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You Got to Love How the Post Keeps Quoting Jealous Lobbyist Arzt Attacking Team Blasio's Lobbyists and Identifying Him As Koch's Press Guy

“Jim  Capolino advertises the fact that he’s close to de Blasio, and there are lots of people who buy into that,” said George Arzt, a Democratic consultant and former City Hall press secretary under Mayor Koch. “People who were in under Bloomberg are not the people who are in under de Blasio.” * Lobbyists just keep getting richer during de Blasio’s reign (NYP) A lobbyist who is a pal and fundraiser for Mayor de Blasio saw his earnings soar more than 50 percent last year, according to data released by the City Clerk Tuesday. Veteran lobbyist James Capalino pulled in $12.9 million in 2015, up from $8.2 million in 2014, one of the largest increases on record. Capalino, who represents clients that include real estate powerhouses such as SL Green and Two Trees Management, has almost tripled its earnings since de Blasio took office. In 2013, Mayor Bloomberg’s last year in City Hall, Capalino’s firm reported earning of $4.7 million. Overall earnings for lobbyists who try to influence city government also climbed last year to a record $86.1 million, up 37 percent from $62.6 million in 2013.Each of the city’s top 10 lobbying firms saw increased revenue in 2015.  Second-ranking firm Kasirer Consulting took in $9.5 million last year compared with $7.8 million in 2014 and third-ranking Pitta Bishop Del Giorno hauled in $4.2 million compared to $3.3 million the year before. As Capalino has gained access, both his firm and many of his clients have donated to de Blasio’s political interests. Capalino has rounded up $29,260 for the mayor’s re-election in 2017 and donated $10,000 to the Campaign for One New York, the non-profit that’s raised more than $2 million to back de Blasio’s agenda. Capalino clients Two Trees, Toll Brothers, Asphalt Green, Brookfield Properties and Douglaston Development also contributed to the Campaign for One New York. * New York City's top-earning lobbying firm last year was the firm James F. Capalino and Associates, which reported $12.9 million in compensation, followed by Kasirer LLC, the lobbying firm run by Suri Kasirer, which earned $9.5 million in compensation, and Pitta Bishop Del Giorno & Giblin, which reported $4.2 million in compensation last year.James Capalino, who heads his eponymous firm, enjoys a close relationship with City Hall. Capalino is the lobbyist who has had the most in-person meetings with the mayor, according to records of those meetings which the mayor's office voluntarily discloses. The other firms that ranked in the top 10 earners last year were Bolton St. Johns, Constantinople and Vallone, Greenberg Traurig, Davidoff Hutcher & Citron, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, Geto & de Milly, and Mercury Public Affairs. Those 10 firms took earned more than all the rest of the lobbying firms in the city combined. SEETHE FULL REPORT: @BilldeBlasiomust close the Campaign for One NY and show that special interest money has noplace in NYC politics: 

For the NYP Spitzer is the Gift That Keeps On Giving 
New York City police say they’re investigating whether former Gov. Eliot Spitzer is tied to an alleged assault at a hotel in Midtown Manhattan. * A 25-year-old woman alleged that Spitzer choked her inside a room at the Plaza Hotel on Saturday, and later tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists. A spokeswoman for the former governor says there’s no truth to the allegation. * Eliot Spitzer accused of choking woman during fight at The Plaza (NYP) * Spitzer accuser a young, jobless ex-hooker who lives a life of luxury (NYP) *  Police Investigating Claim Eliot Spitzer Choked Woman in Plaza Hotel (NYT) * SPITZER'S AT IT AGAIN! Former gov had been seeing 25-year-old beauty while he had girlfriend — and went ballistic when she wanted to return to Russia, sources say (NYDN)
Manhattan DA seeks recusal from Spitzer’s hotel probe (NYP) The DA says his office has close ties to Spitzer, who has worked in real-estate development since stepping down as governor in 2008 amid a prostitute scandal. Cops found broken glass and bloodstains in the hotel room, however, and the NYPD’s chief of detectives was called in to lead a probe into what had happened. By Tuesday, though, sources said the probe had stalled due to the accuser’s absence. * Manhattan Prosecutor Asks to Be Recused From Spitzer Inquiry (NYT) * Spitzer’s accuser demanded cash and a flight upgrade before fleeing (NYP)

