Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tammany Hall

'The New Tammany Hall'

The historian of the American city on what Wall Street and the 'Occupy' movement have in common, and how government unions came to dominate state and local politics. . .  

'What has the country so angry," says Fred Siegel, "is the sense that crony capitalism has produced a population that lives off the rest of us without contributing. They're right. It's not paranoid."

At Least the Old Tammany Hall Helped the Poor, Provided Jobs and Organized the 99%
While both the old and new Tammany Hall pocketed the people's money at least the old system represented the poor and middle class against the city's ruling class.  Today's pols from the middle and poor neighborhoods help themselves to funds made available to them because of their position and get reelected in a election system to 98% reelects incumbents. They also make deals with the 1% against the interests of the people that elect them.  For New York Lawmakers, Power of Incumbency Is Nearly Perpetual(NYT)

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