We Must Stop Police Abuse of Black Men(NYT) By ERIC L. ADAMS When I joined the police department, I learned the culture of brutality* Police union prez rips de Blasio over Eric Garner(NYP) * "Reckless racehustling." How conservative media talks about Michael Brown and Ferguson:(WNYC)* Rabbis Arrested ForCivil Disobedience At UWS Eric Garner Protest(Gothamist)

The City Waits On Garner Grand Jury

Gurley's Family: No Sharpton, No Spectacle . . .  A Strong Unintended Message to NY's Media and Pols Whose 24/7 Coverage of the Rev. has Made Him Very Powerful 
Cop shoot victim’s family: Stay away Sharpton!(NYP)The family of police-shooting victim Akai Gurley had a message on Friday for the Rev. Al Sharpton: Keep your “circus” away from his funeral! The blowhard opportunist muscled his way into the arrangements — and even put out press releases promising to deliver the eulogy — without ever consulting the family or offering to foot the bill. But Gurley’s relatives told Sharpton to stay away rather than turn the somber ceremonies into a spectacle.* Barron: Sharpton istoo cozy with De Blasio

Eric Garner’s widowEsaw to protesters: ‘Keep fighting for what's right, to get justice’(NYDN) Moved to tears by visions of throngs of protesters passing her window, Esaw Garner told her son, ‘look at all the love your father's getting. * CNN Panel Clashes over Sharpton’s Multiple Roles: JustWants to ‘Keep Himself Relevant’(CNN)After a week of Al Sharpton speaking at the side of and at times for the Eric Garner family, and aweek’s worth of criticism for Sharpton doing so while also hosting a political show on MSNBC,Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter wondered whether Sharpton’s roles as cable news host, civil rights activist, unofficial White House advisor,Gotham co-mayor, and counselor/media impresario to grieving African-American familiesposed one or multiple conflicts.

de Blasio Guarded On the Grand Jury Talks About His Son on ABC's Spanopoulos Show
Aunt of Shooting Victim Blasts Sharpton for ‘Turning theTragedy into a Circus’ Relatives Of UnarmedMan Killed By Rookie Cop Want Rev. Al Sharpton To Back Off (Gothamist) * Bklyn ShootingVictim's Mom & Aunt Reverend Al Don't Crash Our Funeral (TMZ) * Rev. Al Sharpton lays wreath at site of Eric Garner's death; talks plans for national march on Dec. 13(SI Advance) * Sharpton, Garner's mother calls for justice amid protests(Fox 5)* "You can't kill jobs bill and infrastructure and then tell men to take care of their families." - @TheRevAl #MTP "I'm afraid of the police." - Esaw Garner #MTP I don't even feel like this is a black and white thing honestly." - Esaw Garner #MTP Bratton on @FaceTheNation says NYPD investigation into #EricGarner death will probably take 3-4 months, will finish before federal invest.

 Mayor de Blasio: ‘Ihave immense respect’ for police (Wash Post) * de Blasio wouldn'tanswer whether or not he respects the grand jury's decision, only that he respects"the process"(ABC)* Mayor de Blasiodetails talks with biracial son about interacting with police: (NYDN)*   ‘IT’S DIFFERENT FOR A WHITE CHILD’: Mayor de Blasio talks about how he taught his biracial son Dante ‘to be very careful’ when interacting with cops, including not moving suddenly or reaching in his pocket(NYDN)* De Blasio Remains Guarded in Remarks on Garner Case(NYT)  When asked on ABC’s “This Week” if the grand jury made the right decision not to indict the officer in the death of Eric Garner, Mayor Bill de Blasio refused to say.* De Blasio RepeatedlyDucks Questions About Eric Garner Grand Jury Decision (Village Voice)* LUPICA: Grand jury's non-indictment of NYPD cop who killed Eric Garner seems to have unfairly put all police officers on public trial — and de Blasio isn't helping(NYDN)

How A Synagogue Cop Shooting Is Connected to "I Can't Breathe" Protests
Cops begged synagogue slasher to surrender before shooting(NYP)  * Synagogue attacker was dad who played soccer with sons(NYP) * Oddly reluctant to cry ‘hate crime’(NYP Ed) When someone enters a synagogue with a knife and stabs a rabbinical student there, it sure looks like a hate crime. Multiple witness reports that the attacker shouted “I want to kill the Jew!” seem a clincher. Yet the NYPD and most media seemed strangely reluctant to acknowledge that angle in the early wake of Tuesday’s attack in Brooklyn. * Straight shooting(NYP Ed) Ever since a grand jury found no probable cause for indicting a cop in the death of Eric Garner, protesters have been busy slandering the NYPD.  Forgive the members of Brooklyn’s Chabad-Lubavitch movement if they have a different perspective. “We are very grateful to the police for their quick response,” the group said Tuesday, after an officer fatally shot a man who’d just stabbed a 22-year-old student and was threatening others at a Chabad synagogue in Brooklyn.* Officer Fatally Shoots Man After Stabbing in Brooklyn Synagogue(NYT) Text Book In Synagogue Shooting, Officers Hewed to Their Training, Officials Say(NYT) Several experts said the encounter, in which police shot a man with a knife in Brooklyn, seemed to offer a textbook example of officers following proper procedures for such a situation.* Sometimes they mustshoot (NYDN Ed)  After a stabbing in a synagogue, officers use necessary force* De Blasio, Bratton praise cops in Crown Heightsattack(NYDN)* A knife-wielding suspect with a history of mental illness stabbed a man at the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic headquarters in Brooklyn before being shot dead by police. De Blasio praised the way officers handled the incident and said it highlighted the mental-health challenges the city faces, including in its jails and schools.*Man Showed Signs of Trouble Leading Up to Synagogue Attack, Relatives Say(NYT)*‘HE TOLD ME HE WAS OKAY’: Victim’s mother rushes to U.S. from Israel after her son is nearly stabbed to death at Chabad headquarters in Brooklyn(NYDN)

Wednesday Protest Update
John Jay staff fuming at CUNY’s call for Garner moment of silence(NYP)* Defying Ban, Students March to Brooklyn in Protest of Eric Garner Decision(NYT) About 70 students from an East Village high school and some parents crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to present a petition to the United States attorney’s office.* BLINDSIDED: Eric Garner protester throws sucker puch at officer's head at Staten Island Ferry terminal — SEE THE VIDEO(NYDN) * Spike compares Eric Garner's tragic death to 'Do the Right Thing' plot(NYDN)

Columbia Law postpones finals over grand jury ‘trauma(NYP) * De Blasio administration officials, during a time of high racial tension in the city, are reportedly looking to hire a black sergeant to fill an opening on the mayor’s personal security detail, the New York Post writes:  * Own it, commish(NYP Ed) That means taking responsibility not only for crime, but for how much folks trust cops and approve of the job they’re doing. It should also mean defending his cops publicly against grandstanding politicians.* Amadou Diallo’s mom says America is ‘going backwards’ as cops continue to kill unarmed people(NYDN)* Protesters hit Grand Central, Herald Square over Garner case(NYDN)* Several hundred protesters massed outside Barclays Center, blocking traffic and clogging entrances to the Brooklyn arena as ticket holders attempted to get to their seats for a basketball game attended by Britain’s Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge.* Columbia Law School is allowing students to postpone their final exams this month if they feel unnerved by the recent grand jury decisions.

Kings County 

Several hundred protesters massed outside Barclays Center, blocking traffic and clogging entrances to the Brooklyn arena during a basketball game attended by Britain’s Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge..* Council stages ‘die-in’ to protest Garner decision(Capital) * Bratton: A little traffic beats mass arrests(Capital) * Less shooting incidents involving NYPD in 2013 (81, with 8 subjects killed)) than subjects killed in 1971 (93, over 810 shooting incidents)

Mayor Bill de Blasio praised police after an NYPD officer fatally shot an erratically behaving man who stabbed an Israeli rabbinical student at the Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in Brooklyn, The New York Timesreports: * Cops fatally shoot synagogue attacker(NYP)

Dem Over IDC
Hamilton Sides With Mainline Dems(YNN)* Here’s a helpful guide to the 26 new members of the state Legislature. (16 Assembly members and 10 senators).

The police are “the Harlem Globetrotters” of the legal system. “They don’t lose”

Over 15 Years Only 3 Out of 179 Grand Jury's Led to Cop Indictments 
A Daily Newsinvestigation found that at least 179 people were killed by on-duty NYP Dofficers over the past 15 years and just three of the deaths have led to an indictment in state court: A Daily News analysis of NYPD-involved deaths starts with the 1999 slaying of unarmed Amadou Diallo in a hail of bullets in the Bronx and ends with last month’s shooting death of Akai Gurley in a Brooklyn stairwell. "There’s an inherent conflict of interest. . . . The police and DA work very closely together, and so they need each other to carry out their jobs."
Where race was known, 86% were black or Hispanic.The News found that since 1999:
  • Roughly 27% of people killed by cops were unarmed.
  • Where race was known, 86% were black or Hispanic.
  • Twenty-one people were killed — three of them by off-duty cops — in 2012, the highest during the 15-year span.
GOP vs Dem On the Garner Case
Eric Garner Case IgnitesOnline War Between Democratic and GOP Lawmakers(NYO) * GiulianiBlames ‘Liberal Guilty Whites,’ Teachers for Police Relations (NYO)* City Council Members Block Traffic to Protest EricGarner Decision (NYO)*Giuliani: De Blasio Has It All Wrong OnPolice-Community Rift 

Eric Garner’s widow denies race was chokehold motive(NYP) The chokehold death of Eric Garner in NYPD custody wasn’t “a black-and-white thing,” his widow said Sunday — a stunning admission that breaks sharply from lawmakers and protesters who have seized on the racial aspect of the case.  Esaw Snipes said she believed her husband was “murdered unjustly,” but said skin color wasn’t a factor behind his fatal arrest for allegedly selling loose cigarettes on Staten Island last summer.  The statement flies in the face of demands by Snipes and others — including the Rev. Al Sharpton — for the civil-rights investigation announced by US Attorney General Eric Holder last week.
Now as campaign power has shifted from machines to campaign consultants lobbyists it is becoming increasing clear that the city's DAs not only depend on them during election time, but look the other way when political corrupt is connected to them.* Some Want City DAs to Give Up Handling of Police Cases(NY1) * The grand jury’s dayis done (NYDN Op-ED) The secret panels deny fairness and frustrate justice BY NORMAN SIEGEL , IRA GLASSER * Will Eric Garnerbe our Triangle Shirtwaist Fire? (NYDN) Tragedy can trigger change * News Closeup: What motivates a jury to indict(WPIX)
Every Time There is A Killing In Public Housing the Pols Promise to Install Cameras

Elected Officials Call for Safety Changes to NYCHA Buildings(NY1) Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams says steps should be taken now to prevent similar incidents from happening again, and it starts with making housing authority buildings safer for everyone.

NYCHA projects’security camera installation snarled by red tape: report(NYDN) The city Department of Investigation has found the process for installing cameras in public housing is seriously hampered by built-in delays.* EXCLUSIVE: NYCHAscrewed up application, missed out on federal funds for security cameras (NYDN)  The U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department offered $3 million this year in ‘emergency safety and security grants’ to housing authorities. But NYCHA officials sent in an incomplete application and got nothing, according to a HUD document obtained by the Daily News. Only half of the city’s 334 housing developments currently have cameras.

Why Did It Take The Death of A 7 Year Old PJ Avitto for the NYT to Demand Cameras in Public Housing?

Pol wants NYCHA records on Pink Houses lighting conditions(NYDN)* 
  • District Attorney Meets with Witness to Fatal Police Shooting (WSJ)* NYPD brass should stop playing games(NYP)  The Post reported last week on a two-day meeting of 140 NYPD brass at a mansion in Riverdale. On Wednesday, Commissioner Bill Bratton tweeted: “a great day with my executive staff . . . working on our 2015 plan of action.” In fact, as The Post noted, the attendees that day broke up into groups for the “marshmallow challenge” — a competition to build the tallest freestanding structure using just spaghetti sticks and marshmallows. If the NYPD is simply going to engage in bureaucratic game-playing, the problems in the field will only grow worse. * Real change in the New York City Police Department will come from chiefs going out in the field with their troops and exerting leadership, especially by setting an example, Citizens Crime Commission’s former president Thomas Reppetto writes in thePost:  In NYC, the chief medical examiner called the death of an unarmed man, Akai Gurley, 28, at the hands of rookie cop Peter Liang, 27, a homicide. * Liang knew he was in deep trouble as soon as he discharged his gun — telling his partner, “I think I’m going to get fired,” even before learning he had hit the innocent man.  * The issue of rookies patrolling with rookies came up yesterday at a meeting between Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson and Melissa Butler, a friend of Akai Gurley who is the sole civilian witness to the shooting.* "$732M...policeabuse, negligence & hiring discrimination...more than NY spends on parks,rec & libraries combined" 
Wednesday Update
After the shooting death of a man in the Louis H. Pink Houses in Brooklyn, the notion of officers patrolling public housing complexes with guns unholstered strikes some as troubling.

NYPD Shooting on the Stairs 

Monday Update
Police Tactic Scrutinized After Accidental Shooting (NYT) The shooting focused scrutiny on everyday tactics used by officers in housing projects, where rooting out entrenched violence has been a departmental priority, even as basic questions remained unanswered: Had Officer Liang, surprised by a figure in the shadows below, reflexively squeezed the trigger, or had he merely lost his grip as he opened the door to the stairs? Early in his tenure, Commissioner Bratton promised to provide better guidance for rookie officers in high-crime neighborhoods. The official said a new program would begin in January in which for their first six months out of the Police Academy, pairs of rookies would patrol together with a patrol officer who has at least three years’ experience.* Al Sharpton DemandsA New Investigation Into NYPD Shooting Of #AkaiGurley -* Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said Sunday that he wants the penalty for possessing an illegal loaded firearm to be upgraded to criminal possession of a weapon in the first degree, if the weapon is in the presence of a minor, The Wall StreetJournal reports:  * Cop who shot BK man likely breached protocol: NYPD source(NYDN)*
Harry Siegel ‏@harrysiegel   @HammerDaily "Protocol," "tactics" are vague phrases; I'd take more seriously if brass could point to patrol guide or anything else on paper

Sunday PM Update
The latest on the death of #AkaiGurley at 5. Brooklyn officials meet with DA- as some in community want arrest of rookie cop. @PIX11News

Councilman: New NYPD plan not implemented(Capital) "We were told rookie cops would no longer be patrolling high crime areas doing vertical patrols”* New York City Police Officer Accidentally Shoots, Kills Unarmed Man(WSJ) * Brooklyn Shooting Likely to Draw Scrutiny to 'Vertical Patrols'(WSJ)* Al Sharpton’s latest“hustle”: New lessons, new reports of troubling finances (Salon, Sleeper) Immunity from “the sorts of obligation most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent, and other bills

‘Wanted’ posters of cop taped up at Pink Houses(NYP) Residents at the notorious Louis Pink Houses gave a thumbs-up Saturday night to the latest notices to be taped to their lobby walls: posters reading “THIS IS THE FACE OF A KILLER” and purporting to feature the cop who accidentally shot dead an unarmed civilian in a stairwell. Officer Peter Liang “ambush[sic] and murder[sic] 28-year-old Akai Gurley in front of his girlfriend in cold blood,” read the posters, hung seven floors down from where Gurley was killed. Additional posters purportedly show pictures of Liang, accused Staten Island chokehold cop Daniel Pantaleo and FergusonMo., Officer Darren Wilson, who is awaiting a grand-jury determination in the ­fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown. Calls and e-mails to, a Washington-based group whose name is printed on the posters, were not returned Saturday night.

City Officer’s Errant Shot Kills an Unarmed Man(NYT) The officer and his partner were patrolling the Louis H. Pink Houses in East New York when they encountered the man; Mayor Bill de Blasio said the shooting appeared to be unprovoked.

Sal Albanese ‏@SalAlbaneseNYC  @CommissBratton is spending more time on glitzy corp presentation & gadgets than addressing bread & butter of policing, patrol

Sharpton After A Week of NYT's Tax Attack Rebounds Because of NYPD Shooting
Sharpton on Brooklyn shooting: This man should not be dead, period. End of story
Wednesday Update

 ‘They’re going to shoot him in the chest and walk away — like he was a dog’: Loved ones of unarmed man, 28, killed by cop in dark Brooklyn stairwell say police didn’t even check on victim after fatal gunshot(NYDN) * Editorial: Anunjustifiable killing (NYDN Ed)  Amid numerous unanswered questions, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the fatal police shooting in a darkened housing project stairwell appeared to have been accidental. Even so, it was inexcusable. The facts as they are known point to the terrible conclusion that, at best, Officer Peter Liang failed to safely wield his weapon as he moved to descend steps, one hand grasping its butt, the other holding a flashlight.

de Blasio Defends Sharpton On Tax Troubles
Bill de BlasioDefends Al Sharpton on Tax Troubles(NYT)Mayor Bill de Blasio defended the Rev. Al Sharpton on Thursday amid questions over his unpaid taxes, emphasizing Mr. Sharpton’s work on civil rights issues and adding that he knew “a lot of good people” who had struggled with tax troubles.Mr. de Blasio began by calling Mr. Sharpton — a close ally whose access to the administration has attracted scrutiny in the mayor’s first year — an “important civil rights leader.” He added that he had “not seen the details” of the article. 

The New York City mayor began his defense of Mr. Sharpton, a close ally whose access to the administration has attracted scrutiny, by calling him an “important civil rights leader.”
“I’ll start with the obvious: Everyone should pay their taxes. Everyone should pay their taxes on time,” Mr. de Blasio continued. “But I will also say, in my long experience, I know a lot of good people who ran into one kind of problem or another with their taxes.” “It’s not an abnormal thing in American life that some people have tax issues,” he said. “What matters is: Are they dealing with those issues?” He joked that he “would not take a poll of this room,” which was filled with reporters, but noted that he knew many people who had filed taxes late or received extensions. It seemed unlikely that many of the people in the room at the time had run into tax problems on the scale of Mr. Sharpton’s. *
Were is the Call For A Second Grand Jury or Special Prosecutor? 
It Took 2 Grand Juries 2 Indict Bernie Goetz
Judge Unseals Evidence, But Not Transcripts, ofEric Garner Grand Jury (NYO) * Judge Approves Limited Release Of Garner Grand Jury Proceedings(YNN) * Cuomo Offers State’s Assistance In DOJ Review Of Garner Case(YNN) * Cuomo To Push Police and Grand Jury Reform(YNN) * Raw footage of police union saying officers are getting"thrown under the bus.” Bratton says Justice Department is looking at totally separate issues than the NYPD. Both probing Eric Garner case.* Rev. Al Sharpton slams Garner grand jury and DA; wants fedsto take over police prosecutions | #statenisland * Silver Signals Willingness To Back Criminal Justice Reforms(YNN)* Bill de Blasio Defends 'Dante' Remark After PBA BossBlasts Him Again (NYO)* Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to push next year for “comprehensive” changes to the grand jury process and police practices following a lack of indictment of a police officer in the death of Eric Garner, State of Politicsreports: * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver indicated he is willing to work with state and city leaders on a package of criminal justice reforms that Cuomo first raised this morning, Stateof Politicsreports:  * Thousands of protesters swarm NYC over Eric Garner decision(NYP)

State Supreme Court Justice Stephen Rooney allowed some limited details of the grand jury proceeding to be released publicly, including the length of the term and a broad overview who jurors spoke to, Gannett Albany reports: * Sergeants Benevolent Association President Edward Mullins called for independent prosecutors to investigate cases of cops killing citizens, saying that local district attorneys are too close to police to properly handle such cases, theObserver reports:  * Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani lashed out at de Blasio over his response to the Eric Garner decision, accusing him of undermining respect for the justice system and characterizing his response as “racist,” the Daily News reports: * Rev. Al Sharpton: "It is time for a national march for a national crisis." * Eric Garner's family on grand jury: "Were they lookingat the same video that the rest of the world was looking at?" (NBC) *
Paraphrasing Rev. Al, he proverbially says, "Winter is coming." #NYPD  * Liz Benjamin  ‏@CTLizB  .@TheRevAl: "Brother, we're not going to have no provacatuers now, we're doing a press conference." So much said in that one sentence. * Sharpton says he's organizing a national rally against police brutality in #WashingtonDC on December 13.* Federal indictment nearly impossible to get in Garner case,experts say.(DNAINFO) * Rep. King agrees w/ decision in Eric Garner case, "ifyou can't breathe, then you can't talk." (CNN) * Per Mayor's Office, Bill de Blasio will be on hip hop station Hot 97 at 8:15 am tomorrow.* Eric Garner's widow on accepting officer's apology:"Hell no"(CBS) * Protests After Officer in Chokehold Case Is Not Charged(NYT) * Officer Told Grand Jury He Meant No Harm to Eric Garner(NYT) * Cuomo: Federal review of Eric Garner case ‘may beappropriate(LoHud) * Pantaleo's lawyer may block release of grand jury records in #EricGarner case (NYDN)* "It's bigger than Staten Island," @BilldeBlasio says on Hot97.* DA Dan Donovan's request to release grand jury evidence willnot clear up controversy of Eric Garner death.  * Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said that people should not excoriate a Staten Island grand jury for voting to not indict a police officer in the death of Eric Garner, arguing that critics should have respect for the justice system, the Observer reports: * The New York Timeschronicles some of the most notable deaths since 1990 involving New York Police Department officers, most of which did not lead to criminal charges and even fewer of which resulted in convictions:* New York Mayor andpolice union officials clash after grand jury decision in Eric Garner’s death (Wash Post) * NYC police shooting = 332 annually in 1991; 105 now. More progress made, more people (rightly) demand more progress.(City Journal)* Garner protesters swarm Downtown for second night(Brooklyn Paper)

Is the NYT Sending A Message to de Blasio to Keep Sharpton At A Distance 
There are more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against the Rev. Al Sharpton and his for-profit businesses, and his balance with the state, at least, has grown in recent years
Questions About Sharpton’s Finances Accompany HisRise in Influence(NYT)Mr. Sharpton’s influence and visibility have reached new heights this year, fueled by his close relationships with the mayor and the president. Mr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. Records reviewed by The New York Times show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses. And though he said in recent interviews that he was paying both down, his balance with the state, at least, has actually grown in recent years. His National Action Network appears to have been sustained for years by not paying federal payroll taxes on its employees. With the tax liability outstanding, Mr. Sharpton traveled first class and collected a sizable salary, the kind of practice by nonprofit groups that the United States Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration recently characterized as “abusive,” or “potentially criminal” if the failure to turn over or collect taxes is willful.* Al Sharpton’s Past Ties toVote Fraud Taint His Fulminating (Daily Beast, Barrett) * Al Sharpton's businesses have $4.5M in tax liens: report(NYDN)* Rev. Al Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. Records reviewed by The New York Times show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses.

