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A Russian Tragedy

Gregory Davidzon Happy With His Unsuccessful Write-In Campaign

Russian Vs Russian Vs Greenfield

1600 Write In Votes in 1997
Assemblyman Alec Brook Krasny who is supporting Gregory Davidzon got 1600 votes as a write in candidate  in 1997 after he got knocked off the Democratic Party ballot the first time he ran for office* Storobin Bets Davidzon Will Get Less Than 100 Votes(NYO)* GOP Source: Davidzon Campaign A Test Of Media Mogul’s Worth In Future Elections(Sheephead Bites)  * Russian “Kingmaker” Gregory Davidzon Launches Write-In Campaign For City Council(Sheephead Bites)

Media Mogul Launches Last-Minute Write-In City Council Campaign(NYO) In a bizarre 11th-hour twist, Russian media mogul Gregory Davidzon has leaped into a heated City Council race in southern Brooklyn. “I’m running because I can win,” Mr. Davidzon told Politicker after making the announcement on his station this afternoon. “I will spend as much money as I need to. Most importantly, before I made this decision, we made our internal poll and the numbers showed … I have chance to win.”“I’m running because I can win,” Mr. Davidzon told Politicker after making the announcement on his station this afternoon. “I will spend as much money as I need to. Most importantly, before I made this decision, we made our internal poll and the numbers showed … I have chance to win.”
candidates and at Marine Park Civic forum 

Breaking Fun fact, despite being a political power broker, Davidzon is not registered to vote
  Democratic District Leader (in AD45) Ari Kagan supporting Gregory Davidzon over the Dem nominee Update: A Davidzon press release claims Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny is endorsing him, in addition to Ari Kagan  * CD48 – Russian Radio Mogul Enters Council Race As Write-In Candidate(Yeshiva World News‎) * CD48 – Russian Radio Mogul Enters Council Race As Write-In Candidate(JP) * Gregory Davidzon Announces Write-In Bid for City Council in 48th District 

Albany Builds A New Berlin wall Around Brighton Beach Russian Jews

Redistricting and neighborhoods: How Albany broke up the Soviet bloc (New York World)


The Russians Are Not Coming

After 10 Years of Winning Elections the Russians Still Don't Get A District or Respect.  It is A New Russian Cold War Against GOP

GOP Cuts the Man Who Delivered Votes Out
Last week Russian radio owner community leader Gregory Davidzon after he was humiliate an disrespected by the GOP ran to the arms of the political thug Lew Fidler against Russian GOP candidate David Storobin.  Davidzon whose proven vote delivering ability made Turner a congressman, wanted a Russian state senate district.  Instead he was told by the senate's GOP leadership that the Russians in Brooklyn would be cut into several districts, Golden, Sampson, the Kruger district and Savino. In addition the radio station owner was told by the GOP leadership that they were backing their own Russian candidate and would not back him for the seat. 

Skelos Gives Russians and Their Leaders the Door

Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos is cutting a new district for the GOP centered in Boro Park.  The GOP sided with the Orthodox Jews over the Russians for three reasons.  The Russians were politically out maneuvered, two, the Russians have not been given credit for the victory's they have won and the GOP leadership is clueless, stupid or made some kind of double deal with Vito Lopez to save Marty Golden's seat.  Both of the elected officials from Boro Park made it clear to Skelos they did not want a state senate district centered in their community. Greenfield who owes his victory to the Russians lead by Davidzon and Hikind who works closely with Skelos and has supported a number of GOP candidates including Congressman Turner.
10 Years Ago the Russians Were Also Block From Getting Their Own District by CM Recchia
What is happening to the Russians this year is a repeat of what happen in City Council redistricting in 2003.  In 2001 CM Domenic M. Recchia won in a race that saw 5 Jewish candidate spit the vote in a Brighton Beach council district.  In order to win the seat in 2003 Recchia got the redistricting committee to cut out about a third of the Russian vote from his district.  Dr. Gutnick who wanted to run for the council assembled a team of lawyers and redistricting experts to complain to the Justice Department.  His effort failed because the Russians were not a protected class under the Voting Rights Act.  Recchia who the Russians called the Butcher of Brighton after he cut up their district in 2003 was one of the first to endorse Fidler for State Senate.  Most of Brooklyn's Russians were treated in the Soviet Union as second class citizens because Jewish.  In New York they are also not treated as equals by the political elite.  It is not only Brooklyn that the Russians are divided.  The Russian community in Queens currently located in Hevesi district is expected to be divided into six different districts. * IT'S ALL ABOUT RECCHIA! THE VOTERS HAVE NO CHOICE

