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Green Party

Is Hell Frozen? NYP Thanks the Green Party 
.@nypost edit page commends Green Party for running real candidate, attacks cross endorsements by 3rd parties and WFP
Two cheers for New York’s Green Party(NYP) We don’t normally find much agreement with New York’s Green Party when it comes to policy. But in this year’s election for governor, the Greens stood out by doing what third parties are supposed to do — but in New York so rarely do: They ran their own candidate, giving voters a real alternative. Their man was Howie Hawkins, who ended up with more than 175,000 votes — a huge increase over the 65,000 he received last time around. In sharp contrast, every other minor party with a permanent ballot line backed either Democratic Gov. Cuomo or GOP candidate Rob Astorino, thanks to New York’s bizarre system of allowing cross-endorsements. And except for the Conservatives, all saw their totals decline. That’s especially true of the Working Families Party, the union front that abandoned its own self-professed principles and cut a cynical deal to back Cuomo, despite strong disagreements with him. That left its leaders in the perverse position of arguing that a vote for Cuomo on the WFP line was in fact a vote against Cuomo. In a perfect world, the Legislature would put an end to this cross-endorsement circus and the corruption it invites. But too many people have a stake in the smelly status quo. So until that day comes, congratulations to the Green Party for sticking with its convictions — and showing New Yorkers what a genuine third party looks like.

* Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins said Thursday that there is a possibility he could run again in 2018, and that he was “misquoted or misspoke in an earlier interview” about his plans, State of Politics reports:

Teachout Endorsement With the Women's Party Could Knock WFP Off the Ballot
Teachout on the Senate Race  He is not actively campaigning for SenateDemocrats ... It’s another broken promise" (LoHud) Court of Appeals  Susan Arbetter ‏@sarbette  Cuomo's self-imposed deadline to pick a Court of Appeals judge is tomorrow, same day @GannettAlbany reports he's flying to Puerto Rico & DR.* Cuomo Lavishes Praise on Legislature He Vows to Change  (NYO) * Astorino Criticizes Cuomo For Pre-Election Book Tour (YNN) * Cuomo: Book Isn’t About Criticizing Washington (YNN) 

No Women's Agenda Secret Ballot War

WFP vs WEP vs Ballot Line
With the WEP and A Strong Green Party Candidate is the WFP in Danger of Not Getting the 50,000 Voters Needed to Keep the Ballot Line

In NY Controlling Minor Parties is Powerful

WFP Co-Chair: No Need for Women’s Equality Party (YNN)

If Teachout Endorses Green Party Hawkins Will It Prevent the WFP to Get the 50,000 Votes to Qualify for A Ballot Line?
Green Party gov. candidate Howie Hawkins working to wooDemocrats unhappy with Cuomo(NYDN)  The 61-year-old UPS worker is casting himself as the 'progressive choice' in the race, gaining traction among voters who are unhappy with Cuomo for embracing tax cuts and charter schools, and for not banning fracking, a gas-drilling technique. Howie Hawkins Says ‘It’s Open’ Whether Zephyr Teachout WillBack Him(NYO) Republican nominee for New York State attorney general JohnCahill is looking at a big pay cut if he wins.  Village Independent Democrats Endorse Howie Hawkins. FirstTime Venerable Club Has Endorsed Third Party Candidate Cuomo Endorses Democrat for State Senate(NYT) Says something abt Dem Cuomo that his (tepid) endorsement of a Dem for State Senate qualifies as news: * Hawkins Gets Jim Owles Club Nod (YNN)* Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins received the endorsement of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, the first time the LGBT club has backed a non-Democrat for governor in its 10-year history, State of Politicsreports: 
Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins has entered the Common Core fight,  saying he wants to get rid of statewide standards – and standardized testing – altogether.

Hawkins' Green Party Manager Slams Nation's Vander Heuvel's Magazine and WFP

Katrina vanden Heuvel WFP Campaign Flyer
In New York State, the best way to end corruption, reform politics and counter inequality is to keep the WFP strong.

Ursula Rozum Green Party's Hawkins Campaign Manager Answers Vanden Heuvel Attemps to Save the WFP With Her Magazine
This was predictable since the Nation urged Zephyr Teachout to endorse Cuomo on the WFP line if she were to lose the primary. I worked for WFP for a short period. While there are good people in the WFP, it's little more than a staffing and marketing agency for Democrats willing to pay for it's line and field services. It's far from immune from the "money drenched politics" since most of it's funding comes from the campaign coffers of corporate Democrats. In addition to bring up good issues, Howie Hawkins has also won endorsements from teachers unions, NYC Democratic clubs and education activist Diane Ravitch. Grassroots activists should join the Hawkins campaign and help build a real electoral alternative to the two parties and independent political power - :) * Teachout Contributes $28K To Senate Democrats (YNN)* As the Working Families Party released a statement criticizing Cuomo for calling public education a “monopoly”, the labor-aligned party finds itself in the unusual position of trying to get voters to in essence rebuke the governor by supporting him on their ballot line, State of Politics reports:  WFP on public ed “monopoly,” or: A party criticizes itscandidate 6 days before an election:  Zephyr Teachout’s Campaign Manager Backs Cuomo on WFP Line (NYO)

Katrina vanden Heuvel's $100,000 
"Mr. de Blasio is also helping the Working Families Party, the left-leaning group he helped found. As are some of his supporters: Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of The Nation, donated $102,300 to the party’s campaign committee this month. Ms. vanden Heuvel did not elaborate on what she and the mayor had discussed. But she said she shared the mayor’s eagerness to bring more liberal voices into the Legislature." (NYT)

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