Cuomo's NYP vs de Blasio NYT Fight Over the Homeless
Cuomo Knocks deBlasio Yet Again on Homelessness (NYP) “Why do editors fight with reporters? Because they have different roles,” Mr. Cuomo said when asked about the repeated public feuding between the two Democrats. But reporters and editors—known to shout in the newsroom now and then—typically don’t put their disagreements in print, something Mr. Cuomo’s administration did in giving the New York Post a letter in which they alleged a gang-rape had happened at a city shelter, and which Mr. de Blasio’s administration did when it handed the New York Times an angry response to the state denying the rape had happened.* Activist-labor group calls on Cuomo to work with City Hall on homelessness (PoliticoNY)

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer is at the center of a criminal investigation after a 26-year-old woman said he choked her at the Plaza Hotel, but Spitzer’s lawyer said that the woman had apologized for making up the allegation, the Times writes: * Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s attorney, Adam S. Kaufmann, said the woman who accused his client of choking her is back in Russia and apologized via email for making up her allegation. “There is no case here,” he said. “There was no assault.” The police have said their investigation into the incident is continuing. * Spitzer’s lawyer’s statement also said, without additional detail — that Travis “was someone whom Mr. Spitzer has known for a period of time,” and added that the ex-governor had “agreed to meet her at a room previously booked for her at The Plaza hotel.” * Spitzer reportedly went to visit the woman, Svetlana Travis, at Mt. Sinai Hospital under the alias “George” – the same alias he used during the prostitution scandal that forced him from the governor’s office. * A woman calling herself “Svetlana Z” wrote an article in 2014 for the website Medium, titled, “Sex Is Sex, But Money Is Money.”* Sources tell the NY Post that Spitzer and Travis met at least two years ago while she was working as a high-priced call girl, and he was her “sugar daddy.”

Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr.: “I have to wonder if the laws that applied to Hiram Monserrate are the same laws that apply to Eliot Spitzer. I have to ask myself: Where is the outrage against Eliot Spitzer?”* In a statement, Spitzer said: “The woman who initially made the (choking) allegation was not my girlfriend. Lis Smith was my girlfriend, and I had and have deep affection for Lis. She is the love of my life.” *  Criminal charges against Spitzer are unlikely in connection with this incident, since so one is making a formal complaint at the moment, law enforcement sources told Newsday.* Lis Smith urged to get tested for STDs amid Spitzer’s recent scandal (NYP) * Spitzer assault probe ‘in limbo’ after accuser leaves US: NYPD (NYP) * Eliot Spitzer goesfrom outrage to pity (NYDN Ed) *   Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr.: “I have to wonder if the laws that applied to Hiram Monserrate are the same laws that apply to Eliot Spitzer. I have to ask myself: Where is the outrage against Eliot Spitzer?”* Vance’s request was expected to be granted, but the judge, Fern A. Fisher, had not taken action by last night. The DA’s ask comes as the investigation into the alleged incident has hit a wall, because the woman who made the initial complaint has left the country without pressing charges. * The news that a former governor felled by a sex scandal is once more drawing the interest of law-enforcement officials all but puts a nail in the coffin of any political future, friends and former advisers said. A Spitzer spokesperson said he has no plans to ever return to public life anyway.*  Before returning to Russia, the woman accused former Gov. Eliot Spitzer of choking her reportedly demanded a flight upgrade and cash.* Lis Smith broke up with Eliot Spitzer after discovering ahooker was trying to extort him (NYP)* Svetlana Travis, the woman at the center of former Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s latest scandal, was evicted last July because her upper East Side apartment doubled as a brothel, according to court papers.