 Only 24 percent of voters think that Mayor de Blasio’s wife should play a “major role” in public policy
New Yorkers: Stay away Chirlane!(NYP) Only 24 percent of voters think that Mayor de Blasio’s wife should play a “major role” in public policy, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. Thirty-seven percent said she should play a “minor role,” while 34 percent said she should have no role at all. The poll showed that by 61 percent to 31 percent, voters said the mayor’s spouse should not have a chief-of-staff. BdB is asked about racial divide. He disagrees with Q-poll numbers. If all that is discussed is race, he says, people will think. * Poll: New Yorkers wary of McCray position at City Hall(Capital)

de Blasio Runs 2013 Campaign Against Kelly Appoints Bratton and Sinks Him With Sharpton
Bratton Poll 47% Approval . . . Kelly 2013 Approval 75%
Bratton gets Billy clubbed with 47% approval rating in poll(NYP) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s approval rating is in the toilet at 47 percent — compared with predecessor Ray Kelly’s stellar 75 percent rating when the use of stop-and-frisk was near its peak, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday. Quinnipiac University polling expert Mickey Carroll pointed the finger at Sharpton and Mayor de Blasio for their constant criticism of the NYPD and its stop-and-frisk policy. A total of 86 percent of New York City voters, including 82 percent of whites, 87 percent of blacks and 93 percent of Hispanics, say crime is a “very serious” or “somewhat serious” problem, the poll found. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton pulls 12-year lowapprovals for NYC top cop: poll(NYDN ) * Not even half of city voters approve of NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton: poll

A Tale of Two Cities: de Blasio's Racial Divide 
Mayor de Blasio’s overall approval rating among voters has roughly stayed the same during the controversy surrounding his embattled aide Rachel Noerdlinger, but the racial divide over his job performance has widened, according to a new poll.* De Blasio’s Approval Rating Wanes, but Is Still Solid, Quinnipiac Poll Finds(NYT) Mayor Bill de Blasio received the support of 49 percent of New Yorkers, with a sharp racial divide over his performance. Seventy-one percent of black voters approve of de Blasio; only 34 percent of white voters do. * Racial divide in latest de Blasio approval ratings(NYP) * De Blasio's approvals steady, but race gap grows: poll(NYDN) 

NYP Asks Schumer His Opinion of Sharpton's  501(c)4
Silence of the Schumer(NYP Ed) It wasn’t so long ago Chuck Schumer was obsessing over the idea that the tax code was being abused for partisan purposes. Back in March 2012, he and six fellow Democratic senators wrote the IRS demanding more scrutiny for 501(c)4 groups who claimed they were involved in “social welfare” but were “devoted chiefly to political election activities who operate behind a facade of charity work.”Considering how eager Sen. Schumer was to ensure 501(c)4’s weren’t gaming the tax system, we felt sure we would hear the senator thumping loudly for the IRS to take a hard look at the National Action Network. But a query to Schumer’s office went unanswered.

De Blasio, Sharpton Advising Obama On Police Community Relations?
Mayor Bill de Blasio joined President Barack Obama and other officials in Washington to discuss how law-enforcement agencies can build trust with minority communities after the protests in FergusonMo., the Wall Street Journal reports * Obama Following Meeting W/ De Blasio, Sharpton: Don't Want 'Militarized' Police ...JP Updates  Obama team calls for new rules on police equipment USA TODAY * White House race charade: Irrelevant talk post-Ferguson(NYP Ed) * NYPD changes protesttactics in advance of #EricGarner verdict(NYP)* As protests continue nationwide a week after a grand jury cleared a Ferguson, Mo. police officer in the shooting death of teen Michael Brown, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio met yesterday in Washington, DC with President Barack Obama and other officials (includingthe Rev. Al Sharpton) to discuss ways to improve relations between police and the communities they serve.

“The president referred to when he met my son Dante,” de Blasio said after the meeting. “Well I can tell you, I think every night about my son, making sure he comes home safe. So many people all over this country feel the same thing. We have to ensure that all our children are safe and living in justice.” * Grand jury decision in #EricGarner case maybe announced tomorrow(NYDN) * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Meets with President Obama Over Ferguson, Policing Issues(WSJ) *Four Members ofCongress do 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' gesture on House floor.(NYDN)* .@CommissBratton says about thirty people have been arrested during recent demonstrations * MSNBC ‘Hands Up’Segment with Eugene Robinson Gets Awkward * NYPD begins body camera training ahead of chokehold ruling(NYP) * NYPD Readies For More Protests With GarnerDecision Coming Soon (NYO) * Indictment decision for chokehold cop expected Wednesday(NYP) * Grand Jury in Eric Garner Case Could Vote on Charges This Week(NYT) * 'There's going to be problems for sure': Staten Island businesses wait warily as Eric Garner grand jury decision looms(NYDN) * Ferguson lessons as New York awaits ruling in Garner case(NYP)

Sanford Rubenstein Rape Accuser Update 

Friday Update
Cookie Monster 

Rubenstein rape accuser was not drugged: sources(NYP)The National Action Network executive who accused lawyer Sanford Rubenstein of raping her after a birthday bash for the Rev. Al Sharpton, was not drugged, law enforcement sources told The Post. Toxicology reports on the woman’s blood, drawn a week after the Oct. 2 incident, have come back negative, the sources said​ ​​Wednesday​. The test results pose a real setback to a possible criminal c​​ase against the civil lawyer, the sources said. Now the probe will focus on whether booze was a factor in the alleged sex assault. On Wednesday, her lawyer Kenneth Montgomery accused DA Cyrus Vance Jr. of trying to sweep the matter under the rug. “I personally think they want to punt it and are looking for ways to do it,” said the accuser’s attorney. Before hearing about the test results, the woman’s lawyer, who has been pressing the DA to move forward with an indictment in the case, said, “The results of any toxicology is of no consequence considering the victim’s injuries, statement and lack of consent,” he said, before hearing about any test results.

So Far the Biggest Victims of the de Blasio, Sharpton, Bratton NYPD Civil War is the Press and Stringer 
Progressives Push‘Consent’ as Antidote to Racial Bias in Drug Stops(NYO)* Members of the City Council’s Progressive Caucus and liberal activists are pushing a new bill that would require police officers to identify themselves when making a stop and to request permission before making a search, the Observer reports:

Bratton: Media Is Trying to ‘Scare the Hell Outof People’(NYO) “Why some of the press continue to try to scare the hell out of people in this city, that the New York City Police Department is somehow in full retreat from the practice of policies — many of which I put into effect the last time I was here —  we are not retreating from enforcing the law,” Mr. Bratton said at a press conference on marijuana policy. “We are going to continually focus on improving the quality of our arrests and the focus of those arrests, and that’s exactly what we’re doing on buy-and-bust.” The New York Post first reported last week that the buy-and-bust operations for marijuana had been stopped “in a desperate attempt by the de Blasio administration to regain dwindling support from minorities.” That was just the latest story in the Post a top city official has been forced to shoot down. Mr. Bratton and Mr. de Blasio held a joint press conference just to insist that the paper was incorrect in reporting tension between the commissioner, the mayor, and Mr. de Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray over the resignation of Chief of Department Philip Banks. Several months ago, the mayor shot down a DNAinfo story alleging Mr. de Blasio would rather jettison Mr. Bratton than lose the support of Rev. Al Sharpton.
de Blasio Attacks Press
Noerdlinger Back With Sharpton??? 
Sharpton’s group sends out invite on Noerdlinger’s email(NYP) The ghost of Rachel Noerdlinger is haunting Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. The group sent an e-mail invitation to a protest Tuesday from Noerdlinger’s personal e-mail — making it look as if the the scandal-scarred ex-de Blasio aide had gone back to her old job with the rev after resigning last week. But after the e-mail blast went out, NAN insisted the message was sent under Noerdlinger’s name by accident — and denied that she was working for Rev. Al. Sharpton spokesperson Jacky Johnson said Noerdlinger had given her access to her account so she could read e-mails from the media.* Email to reporters from Al Sharpton sent from RachelNoerdlinger's account (NYDN) Al Sharpton’s National Action Network sent an e-mail invitation to a protest Tuesday from Rachel Noerdlinger’s personal e-mail—making it look as if the scandal-scarred ex-de Blasio aide had gone back to her old job with Sharpton after resigning last week

Racial Quotas From NYPD Parking Ticket Quotas
Councilman calls for new traffic summonses to reflect race(NYP) The NYPD would have to revamp its traffic summonses so motorists pulled over by cops could be tracked by race under a bill being considered in the City Council, The Post has learned. The bill, which was quietly introduced at Tuesday’s council meeting by longtime police critic Councilman Jumaane Williams, calls on the Police Department to provide reports from “each patrol precinct, housing police service area and highway division,” as well as statistics on race and ethnicity from every traffic stop.“The lunatics are completely running the asylum,” fumed Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, when he learned of the bill. “This is becoming a presumption that the police are racist, when they should be talking about why we have all this crime in neighborhoods of color.”

Williams defended his bill by saying the openness it promotes would ultimately alleviate tensions between cops and communities of color. “Policing is done differently depending on where you live and oftentimes on how you look,” he said. “We’ve been able to back that up already with data from the Police Department.”* Families of Fallen NYPD and FDNY Gather at Annual Thanksgiving Breakfast(NY1)* Lynch: Where's the database of cops who do their jobs andsave lives? (NYDN)* New York Patrolmen’sBenevolent Association strikes back against ‘bad cop’ database (NYDN) ‘Compiling a list of police officers who are alleged to be “bad” based upon newspapers stories, quick-buck lawsuits and baseless complaints does nothing more than soil the reputation of the men and women who do the difficult and dangerous job of keeping this city and its citizens safe,’ Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch said in response to the Legal Aid Society’s new Cop Accountability Program.* How Many People Are'Unintentionally' Shot by NYPD Officers? (Village Voice)

Begging to Stop the Rubenstein Cover Up 
Lawyers for Rubenstein accuser beg DA to make arrest(NYP) The lawyers of the woman accusing high-powered attorney Sanford Rubenstein of rape have penned a letter to District Attorney Cyrus Vance, begging his office to make an arrest. “Her complaint along with her injuries provide a factual and legal basis sufficient for the arrest of Sanford Rubenstein,” read the letter, dated on Tuesday. The alleged victim’s lawyers, Keith White and Kenneth Montgomery, call their client a “stellar member of our community” who has remained cooperative throughout the investigation.

de Blasio and Cops Divide Growing
De Blasio supports ‘stop & fix’ cop, rank and file mockhim(NYP) Mayor de Blasio completely supports the police boss who told his cops to fix a busted headlight for the mom of NYPD chokehold victim Eric Garner, according to his spokesman. But his comments infuriated rank-and-file cops, who mercilessly mocked the assistant chief online with jokes that included a doctored “Pep Boys” ad featuring him, the Rev. Al Sharpton and top cop Bill Bratton.“If he’s doing a citizen a solid, that’s not a bad thing,” mayoral spokesman Phil Walzak insisted a day after de Blasio ducked questions about the “stop and fix” scandal. “He has faith in the officers and their discretion.” Of course, the repair wasn’t done at the cops’ “discretion” — they were ordered to make it.

If only the police unions had dropped their legal challenge to a stop-and-frisk lawsuit, says the new lawyer representing Eric Garner’s family, the Staten Island man who died in police...
* A Drug Policy Alliance report shows that arrests formarijuana possession in New York City under de Blasio are on track to equal—or even surpass—those made under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, despite de Blasio’s 2013 campaign promises to curb such arrests:

NYP Calls The Bratton de Blasio Sunday News Conference A Cover Up

Update de Blasio Freaked By Headlines
 “Bloomberg almost never cared about what was on the frontpage. Bill will react.” @NYMag on media-conscious de Blasio(NY Mag) Those reactions have certainly covered a wide range in the administration’s first ten months. De Blasio has taken to the streets to talk with aggrieved Upper East Siders (January’s Snowplowgate); walked out of a press conference when things got uncomfortable (February’s Stopsigngate); and answered questions narrowly before declaring “case closed” (October’s Noerdlingergate).

Bill de Blasio mustget a grip on NYC police force (AMNY)   If Bill de Blasio wants his mayoralty to succeed, he must find a way to get the NYPD under control. At the moment the department is seething -- and the mayor looks like he could get trapped among warring factions. The latest round of hostilities began when NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks resigned last week rather than take a promotion. Banks' motives remain opaque -- but rumors are suddenly swirling at tornado speed.Among the choicest: Commissioner William Bratton tried to kick Banks upstairs but Banks refused. Chirlane McCray, the mayor's wife, is furious that Bratton let Banks walk. De Blasio and Bratton are at war with each other.

Bill de Blasio and Bill Bratton deny reports of rift(NYP) Two law-enforcement sources on whom The Post relied in its reporting both confirmed the paper’s account Sunday. One source who watched de Blasio and Bratton’s televised news conference Sunday summarized their remarks by saying, “That’s bulls- -t!”  The Post exclusively reported on Saturday that Banks and Bratton had a heated conversation at 1 Police Plaza over the resignation. The Post also revealed that the commissioner was then summoned to City Hall, where he was chewed out by the mayor. On Sunday, The Post reported McCray’s fury over the resignation of Banks, whom she originally hoped would be named top cop instead of Bratton. “I want to make it very plain: Some of the reporting uses unnamed sources who make up entire conversations in their heads and tell flat-out lies. That doesn’t help any of us,” de Blasio said. He did not deny the report that Banks was McCray’s choice for top cop. McCray later posted a statement to her Tumblr account denying she made the reported remark — and blamed it on “a small but stubborn group of people who adamantly oppose the efforts of Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton to create a more fair and equal policing system.” * Chief Banks: Disagreemnet Over New Assignments Led To Departure Of The NYPD * War at the NYPD: De Blasio and Bratton play nice in spincampaign (NYP)

Another Sleepless Night for the Mayor? 


DN reports that the sgt involved in Noerdlinger’s arrest "has been threatened w/ a transfer for failing to notify his direct boss"

Rachel Noerdlinger: "I have decided to take a leave of absence to spend more time with my son."
Top aide to NYC First Lady will take a leave of absencefrom City Hall (NYT)(NYP)  Al Sharpton ‘Fully’ Supports Bill de Blasio Aide’s Leave of Absence   *Chief of Staff to Bill de Blasio’s Wife Will Step Aside (NYO)  The public doesn't want to talk about these scandals and gossip': Mayor de Blasio blasts the media hours after wife's embattled top aide Rachel Noerdlinger takes unpaid leave amid son's arrest(NYDN) Rachel Noerdlinger, the chief of staff to Mayor de Blasio's wife, Chirlane McCray, will not collect her $170,000 salary while off duty, a de Blasio spokeswoman said, as she takes leave following the arrest of her 17-year-old son and was dating a convicted killer. Update: Noerdlinger arrived at her Edgewater, N.J. home at 11:15 a.m. in her white Mercedes with attorney Charlie King, the former executive director of the state Democratic Party and onetime executive director of the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network, for which Noerdlinger worked prior to joining Team McCray. BAD COMPANY: Pal of City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger's son from trespass bust also has New Jersey pot arrest(NYDN) * Councilwoman Sees Conspiracy Against Women of Color AfterNoerdlinger Steps Aside(NYO)* In Noerdlinger arrest, advocates see need for reform(Capital) * Mayor's handling of Noerdlinger fails PR 101

Bill goes over thetop (NYDN Ed) Close scrutiny of top officials doesn't equal persecution, no matter what the mayor and his ego suggest* Rachel Noerdlinger (CrainsNY) Chirlane McCray's chief of staff, has failed the first rule of her craft: Never allow yourself to become the story. * Noerdlinger’s Leave ofAbsence ‘Overdue,’ Leader of Sergeants Union Says (NYO) * De Blasio & Bratton promised "a fairer, safercity." Incredibly, they're delivering. My @NYDailyNews column (NYDN) Tuesday Rachel Noerdlinger, Top Aide in de Blasio City Hall, Will Take a Leave of Absence(NYT) * De Blasio aide out after embarrassing revelations(NYP)* Embattled chief of staff to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, Rachel Noerdlinger’s leave of absence now gives the mayor a chance to begin to restore trust with the public and media,the Post writes: * The New York City Council's latest police-related bills threaten to unravel the relationship between New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and de Blasio, am New York writes: * The stunning hypocrisy of the de Blasio administration(NYP)* A BITTER FAREWELL: De Blasio likens 'repulsive' media scrutiny to McCarthyism after wife's embattled top aide quits(NYDN)* The Daily News’ Mike Lupica insists that Rachel Noerdlinger’s issues are indeed news, not a political hit. *  Andrea Peyser on the Noerdlinger mess: “The hypocrisy is stunning.”

1954 Journalist Murrow Attacks McCarthyism
As We Mark the 60th Anniversary Edward R. Murrow Attack on Joe McCarthy With All the Corruption Going On In New York Where Are this Generation of Journalist? Edward R Murrow vs Joe McCarthy - YouTube * This instrument (television) can teach, it can illuminate; yes, and it can even inspire. But it can do so only to the extent that humans are determined to use it to those ends. Otherwise it is merely wires and lights in a box. There is a great and perhaps decisive battle to be fought against ignorance, intolerance and indifference.”Edward RMurrow 1958 speech * Good Night, and Good Luck: Edward Murrow Speech

A Tale of Two Media Stories About de Blasio
Michael Benjamin ‏@SquarePegDem   Emma Wolfe dodges WFP-related subpoenas & blame for losing state senate to GOP while @rachelnoerd is dogged by BF & son's indiscretions.*De Blasio defendswife Chirlane McCray’s advisory role in wake of Rachel Noerdlinger controversy(NYDN)  The mayor supported his wife Thursday after a Quinnipiac poll found that many voters think the city’s First Lady doesn’t need a chief of staff or to have a policy role.

