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E.J. McMahon Calls Out A Cuomo Budget Gimmick
A risky budget gimmick(NYP) Cuomo raids insurance fund Cuomo is cruising toward his third consecutive on-time state budget, which will no doubt be cited as further evidence that a new era of fiscal responsibility has dawned in Albany. Yet the governor hasn’t turned his back on budget gimmickry.* Senate GOP call out Cuomo budget cuts for women(NYDN) * Bronx advocates urge local politicians to push back  against proposed state cuts to agencies for the disabled (NYDN)Both the Assembly and the Senate will pass one-house budget resolutions today to stake out negotiating positions with Cuomo in budget talks, with the Senate’s resolution, the Times-Union writes * Pols ending $pinal tap(NYP)
To Be First With Gun Control Law Cuomo Made Skelos An Offer He Could Not Refuse
Intent on Being First, Cuomo Used All Means to Enact Gun Limits(NYT)if GOP-IDC didnt pass his bill, Cuomo threatened 2 "dissolve their fledgling coalition by pressuring his fellow Dems 2 reunite" [1/2] It was "not an intellectual response. it was emotional, visceral" Cuomo on his push for gun control.

Cuomo Moved From Center Stage to Liberal to Capature Obama Left Coalition That Won Him the Presidency in 2008/12

A Game of Chess 
Quick-draw gov top gun(Goodwin, NYP) Getting a gun-control package through the Legislature while the rest of the America is still talking puts New York, and him, ahead of the pack. Gun control makes a good example. The uproar over the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School created a mandate for politicians to do something. Just what isn’t entirely clear, given the nation’s strong gun culture and the fact that recent mass shootings were carried out by young men with known mental-health disorders. * Cuomo Gloats After Albany Fires Off Gun Control(NY1) * The Glens Falls Post-Star on Cuomo’s use of a message of necessity for the SAFE Act: “This was not an emergency. But the governor’s abuse of power is quickly becoming one.”* Cuomo Defends Gun Control Plan in Feisty Debate With Dicker(NYO)

Cuomo Runs the Senate Through Triangulation Leadership While Washington Gridlocks On Guns

Getting His Gun Bill As Quick As He Wanted Shows How Weak the Senate GOP Has Gotten Under the Coalition Deal.
For years the senate GOP blocked stronger gun control.  With the fear of losing control to the new democratic leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins in the senate in the background Skelos folded for his new master Cuomo.  If Obama get any gun control past the house GOP it will be a long long slog. * The Court of Appeals decided against considering an appeal by Republicans in the state Senate race between Republican George Amedore and Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk, paving the way for the counting of an additional 99 ballots, the Associated Press writes Court Clears Ballot Count(WSJ) * Some lawmakers vow to ignore Obama gun restrictions(WABC)* President Obama unveiled the most comprehensive federal gun-control plan in decades, but even some of his supporters tacitly acknowledged that major parts of what he is proposing are unlikely to make it into law. * Says the Syracuse Post-Standard: “(I)t’s regrettable that such a worthy end was achieved by such dubious means.”* Cuomo defending speedy approval of gun laws: he says the Legislature didn't have to go along with it.* How Often Are Messages Of Necessity Used?(YNN) * Senate Coalition: Public Backs Us(YNN)* Since striking a power-sharing deal with the GOP, the Independent Democratic Conference and its members hired nine new employees with salaries totaling about $349,000.* Big pay for rogue Dems(NYDN)

Cuomo Has Also Gamed Campaign Contribution Reform
Big Donors Dominate Cuomo’s Fund-Raising, Analysis Finds * A Siena College poll reveals that 71 percent of New York voters approve of the job that Gov. Cuomo is doing and widely support the proposals he laid out in his State of the State address, including a minimum wage increase A new report shows that 79 percent of the money Cuomo has raised since he took office has been in big donations of $10,000 or more from corporations, unions, or individuals, including a real estate mogul who’s donated $500,000, The Buffalo News reports:  * NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney says Cuomo’s big fundraising numbers “highlight some of the biggest problems in the system and serves as a good reminder for what needs to be fixed.”*  The name of Cuomo’s biggest donor, real estate developer Leonard Litwin, doesn’t even appear in the governor’s campaign finance filing because he used the LLC loophole to contribute $500,000 over the past two years.* says new gun law loophole that fails to exempt police officers from high-capacity magazine ban will be closed (ABC)

Cuomo On the Spot This Year
Cuomo's ability to negotiate will be on full display this year (

  Cuomo Bypasses AG/Controller to Go After No Profits Pay

State Panel to Review Pay of Leaders at Nonprofits(NYT) * Goo-goos caution against a “witch hunt.”* The governor launched a task force to conduct the probe after a NYT story on Medicaid-funded providers whose executives earn more than $500,000. Cuomo called those salaries “startlingly excessive.”


