Thursday, June 16, 2011

Will Weiner Problem End Brooklyn Jewish Congressional District Tradition?

Jews Forgetting History

Few people remember Congressman Steve Solarz's work a generation ago to bring Soviet and Sephardic Jews to Brooklyn. Now that both groups are strong working their way to the American Dream not a single institution in those communities is named after the late congressman.  What is even more dangerous to the future of the Jewish communities is that today's Brooklyn Jewish leaders and pols do not understand the importance of keeping a Jewish congressional district in Brooklyn.  In the last redistricting Weiner was able to move most of his district to Queens to avoid challengers from Noach Dear or other members of Brooklyn's growing conservative orthodox Jewish population.

Boro Park Cut Up
Jewish leaders stood by and did nothing to stop Weiner's move out and also the elimination of two Jewish State Senate Districts by cutting up Boro Park and other communities into several districts.  A good part of Boro Park is represented by Kevin Parker from East Flatbush.  Another part of that community belongs to Diane Savino from Staten Island.  
Celler's Tally for Israel

A Brooklyn Congressman Helped Create Israel
The tradition of the Jewish Brooklyn congressional not only brings power to that borough but to Jewish interest world wide.  On November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted to partition Palestine into two independent states--Jewish and Arab. Displayed here is New York Congressman Emanuel Celler's tally sheet, which he used to keep track of the vote; it also includes his handwritten notes quoting from the delegates' speeches. Congressman Celler played an important role in pushing The White House to support the creation of the Jewish state.  The lesson lost is all the progress by Jewish people because of a strong Jewish power base in Brooklyn is lost and thereby endangers our future.  If as some had said that the Weiner scandal will give incumbent congress members a chance to make a deal to cut up the 9th district to protect theirs all the power base that accomplished so much will no longer be around to protect future Jewish communities and interests. If Brooklyn loses the 9th Congressional District that me in the same of 20 years lost two districts.  In 1992 Steve Solarz lost to Nydia Velazquez after his district was eliminated to make room for a minority district.  (More to come) * Like Weiner, District’s Future Now Uncertain  Scandal could put 9th CD on chopping block, potentially weakening clout of Jewish communities (Jewish Week)

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