Noerdlinger Son Arrested for Trespassing 

Police Shooting Fell Under Kelly 
Former NYPD Comm. Kelly: "Can you always use more training? Sure/but you have to identify the problem
Shootings by New York City Police Fell in 2013(NYT) An annual report says that in 2013 there were 40 instances in which officers shot at suspects, down from 45 the previous year and from an 11-year high of 61 in 2003.*NYPD shootings androunds fired drop to record lows(DNAINFO)

NYPD CCRB Bratton Nepotism 
CCRB chair’s son is a top Bratton advisor (NYP) The 22-year-old son of Civilian Complaint Review Board Chairman Richard Emery is working as an adviser to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton — a move that has some observers crying nepotism. Jacques Singer-Emery, the godson of NYPD counterterror chief John Miller, graduated from Princeton in 2013 and is now a policy adviser on Crime Analysis Program Planning. Singer-Emery, whose mom is “Footloose” actress Lori Singer, previously interned at the surveillance tech firm Kroll while Bratton worked there in 2011.

Bratton Slams Kelly's Stop and Frisk For Police Community Breakdown
New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton took a shot at his predecessor on Sunday—blaming ex-NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s signature stop-and-frisk program for the fact that some minorities are scared of the NYPD, the New YorkPost reports: 

Commissioner "Zen" Bratton 

Brooklyn DAs FridayWill Convene A Grand Jury On the Death of Gurley Which Bratton Has Already Called An Accident
Many described being surprised to learn, often on social media, about the opinions — and stereotypes — held by family and friends about people of other races. In some cases, those relationships have fractured, in person and online. Kenny Hargrove, a black man from Brooklyn married to a white woman, said he and his wife confronted one of his in-laws for posting a racially insensitive meme on Facebook around the time Mr. Brown was killed. The relative was so upset that she unfriended them. Now, she is trying to mend fences and has sent a new friend request. But Mr. Hargrove, 36, said he was torn about whether to hit “confirm.” As several demonstrators clustered to begin chanting, Mr. Simmons said, some white union members joined in trying to block them, while also identifying them to the police.

 These were the same white union members, Mr. Simmons said, whom he had worked with to advocate for things like raising the minimum wage and protecting collective bargaining rights. * NYPD Chief Bratton onGarner Video: ‘Use of Force Always Looks Awful’ * Mayor Bill de Blasio has struck deals with most of New York City’s union employees this year but now faces a daunting challenge: an escalating fight with police unions that say officers are being underpaid by the city and undermined by the mayor, theJournal writes:

Own it, commish(NYP Ed) Bill Bratton wanted the job of police commissioner. Now, he has to live with the consequences — for better or worse.That means taking responsibility not only for crime, but for how much folks trust cops and approve of the job they’re doing. It should also mean defending his cops publicly against grandstanding politicians.* #BrokenWindows is “essential” says @CommissBratton. “it’s what made the city safe in the 90s” and keeps NYC safe. #ABNYTalk #NYPD
"arresting people for smoking marijuana in public is not biased”—@commissBratton#NYPD
Next Issue for New York’s Mayor and Police: A Contract(WSJ)Mayor Bill de Blasio has struck deals with most of New York City’s union employees this year but now faces a daunting challenge: an escalating fight with police unions that say officers are being underpaid by the city and undermined by the mayor.** NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton again touted drops in crime, but acknowledged that even as the city has gotten safer, anger at the police department he leads has grown, threatening public safety, the Observer reports:  * The NYPD’s Bratton said today’s department is more accommodating to protesters than past administrations, with the aim of building trust with the public and also to save money, Capital New York reports: * Cops Unions‘Disgusted’ by City Council’s Eric Garner Reaction (NYO)* Eric Garner cop: It was not a chokehold(NYP)* PBA president says he’s ‘disgusted’ by City Council’s proposals in response to Eric Garner’s death(NYDN)** Bratton made a case for expanding the department’s use of Tasers, but he cautioned the electrical-stun guns may not have been appropriate to subdue the man fatally shot Tuesday by police, The Wall Street Journal reports:

@unitedNYblogs @nypost cops are not doing much of anything & more people are carrying guns
Bratton is the Phil Jackson of policing. Totally Zen.

NYT Says Gov Should Veto Bill to Undercut Police Discipline
Police Discipline in New York (NYT Ed) A bill that would undercut the police commissioner’s power to discipline abusive officers is troublesome. Gov. Andrew Cuomo should veto it.

Cops Odds Are Bratton Will Go (Update)
Pols blast NYPD over departure of Chief Philip Banks(NYDN) Assemblyman Walter Mosley (D-Brooklyn) said de Blasio is also on the hook for the fiasco. “The mayor leads the city, not the commissioner. So we’re going to ask the mayor, along with the commissioner, to be held accountable,” he said. * NYPD Commissioner Bratton had special plans for Philip Banksas first deputy(NYDN)* Pineiro bids the NYPD goodbye (NYDN)* Where his wife is concerned, de Blasio fights extra hard tocontrol the media narrative:(NY Mag) * Minority Police Groups Blame Bratton for Banks’ Departure(NYO) *

De Blasio’s Dilemma( City Journal)  What to do with a top cop who’s smarter than the mayor? New York first lady Chirlane McCray—if a city can have a “first lady,” as the mayor’s wife so grandly insists on styling herself—is probably right to upbraid her husband for hiring William J. Bratton as police commissioner. She is probably right to believe, as she reportedly said (but now denies), that “we can’t trust him.” But I am not sure she understands just how dangerous a powder keg her husband and she—his closest advisor, he boasts—are sitting on.

When a high-profile figure steps down "for professional reasons" days after accepting a promotion, explanation is warranted
Without identifying her targets, McCray accused them of “spreading lies to irresponsible reporters.” At the news conference, de Blasio also defended his decision to consult the Rev. Al Sharpton following Banks’ departure, which left the NYPD without any minorities in its top three posts. “I think it’s fair to say in the case of Reverend Sharpton, he’s one of the more prominent leaders in the city and he’s certainly the most prominent civil-rights leader in the country,” de Blasio said.*  What’s going on inside the NYPD?(NYP) *  Bratton could only say that he was “disappointed.” At a hastily called Sunday afternoon press conference, the commissioner and the mayor denied reports that there was any dissension between them. 

'He’s the finest police leader in the United States':De Blasio praises Bratton, says there’s no conflict between them calling reportof rift 'outrageous' (NYDN) *As one TV reporter described it, “Pats on the back all around.”It reminds me of Bratton’s first run as PC when he and Mayor Rudy Guilliani used to publicly declare their great affection for each other — until the roof fell in. Thomas A. Reppetto is the former president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City and author of “American Police 1845-2012.” Bratton could only say that he was “disappointed.” At a hastily called Sunday afternoon press conference, the commissioner and the mayor denied reports that there was any dissension between them.* RANK AND RILE: Philip Banks' exit from NYPD has black cops angry, worried about their 'place at the table'(NYDN)

 As one TV reporter described it, “Pats on the back all around.” It reminds me of Bratton’s first run as PC when he and Mayor Rudy Guilliani used to publicly declare their great affection for each other — until the roof fell in. Chief Banks was widely admired in the criminal-justice world and considered an outstanding police commander. Perhaps to his disadvantage, he has also been touted as a future police commissioner. * At a news conference, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and William Bratton, New York’s police commissioner, sought to defuse reports that the mayor’s wife is upset at Bratton, The New York Times reports:  * Video of de Blasio & Bratton united in attacking aNYPost rpt re Bratton/Banks/Chirlane as false. (Video) * De Blasio, Bratton deny rift: Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPDCommissioner Bill Bratton are denying any rift inv... * Chirlane McCray attacks New York City media in Tumblr post(Capital)* Chirlane McCray: People spreading lies leads to falsefront-page story (NYDN) The First Lady of New York City says that she admires NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and has never questioned his integrity, contrary to a New York Post report on Sunday that quoted her as slamming him for the resignation of Chief of Department Philip Banks. She said people who oppose the reforms of Mayor de Blasio gave lies to reporters, resulting in a story that was wrong. * How unjust is this? City will pay $27-a-day to NYPD officerinjured by ax wielding terrorist if he can't work again. (NYDN)
Inside the Power Play At the NYPD 

Bratton Vs Mayor, McCray, Sharpton and Banks
City’s First Lady not happy with Bill Bratton(NYP) “I told you we can’t trust him!” a furious Chirlane McCray railed at her husband, Mayor de Blasio, after learning that Police Commissioner Bill Bratton had stood up to Banks during a power struggle Friday that ended with the chief’s resignation, sources told The Post. By “him” McCray meant Bratton, whom she never wanted to see at the commissioner’s desk. “She is friendly with Banks, and he was her choice” for commissioner, a source said. “She was very upset when he resigned,” the source said of ­McCray, who has sat in on NYPD CompStat meetings, and whom de Blasio has called his most trusted adviser.* Al Sharpton: I Wouldn’t Want to Run the NYPD (Buzz Feed)

 Is It the Press No Coverage List or de Blasio or Both?
McMcmanus NYP "Of course, keeping Al Sharpton’s smile in place has been Job One since Day One for Bill de Blasio — but not only Sharpton. The mayor’s never-disappoint list also includes, but is not restricted to, the teachers union; his wife, Chirlane McCray; that storefront bishop in Brooklyn; the office-clerks union; the leaders of the now-substantially diminished, post-Cuomo Working Families Party — and, of course, Rachel Noerdlinger. Take the still-bubbling Noerdlinger controversy. No need to parse details here; they’re well known. The nut is that Noerdlinger, chief of staff to McCray, exercised egregiously bad judgment, lied about it on official documents — and got away with it. “Case closed,” thundered the mayor — channeling the toddler’s trick of becoming invisible by squeezing his eyes shut. The city just laughed. Soon, though, the joke will be on all New York — which once was run by giants, never mind grown-ups. Good times, long time passing." *Andrew Cuomo's run-out-the-clock strategy

Giuliani: ‘White police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other.’
Former New York City mayorRudy Giuliani faced immediate Web backlash Sunday morning after he asked why people protest the killing of unarmed Ferguson, Mo., teenager Michael Brown but not black-on-black crime. “Ninety-three percent of blacks are killed by other blacks,” Giuliani said, triggering a heated argument on NBC's "Meet the Press." “I would like to see the attention paid to that that you are paying to this.” Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, a frequent MSNBC pundit, said Giuliani was applying a "false equivalency" to the situation in Ferguson, where a grand jury will soon decide whether to charge Officer Darren Wilson in Brown's shooting death.“Black people who kill black people go to jail,” Dyson said.*Former NYC Mayor and ex-US attorney Rudy Giuliani said he would prosecute some of the Ferguson grand jury witnesses for lying in their testimony against Wilson.

“White people who are policemen who kill black people do not go to jail.” Watch the full exchange here: “What about the poor black child that was killed by another black child?” Giuliani asked. “Why aren't you protesting that?... Why don't you cut it down so that so many white police officers don't have to be in black areas?” “When I become mayor, I’ll do that,” replied Dyson, exasperated. “White police officers wouldn’t be there,” Giuliani said, “if you weren’t killing each other.”(Washington Post) * Identity Politics Crashes at City Hall(City Journal)   Rachel Noerdlinger’s exit highlights the de Blasio team’s intellectual emptiness.each other.’* Giuliani blames cop shootings on black-on-black crime(NYP) * 'THE DEFENSIVE MECHANISM OF WHITE SUPREMACY': Rudy Giuliani causes racial firestorm for citing black crime stats in debate on Michael Brown shooting (VIDEO) (NYDN) * Former New YorkMayor Rudi Giuliani sparks rage with 'blacks are killing each other' comment (Mirror) * Giuliani: ‘I saved black lives’(NYP) * Rudy got it right: Cops save minority lives(NYP) * 'White police officers wouldn’t be there if YOU weren’t killing each other': Rudy Giuliani causes firestorm with Michael Brown shooting comments(NYDN)* Giuliani: Obama SaidSame Thing about Black Crime as I Did, But I Was Called a Racist * Giuiliani: "even among the press, we get cheaters and liars."

de Blasio and Bratton Blame the Media
Amid reports of friction, de Blasio and Brattonassail the media(Capital) De Blasio said “some of the falsehoods that have been reported … could not have been more wrong.” He said the “unnamed sources” quoted in some stories “make up entire conversations in their head.” Bratton asked reporters why they are "trying to damage” the NYPD. Reports of a rift, he said, are being “advanced by some of the pundits in this city [who] intentionally intended to harm” the de Blasio administration. De Blasio said that was false and that McCray—who was in Gracie Mansion but not at the press conference—fully supported Bratton’s selection. Bratton said his relationship with McCray was “strictly social.” Since then, a series of reports, largely based on anonymous sources, have described friction between de Blasio, Bratton and, in some cases, McCray. After dismissing the reports, Bratton said he and the mayor and their respective wives are “trying to arrange the next double date.”* Video: de Blasio & Bratton statements & full Q&Afrom an unusual Sunday afternoon press conference.(Video) *
Rupert Murdoch Verified account‏@rupertmurdoch
Sunday NY Post shows police chief Bratton in impossible spot with mayor deBlasio bashing depressed cops full time.Danger ahead for NY.

McCray Plays the Race Card Against the NYP
.@Chirlane: "Too many city newsrooms do not reflect the population of NYC or the experiences of the majority of New Yorkers"   .@Chirlane: "Too many city newsrooms do not reflect the population of NYC or the experiences of the majority of New Yorkers" Reading through it was an astonishing and surreal experience. It’s like the reporters created a fictional character that happened to look like me and have the same name as me. They put words into my mouth that I never said. They gave me opinions that have never crossed my mind. They made it sound like NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is my sworn enemy, when in fact he has my full support. There is a small but stubborn group of people who adamantly oppose the efforts of Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton to create a more fair and equal policing system.  Myopically loyal to a status quo that serves their personal interests at the expense of everyone else, they are doing whatever they can to stop reform – and that includes spreading lies to irresponsible reporters.

Banks's Statement 8PM Sunday Night: Bratton and I Could Not Come to An Agreement On Job Discription
Philip Banks III: My NYPD resignation resulted from afailure to 'bridge that gap' with Commissioner William Bratton (Newsday) Outgoing NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks III said Sunday night that his abrupt decision to leave the force stemmed from a failure to "bridge that gap" with Police Commissioner William Bratton over new responsibilities. Bratton had proposed that Banks, a 28-year veteran, be promoted to first deputy commissioner, or second in command. Banks instead resigned from the NYPD Friday. "In this case, while serving as First Deputy Commissioner would have been an honor, I felt that the position would take me away from where I could make the greatest contribution: the police work and operations that I love so much," Banks said in a statement, his first extensive public remarks on his departure. "While Commissioner Bratton and I both made good-faith efforts to bridge that gap, we were not successful."

NYPD Power Struggle
By Friday afternoon, de Blasio had summoned Bratton to City Hall, blasting him face to face for not catering to Banks, who had resigned rather than take a promotion to No. 2 at the NYPD — a position Banks felt was powerless. “Banks was used to getting his way,” another source said Saturday, noting that the previous commissioner, Ray Kelly, had “never said no to Banks.” “Then Bratton comes on the scene, and Banks makes a power move. He wants more power, and he has the backing of City Hall and the Rev. Al [Sharpton]” to embolden him, the source said. “All of a sudden, Banks is not getting what he wants.”Banks told Bratton on Friday that he would take the No. 2 position of first deputy commissioner only if he could control the Internal Affairs Bureau and if his successor as chief of department reported directly to him.

Ferguson Protect Update
Thursday Update
New York City and Officer Found Liable in Fatal ’05 Shooting of a Teenager(NYT) * Upstate New Yorkmayor ignites furor with comments about Ferguson shooting and race  (NYDN)  Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, who is black, declared that the Ferguson shooting was about a ‘young, unarmed black man and an authority figure who had little regard for this young man's life.’* New Yorkers Protest Ferguson Decision For 2nd Day(WSJ) For a second straight night, thousands of New Yorkers protested a St. Louis-area grand jury's decision not to indict Ferguson, Mo., police Officer Darren Wilson, briefly shutting down several of the city's major highways and leading to 10 arrests* Comparing the Michael Brown and Eric Garner Cases(WSJ) * Protests Over Decision in Ferguson, Mo., Challenge NYPD(WSJ) * Sharpton Meets With Brown, Garner and Gurley Families in New York City(WSJ)

Michael Brown's family sets spot for dead teen at the Thanksgiving dinner table, others follow suit on social media

After Ferguson (NYDN ED) A defensible call exacerbates a deeply held sense of injustice * Thousands of protesters marched through the streets of New York City for the second night to express outrage over the decision not to indict a white police officer in FergusonMo., in the death of an unarmed black man, The New York Times reports: * The riots in FergusonMo. and protests across the rest of the nation once again show that distrust of law enforcement presents a grave danger to the civil fabric of the United States,the Times writes:   * Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton said the grand jury system was misused in the Brown case. He urged a continued investigation by the federal government.

Albany County DA David Soares slammed St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch, calling him “tone deaf,” and accusing him of “mismanaging” the presentation of the grand jury’s decision.* The suspect who threw fake blood on NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton during a Ferguson protest in NYC Monday night is a veteran of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He was arraigned last night and ordered held on $30,000 bond.* Marchers Continue Protests in City Following Grand Jury Decision in Shooting of Missouri Teen(NY1) * Protesters Gather on Staten Island for Eric Garner(NY1) * Council Members Protest Ferguson Decision, Mayor Remains Neutral(NY1) * Mayor Goes Unscathed as NYPD Faces Criticism Following Gurley Death(NY1)

 Protests Over Decision in Ferguson, Mo., Challenge NYPD(WSJ) Commissioner William Bratton called violence in Ferguson “very disturbing” and said he would work with protesters to avoid similar unrest when a Staten Island grand jury returns a decision in a police-involved death.* More Women on theBeat Would Stem Violence(NYT) * Comparing the Michael Brown and Eric Garner Cases(WSJ) * Hannity, Guests Tear Into NY Times for Putting Out Darren Wilson’s Address * Legal experts point to similarities and differences in the deaths of two unarmed black men killed by white police officers—Michael Brown in FergusonMo., and Eric Garner in Staten Island—the Journalreports: * Witness 14 doesn't even agree with himself (about whether Michael Brown was running away when shot)

WTH MT @youngblackbitch: Darren Wilson got $500k from ABC 4 intervw, plus $500k for donations. Now a MILLIONAIRE bc he murdered a black kid.

Ferguson protesters take to New York City streets(NYP) * 'GET BACK OR I'M GOING TO SHOOT YOU': Read the ENTIRE shocking testimony of Darren Wilson to the St. Louis grand jury and examine key evidence in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown(NYDN) * 'We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions': Parents of Michael Brown Jr. release emotional response(NYDN) * No Charges by Grand Jury; Crowds Confront Police(NYDN) * DARREN WILSON NOT INDICTED: NYC 
See the USA react to the #Ferguson grand jury decision on Twitter
protesters march to Times Square,block traffic on bridges(NYDN) An unidentified man was arrested for throwing fake blood on Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and an aide as rallies erupted in Times Square Monday night in response to the announcement that Missouri cop Darren Wilson was not indicted. Later, crowds of people marched on the Brooklyn BridgeManhattan Bridge and Triborough Bridge.* The NYC protestors snarled traffic and temporarily shut down three bridges. * Darren Wilson on why he shot Michael Brown(NYP) * Stock prices risefor body-camera manufacturers in wake of #Ferguson  * FergusonUnrest Takes Over Newspaper Front Pages Across The Country(Huff Post)* A group of minority New York City Council members led by Councilman Andy King walked out of a meeting this afternoon shouting “black lives matter” to protest the grand jury’s decision in Fergusonthe Observer reports:
The testimony the #Ferguson Grand Jury heard and the evidence it saw

Its OK to Tie Up the Bridges and Tunnels Hurting New Yorkers, But Don't Mess With Snoopy's Macy's Parade
Anarchists target Thanksgiving Day Parade (NYP) Anarchists plotted on Wednesday to disrupt the Thanksgiving Day Parade — feeling emboldened after cops allowed them to run free on major roadways like the FDR Drive and the West Side Highway, The Post has learned. Sources said Mayor de Blasio ordered the NYPD to give a free ride to the mobs that blocked the Lincoln Tunnel, Brooklyn Bridge and other major thoroughfares Tuesday night. 

