Saturday, October 8, 2011

More on the HPD Scandal

One Person Arrested in the NYC HPD Bribe Scheme A Lawyer is Part of NYS Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs Political Machine 
Lawyer Michael Freeman arrested yesterday as part of the NYC HPD pay to play corruption was the lawyer for Jay Jacobs Long Island machine last year when they tried to remove independent democratic Francesca Carlow who was running against Jacobs' candidate David Mejias. Carlow lawyers were able to beat back Freeman and Jacobs and remain on the ballot.  Mejias who was arrested during the primary for stalking and menacing his girlfriend lost the primary to Carlow.  In fact Jacobs lost almost all the democratic races on Long Island in recent years.  That is why True News wrote back in December NYS Democratic Leader Jay Jacobs Will Have To Go Part II

Mike Freeman was Brooklyn Boss Norman's Law Chair before he was a jury found Norman guilty of demanding money from a judicial candidate in exchange for his support in 2007.
One of Walters' codefendants is Sergio Benitez, a developer who is currently at the heart of an ongoing corruption probe involving City Councilman Erik Dilan. (Brooklyn 11211)

NYC City Council members under fire for obtaining affordable housing (NYDN) * The Daily News reported last spring that in 2008 Dilan moved into affordable housing built by Benitez, though records show his income exceeded the eligibility requirements.  The apartment was available to families making under $114,000, but at the time Dilan and his wife made about $160,000 between his Council job and her work for a non-profit.

City Official Accused of Taking Bribes, Left in Boxes and Cups(NYT) A senior official Wendell B. Walters at the New York City agency that helps build affordable housing used his position to conduct a racketeering enterprise, federal prosecutors charged on Thursday, saying he took about $600,000 in bribes and kickbacks from developers who hid the cash in golf ball boxes, coffee cups and overnight envelopes.  * Housing Official Charged in 10-Year Bribe Scheme (WSJ) * HPD Official, Six Others Plead Not Guilty In Alleged Corruption Scheme(NY1)

NYT: Hey NYT What About Bloomberg Testerlying At the Haggerty Trial?
The NYT reporter calls the incitement of a city housing office another black eyes for the Bloomberg administration.  The reporter William Rashbaum cites the mayor's appointment of Kathy Black and the reason he gave to deputy mayor Goldsmith abrupt departure was lying.  What Rashbaum did not say was the mayor repeated that lying on the witness stand when he according to CUNY reporter Tom Robbins accused the mayor testerlying at the trial. * A high-ranking housing official was charged with accepting $600,000 in kickbacks, and the incident marks another staffing black-eye for the Bloomberg administration. *  Mike Bloomberg Occupy Wall St. Ridiculous, How About Perjury?

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