Saturday NYP's de Blasio's Dirty Real Estate Deal But Nothing About the Election Fix

Bill de Blasio’s dirty deal to kill the carriage-horse industry (NYP Ed) It’s a dirty new low, even for Mayor de Blasio: He’s set to finally impose a death sentence on the carriage-horse industry while lying about it — and (legally) bribing the City Council to OK it. The drivers don’t want it, the stable owners don’t want it, parks advocates don’t want it — and New Yorkers, by an overwhelming majority, don’t want it. But the City Council is poised to pass a bill Friday to destroy an industry that predates the Civil War. Steve Nislick — who dumped some $2 million into making de Blasio mayor.  What’s their interest? Valuable West Side real estate, now home to carriage-horse stables, they’d love to seize and develop. (Nislick denies it. Buy that, and he’ll offer you a bargain on the Brooklyn Bridge.). The mayor calls the bill before the council a “compromise.” That’s pure horse manure. It’s actually a way to pay back de Blasio’s rich backers by killing off the horse-carriage trade in stages while pretending to preserve it. The council is wired to go along in exchange for a deal that will hike members’ pay by 32 percent without a public hearing. Anyway, de Blasio’s bill starts sharply reducing the number of carriages right away, years before the facility could open.That will cut the financial legs out from under the stable owners — forcing them to sell. (Hello, Steve!). No, our “progressive” mayor is destroying honest, working-class jobs — and an entire, small-but-iconic New York industry — so he can repay a fat-cat donor. And he’s using taxpayer cash to bribe the “progressive” council to go along.Looks like another case for Preet Bharara.* Albanybillboards ask public to apply ‘See Something, Say Something’ to politicalcorruption (NYDN) *City Council Members: No Deal-Making in Their Potential Salary Increase (NY1)  *  A Misguided Plan for Carriage Horses (NYT)

Why All 3 Paper Editorials Oppose Mayor's Horse-Carriage Plan Means Nothing to Council Members 
Three major NYC daily newspaper editorials reject mayor's horse carriage plan; will @NYCCouncil listen? Zero community support for plan.

As True News Follows Thomas Nass Using It's Editorial Pictures to Explain Corruption the News and Post Go Fleet Street Selling Sex to Get Internet Hits


The Post Does Not Want Flacks Like Artz to Register As Lobbyists 

An outrageous power grab by New York’s fake ethics watchdog (NYP Ed) With the capital a notorious cesspool of corruption for lo, these many years, New Yorkers have rightly viewed the state’s ethics “watchdog” as a mere joke. But now the Joint Commission on Public Ethics is poised to do real damage. Under a proposal before the commissioners, public-relations firms that talk public policy with the press would count as lobbyists who must register with the state. “Any attempt by a [p.r.] consultant to induce a third party — whether the public or the press — to deliver the client’s lobbying message to a public official would constitute lobbying under these rules,” the proposal says. Talk about overreach. One pair of p.r. professionals warns the rule would force the reporting of most communications between p.r. consultants and the press. Sorry: Even one would be too many — because it’s none of the government’s business what one private entity tells another. And how dare JCOPE suggest it has the right to know which media outlets a p.r. firm reaches out to? After all, JCOPE’s main function is putting an “ethical” façade over Albany’s eyesores — as with its OK of Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie’s $50,000-a-year payments to a “consultant” who’s also a top lobbyist. To be clear: We take tips from anyone and everyone — politicians, p.r. flacks, regular citizens and regular non-citizens. But we don’t print a thing until we’ve checked it out. Is JCOPE just looking to dry up stories that might embarrass its masters?
NY1 Berlin Rosen and the Wiseguys Lobbyists