Update Protests acceptable on Monday night, but "not on this very special day," says Bratton
 Because America is crackling with constitutional cases over religious freedom, let us begin Thanksgiving morning with a reflection on the object of all this gratitude: Whom do we thank? Is it the Indians? The Pilgrims? Nature? Fortune?* Stop the Parade: NY Protestors on Thanksgiving (Video)

It turns out that the record is long, clear and official. It goes back to George Washington’s first Thanksgiving proclamation, issued on Oct. 3, 1789, here at New York. He called for a day of public prayer and thanksgiving — to God. Congress, Washington noted, had requested that he recommend to the people that the day “be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God.” * Protesters arrestedat Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (NYDN)  A police spokesman said up to seven people were busted smashing windows and shoving barricades less than a block from the parade route. The demonstrators used #stoptheparade on social media.* Thanksgiving Parade Floats Through New York, With Protesters Marching Along(NYT) Pockets of demonstrators marched intermittently along the route, protesting the grand jury decision in FergusonMo., but for the most part the event was festive.* Protesters Clash With Police on Parade Route(WSJ)

He set aside Thursday, Nov. 26, 1789. Abraham Lincoln issued four Thanksgiving proclamations, including one that reckoned America’s bounties were so extraordinary “that they can not fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever-watchful providence of Almighty God.” Decades later, Theodore Roose­velt “brought to his Thanksgiving proclamations some of the progressive spirit he brought to his presidency,” according to The New York Sun (from whose annual Thanksgiving editorials many of these quotes are drawn). Americans could “best prove our thankfulness to the Almighty by the way in which . . . each of us does his duty to his fellow-men.” In 1950, Harry Truman became the first president to reference Jews in his Thanksgiving proclamation, entreating Americans “in church, chapel, and synagogue, in their homes and in the busy walks of life, every day and everywhere, to pray for peace.” JFK wrote that America was born “in the conviction that right and justice and freedom can through man’s efforts persevere and come to fruition with the blessing of God.”*   A nation blessed (NYDN) A Thanksgiving ode* [Update] ActivistsArrested At #StopTheParade Protest Of Thanksgiving Day Parade (Gothamist)

High Tech Protesters Run Around NYPD

Protesters usingtech to run rings around cops  via @nypost with all $ Bratton is spending on gadgets?

Bratton Made His Move . . . Mayor Blinked
“But Bratton, rightfully so, doesn’t want to relinquish any power. He’s the police commissioner,” the source said. Banks apparently foresaw his power play’s outcome and had warned his closest aides earlier in the week that he expected to be stepping down. Quitting could either be the best or worst move of Banks’ career, sources said. He has long coveted the job of commissioner, and should he now try to stage a coup from outside One Police Plaza, he faces a weakened Bratton and has the widespread support of minority politicians and law-enforcement groups. “If Bratton left and [Banks] was offered the commissioner job, why wouldn’t he take it?” another source said. “That’s the job he wanted in the first place.” Banks’ departure also has de Blasio — not to mention ­McCray — angry. Sharpton, too, has been a cheerleader, saying Saturday that Banks earned his respect after years of working together, even while Sharpton insists, “I do not make recommendations” on police personnel matters, only policy. “No comment,” Banks told a Post reporter who asked about his resignation, or what he’d do if offered the commissioner job. Bratton too, is now “wounded,” said another source — despite the city’s low crime rates. In particular, homicide rates are on track for numbering under 300 for 2014, even with a stronger CCRB and the hamstringing of stop and frisk.

How Long Will Braton's Win Last?
“Nobody knows better than Bratton what happens once your boss gets mad at you,” another source said, referring to Bratton’s firing in the 1990s by then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Said another source of Bratton, “He’s between a rock and a hard place, with de Blasio putting Sharpton right up there with him and giving him equal standing. “A lot of people have been wondering how long he’ll put up with it.”*  NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton says Banks post to be filled Wednesday (NYDN) * Bratton’s burden (NYDN Ed) NYPD brass must include all* Race and ethnicity are hot topics for NYPD, but what aboutcrime? (NYP) .@nypost: short list 2b new 1st Deputy Commissioner = Chf Gerald Nelson, Chf Carlos Gomez, Dpty Cmsnr Benjamin Tucker & Dpty Chf Kim Royster *  Judge orders Joseph Esposito to sit fordeposition after Ebola, ISIS excuses weredeemed ‘not satisfactory’(NYDN) City lawyers contended that Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Esposito was too busy to be deposed for an Occupy Wall Street-related civil suit last week because of the Ebola crisis. The lawyers have also used weather and ISIS-related excuses.* .@NYDailyNews’ short-list 4 #NYPD 1st Deputy Cmsnr: Gerald Nelson, Benjamin Tucker &, further back, Douglas Zeigler:
Clyde Haberman ‏@ClydeHaberman 

Civil Rights War At the NYPD  
Top Latino and Black Chief Out of NYPD

NYPD chief of department resigns(NYP) Chief of Department Philip Banks is leaving his position, the high-ranking officer told The Post on Friday morning. Police sources said Banks threatened to resign last week and reluctantly agreed to a promotion to First Deputy Commissioner because he was told by Commissioner Bill Bratton that he would have more responsibilities. But he felt Bratton reneged on the agreement, sources said, because he thought more people would be answering to him. “The police commissioner just lost a top Latino officer, Rafael Pineiro, and now Banks. We have a predominantly minority city, but there’s lack of minority leadership now at the top of the police department,” a police source told The Post.Insiders said that Banks, a 28-year veteran of the NYPD, saw the promotion from chief of department to first deputy commissioner as a reduction in responsibilities.* NYPD in damage control after chief of department quits(NYP) * Problems beset NYPD in first year of Bratton’s leadership(NYP) * ‘Politically, it’s a nightmare for the mayor’: City’s topblack cop quits after promotion to first deputy commissioner, leaving NYPD bossBratton to explain what went wrong (NYDN) The 28-year veteran abruptly retired four days after agreeing to become first deputy commissioner. Banks' shocking departure blindsided Mayor de Blasio, left the NYPD without its two top minority officers and unleashed scathing criticism about the lack of diversity in the department.* The Daily News praises Benjamin Tucker’s appointment as first deputy NYPD commissioner after Philip Banks stepped aside and explores the racial and policy implications of the move: 

Black and Latino Leaders Respond to Banks and Pineiro Leaving 
Rev. Sharpton: Banks’ Replacement In NYPD Should BeSensitive To Police-Community Relations(WCBS)  * Black & Latino law enforcement groups are set to speaktoday after two of NYPD's highest ranking officers step down. * Sharpton continues Saturday rally w/ dissing media and press.  Saying some reporters are crazy to ask him about #EricGarner mom's headlight * #ReverendSharpton says he doesn't run an employment agency and says don't keep asking him who should replace #NYPD #Chief #PhilipBanks*  
Sharpton says he wants fair policing policy. Says doesn't feel better if black cops beat him. Says policy is more important than personnel.* Black, Latino Law Enforcement Groups to Speak on Banks'Resignation(NY1)* Calvin Butts says @BilldeBlasio needs to be held accountable for explaining @NYPDChiefBanks' abrupt resignation.* Bratton: Banks' Replacement will be Announced Wednesday(NY1)  * Bratton: Minorities will be ‘very pleased’ with new top NYPDcop (NYP)

"Honey, We Blew Up the NYPD"
NYPD's Top Chief Abruptly Resigns in Spat Over Promotion,Sources Say (capital) The No. 2 position had been largely whittled into a figurehead job under former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, sources said. Sources said that Banks met with Bratton earlier this week and was told the NYPD brass planned to expand the job's scope going forward, including having oversight of the chief of department's office, which oversees all the NYPD's operations. However, Friday morning, Banks was told that was not the case, and abruptly resigned in response, sources said. Mayor Bill de Blasio had lobbied for Banks — who made $200,000 a year as chief of department — to accept the new position, sources said. His wife, Chirlane McCray, was close with Banks and had wanted him to be picked for the NYPD Commissoner spot, sources said.

 @CommissBratton confirms & responds to resignation of#NYPD Chief of Dept(NY1) * Mayor Bill de Blasio said he was disappointed by the resignation of NYPD Chief Philip Banks, the department’s highest-ranking uniformed officer who was set to become first deputy commissioner, the Observerreports:v* Federal Court Ruling Ends #StopAndFrisk Appeal(NY1) * Bratton on resignation of 'right-hand man'(Capital) * Days Before He Was to be Promoted, Top NYPD Official StepsDown(WNYC)* Lawmakers 'Disturbed' After NYPD's Highest-Ranking BlackOfficer Resigns: NEW YORK-- (Huff Post) * Bill de Blasio ‘Disappointed’ NYPD Chief Philip BanksStepping Down (NYO) * De Blasio declines to explain Banks' departure from#nypd  (Capital) * Some want explanations after two high-ranking NYPDofficials, one African American and the other Latino, quit Friday. (NY1)* A Top New York Police Official, Set to Become Bratton’sDeputy, Quits(NYT)
Unions’ Bid for Role in Stop-and-Frisk Suits Is Rejected byCourt(NYT) The judges rejected a bid by several New York police unions to enter two lawsuits challenging the Police Department’s tactics.* Rev. Sharpton: Banks’ Replacement In NYPD Should BeSensitive To Police-Community Relations (WCBS)
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@CommissBratton desperately wanted this job & accepted conditions by DEB that he retain @NYPDChiefBanks & @NYPD1DCPINEIRO He broke his word

Power is Going On With the Mahattan DA With the Rubenstein Rape Case 
Women's Lawyer Blames DSK It Really About Power People Like the Mayor, Sharpton and Brafman 
Rubenstein denied entry to sex club after alleged rape(NYP) Rubenstein, 70, went to swingers club Checkmate on E. 56th St. Saturday night, but the manager told him there had been too much recent press about his sexual hi-jinks at local hot spots and he didn’t want that kind of exposure for his establishment, the source said.

Saturday Update 
Rubenstein rushed rape accuser out of his home (NYP)  Sanford Rubenstein rushed the woman he is accused of raping out of his Upper East Side penthouse the morning after the alleged assault — telling her, “I missed a meeting, I got to get out of here,” a source close to the case told The Post on Friday.

Sanford Rubenstein slow to be charged in rape to avoid DSKrepeat, says accuser's lawyer (NYDN)  Civil rights attorney Sandy Rubenstein has been accused of raping a woman after Rev. Al Sharpton's 60th birthday bash but has yet to be charged because Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance is trying to avoid another Dominique Strauss-Kahn debacle, says the attorney for Rubenstein's alleged victim. Charges against DSK were ultimately dropped after the accuser's story fell apart. Manhattan prosecutors have been slow to charge Sanford Rubenstein with rape because they fear another high-profile loss — like the one suffered in the bungled prosecution of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The bold claim on Tuesday came from Kenneth Montgomery, who represents the 42-year-old accuser. “There was no rape,” Brafman told the Daily News. “Period. A source with knowledge of the investigation suggested prosecutors simply don’t believe the accuser’s account. The source called the woman’s claim that she was passed out during the sexual contact “highly suspect.” Investigators also spoke to another woman who accompanied Rubenstein and his accuser to the penthouse apartment after the party. She left before the alleged assault. “Basically, she left because it was late,” a law enforcement source said. “She was not asked to leave. She saw nothing to suggest there was a problem. Everyone was getting along.” Brafman also defended Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, who was busted in 2011 for the alleged sexual assault of a hotel maid. The Manhattan DA’s office eventually dropped the charges against Strauss-Kahn after holes in the maid’s account were exposed. Vance’s office also suffered a high-profile defeat after prosecutors failed to get a sex-crime conviction against Kenneth Moreno. The former cop was accused of raping a drunken woman in her East Village apartment in 2008 while his partner slept on the woman’s couch. They were both convicted of official misconduct.* Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson rejected reports claiming that he, along with the four other borough district attorneys, has been having difficultly setting up a meeting with Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Observer reports:

The Press Chickens Out After Sharpton Threats Against Them
Noerdlinger Update A de Blasio administration official explains why de Blasio is refusing to fire a scandal-plagued aide, Rachel Noerdlinger, and said the scandal will be forgotten and he will ultimately be judged on education policy and implementation of universal pre-K, the Observer reports:  *Why Rachel remains: This fight helps the mayor (NYP) The City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger can’t stop making news, even though her boss, Mayor de Blasio, keeps ordering the world to stop talking about her — and her ex-boss, Al Sharpton, is essentially issuing threats to reporters on the subject. Sharpton offered an implicit threat over the weekend to reporters who dared write about Noerdlinger: “Let’s get the name of everybody at City Hall, see who’s been around anybody who’s been busted, including Room 9 where the reporters are.” In other words: Shut up, City Hall reporters, or I’ll do some investigating of my own. Sharpton may have lost a ton of weight, but he hasn’t lost his talent for menace.* She’s got tickets to ride (NYDN Ed) Rachel Noerdlinger needs to pay up, and Bill de Blasio needs to wise up. Undoubtedly, Noerdlinger will now pay up to avoid being redesignated a scofflaw while serving the mayor. Should have happened long ago and should have been laid on the public record without like-pulling-teeth resistance by de Blasio’s “case closed” team.* Rachel Noerdlinger, aide to de Blasio's wife, hit with$7,200 judgment in credit card debt, records show (Newday) * De Blasio Comes To The Defense Of Wife’s Troubled Chief OfStaff (WCBS) * De Blasio on Noerdlinger: ‘Everyone Should Pay Their ParkingTickets’(NYO)


223 Arrested as Protesters and Police Clash 
 Thousands of protesters swarm NYC over Eric Garner decision(NYP) * Protests Continue After Grand Jury Decision in Garner Case(NYT) * Mayor de Blasio, in Chokehold Case, Strives to Back Protesters and the Police (NYT) * Outcome of Eric Garner Case Bares a Staten Island Divide(NYT)  In a borough that is home to thousands of New York police officers, anger over a grand jury’s decision not to bring charges in the death of Eric Garner was matched by deep empathy for the police. * New Twist in Lynch’s Confirmation After New York Grand Jury Decision(NYT) Loretta E. Lynch will be heading a federal investigation into the death of Eric Garner as the new Republican-controlled Senate decides whether to confirm her as attorney general. * Some Conservatives Say Deadly Force Used to Subdue Garner Didn’t Fit Crime(NYT) Some conservatives said deadly force used by a police officer to subdue a man selling loose cigarettes in New York City was difficult to justify.* The federal probe into Garner’s death has raised hopes that the U.S. government will obtain an indictment, but legal experts said prosecutors often find it difficult to prove a criminal civil rights case against police officers, the New York Times reports:  * Law enforcement agencies in New York State hauled in nearly 4,000 pieces of surplus military equipment from the Defense Department valued at $26 million under a program that has come under intense bipartisan scrutiny, the Post reports:  * NYC protests over Eric Garner case resume for second night(NYDN)* * Some conservatives who stood by the actions of the police in Ferguson, Mo., condemned them on Staten Island, saying the use of deadly force against Eric Garner did not fit his actions or his crimes, the Times reports:  * Why weren't New Yorkprotests as violent as Ferguson's? (CBS)* Advocates are calling on Cuomo to veto a bill passed in both houses of the state Legislature that would allow police disciplinary rules to be decided in collective bargaining with unions rather than by elected officials,Gotham Gazette reports: * Staten Island is whiter than any other borough, but the demographics have changed significantly over the past 20 years, with the white population dropping while Hispanic and black populations increase, Capital New Yorkreports:

Campaign 2013 Dante . . .  Campaign 2017 Noerdlinger
Can this be good for de Blasio? It can. The answer has to do with the nature of the New York City electorate, the way de Blasio got elected in 2013 and the way he will seek re-election in 2017. Well, now he’s mayor, and he’s vulnerable to a challenge next time from an African-American insurgent candidate. He is, after all, in charge of the Police Department, and even the end of stop-and-frisk didn’t save him from racial controversy when Eric Garner was killed. Nor can he feel secure about Sharpton’s future support. After all, Sharpton told him he’d be “your worst enemy” if de Blasio played “spin games” when it came to police behavior. So his stalwart defense of Rachel Noerdlinger may be just the thing he needed right now. She is not only an African-American left-wing activist, she’s a single mother with a child, living with a man she loves who’s been crosswise of the law and feels mistreated by police. Rachel Noerdlinger isn’t just a trusted aide. She’s de Blasio’s base all rolled into one person. By defending her, he may be trying to erect an electoral barricade around himself.

Will A Reporter Ask the Mayor Why He Does Not Have Security Clearance?

De Blasio downplays lack of federal security clearance(Capital)“The fact that we’re meeting with the F.B.I. director, the homeland security secretary, and the chief counterterrorism advisor to the White House—and I think they were speaking very frankly—suggests clearly to me that I have the information I need and will have the information I need in a time of crisis.” * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has faced criticism on public-safety issues, was in the nation’s capital Tuesday for meetings with federal officials on the threat of terrorism and the Ebola outbreak, The Wall Street Journal reports:  * De Blasio says lack of security clearance is not a big deal (NYP) “When you become mayor of the city that’s the No. 1 terrorist target in America, your credentials start acting immediately,” de Blasio told reporters. The Post first reported Sept. 10 that the mayor lacks a security clearance, unlike his two immediate predecessors, and that makes certain classified info off-limits. De Blasio is now applying for that clearance.

de Blasio Meets With Sharpton Not the DAs 
New York City's district attorneys have been trying for months—without success—to arrange a group meeting with Mayor de Blasio to discuss public safety, the Daily Newswrites: * City DAs trying to get group meeting with de Blasio formonths: sources (NYDN) Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson first contacted City Hall in March on behalf of top prosecutors from all boroughs and also spoke to a high-ranking mayoral official about the prospect of a collective meeting but none was ever arranged, his office said.

de Blasio Won't Meet With DAs But Meets With Plenty of Lobbyists Who Make Up the Shadow Government
Lobbyist supporters get meetings with de Blasio while DAscan’t(NYP)Records show there were 11 lobbyists who met face-to-face with Hizzoner since he took office in January and seven of them gave him campaign donations in 2013 — either directly or through family and affiliates. Some of the seven include former White House counsel Harold Ickes, who bundled and donated a combined $19,800 and hosted three campaign fund-raisers for de Blasio, and who was subsequently tapped to serve on the mayor’s transition team. Ickes, who could not immediately be reached for comment, represents the Amalgamated Transit Union school-bus workers who recently received a $42 million windfall from the administration — an unprecedented bonus to private-sector employees. The mayor’s surprise proposal to boost the bus workers was introduced and ratified by the City Council in less than a week, even as some questioned its legality. Former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra — now with the lobbying and consulting group Park Strategies — bundled and donated more than $30,000 for de Blasio last year. He had a Sept. 9 sit-down about Capital Management Services — a Buffalo-based debt-collection agency that has been bombarded with complaints about its process servers being too aggressive in New York CitySome lobbyists who got face time with de Blasio were labor leaders — Michael Mulgrew of the United Federation of Teachers and Peter Ward of the New York Hotel Trades Council — and the heads of the New York Public Library and the Real Estate Board of New York.

NYP Jumps On A Sharpton Obama Misstep  

Al Sharpton, GOP operative(NYP) Maybe we have to reconsider Al Sharpton. By the evidence, he’s now working on behalf of Republicans trying to take control of the Senate away from Democrats. And he just got President Obama to help. In an interview for his radio show, the Rev. Al said he spoke to Obama “about those Democratic politicians who haven’t embraced him on the campaign trail.” He’s referring to the growing number of Democratic candidates who won’t say whether they voted for Obama. Obama answered Sharpton with a gift to the GOP. In some states, he conceded, Republicans are indeed trying hard to tie their Democratic opponents to him — and this can make them vulnerable in this election. But in a sound bite that will launch a thousand new campaign ads, the president goes on to make the Republicans’ case for them: “The bottom line is, though, these are all folks who vote with me, they have supported my agenda in Congress . . . these are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me.”* The Democratic Embrace of Al Sharpton (WSJ) The man who embodied New York’s bad old days of the 1980s now wields influence as never before—at City Hall and in the White House.

