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Why is Crime Up . . . More Cops 574


NYT Crime in the Parks Up Don't Worry . . . 
The Times writes that New Yorkers should not be worried about an analysis showing crime has increased in parks, and that after years of increasing safety, New Yorkers have rediscovered the ability to be shocked by crime, not numbed by it.  

Back to the 70's A Cop On Every Train to Stop Slashing In Manhattan Cannot Arrests the Pissers 

Arresteddevelopment: The City Council meddles in and micromanages public safety (NYDN) Under routine practice, cops would arrest a person found to have an outstanding warrant for an offense such as an unpaid ticket for public drinking.

Starting March 7, the NYPD will no longer arrest people for minor infractions in Manhattan (DNAINFO) * Memo reveals NYPD keeping close tabs on spike in slashings (NYP) * Decriminalization of quality-of-life offenses may not last: Bratton (NYP) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton left the door open Wednesday to rolling back a new initiative designed to cut arrests for drinking and urinating in public, saying he’d turn up the dial on aggressive policing if the new, more laissez-faire approach didn’t work. “If things were to begin to change, we have the ability to start increasing our enforcement activity,” Bratton said at a press conference in Brooklyn.  “Like a doctor that you go to, we are constantly monitoring through Compstat where things need to be adjusted.” Just a day before, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. announced he wouldn’t prosecute suspects for the quality-of-life offenses.  The DA’s plan drew written endorsements from both Mayor de Blasio and Bratton, but also the ire of critics like the Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald, who described it as a sign that public disorder “will grow even worse.”* A proposal to reduce arrests for minor offenses such as public drinking that was unveiled by the de Blasio administration is receiving a rough reception from some members of the New York City Council. * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton left the door open to rolling back an initiative designed to cut arrests for drinking and urinating in public, saying he’d turn up the dial on policing if the more laissez-faire approach didn’t work, the Post reports:  *  Members of the New York City Council aren’t happy that Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito was left out of the formation of the new policy from the city, the NYPD and the Manhattan district attorney, the Journal writes: * The NYPD is preparing to expand its body camera program, with a plan to deploy 1,000 cameras this summer, as a pilot program that saw one precinct use 54 of the recording devices is winding down, The Wall StreetJournal reports: ***NYPD putting a cop on every subway to combat slashings (NYP) While Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and Mayor de Blasio have tried to downplay the recent rash of subway slashings, the NYPD is putting a cop on every train at night — and patrolling each one car-by-car — to address the frightening trend, police sources said on Tuesday.  “That’s what we used to do,” a police source said, referring to the 1980s and ’90s. “It’s omnipresence. This way, people never know when or where the cops are going to be. When people don’t see the police, the inmates are running the asylum. They don’t see any authority.” The Manhattan Transit Task Force will be pull 60 cops from around the city for the overnight train duty as early as the end of the week, sources said. * De Blasio wants Manhattan’sloose new booze and urine rules to spread to all boroughs 

NYPD Rikers More Subway Slashings Updates
Overall crime was up last month in NYC, but the NYPD is touting a drop in murders and shootings so far this year.
Remembering Officer Edward Byrne
ROOKIE COP DEAD: NYPD Officer Edward Byrne is gunned down while guarding drug witness in Queens in 1988 (NYDN) WHAT A COP-OUT! NYPD captain clocked out, ended workday minutes after 2 Brooklyn cops were shot in line of duty — now faces demotion (NYDN) * Judge orders unsealing of NYPD summons info for quota lawsuit (NYDN) * SHUT IT DOWN: Melissa Mark-Viverito says opposing her plan to close Rikers Island is ‘ridiculous’ (NYDN) *  City Poll: Most NYC Residents Believe NYPD is Racially Biased (NY1) * NYPD Investigates Latest Subway Slashing (NY1)* It just keeps happening with random crazed attacks on NewYorkers (NYDN) * Bratton praises transit cops who used smartphones to nab murder suspect on Brooklyn subway platform (NYDN) * 2 men slashed near Flatiron District club (NYDN) The Daily News writes that while police officers deserve the generous pensions they receive to ensure they’re made whole financially if injured on the job, that status should be made public to prevent the abuse of the system: *The NYPD is wrapping up a pilot program that outfitted officers with body cameras, taking the 54 recording devices off city streets in the coming weeks as it prepares to expand to 1,000 cameras this summer.

For 25 Years the NYPD Has Been Trying to Fix Subway Police Radio's  
Radio Upgrade to Link New York Officers in Subway and on Street (NYT) A move to improve communications for the police comes after decades of delays.* More than 20 years after an agreement was signed to do so, a new plan to have all NYC officers use the same radio frequency bandwidth was announced by the police and leaders of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

DA Vance Joins Speakers Quality of Life Piss Party
The Manhattan district attorney will no longer prosecute quality-of-life offenses such as public urination, drinking in public, littering and misdeeds in the subway — and even those with outstanding warrants would avoid jail. The new, free-pass policy was announced late Tuesday with written endorsements from Police Commissioner Bratton and Mayor de Blasio. Cyrus Vance Jr. said his office will now just issue summonses for such non-violent offenses, which he estimated will divert 10,000 cases a year from Manhattan Criminal Court. The unilateral policy shift seemed to embrace Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito’s January proposal for sweeping legislation to decriminalize non-violent offenses city-wide, which has yet to be put up for a vote. Law-and-order critics immediately slammed the move, saying it repeals the “Broken Windows” policy implemented by Bratton in the 1990s during his first stint as police commissioner under then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani.For her part, Mark-Viverito applauded Vance’s move but said a consistent city-wide law is needed to remove potentially hundreds of thousands of low-level , non-violent offenses from the court docket. Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson said, “I applaud this effort,” but declined to say whether he would do the same. The Queens and Staten Island DA’s offices declined comment.* Manhattan DA hands another win to the cop-bashers — with Bill Bratton’s support (NYP) The Post writes that the new policy announced by the Manhattan district attorney and the NYPD to halt the prosecution of low-level crimes in the borough is a sign of retreat by police commissioner Bill Bratton and a victory for “cop-bashers”*  The new program, announced jointly with Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, will allow police officers to increase their use of discretion and the DA's office will no longer prosecute quality of life violations unless the public is at risk, Vance's office announced Tuesday. "Through this initiative, we are devoting our resources to best protect and serve New Yorkers," Vance said in a statement. "By ensuring courts are not unnecessarily bogged down with minor offenses committed by those who pose no threat to public safety, we help focus police and prosecutorial resources on those who commit serious crimes." The new directive, which will only impact Manhattan, will take effect by next Monday. (Politico) -- Daily News headline: "Littering, public urination and other minor offenses in Manhattan will lead to summons and not arrest" * -- Observer's Jillian Jorgensen: "[I]f someone has an open summons warrant-let's say they didn't pay their summons the last time they got caught littering and then they get stopped for that again-they'll be 'detained,' according to the DA's office, and brought to court to face a judge on that summonses and the new one. But they won't be arrested." QUOTE OF DAY: "By ensuring courts are not unnecessarily bogged down with minor offenses committed by those who pose no threat to public safety, we help focus police and prosecutorial resources on those who commit serious crimes." -- Cy Vance, via WSJ: 


As Subway Sex Crimes Rise  . . . 
Sex Crimes on the Subway Are on the Rise (NYT)Cellphone cameras and social media have given women in New York City a tool to fight back, and the police department has begun training more female officers to work the cases.*  MTA agrees to dedicate unit to keeping chronic subway criminals out (NYDN)

Up To Date Crime Stats Block by Block
You now have access to the same crime stats the NYPD uses (NYP) The NYPD unveiled a new website that allows the public to view block-by-block crime data in more detail than ever before, and lets beat cops know about crime hotspots in real time.*New York City officials unveiled a digital version of Compstat that will give the public access to most of the current NYPD crime statistics and will be available to beat cops through smart phones, the Post reports:   The Daily News writes that the Compstat 2.0 unveiled by NYPD Commissioner William Bratton promises strides in crime-fighting by giving officers’ data on their mobile devices, because information is power:* With a tap of your phone or a click of a mouse you can now find out exactly what crimes are occurring in your neighborhood even the date and time they happened by using the NYPD’s new CompStat 2.0 website.

The Corruption of the NYClASS PAC in the 2013 Election Created An Alternative Crime Future for NYC

The bad old days of NYC are back (NYP) Curtis Sliwa, 61, leads a platoon of 12 men through the grimy 181st Street subway station in Washington Heights. The squad, all clad in matching red jackets and berets, board the last car of the 1 train. “This is where bad guys meet and scheme,” says Sliwa.  Sliwa started the Angels in 1979. He was working as the night manager of a Bronx McDonald’s at the time, and was sickened by the rampant subway violence.The Angels now have more than 5,000 volunteer members in cities around the world. In recent decades, the group has focused its crime-fighting energy outside of New York, but, lately, Sliwa has been increasing his efforts in NYC. In the past six months, 68 new recruits have been brought on to the local branch, which previously had less than 100 members.* NYPD Releases Photo Of SoHoSlashing Suspect (Gothamist) * Why the spike in slashings has New York worried (NYP Ed)* 'FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN': Elderly ex-con stabbed 22-year-old man to death in Brooklyn because he felt disrespected (NYDN) *  Brooklyn cop slashed in face while trying to break up fight in Brownsville (NYDN) * The NYPD is investigating lifesaving techniques taught at the police academy after officers testified in a manslaughter trial that they had not been properly trained and did feel prepared to administer CPR, The WallStreet Journal reports:  * The NYPD is examining whether sergeants who took a made-up promotional exam for lieutenant positions after they passed at a rate eight times higher than those who took the original test, the Post reports:  *  The NYPD is investigating the lifesaving techniques taught to an academy class in the wake of testimony in the manslaughter trial of former Officer Peter Liang that they hadn’t been properly trained. *  The NYPD is investigating a cheating scandal involving sergeants who took a make-up promotional exam for lieutenant and passed at a rate eight times higher than those who took the original test.

Is Bratton More Concerned About Public Image vs. Public Safety?
Bratton’s more concerned about public image vs. public safety (NYP) The city’s top cop wants rank-and-file officers to ask themselves what the public would think before using force, police sources said Sunday. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton asked his higher-ups to read several news articles before they attend a seminar Monday on the department’s new use-of-force guidelines. The articles assigned to the brass include a piece from the Web site governing.com about a report from the Police Executive Research Forum outlining 30 guiding principles on use of force that departments can voluntarily adopt. The report calls for cops to weigh whether the general public would view their use of force as proportional to the threat posed. One of the tips advises threatened officers to “pull back.” “When engaging a person with an edged weapon, officers should sometimes pull back to keep a safe distance,” the article states, pointing out that, instead, “many academies teach cadets to hold their ground and open fire out of self-defense.” The national law-enforcement group also advises cops to “first weigh the severity of the response (firing a gun) against the severity of the threat posed by the person.” One source ripped that advice. “That’s ridiculous,” the police source said. “The public is not the expert. The NYPD guidelines were announced in October in the wake of high-profile police confrontations, including the police takedown of innocent tennis player James Blake, the deadly arrest of Eric Garner on Staten Island and the fatal shooting of Akai Gurley in an East New York housing project. Officer Peter Liang was convicted in Brooklyn court on Feb. 11 of manslaughter for killing Gurley.* NYPD anti-terror chief to Apple: Just open iPhone already (NYP) * Multiple knife attacks reported in The Bronx, Brooklyn (NYP) * Elected officials urge city to create new police precinct inSoutheast Queens (DNAINFO)

Cop Found Guilty of Manslaughter of Akai Gurley 
NYPD Officer Peter Liang was convicted of manslaughter for killing an unarmed Akai Gurley in the stairwell of a Brooklyn housing project in a case that highlighted concerns over police accountability, the Times reports: * The Daily News writes that while there can be no satisfaction after such a tragedy, the conviction of Liang, the NYPD officer who shot and killed a man in a dark housing project stairwell, is a just outcome in a terrible situation:*

Jury convicted PeterLiang of killing Akai Gurley because they believed there was no reason for hisfinger to be on gun’s trigger (NYDN) * Activists say officer's shooting conviction no bellwether Newsday *  STAIRWAY TO PRISON: NYPD rookie cop Peter Liang convicted of manslaughter in death of Akai Gurley in Brooklyn housing project, faces up to 15 years behind bars (NYDN) * News says tragic justice served in manslaughter conviction of NYPD cop for Akai Gurley's killing (NYDN) * Peter Liang — the NYPD officer who in 2014 shot blindly into a darkened public housing stairwell in Brooklyn where Akai Gurley was standing, striking and killing him — was found guilty of 2nd degree manslaughter and other charges. * “This bad verdict will have a chilling ­effect on police officers across the city because it criminalizes a tragic accident,” said PBA President Patrick Lynch.

Federal Grand Jury Starts Hearing Garner Case Evidence
Federal Grand Jury Begins Hearing Evidence in Eric Garner Case (NYT) Prosecutors presented evidence in the death of Mr. Garner, who died after being placed in a chokehold by a police officer. A Staten Island grand jury declined to indict the officer in 2014.* Feds present evidence in Eric Garner civil rights case(NYP) * * Sources said federal prosecutors have begun presenting evidence in the police choking death of Eric Garner to a grand jury, which will weigh whether Garner’s civil rights were violated, the Daily News reports: * LOOKING FOR JUSTICE: Feds begin presenting evidence to grand jury in civil rights violations case against NYPD officers involved in Eric Garner's choking death (NYDN)

Unbroken "Quality Of Life" Windows As Speaker Seeks to Wipe Out 700,000 Warrants

Cops Mark-Viverito's Amnesty Promotes Crime
Cops say plan to wipe out warrants will ‘promote crime’ (NYP) “The summonses are an investigative clue for more serious crimes,” explained the detective, who requested anonymity. “You have probable cause to grab him based on the pissing warrant. We can grab him and talk to him. They bring him in and say, ‘Hey, that’s the guy they were looking for for murder.’ ” Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins warrant amnesty would send the wrong message. “What they’re doing is promoting additional quality-of-life crimes,” he said.* The Post writes that Mark-Viverito’s proposal to offeramnesty to 700,000 New Yorkers with outstanding warrants for low-level crimes is a big mistake that will bring the city back “to the dark days when New York was the national symbol of urban squalor and decay”:* In a State of the City address titled “More Justice,” NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito outlined a plan to reinvent the city’s criminal justice system and target some of the most systematically troubled parts of the city’s legal infrastructure.*

Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is expected to unveil plans during her State of the City speech today to grant amnesty for outstanding New York City warrants issued for small crimes
City Council plans to wipe out 700,000 warrants (NYP) Scofflaws who’ve ignored tickets for boozing in public, urinating in the streets and other quality-of-life offenses have no reason to behave now — City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito is announcing legislation today to wipe out more than 700,000 outstanding warrants for the low-level misdeeds. The free passes will also be handed out to people nailed for disorderly conduct, breaking park rules, idling a vehicle, creating unreasonable noise and littering. Mark-Viverito is unveiling the measure, which grant amnesty for nearly half of the city’s 1.5 million outstanding warrants, in her State of the City speech. “Our support for the NYPD and our efforts to improve the criminal-justice system are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they go hand in hand.” Mark-Viverito successfully pushed for an increase in the number of police officers last year. But she and fellow council members have also come under fire from critics who say that many of the legislators’ ideas would hamper cops’ ability to get criminals off the streets. “Densely populated cities like ours require that everyone act in a civil manner, or our neighborhoods will become virtual cesspools,” said Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.“Lack of enforcement of quality-of-life laws endangers the health and welfare of everyone and makes the city a less attractive place to live, work or visit.” Councilman Steven Matteo (R-Staten Island) argued that there should still be “a cost to breaking the law.” Last month, Mark-Viverito proposed a series of council bills that would decriminalize quality-of-life offenses, in part, she said, because blacks and Hispanics are arrested at higher rates than whites

Sleepless On the Subways

As the Mayor Campaigns Uninvited in Iowa the Guardian Go Back to Patrolling the Subways

Subway riders beg the Guardian Angels to protect them again (NYP)  The city Sunday saw its sixth and seventh subway slashings in less than a month — and the terrifying spree has inspired the Guardian Angels to resume patrols not seen since the Big Apple’s bad old days. For the first time since 1994, the red-berete-wearing Angels will maintain a regular night-and-day presence in the subways, group founder Curtis Sliwa said. The teams of 12 volunteers will take two shifts, one running from the afternoon until 7 a.m., and another from the morning into the afternoon.*STALKER: Blaz d CORN oor-knocks in Iowa for Hillary even after her 'no thanks' — but some question if he's just wasting time (NYDN)  NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken pains to maintain a low profile while stumping for Clinton in Iowa. He kept his aides, the news media and even his security detail at a distance, often knocking on doors in the company of only his wife, Chirlane McCray. * The Clinton campaign accepted de Blasio’s offer to do basic door-to-door work in Iowa, even after initially rebuffing him, and said he could perhaps act as a surrogate for her in New Hampshire before that state’s primaries.* The city yesterday saw its sixth and seventh subway slashings in less than a month — and the terrifying spree has inspired the Guardian Angels to resume patrols not seen since the Big Apple’s bad old days.* De Blasio on Sanders' movement vs. Clinton’s accomplishment (PoliticoNY) * Despite a series of #subway slashings, @CommissBratton will announce January the safest month in NYC's history. * 6 people have been slashed on New York City's subway so far this year:(NY Mag) * De Blasio and Clinton orbits weren't thrilled with mayor's Iowa trip. He knockedmany doors but didn't see Clinton: (WSJ)
This is a mayor who is a top operative, who understands optics, who just enabled a series of stories that make him look downtrodden

Another Subway Shashing 

NYC Has Become A Drug Warehouse for Heroin Smuggled Over the Mexican Border
Record-breaking amount of heroin seized in NYC last year (NYP) “New York drug law enforcement has pooled and readied resources for battle on the front lines against drug traffickers who are using New York City as a heroin warehouse.” According to Hunt’s agency, New York City serves as the largest narco-hub in the US after the heroin is smuggled over the Mexican border. The drug is then processed at heroin mills around the city and distributed upstate and to surrounding states in the northeast, where overdose rates are on the rise. The scourge of heroin use has increased significantly over the past few years as drug dealers look to fill the void left by an ever-decreasing — and more expensive — supply of prescription painkillers. Just last week, DEA agents found around $14 million worth of heroin when they stopped two men suspiciously driving separate trucks around the snow filled street of Queens during Winter Storm Jonas.*  New York City Police Reorganizing to Focus More on Gangs (NYT) The new strategy began as a pilot program meant to give local commanders direct access to resources in the department’s specialized units.*  NYPD shakes up Mafia investigation unit (NYP) The NYPD is finally dumping the unit responsible for investigating the mafia. The Organized Crime Control Bureau will be a thing of the past under the department’s strategic reorganization that goes into effect citywide in March, officials said. “What we’re moving towards is a unified investigations model,” NYPD Chief of Department James O’Neill said during a briefing at NYPD headquarters at One Police Plaza in lower Manhattan. “In each Patrol Borough there’s going to be an investigations chief and reporting to that investigations chief is going to be the precinct detective squads, Narco, Gang and Vice,” he said.