No NYP Goodwin de Blasio Not Trapped In Left Ideological, He is Caught in An Hypocritical Swamp of Lies and Has No Management Skills 
Michael Goodwin: “In the middle of his second year, de Blasio has hit a wall. Trapped in a far-left ideological swamp, he can’t bring himself to put his duty to the city ahead of his narrow-minded petulance. He doesn’t even seem to be trying.”
1.  Homelessness is Increasing Affordable Housing is Decreasing As de Blasio Takes Money From Real Estate Developers and Their Lobbyists
2.  de Blasio Takes Money From Taxi Bosses and Loses Their Uber Battle
3.  UFT PAC and Lobbyists Help Elected de Blasio and He Cannot Stop Increase In Charter Schools
4.  de Blasio Needed NYCLASS Attack on the Mayor to Get Elected and He Cannot or Does Not Want to Ban the Hourse Carriages
5.  de Blasio Campaigned on Blasting Bloomberg NYCHA Polices and He Copies the Parking Lot Selloff and Cannot Do Any Better Fixing the Repairs
6.  de Blasio Campaign on Keeping LICH Hospital Open and It is Closed and A Hugh Development is Planned From A Developer who Contributed to His Campaign
7.  Shooting and Murder are Going Up
8. de Blasio Blasted Bloomberg Trips Mayor for 18 Months Jetting off to CaliforniaIowaNew Mexico and Italy, Among Other Places
9  Fighting With the Council Speaker Who He Put Into Office and Needing Help From the Senate GOP Who He Worked Against to Continue Control the Schools
10. de Blasio Runs A Slush Fund PAC One NY Funded By Developers, Special Interests and Run By An Unregistered Lobbyists Berlin Rosen 

Murdoch's Post Destroys Cuomo Moves On to Planet Hillary 
Before Book Deal, Andrew Cuomo Backed Bills That Helped NewsCorporation (International Business Times)  "We must prove once again that state government can be trusted, and that means passing tough new ethics laws and creating a system that deters, detects and punishes individuals who seek to abuse and corrupt," he said last week in a statement announcing ethics reform legislation. "We must bring sunlight to ethical shadows. New Yorkers deserve nothing less." But the Democratic governor's strong words don’t quite square with his own personal appetite for cash earned outside the confines of his state work. Cuomo has so far raked in more than $188,000 from HarperCollins, a News Corporation subsidiary. That is part of a book deal that could ultimately net him more than $700,000. With Albany’s transactional politics now the subject of a federal probe, the context of that April 2013 book deal is particularly significant: An International Business Times review of New York state documents reveals that News Corporation gave Cuomo a book contract after Cuomo’s administration backed a series of state initiatives that benefited the media giant. One of the initiatives was a bill that created a special sales tax break for online-only publications that charge for subscriptions. News Corporation, which was one of the two companies that lobbied for the bill, was at the time investing tens of millions of dollars in such a publication. Another initiative was a special tax exemption that Cuomo’s administration created for electronic books, which are sold by, among others, HarperCollins. State records list News Corporation as lobbying Cuomo’s tax department in the months before the exemption was announced. And, while News Corporation lobbied the governor’s office in 2012, Cuomo championed an expansion of controversial film and television tax credits that have benefited News Corporation’s films, and that News Corporation had lobbied for in the past* A day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo defended a book deal that’s paying him at least $700,000, the state Republican Party is calling on him to release the contract, GannettAlbany reports: 

On Election Day the NYP Goes Schock and Awe On de Blasio and Chirlane

In politics, the color of one’s skin is not nearly as important as its thickness. Chirlane McCray’s can be measured in microns. Also her husband’s, Mayor de Blasio — who last week likened running City Hall to that time when he managed his now-teenage son’s Little League baseball team. “It was a real leadership and management lesson that I still think about,” he said. “Trying to get a bunch of 8-year-olds to do something is an amazing challenge.” Indeed. Sort of like getting his senior managers all on the same page regarding the NYPD — an agency that will be a long time living down the ridiculousness of this past weekend. * Minority leaders blast de Blasio over NYPD upheaval (NYP) * New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio faced a bigger crisis on Monday than just the abrupt resignation of the city’s highest-ranking black cop, as minority leaders blasted his handling of the NYPD and warned of political consequences, the New York Post reports: 

The NYP So Misses Spitzer

Silda Spitzer gets $7.5 million divorce payout


  1. Chutzpah Watch: NYPost screamed at Mayor to fire Lis Smith. Now NYP columnist sez biggest mistake not to save her: I should add that Nicole Gelinas a smart, thoughtful columnist. So I don't hold front page idiocy against her

The City's Establishment: Wall Street, Partnership and Real Estate Fear A Controller Spitzer

Can Errand Boy Consultant Lobbyists George Arzt's Save the Establishment From the Sheriff of Wall Street?

