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Boyland in Jail Timeline # 506

EXCLUSIVE: Collecting from corrupt city pols who avoid repaying money stolen from taxpayers not so simple(NYDN) When Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. was sentenced for stealing from the taxpayers a year ago, he owed a lot of people a lot of money. He was supposed to cough up a total of $325,020.28, including restitution to the state for the money he stole, plus a money judgment to the feds as punishment for his many crimes.Getting that money, it   turns out, wasn't so simple. First, after he was convicted of filing for bogus travel expenses and using a taxpayer-funded non-profit he controlled for political activity, Boyland, D-Brooklyn, quickly sold off his two-family Ocean Hill townhouse for $875,000.
Instead, they had to track down where the proceeds from the sale went. They finally turned up a company that was created three weeks after Boyland was sentenced. That company, Solar Studios, was supposed to be producing a children's educational TV show. Its CEO, Andre Soleil, says Boyland loaned it $90,000 from the house sale, with the repayments set to pay off child support Boyland owed. Soleil says Boyland paid off the $155,000 he owed the state, although the state couldn't confirm that, citing privacy laws.* As for the $169,000 money judgment he owes the feds, documents filed May 6 by Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Robert Capers say he hasn't paid a dime. Capers has moved to garnish whatever money Boyland put into Solar Studios.

Boyland in Jail Timeline

The Boyland Crime Family Now the Ex Wife 
No Respect for the Law Boyland Going Away Until 2030 -Couldn’t Live on $79,500 Salary
Ex-assemblyman who said he couldn’t live on $79,500 salary gets 14 years in prison (NYP)  Disgraced ex-Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. was sentenced to 14 years in prison Thursday on aslew of corruption charges, with the federal judge saying she didn’t think he had “any redeeming characteristics” before handing down her sentence. “This defendant clearly had no respect for the law,” Brooklyn federal Judge Sandra Townes lashed into Boyland, 45, before sentencing the crooked politician. ​​”After sitting through this trial and hearing Mr. Boyland on those audio tapes, without knowing anything about him, I started out not seeing any redeeming characteristics of the defendant.” When Townes announced the sentence of 168 months, Boyland’s father, ex-Assemblyman William Boyland Sr., used pen and paper to do long division on his lap in an unsuccessful attempt to calculate how long his son would be behind bars. “That looked like about 13 years,” Boyland Sr. said as court adjourned. “It’s 14 years,” a family friend grimly corrected him. Townes also ordered the disgraced assemblyman to forfeit $169,000 and also to pay $71,339 to the Department of Taxation and $84,270 to the state Office of the Aging in restitution for submitting fraudulent expense vouchers and for funneling funds through a nonprofit he controlled.  Boyland defense attorney Stuart Grossman turned in a letter comparing his client to other state politicians who were convicted of crimes — including ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada and ex-City Councilman Larry Seabrook — but Townes said she thought what Boyland did was worse than those convicted pols. * Ex-Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. gets 14 years inprison for corruption (NYDN) * * A federal judge sentenced former Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. to 14 years in prison in a corruption case, saying he had neither “respect for the law” nor “any redeeming characteristics,” The New York Times: * William Boyland Jr., Ex-New York Assemblyman, Gets 14-Year Sentence for Corruption * An endless flood of corrupt New York lawmakers (NYP) Ex Wife Disgraced assemblyman’s ex-wife stole $240,000 from employer, police say (NYP) The ex-wife of convicted former State Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. could soon follow her former spouse to prison. Kamaria Alfattah, 40, was arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing $240,000 from an online translation and interpreting firm she had been working for called Thebigword, police sources said. Alfattah is accused of using company credit cards and petty cash to make unauthorized purchases, including paying for several rides with high-end car services, sources said.
More About Corrupt Boyland 
Albany and City Hall Corruption

Boyland Wants to Delay Sentencing Again By Dumping His Lawyer
Disgraced ex-Assemblyman is asking for yet another lawyer (NYP) Disgraced former Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. is asking for yet another lawyer in an apparent bid to put off his sentencing next month for corruption. In a handwritten note to Judge Sandra Townes, the disgraced Democrat claimed that he had “irreconcilable differences” with his second attorney, Stuart Grossman, and wants to move on to his third lawyer.* New York State Lawmakers Spend Millions in Campaign Funds onLegal Fees  (NYT) * Disgraced former Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. is asking for yet another lawyer in an apparent bid to put off his sentencing next month for corruption.