Daily News Hits Noerdlinger Again Friday 
The embattled City Hall aide and her cop-hating beau, Hassaun McFarlan, remained silent on McFarlan's parking and traffic ticket controversy as they went off to church with Noerdlinger's son Sunday. She did, however, have some words for a Daily News crew.* Rubenstein attorney blasts letter from accuser’s lawyers(Capital)* City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger gets support from group ofwomen in open letter (NYDN) The letter, which was released on Tuesday, was signed by NAACP New York State Conference president Hazel DukesVirginia Montague, former president of the New York Coalition of the 100 Black Women, and Sean Bell's fiancé Nicole Paultre Bell. Other women who signed include Reshma Saujani, former deputy public advocate, Tamika Mallory of Mallory Consulting, and publicist Terrie Williams.

de Blasio to the WH On Monday 
Obama and Biden will meet with Bill de Blasio and other officials tomorrow to discuss police relationship to public
Garner Chokehold Decision Soon As Social Media Connects All the Anti-Police Demonstrators As One
President Barack Obama will discuss the situation in Ferguson,Missouri, today with his Cabinet, civil rights leaders, law enforcement officials and others. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio will also be present. * NYPD makes multiple arrests at Ferguson protest(NYP)

Al Sharpton from Ferguson: ‘It wasn't about Darren Wilson’s job, it was about Michael Brown’s justice’(NYDN)
Jury nears decision on NYPD chokehold death(NYP)  Amid the fallout from a grand jury’s decision in the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Missouri, a panel in New York City is quietly nearing its own conclusion about another combustible case involving the death of an unarmed man at the hands of police. The grand jury that began investigating the chokehold death of Eric Garner in September heard last week from what was believed to be its final witness —* "This is Fergusonism; that’s why we’re connecting the dots” — @TheRevAl. * Al Sharpton counts down to grand jury’s Eric Garner decision(NYP) * Jury likely to be swayed in Garner case by Ferguson: experts(NYP) Don’t listen toSharpton: Missouri Lt. Gov to de Blasio(NYP)

the New York Police Department officer seen on a widely watched amateur video showing him wrapping his arm around Garner’s neck. Before the end of the year, authorities are expected to announce whether the officer will face criminal charges in a case that sparked outrage and grabbed headlines before it was overshadowed by the killing of Brown in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. * NOW, THE GARNER/NYPDGRAND JURY IS WRAPPING UP: The latest according to CBS NEWS. A Decision is near. http://w.* At Sharpton’s rally, talk of Garner, Gurley and ‘Fergusonism’(Capital) * Deadly Force, inBlack and White (Publica) A ProPublica analysis of killings by police shows outsize risk for young black males.* The story of Ferguson was never that simple(NYP)

 'FIRST ONE I'VE EVER SPENT WITHOUT HIM': Gwen Carr, mother of chokehold victim Eric Garner, spends Thanksgiving with Rev. Al Sharpton, city politicians(NYDN) * NYC protesters clog streets to disrupt Black Friday(NYP) * Protesters Aim at Macy’s on Black Friday(WSJ) * DARREN WILSON RESIGNS 'EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY': Ferguson cop concedes continued employment on force 'may put residents and police officers at risk'(NYDN) * ‘WE DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO BURN UP THE PLACE’: Mother of NYPD chokehold victim Eric Garner urges calm on Staten Island if grand jury doesn’t indict officer(NYDN)

‘NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE’: Brooklyn murder victim gunned down a week before Thanksgiving hasn’t received needed attention because he’s a black teen from dangerous neighborhood, former cop says(NYDN) Michael Hayden, 20, was gunned down a week before Thanksgiving while he walked home from a video store in East New York. His death sickens retired NYPD Detective Pat Russo, who trained Hayden and his stepbrother at the Cops and Kids boxing program.

Events Are Catching Up Even With A Skilled Public Relations Mayor
 New York’s MIA Mayor Faces Tough Choice BetweenProtestors and Police (Buzz Feed) Bill de Blasio was conspicuously absent during NYC’s Ferguson protests. But he’ll have nowhere to hide once a grand jury weighs in on Eric Garner’s death at the hands of the NYPD. It’s not easy being a progressive mayor when the same messages you campaigned on—racial inequality and police reform—become protest chants aimed at the establishment you now embody. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio dealt with it, over three days of Ferguson-inspired protests last week, by staying out of the public eye. De Blasio’s silence is all the more notable because he’s been vocal about protests in the past. In January, when New York paid out $18 million to settle lawsuits stemming from wrongful arrests made during the 2004 Republican National Convention, de Blasio promised that things would be different under his watch. “We’re going to take a very different view going forward about how we respect people’s rights to express themselves,” the mayor said at the time. De Blasio also criticized former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s handling of the Occupy Wall Street protests, calling it “a very troubling precedent.” * Rev. Sharpton ToBegin Countdown To Grand Jury Decision In Death Of Eric Garner (WCBS) * "I’ve been grappling with that mischaracterization all week”—@RepJeffries re: @CommissBratton calling shooting of #AkaiGurley an accident. * Protesters marched against the decision in #Ferguson while others shopped on Black Friday. * calling killing of #AkaiGurley an accident is a “rush” & is "undermining the investigation” says @TheRevAl#nypd

time for national legislation about police accountability, says @TheRevAl. says @RepJeffries to lead that argument in congress. #Ferguson

@Azi @TheRevAl @RepJeffries has anyone asked Congressman Jeffries about the 16% increase in shootings in public housing

Rachel Noerdlinger’s boyfriend hid under bed from cops whencaught in 1993 killing, retired officer recalls (NYDN)  STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: Rachel Noerdlinger’s boyfriend accused by retired police officer of hiding under mattress from cops after being caught in 1993 killing Hassaun McFarlan, the boyfriend of top City Hall aide Noerdlinger who has derided police on social media, was 15 when he fatally shot a fellow teen in the head in a feud over a down jacket. He went on the lam and was eventually tracked down with a tip from an ex-girlfriend, retired NYPD Detective Jay Maher said. Long before Rachel Noerdlinger’s boyfriend ranted on social media about hating cops, he desperately tried to avoid them — hiding under a bed when they closed in to arrest him in the execution-style killing of another teen over a down jacket. The 15-year-old shooter walked 20 feet away — then returned and fired a bullet into Carter’s head. “It was a senseless execution,” the prosecutor said, according to an Associated Press report on the arraignment. Carter died after a month on life support.* The recent attacks on the New York City Police Department are doing little to confront police misconduct and fight crime in the city and a lot to deter future police officers, Thomas Reppetto, former president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City, writes in the Post:  * Blame the Media: Bill de Blasio Waits For Noerdlinger BadNews to Blow Over(NYO)

The judge, who McFarlane identified as black, shot him down by pointing out that it would be impossible for the parking ticket agents to know he’s black if he’s not in the car
Mayoral aide’s killer boyfriend: Traffic cops target mebecause I’m black(NYP) Rachel Noerdlinger’s convicted killer, live-in boyfriend Hassaun McFarlane went on a tear against cops at a traffic court hearing, claiming that they targeted him with parking tickets because he’s black. The judge, who McFarlane identified as black, shot him down by pointing out that it would be impossible for the parking ticket agents to know he’s black if he’s not in the car. “Is there any consideration that the police be lying?”

Is McFarlane Dog Named Checkers?
McFarlane pled in his defense to administrative law judge Marisa Miranda, according to audio recordings of the July 2014 hearings obtained by the Post. “Because I’m black and I drive a nice car.” McFarlane was driving Noerdlinger’s Mercedes Benz when he was ticketed for parking “zero feet” from a fire hydrant. * * Crain’s columnist Alair Townsend asks why RachelNoerdlinger, a top aide in the de Blasio administration, has not been fired yet in light of “a mountain of reasons” why she should lose her job: * Boyfriend of mayoral aide told judge his parking tickets arethe result of racial profiling: 'I'm black and I drive a nice car'(NYDN)

NYT Says:
"Noerdlinger worked for and with the Rev. Al Sharpton, and the police unions are negotiating new labor agreements with the de Blasio administration."
Yet the NYT Left Out the Threats Against the Press Made By Rev. Sharpton on Saturday for their Coverage of the Noerdlinger story. And the press lack of response 

The NYP Does Their Spitzer Routine On Sharpton's Cashew Lawyer
NYP's Wood
Sharpton lawyer accused of rape is ‘hung like a cashew’(NYP) * Why Rachel must go: The bleeding won’t stop soon (NYP) Ten months into his incumbency, the mayor still seems impervious to embarrassment. He doesn’t get that when mayors speak, people listen. That words matter. That a statement made today might have to be defended tomorrow.**Victim of Sharpton lawyer ‘rape’ looked sober in video(NYP) * Family of Eric Garner sticking with Rubenstein — for now (NYP) Sharpton said the family will announce a decision Saturday about their legal representation.

Noerdlinger's Supporters Mobilize
Hazel Dukes: “Most of the white folks who say they live in NYC have 2 homes. They live in NYC when they want to.
A group of prominent black women came to Rachel Noerdlinger’s defense Wednesday—with the head of the state NAACP charging that the embattled New York City Hall aide is the victim of a “witch hunt,” the Daily News reports:   Noerdlinger’s defenders — including Hazel Dukes, head of the New York NAACP, former National Action Network director Tamika Mallory and Amsterdam News editor Elinor Tatum — planned a conference call Wednesday night to voice their anger and discuss a strategy for protesting coverage of the controversy.* Patrick Lynch, New York City's Blue Bulldog (Newsweek)

'THIS IS A WITCH HUNT': Rachel Noerdlinger supporters defend City Hall aide

A group of prominent black women came to Rachel Noerdlinger’s defense Wednesday — with the head of the state NAACP charging the embattled City Hall aide is the victim of a “witch hunt.” Noerdlinger’s defenders — including Hazel Dukes, head of the New York NAACP, former National Action Network director Tamika Mallory and Amsterdam News editor Elinor Tatum — planned a conference call Wednesday night to voice their anger and discuss a strategy for protesting coverage of the controversy. * De Blasio Comes To The Defense Of Wife’s Troubled Chief OfStaff - CBS New York(WCBS)
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Police go where the crime is and respond to needs of victims who are mostly of color. @mictoground @CommissBratton

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@SquarePegDem @mictoground @CommissBratton that's funny his boss DEB  campaign was based on racially divisive policing & he's criticizing it

Not A Single Story Sunday About Sharpton Threating the Press . . .  It Worked!   Wow His Power to Control the Press Incredible  

Media Report Only the Switch In Lawyers 
They Fear Sharpton
WE HAD TO CUT TIES': Garner family speaks out afterdropping high-powered attorney Sanford Rubenstein amid rape allegations(NYDN) The scandal-scorched lawyer is just too hot for the family of Eric Garner, despite the fact that Rubenstein and partner Scott Rynecki ‘were very good to us for the last three months,’ says Eric’s widow Esaw Snipes. * Sharpton defends Noerdlinger, softens on Rubenstein (Capital) The reverend, who hosts a national television and radio show, also criticized the media for paying so much attention to this issue. He referred to “people dying” from Ebola and ISIS terrorists and said, “All you can put on the front page is Rachel? Something sick about that.”

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3. Does Rev get that public officials held to higher ethics standards than journos/activists? Al's pals w/big shots but can't pass DOI vet. 2. Rev says many folks have bad pasts, understandable coming from someone w/interesting run-ins with IRS, FEC, Pagones, mob... 1. Sharpton attacks media abt Noerdlinger: but resorting to MO of ominous threats raises doubts about his new, trim, mainstream persona.
The Secret World of Rev. Al Sharpton
True News Wags the NYT on Move-It-Along-Folks Attitude 
De Blasio’s Transparency Is Turning Opaque Under Fire (NYT) To Mayor Bill de Blasio, the recent commotion over Rachel Noerdlinger, his wife’s top aide — who failed to disclose during a background check that she lives with a boyfriend who has a serious criminal history — is a tabloid-fueled personal attack that merits no further discussion. Replacing his promised ask-me-anything attitude with “case closed” peevishness“Case closed,” the mayor said this week, adopting the move-it-along-folks attitude that has quickly become a de Blasio signature during his first nine months in office.

True News Posted On Monday Oct 6th (Below)
de Blasio: Nothing to See Here (Noeerdlinger), Move A Long 

‘Case closed': Mayor shuts down queries on wife’s aide(NYP) A testy Mayor de Blasio on Monday tried to shut down questions about the controversial appointment of Rachel Noerdlinger — despite revelations she omitted crucial information about her personal life during a background review. Case closed,” de Blasio declared as he fended off inquiries during a press conference on Staten Island. “I think this whole notion — with all due respect to all of you and the job you have to do — this notion of ‘Let’s talk about people’s boyfriends, let’s talk about their children.’ It’s just going too far,” he said. De Blasio also fielded questions about The Post’s report that she obtained a New York-residency waiver by claiming that her son, Khari, 19, had to be near his doctors in New Jersey after he was in two car accidents in 2012.
 ButThe Post discovered that Khari was fit enough to play football the following year for a New Jersey high school. She got the waiver for a variety of reasons, and it was done appropriately,” de Blasio said. “This does not have a lot to do with public service.”After The Post informed the mayor that Noerdlinger was granted the waiver because of her  son’s medical condition, he said, “The point is that she’s a good public servant, and that’s what I respect.”“The waiver was sought based on the physical — as well as mental — challenges faced by her son,” said City Hall spokesman Phil Walzak.The mayor insisted, “We’ve covered this issue very clearly … DOI did a review. There was no effort to deceive. I have absolute faith in Rachel and her ability to serve the people of this city. Case closed!”

NYP Uses Anonymous Source to Help Team Rubenstein  

Rubenstein rape accuser gave him ‘sloppy kiss’ in elevator(NYP)The woman accusing Sanford Rubenstein of rape gave him a sloppy kiss all over his face on the elevator ride up to his penthouse, a source who saw the video told The Post on Friday.  The video shows the 70-year-old lawyer standing in the middle, with the 42-year-old rape accuser snuggling him from the right and the other woman embracing him from the left.  The source said she is “extremely affectionate” with the lawyer, and she and her friend sandwich him so closely his body is barely visible. The women are also laughing in the video, which was taken the night of Oct. 1.  “At one point, the complainant leans in and plants a wet sloppy kiss all over Rubenstein’s face,” the source said. “They have him so tightly squashed between them you can barely see him for a couple of seconds… She is attacking Rubenstein in the elevator.” “The victim’s story is that she was drugged,” a source said. “We need some proof of that. They’re also looking at security video from his building and the event they attended at the Four Seasons.” The retail executive claims she was raped after the Rev. Al Sharpton’s 60th birthday bash.

NYCC A Group That Worked for de Blasio During the Campaign Mobilize Against Stop and Frisk . . . PBA Still Appealing Frisk Case
.Frisk case: not closed(NYP Ed) The Second Circuit judges were about to hear the last-ditch appeal of the New York police unions to overturn the stop-question-and-frisk ruling.

To Defend de Blasio on Noerlinger NYT Does A Gutter Attack on Giuliani Love Life
De Blasio’s Silence Reverberates(NYT) For a moment, the newsman Gabe Pressman caught Mayor Bill de Blasio’s eye on Fifth Avenue during the Columbus Day parade this week. Mr. Pressman, 90, has about 60 years of experience flagging down politicians during parades and public events. “I thought I saw an invitation in his eyes to ask a question,” said Mr. Pressman, who reports for WNBC-TV. “But then there was a scrum, a lot of pushing and shoving.” Mr. de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, were swept along by security and for the next 25 blocks, reporters — not including Mr. Pressman — pursued, but were kept away.  So Ms. Noerdlinger has become a proxy in the fight between those unions and City Hall. The moment called for a chew toy, and thanks to the combination of her background with Mr. Sharpton and her lapses in the screening process, she was the leading candidate. Mr. de Blasio had not previously shown much spine, or chivalry, under similar circumstances: He quickly jettisoned one potential aide late last year when it was revealed that she was dating former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who left office after he was caught paying for sex.

After Bring Up Giuliani NYT Zigs "If he sees Ms. Noerdlinger’s failures as trivial, or forgivable, he ought to say why and say so in public"
During Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani’s last years in office, he began dating the woman who would become his third wife. His second wife was still the first lady, if you can track the arithmetic here, and a gaudy domestic battle was joined. That incumbent wife, Donna Hanover, refused to move out of Gracie Mansion, and was described on Mother’s Day as “howling like a stuck pig” by Mr. Giuliani’s divorce lawyer. The task of rebutting such remarks on behalf of Ms. Hanover fell to a press secretary on the city payroll. In due course, that spokeswoman reported that the president of the Yankees, who had been a former aide to Mayor Giuliani, had denied Ms. Hanover tickets for their children to a baseball game, even though the stadium was half-full. Given the operatic last acts of the Giuliani-Hanover marriage, there was, naturally enough, little interest in the domestic life of Ms. Hanover’s spokeswoman; how could it compare? But that would be the normal course of events in any case. In fact, it seems that virtually none of Mr. de Blasio’s own aides have had to answer for things like unpaid parking tickets or the behavior of others in their households.

NYP Declares Sharpton Mayor 
The @nypost, still at it: “@BilldeBlasio may have the title — but @TheRevAl Sharpton is the real mayor.”

Thursday Update
  • New York’s Reverend mayor(NYP) Once again, Mayor de Blasio has asserted that none of the embarrassing revelations that continue to trickle out about his wife’s chief of staff, Rachel Noerdlinger, has led him to question Noerdlinger’s judgment. What keeps Noerdlinger in her post is the only credential that matters: Prior to moving to Team DeBlasio, she served as communications director for the man who’s really running the city these days, the Rev. Al Sharpton. Surely the Rev can help de Blasio out of this jam. Isn’t there someone else on Mayor Al’s payroll he can appoint to take Rachel Noerdlinger’s place?
Mayor Al Sharpton (NYP Ed) We were wrong. Back in July, we called Al Sharpton “Commissioner Sharpton,” on the grounds he was the guy setting NYPD policy. Later, after he’d declared the Verrazano Bridge might not be a good spot for a march, we suggested Sharpton had added transportation commissioner to his city portfolio. But it’s now clear the Rev. Al isn’t picking and choosing among city agencies. He’s running the whole damn show. Nothing underscores this truth more than Bill de Blasio’s refusal to sack Sharpton’s old communications director, Rachel Noerdlinger, as his wife’s chief of staff, despite a growing list of lies, omissions and ethical lapses. Anyone else would be long gone. With Noerdlinger it’s another story — and another standard: “Case closed” is all de Blasio will say. And why should we be surprised? Sharpton has benefited from the same treatment for as long as we can recall. The Post’s Michael Goodwin puts it well: “Sharpton is like the Mafia — the more you pay, the more you owe. When you have a debt to him, he owns you.” Recall that after the annual Al Smith dinner with the cardinal, de Blasio hurried over to pay his respects to Sharpton at the latter’s birthday bash at the Four Seasons. As arrogant as de Blasio’s cased-closed defense of Noerdlinger may be, what else can the mayor say? That her long-time association with Sharpton makes her his point person at City Hall? That he can’t fire her because Sharpton won’t let him? Ever since this summer’s City Hall forum on policing, when de Blasio seated Sharpton between himself and NYPD Commmissioner Bill Bratton, the truth should have been obvious: De Blasio may have the title — but Sharpton is the real mayor. Afterward, de Blasio was reported to be furious that Mayor Sharpton had brought up Dante de Blasio to lecture him about police chokeholds. Then again, it’s the sort of thing underlings sometimes have to put up with from their bosses. * “The way the members of the NYPd feel is that the mayor isgoing to align himself with someone like the Reverend Al Sharpton. He’s turning his back on the members of the NYPD,” Michael Palladino, President, Detectives Endowment Association. * De Blasio stands by wife's aide despite new allegations (AMNY)

Rubenstein Quits Before Getting Fired . . .  Is the Other Rubenstein Helping to Quiet Story?

