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Times Square Topless 808080

Times Square Zoned In By Council 

New York Council Votes to Allow Restrictions on Times Square Performers (NYT) The bill would let the Transportation Department create rules for pedestrian plazas that could restrict the costumed characters and painted topless women to designated zones.  * The New York City Council voted to allow the city’s Transportation Department to create new rules for pedestrian plazas that could restrict Times Square’s costumed characters and painted women to designated zones, the Times reports:New York City will set rules to regulate costume characters and topless women at Times Square (NYDN) * The New York City Council approved a bill that supporters hope will bring order to Times Square, curbing aggressive panhandling that has been at the center of a yearslong political and cultural tug of war.* Times Square marches on (NYDN Ed) In the facing column, a fetishist for filth longs for the days when Times Square was brimming with sex shops — and laments the push to bring some order to a chaos increasingly defined by giant Elmos, Spider-Men and nude women coercing tourists to pay for photographs. Hell no, we won’t go back.

Another BS Promise to Rid Times Square of Elmos and Desnudas
Council Aims to Regulate Pedestrian Plazas Overrun byElmos and Desnudas (NYO)* SUNS OUT, BUNS OUT! Warm weather has desnudas return to Times Square, but the NYC 'institution' may soon be corralled (NYDN) *  Hustle to curb Times Squarehustlers (NYDN Ed) Last summer, when the front pages of this newspaper gave the bare-breasted women of Times Square a lot more exposure than they wanted, Mayor de Blasio was commendably fast to seek ways to rein in the proliferation of hustlers, hawkers and hucksters trying to cadge cash from tourists there.  So we wonder why it took more than five months after de Blasio’s Times Square task force presented its report on Oct. 1 to produce simple legislation granting the Department of Transportation authority to regulate the unregulated pedestrian plazas where legions of Elmos, Spider-Men, ticket sellers and painted ladies roam.  The many months of delay along with the welcoming of warm weather means that the problem (furry, caped and painted) is returning. Who’s to blame? The buck stops nowhere. The mayor’s people point to the City Council for sluggishness in producing a bill; the Council points to the mayor. Either way, swift action is now needed to prevent another out-of-control summer.

No Action On Times Square Nudes Despite Promises . . .  Now DESNUDES May Be Hurting Broadway 
Despite high-profile hearings last fall, the New York City Council still hasn’t passed legislation to restrict costumed buskers to designated “begging zones” in Times Square, and now is the time to fix it, before they return in force, the Postwrites: * DAMN DESNUDAS! Broadway ticket sales continue to drop among suburban visitors, and industry reps blame plaza panhandlers (NYDN) *Broadway limped through the last week of February, with many established productions suffering seasonal box-office slowdowns and new shows just starting up. * Times Square Spider-Man holds kidhostage for $10: cops (NYP)

What is the Best Part of Dividing Times Square Into 3 Parts?

This abandoned factory gave rise to the Times Square desnudas (NYP) “We used to go to parties in the Domino Sugar Factory, and they’d have body-painted girls handing out drinks and taking pictures with people,” said Olivieri, who does the painting for several desnudas and keeps watch as they work.  “It was exciting. So we were like, ‘We could try this [in Times Square]. The Naked Cowboy’s out there.’ So we tried it one day and it was a big success,” he said.* Topless Times SquareWorker: Officials ‘Can’t Do Anything’ (WCBS) * Despite the de Blasio administration’s effort to confine topless women and costumed characters to “activity zones” in Times Square, the nearly naked painted ladies say they’re not going anywhere.

For all the mayor’s talk, the only Times Square relief is the cold weather (NYP) .* De Blasio wants Times Square desnudas to pay taxes (NYP) * New York City officials finally have an official blueprint to hem in the swarms of characters and performers in Times Square, and in contrast to at least a few of the Elmos who have the run of the place, it’s a sane one, the Daily News writes:  * Plan to divide Times Square into three zones gaining support (NYDN) * As a deadline for recommendations on Times Square approaches, three groups have lined up behind a plan to divide the area into three areas and ban topless and costumed performers in two of them, the Daily News reports:  * Limits Put Forth for Topless Performers in Times Square (NYT)A mayoral task force on Wednesday recommended New York City set rules for when and where topless women and costumed characters can hustle tourists for tips.* Proposed plan would ‘restrict’ Times Square desnudas (NYP)* NUDE AWAKENING: Times Square panel lets topless ladies and costumed characters stay, plans to add more NYPD cops (NYDN)* A mayoral task force recommended that New York City bring order to the Times Square pedestrian plazas by limiting when and where topless women and costumed characters can approach tourists for tips, the Timesreports:  * A mayoral task force recommended that New York City bring order to the daily scrum on the pedestrian plazas in Times Square by limiting when and where topless women and costumed characters can approach tourists for tips * NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said that his push to treat Times Square’s costumed characters as a business could include taxing them. * The not-so-naked city as Times Square gets its coverup (NYDN Ed) * Topless women of Times Squaresay they can't be restricted... * Topless Times SquareWorker: Officials ‘Can’t Do Anything’ 

A Day After It Was Disclosed That the Times Square Task Force Has Not Met It Meets