Davidzon's Russian Machine Get Results
This year Davidzon believed was different.  He had just made republican Bob Turner a congressman in a district that was 3 to 1 democrat.  He delivered 2000 votes the winning margin to CM David Greenfield in 2010 in special election to replace Simcha Felder who went to work for fund raiser John Liu.  He delivered the Russian vote for Comptroller Liu and PA de Blasio.  After a track record better then any other group to deliver votes why was Davidzon and his community screwed by the GOP?

Top Top Possible Reasons for the Russian Davidzon Screw Job
1. Davidzon was not close to the Albany GOP leaders.
3. The Orthodox not the Russians were given the credit by the media for delivering the victory to Congressman Turner, even though Russian not Orthodox live in the Brooklyn part of the congressional where Turner received his victory margin.
4. Skelos believe that Davidzon would be happy with David Storobin running for kruger's seat.
5. Skelos and Marty Golden did not trust Davidzon in their party because he is uncontrollable.
6.  Golden has made a secret deal with Vito Lopez and dems in his area to throw the Kruger seat in return for them dumping their candidate against him.  They did it before.
7. Davidzon has residency and registration problems for the special election
8. Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny has become the machines puppet and has not built up his community with leaders who can demand that the Russians get their proper of numbers of districts. Unlike the Asian community nobody is threatening to take the elected officials who draw the district line to court.
9. Golden and Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton don't want anyone to challenge them for control of the Brooklyn GOP leadership.
10. The State Senate GOP don't Care what happens in Brooklyn and will concentrate on winning the 63rd district and the retiring State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer district.

Cutting Out the Russians Revives A Corrupt Dying Machine TJ Club
While Vito  Lopez and the once powerful Thomas Jefferson Club are limited to staged media events and parties to  pretend to pull out votes, Davidzon can deliver thousands of votes like  an old time Tammany Hall Leader. The TJ Club which lost their area 2 to 1 to GOP Turner. The club has been weaken by a changing neighborhood and the loss  of powerhouse leaders like Meade Esposito, Stanly Fink. the death of Bernie Catcher and now Carl Kruger.  Now thanks to Skelos instead of taking over as the next group up like thousands of new immigrants before them have, the Russians who have earned a seat at the table are now supporting corrupt machine hack Fidler who election will revive the worst in Brooklyn politics.  They now are second fiddle to Fidler.  Who will work like boss Esposito tough all TJ members to build his own Russian leaders and cut out Davidzon.

Mayor of Russian NYC Makes His Move . . . Will He Become the Next County Leader of Brooklyn?

Gregory Davidzon, owner of the Russian radio station WSNR in Brooklyn, N.Y has become the guy to win over if you want support in the Russian Community.  Ask John Liu, David Greenfield or even badly failed controller candidate Richard Brodsky, who won only 4 Assembly District in the state.  Three of them were in the heavy Russian district in Brooklyn because of an endorsement by Davidzon. * 6 points separate Weprin and Turner to take Weiner's seat SHOCK: With five weeks until Election Day, Dem is clinging to narrow lead over his GOP rival.(NYDN) * Weprin Goes On The Attack(NYO) * Weprin Rolls Out Endorsements From Asian Electeds

July 13, 2011

This Russian Immigrant Can Make the 9th Congressional District Race Close

The Mayor of Russian New York
Gregory Davidzon, owner of the Russian radio station WSNR in Brooklyn, N.Y has become the guy to talk to in the Russian Community.  Although you will not see his name or radio station and city councilman David Greenfield's contributors list his radio stations constant ads and interviews with Russian team Greenfield was responsible for pulling out over 2000 Russian voters for the councilman.  Davidzon even relocated his radio station on election day to broadcast outside the polling site where a majority of the Russians voted.  He was also a key play in the election of the first Russian Assemblyman Alex Brook-Krasney and helped deliver the vote to the mayor in 2009.  In 2010 one of the reasons Turner got 42% of the vote against an incumbent congressman was Davidizon.  Davidizon also is looking at the Kruger seat for himself. * Weprin: I’ve ‘Been Strongly Criticizing Obama’ on Israel(NYO)