Shadow Government HQ - He has been called "the dean of damage control" by Rudolph Giuliani. Howard J. Rubenstein is an American lawyer and public relations expert.  Rubenstein represents the retail employer of the women who claims to be abused by the other Rubenstein. Yesterday Sharpton Breaks Away, today Sanford Rubenstein drops Garner.  de Blaiso MIA.  We live in a era where journalists allow major players in scandals hid from the media.  Is the PBA using the scandal to force concessions on Sharpton and de Blasio, who knows?Rubenstein withdraws from Garner case Rubenstein withdraws from Garner case to fight rape claim (NYP) 

Rockland lawyer accused of rape quitschokehold death case (LoHud) * Sharpton andRubenstein, then and now (Capital) * What do therape accusations against civil-rights lawyer Sanford Rubenstein mean for EricGarner's family? (NY Mag) Friday Sharpton backs ‘rape’ accuser against lawyer pal Rubenstein (NYP) The Rev. Al Sharpton pledged his support for the female board member of his National Action Network who claims his oversexed lawyer friend Sanford Rubenstein raped her last week — and Sharpton backed her attorney’s call for justice, a source said. Sharpton was at a clergy dinner Thursday night with the woman’s lawyer, Keith White, when the activist rev. pledged his “full faith and support for the victim and the push for the Manhattan district attorney to properly and expeditiously seek justice in this case.” The pledge came after the family of Eric Garner fired Rubenstein’s law firm.* Eric Garner family drops Rubenstein firm after rape claim,hires civil rights lawyer Jonathan Moore (NYDN) Jonathan Moore has represented three of the five wrongly convicted men in the Central Park jogger rape case. He will now represent the family of Garner, who was killed after an NYPD officer administered a chokehold, in a $75 million civil suit against the city. Legal eagle Sanford Rubenstein dropped out from the case after being accused of third-degree rape. * Lawyer in Jogger Case Hired by Garner’s Family (NYT) The family of Eric Garner, who died after a confrontation with the police, has hired Jonathan C. Moore to replace Sanford A. Rubenstein, who has been accused of rape.

Both the NYP and Daily News Wood Rubenstein
'DEVASTATING' EVIDENCE: Accuser's lawyer claims cops havedamning details against Sanford Rubenstein in rape probe while blaming him for'demonizing' victim(NYDN) ‘There’s a lot of new information that will be devastating to Mr. Rubenstein,’ said one of the attorneys representing the woman, 42, who alleges she was raped by the high-powered lawyer after a birthday bash for the Rev. Al Sharpton. Police on Monday removed at least a dozen evidence bags and a mattress from Rubenstein’s building. But Mayor de Blasio wouldn’t speculate how the rape accusations would affect the case of NYPD chokehold victim Eric Garner, whose family is represented by Rubenstein.

Does the NYT and de Blasio Establishment Team Need A Reality Check?
De Blasio Stands Behind Aide Who Omitted Boyfriend onBackground Check Form(NYT) Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday said he had “absolute faith” in a top City Hall aide whose failure to disclose a troubled boyfriend on a background check prompted a formal city inquiry last week.* De Blasio’s continuing support of Noerdlinger and the Rev.Al Sharpton risks permanently damaging his relationship with the NYPD, Len Levitt writes in am New York:

Sharpton 2nd Rape Crisis 27 Apart
Lawyers for the woman who accused Sanford Rubenstein of rape said they have “devastating” information against the high-powered lawyer and blamed him for “trying to demonize” the alleged victim. “There’s a lot of new information that will be devastating to Mr. Rubenstein,” said lawyer Keith White, who added they are confident he will be indicted. “We want to give the district attorney a chance to take this information and do the right thing. . . . We expected the district attorney to do the right thing.” White did not divulge any details about the supposed evidence, but said the female friend who was with the 42-year-old accuser at Rubenstein’s E. 64th St. apartment before the alleged attack is “completely cooperative.” Tawana Brawley and Sharpton

Is The CCRB Covering Up for the Cops?
A bombshell lawsuit by its former executive director says the Civilian Complaint Review Board is in bed with the New York City Police Department and has been ignoring and covering up misconduct, the Daily Newsreports *Fired New YorkPolice Review Board Head Sues, Alleging Stop-And-Frisk Coverup (Huff Post)* A new report found the use of chokeholds by members of the NYPD has spread and a disciplinary process meant to head off wrongdoing “failed to hold officers accountable”, The New York Times reports: 

A Tale of Two Kerik/ Noeerdlinger Leaving Out Info on Their City Disclosure Forms 
Mayor de Blasio OKs lying (NYP Ed) Did anyone really expect Rachel Noerdlinger, chief of staff to New York City First Lady Chirlane McCray, to face any consequences for failing to include her cop-hating, ex-con boyfriend on her background disclosure forms as required? on Monday her boss, Mayor de Blasio, pronounced “case closed.” Then again, the Department of Investigation that handled the probe into Noerdlinger — former top aide to the Rev. Al Sharpton — is conveniently headed by the mayor’s former campaign treasurer, Mark Peters. Anyone surprised the “investigation” found “no intent to deceive”? Indeed, the problems that ended up sending former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik to the pokey began when he left out info on his city disclosure forms about renovations to his apartment done by a contractor who wanted work with the city. Lying on these forms is a serious issue. Even so, Noerdlinger never made even a pro forma offer of resignation after publicly embarrassing the mayor. At Bill de Blasio’s City Hall, folks count on the “two New Yorks”: one standard for the mayor’s special insiders and one for everybody else.

de Blasio Meets With the Godfather Now With the City's DAs
Meetings with the city's district attorneys: 0.


de Blasio and Sharpton Push Back To Control the Media
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Now What Does Rubenstein Know About Sharpton 

Rev. Al Sharpton cuts ties with longtime collaborator,attorney Sandy Rubenstein, as rape claim investigators find sex toy(NYDN) “Even if it was consensual, why would he take a key leader of our organization back to his apartment right after a fund-raiser,” an angry Sharpton told the Daily News. “It's disrespectful to our movement, and the women in our network are absolutely outraged." Rubenstein’s accuser was spotted in Brooklyn — after leaving the Manhattan district attorney’s office — holding a booklet she got from the hospital titled “After Sexual Assault: A Recovery Guide for Survivors.” She covered her face with dark clothing. In an interview with The News, Sharpton said he wasn’t waiting for prosecutors to rule on Rubenstein. The lawyer, with whom he stood arm-in-arm at countless protests and referred to as Brother Sanford for 17 years, is out. “I don’t foresee one,” Sharpton said when asked if he envisions a day when Rubenstein would be welcomed back. “He has no future.”

Sharpton closed the book on an unlikely alliance that began back in 1997 with the infamous Abner Louima police brutality case. At the time, Rubenstein was a wealthy but little-known Rockland County legislator who was hired by Louima’s family after the Haitian immigrant was arrested and sodomized by cops in a Brooklyn police precinct stationhouse. “He was useful to me and I was useful to him," Sharpton said, "but we were never in the same political bed."  Meanwhile, a knowledgeable source who has seen security video from Rubenstein’s building said that — contrary to earlier reports — the accuser showed no sign of being intoxicated.  “The video will exonerate him,” the source said of Rubenstein. “The video won’t shed any light on what happened in Mr. Rubenstein's bedroom or apartment,” Montgomery fired back. “I think that is another red herring.” With Shayna Jacobs.
The family of Eric Garner, the Staten Island man who died when a police officer put him in an apparent chokehold in July, has filed a $75 million claim against the NYPD and the City of New Yorkthe Observer reports:  * Woman in Sharpton lawyer ‘rape’ may have been drugged (NYP) Authorities are investigating whether the woman who accused lawyer Sanford Rubenstein of rape was drugged while visiting his posh penthouse, The Post has learned. “They’re testing her blood to see if there were any drugs in her system, because she doesn’t know what happened and doesn’t know why she kept passing out [there],” a law-enforcement source said Tuesday. “Even the next morning, she was still passing out. She passed out in [Rubenstein’s] limo on the way home.’’
More on the Secret World of Al Sharpton
More on Sharpton CCRB vsNYPD, McCray

NYP Goodwin Calls de Blasio In DeNIAL
Another Tale of Two City's: Culture vs Culture  

Something’s rotten inside City Hall(NYP) The mayor’s behavior suggests either he doesn’t grasp the damage, or is too rattled to deal with it. After his initial defense of Noerdlinger as a “good public servant,” he is playing ostrich, hoping the bad news will go away if he ignores it. He refused to answer more questions from reporters and declared the “case closed,” trying to use the authority of his office to approve of misconduct that would get an ordinary employee canned. But that ­obvious abuse of power on his part has backfired. The scandal is now bigger than Noerdlinger. It’s about the mayor. Something’s rotten at City Hall. That means his association with Sharpton could finally get the scrutiny it deserves. What are the deals between them and what access does Sharpton enjoy? The mayor missed that memo. As a candidate and in assembling his City Hall team, he put far-left ideology ahead of competency and honesty. * Bronx in uproar after deBlasio skips Columbus Day parade(NYP)

'We need to attack, not react,' de Blasio press secretary tells PR staff in pep talk

All he cared about was political purity, as he defined it. That meant his agenda of stirring class and race warfare and demonizing cops took precedence over ­everything else. He found the perfect wingman in Sharpton, and elevated him to prime public adviser. He hired Noerdlinger from Sharpton’s staff and made him an equal of Police Commissioner Bill Bratton at a ­forum on police misconduct.Lupica: Bill de Blasio needs to start acting like a mayor (NYDN) You didn’t have to love Michael Bloomberg or his views. But for three terms as mayor, there was no doubt he was in charge. De Blasio, nine months into his tenure, has looked at times as overmatched as an actual manager as President Obama has. The perception is that First Lady Chirlane McCray and the Rev. Al Sharpton are running him. The problem for Bill de Blasio, one that only he can solve, is the perception now that when voters elected him, and by a lot over Joe Lhota, they apparently elected the Rev. Al Sharpton and de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane, at the same time.
Sharpton Channels Spiro Agnew In Attack On the Press Over Noerdlinger Coverage   
Jonathan Lemire ‏@JonLemire(AP)
Lots of media-bashing from @TheRevAl over coverage of @rachelnoerd. To the press: "have you no pride in your profession?" *  Lots of media-bashing from @TheRevAl over coverage of @rachelnoerd. To the press: "have you no pride in your profession?" *.@TheRevAl says there should be "one standard" for all who work at City Hall -- including "in Room 9 where the reporters are" * Lots of media-bashing from @TheRevAl over coverage of @rachelnoerd. To the press: "have you no pride in your 

More Shapton Speek Saturday

Jonathan Lemire ‏@JonLemire(AP)

.@TheRevAl says he and @BilldeBlasio have not discussed the allegations surrounding @rachelnoerd .@TheRevAl defends @rachelnoerd, says she has been victim of inaccurate attacks - including that Sharpton was father of her son. .@TheRevAl, uses fiery rhetoric to distance himself from Rubenstein case, says focus is solely on Eric Garner. .@TheRevAl compares allegations against Sanford Rubenstein (Garner family attorney) to a roadblock which they'll work around.

Azi ‏@Azi (Capital)  
.@TheRevAl and the family of Eric Garner appear at NAN headquarters in Harlem .@TheRevAl said a reporter asked if he was the father of @rachelnoerd’s teenage son. "if she is judged by her boyfriend…” —@TheRevAl defends @rachelnoerd. cc @Lis_Smith "maybe there is a need for a special prosecutor to work on this case”—new lawyer for #EricGarner family Jonathan Moore. cc @NationalAction "we’re not trying to change a story, we’re trying to change the world”—@thereval re: @rachelnoerd. "when you were choking eric, you were choking all of us”—@TheRevAl re: #EricGarner. #nypd cc @changethenypd @MarshallProj @PROPNYC "we never got any money from a lawyer or victim”—@TheRevAl re: police abuse victims. cc @NYCLU @HuffPostNY #NYPD

Dean Meminger ‏@DeanMeminger  
New #EricGarner family lawyer #JonathanMoore says there needs to be a movement to arrest the #NYPD officers involved in Garner case. @NY1  #Sharpton says he and #NationalActionNetwork don't get money from lawyers or victims. Responding to accusations that have been made for yrs. @TheRevAl says he's a diamond not charcoal. Says he had to be charcoal first to become a diamond. Says he's a changed man. Public thoughts?

Noerdlinger Did It Again . . .  NYP Caught Her Leaving Off A Tax Lien From Disclosure Forms 
PM Update City Hall Noerdlinger position same after reports (Capital)    Mayor Bill de Blasio continued to stand behind embattled mayoral aide Rachel Noerdlinger on Friday after reports that Noerdlinger’s boyfriend was arrested and charged with drug possession in 2011 in Edgewater N.J., where the couple resides.In response to that allegation, the mayor’s office clarified that Noerdlinger did report outstanding tax liens and that COIB forms have been updated to include additional information. They also argued it is not uncommon for filers to update their financial disclosure forms, especially first time filers.In an interview with Capital, Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said the mayor’s decision to stand by Noerdlinger, whose boyfriend has referred to police officers as “pigs,” was having an effect on the rank-and-file members in the department. “There is clear dysfunction occurring in City Hall, there’s been a pattern of abuse, a pattern of indecisiveness and a pattern of less than truthfulness,” Mullins said. “My question is if this is what’s occurring around one of the top positions at City Hall, who is really in control of City Hall?” * Mayor Bill de Blasio refused to take questions about the latest revelations surrounding embattled top aide Rachel Noerdlinger, who has become a flashpoint in his strained relationship with the rank-and-file in the NYPD, the Associated Press reports: 

McCray aide left $28K IRS tax lien off disclosure form(NYP) Filling out government forms is not her forte. Mayor de Blasio’s embattled aide Rachel Noerdlinger left personal information off yet another government form, The Post has learned. Noerdlinger failed to list her remaining debt from a 2011 IRS tax lien of $28,190 on a public financial-disclosure form that the Conflicts of Interest Board requires all top city officials to file each year. It’s the latest instance of First Lady Chirlane McCray’s chief- of-staff withholding sensitive information. Last week, the Department of Investigation found that Noerdlinger, who earns $170,000 a year, failed to disclose in her a government-background paperwork that she lived in EdgewaterNJ, with her convicted-killer ex-con beau, Hassan McFarlan. City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger was with ex-con boyfriendduring 2011 drug arrest (NYDN) On September 27, 2011, McFarlan and Noerdlinger were stopped by police in EdgewaterNew Jersey when police said their vehicle reeked of marijuana. 
Now, more details are emerging that McFarlan’s run-ins with police are not in the distant past but as recent as three years ago. On Sept. 27, 2011, McFarlan was driving Noerdlinger’s Mercedes-Benz in EdgewaterNew Jersey when police spotted the car making it’s way down the wrong side of the street and into oncoming traffic, according to DNAInfo. At the time, Noerdlinger was seated in the passenger’s seat and a minor, who may have been Noerdlinger’s teen son, was in the backseat. “I could smell a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle,” the officer who approached the vehicle wrote in the police report. * Mayoral Aide and Killer Beau Once Busted Driving in CarReeking of Pot (DNAIFO)

Daily News Editorial Says de Blasio Sticking With Noerdlinger Worse Decision of His Mayoralty 
Editorial:De Blasio’s clear duty(NYDN)  Let’s talk about Noerdlinger herself. She is the woman who tooled along in her pot-smoke-filled car with a teenager in the back, apparently her son, on the wrong side of the road, according to cops. She’s not the right person for a top job in New York City government.  De Blasio made clear he shares Noerdlinger’s values by rising to defend her amid controversy over her choice in boyfriends, as well as her candor after she omitted from an official background questionnaire that she was living with a man whose criminal record includes a shooting death and crack dealing.
City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger was with ex-con boyfriend during 2011 drug arrest  (NYDN)  As rumors swirled that Noerdlinger would resign amid disclosures, de Blasio spokesman Phil Walzak released a statement late Friday afternoon praising Noerdlinger as 'a valued member of our team.'*Joined in the Spotlight No More(NYT) * Embattled City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger gets boost fromformer boss Rev. Al Sharpton (NYDN) The Rev. Al Sharpton came to the defense of his former mouthpiece, slamming reporters while suggesting Noerdlinger was the victim of a witchhunt.* The Rev. Al Sharpton came to the defense of his former mouthpiece, slamming reporters while suggesting Noerdlinger was the victim of a witchhunt.*.@TheRevAl: "Like I need a 'deal' to talk to the mayor-- I call the mayor on his cellphone!"(AP)*  Garner Family's New Attorney Blasts DA Over Handling of Case (NY1) Al Sharpton defends de Blasio aide under fire (SI Advance)*Mayoral Aide Owes Nearly $900 in Unpaid Parking Tickets(DNAINFO)*Scott Stringer Dismisses the Rachel Noerdlinger Controversy(NYO)

Friends of Bill(de Blasio, that is)  via @nypost As far as I am concerned DOI Comm Peters has no credibility

The Head of the NYPD and de Blasio's Biggest Political Ally . . . How Dumb Does He Think We Are?
“Obviously these are very troubling charges, but I haven’t seen the details of it and obviously there’ll be a full investigation,” said Mr. de Blasio

Rubenstein's Spin We Had Sex Twice
Updates Cops search penthouseof Sharpton associate accused of rape (NYP) Detectives had Rubenstein’s accuser call him Sunday and secretly record the chat to see whether he would incriminate himself, sources said.* Lawyers for alleged rape victim confident they have enoughevidence to indict Sanford Rubenstein (NYDN) * High hopes for Dems in NY congressional races rapidlyfading. Instead of gaining seats, Dems facing losses (NYDN)* The Rev. Al Sharpton met with the family of Eric Garner following rape accusations made against his associate, attorney Sanford Rubenstein, who is representing the Garner family following Mr. Garner’s death at the hands of the NYPD in July, Capital New York reports:  * Rangel on Rubenstein rape allegations: “No victim, no face,some lawyer, no Sharpton, condoms!” * Attorney's Prominence Adds Layer to Already Clouded RapeInvestigation(NY1)

Women's Lawyer:  "They're trying to demonize this woman in the process," Montgomery said
‘There’s a lot of new information that will be devastating to Mr. Rubenstein,’ said one of the attorneys representing the 42-year-old woman who claims she was raped by the high-powered attorney after a 60th birthday bash for the Rev. Al Sharpton. "They're trying to demonize this woman in the process," Montgomery said. "Her world has turned upside down. This is a mother, someone who's gainfully employed, she's a pillar of the community, a board member. This is a horrible situation for her, almost surreal." The woman called NAN members from the hospital, a source said, but it's not clear if Sharpton got one of those calls. In a sign of how important this case is to the NYPD, Deputy Chief Michael Osgood, who runs both the Hate Crime Task Force and Special Victims Division, was personally supervising the search. The investigation could also drag in some of the bold faced named who were at the Sharpton bash, like Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo. "Everyone at the party is a potential witness," a source said.

Many Power Struggle Going On Insides This Rape Investigation
The two discussed having sex but nothing incriminating was said. A second face-to-face meeting planned for Sunday was canceled after an online report late Saturday revealed the woman’s claims, alerting Rubenstein to the probe, the sources said. The woman posted a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt on her Facebook page Sunday, reading:. “We gain strength, and courage and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face. We must do that which we think we cannot.” “She is scared and embarrassed,” a police source said, referring to the woman, a 42-year-old retail-Macy's executive and longtime top aide to the Rev. Sharpton at the National Action Network. Instead of driving the mother of two to her Brooklyn home, Rubenstein allegedly stumbled into his luxury building with the woman clinging to one arm and her pal on the other, said a source in the building. One of the women was overheard telling Rubenstein, “You’re kind of famous, aren’t you?”

The Battle For the Easy to Manipulate Press
Sanford Rubinstein's attorney addressing the media
“You could say that,” he replied, according to the source. “There’s evidence to the effect that it was the complainant who asked her friend to leave so she could be alone with Rubenstein,” the source said. “And there is additional evidence that there was consensual sex between her and Rubenstein in the evening and again in the morning.”

DSK II?  Why is the Media Not At Cy Vance's Door?
More evidence collection and work by NYPD Crime Scene Unit at Sanford Rubenstein apartment.
“The bottom line is the DA is going to have to make a callon this,” another senior law-enforcement official said.(WSJ)Sgt. Edward Mullins, the president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, which represents NYPD sergeants, called the investigation an “ironic Shakespearean twist.” “At the end of the day the person who screams to indict cops and bypass the criminal-justice system is now at the hands of the judicial system,” Sgt. Mullins said. He added that he believed the investigation would be fair and impartial. Investigators spent hours at Mr. Rubenstein’s East 64th Street apartment on Monday. They carried out large brown bags marked “evidence” and removed a mattress.