Bratton Nothing to See Here On the 10th Slash Victim This Month

NYPD Tells the MTA to Ban Career Criminals?
Bratton says we just had safest January everdespite spike in assaults (NYP)

The NYPD’s unprecedented plan to stop rampant subway crime (NYP) The NYPD wants to take the unprecedented step of banning career criminals who repeatedly target straphangers from the city’s transportation system, The Post has learned. NYPD brass said at a Manhattan South Compstat meeting Friday that they would ask the MTA to consider the plan after a rash of underground attacks— although the agency has previously cited legal issues with such a ban, according to law-enforcement sources.*  Bill Bratton said he and Mayor de Blasio were 'joined at the hip' on law enforcement issues while attending American Justice Summit (NYDN) * State presses city on homelessshelter security after two stabbings in four days   via @Newsday

Bratton rides the subways with other cops, declares them safe (NYP) * Subway ‘machete slasher’ turns himself into police (NYP) String of slashings has subway riders on edge (NYP) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said after riding the rails between Times Square and City Hall that city subways are “very safe” despite a recent uptick in subway violence, adding that he didn’t see any reason to worry, the Post reports: * SUBWAY SLASH NIGHTMARE: 71-year-old woman cut with razor to the face while riding on D train in Manhattan (NYDN) *One of the last gun-possession arrests made by Randolph Holder, a New York police officer who was killed in the line of duty last year, remained intact after a state judge denied a request by the defense to exclude the weapon from evidence.*  NYC Subway Attacks Come Amid Rise in Stabbings (WSJ) A string of high-profile subway attacks, including the slashing of a 71-year-old woman’s face, comes amid a 15% increase in slashings and stabbings in New York City over this time last year, officials said Wednesday.* Spate of Random Subway Slashings Has Straphangers on Edge via @Dnainfo * Post: "CUT AND RUN: New slasher strikes fear in subways" -- Daily News: "Another subway slasher on loose after machete hit" -- Metro: "CUT IT OUT! New Yorkers disgusted and frightened by recent spate of subway slashing"

The 27 Less Traffic Deaths Get A Press Release Not the 15 More Murders 
 'VISION ZERO IS SAVING LIVES': Mayor de Blasio says policy is working as traffic fatalities and pedestrian deaths fall in 2015 (NYDN) As 2015 ended, the number of traffic fatalities dropped to 230 from 257 in 2014, officials said Friday, touting Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero street safety agenda.

NYC 2015 Murder Rate Up 4.5%
Teen’s death caps off city’s murder-plagued 2015 (NYP) The murder rate in the Big Apple increased by 4.5 percent in 2015 — with the last killing unfolding in Queens just before the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, authorities said Friday. Jihad Jackson, 16, was discovered dead late Thursday outside a building at Merrick Boulevard and 109th Avenue at 11:47 p.m., cops said.  The NYPD’s most recent CompStat figures show that there were 348 murders as of Dec. 31, up from 333 in 2014, cops said.

The City Has Lost Dozens of Homeless Sex Offenders 
Dozens of sex offenders who officially reside at the notorious Bellevue Men’s Shelter don’t really live there, according to the de Blasio administration, and the public has no way of knowing where they are, thePost writes: 

Gang Banger Shot Cop Last Night
Cop Shot While Responding To Large Fight In The Bronx (Gothamist) Earlier this morning, an anti-crime unit police officer was shot in the ankle in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said that Sherrod Stuart and his partner were "respond[ing] to numerous 911 calls reporting a large fight in the street with guns, bats, and knives at 2505 3rd Avenue."The incident occurred at around 2:10 a.m., and Stuart is now recovering at Lincoln Hospital. Bratton said at press conference. Bratton identified the suspect as Christopher Rice, 19, and said that the investigation so far "indicates that this subject has a criminal history of five prior arrests, including an arrest just yesterday on a charge of fare beating, a charge in which he was released from court at 11p.m. last night—three hours before the shooting."

Why Isn't the City Council Holding Hearing to Find the Reason for the Delay in Notifying the Bronsville Community On the Gang Rape?  

Failure to tell mayor among NYPD missteps in Brooklyngang rape case (NYP) * NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said “there’s no denying” he and the department should have more promptly released information about an alleged rape in a Brownsville playground, the Times reports: 
A de Blasio spokesman said he believes the Brownsville community should have been notified sooner about the alleged rape of a woman and that the he instructed the NYPD to do this more quickly in the future, the Times reports:  The Post writes that NYPD Commissioner William Bratton can only ease fears in the wake of an alleged rape in Brooklyn with action, not words, especially ill-considered ones about women using the “buddy system” to avoid assault: * New York City police were hunting yesterday for a fifth teenager they believed took part in a gunpoint rape of an 18-year-old woman last week at a Brooklyn playground, as de Blasio said police should have informed the public sooner about the crime.* -- WSJ's  "The woman was assaulted at about 9 p.m. Thursday, and the New York Police Department issued its first news release on the matter around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, though the mayor's office said Mr. de Blasio didn't learn about the incident until Sunday." *  SHOULD'VE ACTED QUICKER: Bratton says NYPD didn't alert community fast enough to Brooklyn playground gang rape as last of five suspects is in handcuffs (NYDN)

Crime Still Growing At NYCHA Despite de Blasio Plan to Improve Security 
Crime remains anissue at some dangerous NYCHA projects despite Bill de Blasio’s plan to improvesecurity (NYDN) Mayor de Blasio's multi-million dollar plan to tamp down crime in NYCHA developments is missing the mark on some of the city's most dangerous projects, a new report released Monday shows. De Blasio's strategy, dubbed the Mayor's Action Plan, steers more cops and money into 15 NYCHA developments tagged back in June 2014 by the NYPD as the most dangerous in the city. But criminal activity is a moving target, so seven of the targeted 15 have experienced such a drop in major crime that they're no longer on the list. Meanwhile, the number of major crimes at seven other developments in the Bronx and Brooklyn have pushed them on to the list of the 15 most dangerous in the city. The problem is these seven new arrivals are not part of the Mayor's Action Plan, according to an analysis by Ritchie Torres, chairman of the city council's public housing committee. That includes Sotomayor Houses in the Bronx, which experienced an 86% crime spike this year, and Tilden Houses in Brooklyn, which saw a 71% jump.

Murder Up in Our Safest Year In History
‘Safer’ New York City on pace for more murders than 2014 (NYP) New Yorkers have found plenty of reasons and ways to kill each other in 2015 — which is on a pace to cap off the city’s first year-to-year spike in murders since 2010, according to NYPD data obtained by The Post. There were 318 slayings through Sunday night, 20 more than during the same period in 2014, pushing the city toward 350 murders through Dec. 31 — about 5 percent more than last year’s 333
Why is Crime Up . . .. * Assaults on subway riders, workers up dramatically (NYP) * Felony assaults on the subways are up 17 percent this year, new NYPD figures show. Angry riders are using whatever they can get their hands on, including knives, guns, pipes, bottles, umbrellas, chains, brass knuckles — even a painting canvas and tote bag.

The NYT Should Have "New York" Forcibly Remove From Its Name
City Room, a Blog With a Broad Mandate, Is Retiring (NYT)  The result was City Room. It debuted on June 14, 2007, “a news blog of live reporting, features and reader conversations about New York City.” Now, eight years, 20,000 posts, 425,000 reader comments and perhaps 100 million clicks later, City Room has an announcement to make: This is our last post. The reasons are mostly boring journalism-business stuff. In 2007, blogs were the wave of the future. At its blogmaniacal peak, The Times had about 80 of them.

But Times blogs run on a different publishing platform from the rest of the Times website, and eventually we realized they were creating a lot of extra work. Now The Times has only about 20 active blogs.*Shuttering of City Room blog reflects larger evolution atthe Times * NYT brass bullish on digital ads despite quarterly decline, slam ad-blockers (PoliticoNY) * New York Times shuts down City Room blog, to surprising chorus of grief (PoliticoNY)

 De Blasio "should look into the mirror" beforeblaming others for officer's death, judge Patricia Nunez says.(WSJ) * De Blasio unloads on judge who freed ‘cop killer’  (NYP) Mayor de Blasio unloaded Friday on the judge who said he should “look in a mirror” before blaming her for accused cop killer Tyrone Howard’s not being held behind bars on a previous drug rap. “I think that’s outrageous. I don’t know this judge — by the way the judge attackedCommissioner Bratton too and I think she owes him an apology,” the mayor said on WNYC radio. “This is ludicrous. This judge was part of what happened here, it went horribly wrong. The judge apologized profusely, now suddenly is turning the table — that’s ridiculous,” he added.“I think someone who I think handled the situation wrong should own up to it, not try and cast the blame.”* ‘Outrageous’ and ‘Ridiculous’: Bill de Blasio TrashesJudge After Courtroom Rebuke (NYO) * The state Department of Financial Services and the state’s health exchange announced several companies have agreed to auto-enroll individuals who had been customers of the failed Health Republic co-op, State of Politics reports Saturday Sorry, judge: You still share the blame for Officer Holder’s death (NYP) * BLAME GAME: De Blasio says judge who let slain cop Randolph Holder’s accused killer off with drug treatment needs to look in the mirror (NYDN)

Breaking Sharpton Not Going to Funeral Al Sharpton writes letter to father of #RandolphHolder & says he will not attend tomorrow's funeral. Says his invitation has become sideshow * Rev. Al Sharpton will not speak at Officer Randolph Holder's funeral tomorrow. Cites "union leaders" as reason in letter to Holder's dad *Sharpton backs out of cop’s funeral, blames police backlash (NYP)

Slain Cop's Fiancee: Sharton Eulogy Would Be An Insult
Mary Muhammad, who was engaged the slain NYPD Officer Randolph Holder, said he did not like the Rev. Al Sharpton and was stunned he would speak at his funeral, and sources said Holder’s father only invited the reverend to attend the funeral, not to speak at it*   I'M NOT A 'SIDESHOW': Al Sharpton refuses to give eulogy at officer's funeral, saying he will not allow union to divert attention from mourners (NYDN)
Slain cop’s fiancée: Sharpton eulogy would be an insult (NYP) Slain NYPD Officer Randolph Holder’s fiancée was stunned to hear that the Rev. Al Sharpton was asked to speak at his funeral — because the policeman detested the anti-cop preacher, she told The Post on Monday. “He didn’t like [Sharpton]. He wasn’t a fan. So I don’t know why [Sharpton] is speaking,’’ Mary Muhammad said. Sharpton claims that he met with Holder’s father and that the dad asked him to speak at Wednesday’s service.

At Officer Randolph Holder’s Funeral, Mayor Says New York Lost a ‘Remarkable Man’ (NYT) For the fourth time in less than a year, rank-and-file New York City officers in their dress blue uniforms mourned the killing of yet another colleague.*  CBS2 Exclusive: Mother Of Slain NYPD Detective Brian MooreSpeaks Out, Calls For Change  * Cop-bashing Tarantino has family in the force (NYP)*   Cemetery in Guyana Is Prepared for Fallen Officer Randolph Holder, a Native Son (NYP) Officer Holder will be buried on Saturday in Le Repentir Cemetery in Guyana, where he played as a child. * NYPD Officers Arrive in Guyana for Burial of Officer Randolph Holder (NY1) * Quentin Tarantino’s NYPD cousin nearly died in lineof duty (NYP)

Dead Cop Game Change In Hypocritical, CYA No Morality, No Shame NYC Politics

Bad Cases Make Bad Law
De Blasio faces rare skepticism from left on bail-reform plan (NYP) Mayor de Blasio’s bail-reform proposal — requiring judges to consider whether a defendant is a danger to society and not just a flight risk — could face its biggest hurdle from left-leaning state lawmakers who are usually his staunchest supporters in the Legislature. Liberal Assembly Democrats called de Blasio’s plan a “knee-jerk” response to the murder of Police Officer Randolph Holder and said the plan needed further study. “Terrible cases usually make bad law,” said Codes Committee Chairman Joe Lentol (D-Williamsburg). “You shouldn’t act as a result of a terrible case — it isn’t going to fit in every other case.” Lentol said most judges already weigh an offender’s threat to public safety when they set bail and that a law would be redundant.

After Death of Officer Holder Mayor and Speaker Triangulate Bail Lock Up Policies and Nothing About Courts and DA 
de Blasio and Mark-Viverito Give Orwellian DoubleSpeak Answers to Bail 180 - No Investigation and Council Hearings
Bill toughensup on bail (NYDN Ed) A somber Mayor de Blasio on Friday called for overhauling New York’s bail and sentencing laws so the forces that set free the drug dealer accused of murdering Officer Randolph Holder can never again conspire to threaten public safety Far less helpfully, the mayor muddied churning waters by insisting on additional action to keep low-level defendants out of jail before trial. Although the concept was irrelevant to the public safety challenges exposed by Howard’s case, de Blasio declared the bail system “broken both in the way that we treat hardened criminals and how we treat first-time low-level offenders.” Consider it a call-and-response to the caucus that seeks to essentially eliminate bail for minor crimes, led by Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who stood by de Blasio’s side Friday. While Howard’s gang and their rivals terrorized her East Harlem district while he was out on bail, she had busied the Council with a proposed bail fund for defendants who had been deemed by judges unlikely to show up for trials. You would never know that two in three prosecuted defendants are released on their own recognizance, with neither bail nor jail. Only when a judge deems a defendant a flight risk because of prior conduct does the law come down pre-trial. * What New York’s cops need now after yet another officer’s killing (Lynch PBA, NYP Ed) When our city’s leaders face yet another opportunity to either support police officers or add to their burdens, which will they choose? Police officers want City Hall to be our partner in keeping New York safe. But that partnership can’t succeed if the only time officers feel their efforts are supported and their contributions valued is when one of us has made the ultimate sacrifice. If the partnership doesn’t succeed, there will be more grief. More New Yorkers and police officers will lose their lives. We simply can’t go on like that. It’s time for officials to take meaningful actions to show they support the police officers on the street.*  The New YorkTimes writes that it was a wise move by Mayor Bill de Blasio to call for state action giving judges the power to factor in danger to the public, and not just flight risk, when setting bail: Before Murder of Officer Holder De Blasio unveils no-bail plan for low-level crimes — even felonies (July, 8 2015, NYP) Starting next year, the $17.8 million program would let about 3,400 defendants charged with low-level, nonviolent offenses — including some felonies — be placed under “supervised release” instead of getting locked up. Police sources predicted it would lead to more crime, given the history of low-level offenders eventually escalating to violent felonies, including murder.* City Needs Bail Reform, de Blasio Says After Kalief Browder ... (June 8, 2015, NYO)

Chinatown Gang Gun Connection

Murders Jump 350% 

Murders jump 350-percent compared to this time last year (NYP) Last week was murder in New York City — with the number of killings skyrocketing more than three times over last year, law-enforcement sources told The Post on Sunday. The NYPD recorded seven slayings during the week that ended at midnight Saturday, sources said. That compares to just two killings that took place during the same time period in 2014, for a 350 percent spike. Victims of the bloodshed included two men gunned down amid a spate of eight weekend shootings. In all, there were 22 shooting incidents during the week, a 10 percent rise over the 20 shootings recorded a year earlier.

In 2011 Judge Got It Right and Cop Killer Howard In Jail . . . WTF Happen in 2014?
Where if the Investigation On What Happen in Judge Nunez Court in 2015 to Let the Cop Killer Out . . . What Role Did the Manhattan DA Play?  
Meet the judge who actually did jail accused cop-killer (NYP) At least this Manhattan judge got it right — rejectingaccused cop-killer Tyrone Howard’s plea for rehab instead of prison four years ago, saying he was too dangerous to be on the streets. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Coin noted Howard was “a three-time predicate felon — and he is only 27” when she considered his request to dodge jail after yet another drug bust in 2011, court papers show. Coin said Howard’s violent past — including an armed robbery as a juvenile and a 2011 shooting that he was linked to but never charged in — disqualified him for the program. Patricia Nuñez

Cop-Killer Has Shaken the Power . . .And Exposed A DA Court Cover-Up What Went Wrong

Judge who freed ‘cop-killer’ apologizes: ‘I am truly sorry’ (NYP) The hero cop’s death this week, by a bullet to the forehead during a shootout in East Harlem, “breaks my heart,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nuñez said Friday. “I know. I am truly sorry,” Nuñez said sadly when a Post reporter reminded her about the 33-year-old cop’s devastated family. 12 court date in a 2014 drug-sale case — the very one she had “resolved” in May by “And I will speak on the record” at sentencing, she added, referring to suspect Tyrone Howard’s Nov. sending the gangbanger to rehab instead of jail, despite his history of three similar felony sale convictions and the advice of prosecutors. Nuñez then paused as she sat in her car outside her parking garage in The Bronx. * Community Leaders:Where’s The Outrage In NYPD Officer’s Shooting Death? (WCBS) Only seven people showed up for the East Harlem march in memory of fallen NYPD Officer Randolph Holder.

