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True News Wags NYP's Goodwin de Blasio's Bubble
Inside the big Blasio bubble (NYP Goodwin) The Putz has lost the plot — if he ever had it. Confused by a fog of his own making, Mayor de Blasio is bewildered by New Yorkers’ growing belief that he’s turning back the clock on safety. His response is to sink into the last refuge of losers — accuse the media of conspiring against him. “We’ve got to end this madness of talking about the bad old days,” he said on the radio. “They’re gone, they’re over.” Easy for him to say as he toughs it out in Gracie Mansion and gets chauffeured to late-morning appearances in a Brooklyn gym. Cheer up, my people, it’s the best of times! Comfort corrupts and any mayor is rightly cosseted for security reasons. But this mayor’s bubble is opaque from the inside because de Blasio sees only what he wants to see. He never was and still isn’t committed to improving the quality of life. At best, he’s determined to keep it from collapsing while he imposes his far-left agenda. “We’re not going backwards” isn’t much of a vision for the future. Until he gets one, and gets a majority of the city to buy into it, he’s going to be stuck playing whack-a-mole with signs of decline. After accusing Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg of being heartless toward the homeless, he belatedly ordered cops to roust vagrants from fetid encampments. But even as they return within hours, the mayor is denounced as cruel and turns timid. So he has pleased nobody and fixed nothing. That’s a consequence of putting politics first. It cost him the services of Deputy Mayor Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, who quit because, as The Post reported, City Hall politicized routine decisions. A mayor’s job is to govern in ways that serve the whole city. De Blasio ought to try it sometime.

6 Months Ago True News Reported On the de Blasio Press Bubble
As de Blasio Poll Numbers Fall He Floats His Press Bubble to the Outer Boroughs  
Approval ratings behind de Blasio’s outer borough roadshow (NYP) Mayor de Blasio ventured to the Rockaways on Friday, continuing his outer-borough charm offensive in the wake of sinking poll numbers and criticism of his progressive wanderlust. A day after a staged photo-op showing Hizzoner filling potholes on Staten Island, he ventured to Queens for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at part of the rebuilt boardwalk destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The city got $480 million from the feds to rebuild the boardwalk, and de Blasio announced any leftover money “will stay in the Rockaways.” Political strategists say it’s no accident de Blasio is taking his show across the city. “The poll numbers show he’s sinking, so he has to take action,” veteran operative told The Post. “He’ll be appearing at fires, crime scenes, anything to show he’s the mayor of the city. The people have said we don’t want him to be the mayor of America, they want him to be the mayor of NYC.” A Quinnipiac University poll last week showed the mayor’s approval ratings plunging at home as he stumped for his progressive polices out of town. * Boardwalk Returns to Rockaways in Time for Beach Season (NYT) * Step by Step, a Boardwalk Re-Emerges (WSJ)  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio marked the unofficial opening of summer on Friday with a celebration of the completion of the first restored section of the Rockaway Boardwalk that was wrecked by superstorm Sandy in 2012.  Mayor Puts New Yorkers Who Want to Ask Questions Into Pens and Reads His Script in Front of the Political Class* -- AP’s “[O]n Friday in the Rockaways, unlike on Staten Island the day before, [de Blasio] largely heard cheers. That was in part due to the event's careful stagecraft, featuring tight security that kept would-be demonstrators nearly out of the mayor's line of sight. … the site of his press conference was tightly controlled by Department of Parks security and City Hall staffers, who took the unusual step of cordoning off potential disruptors to an area about 50 yards down the boardwalk.” * Channeling Orwell: Mayor de Blasio's "Free SpeechZone": (WCBS)

When Black Arts Meet Black Socks

Marriage Over
Eliot Spitzer announces his marriage to Silda Wall Spitzer "has come to an end." Says they won't make any other statement on the matter * Eliot Spitzer: My marriage is over(NYP) *Spitzer and His Wife Say Their Marriage Is Over(NYT) *Eliot Spitzer: My marriage is over(NYP) * Splits? No Spitz! Eliot, Silda officially done following affair with de Blasio spokewoman(NYDN) * Eliot Spitzer, the former New York governor who quit in a prostitution scandal, says his marriage is over.(Politico)

