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Elections News and Future Campaign Buzz 5678

NYC Presidential Campiagn 
The NY Post’s Fred Dicker says confidential polling data shows Hillary Clinton could lose the presidential election in heavily Democratic New York to Trump as the GOP front-runner’s support grows to the point of being “surprisingly strong.” * Dan Janison: “Polls make Sen. Marco Rubio a clear underdog in this state’s GOP primary April 19, provided the Floridian makes it that far. But Rubio does have the makings of a New York operation, with endorsements so far from more than 30 party figures.” * Shortly after sending expletive-filled missives to the Daily News, Donald Trump supporter and failed 2010 gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino sent an email to former U.S. Sen.-turned -lobbyist Alfonse D’Amato, calling him “such a piece of S@#t.”*  In 7 of NY's 27 congressional districts @BernieSanders' camp didnt fileenough delegates 2 field a full slate * Top NYC Republican throws support behind Trump (NYP) Even before the Super Tuesday results rolled in, Staten Island GOP chairman John Antoniello threw his support behind The Donald.* NYC Council member endorses Donald Trump (NYDN) Joe Borelli of Staten Island, apparently the first city elected official to endorse the bombastic billionaire, said people “sick of the Washington beltway cronyism” could expect “transformational change” from Trump.* A state judge expects to decide by Monday whether to dismiss a lawsuit that seeks to toss Cruz off New York April 19 primary ballots because he was born in Canada. *  Meet the New York City Councilman Who Endorses Donald Trump (DNAINFO)"Trump is the candidate best suited to offer the country transformational change," Joe Borelli said.* Some of the state’s most notable Republicans have refused to back GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, including four of the five Republicans considered potential gubernatorial candidates in 2018, the DailyNews’ Ken Lovett reports:  *  New York GOP Assesses Trump’s Down-Ballot Impact (YNN)* Lots of New York elected officials are running on April 19 to be Clinton delegates.

Poll Trump and Clinton Continue to Lead NY HUGE 
Siena Poll: Trump And Clinton Continue Double-Digit Leads (YNN) Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton continue to hold double-digit leads over their respective rivals for their party’s nomination ahead of New York’s April 19 primary, according to a Siena College poll released on Monday. The poll found Trump, a New York businessman, leads both Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio by 27 percentage points, gaining ground since last month over his GOP rivals. Clinton, meanwhile, maintained a lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 55 percent to 34 percent, unchanged since Siena surveyed the New York primary last month. On the GOP side, Kasich enjoys the highest favorability rating of the GOP candidates and has gained the most ground in New York’s primary. Still, he remains far behind Trump and trails with voters who identify as conservatives. Among self-identified conservatives, Trump garners 52 percent of their support, with 20 percent backing Rubio, while 12 percent support Kasich. * Donald Trump has stretched his lead in a New York Republican primary to 27 points over two rivals, Democrat Hillary Clinton maintains a 21-point lead over Bernie Sanders, and both Democrats easily lead any Republican, according to a Siena poll: * Michael Bloomberg Will Not Enter Presidential Race (NYT) * For Chris Christie and Donald Trump, Ties Go Back Years (NYT)

One of Silver Replacement Candidtes Might Not Be Eligible 

PAC Tied toChallenger Slams Congresswoman Over Alleged Links to Sheldon Silver (NYO) Brooklyn residents have been receiving campaign literature blasting Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez over Can alleged link with convicted  former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver—and behind the mailers is a well-funded political action committee linked to her long-shot challenger. Several people in Ms. Velázquez’s district told the Observer they received mailers attacking Ms. Velazquez as “arrogant,” “dismissive,” “indifferent” and “unaccountable,” and accusing her of having a longstanding backscratching arrangement with the disgraced Mr. Silver. The literature came from the “Community Action Now” PAC, based out of a post office box in Whitestone, Queens, far from a district that spans Brooklyn, Manhattan and portions of Queens. “For 25 years, Nydia Velazquez & Shelly Silver shared districts, neighborhoods and long-term incumbencies. They’ve depended on each other to keep their public office ‘thrones,'” the mailer reads. “Times have changed. What we’ll tolerate has changed.”

Will Dirty Silver and WFP Team Up to Support A Candidate to Replace Him
 Candidate for Sheldon Silver’s seat ‘loans herself’ $50K (NYP) A Democratic candidate for disgraced Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s seat has loaned herself $50,000 despite earning little more than that as a state worker. Yuh-Line Niou, who is paid $75,000 as a staffer for Assemblyman Ron Kim, gave herself the loan on Jan. 11. If the money came from others and is not repaid by election day, it would be considered a contribution and subject to state limits. An individual can donate up to $4,400. Niou, 32, insisted to The Post that the loan was her own money and that she had saved for years. Democratic Party leaders are meeting Sunday to pick a candidate to run in an April 19 special election. Silver’s seat became vacant following his conviction in a pay-to-play scandal last year. Niou won the endorsement last week of city Comptroller Scott Stringer, even though Alice Cancel, one of Stringer’s staffers, is a candidate in the race.

Speaker Will Not Endorse In Former Speaker Replace Race

Assembly Speaker Heastie declines to make endorsement inrace for disgraced Sheldon Silver’s seat (NYT)  Manhattan Democrats, at the urging of Silver’s wife, Rosa, and his longtime chief staff, Judy Rapfogel, recently selected Alice Cancel to run in the April 19 special election. But a number of notable Democrats support Yuh-Line Niou, who is running on the union-backed Working Families Party line.