Prosecutors Ask for 24 Years for Boyland 
Prosecutors are urging a federal judge to throw the book at ex-Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. when he is sentenced next month for soliciting bribes. Corrupt Brooklyn pol deserves 24 yrs in jail for "placing his own financial interests above" his constituents

Board of Election Official Not So Smart About Boyland  
NY education official asks corrupt Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. get a ‘second chance’ (NYDN) A state education official has written a letter of support for ex-Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. who is facing 19 years in prison when he's sentenced on corruption charges. In the letter, Kathleen Cashin admits that "I don't know the details" of Boyland's criminal case, but insistns he "never once requested that I do anything unethical that would benefit him and not the children." Reached by phone Tuesday, Cashin's initial reaction was, "Oh no, you're not writing a story about that (letter)?" The political scion is due in court April 18 when Townes will set a sentencing date. He was convicted of 21 counts of bribery, extortion, conspiracy and theft in March 6, 2014. The politicial scion had turned plea deal offered by prosecutors calling for nine years in prison.* The FBI used data from

Boylands' Mother Tells His Lawyer He Not Coming to Court Today  
Politician plays hooky from his sentencing hearing(NYP)A convicted-crook politician played hooky from his sentencing hearing Friday — and had his mommy call in to say he wouldn’t make it. Disgraced ex-Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. was a no-show at the Brooklyn federal court hearing, forcing his lawyer to make the cringe-worthy admission. “I got a call from his mother at 1:30 this afternoon and she told me he believed I wasn’t coming to court,” defense attorney Stuart Grossman said apologetically in court. “He doesn’t make those decisions!” shot back a displeased Judge Sandra Townes. The judge issued a use of force order, which means if the master graftsman skips his next court date on Dec. 19, he’ll be dragged into court bybrooklyn US Marshals.

Boyland Still on the Govt Tit  

Federal Judge Sandra Townes appointed new counsel Friday after the broke Boyland complained of a communication breakdown with the lawyers who represented him at trial earlier this year.

Boyland's Judge Denies Bail

A federal judge called former Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. “a self-centered individual who lacks integrity” and denied his release on a $1 million bond

Assemblyman-turned-convict Boyland denied bail(NYP) Former Brooklyn Assemblyman-turned-convict William Boyland Jr. must remain behind bars until his June sentencing on corruption raps, a judge ruled Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court. A blistering Judge Sandra Townes denied Boyland’s bid for a bail package, citing his disrespect for the law and his potential for flight. Boyland appeared disoriented and detached in a blue prison suit and could only manage a feeble wave to his father and mother in the court gallery as he left the courtroom after his bid was denied. Townes initially remanded Boyland after his March 5 conviction because he texted a witness during the trial and drove with a suspended license each day of the proceeding. She repeated those reasons in denying his bail package Tuesday. “The defendant has failed — based on all of this — to convince this court by clear and convincing evidence that he won’t flee.”“The evidence presented at trial portrays Mr. Boyland as a self-centered individual who lacks integrity,” Townes seethed. “It is simply more proof that the defendant is unlikely to honor the conditions set for him.”New York’s powerful labor unions steered millions of dollars in members’ dues into campaign coffers. Health Care Workers Union Local 1199 East-SEIU donated $733,500. The fifth-largest contributor was the New York State United Teachers union, which distributed $717,343, while the city teachers union kicked in additional $347,800. * Moreland Commission Update Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission on Public Corruption convened quietly earlier this month in a private meeting held on March 10. City & State had reported in February that the commission had yet to meet in 2014 and that Cuomo had not committed to replacing Kathleen Rice, a commission co-chair and the Nassau County District Attorney. A Moreland spokeswoman said that the commission discussed investigations during its March meeting. (City and State)