NYP Offering Team Stringer Newsprint Space to Attack Spitzer
NY taxpayers footed bill for Eliot Spitzer’s trip to DC for dalliance with Ashley Dupré(NYP)
Back in 2008, then-US Attorney Michael Garcia dropped prostitution charges against Eliot Spitzer, in part because Spitzer had resigned the governorship and taken responsibility for his actions. Plus,...

Dying Newspaper Power

Biggest E-Day Loser: NYPost/Dicker. Wrong on casinos, wrong on DeBlasio, wrong on judges. / motto: "Right to be Wrong"

Murdoch's Power Lost Over 36 Years
De Blasio’s two-borough campaign trail(NYP) Bill de Blasio promised not to be Manhattan-centric if he’s elected mayor Tuesday — but the only other borough he’s shown much love on the campaign trail is his own. A review of de Blasio’s campaign itinerary since the Sept. 10 primary shows the Brooklyn-based Democrat made 27 stops in Manhattan — the most of any borough — followed by 16 in Brooklyn. That left the three remaining outer boroughs getting short shrift: He made seven visits to Queens, four to The Bronx and just two to Staten Island.* New York Post Asks if Mayor de Blasio Will Rap With Violent Gangbangers(NYP)

Wall Street Takes Their Shot At Spitzer

Charles GasparinoSpitzer’s funny ‘business’(NYP)
Back in 2008, then-US Attorney Michael Garcia dropped prostitution charges against Eliot Spitzer, who may have used state resources to facilitate his activities — something voters should take into account as he attempts a political comeback. * Eliot Spitzer beats heat by staying in TV studios (NYDN) * WATCH: Tapper DESTROYS Spitzer
* Spitzer's campaign is based out of his father's real estate firm. [Annie Karni]

 NYP Attacks Spitzer Again With Old Stuff
No one likes a hypocrite(NYP Ed)
Spitzer’s hooker scandal and his return to politics is a flaw that alone is reason enough to oppose his bid: his blatant double standards.  * The therapy dodge (NYP Ed) Healing or hypocrisy? NYP ties Spitzer into San Diego Mayor Bob Filner going to a therapist to end his sexual problems.  The NYP did not both to say that Spitzer did not sexual harass any of his employees. * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli wouldn’t say whether Eliot Spitzer is qualified to be the next city comptroller, but he said that Scott Stringer has the right temperament for the job, the Associated Press reports: * Now, Stringer's campaign calls Spitzer's scandal a 'relevant' issue for voters. [Azi Paybarah] * One editorial page can't believe Eliot Spitzer ruled out voting for Anthony Weiner. [New York Post] * Eliot Spitzer Finds Some Fans in Downtown Brooklyn (NYO) * . OKs rezoning of area near Grand Central Terminal, as long as city improves 4,5,6 subway service at GCT * Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer announced his support for a major midtown east rezoning plan, giving the controversial proposal a boost after the city committed to more transit investment, Crain’s reports: 

The New Political Director of the NYP Wrote this One DAVID SEIFMAN
Next question! Spitzer refuses to deny rumors of 'extra-marital affair'(NYP) * Eliot Spitzer Hounded About Possible Existence of Girlfriend(NY Mag)

Is the Post Become A Weekly?
The paper keeps repeating every day the same attacks on Spitzer, Weiner and Councilwoman Inez Dickens who wants to be the the new speaker

NYP Comics Opposes Spitzer Saturday and Takes Credit on Sunday for Boosting His Campaign

Editorial: Eliot should be indicted, not in office(NYP)
 But Anthony Weiner’s weird psychosexual thrill from public humiliation seems honest in comparison to Spitzer, whose version of “contrition” gives off a distinctly Charlie Sheen vibe.
Comptroller Candidates Point To Family, Lineage In Battle For Votes(NY1)
Stringer rallies on Eliot’s Post-mortem
Great Scott! City comptroller candidate Scott Stringer basked yesterday in the big boost his campaign won with The Post’s endorsement

Gambling Going On In Spitzer's Campaign?