WSJ Discover the Russian Machine But Ignore Their Vote Being Diluted in Redistricting 

Pulling in the Russian Vote(WSJ) The WSJ Reporters Chernova and Grossman missed the fact that the redistricting commission did all they can to reduce the power of the Russian vote. When Chernov attended the Dvidzon endorsement of Fidler she did not want to talk about redistricting.   Russian Radio power broker Gregory Davidzon has emerged as a gateway between politicians yet he did not get the respect given to every other ethic and racial group by the redistricting commission.  You would think Ms. Chervova would wonder why?  The Russian Get Screw Again Cut in 4 (True News)


A Russian Tragedy GOP Cuts the Man Who Delivered Votes Out of A State Senate District



100 Year Old Tammany Hall Rules Giving Today's Party Leaders the Power to Choose Gets Elected

1 in 4 Legislators First Elected in Special Election, calls for reforms to allow voter input (Citizen Union)

Citizens Union To Cuomo: Don’t Fill Seats In Special(YNN)

Will One Corrupt Queens Boss Pick the What has Traditionally Been the Brooklyn Jewish Seat?

Up To Cuomo and State Law

Gov. Cuomo can strike a blow for democracy and against bossism by avoiding rigged special elections(NYDN)

One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Congressman

Will Weiner Problem End Brooklyn Jewish Congressional District Tradition?

Restler Rips Undemocratic Special Elex

Queens Pols Playing Musical Chairs Better Watch Out, U.S. Attorney Is Getting Ready to Stop the Music

By the time the new lines are drawn both Smith and Huntley could be living in Brian McLaughlin

Insiders say to keep on eye on possible jockeying by two state senators, Malcolm Smith and Shirley Huntley, for term-limited Councilman Leroy Comrie's seat. Whoever wins would get a pay bump and be much closer to home. Smith has seen his influence in Albany wane dramatically from the heady days when he was Senate majority leader, only to be deposed by the 2009 Senate coup and further hampered by an investigation into his nonprofit. Huntley also has issues with her own nonprofit, and in her mid-70's, is said to be less than thrilled with the idea of making the trip to Albany as a member of the minority party.

The Queen's Politburo
One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Congressman

Tammany's Crowley

NY's Election Law not Albany's ethic disclosure laws are what keeps our elected officials corrupt.  One Irish pol who never gets any negative press compared to Vito Lopez will because of the Weiner's perfect storm will get to pick Brooklyn Jewish seat. If Weiner was leaving a city council seat Boss Crowley would would not be able to choose the winner.  The Charter changes put into effect after Donald Manes who was Queens Boss before Crowley killed himself after being caught in the Koch's administration corruption, took the power away from political bosses to pick the parties nominee.   

Good government groups and the media have stayed away from election law reform.  True News will use the opportunity of the Weiner replacement special to investigate the corruption of the Queens machine.  Crowley epicenter of corruption is the Queens courts, esp the Surrogate Court which has had a history of corruption. Every time Crowley tries for a leadership post in Washington it seems his fund raising becomes the focus of an investigation.

A Jailed Elected Official is An Opportunity to the Queeens Machine
We will look at why so many Queens elected officials have been indicted or are under serious criminal investigations.  Already convicted in the last couple of years Alan Hevesi (in jail), Brian McLaughlin (in Jail), Tony Seminerio (died in jail) and Hiram Monserrate. When McLaughlin, Seminerio and Monserrate were forced to resign it was Crowley who picked there successor by giving them the Democratic nomination in the special. When When picked Peralta to take Monserrate he also go to pick Maya to replace Peralta in the assembly.  Crowley also controls without opposition who becomes a judge, who becomes surrogate and who becomes the district attorney.  The Queens County Leader is has already pick the replacements for Assemblywomen Pheffer and Mayersohn.  Jo Ann Shapiro for Pheffer and Mike Simanowitz for Meyerson.

More Than A Majority of the Queens State Elected Officials Were Pick by the Party Boss, Not In Open Elections
Liberal Party 4 Sale
Crowley made a deal with Gov Paterson to give a government job to former State Senator John Sabini so Monserrate could walk into the senate.  Queens pols under investigation Congressman Meeks, State Senator Huntley and Smith.  Ray Harding convicted in the pension scandal gave Hevesi son Andrew his party line after a payoff. Assemblywoman Ann Margaret Carrozza quit after the media charged she live outside the city. Julissa Ferreras is under investigation for a non profit she rand for Monserrate. Both the Brooklyn pols indicted Kruger and Boyland were payoff by the company that paid Seminerio. Senator Toby Ann Stavisky was elected to the Senate in a special elections in 1999 after her husband died. Sen. Malcolm A. Smith won a special election in 2003.


