Friday, November 29, 2013

Soft Machine 3434

Steve Levin Son of Vito Lopez Part of Growing Soft Machine

SOFT MACHINE: Seth Barron of City Council Watch questions the common practice of City Council staffers succeeding their bosses, which can allow politicians to install protégés as an end run around term limits:  Among current Council members, Christine Quinn, Jessica Lappin, Rosie Mendez, Leroy Comrie, Julissa Ferreras, Vincent Ignizio and Jimmy Oddo all served as chiefs of staff to their respective predecessors; Steve Levin and Diana Reyna were chiefs of staff to Brooklyn boss and former Assemblyman Vito Lopez, and Karen Koslowitz was aide to Council President Andrew Stein when she was first elected in 1989.
The Political Class Takeover
One of the major deficiencies of the new council is the lack of private sector experience. Most are from political class

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