Boyland in Jail

Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr. convicted for soliciting bribe (NYDN)
‘Hole kept getting deeper’ in Boyland case: juror(NYP) The jury foreman from Assemblyman William Boyland Jr.’s trial criticized Boyland’s nonchalant demeanor and called the prosecution’s case persuasive 
* No more Boylands (NYDN Ed)Another Albany gets what he deserves The Daily News writes that the William Boyland Jr. case is a cautionary tale for those who want special elections, which allow party bosses to hand-pick candidates and would give the state more Boylands:
New York State Assemblyman William F. Boyland, Jr. Convicted on ...Federal Bureau of Investigation (press release)* The crooked career of Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. will be soon forgotten, but a comment he made to an undercover FBI agent should be remembered forever.As he took the agent, who played a businessman willing to pay bribes, on a tour of his district, Boyland described himself like a Mafia boss.“Everything you’ve seen — I’m in control of,” the Brooklyn Democrat said. “I’m the politician.”
Brooklyn Assemblyman Found Guilty in Corruption Trial NY1

Pols Blue Wall of Silence Enabled By the Media, Continues
Pols Speaker Silver Silent on Boyland's Conviction
A few years ago Paterson charged that were was a blue Wall of Silence similarly to the cops code of never going after corrupt cops in Albany of never going after corrupt pols. The gov made this charge on a radio show.Albany's 'Blue Wall Of Silence' What Paterson was talking about was that not one Albany pol has said a word against any of their disgraced members convicted of corruption. Come to think of it either has Paterson until after his handlers come to the conclusion that the only way for him to win was by running against the corrupt in Albany.  It is interesting how the newspapers allow the Albany political gang to hide from the public and go behind closed doors and craft a bill with more holes than the Detroit bombers underwear. It is even more interesting how the papers could act this way when their own editorial boards scream out for change in Albany. Why do the papers protect the pols Blue Wall of Silence even when they have written thousands of stories about the cops wall of silence and organized crime wall of silence? True News began pointing out the political wall of silence years ago The Political Wall of Silence: Not One Pol Expresses Outrage, McLaughlin Goes to Jail

Letters to the Judge
Supporters of Convicted Assemblyman Soliciting Letters to Reduce His Sentence(NYO)

Could Get 
30 Years 
New York Assemblyman Found Guilty of Federal Bribery Charges(WSJ) After the jury foreman read the first guilty verdict, Mr. Boyland covered his face and appeared to wipe at tears. Judge Sandra Townes ordered Mr. Boyland, 43, to jail instead of granting bail. Shesaid his texting a government witness during the trial "shows a terrible lack of judgment" and said she was concerned by trial evidence showing he sometimes claimed to be in one place when he was actually somewhere else.

The corrupt pol was convicted Thursday on all 21 counts of bribery, mail fraud and extortion in Brooklyn Federal Court. Boyland, 43, closed his eyes and held his head in his hands as the verdict was announced. * Assemblyman William Boyland Found Guilty on All Charges(NYO) * Boyland Is Convicted in Second Corruption Trial (NYT) * In a surprise, taken into custody immediately - judge cites "history of lying about his whereabouts" (NYP) * To those demanding special elections: That's how Boyland originally won his Assembly seat -- with just 1,200 votes.(NYDN) * Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland  * William Boyland could've had a plea deal of 9 yrs. Now found guilty on all charges, things may get muuch worse(NYO) * Boyland convicted on 21 counts(Capital) * Boyland Convicted On Corruption Charges, Booted From Assembly(YNN) * Assemblyman Is Convicted in Second Corruption Trial(NYT)

How Albany Cleans-Up Corruption 

Hide the Evidence

Convicted of federal charges, William Boyland has already disappeared from the NYS Assembly website, and his name gone from his LOB office. He immediately lost his seat after his felony conviction, said a spokesman for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. The Assembly also removed Boyland's page from its website.