One of Silver Replacement Candidtes Might Not Be Eligible 
Top contender for Silver’s seat isn’t eligible to run, rivals say (NYP)  A leading contender to replace disgraced Assemblyman Sheldon Silver doesn’t meet the state’s five-year residency requirement, rivals charged Wednesday. The campaign of at least one opponent of Yuj-Line Niou, an Assembly staffer, said she would face a court challenge if she ran to represent the downtown district where Silver presided for decades. “This is a real issue. Niou doesn’t meet the residency requirement. We’ll challenge her eligibility if she’s nominated by the Democratic Party,” said Sarah Steiner, election lawyer for Jenifer Rakjumar, a Democratic district leader.  Niou, chief of staff to Queens Assemblyman Ron Kim, came to New York from Seattle in 2010 to pursue a master’s degree through a National Urban Fellowship at Baruch College and lived briefly on Staten Island, sources said. But sources said her fellowship also required her to be in WashingtonD.C., Sources claim Niou did not establish a continuous residence in New York until December 2011. Niou’s election lawyer, Martin Connor, insisted his candidate meets the five-year, residency requirement. “This is bull. She’s got plenty of documents showing that she lived in New York,” said Connor. Other candidates in the race include district leaders Alice Cancel and Paul Newell.The remains of Silver’s political machine loom large over the race. He served the Lower East Side district for 40 years and his power base, the Truman Democratic club and other allies, could determine who succeeds him. His longtime chief of staff, Judy Rapfogel, is a Democratic Committee member who still wields influence in the district, sources said.* Naval reservist businessman tapped for Silver’s Assembly seat (NYP) The Manhattan Republican Party Thursday night tapped businessman and naval reservist Lester Chang as its candidate to run for disgraced ex-Speaker Sheldon Silver’s downtown Assembly seat. Silver was forced to...*  New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer will endorse Yuh-Line Niou, an Assembly staffer vying for the Democratic nomination for the April 19 special election to replace former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, the Daily News reports:  * The Manhattan Republican Party tapped businessman and naval reservist Lester Chang, who opposes the $15 minimum wage and supports a private schools tax credit, to run for Silver’s downtown Assembly seat, the Post writes: * NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer and state Sen. Brad Hoylman joined former Comptroller John Liu in calling for the New York County Democratic Committee to pick Yuh-Line Niou as its candidate for the April 19 special election for Silver’s seat.* NYC Democrats vie to replace Sheldon Silver  (WSJ)

While the DN and NYP Blame Jailed Silver for Cancel, the Dirty Queens Machine Invades Chinatown 65AD 
Queens' Invaders: Stavisky's Parkside Group, Nussbaum's Multimedia, Crowley and the Surrogate Court - All the Boys from Austin Street Setting up a Crown Colony in Manhattan

Austin Queens Machine Gang Saw A Chance To Set Up Colony in Manhattan While County Leader Wright is Busy Running for Congress
Even on his way to prison, Sheldon Silver’s still a political power (NYP) Silver’s power lingers most in his old district. There, both his wife and his longtime top aide, Judy Rapfogel (whose own hubby, William Rapfogel, served time for looting the charity he ran), joined party bosses Sunday in picking Alice Cancel as the Democratic candidate in the special election to replace Silver. Cancel actually praised the “wonderful things” Silver did for the district. Hello? The guy is a convicted felon. It all goes to show, as Manhattan GOP Chairwoman Adele Malpass said, “how deep corruption runs” in the district’s clubhouses. The district’s heavily Democratic, so Cancel’s odds of winning aren’t bad — though Yuh-Line Niou, shut out by the machine, may run on the Working Families line. Niou called the process, where bosses essentially choose the lawmaker, undemocratic. Yep — and that’s the least of it.

Corrupt Team Silver Pick Alice Cancel to Replace Silver 
Was Yuj-Line Niou An Unwilling Bate and Switch to Cover the Fact That Silver Was Picking the His Replacement From Jail?
STILL PULLING STRINGS: Disgraced ex-Assemblyman Sheldon Silver's wife, friend help pick candidate to fill his Assembly seat, Republicans outraged (NYDN) Out with the old guard, in with the old guard. Disgraced former Assemblyman Sheldon Silver appears to still be pulling strings, controlling crucial votes in the contest to pick his successor. Alice Cancel, a Democratic district leader, emerged Sunday from the pack of hopefuls seeking a ballot spot in a Manhattan special election to replace Silver, who was convicted on multiple federal graft charges and immediately stripped of his office. Among those in on the vote were the wives of Silver and William Rapfogel, a close Silver friend who served 14 months in jail for bilking a prominent Jewish charity he ran. Rapfogel’s wife, Judy, was Silver’s chief of staff. Stringer endorsed Yuh-Line Niou, who is chief of staff to Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens). Niou withdrew from the process, calling it undemocratic. She has vowed to compete in April as a third-party candidate. Niou has the endorsement of the Working Families Party. “Let’s be honest here, this process is not one anyone would have chosen, and it does not reflect the diversity of our district,” Niou said in withdrawing, according to the Observer. “This process is the problem.” Cancel will now face Republican businessman Lester Chang in the heavily Democratic district, which includes Chinatown, the Financial District, the Lower East Side and Battery Park City.* Disgraced former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver appears to still be pulling strings, controlling crucial votes in the contest to pick his successor. Alice Cancel, a Democratic district leader, emerged yesterday from the pack of hopefuls seeking a ballot spot in a Manhattan special election to replace Silver, who lost his seat due to a corruption conviction.* Controversy swirlsaround race for Sheldon Silver’s old Assembly seat (WSJ) * Alex Canceltriumphed in a backroom battle for Sheldon Silver's seat. 

