Monday, June 20, 2011

One Corrupt Political Boss Will Pick the Next Speaker

The Queen's Politburo
Tammany's Crowley

NY's Election Law not Albany's ethic disclosure laws are what keeps our elected officials corrupt.  One Irish pol who never gets any negative press compared to Vito Lopez will because of the Weiner's perfect storm will get to pick Brooklyn Jewish seat. If Weiner was leaving a city council seat Boss Crowley would would not be able to choose the winner.  The Charter changes put into effect after Donald Manes who was Queens Boss before Crowley killed himself after being caught in the Koch's administration corruption, took the power away from political bosses to pick the parties nominee.   

Good government groups and the media have stayed away from election law reform.  True News will use the opportunity of the Weiner replacement special to investigate the corruption of the Queens machine.  Crowley epicenter of corruption is the Queens courts, esp the Surrogate Court which has had a history of corruption. Every time Crowley tries for a leadership post in Washington it seems his fund raising becomes the focus of an investigation.

A Jailed Elected Official is An Opportunity to the Queeens Machine
We will look at why so many Queens elected officials have been indicted or are under serious criminal investigations.  Already convicted in the last couple of years Alan Hevesi (in jail), Brian McLaughlin (in Jail), Tony Seminerio (died in jail) and Hiram Monserrate. When McLaughlin, Seminerio and Monserrate were forced to resign it was Crowley who picked there successor by giving them the Democratic nomination in the special. When When picked Peralta to take Monserrate he also go to pick Maya to replace Peralta in the assembly.  Crowley also controls without opposition who becomes a judge, who becomes surrogate and who becomes the district attorney.  The Queens County Leader is has already pick the replacements for Assemblywomen Pheffer and Mayersohn.  Jo Ann Shapiro for Pheffer and Mike Simanowitz for Meyerson.

More Than A Majority of the Queens State Elected Officials Were Pick by the Party Boss, Not In Open Elections
Liberal Party 4 Sale
Crowley made a deal with Gov Paterson to give a government job to former State Senator John Sabini so Monserrate could walk into the senate.  Queens pols under investigation Congressman Meeks, State Senator Huntley and Smith.  Ray Harding convicted in the pension scandal gave Hevesi son Andrew his party line after a payoff. Assemblywoman Ann Margaret Carrozza quit after the media charged she live outside the city. Julissa Ferreras is under investigation for a non profit she rand for Monserrate. Both the Brooklyn pols indicted Kruger and Boyland were payoff by the company that paid Seminerio. Senator Toby Ann Stavisky was elected to the Senate in a special elections in 1999 after her husband died. Sen. Malcolm A. Smith won a special election in 2003.


There been almost no investigation into the courts since Jack Newfield died in 2004



Even in Liberal Educated Manhattan You Have to Be Political Connected to Run

Forget Open Elections Where Anyone Can Run
Micah Z. Kellner who won his Assembly seat with no serious opposition because he was given the Democratic nomination in the heavily Democratic Manhattan. In other words whoever get the Democratic Line in a special elections wins. Now Kellner and all of the other pols are pushing Dan Quart to get the Democratic nomination in another East Side Assembly District.  Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, State Senator Liz Krueger and Councilmembers Jessica Lappin & Dan Garodnick on the Steps of City Hall to endorse Dan Quart for New York State Assembly.  Manhattan which used to be the center of reform and good government is a closed operation, outsiders not welcomed. Even Liz Kruger was elected in a special election in 2002, where she was given the Democratic nomination by the party bosses.

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