Boyland Case Heading to Jury 

Prosecutors & Defense agree William Boyland Jr. solicited more than $250,000 from undercover federal agents
Boyland's defense: Taking $$ from corrupt businessmen wasn't bribery, it was "playing the players"
Prosecutors say Boyland ‘sold his office’ in closing arguments(NYP)
Fancying himself a political “don,” Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. shamelessly sought payoffs from undercover agents posing as businessmen while his constituents got the shaft, prosecutors argued Monday in closing statements... * Prosecutor in Assemblyman William Boyland Jr.'s corruption trial says the Brooklyn pol schemed 'to line his pockets'  (NYDN) ** In their closing arguments, prosecutors and the defense attorney for Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. agreed that he solicited more than $250,000 from undercover federal agents, but they disagree on why he did it, the Journal writes:

Will the Boyland Jury take less time than the Stevenson jury which took 2 hours to convict the assemblyman?

It only took less than two hours for a jury to find crooked state lawmaker Stevenson guilty for taking more than $20,000 in cash bribes to help senior center developers with their business. The pol faces up to 55 years in prison when he is sentenced.(NYDN)
More on the Boyland Corruption Scandal 

FBI: Boyland Visits Turkey and Albany At the Same Time

Fed agent: Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. was paid more than $70G for legislative business expenses when he was nowhere near Albany(NYDN) An FBI agent testified at Boyland's corruption trial the Brooklyn pol sought reimbursement for a full week of Albany-related travel expenses while he was in Turkey. * Boyland claimed to be in Albany while in Turkey: FBI agent(NYP) ***

Turkey Boyland

Wholesaler testifies that Boyland used nonprofit funds to buy holiday turkeys for his political club(NYDN) Went to clubhouse members and senior citizens who had voted for Assemblyman's uncle and his father and could be counted on to vote for him, too, prosecutors in federal corruption trial say.

  Boyland Blames His Lawyers A Month Before Sentencing 

ConvictedAssemblyman Boyland blames lawyers in letter to court(NYP)The taped bribery sessions and damning e-mails didn’t sink William Boyland Jr. — it was his lawyer’s fault! That’s the claim the disgraced former Brooklyn assemblyman — facing up to 12 years behind bars — is making in an apparent bid for leniency. In a new Brooklyn federal court pre-sentencing filing, Boyland claims well-respected attorneys Peter Quijano and Nancy Ennis defied him at trial and have ignored him since his March conviction.  Slated for sentencing next month, the incarcerated crook wrote to Judge Sandra Townes and requested a new attorney to represent him.

Hold on to the truth within yourself
“Wisdom is knowing we are all One.

Boyland Even 
Corrupts Meditation
Assemblyman William Boyland used $500 in campaign cash for a private yoga lesson for him and his girlfriend at the time, prosecutors revealed in the corruption case against the lawmakerAssemblyman Boyland used fund-raiser cash for yoga classes(NYP) * The president of a Brooklyn wholesale food distributor testified that he delivered more than $7,000 worth of holiday turkeys to Assemblyman William Boyland’s political club in 2008 and a nonprofit controlled by the Brooklyn Democrat picked up the tab.

"A perceptive or incisive joke can be more meaningful than platitudes lying between two covers." - McLuhan

Judge Pissed Boyland Contacts Witness
“You are not to have contact with anyone who has an interest in this trial,” Judge Townes said.
“Do you understand, Mr. Boyland?” she demanded.
“Yes, your honor,” he replied sheepishly as Townes let out an exasperated sigh.
Judge blasts assemblyman over text to witness(NYP)  A seething federal judge blasted Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. Tuesday for sending a creepy text message to a witness who testified against him at his corruption trial in Brooklyn federal court.“Love ya sis,” Boyland wrote to his estranged former campaign treasurer last Thursday after she told jurors that his shady bookeeping prompted her resignation, prosecutors said Tuesday. Unaware who sent the bizarre note, Maria DeLongoria immediately alerted FBI agents who tracked the number to Boyland. A federal judge ordered Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. to keep from contacting “anyone who has an interest” in his corruption trial after he texted his former campaign treasurer following her testimony against him,