Love Actually Eliot Spitzer spends Christmas at gal pal’s family home(NYP) * MEET THE PARENTS: Eliot Spitzer spotted with new flame at her mom's house day after announcing split with wife(NYDN) * DRESSED TO THRILL: Lis Smith flaunts fabulous figure for lov gov Eliot Spitzer who she brought home to meet the parents(NYDN) * Eliot Spitzer's real-estate career in exile () continues apace:

TABLOID AFFAIR: Day 3: Andrea Peyser Show Up in the NYP Strongly Suggesting de Blasio to Dump Lis Smith Now

Give her the heave-ho, de Blasio(NYP) If de Blasio continues to stand by Smith, his credibility as a righteous voice may be lost, so he should cast her out of his incoming administration EXCLUSIVE: Eliot Spitzer dating Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio spokeswoman Lis Smith(NYDN 8:15PM) The former governor, still married to Silda, is now in a relationship with Lis Smith, the veteran Democratic operative who was recent campaign mouthpiece for Bill de Blasio and led a part of President Obama's successful 2012 campaign, the Daily News has learned.  Smith, a veteran Democratic operative who led the “rapid response” team for President Obama’s 2012 campaign, worked as a campaign spokeswoman for the disgraced former governor before his September loss in the primary election for city controller.

“Spitzer catches ‘flack’ behind deBLasio’s back”

Sex abnd City Hall
De Blasio staffer ‘shacking up with ex-boss Spitzer’(NYP 9:05PM) * Eliot Spitzer and Bill de Blasio's Spokeswoman Need a New Favorite Restaurant(NY Mag) * SLEAZY DOES IT! Still-married Eliot Spitzer is dating ex-employee — and she's Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s new spokeswoman(NYDN) * City Hall Pro: Spitzer surprise; de Blasio's conflicts(Capital) * Sources: Eliot Spitzer Dating Bill de Blasio's Spokeswoman
De Blasio praises aide caught shacking up with Eliot Spitzer(NYP) * De Blasio's campaign manager defends press aide dating Eliot Spitzer(NYDN) * Bill de Blasio Mum on Whether He’ll Keep Spitzer-Dating Spox(NYO) *Smith did not attend her boss’ press conference today, and the mayor-elect would not speculate on whether she’ll be joining his administration.* Bill De Blasio’s camp jumps to defense of mayor-elect’s press aide Lis Smith, who is Eliot Spitzer’s new squeeze(NYDN) * In the case of the alleged relationship between Lis Smith and former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Smith has a right to choose to her partner and any relationship is irrelevant to her qualifications as Bill de Blasio’s spokeswoman, political strategist Alexis Grenell writes in the Daily News:  *HE MAKES US SICK TOO: De Blasio spokeswoman Lis Smith MIA at press chat after it's revealed she's been shacking up with despicable Spitzer(NYDN) * Lis Smith goes from ‘pro’ to ‘bimbo’ in one day(NYDN)

Spin Off The Spitzer's Realty Show
Exclusive: Fed-up Silda plans to divorce Eliot after election(NYP)
Silda Spitzer is privately telling friends she plans to divorce her hooker-loving husband, Eliot Spitzer, Page Six can exclusively reveal. Multiple sources tell us long-suffering Silda — who, he last * In the Post, the Manhattan Institute’s James Copland criticizes Spitzer’s idea to pressure all publicly held companies into ceasing attempts to sway federal or state legislation * Eliot Spitzer: Wife won't appear on campaign trail(WSJ) * Silda Spitzer Isn't Press Shy, She Just Wants a Divorce(NY Mag) * Bloomberg versus Spitzer, again.

