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Bloomberg Double Standards On Public's Right to Know

For City Hall, 2 Standards on the Public’s Right to Know (NYT) .: w/holding 911 system report contradicts what he said when he made public  The Times’s Jim Dyer ponders the double standard of the Bloomberg administration’s effort to publicize flawed teacher data reports while refusing to release a critical 911 overhaul report *Analysis: Transparency in Government -- A Murky Goal(NBC)

Deputy Goldsmith Gone

Failed Snow Storm, CityTime Scandal and Private Contractors Gone Wild Legacy
 Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith -- brought in last year from Harvard to help reshape the city -- was pushed out today in what amounted to an embarrassing admission that Mayor Bloomberg's third term is badly adrift.  Goodbye, Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith. Hello, Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway (who has been DEP commissioner and Goldsmith's star pupil).  After the snow storm and the CityTime scandal he packs it in  Goldsmith Departs Bloomberg Admin(YNN) * Some transit advocates believed departing Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith was the reason behind the scaling back of some Bloomberg transportation initiatives. 

Embarrassing admission that Mayor Bloomberg's third term is badly adrift

Bloomberg 3rd Term Tour Shipwrecked 

Mayor Bloomberg appoints Cas Holloway Deputy Mayor for Operations, replacing Steve Goldsmith * Within last 10 days most controversial senior aides to Mayor resigned: Deputy Mayor Goldsmith & ACS Commissioner Mattingly *  After Quick Departure, Some Question Goldsmith’s Role in Bloomberg’s Admin (NYO) *  Goldsmith Quits as Deputy Mayor After 14 Months(NYT) * Bloomberg's Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith out after 15-month stint(NYP)

Billionaire Mayor $pends To Halt Poll Slide

With His poll numbers at it lowest point the mayor uses his money to repair his image. Bloomberg is helping to pay for a programs to help minority male youth and to make sure NY students can take the regents test.  Bloomberg launches a major policy push this morning to improve the lives of young black and Latino men, spending $30 million from his personal fortune on a multi-agency city effort. The project aims overhaul how the government interacts with a population of about 315,000 New Yorkers. Bloomberg and Soros each spending $30 million to help minority men. Over the next 3 years, NYC will invest more than $127 million to improve the futures of young black & Latino men

“Blacks and Latinos are not fully sharing in the promise of American freedom.” Bloomberg

Bloomberg to Use Own Funds in Plan to Aid Minority Youth(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg Funds Youth Plan(WSJ) * NYC to spend $127m on programs for young men(WSJ) *  Mike's $127M Rx for minorities(NYP) * New Program Aims to Even Odds for Black, Latino Youth *Young Men's Initiatve: Literacy programs funded too. * Rangel Wants the Nation to Follow Bloomberg | PolitickerNY * Bloomberg’s New Initiative Moves Jackson, Annoys Barron(NYO)

BloomDollars Restoring January Regents Tests

Private Donors, Including Mayor, Save January Regents(NYT) * Bailout By Donors Saves Tests(WSJ) * Bloomberg fills in Regents test budget gap with his own, friends money(NYDN)



Will Bloomberg's initiative on black/Latino men look at his own policies: stop &frisks, marijuana arrests, school suspensions, etc.?


After an unprecedented, & sustained stop/frisk campaign that targeted blk/HIsp men, Bloomberg to use his $ to help them.

Bloomberg plan to give more city contracts to firms owned by women and minorities resulted in just 7 percent of revenue going to black-owned companies, while the bulk went to companies owned by Asian-Americans or white women

Minorities Plan Failing A Bloomberg administration initiative intended to help minority- and women-owned companies secure more public contracts has steered little money to black-owned firms, according to city data. (WSJ)



Bloomberg:  “Governing New York by Writing a Check.” 

City Hall  It's 'con'fidential Mike: No crime history on initial job applications(NYP) * The largely minority listeners of Mark Riley’s WWRL radio show flooded his phones with rants about Bloomberg’s latest project, surprising the host.


The Education Mayor?

A legacy on the line  Enthusiasm for Mayor Michael Bloomberg's education reforms wanes as test scores, college readiness sag.



Did Bloomberg Fund Him New Minority Program to Stop His Recent Falling Poll Numbers?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg quietly inserted $22.5 million into the city's budget to pay for his high-profile project to help black and Latino youth just before the Council voted on it, which the Wall Street Journal says essentially avoided public scrutiny of the plan and its use of taxpayer dollars: Plan Funded at 11th Hour(WSJ) * Bloomberg put $22.5 million into the city budget to pay for his initiative to help black and Latino teens just days before the NYC Council voted on it, shocking Council members and avoiding prolonged public scrutiny.



Citizen Bloomberg  How our mayor has given us the business



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