Saturday, January 14, 2012


Al Smith blamed local party leaders “who were unquestionably actuated by political motives.” He said they went so far as “to bedevil the whole situation” by creating a skinny district in Manhattan that zigzagged from the Hudson River east from Bleecker Street on the south and 101st Street on the north.  Way Back Machine: Long Before Cuomo, Slaying the Gerrymander Long before Andrew M. Cuomo vetoed a redistricting plan, Gov. Alfred E. Smith cursed district lines that he said would "go around corners and up alleys to escape any portion of the population of Manhattan Island that experience teaches are prone to vote the Democratic ticket."(NYT) 



Why Don't The Goo Goos Go To Court To Stop NY Soviet Elections? Why Don't They Demand That the Board of Elections Be Cleaned Up? 

Bill Hammond writes that a Citizens Union report shows “the powers that be have so thoroughly rigged the game for their own advantage, most members of the Legislature routinely return to office every other year after elections that have been reduced to Soviet-style jokes.” (DN)


NYPIRG Attacks BOE Good, But Want About Taking Redistricting to Court

NYPIRG Blasts BOE(YNN) The New York Public Interest Research Group is excoriating the Board of Elections today for not meeting the Jan. 1 deadline for disclosure of cash spent by independent organizations seeking to influence elections.




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