True News Wednesday October 10,2012
To Run For President Cuomo Needs Fracking and Gambling $$$ to Lower Taxes . . .  Cannot Run For 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Representing the State With the Highest Taxes
Tax hell makes NY dead last for biz(NYP) New York state’s business-tax climate has gone from bad to worst.The Empire State has dropped from an already terrible 49th place to last in the nation in the latest Tax Foundation ranking. Plus a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the county.

Will Cuomo Reform A Corporate Takeover of NY Politics?

Hedge Funds Rise as N.Y. Political Force(WSJ)  Common Cause will release a report today highlighting how hedge funds have emerged as a force in New York state politics, funneling tens of millions of dollars to political parties, pet causes and candidates from both major parties, the Wall Street Journal. * National push targets Cuomo, NY campaign reform(WSJ) Hedge fund campaign contributions increased 73.5 percent when Cuomo was elected governor – rising from $4.1 million in 2006 (when Spitzer won the governor’s race) to $7.1 million. In response to news that advocates would be flooding his inbox with letters urging him to support campaign finance reform, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told the Associated Press that he was working on a legislative package for passage this session.  In response to news that advocates would be flooding his inbox with letters urging him to support campaign finance reform, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told the Associated Press that he was working on a legislative package for passage this session. A national coalition of advocacy groups is pushing Governor Andrew Cuomo on campaign finance reform. * Conservative Party: Keep Taxpayer Dollars Out Of Campaigns * Silver May Push Public Financing For Comptroller’s Race(YNN) * Hedge Fund Donor List Raises Question: Is Cuomo "Governor 1%"? (WNYC) * campaign mgr: Oscar de la Renta is 'poster child 4 the 1 %

Dicker A Reporter Close to Cuomo to Write A Book About Him

Dicker gets deal to write bio of Cuomo(NYP) . nets 6-figure deal w/HarperCollins to pen Cuomo bio. Unlike Shnayerson, Dicker to get "cooperation" from admin. The Post’s Fred Dicker landed a six-figure deal with HarperCollins (owned by the Post) to pen Cuomo’s bio. The book is due out in mid-2013 – just as Cuomo is preparing to seek re-election. Unlike Vanity Fair writer Michael Shnayerson, who signed his own deal two months ago, Dicker will have the full cooperation of the governor and his staff. To clarify: The Cuomo admin says that while it will cooperate w/ Dicker, it did not give him permission to write the book. * Gov. Andrew Cuomo biographer’s Fred Dicker lashed out during his radio show at NYT reporters who questioned his deal to pen what he says is NOT an officially sanctioned tome about the governor.* Another Cuomo Biography Is Announced(NYT)* An online poll of possible book titles for Fred Dicker’s Cuomo bio.  *Fred Dicker’s previous bouts: the scorecard (updated with video)(TU) * Fred Dicker To Write Biography Of Andrew Cuomo: The Bromance Continues (Village Voice)



Public Like the Order Cuomo Has Brought to Albany But Does Not Like His Secret Ways

In a shock to no one, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s effort to pass an on-time budget has earned him record high approval numbers, according to a new Siena poll. Seventy-three percent of voters view him favorably, but only four out of 10 say Cuomo has made state government more open and transparent * Despite the governor’s popularity, candidates seeking to lead the Public Employees Federation are running on an anti-Cuomo platform, characterizing the governor as an anti-worker ally of Wall Street, the Times-Union says


WSJ: Cuomo and Cuomo Schneiderman: "A fraught relationship - civil on the surface but rippling with unease"

Cuomo Digs, Schneiderman Parries Interviews with the two Democrats' closest aides and friends suggest a fraught relationship—civil on the surface but rippling with unease. (WSJ) At suggestion Cuomo is trying to upstage AG Eric Schneiderman, Josh Vlasto attacks: “Anyone who thinks the governor hasn’t been doing the job of governor is living in a different state – namely the state of delusion.”* The CSEA contract vote result is expected today

The NYT Says Slams Cuomo's Closed Door Meeting with Executives & Lobbyists Some Who Paid $50,000 to Attend