I'm a surprise, @yuhline withdraws from flawed process. Garners applause. Obviously, Alice Cancel has the votes
Judy Rapfogel...still here and still working behind the scenes #Judying * Dems Pick Successor for Sheldon Silver Seat—Who Will FaceWFP Opponent (NYO) Alice Cancel, a longtime Lower East Side district leader, triumphed in a backroom battle for the Democratic nomination to take over the Assembly seat of disgraced former Speaker Sheldon Silver.* Comptroller’s staffer nominated for Sheldon Silver’s seat (NYP)

Boss Control 
Special Elections
In 1990 the NYT Said Primaries Are Needed In Special Elections (NYT, 1990) The New York State Legislature should reform the election law to enable voters to have more input in the selection of candidates running for Congress and the State Legislature in special elections. In early 1990 there will be a host of special elections around the state because of vacancies resulting from last November's elections. There are three Assembly vacancies and one Congressional vacancy to be filled in a winter special election.
The Soft Machine

Silver A Hero of the 65AD Replacement Candidate
Alice Cancel, the leading candidate to replace disgraced former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in an upcoming special election, has praised him as a “hero,” The New York Times reports; *  Alice Cancel, the leading candidate to replace former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who lost his seat due to a corruption scandal, called him a “hero” for lavishing pork on his Lower East Side district.

The Race to Replace Skelos is Being Played As Skelos vs de Blasio Hides the War for Control of the Senate
Senate election mayhinge on who voters dislike more — Skelos or de Blasio (NYDN) A crucial April 19 state Senate special election on Long Island could turn on who voters dislike more — Mayor de Blasio or disgraced former GOP Majority Leader Dean Skelos. Senate Republicans, trying to keep their slim majority, have aggressively sought to link Democrat candidate Todd Kaminsky, a former federal prosecutor and current NassauCounty assemblyman, to de Blasio and the city Democratic agenda. The Democrats, meanwhile, are trying to tie GOP candidate Chris McGrath to Skelos, whose seat became vacant after he was convicted in December on federal corruption charges.  "Whoever is more successful in establishing the boogeyman might win — irrespective of the quality of the candidates," said Baruch College Public Affairs professor Doug Muzzio. McGrath in a new ad charges that if Kaminsky wins, "Bill de Blasio will be picking the pockets of each and every family in this district and on Long Island." * Dems Battle For Primary Position On Long Island (YNN)

Democrats Pick Kaminsky for the Skelos Seate
Democrats on Long Island have picked Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky, a former federal corruption prosecutor, to be the party’s candidate in an expected special election for the state Senate seat left vacant by Dean Skelos, the Times reports:  * When Kaminsky Has Knocked Silver (YNN) An early line of attack for the coming Senate campaign from Republicans leveled against Democratic Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky is that he hasn’t knocked former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for collecting his pension.

Speaker Lobbying Albany Mayor 2 Toxic and A Target of the GOP in the LI Skelos Replacement Race 
Mark-Viverito lobbies for funding in place of unpopular de Blasio (NYP) City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito went to the Capitol Monday to lobby for more funding for the city, a task usually done by the mayor. Last year, Mayor de Blasio traveled to Albany to push his agenda. But this year, Mark-Viverito took on the duty because de Blasio is seen as persona non grata in the Republican-controlled state Senate, a source from that chamber said. Mark-Viverito met with Gov. Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and briefly with Senate Republican Majority Leader John Flanagan to push for CUNY and health-care funding and for help with homelessness, sources said. * New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito went to the state Capitol to lobby for CUNY, health care and homelessness funding, with one source saying she went because the mayor is “persona non grata” in the state Senate, the Post reports: * New York City Human Resources Administration head Steve Banks traveled to Albany to lobby for the state budget to include a rental assistance program aimed at preventing homelessness and to raise the rental assistance rate, the Daily Newsreports:

Candidates for the Skelos Seat Picked
Todd Kaminsky gunning for Dean Skelos’ Senate seat (NYP) * Sources: Republicans Potentially Settle On Candidate for Skelos Seat (Updated) (YNN)  The Republicans appear to have found themselves a candidate to run in the yet-to-be-called special election for former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ Long Island seat, settling, according to sources, on Christopher McGratha personal injury attorney who has never held or run for elected public office and says he doesn’t have ties to the Nassau County GOP. * Kaminsky Plans ‘Special Announcement’ For Sunday (YNN) Democratic Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky on Sunday will hold a “special announcement” as he gears up for a run for the state Senate formerly held by ousted ex-Majority Leader Dean Skelos.* The Nassau County Republicans Committee unanimously selected personal injury attorney Christopher McGrath to run against Democratic Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky for former state Sen. Dean Skelos’ seat, Newsdayreports * Long Island Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky, a former federal prosecutor, officially announced his campaign for former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ seat, and was immediately endorsed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (via press release).