True News Asked for A Crime Comstat Two Weeks Ago to Make Sure Judges See Correct Info
True News Wags the NYP and Daily News Last Week On the Incomplete DA Case and Lack of Info Before the Judge Who Sentence Howard
Manhattan DA's office 'puts gun in hands' of accused cop-killer Tyrone Howard in legal brief, judges never heard specifics: court records (NYDN)  The two judges who allowed the accused killer of an NYPD officer to enter a drug treatment program in May never heard the specifics of the gunfight the accused was involved in on a basketball court in the East River Houses in June 2009. The two judges who allowed the career criminal to enter a drug treatment program in May — Edward McLaughlin and Patricia Nunez — never heard the specifics of the gunfight on a basketball court in the East River Houses on June 15, 2009, court records show.Court records show none of the cited evidence was publicly disclosed to either Justice McLaughlin — who allowed Howard to apply for the drug diversion program — or to Justice Nunez, who approved it. In fact, it was Howard’s own lawyer who reminded McLaughlin of his client’s arrest in the 2009 case, according to a transcript of a December 2014 hearing. Charges against Howard were dropped in the 2009 shooting after the wounded pair couldn’t identify him in a lineup. If convicted, Howard’s eligibility for any drug diversion program would have disappeared.

Pols Dead Cop Blame Game: Should Blame Themselves for Not Creating A NYS Court's Compstat?

A Tale of Two ASA Proseuctors 2011 vs 2014 
How ‘cop-killer’ Tyrone Howard was able to get out of jail (NYP) A tale of two very different prosecutors, as reflected in hearing transcripts, helps explain why Howard went to prison in the earlier instance and was allowed to pursue a no-jail rehab deal in the second case, going on to shoot third-generation Police Officer Randolph Holder dead during a foot pursuit in East Harlem last week. But when he was denied diversion in 2011, it was after strenuous arguments before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ellen Coin by an assistant district attorney with the city’s Special Narcotics Office. ADA Daniel Davis’ arguments stretch across four pages of transcripts, leading Coin — who already had her doubts about Howard — to send him to prison. Davis argues at length about Howard’s youthful-offender conviction, at age 15, for first-degree armed robbery.  And he goes into detail about a second violent case from Howard’s rap sheet — a 2009 shooting at an East River Houses basketball court in which Howard had been implicated but never indicted.  The second prosecutor, ADA Christopher Prevost, would only glancingly mention the armed robbery and make no mention of the 2009 shooting. “I am concerned by defendant’s record, that he is a three-time predicate [felon] and he had YO [youthful offender] for robbery in the first degree,” Coin says in starting to discuss the no-jail rehab option at a Dec. 20, 2011, hearing.“Well, that concerns me, as well,” Davis, the first prosecutor, responds.  “Your Honor, this is my case, even separate and apart from any drug use that this defendant might have, because the arrest in this case is PCP, passing over that is the violence that disturbs me as well, Your Honor,” Davis says. He continues, “It came to my attention recently that Mr. Howard, it seems, was involved in a shooting. He was not indicted on it, for reasons I can explain.” Davis goes on to explain that man Howard was allegedly in a shootout with is the only eyewitness that could put a gun in Howard’s hand — and that witness had stopped cooperating. Davis then went on to describe the ballistic, ear-witness and identification evidence that nonetheless linked Howard to the crime.  “We feel this defendant has a history of violence, which makes him much, much too great a risk for any sort of treatment program,” Davis concluded. After hearing arguments by the defense lawyer, the judge rendered her decision: “He is a three-time predicate felon, and he is only 27. I find institutional confinement of the defendant may be necessary for the protection of the public and is necessary for the protection of the public. So accordingly, diversion is denied.” Fast forward more than three years to December 2014. ADA Prevost takes less a page’s worth of transcript to argue before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin for Howard to be kept in prison for six years. “Judge, the defendant has four prior felony convictions. Each were drug offenses. He also has a 2000 youthful adjudication for robbery in the first degree. He has an open indictment that’s pending in The Bronx for possession of a controlled substance in the third degree,” he argues. McLaughlin then green-lighted the rehab process, sending it to Justice Patricia Nuñez, who approved Howard’s release in May.

But law-enforcement sources said Holder’s dad, Randolph Sr., called the NYPD on Monday morning — after news of Sharpton’s supposed invite broke — to tell them he invited the preacher only to attend the funeral, not to address mourners. The sources added that Sharpton would not be speaking at the service.  Sharpton dodged questions from The Post on Monday afternoon, saying, “An invitation was extended. And I’m not addressing it ’til Wednesday. “I have not been briefed on what’s going on,” he said regarding the conflicting accounts. “None of those sources have been involved in what I know . . . I really don’t want to get into this issue.” * Hundreds gathered yesterday to pay their respects to Holder. After his funeral today, his body will be flown to Guyana, where his father and grandfather had served as police officers. He will be buried there on Saturday.*   FAREWELL TO ONE OF OUR FINEST: Thousands — including cops, family and friends — gather at Queens church to pay last respects to slain NYPD Officer Randolph Holder — SEE PHOTOS (NYDN)* The de Blasio administration’s top lawyer said the December 2014 murders of two NYPD officers interrupted the momentum for fixing the controversial stop and frisk program,Newsday reports: 

Hundreds Gather at Wake for Slain Police Officer Randolph Holder (NYT)
The elder Holder, who was a cop in his native Guyana, refused to comment about Sharpton to a Post reporter. He also shook his head and waved his index finger when told about Muhammad’s remarks. The plan to have Sharpton address mourners at Holder’s funeral outraged the NYPD’s rank-and-file because of the activist minister’s history of leading protest rallies against alleged police racism and brutality. * Watch the rats flee the anti-cop ship (NYDN ED) Tragic: How else to describe the fact that it took four dead cops in 10 months’ time for cop-haters to admit blue lives matter? Those haters include Al Sharpton, who by some accounts was slated to offer some “unifying message” at Police Officer Randolph Holder’s funeral Wednesday — though Holder’s dad says the invite is only to attend. Mayor de Blasio, meanwhile, now wants new laws to keep killers behind bars. Well, what do you know? *  One Officer, in a Sea of Blue, Saying Goodbye (NYT) On Wednesday, Officer John Denora, 33, woke, dressed and stood shoulder to shoulder with his peers, assembling for yet one more funeral: that of Officer Randolph Holder.

Judge who sent ‘cop-killer’ to rehab whines about being mistreated (NYP)The Post writes that maybe de Blasio “finally overcame hislearning curve” when it comes to supporting police and others who have been part of the “anti-cop tide,” with Sharpton even feeling obliged to stand up for cops:  * Tyrone Howard indicted in shooting death of #NYPD Officer Randolph Holder * Hundreds of NYPD officers and other mourners attended the viewing of slain NYPD Officer Randolph Holder in Jamaica, Queens, ahead of tomorrow’s funeral, The Wall Street Journal writes:  *As the sun started to rise this morning, hundreds of police officers gathered in front of a Queens church to mourn NYPD Officer Randolph Holder.* Tyrone Howard, who is charged in the death of NYPD officer Randolph Holder, had a series of breaks from the criminal justice system, but for years he was running from rivals in the drug trade, the Times reports *  Tyron Howard, the man arrested in the fatal shooting of Randolph Holder, a New York City police officer, received a series of breaks in nearly two decades of frequent arrests and convictions.
The Secret World of Rev. Al Sharpton

Wow . . . Sharpton to Speak At Holder Funeral  
More Evidence of the Teflon Society We Live In That Past Statement and Policy of An Individual Means Nothing 
Sharpton to speak at slain officer’s funeral  (NYP) He may not have the best relationship with cops, butAl Sharpton will eulogize one, speaking at the funeral of slain Officer Randolph Holder on Wednesday. A Holder relative reached out to the rev. and asked him to address mourners, law-enforcement sources said. Sharpton has joined, and in some cases led, protests against cops around the country. Rev. Al Sharpton, longtime critic of NYPD, will speak at funeral of slain cop Randolph Holder — 'We are not anti-police. We are anti-police-brutality' (NYDN) *  Bill Bratton's policies jeopardize NYPD cops' lives, says SBA President Ed Mullins (NYDN) * Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins said NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton should set a better example to rank-and-file officers and stand up to “phony politicians” with poor criminal justice policies, the Post reports:  *

'There are no words to describe the contempt I have for him': NYPD boss Bratton rips Tarantino for cop comments (NYDN) * The Rev. Al Sharpton, a longtime thorn in the side of the NYPD, will deliver remarksWednesday in Queens at a funeral for Officer Randolph Holder, who was gunned down last week in the line of duty.* Patrick J. Lynch, president of the PBA for the NYPD, put out a statement about filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s participation in an anti-police brutality demonstration, calling him a “cop-hater” and asking for a boycott of his films.
 The state Legislature’s 2009 overhaul of drug laws reducing penalties for low-level crimes is under increased scrutiny after a police officer was shot and killed by a man who may have been in prison were it not for the reforms, Bill Hammond writes in Politico New York: 

Gun used to kill Randolph Holder part of ‘Iron Pipeline’ (NYP) The weapons assembled here flowed into the city through the same “Iron Pipeline” that supplied the Glock handgun used to kill NYPD Officer Randolph Holder, authorities said yesterday. The weapons are among 74 firearms — including pistols, revolvers, rifles and at least one sawed-off shotgun — that a gang of traffickers allegedly smuggled up from South Carolina and peddled to undercover NYPD cops during a nearly yearlong sting operation.Gun Fished From Harlem River Is Linked to Officer’s Killing (NYT) * Political Lies About Police Brutality (NYT Ed) *  After the fourth New York City police officer in 11 months was shot and killed last week,Gov. Andrew Cuomo said “there’s no doubt that we have a violence problem against police officers,” and gave a tepid response to a proposal by Mayor Bill de Blasio.* NYPD busts gun ring in East Harlem neighborhood where cop was killed (NYP) * The Post writes that maybe de Blasio “finally overcame his learning curve” when it comes to supporting police and others who have been part of the “anti-cop tide,” with Sharpton even feeling obliged to stand up for cops: 

A Broken City Divided   
Another Night of Shooting and Nobody Notices The Take Over of the City's Political System Has Created Gangs of Protesters Who Don't Even Have the Decency to Let the Cops Bury One of Their Own Before Attacking Them . .  Highest Number of Cops Killed in 25 Years* SHOCK SHOOT: 2 teens shot, one fatally, during Downtown Brooklyn melee in front of Applebee's restaurant (NYDN) * Internal NYPD report suggests cops use front-cuffing in certain situations, but stresses the dangers (NYDN) Cuomo should prioritize shootings in New York City just as high as he prioritizes gun violence outside the city, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said.

Update Gun Found Gun fished from East River likely used to kill cop (NYP)* Police Divers Find Gun Thought to Be Used in Officer’s Killing (NYT) The gun, which officials believe was used in the shooting of Officer Randolph Holder last week, was found roughly 100 feet from where divers recovered a magazine hours after the shooting, officials said.* FINEST OF EFFORTS: NYPD chief praises scuba divers who found gun allegedly used to kill Officer Holder after 5-day search (NYDN)

Five people shot across city in bloody night of violence (NYP) * Quentin Tarantino rants at ‘stop police terror’ rally (NYP) Just four days after the on-duty murder of a hero NYPD street cop, a rally in Washington Square Park against “police terror” devolved Saturday into a raucous, law-enforcement gripe-fest. Protesters held signs reading “Rise Up! Stop Police Terror!” and “Murder with a badge is still murder.” Quentin Tarantino speaks at the “police terror” rally on Saturday.Photo: Robert Miller “No racist police!” some among the crowd of 300 protesters for the “Rise Up October” chanted, before the rally spilled out of the park and up Fifth Avenue to Times Square.* Rudy Giuliani: NYPD Doesn't Believe Mayor 'Has Their Back' | MSNBC * NYPD suffers worst string of cop deaths since 1989 (NYP) * Mullins rips Bratton’s policies as political pandering (NYP) *  Police union calls for Tarantino boycott after anti-cop rally (NYP) * NYPD’s Bratton slams Tarantino for anti-cop protest (NYP) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on elected leaders today to come out fiercely against “thugs” and “punks” who physically and verbally attack police, but didn’t comment specifically on de Blasio’s calls for bail reform, the Observer reports:

Friday Update
Slain cop’s cousin: I’ll pay to have ‘cop-killer’ executed (NYP) * Gunfire victim says suspected cop killer Tyrone Howard should have been jailed for 2009 shooting (NYDN)  Six years after taking a bullet in his back, 84-year-old Pedro Morales was stunned to learn one of the initial suspects in his shooting was now charged as a cop killer. * How the judicial system lets hardened criminals walk(NYP) *  A HERO SLAIN: Randolph Holder paid with his life for answering call of shots fired (NYDN) * Officer’s Killing Feeds Fears of More Violence at East Harlem Housing Project (NYT)  Despite a constant police presence at the East River Houses, where the man charged with fatally shooting Officer Randolph Holder lived, residents say gangs’ gunfire is getting nearer and more frequent.* Mayor Bill de Blasio called for changes to state law that would allow judges to consider defendants’ risk to public safety when setting bail or considering incarceration-alternative programs, The Wall Street Journalreports:  * Former Mayor Giuliani Blasts De Blasio in Aftermath of Officer Killing JP Updates ·* Expert: Reduction In Stop-And-Frisk Has Contributed To Violence Against Cops CBS New York 

NYC Police Officer Has Died Gang Fight 

Thursday Update
Suspect in Fatal Shooting of New York Officer Was on the Run for Weeks, Officials Say (NYT) The police said Tyrone Howard, who is suspected of shooting Officer Randolph Holder on Tuesday night, had been sought after he failed to appear for a court-mandated drug treatment program. *
Sister to cop ‘killer’: ‘I hope you burn in hell you f–king punk ass’ (NYP)Slain cop’s mom blasts city over stop-and-frisk restrictions (NYP) Outrage over the latest killing of a police officer has caused both the family of the slain officer and even one of the city’s liberal lawmakers to question whether limits on stop-and-frisk have emboldened criminals to declare war on cops. “I think Mayor de Blasio should reconsider this stop-and-frisk because I think it’s gonna be a deterrent to these thugs who go around taking innocent people’s lives,” Princess Holder, the grieving mother of Officer Randolph Holder, told FOX5NY Wednesday. * The murder of Officer Randolph Holder was an avoidable tragedy (NYP Ed) * TEARS OF RAGE: Career criminal Tyrone Howard charged with murder of NYPD officer as de Blasio, Bratton blast system for allowing him to be on the streets (NYDN) * 'KILL HIS F---ING ASS': Accused killer greeted by Officer Randolph Holder's furious family, sea of cops at Manhattan courtroom for his arraignment (NYDN) * Suspected cop killer has criminal history dating to his teens, wanted in another shooting: cop sources (NYDN) * A HERO SLAIN: Randolph Holder paid with his life for answering call of shots fired (NYDN Ed)* In the wake of another shooting death of a police officer, Mayor Bill de Blasio has sought more mindful ways to express support, taking pains to show deference to a police department that he once viewed as foreign,the Times reports:  * Outrage over the latest killing of a police officer has caused the family of the slain officer and even one of the city’s liberal lawmakers to question whether limits on stop-and-frisk have emboldened criminals to declare war on cops, the Post reports: * The man accused of gunning down an NYPD officer Tuesdaynight has been charged with murder  (NYM) *  Mayor: Man Who Killed NYPD Officer a Hardened, Violent Criminal (NY1) * The Post’s Bob McManus writes that alternatives to prison,like the drug treatment program the man who allegedly killed a police officer in Harlem this week walked away from, embolden criminals and demoralize police:

Judges Letting Drug Dealers Off In A System That is Unable to Track the Addict is Criminal
The guilt of judges(NYDN Ed) New York’s courts have caught the fever to empty the prisons of drug offenders because it is now the received wisdom that society has been too tough even on narcotics peddlers. When facing hard time, one only need to claim addiction as the wellspring of crime in order to get yet another taste of freedom. Repeated drug convictions are no bar to diversion into treatment. In fact, a long rap sheet serves nicely to show how deserving an offender really is, because only someone horribly in the grip of heroin, crack or PCP would insist on committing such crimes. By these lights, Howard was the ideal candidate for diversion from prison. Justice Edward McLaughlin moved him toward treatment even while admitting that Howard deserved the six years in prison sought by the Manhattan district attorney’s office — and even though a defense lawyer noted to McLaughlin that Howard’s record included an arrest for a violent crime.McLaughlin has previously distinguished himself with stiff justice for gun-toting drug gangs that keep neighborhoods under siege. He struck a stunningly different tone in referring Howard to drug treatment instead of prison, explaining in court: “I’ve decided, maybe out of frustration and exasperation, why not?” Because of the danger to cops like Holder.

When even one of the toughest judges on the bench buys a defense attorney’s sob story about a criminal’s struggles with addiction, the court system has veered dangerously toward abdication of its duties. And it’s happening time and again.* New York’s courts are emptying prisons of drug offenders on the belief that society has been too tough even on narcotics peddlers, which has dangerous consequences, like the shooting death of another police officer, the Daily News writes:  * On a day that might have been devoted to systemic reform of a troubled system due to a press conference scheduled on criminal justice reform, the city was reminded that some criminals refuse second chances and that police work remains dangerous, Newsday writes:  * A gathering of top police officials for a viewing of a play about diversity took on added poignancy last night as NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton acknowledged the murder of police officer Randolph Holder on Tuesday night. *   The mayor described the Police Department as “made up of every different community, every type of New Yorker,” and he urged his constituents to “do something simple — thank the police officers you come across today.”* Judge sentenced career criminal accused of killing cop to rehab and not prison (NYDN)

Accused cop-killer should have been in prison: Bratton(NYP) The career criminal and gangbanger accused of pumping a fatal bullet into the head of an NYPD cop Tuesday night dodged jail on a recent drug bust that could have landed him years behind bars — with the judge instead sending him to rehab, according to officials and records. The career criminal and gangbanger accused of pumping a fatal bullet into the head of an NYPD cop Tuesday night dodged jail on a recent drug bust that could have landed him years behind bars — with the judge instead sending him to rehab, according to officials and records. “He’s been in and out of jail. You’ll probably have to talk to the district attorney’s office about why he’s out,”* Some residents of the East River Houses are concerned turf wars could bring more violence in the wake of Tyrone Howard being arrested and charged in the fatal shooting of an NYPD officer, The New York Times reports:  *   Cuomo’s recollection, and the pattern of police fatalities in New York (PoliticoNY) In 1973, seven officiers were killed by gunfire * Officer’s Killing Feeds Fears of More Violence at East Harlem Housing Project (NYT) Despite a constant police presence at the East River Houses, where the man charged with fatally shooting Officer Randolph Holder lived, residents say gangs’ gunfire is getting nearer and more frequent.