More on the Boyland Tapes

Boyland Aid Corruption Corrupt $$$ Made Me Hot
The Girlfriend Turns
Assemblyman’s ex-lover turns on him in bribery trial(NYP) Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr.’s former chief of staff and ex-lover took aim at the embattled politico at his federal corruption trial Thursday and squarely accused him of sniffing for payola. She also pilloried her former boss and lover for his slovenly accounting skills and a penchant for extravagance. Recordings played during the trial revealed that Hermon also sought out bribes behind Boyland’s back and lampooned him repeatedly to undercover agents as inept. When an undercover agent in 2011 agreed to hand over a $1,000 bribe during a dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan, the Cognac-sipping Hermon said: “You just, like, made me hot.” Boyland backed out of a 9-year plea deal and now faces the prospect of 30 years behind bars if convicted.* TAKE DOWN: Ex-aide buries Assemblyman Boylan fighting bribery charges by former mistress and chief of staff(NYDN)  * Assemblyman William Boyland Jr.’s former chief of staff said during the assemblyman’s trial that she accepted bribes and helped her former boss receive bribes, the Journal writes: 

Undercover F.B.I. Agent Testifies in Legislator’s Bribery Case(NYT)
Mr. Boyland responded that money could be funneled to him through a nonprofit agency that he controlled.
In the meetings, Mr. Boyland bragged about his access to powerful people, tossing off cliché after cliché, finishing most sentences with a big laugh. “I have relationships with everybody already,” he said. Throughout the trial, Mr. Boyland has appeared generally relaxed. But on Monday, after prosecutors showed video of him in an Atlantic City hotel room, slouching in a chair after a few glasses of wine and asking for the $250,000, he sank deeper in his chair at the defense table and has since appeared exhausted. His parents have attended the trial every day, watching from the hard benches in the gallery. Mr. Boyland, who came within minutes of pleading guilty to the charges in exchange for a nine-year sentence, could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted on all charges. As the agent’s testimony concluded on Wednesday, Mr. Boyland’s former chief of staff, Ry-Ann Hermon, who has pleaded guilty to corruption charges and is cooperating with the government, walked into the courtroom’s vestibule to await her turn on the witness stand. She is expected to testify when court resumes on Thursday. 

Rotten to the core: Already indicted, corrupt pol William Boyland asked for $250K bribe, video shows
Corrupt payments made assemblyman's mistress 'hot'(NYP)
Video in bribe trial shows Brooklyn assemblyman's dad allegedly taking cash(Newsweek)
Assemblyman Boyland's father played role in corruption case(NYDN)

Boyland's Sex Rat

ANGEROUS LIAISON: Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. was having affair with aide who will now testify against him in bribery case, sources say(NYDN)During arguments preceding Boyland’s upcoming corruption trial, a federal judge on Friday mentions the lawmaker’s ‘sexual relationship’ with his chief of staff Ry-Ann Hermon, who is ready to testify against him.

The Boyland Crime Family
Boyland's Father A Bribe Bag Man?
Boyland Jr. sent dad to collect bribe money: prosecutors(NYP) Prosecutors will argue that Boyland Jr. used his old man to pick up the check to distance himself from his dirty dealing. “At trial the jury will hear a recording on which the defendant boasts that he uses a ‘bag man’ or a ‘middle guy’ so that he can stay clean,” prosecutors wrote in the filing. “This evidence is powerful proof that Boyland Sr. was a co-conspirator who knew he was collecting a criminal bribe and not a legitimate campaign contribution.” A Brooklyn federal court filing showed that Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. had his own father pick up a bribe from an undercover agent, with William Boyland Sr. picking up a $3,000 check from a man he believed to be a real estate developer.

Daily News Says Boyland Chickened Out
William Boyland Jr. Pleads Not Guilty to Corruption Charges(NYO) 
Though he was reportedly expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges today, Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. instead pleaded not guilty, setting up a trial date for December or January. *  Brooklyn Assemblyman Boyland Backs Out of Plea Deal In Corruption Case (WCBS) * Daily News says William Boyland "chickened out" by pleading not guilty  * After Hints of Guilty Plea, Lawmaker Opts for Trial(NYT)* Boyland "faces evidence that most defendants would hesitate to address at trial," like a secretly made audio recording of him allegedly discussing bribes. [Mosi Secret]

Even With Indictments, William Boyland Jr. Has Kept Assembly Subcommittee Chairmanship
Years after bribery indictment, Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. may finally lose chairmanship(NYDN)The Brooklyn Democrat still grappling with corruption charges has continued to lead the state Assemblyman subcommittee on outreach and oversight of senior citizens programs.

