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Organized Crime Politics: Interlocking Directories

Organized Crime Politics: Interlocking Directories 
The New Tammany Hall

Operating in Secret Dark Pools A Mob of Campaign Consultants/ Lobbyists Coup d'État of New York Government Goes Unreported

Political Goodfellas

Eight campaign consultants all but one are also lobbyists, have monopolized NYC elections system that only the Justice Department using the Sherman Antitrust Act can bust.  These consultants run every important campaign in New York.  The campaign monopoly is only part of a conspiracy that is not only about who gets elected.  It is also part of a second conspiracy to make money off of government as lobbyist or insiders. There is serious evidence of illegal coordination between the Independent Expenditure PACs and consultants. The data of big 8 working together is massive.  In the 20 competitive races for the city council this year’s these big 8 consultants helped 98 of the 54 competitive candidates in those races.  Consultants were able to help more candidates in the races by being on more than one side in the same race. They don't only compete with each other as one would think.  

A Government and Campaign Monopoly That Sabotages Democracy
Sen. John Sherman Author of the Sherman Antitrust Act
In this monopoly consultants work with each other at the same time they are oppose them in other races.  Some consultants help other consultant’s candidates often at the expense of their own clients. Two Consultant Lobbyists the Advance Group and the Parkside Group were involved in every competitive council race and even some that did not have races through Independent Expenditure PACs they control. These IE PACS have muscled their way in to having seats at the table along the Democratic Party bosses that will pick the next council speaker.  The big 8 along with the special interests whose millions fund PACs, have sabotage the whole idea of local representation and local elections. The pols are more loyal to the centralized campaign consultants and their money backers, the new ruling class, than they are to the voters in their districts. The consultants work like Wall Street investors who trade in dark pools beyond the control of regulators. In NY's dark pool campaign consultants/lobbyists, special interests and elected officials make deals with each other hidden from public view. To understand the reasons for the takeover you must also be aware that the business opportunities for consultants don’t end on primary or election day. In an excellent investigation of the dangers the newly elected Cuomo would face from lobbyist, Wayne Barrett wrote in  the Village Voice in 2010. that campaign consultant lobbyist "Sheinkopf one of the worse consultant lobbyist, makes kings so he can then make deals with the kings he’s made." 

The New Apalachin Crime Summit, 56 Years Later

These same big 8 consultants also have the same monopolized control of citywide, state election and law enforcement elections. There operating model resembles organize crime after the Apalachin crime meeting. That 1957 meeting included over 100 mobsters including "Joe the Barber," divided the illegal operations of loan sharking, narcotics trafficking and gambling  controlled by the late Albert Anastasia.  The big 8 include: the Advance Group, the Parkside Group/Marathon Strategies (join at the hip), Berlin Rosen, Mercury Public Affairs, Brandford Communications, George Arzt, Multi-Media, Hudson TJ and Red Horse. Like the Apalachin mobsters the consultants/lobbyist has divided up New York to control the government and rake in corrupt lobbying dollars. Also like the mobsters the big 8 may even be about the law.

Nobody Left to Investigate the Consultant Monopoly

Big 8 Consultants Work for Law Enforcement Also
The big 8 mob were involved in electing every city and state law enforcement official. If democracy is every going to be restored to New Yorkers the feds must put council candidates under oath to find out the backroom deals the consultants/lobbyists and candidates have made with each other during the 2013 election.   Berlin Rosen worked for AG Schneiderman. Red Horse works for Brooklyn DA nominee Ken Thompson.  His opponent was represented in the primary by George Arzt, Advance and Brandford. Manhattan DA Vance was represented by Red Horse. Queens DA Brown who never had races works with Marc Guma who worked with Marathon Strategies in the Quinn Campaign.  Bronx DA Johnson has Brandford working for him.