Pols Dead Cop Blame Game: Should Blame Themselves for Not Creating A NYS Court's Compstat?

Sunday NYPD suffers worst string of cop deaths since 1989 (NYP)
Saturday Update Suspect in Officer’s Killing Was Deemed Too Violent for Drug Treatment in 2011 (NYT) Tyrone Howard was sent to a drug-treatment program a few months before he allegedly killed Officer Randolph Holder on Tuesday but had been rejected for the same program four years ago.
Officer’s Killing Sends Divers on Murky Hunt in the Harlem River (NYT) Teams of police scuba divers are working at all hours, during slack tides, looking for the .40-caliber handgun used in the shooting death of Officer Randolph Holder * New York Housing Authority to Get State Aid for Security (NYT) Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo pledged state funding for technical upgrades at some 70 public housing developments after the killing of a police officer in East Harlem on Tuesday.*  NYPD seeking three men in shootout that led to cop’s slaying (NYP) * 'CANNOT DIE IN VAIN': Mayor calls for bail and sentence reforms after killing of Officer Holder (NYDN) * Shifting tone, de Blasio proposes tougher bail plan  (Politico) * Housing Complex Where Slain NYPD Officer Patrolled a Crime Heavy Spot, Residents Say (NY1) * Police Seek Three Men in Connection With Shooting That Officer Holder Was Called To Before Being Killed (NY!) * After Police Officer Killing, de Blasio Calls For Bail Reforms (NY1)* 'MY GRIEF WILL ALWAYS BE HERE': Father of slain NYPD Officer Holder says his pain will never go away (NYDN) * More #NYPD officers have been murdered in the last 11 months than the previous 6 years combined.

 The New York Timesreports * The man suspected of fatally shooting a NYPD police officer in the head last night had been on the run from the police for weeks, accused of dropping out of a court-mandated drug treatment program and playing a role in a recent shooting, according to police officials.
Bratton said, before clarifying that it’s a judge’s ultimate decision whether to place a suspect in a diversion program since the Rockefeller drug laws were amended in 2009. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nunez signed off on the diversion program for Howard, sources said, although it was initially approved by another judge. Nunez last year tossed the evidence against two men charged with possessing 13 forged credit cards after the defense claimed they were racially profiled by the NYPD. Detectives had already been seeking Howard, 30, in connection with the Sept. 1 shooting in the 23rd Precinct where Officer Holder worked, sources said.* The man suspected of shooting a New York City police officer in the head and killing him on Tuesday night had been on the run from the police for weeks, accused of dropping out of a court-mandated drug treatment program and playing a role in a recent shooting,

“I don’t get a crystal ball when I get a robe.” Supreme Court Justice McLaughlin
Judge defends sending accused cop-killer to rehab instead of jail (NYP) he Manhattan judge who pushed the sweetheart deal that let an accused cop killer go to drug rehab instead of prison defended his decision Wednesday — saying “I don’t get a crystal ball when I get a robe.” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin said he recommended Tyrone Howard for the “diversion program” instead of jail because he believed that none of the suspect’s previous convictions involved violence. The judge admitted that he was unaware that Howard had been linked to a 2009 shooting that left three people wounded.

Pols Blame Everyone But Themselves
Anti-Violence Advocates Blame NYCHA Residents for NYPD Officer's Death (DNAINFO  EAST HARLEM — Anti-violence advocates Wednesday slammed NYCHA residents they said were harboring Tyrone Howard, the man suspected of fatally shooting an officer, charging that those residents were culpable in the policeman's death. “Police Officer Randolph Holderwould not be dead if the community were not being complacent and working along with murderers in our community,” Pastor Vernon Williams said during a press conference in front of the Wagner Houses on Wednesday. “We are out here to say we are disgraced by the actions of some of the members of our community.” Slain cop’s dad shares his grief: ‘He was well loved’ (NYP) * NYPD starts up anti-gun task force to curb violent crimes (NYP)  The NYPD has quietly started up a controversial task force to hunt down armed, violent criminals, similar to the Street Crime Unit that infamously killed unarmed immigrant Amadou Diallo in the Bronx in 1999 A New York City police officer died after he was shot in the head while chasing a gunman in East Harlem, the fourth killed in the line of duty in the past 11 months, The New York Times reports: * 'THE WHOLE CITY IS IN MOURNING': NYPD Officer Randolph Holder, 33, dies after being shot in the head by trigger-happy perp during chase and gunfight in East Harlem (NYDN) * Judge Nunez - Appointed by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, 1997 to 2003; Re-appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg* Gov. Andrew Cuomo also issued another call for federal gun control laws in the wake of the shooting death of the police officer—an occurrence he argued has become too common, the Observer reports: *  * Randolph Holder, the New York City police officer shot and killed last night, was a Guyanese immigrant drawn to law enforcement by the example of his father, grandfather and great-uncle, all of whom served the police department in their home country, the Times reports: 
Elected officials to meet with federal monitor over making NYPD body camera footage public (NYDN) *  An NYPD plainclothes officer, Randolph Holder, 33, died late last night at a Harlem hospital after a suspect shot him in the head during a foot pursuit in East Harlem, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said at a news conference at the hospital.* Tyrone Howard, a 30-year-old career criminal with 18 priorarrests and 12 prior incarcerations, has been identified as the suspect in the deadly shooting of 33-year-old NYPD Officer Randolph Holder in East Harlem last night ----> Bratton: Suspect is a prime example of people who engage constantly in violence. We have a hard time keeping them in jail or prison. * Bratton: "no denying that over the last several years, there has been an anti-police attitude" in America * Suspect in NYPD officer shooting ID'd as 30-year-old who hadprior offenses related to gang activity ]- @ABC  * Suspect "the last person in NYC I would have wanted to see in a diversion program. His whole life has been about criminal activity"- Bratton * Accused cop-killer should have been in prison: Bratton(NYP) *  Elected officials to meet with federal monitor over making NYPD body camera footage public (NYDN)
East Harlem activist "we are beginning to get to used to gunshots in our community, its so normal we ignore it" -safest summer ever says DEB

Storm of Bullets Weekend After Gov Aide Dies and Calls to Control Guns

Monday Update 
7 Guns in Gov Aide Murder Shootout
At least seven guns used in shootout that killed Cuomo aide (NYP) At least seven guns were fired during the gang-related shootout that killed an aide to Gov. Cuomo — including one weapon that was used in another unsolved homicide, The Post has learned. Cops found 24 shell casings littering the area where Carey Gabay got caught in the crossfire during a violence-prone street celebration preceding the annual West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn, law-enforcement sources said. Ballistics testing tied some of the shells to a handgun used to shoot three young men — one fatally — in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn on the evening of Aug. 13, the sources said.* Gov. Andrew Cuomo is paying tribute to slain former aide Carey Gabay, who was shot before the West Indian Day Parade, with fellowship and scholarship programs named in his memory, the Daily News writes: 

Safe Summer Ends With 10 Shot
STORM OF BULLETS: Spate of gun violence breaks out in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx as five men are killed in the mayhem (NYDN) *  Carey Gabay, aide to N.Y. Gov. Cuomo, pronounced dead (UPI) * Mayhem in three boroughs as six men killed in gun andknife violence (NYDN) * Man slain in front of Brooklyncleaners (NYDN)  * Streets of New York run red after night of deadly shootings (NYP) * 6 Killed in Shootings Across New York City (NYT The attacks, in Brooklyn, the Bronx and East Harlem, came on Saturday night and early Sunday, the authorities said, with one of the episodes occurring in a spot where crime has dropped recently

Funeralfor Lawyer Caught in Crossfire (NYT) Services were held at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Brooklyn on Friday for Carey W. Gabay, a lawyer in the Cuomo administration, who was hit by a stray bullet. * Family, friends mourn Carey Gabay at Brooklyn wake (NYDN)Cuomo blasts gun ‘madness’ after city’s bloody weekend (NYP) * LUPICA — As our 'safe' summer ends with 7 shot dead across city, maybe Pope Francis can pray for a ceasefire here (NYDN) * Bratton hits back at Stringer for ‘political’ attack (PoliticoNY) ‘Don’t attack the work of my cops because I’m going to punch back’ * Stringer Hits de Blasio for 'Politicized' Use of Crime Statistics (NYO) After a bloody weekend claimed the lives of seven people, Comptroller Scott Stringer today blasted Mayor Bill de Blasio's oft-touted statistics about the city's record-low overall crime rate—asserting that such figures fail to “trickle down” to the ...* NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said crime statistics are not “politicized,” as New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer yesterday claimed, and pushed back against reform efforts by the City Council, the Observer reports: *   Bratton Fires Back at City Comptroller Over Crime Stats Comments(NY1)*   Bill Bratton defends NYPD after Scott Stringer's remarks (NYDN)* A wake was held Friday for an aide to Governor Cuomo shotand killed during J'ouvert festivities in Brooklyn.

Saturday  Carey Gabay was"the most innocent of innocent victims," @NYGovCuomo said at his funeral (Newsday) * Cuomo mourns Carey Gabay at funeral, demands gun control (NYP) * Cuomo urges Dems to shut down government for gun control law * Landmarks Rejects Proposal to Save Crown Heights' Oldest House  * Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered a eulogy for Carey Gabay, a lawyer in his administration who died after being shot in the head, imploring New Yorkers to carry on the Gabay’s mission by reforming schools, fixing public housing and demanding stronger federal gun laws, The New York Times reports:

This Week in de Blasio Leadership
1. He's giving up on banning horse carriages.
2. He's removing pedestrian plazas in Times Square to prevent bad behavior (but the one on Northern Blvd is still apparently a go).
3. He's sending Willets Point back to the drawing board. (Which is kinda interesting, because as public advocate, he thought the plan was just fine.) * Editorial: Bill bets the junkyard at Willets Point (NYDN Ed)
Bill de Blasio is noEd Koch, declares former Democratic co-chairman with Cuomo ties (NYDN Ed)  A former state Democratic co-chairman with ties to Gov. Cuomo says Mayor de Blasio is no Ed Koch — and he’s not even on par with one-termer David Dinkins. In a letter to the Daily News, John Sullivan characterized the mayor as someone who has yet to find his footing.

Cuomo Staffer Shot During West Indian Parade Prep Has Died
@NYGovCuomo aide Carey Gabay pronounced dead * Cuomo Mourns Death Of Administration Aide Caught In Crossfire (YNN)* The governor also reiterated his call for stricter federal gun control laws a day after a lawyer in his administration died following a gun-shot wound to the head, State of Politicswrites:  * The senseless murder of Carey Gabay (NYP Ed)
Cops release surveillance footage connected to Cuomo aide shooting (NYP) * Sunday Editorial: Play it safer on J'Ouvert (NYDN Ed) Tuesday  James Frascatore, the NYPD officer who assaulted retired tennis star James Blake, has disgraced the department and Commissioner Bill Bratton and de Blasio should make an example of the officer and fire him, theTimes writes:     * NYT Ed Board: NYPD should fire the officer who assaultedJames Blake. Then do some explaining.  Wednseday How Instagram tricked the NYPD into James Blake arrest (NYP) A fraud “suspect’’ whose photo helped lead cops to wrongly bust former tennis star James Blake is actually a respected Australian businessman who had nothing to do with any scam either. Former investment- banker-turned-trendy-sunglasses-maker Sean Satha got caught up in Blake’s arrest debacle when an Instagram photo of the Sydney resident was apparently used by a ring of thieves to mask their online account with the courier app GoButler. “I can only assume there was a cityide manhunt for tall, dark and handsome males — which is why James Blake and I became targets,” Satha joked Monday on a blog for his company, Local Supply.  * PBA boss: If you’re not a cop, you can’t judge their actions (NYP) *  
Detectives are using facial recognition software to help in the laborious search for the gunmen in the Labor Day weekend shooting that left a Cuomo administration lawyer critically wounded and on life support, according to law enforcement sources. * NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association boss Pat Lynch referred in an open letter to reporters to the mistaken-identity apprehension of retired tennis star James Blake and called those casting judgment on the officer who took Blake down “un-American.” *

The lawyer, Carey Gabay, who was critically injured in the attack just hours before the start of the West Indian American Day parade Monday, was “not doing well,” Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said.  'He was caught in gunfire that he had nothing to do with': Lawyer for Gov. Cuomo critically wounded during string of Brooklyn shootings before West Indian Day Parade (NYDN) Monday Cuomo lawyer shot in deadly mayhem before West Indian Day Parade (NYP) * Cuomo: Lawyer shot in the head is the ‘American Dream’  (NYP)* Gov. Cuomo talks gun control after lawyer shot beforeWest Indian Day Parade: ‘How many young innocent people need to die before thisnation comes to its senses? (NYDN) *  After attorney from the Cuomo administration was shot in the head before the West Indian Day Parade, the governor and Mayor Bill de Blasio said more needs to be done on gun control, The New York Times writes:   * Patrick Lynch, the president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, said in a letter that criticism of the officer who tackled former professional tennis player James Blake is “irresponsible, unjust and un-American,” Politico New Yorkreports: 

Cuomo administration attorney Carey Gabay, 43, who was shot in the head during the pre-West Indian American Day festivities, was not doing well yesterday, according to the governor. He had no brain activity, and doctors were preparing to harvest his organs.  * Growing up in a violence-riddled Bronx housing project and losing a big brother to drugs, Gabay vowed that he would make a difference in life — and came to personify what Cuomo called “the American Dream.” * Asked at a news conference whether he would consider banning the parade pre-parties, which have drawn violence in the past, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said that the police works every single year to do a better job of keeping people safe.* Cuomo’s aide clings to life after being shot in head (NYP) * NYPD offers $12K award for tips in shooting of Cuomo aide (NYP) * Violence Casts a Shadow Over J’ouvert Celebration in Brooklyn (NYT) Seemingly every year, violence intrudes on the margins of J’ouvert, a predawn carnival procession that precedes the West Indian American Day Parade. * New York State Lawyer Shot in Head Is Praised for His Drive (NYT)* Politicians steer $40K of taxpayer money to nonprofit behind West Indian Parade (NYP) * Cuomo aide left comatose from stray bullet victim of 2warring gangs, sources say (NYDN) * Bill Hammond: A shooting shocks the conscience (NYDN)* Seemingly every year, violence intrudes on J’ouvert, a predawn carnival procession of live music that precedes the West Indian American Day Parade, including this year’s shooting of a Cuomo official, the Times writes: * The Post writes that organizers of the pre-party to the West Indian Day Parade need to either get the violence under control, possibly working with the NYPD, or scrap the celebration all together:  * The Times Union writes that the recent violence prior to the West Indian parade in New York City is the latest in a string of incidents that show just how badly common sense gun law reforms are needed:* James Blake’s Arrest Brings Swift Apologies From New York Officials (NYT)  “This shouldn’t have happened and he shouldn’t have been treated that way,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said about the mistaken arrest of the retired tennis star. The police commissioner also apologized.

Where is the High Crime Neighborhood Task Force?
Residents in high-crime neighborhoods want to know why Mayorde Blasio isn't creating task forces for their safety. (DNAINFO)  Uptown residents say they are frustrated by the city's sudden crackdown on painted women in Times Square — while they're still begging for City Hall help to clean up chronic homelessness, drug use and crime in their neighborhood. “A couple of people see boobs in their face and they lose their mind,” said Tracey Greene, a member of the Harlem Neighborhood Block Association.