 . . .  NYP Says Dems Feeling the Love to the Gov

Cuomo Defends Closed Session With Executives and Lobbyists(NYT) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo Defends Role At Democratic Fundraiser (WCBS) * Andy feeling the Dem love(NYP)Cuomo Draws A Crowd At Democratic Governors Association Fundraiser(NY1)


Cuomo Keeps His Friends Close and His Potential Enemies Even Closer 

Cuomo Brings Potential Foes Into His Fold(WSJ)  Gov. Andrew Cuomo has built closer relationships with so-called good government groups than perhaps any of his predecessors, folding into his tent a wide spectrum of potential critics on matters of transparency, ethics and campaign finance. Cuomo has built strong ties with good government groups over the years, granting them millions of dollars while serving as attorney general, and recently helping ethics watchdog David Grandeau land a high-paying consulting gig.



Votes Support Cuomo not His Secretive Three Men in the Room Managing or the Political Redistricting He Approved

Voters Like Cuomo's Work but Not His Methods, Poll Finds(NYT)

Andrew Cuomo’s approval ratings are still sky-high, but voters disapprove of the secretive, closed-door budget negotiations and of the governor’s decision to let legislators draw their own district lines, a new Quinnipiac poll says * Q poll: NYers approve of , 68%, dislike of "closed door" deals, 55%. 76% find lack of transparency troubling* 78 percent support increasing the minimum wage – even 53 percent of Republicans are in favor. The DN gave some ink to the IDC’s pro-minimum wage hike report.* "that's the only way things get done"-- on 3-men-in-a-room style of governing, in Albany* Paterson: No Tax Cap Cost Democrats Majority(YNN) * Has The Press Helped Burnish Cuomo’s Image?(YNN)

Cuomo's Triangulation
State Republicans are touting their ability to work with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which both Democrats and Republican voters like, in campaign advertisements this fall
Republican Candidates Embrace Cuomo’s Appeal(NYT) As they seek to maintain a power base in Albany, Republicans running for re-election have found an unlikely standard-bearer in the name and image of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat. * Cuomo Aide Plays After-Hours Role(WSJ) * Some of New York’s biggest cities, including Yonkers, Rochester and Syracuse, are looking for a bailout from the Cuomo administration because they are “close to bankruptcy,” the Post’s Fred Dicker writes:  * Gov. Cuomo backs Dem rebel for Senate(NYDN) Cuomo will throw his support behind Rockland County Sen. David Carlucci, a source close to the governor said.* State debt totals $3,253 per resident * NYers for Fiscal Fairness’s Deutsch on the Tax Code(YNN)


Tom Strikes Back Cuomo who is in the middle of comptroller scandal wants to end the NYS comptroller's sole responsibility for the pension funds. Comptroller Tom DiNapoli launches an audit of a branch of the Attorney General’s office — the first look at Andrew Cuomo’s administration by this Comptroller. (TU) *** NY's DiNapoli Says State's Cash to Hit All - Time Low * Silver Says Andrew Cuomo 'Senses His Opportunity' to Run For Governor

NYT Editorial Calls For Pension Reforms "So far, Mr. DiNapoli and other legislative leaders appear to be resisting any move to dilute the comptroller's sole control over investing this enormous public treasure. It is time for them to recognize that New York's pension is too big and the slide into corruption is too easy for one person to keep it safe and invest it wisely," writes the Times. . .

What the NYT Editorial does not talk about is the NYC's pension funds. Yes there is a board that makes the final decisions in the city, but the mayor's attacks against Thompson during the campaign that the city comptroller got a quarter of his campaign funds from middle men who have business with his office Mayor Bloomberg rips Thompson for taking cash from pension middlemen The fact of Bloomberg charges against Thompson's Pay to Play with the pension funds make it clear that the section of the NYT Editorial that calls for public campaign financing is not going to be enough to fix the problem. There must be smart transparency so that corruption like Hank Morris and Liberal Party leader Ray Harding who had nothing to do with campaign finance would get caught. The NYT editorial also did not report that fact that many of the money managers who are being investigated for Pay to Play with the California pension fund also do business with the city's pension fund. The leader of the new city comptroller John Liu transition team Carl McCall has a business as a money manager. True News has written about this often, so it is our conclusion that the NYT and others media are intentionally ignoring the connections. Pay to Play Pension Boss McCall Elliott Broidy contributed $5,000 to Public Advocate Betsey Gotbaum campaign in 2005. Gotbaum step son works for a money Manager firm called Blue Wolf which recieved over 60 million in city pension funds Pension Fund Pay to Play Hevesi Gotbaum: True News Exclusive* The Wolf at Thompson's Door

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