The Democratic DA Victory On LI and the 89% Poll of NYers Concerned With Corruption  Will Play A Role In the Race to Replace the Skelos' Seat
A Sienapoll found 89 percent of New Yorkers say corruption in state government is a serious problem, while majorities also support paid family leave, a full-time legislature and stripping pensions from lawmakers convicted of felonies:* Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky said Sunday he would run for the Long Island state Senate seat vacated by former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and that he was intent on rooting out corruption in Albany, The Wall Street Journal reports: Key New York Democrats, longtime supporters of Clinton, have begun rooting for both Sanders and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in the upcoming April 19 primaries — in hopes that the national races will help them take control of the state Senate.* 40% of voters say Albanycorruption scandals will have no impact on whether they vote to re-elect theirlegislators (WSJ)

Scandal-Plagued Pols Battle for Queens Congressional Seat 

Scandal-plagued politicians will battle for Queens congressional seat(NYP) A shady showdown is brewing in Queens, where state Sen. James Sanders has filed paperwork to challenge Rep. Gregory Meeks for his congressional seat. Both Democrats have faced questions over their ethics. Sanders, 58, has been under scrutiny for steering millions of taxpayer dollars to dozens of Queens organizations to which he has ties. And Meeks, 62, has been probed for his ties to a Queens nonprofit that stiffed Hurricane Katrina victims and for failing to disclose his receipt of a personal loan. If Sanders loses the June 28 primary, he could still petition to run for his state Senate seat on Sept. 13. In 2010, the FBI quizzed Meeks over New Direction Local Development Corp., a Queens charity he co-founded with disgraced ex-Sen. Malcolm Smith in 2001. It had solicited thousands of dollars in donations for Katrina victims in 2005, but gave them virtually nothing. Meeks denied responsibility. The House Ethics Committee probed his failure to disclose $40,000 given to him by fraudster Queens businessman Edul Ahmad in 2007. Meeks claimed he lost the “loan” paperwork. As a councilman, Sanders steered nearly $3 million in council cash from 2003 to 2008 to dozens of groups in his district, which the FBI is reportedly examining.

Congressman Israel Calls It A Day
Rep. Steve Israel, a Long Island Democrat, abruptly announced he won’t be seeking re-election this year, making him the third New York congressman to do so. He says he’ll bespending time writing his second novel. *  Steve Israel retiring from Congress to become a novelist (NYP) * Rep. Steve Israel won’t seek re-election to a ninth term in November in order to spend more time writing his second book, and he said he hopes high voter turnout will keep a Democrat in the Long Island seat, Newsdaywrites: * State Sen. Jack Martins has expressed interest in running for Israel’s seat, which could create yet another headache for his fellow Republicans on Long Island, which is shaping up to be a major battleground (again) in the fight for control of the majority.* Israel cited the unrelenting demands of fundraising as one of the reasons behind his decision to retire, saying: “I don’t think I can spend another day in another call room making another call begging for money. I always knew the system was dysfunctional. Now it is beyond broken.”*  Fourth NY Congressman To Forgo Re-Election Run (YNN) * --Ret. Lt. Col. David Gurfein, a longtime Marine, is the only announced candidate for the Republican nomination, and has already raised north of $240,000 for their exploratory committee. "After many years of service he left active duty to attend Harvard BusinessSchool where he was elected co-President of his class. Upon graduating David began a career on Wall Street. After the devastating attacks on 9/11, David requested a return to active duty and saw combat action in both Iraq and Afghanistan. With 25 years of combined service in the Marine Corps, David retired as a Lieutenant Colonel to focus on being a father." -- A source says DNC member Robert Zimmerman is considering a run for the seat after receiving several phone calls about the matter. -- Azi

No Wonder Teachout's Name Being Floated Against Congressman Jeffries
 Cuomo-de Blasio feud could spark primaries against them both (NYDN) The Daily News’ Ken Lovett writes that de Blasio, too, is being threatened with a primary in 2017 amid a war of words with Cuomo, with city Comptroller Scott Stringer and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries among the challengers floated. There is also talk by the same people of a Brooklyn BP candidate against Eric Adams. 

After receiving support from Democratic party chairs in the district, Fordham Law Prof.Zephyr Teachout is “committed to making commitments in the next week” about whether to run in NY-19.

TEACHOUT GETS BACKING FOR CONGRESSIONAL RUN - Times Union's Casey Seiler: "Fordham Law educator and 2014 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout won the support of a majority of the Democratic county chairs in the 19th Congressional District on Saturday, when 10 of the 11 party leaders in the sprawling district interviewed Teachout and three other candidates. 'Yeah, that was pretty amazing,' Teachout said in an interview Monday. She called it a 'great meeting,' one in a series she's had with the district's Democratic leaders since Ulster County Executive Mike Hein decided against running for the seat, which will be vacated by Republican Rep. Chris Gibson at the end of the year. She called the county leaders' vote 'a really critical piece of support.' Teachout, who mounted a robust left-flank attack on Cuomo in 2014, has not yet formally announced her candidacy."