There been almost no investigation into the courts since Jack Newfield died in 2004



Newfield and Wayne Barrett
Dead Wood: NY's Investigative Reporters
Not since the death or old school investigative report Jack Newfield in 2004 has any reporter in New York covered how the corrupt Queens Democratic Machine use the courts as there personal bank.  Today over a decade later nothing has changed.  The new Queens Surrogate Kelly was like Nahman elected without a primary.  Today's Queens Democratic machines still use the Surrogate Court as their personal bank.  All that has happen has Crowley has replaced Manton.  Crowley Bolz and Reich all receive most of the loot from the Queens Surrogate Court.  The only difference is Newfield is long gone and the clueless, inexperienced and none caring corporate journalist of today report political gossip, don't do investigative pieces and only write about corruption when the U.S. Attorney indicts a pol.

NYP and Daily News Both Being Sued By Judges
Have the lawsuits against the NYP and Daily News scared those papers away from corrupt judges? Errol Louis and the Daily News are both being sued about an investigative story Lewis wrote about Judge Martin. What interesting about both of this cases is that one lawyer is suing both papers. Howard Schwab from Lester Schwab Katz & Dwyer LLP.

Newfield Before Today's Corporate Hired Guns Reporters on the Corrupt Queens Democratic Mob

In 1998 Newfield reported that Frank Bolz III, chairman of the Queens Democratic Party's law committee, is the single biggest recipient of assignments from Nahman - collecting $178,050 for 47 paid guardianship appointments since 1992.  Bolz is the law partner of Queens Assemblyman Joseph Crowley's father and brother. Gerard Sweeney, Manton's former law partner and campaign treasurer, is the current counsel to the public administrator - appointed by Nahman. Sweeney's law partner, Michael Reich, is executive secretary of the Queens Democ-ratic organization and has received 27 real-estate receiverships from nine differ-ent Queens judges. In 2000 Newfield wrote "The law firm of Queens Democratic Party leader Tom Manton has received more than $400,000 in court patronage since 1997. One partner -- Frank Bolz -- heads the party's law committee. Another, Gerard Sweeney, is counsel to the public adminis-trator. A third, Mike Reich, is executive secretary of the Queens party organiza-tion. They should apply antitrust laws to Manton's Monopoly." The rule is that a lawyer can get only one assignment of more than $5,000 during any 12-month period. Records show that lawyers like Batra, Bolz and Harvey Green-berg get a lot of assignments for $4,800 each.



Special Elections Tammany Hall Rules

Three weeks ago True News point out that if the governor called a special election to fill the Weiner seat one man corrupt Queens boss Joe Crowley would pick the next congressman from the 9th district.  Today the NYT & Daily News called the party rules which go back to boss Tweed  that allow one man rule undemocratic.  The NYT did not get into why Albany does not want to change the party rules.  Incumbents get help when challengers pop up from Board of Elections which is controlled by the county leaders.  Most time those the BOE makes sure challengers cannot make it passed what the NYT called "not great" NY political parties ballot access rules.  The NYT could have demand that the city's DOI commissioner Rose Gill Hearn stop delaying her investigation of the BOE former Commissioner Gonzalez's reported attempt to fix the ballot in a special election. City Hall News wrote in October 2010 that Gonzalez Firing, DOI Investigation, Could Ease Awaited Bloomberg BoE Power Play.   The NYT also did not talk about how the same party rules give the party leaders control who become a Supreme Court Judge in the state. Or about all the corrupt coming out of party leaders selling access to their ballot lines. 

True News Wags NYT
The NYT did say: "This scam is even worse in state races in New York. Citizens Union reported recently that a third of the Legislature was first anointed as candidates in these back-room, special-election deals. Mr. Cuomo didn’t have to hand those six open seats to the bosses. State law says that the governor can call a special election to fill open seats in the Legislature or wait until the next election. Mr. Cuomo should have allowed the state races to go through the normal process. He can now start making amends to New Yorkers by pushing to change the state’s special election laws, so the voters, not party bigwigs, get to choose who represents them"  The Daily News says: " Long term, Cuomo aides say there's another solution: to persuade legislators to rewrite the law under which they were, in effect, appointed to office so the governor would be required to call for open primaries whenever possible.  As if Lopez and Crowley would sit still as their power was voted away. Right. Sure. Dream on."

