Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jefferson Club and Russian

Mayor of Russian NYC Makes His Move . . . Will He Become the Next County Leader of Brooklyn?

Gregory Davidzon, owner of the Russian radio station WSNR in Brooklyn, N.Y has become the guy to win over if you want support in the Russian Community.  Ask John Liu, David Greenfield or even badly failed controller candidate Richard Brodsky, who won only 4 Assembly District in the state.  Three of them were in the heavy Russian district in Brooklyn because of an endorsement by Davidzon. * 6 points separate Weprin and Turner to take Weiner's seat SHOCK: With five weeks until Election Day, Dem is clinging to narrow lead over his GOP rival.(NYDN) * Weprin Goes On The Attack(NYO) * Weprin Rolls Out Endorsements From Asian Electeds

25 Years After Esposito, Genovese and Fink the Smoke and Mirrors TJ Club is Near Death
Perhaps his biggest upset win was for Councilman David Greenfield. The Russian Mayor was responsible for pulling out  over 2000 Russian voters  for the councilman. Davidzon even relocated  his radio station on  election day to broadcast outside the polling site  where a majority of  the Russians voted. He was also a key play in the  election of the  first Russian Assemblyman Alex Brook-Krasney and helped  deliver the  vote to the mayor in 2009. In 2010 one of the reasons  Turner got 42%  of the vote against an incumbent congressman was  Davidizon. While Vito  Lopez and most of today's pols are limited to staged media events to  pretend to pull out votes, Davisizon can deliver thousands of votes like  an old time Tammany Hall Leader. The citywide candidates could do more  for their election chances if they got Davidzon endorsement not spend  there time kissing the ass of the smoke and mirrors Thomas Jefferson  Club which according to the latest poll is losing it home base badly to  Turner. The club has been weaken by a changing neighborhood and the loss  of powerhouse leaders like Meade Esposito and Stanly Fink. It endorsed candidate Weprin is the latest clue to clueless mayor candidate that the club has lost is juice to deliver.

 Kruger and Fidler Use Government Funds to Keep the Thomas Jefferson Club Alive Just Like Vito Lopez  . .  Where is the Investigation?

The club is just a puppet media show according to one long time Brooklyn pol.  Besides why would anyone want to go to the home club as Carl Kruger?  Lew Fidler and Kruger have keep the club alive the same way Vito Lopez has kept his political machine going with government funds. Kruger trail or plea to a reduced sentence for ratting to the feds will show how he used government pork to fund the TG club,  Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him 

Political operative and gadfly Gary Tilzer explained how it works in an October 2008 Daily Gotham post:
The late former Assemblyman Tony Genovese, who made the Thomas Jefferson democratic club into a powerhouse with the late county leader Meade Esposito, invented the scheme which uses member items and other government funds to build political power for their club in their district. They set up an umbrella nonprofit called New Perspectives that received and distributed government funds to most of the local nonprofits in their community... Genovese and Esposito’s genius created the umbrella nonprofit funded by the government tied to the clubhouse to keep the Thomas Jefferson Club powerful in an era in which most clubs were dying off.

Since that time, elected officials and consultants throughout the city have copied Genovese’s umbrella nonprofit model. Brooklyn Democratic Leader Vito Lopez, an early protégé of Genovese, funds the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Center as an umbrella-type nonprofit with millions of dollars in government patronage to his district... Former Thomas Jefferson Club leader Bruce Bender, now working for as chief lobbyist for Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner, helps fund Borough President Markowitz’s umbrella nonprofit Best of Brooklyn.
Note: in a comment, Council Member Lew Fidler, the main subject of Tilzer's post, stated that "about 95% of the facts presented in it are simply either totally untrue or maliciously constructed half truths."

Maybe, but the Lopez and Bender mentions are pretty solid.

Thomas Jefferson Club Impotent
PS How many jerky mayoral candidate will still run to the Thomas Jefferson Club even after their candidate Weprin got blown out of the water in their area?  Perhaps Kruger can give them some baby talk on how they were going to win.  Or Filder can tell them the club is still a powerhouse and does not need to be helped with millions in government funds the same way Vito Lopez is. * Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him (True News) * Reading the tea leaves for the next Brooklyn election (Brooklyn Political Blog) * Why is the Press So in Love with Lew Fidler? (Press Loves Fidler)

Bruce RatnerGate: Nobody Knew About the Kruger Bribes . . .  Press Clean Up Time

Bruce Bender Leaves Surrounded By Corruption

Forest City Departures, New Firm In Offing(YNN) Bruce Bender and Scott Cantone are striking out on their own to create a new political consulting firm. Bender got some unwanted press recently when he was caught on the federal wiretap negotiating for state funds for a non-Ratner project with former Sen. Carl Kruger, who lost his seat after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. Lobbyist Richard Lipsky, who represented Ratner, also pleaded guilty in the pay-to-play probe. Federal prosecutors said he paid hundreds of thousands in bribes to Kruger, the former Senate Finance Committee chairman. * Executive departures from Forest City pile up: four of five listed as key lobbyists in 2006 are gone(Atlantic Yard Reports)

Forest City Public Tit Money Caught in Corrupt Kruger Web

Bruce Bender, an executive with the development company Forest City Ratner who came out of Kruger's Thomas Jefferson club, was pressing him for $15 million in state funding for three Brooklyn projects.  Mr. Kruger said he would get back to him. Half an hour later, he checked with his aides, found out he had $500,0000 left over at his own discretion, and told them to give the money for a ice skating  project at Prospect Park.  “I love you,” Mr. Bender said a few minutes late.  Where did convicted Richard Lipsky get all the cash he gave to Kruger?

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