Maria del Carmen Arroyo Resigns From the Council 
Maria del Carmen Arroyo cites "pressing family needs" as the reason for her impending resignation.* #Bronx CouncilwomanAbruptly Announces Plans to Step Down(NYO) * In a surprise announcement, New York City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo said that she’s resigning her South Bronx seat effective Dec. 31, citing family issues, and a special election to fill her seat will occur in early 2016, the Post reports:  * Councilwoman Mariadel Carmen Arroyo will step down from her position at the end of this year  (PoliticoNY) * #Bronx Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo announced Monday she is stepping down Flashback Fraud allegations mar Council race (Hunts Point Express) The race for Hunts Point’s seat on the City Council became a whole lot more heated in late July, as the challenger, Julio Pabon, publicly accused incumbent Maria del Carmen Arroyo of standing by while her campaign staff forged large numbers of signatures to get her on the ballot.

THE RACE TO REPLACE ARROYO -- DNAinfo's Eddie Small: "The Bronx Democratic Committee endorsed Rafael Salamanca for Maria del Carmen Arroyo's former seat on the City Council, selecting him from a host of other candidates. Salamanca, who officially announced his campaign on Tuesday, serves as the district manager of Bronx Community Board 2 and as president of the 41st Precinct Community Council and said he would focus on issues like affordable housing, jobs and police-community relations if elected."

Campaign: The Carmen Arroyo Seat 
The race to replace Maria del Carmen Arroyo keeps gettingmore crowded (DNAINFO) * Union Leader to Join Crowded Race for Arroyo’s City Council Seat (DNAINFO) Helen Foreman-Hines, political project director at 1199 SEIU, intends to run for the City Council.
South Bronx Special Election Candidates to Square Off at Upcoming Forum (DNAInfo) Nos Quedamos plans to hold the event on Jan. 27 at Pregones Theatre on Walton Avenue.

Special Elections 
TO THE RACES -- Former Assembly candidate runs for Council seat -- POLITICO New York's Gloria Pazmino: George Alvarez, a community leader and activist in the Bronx, will file petition papers on Tuesday announcing he will run for the City Council seat recently vacated in the Bronx. Alvarez, a Democrat who recently ran an unsuccessful race for the Assembly, will run to replace former councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, who stepped down at the end of last year citing pressing family needs. Alvarez lost the 2014 Assembly primary to Michael Blake, but he is hoping to rally his supporters in the district on his bid for the council.  Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a proclamation Monday ordering a special election to fill the seat on Feb. 23rd. The Bronx's 17th Council District includes parts of Concourse, Concourse VillageCrotona Park and Hunts Point. Alvarez, born to Dominican parents, holds a masters degree computer sciences and logistics as well as a masters in political science from Columbia University. He also helped create the Coalition for a New Future in the Bronx, a nonprofit group that helps low income Bronx residents obtain loans to start small business, pay for their education and buy their own homes. "Above all, I am running to fight passionately for the people of this District and be a loud voice for people who are too often not heard," Alvarez said.

Assembly Candidate Arrested for Not Filing Her Campaign Finance Form Advance Group Gets $15,000 Fine?
A Democratic former Assembly candidate was arrested onWednesday after she failed to disclose her campaign finances (YNN)  Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Board of Elections Enforcement Counsel Risa Sugarman announced. “Knowingly and willfully failing to file campaign finance disclosure reports with the New York State Board of Elections is a crime,” Schneiderman said. “My office will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the public trust is not undercut by candidates for public office who fail to properly disclose their campaign’s financial activity.” Michelle Adolphe is accused of not filing the legally required campaign finance reports in her campaign for Brooklyn’s 43rd Assembly district. She was arraigned in Albany City Court and later released. She was charged with three counts of misdemeanor knowing and willfully failing to file statements. Adolphe is, by any measure, not a big fish: She finished third in a Democratic primary last year, having received 843 votes. Still, Sugarman in a statement said it’s a matter of ensuring that political candidates disclose who and how their campaigns are being funded.* Former Assembly Candidate Arrested For Failure To File (NYT)* Former Democratic Assembly candidate Michelle Adolphe from central Brooklyn was arrested after she failed to disclose her campaign finances and charged with knowing and willfully failing to file statements, the Times Union reports: * In an unusual move, the state Board of Elections and the attorney general announced that a little-known 2014 candidate for a Brooklyn Assembly seat had been arrested for alleged failing to file required campaign finance disclosure reports.

NYPIRG: " “It is fruit found on the ground” They are Underwhelmed
Former state Assembly candidate Michele Adolphe in election cash bust (NYDN)While pleased to see the prosecution of campaign-finance scofflaws, some good-government advocates were underwhelmed by the move to charge Adolphe, who has never held an elected office. “It is not even in the category of low-hanging fruit,” said Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group. “It is fruit found on the ground.”

