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How Weprin Lost


Assemblyman Fells That Weprin Sunk the Democrats 

Democrat in Bid to Reclaim Weiner’s Seat From the G.O.P.(NYT) Assemblyman Rory I. Lancman announced plans to challenge Representative Bob Turner in November, underscoring a belief that the Congressional district will not be eliminated in redistricting. He has already raised $130,000 for the effort * Democrat to Challenge Turner in Ninth District(WSJ) * Weprin’s Liu friend (NYP)

Planned Failure: I Am With the Dummy's Parkside

The Parkside Group, which ran Assemblyman David Weprin’s failed NY-9 special election campaign, is getting a shot at redemption with Assemblyman Rory Lancman’s plan to take on Rep. Bob Turner.* Lancman once gave money to Sen. John McCain.

 Bloomberg Tells Dummy David Weprin To do You Job
Mayor Bloomberg in budget hearing gently reminds state Leg that NYC is "cash cow" for state * Bloomberg gets rough with Weprin: "If other parts of the state argue more effectively than NYC's representatives, somethings wrong." Bloomberg: "Weprin Negotiate Harder for the People You Represent" * Bloomberg says pension costs stressing NYC budget (NYP) * Bloomberg, in a Visit to Albany, Has Nothing but Praise for Cuomo(NYT)

Silver Believes Weprin Not the Democrats Lost the 9th 

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has emerged as an unlikely ally for Republicans who want to preserve NY-9 when LATFOR redraws the House lines. “I believe it’s a Democratic seat and would be won by a Democrat,” the speaker explained.  * Shelly Silver and Assembly Democrats want to keep Bob Turner and his district around–mostly because they think it can be won by a Democrat in November.

Slush Fund Weprin?
Weprin spox says Turner "lying" about Weprin slush fund scandal role to distract voters from "extremist" plan to cut Medicare, Soc Sec. Turner Revives Council ‘Slush Fund’ Scandal To Attack Weprin (Updated) *  Sen. Diane Savino accused Assemblyman David Weprin of pandering and tore up a contribution check to him following his comments supporting an investigation into whether the Senate violated any rules by approving gay marriage.

Who Are the Two People?
When Perez asked Weprin about who dropped the ball, Weprin responded noncommittally. These “fictitious groups,” Weprin said, never came before his committee or the Council as a whole – it was merely the work of a “couple of staff people.” “I wouldn’t place blame on any one person. You could place blame everywhere, you could place blame nowhere.”

The City is Still Paying for Lawyers to Represent Weprin in the 3 year Old Federal Investigation of the Slush Fund Scandal

What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation?(True News) * NY-9: “[T]he former congressman’s staff still goes to work every day. Pictures of him remain hung on the wall, if a bit askew.” [Colby Hamilton / WNYC]


Ed Koch: Election is about Israel, not Saul Weprin - 9th CD Update
Former Mayor Ed Koch doesn’t appreciate criticism that his endorsement of Republican Bob Turner to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress has anything to do with the father of the Democratic candidate, Saul Weprin, endorsing Mario Cuomo over Ed Koch for governor back in the day * In Wake of Marriage Comments, LGBT Community Wavers on Weprin | PolitickerNY * Weprin, the Democratic candidate in the NY-9 special election, refused to say whether he supports Obama for re-election in 2012.


Lobbyist Richard Lipsky Indicted With Kruger Gave Funds to Weprin

Turner attacking his Democratic opponent, David Weprin, for taking money from disgraced lobbyist Richard Lipsky for his City Council and Comptroller campaigns $1,000.  “David Weprin knows Richard Lipsky is awaiting federal trial for bribery and he knows he took money from him, so it surprising that Mr. Weprin has not returned the cash,” said Turner campaign.  Lipsky is accused by federal prosecutors of bribing Carl Kruger.