More Guns on the Street
Cops blame end of stop-and-frisk for fewest gun seizures in 8 years (NYP)  Fewer guns were seized in the city in 2014 than in any other year since 2006, a new report says — and law-enforcement sources blame the dismal figure on the decrease in stop-and-frisks. City authorities recovered just 3,552 traceable guns last year, or about half of the 7,068 recovered in 2006, when the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives first started publishing such figures, the agency said. Local law-enforcement sources pointed the finger at the NYPD’s reduced use of stop-and-frisk.* NYC firearm seizures steadily decline over 8 years: ATF report (NYDN) * Bratton says cops are focused on quality-of-life crime spike (NYP)

2nd Deadly Shooting In Housing Project In Less Than A Week
Brooklyn housing project has 2nd fatal shooting in less than a week (NYP)  A man was fatally shot and another wounded when bullets started flying at a Brooklyn housing project Friday night, cops said. Bruce Donovan, 23, was found with wounds in his legs and torso around 6:30 p.m. in front of 5806 Farragut Road in the Glenwood Houses in Canarsie.  * NYC: Popular retire#nypd chief to takeover public safety for #Nycha public housing.  @DeanMeminger reports Sunday Eight shot, one fatally, across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens over a six hour span Saturday night (NYDN) * 9 shot in 6 hours in Manhattan,Brooklyn, Queens 

As the Summer of Shooting Continues Mayor Rushes New Cops Onto the Streets 
NYPD to put armed recruits on duty before academy graduation (NYP) Armed NYPD recruits will hit the streets months before graduating from the Police Academy, under a new training strategy that the brass say will better prepare them for the dangerous job. *Overnight shootings leave 1 dead, 4 injured (NYP) * 'WORST KID IN NEW YORK': Brooklyn nabe fears tiny terror, 10, accused of setting fire to store, mugging elderly woman — but mom says he's 'awesome' and a 'good kid' (NYDN) * * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said he is “loading up on Excedrin” in anticipation of Pope Francis’ visit to New York City, which will pose security challenges for police, the Daily News writes:  * BLOODSHED IN BROOKLYN: Madman kills 1, wounds 2 others in ambush at Brownsville apartment building: authorities (NYDN)

de Blasio Planing World War II Against Albany
With control of the state Senate up for grabs in the 2016 elections, a number of powerful unions have already been discussing ways they could jointly work to help Democrats in key races. Officials from 32BJ, Local 1199 of SEIU, the Hotel and Motel Trades Council, Communications Workers of America, and the labor friendly Citizens Action met last week to discuss potential Senate Democratic candidates. The powerful state teachers union was not represented at the meeting, but has been involved in the talks, sources said. Several insiders said the unions were brought together by Mayor de Blasio's political team. De Blasio, whose spokeswoman had no comment, was heavily invested in the unsuccessful effort in 2014 in trying to flip the Senate. One GOPer gleefully noted that the Dems that de Blasio helped back last year lost in all but one race. The GOP, which helped block much of de Blasio's agenda this past legislative session, plan to use the liberal mayor as an issue in upstate and Long Island races. By getting ready for Round 2, insiders say the mayor knows he is likely writing off a robust 2016 Albany agenda in hopes of the long-term benefits if he succeeds in helping the Democrats win the Senate. Noting how a Long Island Senate Democratic candidate in 2014 wound up being arrested, the union source said it would be "malpractice" not to start early in vetting potential candidates already out there or suggesting others who might make sense to back. But the source stressed it was too early to say just how much the unions as a group will get involved in the overall effort to flip the Senate. He noted there are Republicans some unions won't work against.  Others say 1199 and HTC won't go all-in without a sign off from Cuomo.* "If the Senate flips, it is all but certain that Senateleadership would be from NYC..." via @AlbanyBizReview

City Hall Pressure On Teachers to Pass Students
Not to Education To Pass Them Along
Teacher explains why she passed student who ‘deserved’ to fail (NYP) Teacher explains why she passed student who ‘deserved’ to fail. “It was not an ideal situation,” McHale acknowledged to The Post at her Queens home. “If we don’t meet our academic goals, we are deemed failures as teachers. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on us as teachers.”

More DOE Grade Fixing
I don’t like receiving what I would call a handout, but that’s what happened. New York City gave me a ­diploma I didn’t deserve.
Student’s stunning plea: Why did NYC let me graduate high school? (NYP) Melissa Mejia, 18, was stunned and embarrassed when officials at William Cullen Bryant HS in Long Island CityQueens, told her she had met all the requirements to receive a diploma in June. She knew she hadn’t. Teachers say Melissa is just one of a number of students magically given credits for classes they failed in an effort by administrators to raise Bryant’s graduation rate. She told her story to The Post’s Susan Edelman. * Queens billionaire donates $8.5 million to open new charter schools (NYDN) * The New York City Department of Education plans to investigate whether roughly three dozen private yeshivas are providing an adequate education in secular subjects like English, math and science, The NewYork Times writes: * The Post writes that New York City Schools ChancellorCarmen Farina’s denial that credit recovery abuse shows the need for reform makes her just as complicit as teachers who stay silent in the schools:

Shooting Continue Monday Pregnant Woman Baby Shot Clings to Life
Tuesday Update Five wounded in Brooklyn drive-by shooting (NYP)  * BULLETS RAIN BLOODY HELL: Violent weekend spills into Monday after 5 people are shot in Brooklyn drive-by — NYPD says not to panic about apparent spike in crime (NYDN) * Pregnant woman, 19, clings to life after losing baby in Brooklyn drive-by shooting that wounded 4 others (NYDN) * A shooting in Brooklyn onMonday wounded five, including a pregnant woman whose unborn child later died:  (NYT) * Pregnant teen loses unborn child after drive-by shooting (NYP) * De Blasio: ‘Stop the hysteria’ on crime stories (Capital)

DNA NYPD Low Balls Crime Numbers
NYPD Crime Statistics Off by up to 229 Incidents a Month
NYPD CrimeStatistics Off by Up to 229 Incidents a Month, Data Show (DNAINFO) The NYPD's statistics released to the public about the number of murders, rapes, robberies, assaults and other major crimes are consistently off by as many as 229 incidents per month, DNAinfo New York has found. The revelation comes on the heels of 19 officers in The Bronx being disciplined for underreporting their numbers.

Murders Up 11% But Few Crimes Make the Papers?
New York City murders up 11% from 2014, overall crime down: police (NYDN) The NYPD launched its Summer All Out Initiative in June, a month earlier than last year, deploying more officers in high-crime areas of the city. * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s announcement that he will retire in 2017 shows he still can’t keep his mouth shut about himself and he again believes he is more important than the mayor, Len Levitt writes in amNewYork: shootings were up about 8% last year over 2013 & this year they are up about 4% over 2014 so far despite flooding some areas with cops.  Six murders were reported this week, bringing the total for the year to 193—an increase of nearly 11 percent from the 174 murders reported at this time a year ago—according to crime statistics released by the New York Police Department on Monday. Four of this week’s six murders occurred in the ten precincts participating in the “Summer All Out” initiative, which sends officers to problem precincts to combat the seasonal uptick in violence. Thirty-three people were hit by gunfire this week, bringing the year’s total so far up to 761, slightly higher than the 740 reported during the same period a year ago.

As Hip Brooklyn Returns to Crooklyn the Mayor Hides in Manhattan
Residents blame de Blasio for crime in ‘Crooklyn’ (NYP) Brooklyn residents said Sunday that they fear the return of the bad old days of “Crooklyn” — and placed the blame squarely on Mayor de Blasio — after a bloody weekend in which at least 19 people were shot in the borough. “This was never the best area, but it has gotten worse out here since this new mayor,” she said. “He seems out of touch.’’ Cops guarding de Blasio wouldn’t let reporters get near him at a parade in Queens, but a spokeswoman said Hizzoner “takes very seriously each incident and has directed NYPD to beef up its presence in these areas. “Overall crime is going down, but Mayor de Blasio will continue to be diligent about preventing crime and locking up criminals,” press secretary Karen Hinton added. ....de Blasio 'left Crooklyn for Manhattan with his entourage of bodyguards and SUVs'...."
The surge in shootings is due to the hot weather, not lack of wariness of the police, eh? Bratton is a pol. 

Reports of 9 to 13 People Shot At Brooklyn Party . . .  20+ Shooting This Weekend?
Brooklyn: Stanley Ave & Crescent St. Mass Shooting in @NYPD75Pct U/D; Total of 13 people shot, 2 in serious cond. * CHAOS IN BROOKLYN13people shot, 2 in serious condition, after bullets ring out during wild houseparty (NYDN) * 'Everybody was laying down 'til the shooting stopped': 13 people shot, 2 in serious condition, after bullets ring out during wild Brooklyn house party (NYDN) * [CNN] 10 shot at Brooklynhouse party  * Police: Gunfire at Brooklyn Backyard Party Injures 9 (NYT) Police say gunfire broke out at a backyard party in Brooklyn overnight, injuring nine people. * 9 shot at Brooklyn backyardparty(ABC) * 'THERE WERE BODIES ON THE GROUND': Nine wounded, 2 in serious condition, in shootout at Brooklyn house party (NYDN) * NOW ON NEWS 4: Community leaders call for end to gunviolence after deadly weekend in NYC (WNBC) *   Bratton: We can't repeat the 1970's again (Fox) It was a weekend of gun violence that sadly; no one believes it will be the last. In East New York, 9 people were shot and wounded at a barbecue. And in the Bronx, 20 year-old Christian Garcia was ... Video of Shooter Surveillance video shows the moments gunfire erupted at a Brooklyn party. @MarksPIXhas the story at 10.   * "It's Crazy Out Here": Community Leaders,Activists Call for End to Gun Violence After Deadly Weekend in NYC (WNBC) *  Duo arraigned in Central Park mugging (NYP) * * Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams demanded $10 million from City Hall to fund “emergency” anti-gun violence initiatives following a weekend of deadly shootings, the Observer reports:  * Despite a wild burst of gunfire that wounded nine people at a party in Brooklyn this weekend, the number of shootings across New York City was sharply lower last week compared with the same week in 2014.

Even After A Weekend of Shooting Chaso the Times Spins to Protect de Blasio
9 Injured in Shooting in Brooklyn (NYT) The violence came after a week of relative calm in New York in which shootings were sharply down in some precincts compared with the same period last year.
Increasing # of shootings show the PR foolishness of DEB & Bratton & some in press of touting meaningless short term crime stats

Crime wave grips Central Park (NYP)  The West Side man’s chokehold mugging was the 20th forcible robbery in the park so far this year. That’s twice as many as during the first seven months of 2014, when there were 10, according to statistics from the Central Park Precinct. * 1 dead, 7 injured after string of shootings in Brooklyn (NYP) * Brooklyn: 5 people shot in @NYPD75PctEMS requested on a rush. #Breaking * Brooklyn: Stanley Ave & Crescent St U/D Total of 9 people shot in @NYPD75Pct, at least 1 likely. Req additional EMS. Crime scene established
 Brooklyn: Stanley Ave & Crescent St. U/D; @NYPD75Pct reporting total of 10 people shot at a party. Active perp search. #Breaking * Brooklyn: N Oxford Walk & Park Ave. @NYPD88Pct reporting a male shot Requesting EMS on a rush. Crime scene being established. *  UPDATE ON MASS SHOOTING IN BROOKLYN: NYPD says ELEVEN PEOPLE just shot at a party on Stanley Ave & Hemlock St. At least is likely to die. * BROOKLYN MASS SHOOTING: - 11 people shot - 1 likely to die - At a party - Suspect at large - EMS declare Mass Casualty Incident * At least 10 people shot during house party in East New York(NYP)  * 1 killed, 2 injured in shooting  * Two people killed and 11 injured in three overnight shootingsin New York City * @CommissBratton says cops will be trained to deal with mentally ill to help solve homelessissue (NYDN)

 Was A Black Mayor Dinkins Treated Differently By the Press On Crime Than White Pols?
During the Dinkins administration a front-page headline in the New York Post had screamed: “Dave do something!”— a direct call to then mayor David Dinkins to get crime down fast. What Dinkins' did with the help of Albany was dramatically increase the size of the NYPD. As the number of NYPD increased during during the next 20 years crime when down to record levels.  With budget cuts this year the number of NYPD will be down to the level before the Dinkins and Giuliani increases.  We have a press and political system that allows mayor and future mayors to chose the issues that are covered in the media.  We know the mayor wants to go on Meet the Press to talk national issues, mayoral candidate Quinn wants gay marriage, Weiner will do anything to get himself a headline, Liu wants to drop audit bombs on the mayor contracts to win him points with unions while hiding in the comptroller office, Stringer wants to rebuild the infrastructure and deBlaiso will think of of angles to get in the paper.  But nobody want to talk about the growing crime problem and the press will not hold today's incumbents feet to the filed like that did former Mayor Dinkins

A Tale Of Two de Blasio Conflicting Pitches Putting Re-election Ahead of Progressive ideology 
His Progressive Cult Following and the 2017 Voters He Needs to Get Re-elected 
Police Department to Redefine Chokehold to Match City Council Bill (NYT) The department has not dropped its opposition to the legislation, which would criminalize police use of the maneuver. *  The NYPD is poised to narrow its definition of a chokehold, adopting language from a City Council bill aimed at criminalizing police use of the maneuver.

De Blasio’s surprise Monday night announcement to add almost 1,300 new cops to the NYPD came just two weeks after a 1 Police Plaza sitdown between him and Bill Bratton, his handpicked police commissioner. * With deal to hire 1,300 cops, de Blasio admits there’s a problem (NYP) * Police union, advocates criticize Mayor de Blasio's decision to add 1,300 cops to NYPD — claim number is a 'drop in the bucket'(NYDN) * Mayor de Blasio's explanation for adding 1,300 NYPD cops is just not credible (NYDN) * New Yorkers will be protected by almost 1,300 new cops, no thanks to Bill de Blasio but instead to Bill Bratton (NYDN) * De Blasio swayed by Bratton into adding 1,300 cops: sources (NYDN) *  City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito was quick to declare victory when de Blasio agreed to hire 1,300 more cops, but some other members’ requests have yet to be fulfilled, City & State reports:  * Big unanswered question (which Lupica hints at): how much do1,300 cops actually cost the city, salaries+pensions?  (NYDN) * NYPD will hire 800 recruits and move 415 cops off deskduty under neighborhood policing plan (NYDN) * The NYPD said it will suspend exams taken by prospective recruits for three months beginning in July as it looks to clear a 50,000-person backlog of applicants and overhaul an unwieldy hiring program that has become unmanageable.* Police reform bills spur debate about legislative oversight (Capital) * NYPD goes back on the beat as murders and shootings skyrocket (NYP) It’s been a tough summer so far for the NYPD. Murders and shootings are up, while a department survey found that 85 percent of cops say they fear being proactive because they are scared of civilian complaints. “This is a police force that’s very unhappy,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said in a radio interview earlier this month. “There’s no getting around it, and we are trying to deal with some of the things that make them unhappy. They think the community doesn’t support them.” * A facet of NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s policing model will take cops out of their cars for a few hours and interact with the neighborhood.* New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton said he opposed legislation that would outlaw chokehold maneuvers and require police to seek consent before searching suspects, the Observer reports:

The Fact That de Blasio Get 1300 More Cops for His 2017 Election Is Over the Head of the Daily News With No Progressive Fingerprints
Cuomo and legislative leaders announced a framework proposal for concluding the legislative session, both houses promised to return to the Capitol today, the Times Union reports: * * New York City’s plan to hire 1,300 police officers and use many for neighborhood policing is part of a larger “plan of action” or blueprint the department expects to unveil later this week, The New York Times reports:   * The Post writes that de Blasio’s reversal on citylawmakers’ request to hire more cops shows he is at least tacitly admitting there’s a problem with a recent rise in homicides and shootings: *  The Daily News credits NYPD Commissioner William Bratton’s“canny leadership” for plans to hire 1,300 more cops because the mayor’s decision-making was a “confidence-sapping mess” * @BilldeBlasio Hired More Police To Head Off Political Fallout; Even From His "Base" Sources Say via @Dnainfo * “He was caught between a rock and a hard place,” de Blasioally Bertha Lewis says of mayor & police. (NYT) * "top CityHall official said BDB never wavered from hisposition that the city didnt need more cops 2 keep [NYC] safe” (NYDN) * De Blasio’s decision to add 1,300 new cops, which makes it look like he is responding to criticism, also ties him tighter to NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, New York magazine’s Chris Smith writes: * Mayor, Police Commissioner Introduce Community Policing Initiative (NY1) * The Story of New York’s First Black Police Officer, Told With the Help of Langston Hughes (NYT) The story of Samuel J. Battle, the first black officer in the New York Police Department, is being told in a new book by Arthur Browne, a veteran newspaper reporter and editor. * SILENT HATRED: Newser's book describes how first African-American to join NYPD suffered at the hands of his fellow officers (NYDN) * A machete attack recalls NYC’s bad old, pre-Giuliani days (NYP Ed)

NYC Shootings Map
In addition to the1,300 new police officers that will be hired, a new focus of officers will becommunity policing: * How Bill de Blasio earned this week’s epic flogging (NYP Ed) * BILL BRATTON BESTS DE BLASIO: New Yorkers will be protected by almost 1,300 new cops, no thanks to the mayor (NYDN Ed) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has a long way to go to comply with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s demands that the police force reflects the overall racial makeup of the city, the New York Post writes:  * * De Blasio’s reversal in hiring more police officers should allow NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton to reshape and re-focus the police force and also have it reflect the communities it serves, the Times writes:  * The New York Police Department will suspend exams taken by prospective recruits for three months beginning in July as part of an overhaul of an unwieldy hiring program, the Wall Street Journal reports:  * Mayor, Police Commissioner Introduce Community Policing Initiative(NY1) * MAP: Breaking down six months of shootings in NYC (DNAINFO) * BRATTON'S BIG PLAN: Police commissioner preps to transform the city a second time (NYDN Ed)

Some NYCHA Buildings Have Become A Shooting Gallery  
Murders at NYCHAbuildings add up despite efforts to bring crime down (NYDN) As the weather heated up in May, the killings began to mount in the city’s public housing. In the span of just 11 days, there were six murders at city Housing Authority developments. While city officials note overall crime in public housing dropped 6.8% in the first six months of 2015 compared with the same time last year, it’s not that simple. A Daily News analysis found that two in five developments have not benefitted from this crime drop so far this year.  Measuring the two time periods, major crimes such as murders, shootings, rapes and felony assaults rose on average 44% at 72 of the 244 developments where the NYPD tracks crime.