The None Profit Assembly Candidate 46AD
Accusations of Corruption Fly at BrooklynAssembly Debate (NYO) A debate between candidates seeking to replace former Brooklyn Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny led to bitter charges of financial impropriety and possible malfeasance. At issue was Democratic candidate Pam Harris’s nonprofit, Coney Island Generation Gap, which Republican contender Lucretia Regina-Potter pointed out is headquartered in her opponent’s home—and alleged that Ms. Harris received rent and a salary from the publicly-funded organization. “I don’t have to hide behind a not-for-profit that perhaps charges—collects—charges rent and pays it to myself,” said the Republican, who brought numerous documents to the Dyker Heights Civic Association forum showing the thousands of dollars in funds the group had received from the city, courtesy of Coney Island Councilman Mark Treyger. “And you know what, sorry, it’s a disgrace. If somebody’s running a nonprofit out of their home, they shouldn’t be collecting rent, nor should they be collecting a salary. This is not what we need: the same whore of corruption over and over and over!” The district—comprising Coney Island, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge—is overwhelmingly Democratic. But experts say there’s a possibility Ms. Regina-Potter could pull out a victory because Ms. Harris is a black candidate seeking to represent a moderate district that is more than two-thirds white. If elected, Ms. Harris would be the only African-American holding a majority white seat in the city. Were Ms. Regina-Potter to triumph, she would be the only GOP assemblywoman from Brooklyn (Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis represents an adjacent part of Bay Ridge, but most of the district is on her native Staten Island). Mr. Brook-Krasny, a Democrat, stepped down from the seat in July and backed his chief-of-staff Kate Cucco as his successor. However, in special elections to fill a vacancy, an elected panel of insiders called the county committee picks the party nominee—and Mr. Treyger and his allies were able to swing enough votes on the committee to secure Ms. Harris the Democratic line.* NY1 Online: Debate for Brooklyn's 46th State Assembly District

Deep $$$ Dive into the 46AD
Pamela Harris Dem, WFP, Vs Lucretia  Regina-Potter (GOP, Con, Ind) 

Harris $35,600 Raised 
85% of the money Harris raised from outside the district and centralized interest groups
$1959.28 Spent on rent and printing - No money listed on who is running her campaign

Regina-Potter $6300.00 Raised
Only one contribution above $500 at $2000
$$4646.00 Spent on printing and Funding Raising - No money listed on who is running her campaign
Buzz Regina-Potter wo backed Former Assemblyman Arnaldo A. Ferraro was elected Chairman of the Kings County Republican Party at its Convention has been cut off from the money Senator Golden promised her who wanted is own candidate for county leaders
Scrum Is On In 46th District Assembly RaceBrooklyn Dem Nominate Black Candidate for Majority White ... (NYO), 46 AD Race: Kings County GOP Endorses Regina-PotterThe Back-Room Shenanigans That Could Determine Bay ... , District Map - New York State Assembly | *  Brooklyn Assembly Debate Devolves Into Shouting Match Over Planned Parenthood Videos (NYO) * A candidate forum for a vacant southern Brooklyn Assembly seat turned into a bitter verbal tussle over abortion last night – not between the two women running to represent the district, but between one of them and a civic leader in the audience.

Barron Thinking About Replacing Sampson Forcing Perry Into the Race

* Assemblywoman Roxanne Persaud will be the Brooklyn Democratic Party’s pick to replace disgraced former state Sen. John Sampson, effectively amounting to a general election victory in the heavily Democratic district, the Observer reports: 

Assemblyman CharlesBarron Will Not Run for State Senate—for Now (NYO)  Brooklyn Assemblyman Charles Barron said he would not run in a special election for the state Senate seat left vacant in July after the conviction of former state Sen. John Sampson, but left the option open in 2016  

* Should a special election be called for the seat recently vacated by former Sen. John Sampson, Assemblywoman Roxanne Persaud is the top contender for the Democratic Party’s nomination, the Observer reports: 

Charles Barron Is Thinking About Becoming a State Senator (NYO) Does Charles Barron want an Albany upgrade? The Brooklyn assemblyman, a Democrat and self-identified Black Panther, is contemplating a bid to replace former State Senator John Sampson, who was forced from office following a conviction on federal corruption charges last week. Mr. Barron insisted he was waiting a few days to make a decision “out of respect” for Mr. Sampson’s family, but said his political organization, Operation P.O.W.E.R., urged him to get in the race last night. “We did not want to be like political sharks,” Mr. Barron told the Observer this morning. “The organization wanted me to consider running and I told them that I would, that I would make a definite decision either by the end of this week or by the very beginning of next week.” The special election to replace Mr. Sampson is likely to be held in November and Mr. Barron, a proud radical, is not being considered by the Brooklyn Democratic Party or the local county committeemen for the Democratic nomination. In the overwhelmingly Democratic district, the nomination could be tantamount to victory, but Mr. Barron said he would consider a third-party run.

* State Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said Fiala, who Cuomo is supporting in her bid to replace former state Sen. Tom Libous, will have the resources to mount a competitive campaign, State of Politicsreports: 

Councilman Weprin Goes to Work for Cuomo Ignizio Leaves Also

Former Assemblyman Barry Grodenchik bested five rivals — including a former de Blasio aide — to win a Democratic primary for a vacant City Council seat in Queens, according to unofficial returns, the Observer reports:

 The Republican and the Democratic candidates for Staten Island district attorney will face off on Thursday in a primary for the Conservative Party line, an unusual twist in the heated race, the Journal writes:

* Democrat Barry Grodenchik has nabbed the endorsement of the United Federation of Teachers in the special election to fill the vacant Queens City Council seat previously held by Mark Weprin, the Daily Newsreports: 

* A dozen black and Latino NYPD officers sued the city and Commissioner Bill Bratton, charging an internal quota system forces them to make “discriminatory and unwarranted” arrests of people in their own communities, the Daily News reports: 

NYC Council candidate Rebecca Lynch admitted that many people in the eastern Queens district she hopes to represent feel that her former employer, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, “does not care” about their issues—though she argued that sentiment predates the current mayor.

