Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Fight Between John Liuand the NYP, Daily News

The Daily News Has Joined the NYP in Attacking John Liu
NYP & DN Supported Yassky for Comptroller
When Rich Publishers Fight

"Who's auditing the auditor?" the Daily News asks in an editorial taking Comptroller John Liu to task for blunders like revealing an ongoing part of investigators' CityTime probe.  The DN does not talk about how the mayor has said the contractor has done a good job or the 1000% increase in the cost from the original contract agreement. Or the fact that 7 people have been indicted for stealing money with more arrests expected.  Why is the Daily News interested in why no city official has been arrested in the CityTime scandal.  Both the NYP and Daily News have attacked Liu in recent days for not paying campaign poster fines. Liu has gone after the NYP by canceling a contract between the Department of Education and Murdoch new education company headed by Joe Klein. The Daily News Zuckerman who with his Boston Properties builds office building with pension funds.  We wonder what is going on with the city's pension funds and Zuckerman.

Payoff to Murduch Stopped

You need a spreadsheet to keep track of city Controller John Liu's blunders(NYDN Ed)

Controller Liu tosses $2.7 million contract tied to with Joel Klein(NYDN) * Controller John Liu should stop weaseling and pay the reissued citations for illegal campaign signs(NYDN Ed) * Liu's so 're-fined' City reissues 500G+ in poster tickets(NYP)

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