The Rev. Al Sharpton decried the “disrespecting” of women Sunday while addressing the rape allegations against his high-profile lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, the Post reports:  Alleged rape victim had consensual sex with SanfordRubenstein twice, source says, as police search home for object used inreported assault (NYDN) A person close to the powerhouse attorney says the alleged victim awoke the morning after the reported rape and had sex with Rubenstein for a second time. As police searched Rubenstein's swanky E. 64th apartment — possibly looking for an object that could have been used during the alleged incident — another top attorney, Benjamin Brafman, announced that he was representing the troubled lawyer.* Cy Vance's Career Ender Sandy Rubenstein DSK Part Deux HiresBen Brafman(Troy Artist)

Rape Claim BroughtAgainst Lawyer Is the Subject of a Police Investigation (NYT) Benjamin Brafman and Michael S. Ross, said in a statement Sunday that Mr. Rubenstein “denies any criminal conduct whatsoever” and that they are “confident that when the investigation is completed, it will be closed without the filing of any criminal charges.” Reached by phone, Mr. Ross declined to answer questions about the matter.Both Mr. Rubenstein and the woman, whom Mr. Sharpton said he has known for several years, were in attendance. “I consider both of them a friend,” Mr. Sharpton said. “I sent her an email today. My heart is with both of them that the truth come out.”

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein (center) at a Sept. 24 press conference with client Sandra Amezquita (center right), a pregnant woman who was shoved down by a police officer
Sanford Rubensteinsexual assault scandal may put big city cases in jeopardy(NYDN) The high-profile attorney is representing the family of Eric Garner, the Staten Island man who died after cops put him in a chokehold, and Sandra Amezquita, a pregnant Brooklyn woman who was shoved to the pavement by a police officer. He is also the attorney for the family of Ariel Russo, a 4-year-old fatally run over by a teenager.

Daily News Breaking Famed lawyer Sanford Rubenstein hasbeen accused of raping a woman after Al Sharpton's birthday bash Top civil rights lawyeraccused of raping woman at his Manhattanhome after Rev Al Sharpton's star-studded 60th birthday party (Daily Mail) * NYPD investigating lawyerfor alleged rape after Sharpton party (NYP)The alleged victim is a Manhattan executive in her 40s who lives in Brooklyn, law-enforcement sources told The Post. She had attended Sharpton’s star-studded party — with guests including Gov. Cuomo, Spike Lee and Aretha Franklin — with another woman, sources said. Afterward, she and the other woman went back to Rubenstein’s place for drinks, the sources said. At some point, the other woman departed, and the victim and Rubenstein, who had met through Sharpton, were alone.

 The New York Police Department is investigating the accusation as a third-degree rape, a charge applied to cases where the victim is "incapable of consent." Rubenstein has not been charged. In New York, rape in the third degree is a class E felony which is punishable by one to four years in prison." Sanford Rubenstein vehemently denies anymisconduct," said Rubenstein's lawyer, Michael Ross. * EXCLUSIVE: Alleged rape victim awoke during encounter withSanford Rubenstein, says source (NYDN) Al Sharpton 'in the middle,' as the new details of the encounter with a top official of his National Action Network as police entered the powerhouse attorney's fancy Upper East Side apartment. Another source close to Rubenstein, meanwhile, said the encounter was consensual.

Can You Imagine The Phone Calls Between the DA, NYPD and City Hall Trying Stop A Rubenstein Indictment
“The next thing she knows, it’s Thursday morning, and she wakes up naked in his bed,” a law- ­enforcement source said of the ­victim. The sickened woman was bleeding from the sexual contact, the source said. When the bleeding continued into Friday, she went to Methodist Hospital, the source said. It was hospital officials who determined that they were dealing with the aftermath of a sexual assault, and called the cops, who got Manhattan district attorney sex-crimes prosecutors involved, the source said. “She passed out and woke to him” violating her, another source said. 

“She was knocked out — and that is rape,” the second source said, adding that “there are credible aspects of the case and she’s credible — but she doesn’t remember much.” “SHE WASN’T THINKING ABOUT IT UNTIL SHE REALIZED [AT THE HOSPITAL] THAT THIS WAS A CRIME . . . SHE’S COOPERATING” WITH THE INVESTIGATION, A SOURCE SAID. Investigators are awaiting toxicology results on the woman’s blood, the first source said. So far, her case is being bolstered by witness accounts of her extreme drunkenness in the hours before the party, the second source said. “She wasn’t thinking about it until she realized [at the hospital] that this was a crime . . . She’s cooperating” with the investigation, the source added.* Rubenstein TV ad 
*  EXCLUSIVE: Alleged rape victim awoke during encounter withSanford Rubenstein, says source Al Sharpton 'in the middle,' as the new details of theencounter with a top official of his National Action Network as police entered the powerhouse attorney's fancy Upper East Side apartment. Another source close to Rubenstein, meanwhile, said the encounter was consensual. The woman allegedly raped by Sanford Rubenstein awoke in the middle of the encounter to find she was having sex with the powerhouse attorney, who police suspect may have used an object to penetrate her, a law enforcement source told the Daily News.NYPD Investigating Rape Accusation Against Prominent CivilRights Lawyer(NY Mag) 

Gov Campaign Pushing for the Woman's Vote
The state GOP—which is pushing Republican Rob Astorino’s campaign against Cuomo—made the accusation that “the Buffalo Billion is a sham” in an email blast that cited recent media coverage of two federal investigations into SolarCity, the Buffalo News reports:  400,000 people have left NY State since @NYGovCuomo took office - @RobAstorino *  Rob Astorinospokeswoman calls @nygovcuomo's "Women's Equality Express" upstate bus tour "completely hypocritical"  * Cuomo Holds Big Money Advantage(WSJ) Democratic Governor Has Almost $24 Million in Campaign Cash to $1.3 million for His Challenger* ICYMI NRA not giving Astorino $$$$ despite anger at Cuomo'sNY SafeAct ( 

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino has $1.2 million in cash on hand with about a month to go before Election Day in November—a vastly smaller sum than Cuomo’s $25 million war chest, State of Politicsreports:  * As Cuomo’s campaign undertakes an upstate bus tour to promote the Women’s Equality Act, Astorino will follow along with a bus of his own—the “Shelly Silver Express”—intending to highlight his contention that Cuomo protected the Speaker in the face of sexual harassment scandals in the Assembly, State of Politicsreports:  * At Cuomo Campaign Rallies, a Focus on Women’s Issues (NYT) * VIDEO: Cuomo says, "I don’t want to comment on what theU.S. Attorney is doing or not doing"  In a nutshell: Cuomo, seeking women's votes, raises alarm onabortion rights - Newsday @Newsday * With focus on Buffalo, Gov.Cuomo turns traditional New Yorkcampaign upside down  (NYDN)* Cuomo, incumbents engineer positivity blitz for voters inrun-up to Election Day, experts say - Newsday @Newsday Video: Gov Cuomo's Saturday bus tour incl'd answering Qs in3 separate gaggles. Watch them all here. 
Nicole Malliotakis ‏@NMalliotakis  
@jessicaproud @ZackFinkNews Shame on those who stayed silent while every edit board in state called for Silver's resignation. #StatusQuo

When the Mayor Picks the DOI Investigator the Mayor Gets the Results He Wants 

Monday Update
De Blasio declares ‘case closed’ on Noerdlinger(Capital)* Why Rachel must go: The bleeding won’t stop soon (NYP) Ten months into his incumbency, the mayor still seems impervious to embarrassment. He doesn’t get that when mayors speak, people listen. That words matter. That a statement made today might have to be defended tomorrow.Then came this spring’s in-custody death on Staten Island of Eric Garner — a severely asthmatic petty criminal who was vigorously resisting arrest. The incident not only generated the predictable protests, it also caused de Blasio to elevate Sharpton to a plane all but equal to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. One result: Rank-and-file cops, multiple sources say, are becoming fearful of protecting the public — worried that they’ll be thrown to the activists should an arrest go awry.

McCray aide spared discipline for failing to discloseromance(NYP) “DOI found no evidence of intent to deceive the mayor or City Hall,” said mayoral spokesman Phil Walzak.The DOI form clearly states that willful omissions “may result . . . in termination.” Neither City Hall nor the DOI would hand over results of the investigation into the matter or explain how officials were certain the omission was inadvertent. The inquiry’s conclusion raises questions about the close relationship between the mayor and his handpicked DOI commissioner, Mark Peters — who served as treasurer on de Blasio’s mayoral campaign in 2013. 

de Blasio Appointed His Campaign Treasurer to Head DOI
Mark Peters is doing his friend a big favor,” ex-state Assemblyman Michael Benjamin said Friday, referring to de Blasio. “It just confirms what the ordinary worker in city government already knows when it comes to discipline: It’s about who you know.” Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, called it a cover-up by City Hall. “The disgusting part about it is they are sweeping everything under the rug, and I think that the integrity of the mayor’s office is now in question,” he told WABC radio. Mullins called Noerdlinger’s omission puzzling.* In his run for Brooklyn D.A. in 2005, Peters accused Hynesof cronyism   Mr. Peters accused Mr. Hynes of running an office that had lost personnel needed to prosecute crimes, "but found $300,000 to hire an old political friend of mine," a reference to Mr. Hynes's hiring of Howard Golden, the former borough president, for a $125,000-a-year position in the prosecutor's office. Mr. Golden served in that position for less than a year in 2002.

Conflit of Interest Board Also Pick By the Mayor Goes After Unconnect Poor Souls 

Has the Conflicts of Interest Board Ever Met Berlin Rosen or Any Other Lobbyists?
NYC Conflicts of Interest Board zaps workers for mixing public,private biz(NYDN)The COIB fined Kazembe Bediako, a longtime public employee, $3,000 for pursuing his personal writings -- mythological stories "filled with heart-stopping action" -- on department time and with city equipment.

Noerdlingher Stays Sharpton Wins
City Hall official Rachel Noerdlinger willl not face anydisciplinary action (NYDN)
Probe Finds No Wrongdoing on Part of Top Aide Who Lives WithConvict: Mayor | NBC New * New York Sargent's union president blasts de Blasio for Noerdlingerdecision(Capital) * At City Hall, Backstage Player Is Cast in Main Stage Uproar(NYT) Rachel Noerdlinger is at the center of a controversy that has rattled City Hall and raised concerns about the vetting of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s most senior aides.* Mayoral Aide Won’t Face Disciplinary Action (WSJ) * Unease grows between de Blasio and NYPD officers(WSJ) * Unease between NYPD, de Blasio grows, unions say (Newsday)
Sal Albanese ‏@SalAlbaneseNYC 

DEB double standard Fire Commish Sal Cassano was not retained bc son posted racist comments but Nordinger lives with cop hater but stays
NYT Says Smith Was Offered A Job Until Spitzer Relationship Became Clear
"Mayoral aides who declined to be named said Ms. Smith had not been up for any jobs before her relationship with Mr. Spitzer became public
But in January, she spoke with my colleague Ginia Bellafante, who laid out the events leading to the demise of her prospects in New York: She had negotiated a salary and duties and was working out a title. Then her relationship with Mr. Spitzer became public — a man the new mayor had scoffed at as a “child of the elite.”
Cuomo says @TheRevAl is the nation's rev al. #sharpton60 @HillaryClinton CALLS @theRevAl SHARPTON TO WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
$1 million raised @ @TheRevAl's bday party. #Sharpton60
Fredric U. Dicker ‏@fud31  
Is there a single prominent NY Dem who isn't figuratively kissing Al Sharpton's(much reduced)behind on his birthday?Hillary just weighed in!* De Blasio’s defense ofSharpton aide proves who’s in charge 

Daily News Reports On Teen Son Of Noerdlinger Facebook Hate Against Cops
Teen son of City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger wrotederogatory tweets about cops, whites and women(NYDN) ‘I’m convinced all white people are the devil,’ wrote Khari Noerdlinger, 17, on Twitter in August. His Twitter feed contained other insulting messages too, creating a PR nightmare for his mom, who’s the top aide to First Lady Chirlane McCray. Khari’s feed was taken down Tuesday after inquiries from the Daily News. His mom said she wasn’t aware of the tweets and called them ‘unacceptable.’Rachel Noerdlinger’s son, Khari, 17, tweeted in August that “I’m convinced all white people are the devil” and “That cop s--- pissed me off Pigs always killing people.” .@BilldeBlasio attending bday party tomorrow for @TheRevAl, according to his public schedule.*HILLARY CLINTON CALLS REV. AL SHARPTON TO WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY

de Blasio's Police War: Pro NYPD Side Strikes Back 

Honor New York’s finest (NYP Ed) Al Sharpton’s anti-NYPD march last month left a sour taste in the mouths of the many New Yorkers who truly appreciate the work cops do. Today these New Yorkers have an excellent opportunity to show it. Citizens in Support for All Law Enforcement Agencies is holding a rally of its own. This one is to honor New York’s Finest, particularly those who gave their lives in the line of duty. Count us delighted. For too long, cops have suffered unfair jabs from cynical self-promoters like Sharpton and ideologues like federal Judge Shira Scheindlin and Mayor de Blasio. * Mayor de Blasio has 'full faith' inwife's top aide Rachel Noerdlinger despite ex-con cop-bashing boyfriend (NYDN) The mayor defended Noerdlinger despite her relationship with Hassaun McFarlan, an ex-con who killed an 18-year-old when he was 15 and called cops 'pigs' on social media. De Blasio also brushed aside concerns that Noerdlinger’s position gives her access to police plans.

A Tale of Two NYPDs
Top adviser to de Blasio dates a cop-bashing killer(NYP) A top adviser to Mayor Bill de Blasio is in a live-in relationship with a convicted killer and drug trafficker who considers police officers “pigs” and continues to get in serious scrapes with the law, public records show. * Pro-police rally scheduled Saturday on Staten Island (NYP) A pro-cop rally on Staten Island Saturday is expected to draw several thousand participants to bolster support for the NYPD in the wake of last month’s angry protest over the death of Eric Garner. * New York State leads US inreducing crime rate: report (NYP) New York state led the US in reducing crime and incarceration rates over the past 20 years — largely due to a precipitous drop in crime in New York City, according to research from the PEW Charitable Trusts. * New York CitySlow to Publish Park Crime Statistics(WSJ) * NYPD Improperly Recorded Some Hate-Crime Data, Audit Found (WSJ) * NYPD Officer Remembered at Funeral (WSJ) * Audit: NYPD improperly recorded some bias data(AP) The de Blasio administration hasn’t complied with a new law requiring the disclosure of crime data in New York City’s 100 largest parks – information the mayor had pushed to be released before his election.* Civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel is suing the New York City Council for improperly firing analyst Artyom Matusov, who questioned data in a report presented to the legislative body by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, the New York Post reports:  * .@BilldeBlasio stands by aide who lives with cop-bashingkiller, but police union presidents question the wisdom. (DNAINFO)* NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio offered a strong defense of Rachel Noerdlinger, his wife’s chief of staff, one day a report that her live-in boyfriend has a lengthy criminal history.. compares s defense of to his dismissal of : * Civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel is suing the NYC Council for improperly firing analyst Artyom Matusov, who questioned data in a report by NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton.*The mayor's week ended with questions about the first lady's chief of staff. reports: * City Council members pushing BillBratton to appoint Latino as first deputy commissioner(NYDN) Councilman Antonio Reynoso (D-Williamsburg) wrote a letter — signed by him and eight other Hispanic Council members — making the demand after scrutinizing NYPD demographic data.*Brooklyn Residents to Protest Alleged Police BrutalityFollowing Video Leak(NY1)* Brooklyn Resident ProtestAlleged Police Brutality Following Video Leak (NY1) * Mayor Faces Questions About First Lady's Chief of Staff (NY1) * Mayoral aide Rachel Noerdlinger’s former boss, Rev. AlSharpton, supports relationship with ex-con beau (NYDN)
The NYP Continues the Story Thursday
Chirlane aide used son’sinjury to live in NJ, despite his recovery(NYP) City First Lady Chirlane McCray’s chief-of-staff won special approval to live in New Jersey by claiming her son suffered devastating physical injuries in two car crashes — even though the strapping kid had fully recovered and played linebacker for his high-school football team, The Post has learned.

NYPD, Commissioner Bratton, Chokehold and Garner's Death

It Is No Accident That Sharpton Held His 4 Seasons Birthday Party the Same Night As the Al Smith Dinner
Cuomo & de Blasio tornbetween church dinner, Sharpton’s birthday(NYP) Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio faced a holy dilemma Wednesday last night over whether to attend the Catholic Church’s Al Smith Dinner or the birthday bash of the man they really worship — Al Sharpton.  Cuomo was so eager to honor Sharpton on his 60th birthday that he ducked out in the middle of the Smith dinner at the Waldorf to greet The Rev and lavish praise him at the nearby Four Seasons restaurant.  De Blasio quickly changed out of his formal duds and dashed over to Sharpton’s party as soon as the New York Archdiocese’s Smith dinner ended, hailing Rev. Al as “a blessing for this city. “The more people criticize him, the more I want to hang out with him,” Hizzoner added. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand also rushed to Sharpton’s event as fast as she could, and couldn’t contain her enthusiasm.“God bless Al Sharpton, and many more [birthdays] to come,” she gushed. Sharpton’s shadow even extended over the Smith dinner, where billionaire Home Depot founder Ken Langone joked about the reverend while accepting an award. “I don’t see the person in charge of the NYPD up here — Al Sharpton,” he said. Top cop Bill Bratton, seated on the dais, cracked up. One Sharpton party attendee, Comptroller Scott Stringer bubbled with excitement as he arrived, saying: “I made the guest list!” 

Asked Cuomo why he went sharptons yesterday, if he felt obligated ... Gov said, "cuz it was his birthday" ‏(Newsday)
Cuomo, who spent about 30 minutes at Sharpton’s party before heading back to the Smith dinner, was castigated by GOP rival Rob Astorino for splitting his time between the events. State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli also went to Sharpton’s party after the Smith dinner — hosted by Timothy Cardinal Dolan — and hailed the rabble-rousing reverend: “I appreciate his friendship. I appreciate his good counsel. I appreciate his leadership for all people in our city and our state.” Hillary Rodham Clinton did not attend, but personally called to extend her apologies, Sharpton’s spokeswoman said. The Al Smith Dinner, which benefits needy kids, is traditionally a major event of the election season, drawing luminaries who include presidents and their challengers. Sharpton’s “Party for a Cause” doubled as a fund-raiser for his nonprofit National Action Network activist group, which previously had hosted his birthday parties at its Harlem headquarters. 

Forest City Ratner Ad in the Sharpton Birthday Program
The program listed big-bucks sponsors, including AT&T, Macy’s, the Forest City Ratner development firm and Viacom/BET Networks.* Rev. Al Sharpton throws star-studded 60th birthday bash at Manhattan hotel (NYDN) The civil rights activist and MSNBC host was loving the limelight as a steady stream of luminaries came by to shake hands and wish him a Happy Birthday.* As he's celebrated by Gov. Cuomo: "Sharpton...stillowes millions in back (NY) taxes."(NYP)* De Blasio’s defense of Sharpton aide proves who’s in charge(NYP)* Gov. Andrew Cuomo will hold public events for Senate Democrats in the coming weeks as his party tries to capture full control of the state Senate, a spokesman for the state Democratic committee said in an interview, State of Politicsreports:  * Days after Texas Gov. Rick Perry campaigned with him, Rob Astorino received support from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who penned a fundraising letter to supporters, the Daily News reports: * Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor Kathy Hochul said she plans to release her tax returns from the past five years and called on her Republican rival Chris Moss to do so as well, the Daily News reports:  * The conservative Cato Institute gave Cuomo a “B” grade on fiscal policy, ranking him among the highest Democratic governors in the country with only two others receiving such a lofty grade, Gannett Albany reports: *"Forest City Ratner Companies wishes Reverend Al Sharpton avery happy 60th birthday" (Capital)* Rev. Al Sharpton gets$1M in birthday gifts to help bail out his nonprofit (NYDN) A thick, glossy program distributed to guests who attended the lavish Four Seasons party Wednesday night lays out the companies that ponied up. ATT and the developer Forest City Ratner paid for full page ads at what was called the 'Activist Level.'* The untrustworthy menof God: how the (paid by Ratner) Revs. Daughtry and Sharpton twisted the truth (Atlantic Yards Report)Here are three ads from the brochure, from companies not known to be in lock-step with the city’s progressive establishment: Wal-MartForestCityRatner and McDonald's.