Turner Dings Weprin For Council Slush Fund Flap Accuses former councilman of complicity in 2008 scandal involving city funds. (Forest Hills Patch)


Turner TV Commercial Says Weprin Supports the Building of the WTC Mosque

Bob Turner’s first TV ad in NY-9 hits Assemblyman David Weprin for his support of the so-called Ground Zero mosque. *  GOP hopeful Bob Turner pushes budget cuts in race to replace Weiner, admits to 'blatant pandering'(NYDN) * Turner Tells Obama to Put Jerusalem Back in Israel (NYO) * Queens Dem Condemns Turner Mosque Ad, Demands Apology(YNN)

 Liberal Party Going for Turner
Twitter MT : Exclusive: The Liberal Party will endorse Bob Turner in Starquest just told me...  The Liberal Party does not have a ballot line in his year special but has been has been expressing its preferences in recent years, Mangano over Suozzi.  The LP sends out letters to enrollees, former enrollees and independents, reporting the LP’s choice and the reasons for that decision *  Liberal Party To Endorse Republican Bob Turner In NY-9... But What Does It Mean?(NYDN) * Bob Turner To Claim Liberal Party Endorsement, Worth To Be Determined(Village Voice)

 Giuliani Endorses Turner in the 9th Today

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is expected to endorse Republican Congressional candidate Bob Turner today, a campaign source said, with a formal event to follow closer to the Sept. 13 election. The endorsement will come at a time when Giuliani continues to poll strongly in a theoretical 2012 matchup with President Barack Obama, even though the former mayor appears to be leaning against a run. Recently, Turner has battered Democratic opponent David Weprin for supporting an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero, which Giuliani vocally opposed last summer. "David Weprin wants to keep defending that mosque, so we're very happy to have Rudy Giuliani in our corner," said the Turner source. Weprin spokeswoman Elizabeth Kerr said Turner "is trying to politicize 9/11 for his own personal gain." * Assemblyman David Weprin’s campaign sent out a video of seniors questioning Turner’s commitment to protecting Social Security to mark the 76th “birthday” of the entitlement program. (Video) * Giuliani for Turner, Officially(NYO) * Weprin ‘Deluded’ On Park51, Says Turner(YNN) *Giuliani endorses Republican candidate to fill Weiner's House seat(NYP) * Joe Lieberman, Shelly Silver To Raise For Weprin(NYDN) * Social Security Offices Shutter Early; Weprin Blames Tea Party (NYO) *  NY-9: "Most voters appear to have made up their mind with the race less than one month away." [Adam Dickter / Jewish Week]

Weprin Hurt Himself in the Gay Community for Supporting A Lawsuit That Aims to Make Last Month Albany Gay Marriage Vote Illegal
Weprin could be the first casualty of the same-sex marriage bill’s passage in NYS, Brooklyn Democrats are rushing to shore him up. 

David Weprin's support for same-sex marriage hurts his chances among Orthodox Jews in his race for Congress(CHN)  * Pol's hapless appeal on mosque No public money for a mosque near Ground Zero has become a rallying cry for Bob Turner - but the outfit isn't eligible for government cash anyway (NYDN) * GZ mosque boss slams GOP candidate(NYP) * Republican billionaire John Catsimatidis, a rumored 2013 candidate for mayor, is holding a high-dollar fundraiser for congressional candidate Bob Turner on Aug. 23 at the Harvard Club. Catsimatidis has donated to both Democratic and Republican candidates in the past, but writes in an email to invitees that he opposes Democratic candidate David Weprin because President Barack ObamaJuan Reyes as the Republican nominee instead of Turner. Queens GOP vice-chair Vince Tabone is in-house counsel at the Red Apple Group, Castimatidis' supermarket company * NYC Councilman Peter Koo (a Republican), hosts Assemblyman David Weprin, Democratic NY-9 candidate, for a “special event” with Queens Asian Business leaders in Flushing at 12:30 p.m. * Weprin: Turner Would Close Hospitals(NYO)  * Dueling GOP Endorsements In NY-9(YNN) * NY-9: “A source close to Weprin pointed out that the clip [in Turner's ad] cuts off Weprin’s next line, which was that he would like to see the project moved further from Ground Zero.” [Anna Gustafson / Queens Chronicle] * 9/11: “We’re not going to have an Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Burr moment,” said Christie. [Ginger Gibson /] * Sen. Joe Lieberman and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will help NY-9 candidate David Weprin raise campaign cash on Aug. 31. 

Former City Council Financial Chairman
Daily News Proved Weprin Was A Fiscally Clueless Idiot

Was it Irene or a Daily News editorial that made David Weprin duck a debate with Bob Turner? (NYDN Ed) The Daily News takes credit for Weprin ducking Monday night's debate in the district, saying he was likely avoiding crowds after telling the paper's editorial board the national debt is $4 trillion instead of $14 trillion


NYT Endorsed Weprin Because of his Expertise and Fiscal Rationality?

