Sunday, September 11, 2011


WSJ: Cuomo and Cuomo Schneiderman: "A fraught relationship - civil on the surface but rippling with unease"

Cuomo Digs, Schneiderman Parries Interviews with the two Democrats' closest aides and friends suggest a fraught relationship—civil on the surface but rippling with unease. (WSJ) At suggestion Cuomo is trying to upstage AG Eric Schneiderman, Josh Vlasto attacks: “Anyone who thinks the governor hasn’t been doing the job of governor is living in a different state – namely the state of delusion.”* The CSEA contract vote result is expected today


Schneiderman repay himself for a $550,000 campaign loan with money he raised since he took office in Januar

For A $5000 Donation You Get . . .  

  It's legal, but wrong, for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to pocket campaign cash (NYDN Ed)


 Schneiderman Says Lets Roll To the Big Banks

Labor unions and progressive groups are rallying around Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, after he was booted off a committee negotiating a nationwide mortgage settlement with the major U.S. banks(TU)  While the NYP Attacks Slapping Schneiderman -arguing that the AG was scapegoating the banks for the financial crisis (NYP Ed)*Bumping Attorney General Eric Schneiderman from the committee negotiating a nationwide mortgage settlement with major U.S. banks may not have the desired effect. 

Schneiderman took a public stance against prohibiting future investigations into potentially fraudulent mortgage practices by the banks, prompting Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller to accuse him of "undermining" the process. Joshua Rosner, a mortgage expert and managing director at independent research consultancy Graham Fisher & Co., said no settlement will go forward without New York's sign-on. "You can't have a 50-state settlement without 50 states being party to it," he said. In fact, booting Schneiderman may have the inadvertent effect of driving other state attorneys general to his cause, Rosner said: "That action that seems to have been petty, and it risks emboldening those AGs who are not inclined against the settlement to not go along." * Mortage Probe: Schneiderman's allies apply pressure to Iowa AG.* Mortgage Probe: Editors say Schneiderman is opposing the settlement deal because of politics. [NY Post] * Siding With Schneiderman(YNN) * Mortgage Probe: Americans for Financial Reform make the case for Schneiderman's resistance. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union] * Mortage Probe: Buffett will dump $5 billion into Bank of America. [Ben Protess and Susanne Craig / Deal Book] * One market watcher suggests that Warren Buffett’s $5 billion investment in Bank of America is in part because he thinks Schneiderman won’t win this fight.

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