Using PAC the Big 8 Has Gamed New York Democracy, By Controlling Elections 

Parkside working for The Real Estate Board of New York's PAC Jobs4NY worked for and against 35 candidates in the 20 competitive council races.  The Advance Group working through 4 PACs NYCLASS, United for the Future, Citizen Action and Hotel Workers for A Strong Middle Class worked for 27 of candidates in the 20 competitive council campaigns. Of the 21 candidates supported by Parkside Jobs4NY 17 were run by the big 8. Another candidate Dickens who had no race is running for speaker and some Jobs4NY money went to a republican candidate. Of the 44 council candidates supported by PAC in which Advance worked for or had a relationship with 34 when to candidates run by the Big 8.  Half of the other 10 went to incumbent candidates who had no races. The big 8 worked for council candidates who may be running for speaker, who had no races.  Berlin Rosen Daniel Garodnick, Red Horse and Hudson TDG James Vacca, Hudson TG Mark Weprin. Multi-Media run by newspaper publisher Michael Nussbaum have been doing printing for the Parkside Group for years in the dark pools because state election law does not require subcontractors are reported. Red Horse worked alongside Parkside for DSCC where Melvin Lowe was indicted this week for fake printing invoices. Red Horse has at least 20 interest group clients. This summer the New York World reported Hudson TG LLC – offer lobbying services to represent special interests with the officials they have sometimes helped to get elected. The only campaign consultant that does not directly lobby is Brandford Communications. But Brandford's Ernie Lendler did pull a Melvin Lowe when he gave convicted Brooklyn Boss Norman fake invoices.  Lendler did not get indicted in exchanged for testifying against Norman Background on the Big 8 Consultants as Lobbyists CrainsNY on the Advance Groups Double Dipping (CrainsNY)

The Big 8 Also Dominated In Citywide, Borowide and Democratic State Races

Comptroller candidate Scott Stringer had several of the Big 8 working for him: Advance Group, George Arzt, Multi-Medi and Marathon Strategies.  Cuomo had Advance, Red Horse, Marathon Strategies and Marc Guman working for him. Controller DiNapli had Red Horse working for him. New York Democratic State Senate Committee employed 4 of the big 8 Parkside Group, Berlin Rosen, Brandford Communications, Red Horse. Queens BP Katz had Red Horse, George Arzt, Multi-Media and Hudson. Vallone had Mercury. Brooklyn BP Adams had Red Horse even though he had no race. Bronx BP Diaz also had no race but had Red Horse, Advance Group and Brandford. Manhattan BP Lappin had Red Horse and Marathon Strategies; Menin had George Arzt and Berlin Rosen; Jackson had Advance.  The winning Manhattan BP candidate Gail Brewer had none of the Big Eight working for her. A lesion of their real value?  Tish James had Hudson TG and Red Horse joined in the runoff. Daniel Squardron Brandford and Berlin. Reshma had Red Horse

20 Competitive Council Races
Out of 54 Candidate the 8 Consultants Worked for 98 candidates
Consultants 35 Candidates, Parkside PAC 36 Candidates, Advance PACs 27 Candidates
1CD  Red Horse, Parkside PAC (2), Advance PACs HWSMC, CA; 3CD Berlin Rosen, Advance Group and Mercury Public Affairs, Advance PACs UF, CA; 5CD George Artz. Parkside Jobs4NY PAC, Advance PAC NYCLASS; 6CD  Berlin Rosen, George Artz,  Red Horse, Advance PAC UF; 7CD Advance Group and Hudson TD, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC, Advance PACs UF, NYCLASS; 10CD Advance Group, Advance PAC UF; 11CD Branford Communications, Advance PAC UF; 16CD Brandford Communications, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC (2), Advance PAC UF;  

19CD Red Muliti, Berlin Mercury, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC (3), Advance PACs UF, NYCLASS; 22CD Muli-Media, Parkside PAC(3), Advance PAC UF; 24CD Berlin Rosen, Red Horse, Parkside Jobs4NY  PAC, Advance PAC UF; 27CD Muli-Media Red Horse, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC (3), Advance PAC UF; 34CD Red Horse, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC (3), Advance PACs UF, CA; 35CD Advance Group, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC (3); 36CD Red Horse, Belin Rosen, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC (4), Advance PAC UF; 37CD Advance Group, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC, Advance PACs UF, NYCLASS; \38CD Hudson TG, Red Horse, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC (2), Advance PACs CA, HWSMC; 46CD Brandford Communications, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC (2), Advance PAC UF; 47CD Berlin Rosen. Advance Group. Hudson TG, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC (2), Advance PAC UF; 48CD Advance Group, Mercury Public Affairs. Hudson TG. Brandford, Communications, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC (4), Advance PACs UF, CA