For Democracy Can the NYT & Daily News Act Like Harper's Weekly

For the NYT Own Good They Should Put As Much Energy Into Cleaning Up NY's Elections From Boss Run Scams as the Paper Put Into the Passage of Gay Marrage. New York’s Especially Undemocratic Elections Now that the governor has ordered special elections, party leaders, not the people, will get to choose the candidates to run for a House seat and six State Assembly seats.  (NYT Ed) *  Campaign against the Tweed Ring


25 Years After Esposito, Genovese and Fink the Smoke and Mirrors TJ Club is Near Death
Perhaps his biggest upset win was for Councilman David Greenfield. The Russian Mayor was responsible for pulling out  over 2000 Russian voters  for the councilman. Davidzon even relocated  his radio station on  election day to broadcast outside the polling site  where a majority of  the Russians voted. He was also a key play in the  election of the  first Russian Assemblyman Alex Brook-Krasney and helped  deliver the  vote to the mayor in 2009. In 2010 one of the reasons  Turner got 42%  of the vote against an incumbent congressman was  Davidizon. While Vito  Lopez and most of today's pols are limited to staged media events to  pretend to pull out votes, Davisizon can deliver thousands of votes like  an old time Tammany Hall Leader. The citywide candidates could do more  for their election chances if they got Davidzon endorsement not spend  there time kissing the ass of the smoke and mirrors Thomas Jefferson  Club which according to the latest poll is losing it home base badly to  Turner. The club has been weaken by a changing neighborhood and the loss  of powerhouse leaders like Meade Esposito and Stanly Fink. It endorsed candidate Weprin is the latest clue to clueless mayor candidate that the club has lost is juice to deliver.

 Kruger and Fidler Use Government Funds to Keep the Thomas Jefferson Club Alive Just Like Vito Lopez  . .  Where is the Investigation?

The club is just a puppet media show according to one long time Brooklyn pol.  Besides why would anyone want to go to the home club as Carl Kruger?  Lew Fidler and Kruger have keep the club alive the same way Vito Lopez has kept his political machine going with government funds. Kruger trail or plea to a reduced sentence for ratting to the feds will show how he used government pork to fund the TG club,  Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him 

The 9th Special Elections is 2 Days After the 10 Year 911 WTC Memorial Service
First Commercial  Bob Turner’s first television ad ties David Weprin to supporting the WTC Mosque and Obama


 July 13, 2011
Already Starting to Control and Spin the Weprin Loss Message 
Koch said Vote for Turner and Send A Message to Obama.  That what the three largest voting groups are doing, Jews, Orthodox Jews and Russian-Jews are doing.  So what does an NYU professor say NYU prof on : "new immigrants in district r much more conservative than the people they have replaced" via   There are a lot of long time non Jewish Conservative voters  in the district that always made it hard for Weiner to get over 60% of the general election vote.

Read Update on Weprin Turner Race in Today's True News

Requiem For Heavyweight Political Machines?

Everyone knows about Ed Koch's desire to send a message to Obama about his Israel policy by helping Turner pull an upset over Weprin.  What has not been focused on is what effect a Weprin loss will have on exposing the weakness of the corrupt Democratic machine political leaders of both Brooklyn Vito Lopez and Queens Joe Crowley.  Both men control tiny groups of pols and consultants who grow rich by controlling political parties and the election law.  A Turner win will give newspapers, reforms and good government groups a chance to break up the corrupt Lopez and Crowley machines.  The embarrassment will be something to see.  Why keep corrupt political machines that cannot deliver votes?  It is crazy that a Turner  GOP win could have more impact on breaking up the corrupt machine, that newspaper editorials, reformers and good government group have failed at, making the NYC's political parties more democratic.  

Can Corrupt Boss Lopez Deliver the Vote?
Boss Lopez who is under federal investigation for use of government money to run his political organization the non profit Bushwick Senior Citizens. Lopez has it all on the line by supporting Weprin and Espinal in the 54AD.  Since Lopez does not have much support or troops in the Weiner district he is counting on the home club of Carl Kruger the Thomas Jefferson Club(TJ).  The Brooklyn machines has it work cut out for themselves since the first poll taken a couple of weeks ago just as the campaign was getting started showed Turner 6% ahead in Brooklyn.


