Thursday, November 27, 2014


Mark Green Tweets the Mayor is Not Ignoring Latinos
Mark Green ‏@markjgreen  
Falcon's bean-counting is bum rap agst BdB.  Mayor "ignores" Latinos after Viverito, Farina, Paoli, Carrion? Com'on.

Latino Leaders Want More Top Jobs At City Hall  

No hablan de Blasio(NYP Ed) Bill de Blasio loves to preach about “diversity” and “equality” and “inclusion.” Now, Latinos are demanding he deliver on that promise — or else. “One-term mayor!” shouted a group of nearly 100 Latino leaders at City Hall on Monday. They’re livid, they say, because de Blasio hasn’t tapped Hispanics for his administration in proportion to their numbers in the city’s population. “We’re not garbage . . . so don’t treat us like garbage,” fumed one protester, Lucky Rivera. As The Post reported Tuesday, the group says only 11 percent of de Blasio’s “publicly announced” appointments have gone to Hispanics, even though they make up 29 percent of the population. City Hall says Latinos account for 14 percent of agency heads.

That’s up from 9.3 percent during the Bloomberg era but still well short of their share of the population. “We want to make sure that we have a government that looks like New York City,” promised the then-incoming mayor at the Somos El Futuro conference in Puerto Rico just days after winning election last year. At this year’s conference, de Blasio doubled down, pledging to have a team that “looks like New York City.” Alas, staffing decisions have apparently become a numbers game. Appointments are judged by how closely they reflect the city’s ethnic make-up rather than how well-suited candidates are for their jobs.* Activists picket outside Gracie for Hispanics in City Hall(NYDN) According to its stats, the NYPD has only six Latino chiefs out of 82, nine full inspectors out of 113, and 18 deputy inspectors out of 166.* Bill de Blasio loves to preach about “diversity” and “equality” and “inclusion.” Now, Latinosare demanding he deliver on that promise — or else.

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