Saturday, September 3, 2011

Were is the populist movement on the left?

Were is the populist movement on the left?

In the 60's we had a Civil Rights Movement, Anti War Movement, Women's Rights Movement and a president who aimed for the moon.   Everyone during that era believe they could change the world and they did. Today we sit passively and watch political actor on TV tell us what ever they feel will get them  reelected.  Who cares for the youth who will not have the opportunities of their parents.  The old or sick who will die because their hospital is closed.  Our need to explore and find new discoveries in science.   Who killed the American culture and spirit? 

 From the WWII Greatest Generation to Today's Worse Generation of Leaders
 America at its best during World War II, at its worst now thanks to lightweight leaders(NYDN) * Why the U.S. downgrade is a turning poin(TIME)  * Voters Want a Change Politicians Can't Deliver The bad news for President Obama and incumbents in both parties is that voters expect a return to the postwar economic conditions that cannot be repeated.  (NYT)

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