The NYP Does Not Notice That Nobody Has Been Arrested for AGE

Spitzer getting help from lobbyist with shady connections(NYP)
Carl Andrews, a key figure in the Aqueduct bid-rigging scandal, is personally calling
black community and religious leaders on behalf of the ex-governor’s campaign for comptroller. A scathing 2009 state inspector general’s report accused Sampson of leaking to Andrews internal documents about rival bidders who wanted to run a casino at the track. Andrews was then a lobbyist for the Aqueduct Entertainment Group.
Democratic insiders say Spitzer is being aided by disgraced former Brooklyn Democratic boss and one-time Assemblyman Clarence Norman Jr., who went to jail for political corruption and who is the son of a prominent Brooklyn minister, and by former state Sen. Carl Andrews, a controversial lobbyist and longtime Norman ally. 

The Post Did Not List Eric Adams Whose Role in the AEG Scandal Was Written About in the IG Report
Among the guests were Sampson and Queens Sen. Malcolm Smith, the former Democratic majority leader who’s been charged in a federal indictment with trying to bribe his way onto the Republican ballot.

The Post Did Not Give the Name of the Lawyer Who Represented Andrews and Others in the IG lawssuit, Ken Thompson Who is Running for Brooklyn DA
Andrews sued to try to quash a state IG’s subpoena requiring him to testify and submit documents in the Aqueduct probe.

NYT No Spitzer Money Laundering
Legal experts challenged Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s claim that Spitzer engaged in money laundering when he paid for prostitutes while he was governor, the New York Times writes:

NYP lecturing another newspaper for not making money

Sulzberger Sells Times Stock

    1. Irony alert - NY Post writers lecturing another newspaper for not making money.
NYP's Goodwin Gives Up On Stringer
Says Lucky Spitzer Headed to Victory
Spitzer gets lucky(NYP Ed) Ever since Eliot Spitzer jumped into the city comptroller race, I’ve had some sympathy for Scott Stringer. The Manhattan borough president is authentically genial and self-effacing, rare qualities in the political class. Yet as I watched the two men face off in a debate, I felt something else: anger. Stringer’s lumpy presentation and tired recitation of canned talking points made me want to grab him by the lapels and give him a good shake. That might have changed the dynamic of the race. Stringer’s hapless performance certainly didn’t. Face it, New York: Spitzer is headed for victory.
* Some q's for Eliot Spitzer on the hypocrisy of never being charged with breaking the law he signed, from

NYP is Giving de Blasio the Spitzer Treatment
New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin is not a fan of Bill de Blasio. “In a nutshell — emphasis on nut — the Democratic nominee for mayor has outed himself as a supporter of oppression, as long as it comes from the far left,” Mr. Goodwin wrote today. “He also expressed his fondness for “democratic socialism,” which is like calling himself a socialist.” *  De Blasio’s ticket-fixing past(NYP) Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio — a vocal critic of police ticket-fixing — wasn’t above doing favors for relatives and helping constituents get parking tickets dismissed, according to documents in his City Council archives.  In June 2005, de Blasio — who has called for a deeper probe into the Bronx NYPD ticket-fixing scandal — wrote an e-mail to the Parking Violations Bureau on behalf of constituent Jeff Getz. It said, “I recognize that double parking is illegal, however, as you know, double parking during street cleaning has long been an accepted practice in New York City.”* \De Blasio’s warped world view should set off alarm bells(NYP)\ “They had a youthful energy and idealism mixed with a human ability and practicality that was really inspirational,” he told a reporter, before conceding that his heroes were “not free enough by any stretch of the imagination.”* The Post’s Michael Goodwin writes that the emerging portrait of de Blasio as a “supporter of oppression” should alarm New Yorkers who assume he is a “garden variety liberal”* De Blasio among legislators who honored African tyrant(NYP) Bill de Blasio was also among the legislators (36 or the 52) who honored reviled Zimbabwe despot Robert Mugabe at City Hall in 2002 — an event organized by Councilman Charles Barron.