By the Way Rev. Sharpton is Not to Oct 3rd Friday

de Blasio Tries and Fails to Dump Noerdlinger Without Fingerprints to Not Piss Off Sharpton
Friday Update
New York CitySaid to Open Inquiry on Omission by First Lady’s Top Aide(NYT)City investigators have opened an inquiry into Rachel Noerdlinger, the chief of staff to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, over her failure to disclose during a background check that she shares a home with a boyfriend whose criminal record and statements against law enforcement have become the subject of controversy, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. The boyfriend, Hassaun McFarlan, who resides with Ms. Noerdlinger in EdgewaterN.J., has written provocative online posts criticizing the police and has a long record of arrests, including a conviction for manslaughter when he was a teenager and an episode last fall when he nearly ran over a New Jersey state trooper while driving Ms. Noerdlinger’s car. 

Media Which Publishes Leaks, and de Blasio Support for Team Sharpton, Does Not Report That the Noerdlinger Push Out is Being  Coordinated by the Mayor's Seals
Officials in the de Blasio administration have said Ms. Noerdlinger previously informed them about her relationship with Mr. McFarlan. But Ms. Noerdlinger did not include Mr. McFarlan as a cohabitant on a questionnaire required by the New York City Investigation Department, which performs formal background checks on senior City Hall appointees, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.* McCray aide didn’t disclose killer beau in background check(NYP)* New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s speech to top commanders is inarguably right, as was the statement of first principles in the wake of a series of videos that captured abusive cops in action, the Daily News writes:  

Bratton Broom Hits Bad Cops
TOUGH TALK FROM THE TOP COP: NYPD commish vows to rid police force of 'the brutal, the corrupt, the racist, the incompetent' following brutality incidents * Backing up his wordswith a disturbing video montage of police officers mistreating members of thepublic, Bratton said they have to face facts. Bratton polishes theshield  (NYDN ED) Kudos to the commissioner for bluntly declaring the NYPD no place for 'the brutal, the corrupt, the racist, the incompetent'* Commissioner Bratton:Oust Bad Cops (WSJ)* Report: DOI OpensInquiry into First Lady's Chief Of Staff(NY1)

More Winds of NYPD vs de Blasio War

NYP Keeps the McCray Story Going Thursday

Chirlane McCray’s chief-of-staff won special approval tolive in New Jerseyby claiming her son suffered physical injuries in two car crashes—even though he had fully recovered and played linebacker for his high-school football team
Thursday the de Blasio Take Over of CCRB Continues
In a major shakeup of the city’s police watchdog agency, the de Blasio administration appointed four new members to the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the New York Post writes: * The Internal Revenue Service has placed a $28,190 tax lien on the home of Rachel Noerdlinger—the de Blasio administration aide who has been under scrutiny for her live-in boyfriend’s criminal record and comments about police, the Observer reports: * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton at a meeting with 700 brass from the rank of captain and up drove home the point that the police force will not tolerate brutality with a video montage of beatings and other acts of violence toward suspects in NYPD custody, the Post reports: * The news that a top aide to de Blasio’s wife lives with a police-trashing ex-con is yet another chapter in the story of the mayor’s troubled relationship with New York City’s police unions, which flared up over stop and frisk and Eric Garner’s death and is heavily underscored by ongoing contract negotiations, the Observer reports:  *Police Commissioner William Bratton said Thursday that someof his officers are racists and he wants to fire them(NY1)

Did Bratton Make A Deal With Mayor to Dump Sharpton's Aid In Exchange to Getting Racist Cops Out of NYPD
Abusive cops are ‘poisoning the well': Bratton(NYP) Abusive cops are “poisoning the well,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton told a meeting of 700 NYPD bosses on Thursday — before showing a video montage of beatings, stompings and other violence against suspects. “There are some officers in the department, unfortunately, who should not be here,” Bratton said. “They are brutal, they are corrupt, and we work very aggressively to deal with that.”

This Background Check Info Had to Be Leaked By the Mayor's Office
Top aide to @BilldeBlasio did not reveal Noerdlinger lived with convicted killer on city disclosure forms - a violation

PBA is Also Pushing to Get Rid of Noerdlinger
Though Ms. McCray is her prime responsibility, Ms. Noerdlinger acts as a senior adviser to the entire administration, with a focus on civil rights and housing issues. She was part of a team that shaped the city’s response to the death of Eric Garner, a Staten Island man who died in police custody in July after apparently being placed in a chokehold. It was the aftermath of that episode, when Mr. de Blasio invited Mr. Sharpton to a forum with William J. Bratton, the police commissioner, that angered police unions, who accused the mayor of giving Mr. Sharpton too much sway over his public safety policies.  Patrick J. Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, said on Thursday that Ms. Noerdlinger “should be fired” if she was found to have omitted facts during her background check.

de Blasio's Police War: Pro NYPD Side Strikes Back 

Honor New York’s finest (NYP Ed) Al Sharpton’s anti-NYPD march last month left a sour taste in the mouths of the many New Yorkers who truly appreciate the work cops do. Today these New Yorkers have an excellent opportunity to show it. Citizens in Support for All Law Enforcement Agencies is holding a rally of its own. This one is to honor New York’s Finest, particularly those who gave their lives in the line of duty. Count us delighted. For too long, cops have suffered unfair jabs from cynical self-promoters like Sharpton and ideologues like federal Judge Shira Scheindlin and Mayor de Blasio. * Mayor de Blasio has 'full faith' inwife's top aide Rachel Noerdlinger despite ex-con cop-bashing boyfriend (NYDN) The mayor defended Noerdlinger despite her relationship with Hassaun McFarlan, an ex-con who killed an 18-year-old when he was 15 and called cops 'pigs' on social media. De Blasio also brushed aside concerns that Noerdlinger’s position gives her access to police plans.

A Tale of Two NYPDs
Top adviser to de Blasio dates a cop-bashing killer(NYP) A top adviser to Mayor Bill de Blasio is in a live-in relationship with a convicted killer and drug trafficker who considers police officers “pigs” and continues to get in serious scrapes with the law, public records show. * Pro-police rally scheduled Saturday on Staten Island (NYP) A pro-cop rally on Staten Island Saturday is expected to draw several thousand participants to bolster support for the NYPD in the wake of last month’s angry protest over the death of Eric Garner. * New York State leads US inreducing crime rate: report (NYP) New York state led the US in reducing crime and incarceration rates over the past 20 years — largely due to a precipitous drop in crime in New York City, according to research from the PEW Charitable Trusts. * New York CitySlow to Publish Park Crime Statistics(WSJ) * NYPD Improperly Recorded Some Hate-Crime Data, Audit Found (WSJ) * NYPD Officer Remembered at Funeral (WSJ) * Audit: NYPD improperly recorded some bias data(AP) The de Blasio administration hasn’t complied with a new law requiring the disclosure of crime data in New York City’s 100 largest parks – information the mayor had pushed to be released before his election.* Civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel is suing the New York City Council for improperly firing analyst Artyom Matusov, who questioned data in a report presented to the legislative body by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, the New York Post reports:  * .@BilldeBlasio stands by aide who lives with cop-bashingkiller, but police union presidents question the wisdom. (DNAINFO)* NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio offered a strong defense of Rachel Noerdlinger, his wife’s chief of staff, one day a report that her live-in boyfriend has a lengthy criminal history.. compares s defense of to his dismissal of : * Civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel is suing the NYC Council for improperly firing analyst Artyom Matusov, who questioned data in a report by NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton.*The mayor's week ended with questions about the first lady's chief of staff. reports: * City Council members pushing BillBratton to appoint Latino as first deputy commissioner(NYDN) Councilman Antonio Reynoso (D-Williamsburg) wrote a letter — signed by him and eight other Hispanic Council members — making the demand after scrutinizing NYPD demographic data.*Brooklyn Residents to Protest Alleged Police BrutalityFollowing Video Leak(NY1)* Brooklyn Resident ProtestAlleged Police Brutality Following Video Leak (NY1) * Mayor Faces Questions About First Lady's Chief of Staff (NY1) * Mayoral aide Rachel Noerdlinger’s former boss, Rev. AlSharpton, supports relationship with ex-con beau (NYDN)
The NYP Continues the Story Thursday
Chirlane aide used son’sinjury to live in NJ, despite his recovery(NYP) City First Lady Chirlane McCray’s chief-of-staff won special approval to live in New Jersey by claiming her son suffered devastating physical injuries in two car crashes — even though the strapping kid had fully recovered and played linebacker for his high-school football team, The Post has learned.

The Anti Police Forces Out Maneuvered Pro Cop March On Saturday

Hundreds of supporters rally in honor of NYPD(NYP)About 700 true-blue supporters gathered on Staten Island’s South Beach Saturday to honor NYPD officers.“I’ve been feeling for years that the media and government are not only not honoring officers, they’re not respecting them,” said Honor Our Police organizer Ken Peterson, a retired NYPD detective. New York City cops came out swinging Sunday against the Civilian Complaint Review Board’s report on New York City Police Department chokeholds, the Post
Sal Albanese ‏@SalAlbaneseNYC

"the job is shot" a law enforcement comment about morale of NYPD in DEB & @CommissBratton era

CCRB Leaked Their Chokehold Report Saturday?
New York Citypolice have a major chokehold problem: report(NYP) The NYPD has a chokehold problem, the Civilian Complaint Review Board claims in a shot-across-the-bow report ordered by the agency’s new president, civil-rights attorney Richard Emery. The 120-page report, prepared in response to the July death of arrestee Eric Garner on Staten Island and obtained exclusively by The Post, amps up the board’s Mayor de Blasio-sanctioned transformation into an agency that will aggressively investigate cops. Pitched as a “Vision Zero action plan,” a reference to the mayor’s Vision Zero plan to reduce traffic injuries and deaths, the report blasts the leaders of New York’s Finest for failing to discipline cops in all but the worst cases. * Scathing CCRB Report Condemns Alleged #NYPD ChokeholdLeniency (NY1) * The Chokehold Situation in NYC Is Not Good (NY Mag)

Thursday the de Blasio Take Over of CCRB Continues
In a major shakeup of the city’s police watchdog agency, the de Blasio administration appointed four new members to the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the New York Post writes:

 De Blasio aide’s killer beau writes sick, sexual blog comments(NYP)The convicted-killer boyfriend of First Lady Chirlane McCray’s top aide has been caught spewing sick thoughts about life in a series of disgusting blog posts that tout his love of violent sex and demean black women as frigid deadbeats. “Good sex is an adrenaline rush and so is being violent,” Hassaun McFarlan wrote using the handle “stop end frisk” on the blog Hip Hop News 24-7. “Are you turned on as well when a man plays rough with you?’’ McFarlan — the live-in beau of Rachel Noerdlinger, chief of staff to Mayor de Blasio’s wife — was outed last week as a convicted killer who has repeatedly called cops “pigs” over social media.* Learn from Al Sharpton(NYP)Give Al Sharpton his due: If there’s a rally for a cause he backs, he’s there. He knows the importance of the public square. What does this say about the mayor and police commissioner, who skipped Saturday’s pro-NYPD rally in Staten Island? Organizers took pains not to be political. * De Blasio supporting City Hall aide with ex-con beau after anotheraide was ‘exiled’ for dating ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, insiders say (NYDN) The mayor said Monday there was no double standard in his treatment of senior City Hall aide Rachel Noerdlinger — who is dating a man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter as a teen — and his campaign secretary Lis Smith, who was revealed to be dating disgraced former Gov. Eliot Spitzer in December. While de Blasio said Smith chose to leave, insiders say she was 'exiled' over he* * The ex-con boyfriend of First Lady Chirlane McCray's top aide doesn't just call cops "pigs" online—he also referred to whites as "crackers" and made graphic comments about sex and women, the Daily News reports:  * .@BilldeBlasio attending bday party tomorrow for @TheRevAl, according to his public schedule.* De Blasio Top AideNoerdlinger Urged Retaliation Against Police Union(freebeacon.)

NYP Keeps the McCray Story Going Thursday
Chirlane McCray’s chief-of-staff won special approval tolive in New Jerseyby claiming her son suffered physical injuries in two car crashes—even though he had fully recovered and played linebacker for his high-school football team

An Anti-Cop March Got More Coverage Saturday
Brooklyn Resident ProtestAlleged Police Brutality Following Video Leak(NY1)Residents of Sunset ParkBrooklyn march to protest police brutality in the wake of several videos showing violent arrests. It comes as police say an officer involved in one of the arrests has been placed on modified duty. Protesters marched from 46th Street and 5th Avenue to the 72nd police precinct station house. The march was sparked by two arrests caught on camera. One video shows a pregnant woman being pushed to the ground by a police officer.* Staten Island legislatorsaddress ‘honor our police’ rally (Capital) * Community group using high-end cameras to catch ‘bad cops’(NYP) * De Blasio said his decision to retain Rachel Noerdlinger as a City Hall staffer does not contradict his past move to reportedly stop press secretary Lis Smith from joining his administration after newspapers reported she was dating former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, the Observer reports:

Deputy Mayor McCray  

First Lady Chirlane McCray sits in on high-level NYPDmeeting, highlighting her unusual involvement in city government (NYDN)  McCray said she wanted to learn more about the Police Department when she sat in on a CompStat meeting at 1 Police Plaza. It’s not uncommon for outsiders to attend meetings on the NYPD’s crime-reporting and tracking system, but McCray’s presence is an example of her unusual participation in government as First Lady.

FIRST FAMILY -- “Chirlane McCray Becomes Only First Lady to Attend NYPD Crime Stats Meeting,” by DNAinfo’s Murray Weiss: The city's first lady Chirlane McCray and her son, Dante de Blasio, have quietly attended NYPD Compstat meetings at which top brass grilled supervisors and detective commanders about criminal activity in their precincts ... The mayor’s wife sat through a three-hour session last Thursday at Police Headquarters where NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks and other top officials quizzed supervisors from Brooklyn South ...
“The first lady was joined by several aides, including her chief of staff Rachel Noerdlinger, who previously served as chief spokesperson for the Rev. Al Sharpton. ... Dante de Blasio ... has also attended a Compstat meeting — his focused on The Bronx and occurred while he was interning with Deputy Mayor Anthony Shorris during the summer.”

BdB says he is OK with protesters breaking law and marching without permit. Condones civil disobedience. *De Blasio says he’s fully behind his wife’s attendance at a closed-door NYPD meeting and “encouraged” her to attend because she’s his most important adviser * Rudy Giuliani defends First Lady's NYPD visit(NYDN)

Emery Movers to Take Over CCRB
Tosano Simonetti, 81, was shown the door after he and other Civilian Complaint Review Board members had increasing complaints about new Chair Richard Emery, the sources said Tuesday.

Bratton Boxes de Blasio In (need factor) Takes Over NYPD Dares Mayor to Fire Him
The data used by New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton to show a two-decade decline in the use of force by officers has come under question by analysts, the Times reports: 

Bratton forcing his second in command out of NYPD(NYP) NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is forcing out the department’s second-highest-ranking official who once lobbied for his job, sources told The Post on Monday. First Deputy Commissioner Rafael Pineiro told staffers Monday that he will be leaving effective Oct. 31, after more than 40 years with the department. “Bratton asked him to leave,” said one source familiar with the situation, adding that the commissioner had always intended to replace him after taking over nine months ago.* The Police Benevolent Association of New York State law enforcement union made state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's re-election effort its first-ever statewide endorsement, the Times Union reports:  * Policing the police-bashers(NYP)One possible reform, says PBA President Patrick Lynch, is legal consequences for those who file baseless complaints. Other New York jurisdictions require that complaints be signed under penalty of perjury.* City ramps up war on crime in 15 toughest NYCHA developments (NYDN) The City Council Public Housing Committee, which is to hold hearings Tuesday on the NYCHA anti-crime campaign, found that while crime at public housing citywide has fallen slightly since January, some of the 15 developments continue to see a stubborn upswing.NYC religious leaders, including Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the Rev. Al Sharpton, met to discuss how to strengthen relations between local communities and the cops after the death of Staten Island dad Eric Garner.* Law and Disorder: A View on Broken Windows from Journal Square (City Limits) * Brooklyn Councilwoman:Bratton Doesn’t Understand Broken Windows * Mayor de Blasio’s plan to clean up crime at NYCHA projectsis ‘not a one-shot deal’: (NYDN) official Elizabeth Glazer, director of criminal justice for the mayor, made the vow Tuesday at a City Council hearing in Brooklyn to discuss the spike in crime at NYCHA developments since 2009.First Deputy Police Commissioner Rafael Pineiro was stunned to hear that NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton wanted him to retire to make way for a new second in command – a decision that reportedly had de Blasio’s blessing.
Bratton denied there was any animosity between himself and Pineiro, but said: “With time marching on, changes occur, personnel changes and organizational changes.”* De Blasio Administration Touts Reduced Crime in PublicHousing * The de Blasio administration announced yesterday that its $210.5 million investment in anti-crime measures for the New York City Housing Authority was already paying off, with officials claiming a 14.4 percent reduction in crime in public housing, the Observer reports:  * New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said he has no information suggesting any terrorist plot to target the city—just a day after warning that websites affiliated with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria were encouraging followers to attack Times Square, the Observer reports: 

Is the City Unsafer When the Mayor and Top Cop Not Close? 

Or is the Public Distance Made Up to Allow Bratton to Remain Close to His Cops and Not Look Like de Blasio's Puppet?
Bill zings ’em(NYDN Ed)  Bratton flies solo. It used to be true that no city commissioner would dare announce that his or her agency needed a major budget boost without being in sync with the mayor. Then came Bill Bratton and Bill de Blasio. While insisting he is as close to the mayor as Bert is to Ernie, the NYPD chief told the City Council he needed to expand the force by 1,000 cops (figure $70 million-plus a year), plus he had to get more funding to pay for the enhanced training he’s about to do. In no position to publicly spank his top cop — not when last month was the safest August in recorded NYPD history — de Blasio responded ever so mildly that he’ll decide Bratton’s bucks when the time comes.

Everyone See What They Want From Bratton's General Statements 
NYT Connects Bratton's Call For 1000 More Cops As An Acknowledgement That the Department Needs Changing 
Interpreting Bratton
The New York City police commissioner has acknowledged that the culture of his department needs changing.*  De Blasio finally asks feds for security clearance(NYP)* Eric Garner supporters hold vigil, call for feds to takeover investigation into choking death by NYPD cop (NYDN)
Activists and family members took to the streets of Staten Island demanding justice after the 43-year-old father was killed after an illegal chokehold by NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo.
There’s mutiny afoot at the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the NYPD watchdog group. Board members have launched a not-so-secret effort to oust executive director Tracy Catapano-Fox.Her position has become increasingly at risk in the months since Mayor de Blasio took office promising to shake up the $12.7 million agency, and appointed Richard Emery to replace the chairman who had hired her, Daniel Chu.* Garner Family Attends Birthday Rally on Staten Island (NY1)* City religious leaders including Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the Rev. Al Sharpton met Monday to discuss how to strengthen relations between local communities and the cops after the death of Staten Island dad Eric Garner, the Post reports: 
NYPD's second-highest-ranking official is stepping down(NYP) Friday Bratton’s Numbers on Use of Force by New York Police RaiseQuestions (NYT) The data, heralded by Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, present a complex picture of the physical interactions on city streets and cast doubt on the way force is recorded by officers.
Sal Albanese ‏@SalAlbaneseNYC
@nypmetro @nypost @CommissBratton beginning to realize DEB needs him around to shield him from the lack of respect rank & file have for him
More About the NYPD, Commissioner Bratton, Chokeholds and Garner's Death 

NYT Detached From NYPD Crisis Looks At Sharpton

A Slimmed-Down Al Sharpton Savors an Expanded Profile(NYT) From an overweight Brooklyn firebrand clad in track suits and draped in medallions, the Rev. Al Sharpton has transformed himself into the White House’s civil rights leader of choice.

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