15 Council Incumbents Had No Race
The big 8 consultants worked for 7 of the 15 candidates who had no races.  PACs connected to the Advance Group contributed to 9 of the 15 candidates with no races.
4ICD  Berlin Rosen; 13ICD Red Horse, Advance PAC UF; 20ICD None; 21ICD None; 23ICD None, Advance PAC UF; 25ICD Muli-Media; 26ICD Hudson TG; 29ICD Hudson TG, Advance PAC UF; 30ICD Berlin Rosen, Advance PAC UF; 32ICD None, Advance PAC UF; 39ICD None, Advance PAC UF; 43CD None; 45ICD None, Advance PAC UF; 49ICD Brandford Communications, Advance PAC UF; 51ICD None, Advance PAC UF  

16 Blow Out Council Races (11 Incumbents)
The big 8 worked for 8 of the 16 candidates who had blow out elections
2CD None, Advance PAC UF, CA; 8ICD None, Advance PAC NYCLASS; 9ICD Parkside PAC (2), Advance PAC UF; 12CD Parkside PAC, Advance PAC UF; 14ICD Brandford Communications, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC;  17ICD None; 18ICD Red Horse, Advance PAC UF; 28ICD Berlin Rosen; 31ICD Berlin Rosen, Parkside Jobs4NY PAC, Advance PAC UF; 32CD Red Horse, Advance PAC UF; 33ICD Berlin Rosen, Advance PAC UF; 40ICD None, Advance PAC UF; 41ICD None; 42CD Hudson TG, Advance PAC UF; 44ICD None; 50CD None

The Tyranny Makers
Public Advocate: Brandford Communications, Berlin Rosen, Red Horse, Hudson TD, Advance HWSMC; Comptroller: Berlin Rosen, George Arzt, Multi-Media, Marathon Strategies; Mayor Berlin Rosen, Marathron Strategies, Marc Guma, SKD Knickerbocker; Brooklyn BP No Race: Red Horse; Bronx BP No Race: Brandford Communciations, Red Horse, Advance Group; Queens BP: Red Horse, Hudson TV, Multi-Media, George Arzt, Mercury Public  Affairs; Manhattan BP: Red Horse, Marathon Strategies, Marc Guma, Advance, Berlin Rosen, George Arzt; Brooklyn DA: Red Horse, Advance Group, Bedford Communications, George Arzt Manhattan DA No Race: Red Horse, Marc Guma Queens DA: Marc GumaBronx DA: Brandford Communications; NYSSC:   Parkside Group, Berlin Rosen, Brandford Communications, Red Horse Guma AG: Berlin Rosen, SKDKickerbocker; NYS Comptroller: Red Horse; NYS Governor: Marc Guma, Marathron Strategies, Red Horse, Advance Group

Keys to the lobbyist Chart

Meara, Silver, Runes Glenwood( 16-17-18)(1-2-3-4)
Glenwood lobbyist, Brian Meara, testified in 2011, he received a call from Silver, who mentioned how he might need to file new forms disclosing certain fees he had received. Mr. Meara said he was “surprised and concerned” and called either Mr. Runes or Charles C. Dorego, a Glenwood executive. Mr. Runes testified that he spoke with Glenwood’s owner, Leonard Litwin, and Mr. Dorego. Yet Mr. Runes said he remained “uncomfortable with the arrangement,” and did not discuss it with anyone else. “It was too hot,” he said.  Ultimately, Silver’s fee-sharing arrangement was described in a side letter that the speaker signed, but it was omitted from the retainer agreement between Glenwood and the law firm. Mr. Runes, asked by the judge, Valerie E. Caproni, what he thought was being accomplished by putting the agreement in a separate letter, said he believed that retainer documents were filed publicly, “whereas the side letter would not be.”

Meara, Silver. Glenwood, Goldberg and Iryami (19) (5-6-7-8)
Glenwood lobbyist Meara Recommended the Law Firm That Pay off Silver, Goldberg & Iryami to Glenwood 

Meara, Runes, Silver. Glenwood, (9, 10, 11)
When Silver told him Gleenwood’s LLCs Was Not Glenwood Lobbyist Meara told Runes and Dorego and Disengaged Himself, Because He Said It Was A “Dangerous Position” to Be In 

Runes Glenwood Silver (21) (12,13,14)
Lobbyists Runes said he remained uncomfortable about the 2011 private letter of agreement (Outlining Silver’ payment outside of the main retainer) between Silver and Glenwood put together after the changes In Albany’s lawmakers disclosure law which led to the silver LLC Bull Shit Mr. Runes’s testimony, which began on Friday, is part of the second prong of the government’s case, in which prosecutors say Mr. Silver received about $700,000 in illegal payments from the law firm Goldberg & Iryami in return for having referred it certain tax business from Glenwood and a second developer, the Witkoff Group.