Latest Poll

Q Poll: Spitzer-Stringer race is tight at 49-45
Eliot Spitzer, Scott Stringer Neck And Neck Among Likely Democratic Primary Voters: Q Poll | NY Daily News
Eliot Spitzer. (Photo: Getty)Two Polls Find Eliot Spitzer Ahead in Comptroller’s Race(NYO)
If u were wondering,only 28% of Spitzer voters support Weiner.But 84% of Weiner backers are 4 Spitzer. *Poll Shows Virtual Tie in Comptroller’s Race(NYT)

Daily NYP War On Spitzer

'Did this leopard change his spots?' With Weiner sexting scandal, Eliot Spitzer faces renewed scrutiny in controller race(NYDN) * Amid New Weiner Revelations, Spitzer Focuses on Campaigning (WSJ)* Eliot Spitzer talks about the positive aspects of the prostitution scandal that forced him from office

Gov? Who, me?! Spitzer downplays tenure at state helm(NYP)
Governor who? Instead of touting his scandal-scarred time running the state, Eliot Spitzer is highlighting his eight-year tenure as attorney general — when he was dubbed the “Sheriff of Wall Street” — in his comeback bid for city comptroller

Eliot Spitzer insists he has “absolutely not” used prostitutes since his 2008 resignation from the governor’s office, “and we’re done answering those questions.”

New York City comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer ventured into Jackson Heights, Queens, receiving a mostly friendly reception in a break from his appearances on comedy shows and cable news networks, the Times writes: 

Despite Spitzer’s crusade against Wall Street while he was AG, hedge funder Boykin Curry has sent out an email in support of the former governor’s comptroller campaign to his finance sector colleagues.  

FALLOUT? Revival of Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal could hurt Eliot Spitzer's controller run(NYDN)

 When Eliot Spitzer ordered up hookers, the State Police were ordered to make themselves scarce, a bombshell new report claims.

NY1 Exclusive: Spitzer Takes Swipe At Stringer During Subway Stump(NY1)

I said do not disturb! Spitzer ordered cops to back off on ho nights(NYP)

EXCLUSIVE: Controller hopeful Scott Stringer wants to give public school kindergartners $50 from the city to start building college fund(NYDNP)

Spitzer’s latest national media appearance: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Comptroller Liu Claims City Is "Held Hostage" By FreshDirect To Deliver On Tax Breaks

In his latest campaign ad, New York City comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer acknowledges his prostitution scandal, while rival Scott Stringer rolled out endorsements from several powerful women’s groups, NY1 reports: 

Eliot Spitzer Returns to the Campaign Trail(NYO)

Former Spitzer spokesman Darren Dopp: “(A)fter Mr. Spitzer fell, everyone had to move on, and did. We all have new careers, and while we wish him well, there is, for most, little desire to get back in the game.”

 City comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer attacked his rival, Scott Stringer, saying he “did not do a whole lot” when he was an assemblyman, and touted his own record as Governor and Attorney General, NY1 reports:

Monday the NYP Continues Its Hits On Spitzer
Spitzer’s former aides abandon his New York City comptroller campaign(NYP) Nearly all of Eliot Spitzer’s once fiercely loyal aides have abandoned him as he seeks political redemption through his race for city comptroller, key Democrats have told The Post. * How Eliot tripped up(NYP Ed)  Many of Spitzer’s former top aides – including Darren Dopp, Rich Baum, David Nocenti, Paul Francis and Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney – aren’t working on this campaign.
Fall-guy jockey: Neigh to Eliot(NYP) A Hall of Fame jockey says Eliot Spitzer doesn’t deserve to win, place or show. Braulio Baeza was a clerk of scales for the New York Racing Association whose reputation Spitzer ruined as attorney general when he ran him out of New York in the...
inbox: Senator Kristen Gillibrand today endorsed Scott Stringer for Comptroller
Planned Parenthood Endorses Stringer All Weekend the NY Post Continued to Hit Spitzer Using Those That They Have Disagreed With in the Past 
Spitzer signed his wife’s top aide from the 2006 campaign, Miriam Hess, to work on his NYC comptroller bid. Another returnee: Rich Dziepak, who was Spitzer’s ’06 advance man.
Spitzer On The Air: ‘I Failed’: The city comptroller campaign of former Gov. Eliot Spitzer has a new TV ad tha...