The NYP is Fighting the Cold War with de Blasio
NYP Does Socialists Graphic On de Blasio Big Backers the Working Families Party
Working Families Party the big winner from a de Blasio victory(NYP) * ICYMI: Under pressure from 400% increase in pensions costs, cut the by 2,300 officers * . visited Communist USSR in college

 The NYP Continues Its Daily de Blasio Attacks
De Blasio’s bleary, dreary eyes of youth(NYP)
City Hall hopeful Bill de Blasio was a much scruffier dude back in his college days, with a hairdo almost as distinctive as son Dante’s Afro, a beard to match and a far-away gaze. This NYU yearbook photo of “Bill Wilhelm,” as he was known before legally taking his mother’s maiden name, indicates that ties were not in style among the school’s activist set.* De Blasio’s favorite countries have dismal human-rights records(NYP)
The Post questions whether de Blasio’s judgment has improved since the days he supported the Sandinista movement in Nicaragua, honeymooned with his wife in Cuba, and welcomed Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to City Hall * De Blasio ignored Nicaragua anti-Semitism(NYP)

Post Attacks Christian Times For Doing the Same Thing As Part of Her Pulling Operation
Letitia James coverage might violate election law(NYP) The Christian Times devoted its front page to the council member just in time for her runoff Tuesday against state Sen. Daniel Squadron. The special edition of the newspaper — the de facto voice of the Brooklyn Christian Church in Bedford-Stuyvesant and its popular pastor, the Rev. Dennis Dillon — is intended to boost black-voter turnout, says an e-mail from a campaign supporter. But, according to election laws, nonprofits are not allowed to coordinate with campaigns.

The Post endorses Daniel Squadron for Public Advocate(NYP Ed) * Over the weekend The News endorsed Squadron, and cited among its reasons questions over the accuracy of James statements about whether the donated her $10,000 lulu payment from the City Council. [Daily News] * With the New York City public advocate runoff expected to cost the city $13 million for an office budgeted at $2.3 million, some elected officials and reform advocates have suggested that the city switch to instant runoff voting, the Times writes:  * If Letitia James loses PA runoff, she will support the Democratic nominee, her campaign said. In general, she has Working Families line. 
NYT Pushes Squadron on last time TuesdayVote Tuesday in Runoff Election

NYP Has Not Idea How to Reach NYC's Voters
Does the NYP Believe That A National Review Editor Has A  Clue How To Win Over NYC Voters - Give Up
A bold attack to topple de Blasio(NYP) Voters will decide in three weeks whether America’s financial and media center becomes yet another toppled liberal domino. Given his 23 percent to 67 percent deficit, Lhota might as well run boldly on reformist, free-market and limited-government ideas. In the Post, Deroy Murdock, a contributing editor with the National Review Online, writes that with Lhota facing such a large deficit against his opponent Bill de Blasio, he should run on reformist, free-market, limited government ideas

NYP's Owner See His Paper As A Weapon Against Candidates They Oppose
De Blasio flouting filing rules on $1.1M rental pad(NYP)Bill de Blasio, who owns $2.3 million in Brooklyn real estate, is violating the city’s housing rules, The Post has found. The Democrat mayoral candidate has not registered his $1.1 million, two-unit Brooklyn rental property with the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development as required by law. He also failed to report the rental income he receives in his annual financial-disclosure filing.*  HUD region lost $23M to scams while de Blasio was in charge(NYP) * Jim Warren says Bill de Blasio proved to be a skillful mediator in an early HUD job (NYDN) *'ACTIVIST' FIRST LADY: Bill de Blasio's wife Chirlane McCray pledges to make a 'positive difference in people’s lives' if hubby is elected(NYDN) *Debate Change Possible Mayoral candidates may reschedule debate that falls on Hurricane Sandy anniversary(NYDN)

 Pataki and Spitzer: Do As I Say . . .   Not As I Do

Former Govs. Pataki, Spitzer now full of good advice they didn't follow when they were in office (NYDN Ed)


Pataki omits the $20 billion in debt Pataki either pushed for or went along with - a 65% increase. Then there's the $12 billion in borrowing he foisted on the MTA - a 125% increase.

Spitzer helped create NY's deficit by running up spending as New York headed for a fiscal cliff.


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