Did Someone Send the Indicted Boyland A Message Not To Rat to the Feds for A Reduced Sentence?

Police Has Place Security Outside Boyland's Office

Assemblyman’s Vehicle Is Hit by Gunfire in Brooklyn, but He Is Unharmed(NYT) * Bullet lands in controversial pol William Boyland's driver's seat(NYDN) * Pol and son, 7, in B'klyn shooting terror(NYP) * “We are investigating this as Mr Boyland being the victim of a shooting,” NYPD Inspector Kim Y. Royster said. “It seems like it was a random incident, but we’re still investigating.” * Assemblyman Boyland Jr. says bullets weren't meant for him(NYP)

 More Trouble for Boyland

More Trouble For William Boyland Jr.(NYO)  Boyland Jr. is currently facing a second round of federal bribery charges, but The Politicker has learned he’s also in hot water with the state Board of Elections because he hasn’t filed required financial disclosures for any of his three active campaign committees in more than a year



The Boyland Crime Family
The flimflam family (NYP) Folks were puzzled Thursday when state and federal officials raided the offices of a housing charity run by an upright upstate priest just outside Albany.
William Boyland Sr. spent two decades in the Assembly before bequeathing his seat to his son, William Jr., in 2003.Over the years, the Brooklyn duo sent $1.2 million in member items (taxpayer-funded pork) to Albany’s Altamont Program. Wouldn’t you know it, when Senior left office he got himself a job as a “housing coordinator” at one of Altamont’s Brooklyn shelters — even as the taxpayer money kept pouring in, an upstate newspaper reports.
Where NY Pols Ripping Off Carnival Opperators Who Were Working With Organized Crime to Rip Off the Public
Mobsters wrangled over Razzle Dazzle game dough from festivals(NYDN) Company run by wiseguy Angelo (Little Angelo) Spata had to juggle carnival proceeds between Colombo and Genovese families, feds say.

Daily News Thanks Judge For Not Allowing Boyland to Use Public Funds to Defend Himself
The News applauds Federal Judge Sandra Townes for not allowing Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. to have taxpayers pick up the tag for his legal defense and for forcing him to pay back legal fees mistakenly covered by public funds:* New York’s Mr. Piggy (NYDN Ed)
Brooklyn Assemblyman Boyland and family feed at the public trough

Sex, Money and Boyland

Update Boyland Free Lawyer II
Brooklyn Assemblyman eligible for court-appointed lawyerNYDN)
After a three-month standoff, Assemb. William Boyland on Friday got Brooklyn U.S. District Judge Sandra Townes to restore what she took away in December -- his right to a taxpayer-funded lawyer for his bribery and extortion conspiracy case. Boyland was given a free lawyer when he was charged in Brooklyn in November, 2011. But a year later, Townes ordered him to hire his own lawyer -- citing his Assembly salary, a house, and rent payments he received. But since then, Boyland had appeared repeatedly in court on his own, saying the legal retainers were too high and his finances were eroding. In February, the state Comptroller suspended Boyland's right to receive "per diem" payments for time spent in Albany representing his Brooklyn legislative district because he had failed to pay back $67,000 in improper past charges. On Friday, citing monthly costs that now include $675 for travel, $665 for lodging and $250 for meals among other changed circumstances, Townes relented and restored his right to a court-paid lawyer.

Boyland Aide the "Corruption Was Titillating Made Me Hot"
Boyland Aide Sings on Bribe Schemes

Pol bitten by rat (NYP)A former senior staffer for Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. yesterday claimed the lawmaker orchestrated a scheme to take bribes in exchange for political favors. In bombshell testimony, Ry-ann Hermon, who served as the Brooklyn Democrat’s chief of staff, said Boyland directed her to help set up several cash-for-influence deals — including one with a planned payout of a quarter-million dollars.