And another 24 developments showed zero change, which means at 40% of NYCHA developments, crime either got worse or stayed the same in the first six months of 2015. And while the city as a whole saw a 3.7% drop in shootings in June, NYCHA shootings stayed flat — 25, compared with 25 in June 2014. Murders also stayed the same at four.  * NYCHA to Issue RFPs for Mixed Income Developmenton Public Housing Property In August (NYO) *  Bratton vows to get gang members after killer shot dad holding baby (NYP)

After A Shooting in His Rockaway Neighborhood NY1's Hardt Says Its Scary and That NYC Should Hire More Cops

The de Blasio administration is likely to expand the NYPD in exchange for concessions like capping overtime for officers, according to a person familiar with the budget negotiations that are expected to wrap up as soon as tonight. NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has signaled support for a possible deal, which could resolve the most contentious budget debate in 2015. de Blasio’s administration is likely going to expand the NYPD force, as requested by the City Council, in exchange for concessions like overtime caps, The Wall Street Journal reports:  NYPD to add 5,000 more body cameras (Capital) Department expands pilot program * The city's $77B budget deal is imminent. Here's what tolook for  (CrainsNY) * NY1 ItCH: A Scary Shooting to End Summer's First Weekend (Hardt, NY1) * Mayor, Council Nearing Deal to Expand #NYPD  (NY1) *  NYPD to add more cops in budget deal(NYP) * The de Blasio administration has reached a deal with the New York City Council to continue funding certain organizations that provide physical and mental health services, Capital New York writes: http://goo.gl/q73tNs * Several dozen early childhood education and afterschool providers called on de Blasio to fund programs currently facing closure in the executive budget during a press conference, Capital New York writes:   
The Post writes that de Blasio and Bratton’s plan to pushcommunity policing will only make officers’ jobs harder, especially if they are not allowed to stop shady characters and round up weapons:

Rikers Island Under Fed Control
New York City has agreed to a settlement in the long-running legal battle over abuses at Rikers Island, the country’s second-largest jail system, federal and city officials said. *  Records show a list of 112 Rikers Island employees “red-flagged” for integrity issues by city investigators was presented to the Correction Department back in January by Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters. Six months later, it appears they’re all still on the payroll. * * New York City agreed to a settlement over abuses at Rikers Island, which includes appointing a federal monitor, installing thousands of surveillance cameras and other reforms, the Times reports: The Post writes it is important to renew faith in corrections officials if New York City is going to successfully curb violence at Rikers Island with its sixth legal settlement since 1990:* The Times writes that the courts and the U.S. Justice Department will need to remain involved until a federal civil rights lawsuit settlement is implemented and has reformed Rikers Island:

de Blasio's Band Aid Government
POLICE UNION LEADER DISMISSES NYPD’S ‘BAND AID’ APPROACH-- CBS’s Marcia Kramer: “The president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association on Tuesday issued sharp criticism of the city’s plan to reduce surging gun violence. He said more officers are the answer to prevent New York City from turning into “gun city.” -- “Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who were at a medals ceremony on Tuesday, desperately want the city’s new anti-violence crime initiative to work to bring down a murder rate that increase by nearly 20 percent last month. But will operation “Summer All Out” work? ‘It’s a Band-Aid approach. We’ve done it before. The summer time comes, we pull everyone out that are doing sensitive, important jobs and put them out in the street,’ PBA head Patrick Lynch said.”* Bill Bratton has no desire to add more black cops (NYDN) * .@BilldeBlasio (how many 1-on-1 interviews has he done last 2 weeks?) talks to @MKramerTV re crime, &“Fearmongering (WCBS) 

Bratton the Pol: "Hard to Hire Black Cops Because of Their Jail Record" 

NYPD Commissioner SPINS For Job and Boss
Monday Update 
Bratton: Quote about hiring black cops was taken out of context (NYP) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is still blaming publication for twisting his words on hiring black cops (NYDN) An increase     in gun violence in large municipalities across the country is reigniting a debate about how aggressive police officers should be in trying to prevent crime while protecting the rights citizens, the Journal writes:  * Manhattan Institute Fellow Heather Mac Donald writes in the Journal that the recent spike in violence in cities around the nation and relaxed policing tied to recent community backlash are linked: 

Saturday Update
Police Review Board Seeks Grand Jury Records in Eric Garner Case (NYT) The Civilian Complaint Review Board argued in State Supreme Court on Friday that jury transcripts are needed to review police actions. * New Message on Frisking From de Blasio’s City Hall Amid Criticism NYT) The recent reminders about the origins in the later Bloomberg years come as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration faces criticism over crime.* As we near the one year anniversary of the death of EricGarner, the Staten Island man who died after a struggle with police, the New York Times examines the events that lead up to the deadly encounter: *

Why Are Shooting Up? Daily News Cops Afraid to Confront Criminals
NYT Cops Wary and Charlene McCray No Answer
Politics and the policing ideology among New York’s elected leaders, particularly the reduction in stop-and-frisks, are dangerously humbling the NYPD, with public safety hanging in the balance, the Daily News argues:

'EVERYONE IS AFRAID TO MAKE STOPS': Huge fall in stop-and-frisk leaves perps less 'afraid' to carry weapons and cops more reluctant to confront criminals (NYDN) A dramatic drop in stop-and-frisk encounters has emboldened criminals and made cops more reluctant to take proactive police action, even as murders and shootings are on the rise in the city. The frightening message — echoed by police supervisors and union leaders — comes as stop-and-frisk encounters are on pace to plunge by 42% this year, with 20,000 fewer street stops. There were 11,652 stops across the city through June 3 — projecting to roughly 28,000 for the year, records obtained by the Daily News show. As the number of stops fell, the number of murders spiked 19.5% during the first five months of the year, the number of people shot is up 9.2% and the number of shooting incidents jumped 9%. “What you’re seeing now are the perps carrying their guns because they’re not afraid to carry them,” said Ed Mullins, head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association. “We’ve created an atmosphere where we’ve handcuffed the police. We are sitting back, taking a less proactive approach.” Mullins said the city’s criminal element has been operating without fear while cops have been somewhat neutered in the last two years  City cops, citing increased scrutiny from the NYPD’s inspector general, the state attorney general and City Hall, say the cutback on stops is about self-preservation. * In 2014, the first year of Mayor de Blasio’s administration, the number of stops was 47,412. The first-term mayor ran his campaign as a staunch critic of the Bloomberg administration’s policing policies. Christopher Dunn, assistant legal director for the New York Civil Liberties Union, said history showed stop-and-frisks had no effect on crime data. “We know from 25 years of NYPD data, including last year’s record low number of murders and record low number of stops, that reducing stops does not lead to more murders,” Dunn said. “The recent spike in shootings is troubling, but ramping up stops will do little more than further damage police-community relations.”  Cops must be cops :Relentless attacks on law enforcement have driven the NYPD into retreat (NYDN Ed)  Fear has taken hold of the New York Police Department. The city’s cops have grown afraid to do their jobs. The Finest are as courageous as they ever have been in putting everything on the line to protect New Yorkers, but relentless attacks on standard law enforcement as rife with abuses have driven police into retreat.  While they will readily risk their lives to disarm a bullet-spraying gunman, they will not risk their careers by stopping, and potentially frisking, that same criminal before he opens fire. Terrifyingly worse, word is out on the street that cops are afraid to check virtually anyone for possession of a gun. Naturally, the NYPD has seen evidence that more criminals are carrying more guns, rather than stowing their weapons until needed for use. * James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Northeastern University,writes in the Times that it is hasty and reckless to warn of a coming crime wave and blame it on cops becoming tentative in face of criticism over police shootings of unarmed citizens: * De Blasio makes his case against 1,000 more cops (AMNY)
NYT Frames Cops As Wary  Have Wary Police Brought an End to the Drop in Crime? (NYT Ed)  Have protests over police tactics led to a crime wave because of officers' reluctance to be aggressive?  * * Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, a former police officer, called for greater communication between the police and local communities in light of an increase in gun-related shootings this year, CapitalNew York reports: 

Activists Deliver Coffin to City Hall to Protests Rise In Gun Violence
Anti-gun activists deliver coffin to City Hall (New 12) Activists delivered a strong and dramatic message about the impact of gun violence to Mayor Bill de Blasio.  Community advocates showed up at City Hall Wednesday, bringing a coffin out of a hearse.  They say it symbolizes the rising death toll across the five boroughs as a result of firearms.  The activists also complain that de Blasio is refusing to provide resources or listen to their solutions, which include a program that would put mentors in neighborhoods with the highest rates of gun and gang violence. * Brooklyn activist wields coffin to protest de Blasio (Capital)  Standing in front of a wooden coffin outside of City Hall, a local activist from Brooklyn, Tony Herbert, told a throng of reporters today it was wrong for Mayor Bill de Blasio to travel around the country and appear on late-night television while crime is rising. 

“To travel out of town, to dance in a parade the same weekend that people are dying is an insult to our community and to our city,” said Herbert  Smacking his hand against a wooden coffin he brought for the press conference, Herbert said, “This is a coffin that’s probably going to be used by one our young people that’s going to die, due to gun or gang violence in our community. This mayor has to step up. Throwing more police at the situation is not always the answer. The key is to work with community.” Herbert also said, “blood [of] those that are dying is on your hands, Mayor de Blasio, because you’re not sitting with the people that can get to the people in the community to make the differences that we need to make happen.” Herbert’s solution—a version of which has long been advocated by City Councilman Jumaane Williams—is to bring a variety of city agencies, not just the police, into high crime areas in order to boost education, job training and health care access.

 Asked by television reporter Marcia Kramer about de Blasio’s appearance on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart last night, Herbert said the mayor was “up there laughing about the deaths in our community.” Herbert implied the massive reduction in stop-and-frisk has emboldened criminals and led to more violence and death.  “If you don’t fear the thought process of being arrested and carrying a weapon, you’ll carry a weapon,” said Herbert. Asked by Kramer if there would be a “political” backlash for the mayor’s handling of this issue, Herbert replied, “There’s a political price to pay, definitely, because we’re all getting a little irritated with the fact that no one is taking what’s going on seriously. People are dying in our community.” * Protesters: De Blasio Not Doing Enough To Curb City Violence (WCBS TV) Appearing on “The Daily Show” on Tuesday, de Blasio acknowledged the city has seen an alarming spike in shootings this year, but also said it’s an issue the Police Department is handling. * Religious leaders pick sides in de Blasio-Cuomo feud (NYP)

With Boston's Terror Arrests A NYPD Cops Jobs Just Got Harder and Scarier
Bostonterror suspect reportedly planned to behead cops, Pamela Geller: (NY Mag) *Why N.Y. needs morecops: The rising ISIS-inspired terror threat underlines the urgency ofBratton's call for additional officers (NYDN Ed) * The governor called the recent spike in New York City gun violence “a very troubling development and something we’re watching,” adding: “We have to decide and figure out if that is a one-time movement or is there a continuation to it.”* City preachers are taking sides in the tug-of-war between de Blasio and Cuomo, with the mayor forming a faith-based group of religious leaders to advise him and some black pastors lining up with Cuomo, the Post writes * Community Leaders Hold Town Hall in Effort to Prevent Gun Violence (NY1) * Mayor's Usual Supporters Add Heat to Full Agenda (NY1)
Reporters make up false facts and Arguments that lead them or fit into their narrative or their bosses Narrative
It's interesting reading columns by people who don't live in neighborhoods where shooting is skyrocketing minimizing it's impact * Harry Siegel: As guns get drawn, de Blasio stands his ground (NYDN)

de Blasio Spins and Divides As He Finds His Own Faith-Based Religious Leaders After Protests Against Him
De Blasio is putting together a faith-based group of religious leaders to advise him on issues. But black pastors who’ve been aligned with Cuomo have accused City Hall of planning to exclude clergy with differing viewpoints — even before the appointments have been officially announced.* Religious leaders pick sides in de Blasio-Cuomo feud  (NYP) City preachers are taking sides in the tug-of-war between Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo, The Post has learned. De Blasio is putting together a faith-based group of religious leaders...

Cops Retire Rather Than Walk A Dangerous Beat for de Blasio
 ‘I’d rather retire than walk a dangerous beat for de Blasio’ (NYP) Mayor de Blasio’s Summer All Out program is turning into an all-out fiasco — with the NYPD forced to dole out massive overtime and cops choosing to retire rather than take part, The Post has learned. But to quell widespread opposition among the rank and file, brass promised fatter paychecks containing at least 4¹/ hours of overtime per shift — or 22¹/ per week. The sweetened deal includes a shift that begins a half-hour early, at 7:30 p.m., and at least two hours of guaranteed extra work per shift. The cops are also getting paid 2¹/ hours of overtime per shift to cover travel time to and from their new precincts — regardless of how long it actually takes. But some veterans decided they’d rather walk away from their careers than walk a dangerous beat, sources said. 

When Crime Happens In Manhattan It Makes It Into the Media
“Three or four . . . officers were sent to a certain precinct in Brooklyn, and instead of going and walking foot posts, they up and retired,” one source said.* In remarks at the first Urban Ministers Symposium at New York Police Department headquarters, de Blasio implored clergy leaders to help recruit more people of color to become police officers, Capital New Yorkreports:  * De Blasio calls for NYPD to hire more black cops (NYP)

When One of the Increased Shooting Happen Never NY1's Hardt House It is Scary
When the increase shooting happen near a reportshome is is Scary (Bob Hardt, NY1) After thousands of beachgoers headed home and residents had settled into their beds for a short summer nap, the neighborhood suddenly felt as if it had been thrust into an apocalyptic cop movie from the 1970's.  Police helicopters circled the neighborhood; a woman apparently had been shot in the leg and the suspect was on the loose.* * New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton laid out how to overhaul the department, with community policing as a focus and his past informing the effort, The New York Times writes:

NYP Thanks de Blasio for Taking Their Advice by Going On Radio -Answering 4 Questions

Crime and Confusion in a Safer New York City (NYT Ed)  Mr. de Blasio has a ready response, which he repeated on Friday. It’s that serious crime overall is still down — way down — from historic highs. That the shooting problem is largely confined to a few precincts in Brooklyn and the Bronx, where gangs and drugs hold sway. (Police Commissioner William Bratton said it’s “career criminals, killing and shooting other career criminals.”) And that he and Mr. Bratton have got this, through programs, with names like Summer All Out and Operation Impact, that will focus attention and officers on crime-plagued neighborhoods. Mr. Bratton’s remark about career criminals is meant to reassure everyone else. And the comforting statistics Mr. de Blasio cites have the virtue of being accurate. But they don’t mean much if you live in a problem precinct. Here’s what is also unsettling: the continued disagreement between the mayor and Mr. Bratton over police staffing. Mr. Bratton has sided with the City Council, which has consistently urged the hiring of 1,000 new officers. The mayor has just as consistently said that the money is needed elsewhere, and that Mr. Bratton has all the officers he needs.  * Bratton: Don’t Blame Stop-And-Frisk Reduction ForMurder Spike (WCBS)

Mr. de Blasio argues that the steep reduction in stop-and-frisk and marijuana arrests has led to a manpower dividend: Cops who aren’t hassling young black and Latino men have a lot more time for smarter, better crime-fighting. But if the mayor is right, why isn’t his own police commissioner buying it?   But if the mayor is right, why isn’t his own police commissioner buying it? Maybe some political game is being played here, some budget-related dance or some message being sent to the police unions. The result for those of us in the cheap seats is confusion. Do we need more cops, or not? Does the mayor trust his police commissioner as his No. 1 public-safety expert, or not? If he does trust him, why doesn’t he give him more officers? If he doesn’t trust him, that is a much bigger problem.  Adding 1,000 officers to a force of 34,500 probably won’t lead to drastic results. But the split on so basic a subject suggests a level of discord in the administration that is not reassuring. 

It also emboldens the critics who say Mr. de Blasio is ineptly leading the city back to the ugly 1990s.  The mayor’s more fervid critics need to get a grip. But the mayor should, too. It is of barely passing interest whether he appears to be dominating Mr. Bratton, or the other way around. What matters is a unified strategy to ensure that all law-abiding citizens are treated with respect, while keeping the city safe, consolidating and perpetuating its success in lowering crime, and quieting the gunfire where it persists.  *   Bill de Blasio takes (some of) The Post’s advice (NYP Ed) 

We’re glad to see Mayor de Blasio taking (some of) our advice — even if he feels compelled to throw the odd slap our way. Back on May 20, we noted that the last two mayors did regular radio call-in shows, and we urged him to follow suit: “Talk and listen to your constituents on a regular, publicly announced basis. You might actually learn what’s really on their minds.” Looks like de Blasio listened — because there he was Friday on WNYC, taking calls. OK, it was only four calls (one from Manhattan, three from Queens) in a half hour on “The Brian Lehrer Show.” But it’s a start. Next week, Mr. Mayor, why not do an hour? WNYC is an NPR station — support public radio! * De Blasio, on Radio, Starts Conversation With His Constituents (NYT)  New York’s mayor was quizzed on the police, library funding and fights in Albany while on a call-in show on WNYC radio.The Times writes de Blasio’s critics need to get a grip when it comes to hand-wringing over crime statistics, but concedes the mayor’s and his police commissioner’s public disagreement over police staffing is concerning: * Spin City Word Games: Whose Eyes are Lying About Increased Crime? * "Crime is exploding in New York" -- Michael Goodwin: (NYP) For all that glory, Bratton, at age 67, now faces the most difficult challenge of his career. Crime is exploding in New York, but he could handle that. His problem is his boss. The police commissioner is working for a mayor who is determined to carry out a dangerous social experiment on Gotham. The boss wants peace while handcuffing the cops.

NYT Calls NYC Safe
De Blasio finally takes questions from everyday New Yorkers (NYP)  He took four questions during a 36-minute appearance, just weeks after getting slammed for shunning New Yorkers while answering questions from common folk on a trip to San Francisco. The mayor has also been criticized for abandoning the decades-old practice of holding town halls, although he insists he gets plenty of feedback on the streets of the Big Apple. The bulk of the radio interview focused on an uptick in murders and shootings in 2015, which Hizzoner said he takes “very seriously” and for which he is deploying additional officers to troubled precincts starting Monday.* Bill de Blasio, in Radio Appearance, Defends Approach on Crime (WSJ) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday he was doing everything in his power to bring down the city's rising homicide rate even as he defended his approach to policing.

70's McCray On Spin Control 

Why A 75 Year Old Resident Ask Chirlane McCray To Stop the Guns She Had No Answer
Chirlane McCray Silent After Questions About NYC’s Soaring Shooting & Homicide Rate(WCBS)  Residents Suggest The NYPD Bring Back The Stop-And-Frisk Policy In Modified Form * Hi Chirlane, here’s why quality-of-life arrests matter (NYP) * de Blasio said that funneling cash to the reform of New York City’s jails, education system and homeless shelters is more important than adding a thousand new police officers, the Observer reports:   * Chirlane McCray wasn't 'personally afraid' of homeless man (NYDN)


Daily News Blasts McCray For Calling the 70's Good Old Days
 Saturday Update DUMB & DUMBER: Chirlane McCray recalls ‘strong’ times in 1977 when city crime was high, while husband Bill de Blasio insists reduced stop-and-frisk makes NYC safer (NYDN) It was the year of the blackout and bloodthirsty Son of Sam, the South Bronx was burning and subway cars were slathered in graffiti. Or as Mayor de Blasio and his wife Chirlane recall 1977, the good old days. New York City’s population dipped by 10%, as residents fled for safer climes. Chirlane McCray, while urging tougher rent hike regulations, wistfully recalled on NY1 her arrival in the reeling city during the Abe Beame administration. 