For Congress in New York’s Ninth District  We endorse David Weprin, who would represent his constituents with far more expertise, sensitivity and fiscal rationality, in the Sept. 13 election. (NYT Ed)


 NYP Calls Weprin the Queens Dem Boss's Sock Puppet Who Fears Public Debates

Victim of Social Promotion Pushed By His Family and Corrupt Crowley

David Weprin, shrinking violet(NYP) The Post says Weprin's debate no-show is a function of having his nomination handed to him by Democratic party bosses instead of fighting for it in a primary.

During Turner’s Time As TV Mogul, A Sharp Drop in Profits (CHN) * Inside City Hall will host a debate between candidates David Weprin & on Thursday 9/8 * DEFEATING OBAMA AT THE POLLS IN 2012: BOB TURNER FOR CONGRESS (Jewish Voice) * UFT endorses David Weprin in citing support for Medicare, education funding. * Gaffes Could Cost Democrats Anthony Weiner’s Seat (TPM)

 The Weprin Zadroga Campaign

David Weprin, Bob Turner fight for seniors' vote(NYDN)

Bob Turner seemed to have made a critical error when he told the Daily News editorial board that the Zadroga 9/11 health law was "too broad" and shouldn't cover volunteers. The Democrats leapt on the comment, releasing a statement from Reps. Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney, both of whom helped author the bill, saying Turner showed a "blatant disregard" for the health of 9/11 volunteers. 

But a statement released by Turner's campaign from Rep. Pete King, another proponent of the bill and the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, seems to attempt to walk back Turner's earlier comment. "I helped write the Zadroga Bill and I've talked to Bob Turner about it at length," King said.  "He has always supported Zadroga for volunteers, cops and firefighters alike."  * Rep. Pete King, who “helped write the Zadroga bill,” defends Bob Turner after his controversial comment about the act being “too broad,” saying: “I’ve talked to Bob Turner about it at length. He has always supported Zadroga for volunteers, cops and firefighters alike.” * Weprin’s Tightrope Democrat party label is double-edged sword for congressional candidate in race to succeed Weiner. (Jewish Week) * NARAL for Weprin(TU) * Weprin Robos Off Turner 9/11 Comment To NYDN(NYDN) * NY-9: Turner keeps calling Weprin a "career politician." [Courtney Gross/ NY1] *  NY-9: "[O]ne can only imagine how former Congressman Weiner will cast his vote. I suspect he will vote for Weprin." [Henry Stern / Huffington Post] * Bob Turner enlists Pete King to defend him over Zadroga Bill (The Brooklyn Politics)


Jews Forgetting History

Few people remember Congressman Steve Solarz's work a generation ago to bring Soviet and Sephardic Jews to Brooklyn. Now that both groups are strong working their way to the American Dream not a single institution in those communities is named after the late congressman.  What is even more dangerous to the future of the Jewish communities is that today's Brooklyn Jewish leaders and pols do not understand the importance of keeping a Jewish congressional district in Brooklyn.  In the last redistricting Weiner was able to move most of his district to Queens to avoid challengers from Noach Dear or other members of Brooklyn's growing conservative orthodox Jewish population.

Boro Park Cut Up
Jewish leaders stood by and did nothing to stop Weiner's move out and also the elimination of two Jewish State Senate Districts by cutting up Boro Park and other communities into several districts.  A good part of Boro Park is represented by Kevin Parker from East Flatbush.  Another part of that community belongs to Diane Savino from Staten Island.  
Celler's Tally for Israel

