Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who Judges the Polls

Pinocchio Election Bloomberg's campaign staff spins they knew all alone the race was close. If so how did the private poll by the media agree with them? Are polls that easy to fix? If the mayor's team put out the race was close would that not energize their voters that stayed home to go out and vote? Mayor Bloomberg leading William Thompson by 18 points in latest August 26 Marist Poll, Aides fret that smaller margin of victory = smaller bonuses

One Poll Which Showed District Support for Weiner Accepted By the Media Without Questions

Over 400 news organizations from CBS, MSNBC to the LA Times have reported on the Marist Poll.   The Marist Poll that shows that 56% of the residents of his district do not want him to resign was wrong when they said a week before the 2009 mayor election that Bloomberg would win by 16%.  He won by less than 5%.  What is strange about the 56% is that is almost all the votes Weiner got in his 2010 race. Than means that none of the 61% of the voters that Weiner won in his last race have been turned off by the candidates actions.Poll shows that majority of voters want him to stay despite scandal(NYP)Bloomberg Leads Thompson By 16 Among Likely Voters  October 22, 2009 * NY1 Exclusive: Voters Say Weiner Was Unethical But Want Him To Serve Out His Term* Poll: 411 of 512 were registered voters.

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