Friday, September 2, 2011


Loser State Dem Leader Jacobs Now Making $$$ Off of Hydrofracking - Days Numbered 

 The Dicker hit piece on Jocobs' today is a sign that Cuomo wants the state's democratic leader out.

New York State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs has signed a contract with Hess Corp. to allow "hydrofracking" for natural gas at a Pennsylvania summer camp he owns, the Post says. Jacobs won't say what he was paid, and says he won't sign a drilling contract on a New York property he owns to avoid conflicts of interest Dem Party boss' great frackin' deal(NYP)

True News Said Jocobs' Day Numbered Last December

NYS Democratic Leader Jay Jacobs Will Have To Go Part II (True News) Loses Mount for Head of the Democrat Party Jacobs.  Democrats Lose the State Senate on Long Island - Jacobs' Base



 Fracking Dem Boss Jay Jacobs

Dem Party boss' great frackin' deal (NYP) Party leader Jay Jacobs, a successful summer-camp owner, has a financial interest in having the drilling take place -- although he insists that it has nothing to do with his support for the hotly contested activity. 







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