Dorego Runes Adam Skelos, Abtech (13) (14)  (15,16,17,18,19)
Dorego was dispatched along with Glenwood lobbyist Richard Runes to meet with Adam Skelos in 2011.  I was instructed by Mr. Litwin to take the meeting, listen to what he had to say and make no commitments,” Dorego testified. “We both, Richard and I, were uncomfortable trying to reconcile in our minds the relationship of the senator with us and, at the same time, giving Adam business.”  AbTech President Steven Swarzman, Dorego’s close pal, gave it his approval, and two months later, Dorego sold Adam’s political connections to AbTech CEO Glenn Rink in an e-mail. Prosecutors allege that Litwin eventually arranged for Adam to get paid $20,000 for consulting work he never did. Under cross-examination, Mr. Dorego said that he owned 53,000 shares of stock in AbTech Holdings, the parent company of AbTech Industries. Dorego had already arranged for Adam Skelos to get at least $4,000 a month from a company he was involved with called AbTech Rink was upset, Dorego said — but eventually pushed up Adam’s payout from $4000 a month to $10,000. The younger Skelos repeatedly tried to get Dorego to give business to power companies he was involved with, and suggested that Dorego oust his longtime friend Glenn Rink from AbTech and put him in control of the company.

Litwin Glenwood Skelo Adam (20)
A month after Republicans regained control of the Senate in 2012, Skelos approached Leonard Litwin, owner of real-estate firm Glenwood Management, about securing a job for son Adam, Charles Dorego, the company’s senior vice president, testified in the Manhattan federal corruption trial of the Skeloses.

Dorego, GOP State Senate, Skelos (21, 22)
Dorego said Glenwood's owner, Leonard Litwin, made it his top priority to keep Republicans in control of the state Senate, believing they best represented business interests. In return, Glenwood executives were apparently privy to strategy sessions. At one point, Dorego said, he was concerned about Governor Andrew Cuomo's push for campaign finance reform. He said Skelos laughed it off, saying, "It's never gonna happen. We're never gonna pass that."  Last year, through multiple LLCs, Litwin outspent all other political donors and gave $3.6 million to candidates across the state of New York. The biggest chunk of that money — about $1 million — went to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign. - See more at:  Glenwood Management famously utilized multiple LLCs to donate $3.6 million to various New York candidates in 2014, including $1 million to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign. - See more at:

Dorego on the Witness List of the Silver Trial (23)

D’Amato, Glenwood, Bonomo Skelos (24,25,26,27)
Also harmonizing for Bharara in the Skelos case and the one against former Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver are top associates of developer Leonard Litwin and his Glenwood Management, both of which were once D'Amato clients and, like Bonomo PRI, synchronized many of their political contributions with D'Amato. Bonomo largest beneficiary was Cuomo. The governor along with the state Democratic Committee received nearly $400,000 over the past four years from the Bonomo family, according to Board of Elections records. P.R.I. and the Bonomos also donated heavily to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who brought in $159,000 and $119,000 in the last campaign cycle. The Senate Republican Campaign Committee received $77,500, and Skelos $12,900, Board of Elections records show. Bonomo just stepped down as the Cuomo-appointed chair of the New York Racing Association, and is singing to U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who now leads a veritable chorus of cooperating crooners.

Skelos Bonomo D’Amato Glenwood
Skelos is also accused of extorting a $100,000 no-show job for his son from Anthony Bonomo, whose two medical malpractice firms have combined to pay D'Amato's lobbying firm, Park Strategies, $795,000 since 2007 D’Amato collected $200,000 a year from Glenwood. Meara is another for Abtech. Litwin, who'd previouslytold Dorego not to act on Skelos's personal requests, "said if it concerns him that much, give him something — but don't give him Glenwood work."  ."  Dorego arranged for him to get a $20,000 "referral" fee from a title insurance company Glenwood did business with.  Adam Skelos also turned to Dorego to force AbTech to up his payments after he helped the storm water purifying company get a $12 million contract with Nassau County.  AbTech industries, an Arizona-based firm that deals in environmental technology, retained Adam Skelos as a government relations specialist. In return for his business connections, Adam Skelos was paid $10,000 a month for his services.  AbTech industries, which won a storm water treatment contract in Nassau County, where the defendants live, makes sponge filters that remove pollutants from water.


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