William Boyland's corrupt aid cheered when Boyland walked not she finaly tells truth he is a crook
Hermon documented their partnership in Brooklyn federal court as she copped to six federal crimes herself. Hermon, who left Boyland’s staff in January 2012, told a judge the lawmaker had promised to help people he thought were out-of-state businessmen buy a former hospital for $8 million, renovate it with a state grant, and sell it to a Boyland-controlled nonprofit for $15 million. The aide detailed other scams involving offers to cut red tape for carnival operators who wanted to run fun fairs in the city. Hermon had confided the corruption was titillating.Mr. Boyland scheduled again to ask the court for a lawyer today, but with a $79,500/year + per diem State Assembly salary…

Political Corruption

Feds Second Case Against Boyland Different
After losing the first trial against Boyland the feds turn his chief of staff against him for the second trial. The plea by Ry-Ann Hermon, Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr.’s former chief of staff, may lead to new evidence against Mr. Boyland.

Former chief of staff for embattled Assemblyman Boyland to plead guilty to corruption charges Embattled state Assemblyman William Boyland’s ex-chief of staff is expected to plead guilty tomorrow to political corruption charges connected to her legislative work. Ry-Ann Hermon was charged with bribery and conspiracy in December 2011 and is...*Assemblyman’s Ex-Aide Is Said to Plan Guilty Plea(NYT)

 Did the Mob Shoot At Boyland Car to Warn Him Not To Talk About the Carnivals?
Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr.'s arrest shines light on corruption in carnival industry(NYDN)Tilt-a-whirls and other amusement rides part of carnival corruption involving William Boyland Jr.  Lawrence Carr Amusements is one of the larger operators before he was arrested for bribing an elected officials. Records show that since 2003, Carr and his relatives donated $27,500 to 15 New York politicians. * A federal judge granted Assemblyman William Boyland Jr., who is facing corruption charges (again), leave to attend Obama’s inauguration.

Now Boyland Will Have To Use His Campaign Funds to Defend Himself the Government Tit Has Dried Up for Him
‘Poor me’ pol is denied legal aid  (NYP) Taxpayers just received a holiday gift from a federal judge, while an embattled city politician was left with a lump of coal. Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. (D-Brooklyn) had been asking for taxpayers to pick up the tab for his legal defense. “Anybody who owns property valued at $460,000 and who is receiving the salary of an assemblyman and who is receiving $960 a month in rental income is capable of financing his defense,” the judge said from the bench.

Some Even Get Per Diems Without Showing Up

For 66 days of work in Albany legislators get a base pay of $79,500, but more than 150 — 70 percent — get “lulus,” or stipends, for leadership positions. Those range as high as $41,500, putting the average lawmaker’s salary at $90,000 to $100,000.  On top of that, they also receive per diems — stipends for food and lodging — of $165 for each day they’re in Albany. Sweet. * GOPers say nay to pol pay hike (NYP) * You Paid For It Boyland Per Diem Abuse : WRGB Channel 6 News

Boyland claimed to be in Albany on 609 days but was elsewhere said the comptroller, who is withholding future reimbursements
Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. can’t collect travel expenses until he proves earlier costs are valid(NYP)  * Audit Snags Assemblyman(WSJ) * Brooklyn assemblyman must repay $67,000(Fox 5)“Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr. has run afoul of the authorities to an extent that is unusual even for the caldron of scandal that is New York’s capital.”Boyland improperly claimed reimbursement for travel to Albany more than 600 times over several years and must repay the state $67,497, according to a state comptroller’s audit conducted at the Albany County DA’s request.

Boyland to Jail

Did Boyland Deal  Include Ratting On His Fellow Lawmakers and Mob Carnival Operators?
Brooklyn pol William Boyland Jr. expected to plead guilty: Feds (NYDN) Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. is expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges next week, though federal prosecutors did not say what crimes Boyland will admit he committed. Better make that seven special elections in February 2014.

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