"Good old Son of Sam: Chirlane McCray's bizarre nostalgia for 1977" @NYDNHammond 
Good old Son of Sam: First Lady Chirlane McCray's bizarrenostalgia for 1977 New York City (NYDN Ed)  The mantra in every discussion about quality of life in New York holds that the bad old days must never return. Now, the city comes to discover that, in fact,these are the bad old days. Mayoral first lady Chirlane McCray took a nostalgic trip back to 1977, the year she arrived in New York out of college, recalling that “the city was strong, the city was inclusive and dynamic, and we want the city to stay that way.” 

Ah, yes, the halcyon era when crime was rampant, arson raged across whole neighborhoods, abandoned buildings lined miles of streets, a blackout unleashed mass rioting, the subways were covered with graffiti, tensions ran high between blacks and whites, the job base collapsed and 10% of the city moved out. Some commentators pondered the death of urban America. But, hey, you could find cheap apartments on the Upper West Side, Park Slope or anywhere else you dared to live. That’s what counted to McCray in measuring the New York of today against the New York of yore — and rendering judgment on the modern thriving metropolis through wildly jaundiced eyes.Mayor de Blasio seconded the extraordinary (one of his favorite words) motion. 

While saying that McCray harbors “no illusions about how tough things were in the city in 1977,” he contended that “she made a really powerful point.” “Those were not ideal times, but at least you could find a place you could afford to live,” the mayor said, sending the mind racing toward an affordable housing program based on economic and social collapse. He wasn’t simply acting the dutiful husband. Instead, he lapsed into trying to bend reality to match his beliefs, much as he has dismissed the frightening phenomenon of cops who have stopped making stops and frisks for fear of getting hammered by superiors. Eden this is not. Nor is it the hell that seems to dwell in mayoral imagination. At worst, it’s a city that’s victim to its own successes.

And her husband, after defending his spouse, reiterated FrThe mantra in every discussion about quality of life in New York holds that the bad old days must never return. Now, the city comes to discover that, in fact,these are the bad old days. Mayoral first lady Chirlane McCray took a nostalgic trip back to 1977, the year she arrived in New York out of college, recalling that “the city was strong, the city was inclusive and dynamic, and we want the city to stay that way.”iday that the reduction of stop-and-frisk had zero correlation with this year’s increase in murders and shootings. “As we have reduced stops, we have reduced crime,” the mayor said during a live radio appearance Friday. “I think the numbers are overwhelmingly clear.“To me, this has actually been a great ratification of the fact that we can protect individual liberties while making ourselves safer.” The Daily News reported exclusively that the city is on pace to make 42% fewer stops this year as homicides are up almost 20%.

Before 421-a Tax Breaks for Developers You Could Find Afford Housing In NYC
De Blasio, asked if his wife’s pining for 1977 was a gaffe, said she was referring to the amount of affordable housing available at the time. “I think she has no illusions about how tough things were in this city in 1977,” the mayor said. “But she made a really powerful point: Until recently, good times and bad, you could find (an affordable) place to live. “I think what my wife was saying was those were not ideal times, but at least you could find a place you could afford to live.”  City Hall press secretary Karen Hinton said any other interpretation of the First Lady’s remarks was “misleading and inappropriate.
Why is Crime Up . . .  More Cops
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Back the the 70's Fear of Going to Central Park as the Establishment Gets the Rising Crime Message
It one thing for Gangs Shooting Each Other In East NY But When It Hits Central Park the Media and Big Boys Notice

Saturday Update

Monday Update Robbed teen is 19th Central Park victim this week (NYP) * Cops hunt thug who robbed teen in Central Park as officials cite spree of similar crimes (NYDN) ***  Recent crime spree has residents avoiding Central Park (NYP) Cops recorded 18 serious incidents through Sunday, compared with 11 incidents during the same time period last year. And those figures don’t include the most recent mugging, when an elderly man walking home was robbed of his watch early Wednesday by a thief who grabbed him and demanded his valuables.

PBA President Re-Elected 
Patrick Lynch re-elected as PBA president  (NYDN) * Police union president re-elected in a landslide (NYP) Police officers had been casting their ballots during the past two weeks, and the tallying of the results was finished Friday, handing Lynch his win by a margin of roughly 70 percent.*Police union president re-elected in a landslide(NYP) * Patrick Lynch, Police Union Chief Who Fought Mayor, Wins a 5th Term (NYT) Mr. Lynch overcame two opponents, his first challengers in a decade, by taking 70 percent of the vote to lead the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.* Pat Lynch re-elected to 5th term as police union president  (Capital) * PBA Members Re-elect Lynch to Fifth Term (NY1) * Patrick Lynch, Police Union Chief Who Fought de Blasio, Wins a 5th Term (NYT) * Patrick Lynch Re-Elected PBA Union President In Landslide (DNAINFO) Outspoken leaders of city's largest police union received 70 percent of his 23,000 member tally.

NYT Finally Reports Homicides and Gunfire Have Increased In the City 
Gunplay Rises in New York, Reviving Issue for de Blasio (NYT)  Homicides by gunfire, seen as a key measure of preventable violence, are up steeply this year — of the 135 killings through May, 98 involved a gun. For Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat whose efforts to improve police-community relations depend on a force often skeptical of him, increases in violence have reanimated an issue that has stalked him since his campaign for City Hall. The question remains: How to quell gunplay in an era whenstop-and-frisk tactics — for years among the Police Department’s principal tools for curbing street violence — are employed far less frequently than before its excessive use came under widespread criticism. Shootings on the rise for second straight year (NYP) Shooting incidents in the city have risen for two straight years, and killings involving a gun have also increased dramatically, officials said Monday. There have been 439 shootings through Sunday this year, up 9 percent over the same period in 2014 and 20 percent over 2013, the NYPD said. There was also an increase between 2013 and 2014. The city hasn’t seen a rise in shooting incidents for two years straight since the 1990s. Meanwhile, the department released data that detailed the 135 killings so far this year, claiming that 98 involved a gun compared with just 69 in 2014. * One day after police officials outlined a pronounced increase in shootings and homicides in the city so far this year, de Blasio moved to reassure residents that New York remains “the safest big city in America,” dismissing any suggestion that his policies are responsible for the rise. * PBA head Pat Lynch says city needs more cops and less ‘constant second-guessing’ to combat rise in murders, shootings  (NYDN) * INTERACTIVE MAP:Witness what the NYPD is privately seeing.Serious Crime Rising in Most NYPD Precincts via @Dnainfo * Rising Gun Crime Vexes de Blasio (WSJ) * Mayor Re-Affirms Trust in NYPD Amid Spike in Violent Crime (NY1)

In de Blasio's Media Crime Spin A Mother Whose 14 Year Old Kid Was Killed In A Gang Fights Does Not Matter

The Journal writes that de Blasio’s statements that gang and crew spats are behind a rise in shootings suggests that young, minority men killing one another is not as concerning as crime in more affluent areas: Sex crimes rising at an alarming rate (NYP) *'HE KILLS WITHOUT MERCY': Mother of Bronx shooting victim says she fears for her life knowing son's murderer is still free (NYDN) The NYPD’s chief of department said police are “struggling” to keep up with a recent increase in homicides and shootings at a time when overall serious crimes continued to drop. The department will reassign 330 cops from desk jobs to walking the beat by next Monday in an effort to contain a 19.5 percent increase in killings and almost 9 percent rise in shootings over last year. * De Blasio Cites LowCrime Stats to Downplay Spike in Shootings (NYO) *  De Blasio responds to shootings with ‘guarantee’ *on guns (capital) Public OutcryDirected At Mayor De Blasio As NYC Murder Rate Shoots Up (WCBS) * Mayor Re-Affirms Trust in NYPD Amid Spike in Violent Crime (NY1) ^ De Blasio Calls New York ‘the Safest Big City’ Despite Some Crime Statistics (NYT) Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed further action against violence during a news conference on Tuesday, after police officials released statistics showing shootings and homicides have increased this year. * De Blasio Says NYPDWill Overcome Spike in Shootings, Homicides (DNAINFO)  * Bronx CouncilmanRejects Progressivism, Inc’s Cynical Plan to Abandon Inner Cities to Crime  * Mayor de Blasio: NYPD can ‘turn tide’ after homicides, shootings in city rise this year (NYDN) * After increases in shootings and homicides by gunfire in 2015, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dismissed notions his policies were behind the rise and said the city remains the safest big city, the Timesreports:   * Residents in the Brooklyn neighborhood that had the most shootings in May called on de Blasio to hire more cops, while police sources said the force was instructed to be more assertive, the Post reports:  * Residents in the Brooklyn neighborhood that had the most shootings in May called on de Blasio to hire more cops, while police sources said the force was instructed to be more assertive, the Post reports: * NY Post: De Blasio concedes NYC’s ‘shooting problem’ - (NYP)
NYPD Chief of Department yesterday: We're "struggling" with guns. De Blasio today: Don't worry; the NYPD has this under control

de Blasio Called Those Expressing Concerns About the Rise In Shooting and Homicides Fear Mongers 
 FIREARMS ARE WINNING! NYPD reveals spike in homicides and gun violence compared to last year — as well as fewer stop-and-frisks (NYDN)  *Shooting victim’s family begs de Blasio: ‘We need stop-and-frisk’ (NYP) The Post writes that de Blasio should bring back the controversial stop-and-frisk policy to stop the rise in murders in New York City, which have been on a steady incline for several years:  * How many New Yorkers must die before the mayor brings back stop-and-frisk? (NYP Ed) 
Daily News Says Hire More Cops Call 911 for theNYPD (NYDN Ed) The NYPD is “struggling with homicides and shootings,” the chief of the department admitted on Monday in an ominous appraisal of public safety in New YorkInstead of talking about how Bratton has done more with less, it’s time to act to give him more.* Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel is bringing in record amounts of heroin that eventually get sold on Long Island and in New York City, supplies of which are contributing to high rates of overdose and addiction, officials said.*Stop and frisk' being reconsidered about latest NYC crime spike (WPIX) * NYPD Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said he has a “respectful” relationship with de Blasio, which comes after the two sparred last year, the Observer reports:  * Sexual assault — the city’s other crime problem (NYP)

Were is the Protests, Outrage to 14 years Old Christopher Duran Gang Murder?
The NYT Uses the Word Gunplay . . .  Do You Think Christopher Would Use the Word Play?

'The guy runs up to him and just shoots him': Slaying of boy walking to school in Bronx in possible gang-related revenge killing connected to older brother: sources (NYDN) A baby-faced Bronx teenager was executed on the street Friday by a gunman wearing a red bandana who blasted him multiple times at point-blank range — and without any warning. Fourteen-year-old Christopher Duran cried out “Mommy! Mommy!” as he was laying dying outside a laundermat, sources said. “We have video of the shooting,” a police source said. “It’s bad, real bad. The guy runs up to him and just shoots him, bang, bang, bang. It doesn’t look like he says anything to him.”* Bronx Boy, 14, Killed in ‘Point Blank’ Shooting Caught on Surveillance Video (NYT) * NYC Police Seek Gunman After 14-Year-Old Shot Dead in The Bronx(WSJ)* NYPD: Bronx Teen Fatally Shot, Two Suspects at Large (NY1) * 14-year-old gang member killed on way to school (NYP) * 'He died in my hands': Bronx teen mourns little brother, who was shot 16 times in suspected gang retaliation (NYDN) Sunday Update Social media reacts to death of gang-loving teen (NYP)

Weekend One de Blasio Surge Not Working Violent Crime Up 40% 
13 Shot In NYC This Weekend As De Blasio Touts Police Surge:At least 13 people were shot, one fatally, over the…  * five people were hurt in a shooting outside the D Avenue bar inProspect-Lefferts last night  * CBS2 Exclusive: ATFTo Join NYPD In Fighting New York CityGun Crimes (WCBS)  Security Expert: Feds Involved In Day-To-Day Busts Isn't Something Seen Every Day * Violent crime surges — even with more cops on the streets (NYP) The NYPD flooded the city with extra cops last week to combat a surge in violence — but Gotham still had more than double the number of shootings it experienced that week in 2014.* Residents of East New York, who have experienced the uptick in violence in the city in recent months, want Mayor Bill de Blasio to deliver on implementing reforms to policing, The WallStreet Journal reports:

During the first week of “Summer All Out,” a crime-fighting initiative that moved about 330 cops from their desk jobs to violence-plagued neighborhoods, there were 43 shootings that left 53 people dead or wounded. During the same week in 2014, there were 21 shootings.Mayor de Blasio said Monday “Summer All Out” worked wonders last year to contain crime in several of the worst precincts and needs more time before the effects are felt this year. “ ‘Summer All Out’ is a few days old,” he said. “We are having a challenge right at this moment with some of the recent crime numbers . . . [but] I think with each passing day, with each passing week, we’re going to feel the effects of it more and more.” 

Friday Update
The NYPD needs to revive its elite anti-gun unit (NYP Ed) * Lupica: NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton should stop chirping and just do his job (NYDN) * Capital Data: Homicides, by precinct, as stops decline (Capital)  Where have homicides increased, and by how much?* A Capital New Yorkexamination of homicide patterns in New York City through the end of May found that while the number of murders citywide has increased, the numbers have stayed the same or decreased in most precincts:

 Thursday Update  
Bratton Says Comments on Hiring Black Cops Taken ‘Outof Context’ (NYO) * Why many of the African-Americans we need in the NYPD would never even consider joining the force (Hamill, NYDN) * BRATTON BACKPEDALS — HARD: Police commissioner predicts an increase in black hires after making inflammatory comment(NYDN) * NY1 Online: Bratton Defends Himself in Wake of Controversial Comments About Blacks Entering NYPD * Mayor Aims to Reassure New Yorkers Amid Spike in Violent Crime(NY1) * Bratton blames broken homes for anti-cop hostility (NYP) The breakdown of traditional American family values over the past 50 years is largely to blame for the anti-police hostility seen in New York and across the country, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said Wednesday.* NY1 Online: Bratton Defends Himself in Wake of Controversial Comments About Blacks Entering NYPD

Good 2 see that after some of us have been long warning of increased gun violence & being criticized as alarmists it now is topic of day

Bill Bratton needs to shut up with the bogus blame game (NYP Ed) The Post writes that Bratton needs to stop blaming the NYPD’s problems on things like fatherlessness in minority communities and instead take on politicians who are constantly “bashing cops”:* Bratton’s burden: Building a police force that reflectsthe city it serves (NYDN Ed) Fault Police Commissioner Bill Bratton for a tongue too glib in telling a difficult truth without full context. The topic was the NYPD’s struggle to recruit black officers.

‘WE’RE DEMANDING A RETRACTION’: Bratton says comment about difficulty hiring black cops because ‘so many of them have spent time in jail’ was misrepresented (NYDN)  Some retired cops aren’t buying Commissioner Bill Bratton’s soft-pedaling of the 20 percent increase in murder. One writes, “Bratton’s got a problem all his making in that he took this position knowing full well what this mayor is and isn’t. Bratton lives in Ray Kelly’s shadow, and now he can’t get out without surrendering his reputation.”He added that within black communities, some “15 to 20% of black males have some type of criminal history and that’s an issue of great concern in the black community.”* The NYPD has a hard time hiring black men to become police officers because too many have criminal records, Commissioner Bill Bratton told The Guardian, a British newspaper with a New York bureau.  “While increasing numbers of Hispanics and Asians, especially men, are joining the NYPD, the future looks bleaker for black applicants. One number in particular is jarring: black males make up only 6.86% of the 2015 police academy recruit class that will graduate this month, with black females just under 4%, for a total of 10.86%, while black residents total about 22% of the city’s population. For comparison, black recruits totaled 7.3 % in 1970 at the end of the Civil Rights Movement, almost all of whom were men. “A complicating factor is what Bratton calls the ‘unfortunate consequences’ of an explosion in “stop, question and frisk” stops in the last decade that caught many young men of color in a summons net. Those summonses are not automatic disqualifications. However, after passing the exam, a candidate moves to the more subjective background investigation, which includes criminal records. A pot arrest without indications of gang activity might not disqualify a candidate, but a series of summonses could. As a result, Bratton is concerned that the ‘population pool is much smaller than it might ordinarily have been.’” * BRATTON DEMANDS RETRACTION -- Newsday “Bratton has demanded a retraction from the British newspaper The Guardian after he said the publication misrepresented some of his recent comments about the lack of black recruits to the force. … “‘My comment on stop, question and frisk impacting on recruiting was the potential alienation of black men, minority men, because of frequent stops by police,’ Bratton said. ‘But stop, question and frisk stops have no impact in terms of the screening process we do on hiring. … nothing about having been stopped, even if there is a record of it ... is reviewed by us that would work against a minority candidate wanting to be a New York City police officer.’”  -- Public Advocate Letitia James’ statement: “This is a teachable moment that affirms that broken windows policing destroys lives and opportunities. Individuals who are otherwise qualified to be police officers should have minor infractions forgiven. We need to enact policies that promote diversity for our police force and city as a whole.”* POLICE UNION LEADER DISMISSES NYPD’S ‘BAND AID’ APPROACH-- CBS’s Marcia Kramer: “The president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association on Tuesday issued sharp criticism of the city’s plan to reduce surging gun violence. He said more officers are the answer to prevent New York City from turning into “gun city.” -- “Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who were at a medals ceremony on Tuesday, desperately want the city’s new anti-violence crime initiative to work to bring down a murder rate that increase by nearly 20 percent last month. But will operation “Summer All Out” work? ‘It’s a Band-Aid approach. We’ve done it before. The summer time comes, we pull everyone out that are doing sensitive, important jobs and put them out in the street,’ PBA head Patrick Lynch said.”* PBA Head Comes Out Against Anti-Violence Crime Program CallsFor More #cops Hires*** War On the Press: Last Friday the Mayor Blasts the NYP and Daily News Crime Reporting . . .  Today, Bratton Backs Him Up

Many Black Church Leaders Upset With de Blasio . . . Where is Sharpton?   
Black church leaders lead revolt against de Blasio’s re-election (NYP) There’s a revolt brewing in Mayor de Blasio’s political base. Black church leaders are so furious at some of de Blasio’s policies that they’re actively looking for a candidate to run against him in 2017 — and leading their list is popular Brooklyn Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. Pastors told The Post on Thursday they’re steamed over de Blasio’s handling of the NYPD, for not providing enough city contracts to minority-run businesses and for tilting affordable-housing policies towards developers. “There’s a lot of displeasure with de Blasio,” said Rev. Johnnie Green of Mount Neboh Baptist Church in Harlem. “In all of the political circles in the black community, there is a constant discussion about the failures of the de Blasio administration.” A May 12 Quinnipiac University poll found 44 percent of voters citywide thought de Blasio was doing a good job. But among black voters the figure was 68 percent — precisely double that of white voters. 