A Brooklyn Congressman Helped Create Israel
The tradition of the Jewish Brooklyn congressional not only brings power to that borough but to Jewish interest world wide.  On November 29, 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted to partition Palestine into two independent states--Jewish and Arab. Displayed here is New York Congressman Emanuel Celler's tally sheet, which he used to keep track of the vote; it also includes his handwritten notes quoting from the delegates' speeches. Congressman Celler played an important role in pushing The White House to support the creation of the Jewish state.  The lesson lost is all the progress by Jewish people because of a strong Jewish power base in Brooklyn is lost and thereby endangers our future.  If as some had said that the Weiner scandal will give incumbent congress members a chance to make a deal to cut up the 9th district to protect theirs all the power base that accomplished so much will no longer be around to protect future Jewish communities and interests. If Brooklyn loses the 9th Congressional District that me in the same of 20 years lost two districts.  In 1992 Steve Solarz lost to Nydia Velazquez after his district was eliminated to make room for a minority district.  (More to come) * Like Weiner, District’s Future Now Uncertain  Scandal could put 9th CD on chopping block, potentially weakening clout of Jewish communities (Jewish Week)


Weprin Loss Can Restore Democracy

For years clueless unqualified reporters who cover politics look for Doug Muzzio and a couple of others to give them a soundbite to affirm what they are writing about.  Today Muzzio says Democrats purposely picked a weak candidate became they knew NY-9 wouldn’t be long for this world. Says Baruch College’s Doug Muzzio: “It’s only a mistake if he loses.”  What Professor Doug fails to understand that a loss by the Dems in a district they have a 4 to 1 advantage is a canary in a coal mine warning that there is something very wrong with the majority party in NYC.  The Professor also fails to understand that the loss by Weprin will start a public discussion on the corrupt machines run by Vito Lopez and Joe Crowly. What is Quinn, Stringer and de Blasio trying to will Lopez and Crowley support if they can't deliver the voters?  Can it be possible professor Doug that a GOP can reform the NY special election law that gives the power to Democratic Party leaders to control who gets elected in their county.  Imagine professor Doug that both Lopez and Crowley are pushed out of office by a reform movement led by the newspapers started by a Weprin loss.  So Professor Muzzio what you call a mistake can help restore Democracy to NY. * NYT Calls NY's Special Elections Scams and Undemocratic * Requiem For Heavyweight Political Machines? (True News)

Ever Notice How the NYT Tailors Their News Stories To Support Candidates They Support

NYT Team: Weprin and Quinn

The NYP and DN are more the paper of record in the 9th CD but the NYT still tries to help Weprin by connecting Turner to Springer.  The NYT also published another puff piece for Quinn today they candidate for mayor in 2013. The NYP calls David Weprin's $260,000 TV ad-buy has local Democrats nervous that their party is on the verge of losing the race a Desperate Dem’s TV blitz for votes * TV Executive Behind ‘Springer’ Tries to Win House Seat for G.O.P.(NYT) * Quinn Backs Israel at Ceremony for Kidnapped Soldier(NYT)


Turner Mails Connecting Weprin to Obama

From Last Nights Debate
Weprin lists every statewide and citywide official supporting him, audience member asks about Obama, Weprin smiles and says nope. 
David Weprin is “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” in NY-9, says a prominent Democrat, and spending at least $260,000 on a last-minute ad blitz in hopes of pulling off a win.  * Gas drilling a hot topic for Weprin, Turner in candidate debate(NYDN) * Israel Continues To Be Major Talking Point In Turner-Weprin Race(NY1) * Desperate Dem’s TV blitz for votes(NYP) * Bob Turner says bringing The Jerry Springer Show to TV is “not exactly my proudest moment.” Springer returns the favor with a sorta endorsement for the GOP hopeful.*
CAREER POLITICIAN DAVID WEPRIN CANNOT VOTE IN NY-9 ELECTION * Gillibrand Emails On Weprin’s Behalf(YNN) * DCCC dumping $483K into NY-9 * NOM Launches Mailer Campaign Against Weprin(YNN) * The DCCC’s NY-9 ad  (Video) * Anti-Bob Turner Ad Featuring Airplane Ominously Buzzing Manhattan: Slightly Terrorist-y? (NYO) * Endorsement: Vote David Weprin for Congress * Donald Trump Supports Bob Turner for Congress(Video)

 Weiner Hired A Detective To Prove His Twitter Account Was Hacked

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner used $13,290 in campaign donations last year to hire private detectives to prove his Twitter account was hacked, before admitting he sent an X-rated photo himself (NYDN)


Assemblyman David Weprin blamed “dissidents” and vocal “trouble makers” in the Orthodox community for his NY-9 loss, and hasn’t ruled out another NYC comptroller run if incumbent John Liu doesn’t seek re-election. 

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