Old Bull Meade Esposito Had A Vote For His Guys
The TJ club is held together also by government funds pumped to them by Kruger and Lew FidlerLopez and the club has lost a lot of races in the past few years. Yassky for Comptroller, Kathleen Rice for AG, both surrogate court positions in Brooklyn and even his home council district.  Yet mayoral candidates keep meeting with Lopez and the TJ club in hopes of an endorsement.   Speaker Quinn keep sending member items to Lopez and the TJ Club trying to lock in their support.  

The Political Bosses Smoke and Mirror Operations Will Be Exposed By Defeat 
A win by Turner and maybe even the clueless souls running for mayor might get it that the TJ clubs endorsement are not worth what they were in the old days when Meade Esposito and Tony Genovese. In other words a Turner win will make it clear that political machines can no longer deliver a vote. Lopez and Crowley play a smoke and mirror game.  Gaining their power from Tammany Hall election and party rules. If Lopez candidate loses in the 54AD it will be time to examine how much Williamsburg and Bushwick gentrification has cut into the Brooklyn Bosses ability to deliver his base.  

Crowley Money Machine Fueled By 100 Year Old Unchanged Tammany Hall Rules and Laws
Crowley Lives in Virginia
Boss Joe Crowley and his mini-Me Evan Stavisky the president of the Parkside Group have even more to lose than the Brooklyn machine if Turner wins.  They have been racking in millions from the pols and Queens courts.  Like the Brooklyn machine, Crowley and Stavisky have lost a lot of races in the past few years but the media never notices.  In 2009 they lost 5 of the 6 city council candidates they supported in the primary.  The way both the borough machines prosper is in there total control of incumbent elections, judicial elections, the Board of elections and the election law which was written 100 years ago by Tammany Hall leaders.  Crowley uses the special election law to control who gets elected in Queens. State lawmakers leave in retirement in the middle or their term or go to jail also in the middle of their term.   If Crowley's pick for Weiner seat Weprin loses it will be such an embarrassment to the Democratic Party that it will put pressure on Albany to change the special election law that the NYT calls Scams and Undemocratic. Crowley will be attacked by fellow democrats in Washington who would say that the winner of a contested Democratic Primary would never lose in such a safe democratic seat.

Stavisky Organized Crime Looting of Government and Politics are Enabled By the Press and the Queens Organization
Maybe reporters that flack for the Parkside Group will begin asking if they can win the big races. More  and More Flack   Last year they were paid over $2 million by the Democratic State Senate PAC to lose control of the senate.  They were in the middle of the City Council member items slush fund corruption.  Perhaps a newspaper will print a story about how Evan Stavisky wife is the Democratic leader from Rockland County while Evan is a district leader in 26th Assembly District in Queens.

NYT is Suprised to Find Anger At Obama in the 9th District - Sitting Around the Office to Long Guys?

In the Race to Succeed Weiner, a Surprising Anger at Obama(NYT) The race has become something far more unsettling to Democrats: a referendum on the president and his party that is highlighting the surprisingly raw emotions of the electorate.  Weiner seat in GOP $ight Here Comes the Cash (NYP) * Firefighters endorse Dem Weprin for Weiner's seat (NYDN) * Turner Tells Weprin to Apologize to Ed Koch(NYO)The not-entirely dead NY Sun newspaper endorses  * NY-9: “The protest announced yesterday drew just three attendees.” [Colby Hamilton / WNYC]  * Before NY-9 Faceoff, Mayor Bloomberg Weighs In (NYDN) *Turner, Weprin have first debate in race for Weiner's seat(NYP)

 "If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position." Geraldine A. Ferraro

Is The New York Times Completely out of Touch With New York City? (Brooklyn Ron)


Azi Paybarah (Twitter)

Weiner Leaves Southern Brooklyn Democrats Voters Exit

Apre Weiner, Le Deluge (Bay Ridge Journal) According to blog True News, Anthony Weiner's obsession with his own junk didn't just end his political career, it may have ended the Democratic Party's hold on Southern Brooklyn.  Congressman Weiner A Strong Symbol That Keep Southern Brooklyn Democratic Party Together(True News)


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