Brooklyn Black Activists See Things Different 
Tony Herbert  This is by far the most ludicrous news reporting to date, Hakeem Jeffries isn't the premier Black candidate and truly not as popular as this reporter eludes to in our community, We have to be careful when listening to people who tell us who our leaders are......I andva host of others are not onboard with this candidacy, dude has been absent on the issues of violence in our community and truly is a political pawn for the special interest!!!! Tish James and I have had our ups and downs but she is a very viable candidate, Eric Adams and Ruben Diaz are just as appealing, but Jeffries is a non start in my 

NYPD Updates
Demoted NYPD head dropped $60G on dance studio for cops(NYP) * ‘Lying’ cop is costing NYPD big time busts (NYP) A judge said an NYPD cop is such a big liar that there was no choice but to toss out evidence that could have put a suspected drug dealer behind bars for life.  Bronx officer Luis Rios’ alleged on-the-job tall tales were compounded by his lying about them in court, and cost federal prosecutors all the drug evidence that the cop collected against an armed suspect — 16 baggies of cocaine during a strip search. The ruling by federal Judge Paul Engelmayer — made after Rios even lied to him under oath about having previously lied — effectively kills the drug rap against Christian Gonzalez that carried up to 20 years in prison. * Twin brothers shot, one fatally(NYP) * Suspect Killed by Police After Woman Is Fatally Shot Outside Queens Casino (NYT) * A former NYPD boss dropped $60,000 to turn an old printing room at Police Headquarters into a Zumba dance studio — in a move that infuriated Commissioner Bill Bratton.* A year after the creation of the Inspector General’s office for the New York Police Department, experts 
Long Island College Hospital is closed, but litigation lives on * An appeal that would grab Long Island College Hospital from Fortis andNYU Langone has a Friday deadline are still debating how to measure the position’s effect on police policy, Capital New York writes:

Murder Up 60% As We Enter A Hot Summer
Murders in NYC up60% from this time last year (NYDN) Shootings and murders increased again this week as summer draws closer, causing New Yorkers to fear the worst for the warmer weather to come. Murders were up 60% from last year for the week to date, as eight people were killed between Friday and Sunday, compared to five people killed during the same period in 2014, according to recently released NYPD statistics. Twenty-five shooting incidents involved 31 victims in the week that ended Sunday, versus 22 shootings involving 27 victims in the same week last year, statistics show. On Sunday alone there were four shootings with seven victims, affecting areas of the Bronx and Queens, according to stats.* Woman Fatally Shot Outside Resorts World Casino In Queens (WCBS) “Twenty-five shooting incidents involved 31 victims in the week that ended Sunday, versus 22 shootings involving 27 victims in the same week last year, statistics show. On Sunday alone there were four shootings with seven victims, affecting areas of the Bronx and Queens, according to stats.  * You’re 45% more likely to be murdered in de Blasio’s Manhattan (NYP)  *  Bill de Blasio + Andrew Cuomo = "It's complicated"(WSJ) * PBA head claims rival released cops’ addresses to mailing house (NYP) * The battle for the presidency of the PBA turned ugly as the current head of the police union accused his main rival of putting cops’ safety at risk by allegedly taking names and addresses of thousands of cops and giving them to a mailing house. * PBA president Pat Lynch accuses opponent Brian Fusco of stealing police mailing list — days before union election (NYDN) * Gang member suspected in murder of 14-year-old boy (NYP)

de Blasio dismissed what he called a “sensationalist” and “fear-mongering” headline in the New York Post 

Update De Blasio Decries ‘Fear-Mongering’ Report onSpike in Murders (NYO) * Calvin Butts blasts Mayor de Blasio: "Ifyou won’t take action, then you’re not our guy." WATCH: (NY1) * De Blasio responds to ‘fear-mongering’ Post headline (Capital) Mayor Bill de Blasio dismissed what he called a “sensationalist” and “fear-mongering” headline in the New York Post on Tuesday, which warned readers they are "45% more likely to be murdered in de Blasio’s Manhattan.” “I think it’s clear that what we have clearly here is a gang and crew problem. For those of us who were here in the bad old days when we had 2,000 murders or more a year—a lot of everyday citizens were getting caught in those crossfires,” de Blasio said. “It was a horrible, horrible time. This is equally troubling when individual gang members shoot other gang members but it’s a different reality than what we used to face. It’s much more localized, to gangs and crews.” So, it’s mainly gang on gang?” asked a reporter. Correct," the mayor said. "And that is different than what we knew in the past.” * Bill took the (f)risk, and we’re all paying the price (NYP) * Homicides are up 15 percent in New York City this year, but de Blasio said the rise in murders appeared to be caused by “sore spots” where gangs and crews are a problem. * De Blasio: Gang-related murders are increasing, but notlike the 'bad old days' (NYDN)

NYC Shooting and Murder Zones Upper Manhattan, Central Bronx and Northern Brooklyn 
Crime Going Up As de Blasio Going
Murder up 10%,shootings up 8.7 %, shootings Vic's up 8.9 %
 With crime on the rise, jet-setting de Blasio hitting the road again (NYP) * Cops step up patrols in Central Park amid crime spree (NYP)  * The wrong time for Bill de Blasio’s road show (NYP Ed) *  The Post writesthat NYPD Commissioner Bratton sounded confident when discussing a “mini-crime wave in Central Park,” but words don’t mean much, unlike actions and results Massive uptick in NYC shootings (NYP) The number of shootings in the city is sky-rocketing — a worrisome trend that Police Commissioner Bill Bratton blamed on career criminals and increased gang activity at a press conference Monday afternoon. Bratton said the gun violence has been concentrated in Upper Manhattan, the central Bronx and northern Brooklyn. The top cop added that more officers will be stationed in these high-crime areas. In just the past week, shootings increased 66 percent, with 40 occurring between last Monday and this past Sunday. By comparison, there were 24 shootings during the same week in 2014. The number of shooting victims also rose 76 percent during that time period, with 44 people injured by gunfire compared to 25 for the same period last year. Shootings are up for the month as well, jumping 33 percent, to 128 incidents, in the past 28 days, sources said. Last year, there were 96 shootings for the same period. More victims took bullets,too. In the past 28 days, there were 106 shooting victims compared to the 85 at this time last year — a jump of 25 percent. Crime is down overall, the sources noted. But murders are still up 10 percent year to date, with 109 this year compared with 99 at this time in 2014. “Warm weather means there are more people on the streets carrying guns, and it is only going to get worse — no matter how many cops you hire — if you don’t back the police,” said a police source. * Shootings are up sofar this year, the NYPD said. (DNAINFO)  * Broken Windows co-author strikes back at critics (Capital)  ‘De-policing high-crime minority neighborhoods, as is demanded, would be a disaster’* Why New Yorkers love the NYPD more than the mayor (NYP)

Does Muggings In Central Park Get More Press and NYPD Response Than Shooting Away From the Establishment? 
Cops deployed to take back Central Park (NYP) A rash of nighttime robberies, including one by a roving gang, has the NYPD stepping up patrols of Central Park — as the department also battles an alarming rise in shootings, officials said Monday. Additional cops are being deployed on scooters and in marked cars with their lights on to deter crooks and make parkgoers feel safe, officials said.

Was A Black Mayor Dinkins Treated Differently By the Press On Increased Crime Than de Blasio?
During the Dinkins administration a front-page headline in the New York Post had screamed: “Dave do something!”— a direct call to then mayor David Dinkins to get crime down fast. What Dinkins' did with the help of Albany was dramatically increase the size of the NYPD. As the number of NYPD increased during during the next 20 years crime when down to record levels.  With budget cuts this year the number of NYPD will be down to the level before the Dinkins and Giuliani increases.  We have a press and political system that allows mayor and future mayors to chose the issues that are covered in the media.  We know the mayor wants to go on Meet the Press to talk national issues, mayoral candidate Quinn wants gay marriage,

 Weiner will do anything to get himself a headline, Liu wants to drop audit bombs on the mayor contracts to win him points with unions while hiding in the comptroller office, Stringer wants to rebuild the infrastructure and deBlaiso will think of of angles to get in the paper.  But nobody want to talk about the growing crime problem and the press will not hold today's incumbents feet to the filed like that did former Mayor Dinkins *  New federal reform slaps training wheels on NYPD training, including Cop 101 advice like 'don't be racist' and 'don't hassle people for no reason'(NYDN) The Post writes that efforts to reform police policies in New York Citywhich became much safer under those same policies over the last 20 years, have gone too far: * Editorial: NYPD: Presumed guilty (NYDN)

As Warm Weather Nears Cops On Edge On Excepted Increase Shootings Murders

Crime Voter Quota Board Game

Disgruntled cops claim precinct ran arrest-quota ‘board game’ (NYP) Crimefighting in at least one police precinct has been reduced to a petty board game that rewards or punishes officers based on the number of arrests they make each month, according to a group of disgruntled cops. espite the NYPD’s denials of a quota system, commanders at a Staten Island’s 122nd Precinct created a “game” that adds and subtracts points from cops who achieved or fell short of arrest and summons goals, said the cops, who are suing the department for discrimination. “This is just one command,” said Anthony Miranda, chairman of the National Latino Officers Association. “They are assigning points as if they’re playing a game and arresting people in our community.”

More Cops Matter to People Who Live In Areas of the City Where Shooting and Murders are Up 
Nobody on the NYT Editorial Board Lives In Public Housing Or Areas of the City Where Crime Is Up
For the Police, Quality Over Quantity (NYT Ed)  Should the New York Police Department staff up even though crime is at historic lows? Maybe the answer is: It doesn’t matter that much.

"Defining Deviancy Down" Gang Violence  
The Daily News Asks the Mayor How Long He Will Accept Gang Behavior As the Norm As the Other Half
Mr. Mayor, do you not see that you are presiding over communities that are the equal of Charles Dickens’ London? It’s time, Mr. Mayor, to stop talking about the tale of two cities and frankly confront the one where today’s other half lives. Recognizing the gravity of the forces that have captured the fighters and their cheering squad, a truly visionary progressive mayor would seize the moment to delve unflinchingly into the dynamics of home and neighborhood that have blighted the futures of all involved, as well as into the responses of public agencies. Bill de Blasio would well serve New York by appointing a high-powered commission to examine how all these young women went so far off-track.  Among others, membership would include the police, child welfare and probation commissioners, the schools chancellor and the chief Family Court judge, as well as clergy on the level of Timothy Cardinal Dolan, civic activists on the level of Mike Gecan of Metro IAF, and health experts on the level of Ken Davis, president of Mount Sinai Medical Center.  Asked about the McDonald’s attack, de Blasio responded as if it were merely one more crime. He called for Ferguson’s prosecution, as is permissible and warranted under the law. But does he really want to keep imprisoning 16-year-olds rather than intervene earlier to prevent the ruination of their lives? New York needs to know exactly what went so horribly wrong for the McDonald’s youngsters, how extensive the pathologies are, where government went wrong — and, most important, what the city’s mayor will do to protect more of the city’s children from the same fates.

The NYCLU Needs to Explain Why Shooting are Up, Not Evade the Question? 
Donna Lieberman, head of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said her group has long maintained that many factors contribute to the crime rate. Street stops before Police Commissioner Bill Bratton became the city’s top cop were carried out recklessly and without proving it helped lower the crime rates, Lieberman said. “We’ve always known that the NYPD is capable of driving down crime without violating people’s constitutional rights,” she said. But Thomas Reppetto, an NYPD historian and author, said it is far too early to conclude why shootings are up. “My view is not enough time, not enough data yet,” he said.

NYPD Less Stop and Frisk Not the Reason Shooting Up 20% and Murders Up
No Answer Why Shooting and Murders Are Up are Given Why Did Kevin Colon Die and 20% More Shootings?
EXCLUSIVE: No linkfound between sharp drop in street stops, rise in shootings finds internal NYPDinvestigation (NYDN)  An internal NYPD study found no link between the sharp drop in street stops and a rise in shootings, the Daily News has learned. Shootings rose 6% in 2014 compared with the year before as the number of stop-and-frisk encounters dropped to a record-low 46,235 — a staggering decrease from the high of 605,328 in 2011. Shootings are up again — about 20% in 2015 through Sunday — but the NYPD said the study doesn’t prove a link between the increase in shootings and fewer stops. “We weren’t able to find anything definitive,” said Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis, the NYPD’s top spokesman. Police shoot man who pulls gun in Brooklyn (NYDN) * NYPD: Two Officers Attacked by Four Men in Brooklyn Housing Complex (NY1) * The head of the city’s largest police union has “no regrets”about his feud with @BilldeBlasio (DNAINFO) * One of four men in attack where NYPD cop suffered seizurestole officer's radio: police (NYDN) * NYPD cops badly beaten by suspects during arrest (NYDN)

Bratton Reeer Madness Reason for More Murders
 Bill Bratton’s reefer madness (NYDN) Have you hugged your marijuana dealer today? Do it now, before someone shoots him. That, at least, was one takeout from Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s over-the-top remarks Monday pointing to pot as a key cause of the spike in murders and shootings so far this year . “In this city, people are killing each other over marijuana more so than anything that we had to deal with (in the) ’80s and ’90s with heroin and cocaine,” he said of “the seemingly innocent drug that’s been legalized around the country.” That talk of a new marijuana-murder matrix didn’t make much sense to me. As Gothamist’s Christopher Robbins asked: Are things really worse here than in 1988, when there were 1,896 murders and a study of a large sample found more than half were drug related? Of course not. In fact, with murders in the first two months of this year up to 54 from 45 last year and shootings up to 149 from 126, the number of pot-related murders held steady, at seven — so they don’t account for any of that recent rise in violence.

Did the Report Consider the Gentrification of Bed Stuy as the Reason Shooting Dropped There?
The eight-page study focused on the first six months of 2014 and looked at the five precincts where shootings jumped the most compared with 2013 — and the five where they dropped the most. Results were mixed. In the 79th Precinct in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, for example, stops in the first half of last year dropped 75% compared with 2013. But shootings in the neighborhood dropped by 12 — the most for any single command. During the same time period, the 46th Precinct in the Bronx had a similar drop in stops — a robust 73% — while the number of shootings increased by seven.Blogger Jeremiah Moss writes in the Daily News that deBlasio’s pro-development push may hasten gentrification and that the city should pass a small business survival act to preserve the cultural fabric of the boroughs: 

Bed Stuy Gentrification On Fire
Prices in Bedford-Stuyvesant have gone up so much that investors are bailing out, a trend that could finally allow people who actually want to live in the neighborhood to buy there. With rents starting to stabilize, investors who bid up Bed-Stuy prices for the last few years no longer see enough potential upside to buying there — a shift that temporarily halts one of the speediest processes of gentrification the city has seen in recent years. Prices in Bedford-Stuyvesant have gone up so much that investors are bailing out, a trend that could finally allow people who actually want to live in the neighborhood to buy there. With rents starting to stabilize, investors who bid up Bed-Stuy prices for the last few years no longer see enough potential upside to buying there — a shift that temporarily halts one of the speediest processes of gentrification the city has seen in recent years. “An investor is looking for a property that will make sense to resell but someone who is buying for themselves looks at it very differently,” said Trish Martin, the head of Brooklyn sales for residential brokerage Halstead Property. “Homebuyers are now willing to pay more.” Now end-users are winning out in bidding wars against investors who are less likely to pay top dollar. But bargains don’t exist because the neighborhood has fully gentrified. * As hotels gravitate toward trendy areas like Williamsburg, manufacturers feel the squeeze, via @shelikestoshop As hotels gravitate toward trendy areas like Williamsburg,manufacturers feel the squeeze, via (CrainsNY)* Al Capone's Gowanus Hangout to Be Replaced by Condos via @Dnainfo 
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The Media Made A Big Thing About 12 Days Without A Murder, But Ignore 20% Increase in Shootings and 6% Increase In the Murder Rate
Refusing to close any of the city’s 91 persistent losers or accept a state takeover, de Blasio instead promises to spend $150 million more on those schools, as if more money is the answer. Perhaps most troubling, new restrictions on stop-and-frisk make it harder for cops to keep the streets safe. Carrying an illegal handgun just got easier because cops are no longer allowed to act on “furtive movements” or a “hunch.” It’s also easier for the perps to avoid arrest for an earlier crime because race must be downplayed in describing suspects. So far, it looks like the latter. Shootings are up by more than 20 percent over last year, despite one of the coldest winters in city history. And the increase in murder this year includes the record stretch of 12 days without a homicide, meaning killers are now working overtime. That’s not to suggest the mayor is goofing off while Rome burns. As snow fell last week, de Blasio made two big announcements: He’s still not marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and schools will be closed on two Muslim holidays. As for failing schools, he announced he would shutter two — both charter schools. More cake, anyone? 
De Blasio allowing city to trickle back to bad old 'Taxi Driver' days 

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