* State Sen. Tony Avella endorsed Satnam Singh Parhar, a businessman and civil leader viewed as a long-shot candidate for the New York City Council seat vacated by Mark Weprin, the Observer reports

* State Sen. Jose Peralta and Assemblyman Francisco Moya, both from western Queens, announced they are supporting Barry Grodenchik’s campaign to replace former Councilman Mark Weprin, the Observer writes:

The Working Families Party voted last week to endorse Rebecca Lynch, a former de Blasio staffer, for an open Queens Council seat–setting up another showdown between organized labor and the Queens Democratic establishment. * The Working Families Party endorsed Rebecca Lynch, a former de Blasio staffer, in the Democratic Primary for an open Queens seat, which may stack unions and progressives against the borough party, the Observer reports:

Gary Ackerman, a Democrat who represented eastern Queens and Nassau County in Washington, D.C., has endorsed ex-Assemblyman Barry Grodenick in the race to replace Councilman Mark Weprin.
Assemblyman David Weprin says he will not run for his brother Mark Weprin’s soon to be vacant New York City Council seat, ending days of speculation and hand-wringing among some Queens Democratic insiders, the Observer writes:  *  New York City Councilman Mark Weprin, a former assemblyman, is resigning from the Queens seat he has held since 2010 and taking a job as Cuomo’s deputy secretary of legislative affairs, the Daily News reports: * New York Citywill have it's third special election of the year  (NYO)* A field of Democrats is already emerging to replace Queens Councilman Mark Weprin, who suddenly announced today he is resigning his seat to take a position with the Cuomo administration. Weprin’s brother, Assemblyman David Weprin, is not among them. * Former Assemblyman and Deputy Queens Borough President Barry Grodenchik is running for @MarkWeprin's open council seat -high placedsource. * Contrary to initial reports, Assemblyman David Weprin is seriously considering running for his his old NYC Council seat, recently vacated by his brother, Mark Weprin, who used to hold david Weprin’s Assembly seat.*  Weprin, Ignizio Leaving City Council for Other Jobs (NY1)  * New York City Council Minority Leader Vincent Ignizio will resign from his seat this summer to work as chief executive officer of the still-forming Catholic Charities of Staten Island, the Staten Island Advancereports: * Assemblyman Joseph Borelli, who worked as Ignizio’s chief of staff, is weighing running to replace his former boss, and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis could also be interested in the seat, the Observer reports:  *  Rebecca Lynch, a de Blasio administration official and former Democratic district leader,said today she is running for Queens Councilman Mark Weprin’s seat. * Rebecca Martin, a former de Blasio administration staffer running for an open Queens City Council seat vacated by Mark Weprin, has won the first labor endorsement of the race from the Teamsters Joint Council 16. * Mayor Sets Election Date to Fill Ignizio's Vacant Council Seat  (DNAINFO) The winner will serve until Dec. 31, 2016, according to the proclamation. * Alicia Hyndman, the favorite to replace scandal-tarred ex-Assemblyman William Scarborough, praised her predecessor and said she would only back permanent mayoral control if the mayor’s influence is reduced, theObserver reports

Council Candidate Hired Registered Sex Offender to Collect Signatures
City Council candidate hired registered sex offender to collect signatures (NYP) A City Council candidate who used to work for Mayor de Blasio hired a registered sex offender — who is also a convicted crack dealer— to go door-to-door for her to collect the signatures she needs to run for office, The Post has learned. Records show Richard Torres pleaded guilty in 2005 to committing a lewd act on a child in South Carolina — but that didn’t stop Rebecca Lynch from tapping him this June to visit the homes of unsuspecting Queens families to gather names for ballot petitions.  *The New York City Council Progressive Caucus endorsed Rebecca Lynch, while Teamsters Local 831 and various elected officials backed Barry Grodenchik in the primary to fill a vacated seat in Queens,the Observer reports:  * Progressive Pols Will Hold Plaza Hotel Fundraiser forRebecca Lynch (NYO)

Bronx Candidate Fighting Gentrification
Latest Council Race Candidate Wants to Fight Gentrification in The Bronx (SNAINFO) Marlon Molina would focus on gun violence and fighting gentrification as a member of the City Council.* Former State Assembly Candidate Joins Jam-Packed City Council Race (DNAINFO) George Alvarez is one of many people hoping to fill Maria del Carmen Arroyo's old council seat.* Bronx Democrats Endorse Rafael Salamanca for Arroyo's Council Seat (DNAINFO)  Salamanca formally announced his campaign for City Council on Tuesday, joining several other candidates.

-- Former Nassau County executive Tom Suozzi said he has formed a committee to explore a run for Rep. Steve Israel's congressional seat.