Saturday - A bunch of Bronx pols lead by BP Ruben Diaz Jr. trashed Spitzer. This is the same Diaz that the NYP trashed after he opposed building a mall at the Kingsbridge Armory. “Eliot Spitzer, while serving in office, embarrassed New Yorkers, offended women, misused public resources,” said Bronx Assemblyman Marcos Crespo. The NYP Never Asked Assemblyman Crespo why he never attacked his speaker Sheldon Silver for using public resources to pay government funded hush money to protect former Assemblyman Vito Lopez.  Brooklyn Councilwoman Diana Reyna criticized Spitzer for leading the fight against johns while he was secretly hiring hookers. “What are we saying as a society when we see Eliot Spitzer give two faces to the city of New York — the face of ‘I can break the rule and I can make the rules’?” asked Reyna. In 2010 the NYP said Reyna tried to send pork to a nonprofit run by family member. 

Sunday the NYP Hit Spitzer Again
Florida gala was canceled – but Eliot Spitzer still flew in for ‘hook’-up in 2008(NYP) Former Love Gov. Eliot Spitzer was so eager to do something in Palm Beach, Fla. — reportedly one of his favorite locations for secret hooker trysts — that he traveled there with his staff in February... * How Eliot tripped up(NYP Ed) Eliot Spitzer may have little to show for the brief 14 1/2 months he served as New York’s governor. But one thing he did accomplish was to clarify the rules regarding the use of state resources for personal trips.
  1. NY Post w/ yet another day of oppo-driven anti Spitzer & Weiner coverage. Tab values or agenda?

    Challenge Dropped to Spitzer's Petition
    Effort to challenge Spitzer's petitions called off(NYP)
    The Republican activist who filed a challenge to Eliot Spitzer’s petitions for comptroller is pulling the plug on the effort — citing a lack of funds to underwrite the legal costs.

    Is the Daily News Becoming Spitzer's Go to Paper?
    Ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who was thought to be avoiding on-the-ground campaign events, has in fact been quietly praying his way through city churches, asking congregants for forgiveness and support, the Daily News reports. Asked why the events, including at least three stops Sunday, were missing from his public schedule, Mr. Spitzer said he was trying to have “authentic” conversations with voters. “It’s impossible to do it when there’s a gaggle [of reporters], it loses authenticity.”

    Eliot Spitzer Signs Wife Silda's Top 2006 Campaign Aide To 2013 Comeback Team | New York Daily News
    Attacking Spitzer While Silent on Silver
    1. To chastise Eliiot Spitzer for demeaning women while supporting Sheldon Silver is the ultimate in hypocrisy, especially from female pols.

Arzt's NYP's Inside Connection
The New Political Director of the NY Post David  Seifman and Stringer political consultant George Arzt are long time friends. Arzt used to write for the NYP become he became a lobbyist political consultant.  The two even shared a beach house together years ago.

More Spitzer Attacks
Mr. Spitzer and His Money(NYT Ed)
Eliot Spitzer is promising to spend plenty on the race for New York City comptroller without revealing where it comes from. Mr. Spitzer should provide a great deal more disclosure, including more than just two years’ worth. He’s not required by law to do more than he has done, but you would think that he would live up to the standard he himself set in 2012 for Mr. Romney.* Eliot Spitzer TV ad plays into spin game, calling him ‘old friend’ to NYC(NYDN)

Eliot Spitzer advises Geraldo Rivera on ‘selfie’(Politico) * Eliot Spitzer and Geraldo Rivera Bond Over Embarrassing Behavior(NY Mag)

  1. NY law requires a candidate to list his legal residence on his petition- by Spitzer listed Silda's address-not where he lives
  1. ELIOT SPITZER gave money to Kristen Davis. You can too

Spitzer Visits the National Action Network This Morning
 Stringer on MSNBC
  1. If you missed this morning: Spitzer opponent says rival ‘sounds like a Republican’ via
Plotting a win against Eliot Spitzer with New York’s would-be comptroller. * Manhattan BP Scott Stringer said Spitzer sounded like a Republican when he talked about campaign finance and financial disclosures."Stringer has been forced to fight like a starved wildebeest to preserve his political existence."

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