NYP Teams Up On A Candidate - Must Not of Hired Lobbyists Artz?
Silver Seat Race MayCome Down to Deal (YNN) The Working Families Party has endorsed Yuh-Line Niou to fill the Assembly seat vacated by former Speaker Sheldon Silver who was convicted of federal corruption last year and forced to resign. In a statement, WFP’s Bill Lipton said, So, a deal needed to be cut between the Shelly people and the current reform minded elected officials. The person they appear to have settled on is Niou, who lives in the Financial District, even though some say may have a residency issue.

Failed SI DA Candidate Returns to Manhattan DA Office
Etan Patz prosecutor returns to retrial as special counsel (NYP) The longtime prosecutor who oversaw the Etan Patz trial is headed back to the Manhattan DA’s Office to retry the decades-old cold case, officials said Wednesday. Joan Illuzzi has been appointed as special counsel to Manhattan DA Cy Vance following her failed bid to become Staten Island DA in November.

While Fred Akshar’s victory over Democrat Barbara Fiala in a state Senate race is being hailed by Republicans as a sign of things to come next year, Democrats believe the victory was a pyrrhic one, State of Politics writes: * Two good showings by Democratic candidates on Long Island in this week’s elections, with corruption playing a big role in both races, has Democrats hopeful as they try and gain a Senate majority next year, the DailyNews writes:  Low Vote Newsday decried low turnout this past Election Day, calling Long Island voters a “sorry lot.”* Queens Democratic state Sen. Mike Gianaris said the mainline Democratic conference will be competitive next year in elections on Long Island, where Republicans control all nine seats in Suffolk and Nassau counties, State of Politics reports: 

Fed Law Suit On Elections Fixing in the Bronx
Bronx activists file suit begging judge to stop ‘rigged’ primary (NYDN) An underdog group of Bronx activists is asking a federal judge to cancel September's primary elections — claiming the local Democratic Party runs an elaborate scheme to cheat voters. In a theatrically written lawsuit — which quotes from The Federalist Papers and demands $5 billion in damages — eight plaintiffs allege that intervention from a judge is “the Bronx’s only hope of holding our first free and fair election in decades.” Among the plaintiffs in the suit, filed in Manhattan Federal Court, are several women who say party leaders nominated them without their knowledge to a local political body called the county committee which meets twice a year to endorse candidates. After missing meetings because they were unaware they were elected, their seats were filled by cronies loyal to the party leaders or simply left empty, court papers allege. “I knew nothing about this,” plaintiff Ilka Rios, 31, told the Daily News. “How can they use my name without my permission?” "We're prepared to defend the integrity of the Democratic Party, the voters who have made their voices heard, as well as the hardworking elected officials in this borough, against these scurrilous and ridiculous accusations," said spokesman George Arzt. Update Bronx primaries will be held despite claims of rigging: judge (NYP)A Manhattan federal judge said she will not halt the upcoming Bronx Democratic primaries amid new allegations of election rigging — but warned that she will order a do-over if the alarming claims bear out.“I have the power to order a new election and will do so if I find irreparable harm,” Judge Kimba Wood said at a court hearing Tuesday.

Rios believes she never received required mailed notification that she was elected because a party mailing list deliberately misspelled her name and left her apartment number off her address in a large building. Another plaintiff, retired correction officer Alison Bush, said she was shocked to see her name on a list of candidates for the obscure post – because she’s on the outs with party leaders. Among the suit’s other allegations are that the party collects signatures on petitions that list no candidates and then violates election law by inserting the names of people it wants to nominate after the fact. The suit also names well-connected lawyer Stanley Schlein, an election law expert the suit calls the “linchpin” of the Bronx Dems’ alleged scheme.

Lobbyists Stanley Schlein

The Politics On When To Hold Special Elections Settled April 19th  
Special Election Is Set for April to Fill Seats Left Vacant in Albany(NYT)An election will be held on April 19 to fill four vacancies in the State Legislature, including those created by the convictions of Sheldon Silver and Dean G. Skelos.
The Long Island GOP Want to Take Advantage of Large President Vote . .  But If Sanders Is In the Race the Vote Will Be Big On Both Sides
Let the votersdecide: Gov. Cuomo should let ordinary New Yorkers, not party insiders, fillthe Assembly seat vacated when Sheldon Silver went to prison (NYDN) The time approaches to fill the seat once occupied, and notoriously vacated by, Sheldon Silver, convicted felon and master anti-democratic manipulator. Gov. Cuomo will soon decide whether to hold a special election on April 19, the day of the presidential primaries, or to allow standard primaries and a general election in the fall. The governor has 43,597 reasons to stand aside and let the contest be in the fall and just 100 to act and set it in April — 43,597 being the number of Democratic voters who would get a say in the fall and 100 being the rough number of party insiders who otherwise will be empowered to, in essence, anoint Silver’s successor in the spring. Silver would, of course, choose the latter route. Cuomo should not. He should accept a delay in filling the post for a few months after April (a span over which the Legislature will be largely inactive) so as to empower primary voters to choose among a healthy field of at least five serious candidates. The victor of a boss-picked special election would unfairly have an advantage in a primary. The governor should also be mindful that the Board of Elections, paragon of inefficiency, may not be capable of combining a special election in Silver’s district with the presidential voting. Cuomo can take a stand both for democracy and for a workable electoral process by letting Silver’s seat be up for a fair vote in the fall.* Sources: Cuomo to Call for April Special Election to Fill Silver's and Skelos's Vacant Seats (NY1)

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