De Blasio convenes first meeting of Times Square task force (NYP)  Yesterday Mayor's Times Square Task Force Has Yet to Meet Mayor's Times Square taskforce to deal with topless, painted women and costumed characters still hasn'tmet  (WNBC) * Team de Blasio botches its own ‘fix Times Square’ gimmick (NYP) In just two weeks, Mayor de Blasio’s “multi-agency task force” is to issue its much-awaited report on how to clean up Times Square. Or maybe not — since it hasn’t held a single meeting in the four weeks since the mayor announced it. In fact, the task force — which de Blasio last month promised would “move very swiftly” — is holding its very first meeting today * In a forthcoming report, a coalition of elected officials, property owners and business leaders propose reserving parts of Times Square for the topless painted women, costumed characters and others, the Timesreports:  * The Post calls de Blasio’s “multi-agency task force,” which is soon expected to issue its much-awaited report on how to clean up Times Square, an obvious gimmick and hasn’t had a single meeting in the four weeks since its start: * Bratton to Times Square desnudas: Winter is coming(NYP) * Task force recommends cordoning off Times Square street performers (NYP) * Times Square 'Zones' Floated to Separate Performers, Pedestrians (NY1)* The co-chairs of the New York City task force on “topless individuals and costume characters” said the city would finish its construction of Times Square’s pedestrian plazas, the Observer reports: 

Times Square Bill Leading From Behind
Times Square test exposes Bill de Blasio’s core pessimism (NYP) Funny how it took a silly-season crisis to expose what a pessimist Bill de Blasio is. And how defeatist he is about what city government can really accomplish. Sorely buffeted by the jiggle-jill chaos in Times Square, the mayor ducks direct action and resorts to the last refuge of the bereft politician: He appoints a task force. It’s due to report by Oct. 1 — by which time autumn temperatures will have chased the naked ladies, and New York’s whack-a-mole media will have discovered new distractions. As existential crises go, this one lacks oomph, except that once again events are calling into serious question de Blasio’s capacity to lead New York* The number of traffic crashes with injuries in Times Square dropped 14 percent over the past 5 years, which may bolster arguments against ripping up a pedestrian plaza to prevent panhandling, The Wall Street Journal reports: * Pataki paints de Blasio as boob for Times Square toplessness (NYDN) * Gale Brewer blasts idea of tearing up Times Square plazas (NYDN)

Women Leaders Yea Topless Reporter as NYP Takes Over Daily News Tits Story 
 Monday Update Female leaders applaud reporter’s topless Times Square exposé (NYP) “It’s a real shame that women’s bodies continue to be used as political fodder. As I have said repeatedly, our city has many more pressing things on its plate,” Mark-Viverito said in a statement to The Post.* Prominent female city leaders — including Mark-Viverito — praised The Post for sending a reporter “undercover” to be a topless Times Square panhandler for a day. “It’s a real shame that women’s bodies continue to be used as political fodder. As I have said repeatedly, our city has many more pressing things on its plate,” the speaker said in a statement. * A number of New York City Council members, including City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, praised a New York Post cover story of a reporter’s first-hand account of her day spent working as a Times Square painted lady * A topless, painted woman soliciting tips for photographs in Times Square was arrested on drug and prostitution charges, and two others were attacked by a visitor who accused them of robbery, The New York Times reports: 

NYP Reporters Show Here Tits: The New Journalism? Mocking Daily News

Tabloid-ism at its finest: NY Post mocks Daily News crusade against Times Square's painted women. Post reporter goes undercover (sic): "So are desnudas the end of civilization? Hardly."

I went undercover as a topless performer in Times Square (NYP) Chris draws a heart-shaped American flag design on my chest, stripes down my legs and the letters “NY” on my butt in red and white. The 15 minutes feel like getting dressed, just very slowly and very publicly.A little girl in a hot pink T-shirt looks up at me as if staring at a princess. “You’re so pretty! Can I take a selfie with you?” she asks. “Of course!” I say, crouching down so my feathered headdress and star-spangled painted boobs fit into the picture, her little brother also squeezing in. The girl, around 7 years old, beams for the camera. “I’m sending that to my mom!” she shouts, immediately texting it.

Thursday Update This man decided he wanted to go nude in Times Square too (NYP) * De Blasio, Bratton admit Ray Kelly was right on Times Square (NYP Ed) * The NYPD will double the number of officers who patrol Times Square in the wake of calls from NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to curb the proliferation of costumed characters, topless women and other panhandlers who seek tips from tourists there. * De Blasio created a second panel, (more like a “subgroup” of his original task force, a spokesman said), to focus on areas beyond Times Square – from Coney Island to the Battery in lower Manhattan and other parts of the city where the panhandlers have been seen soliciting tips. * Mayor Bill de Blasio created a second panel of officials and tourism industry representatives to address panhandling by costumed characters and topless women beyond Times SquareThe Wall Street Journal reports: * Disney, Marvel want no part of Times Square mess, Bratton says (NYP) Friday De Blasio has also struggled to find balance when it comes to transportation issues, finding some success with Vision Zero, struggling with Uber and now wading into Time Square’s setup, the Journal reports: * FIGHT THESE VILLAINS YOURSELF! Disney and Marvel 'want no part' of NYPD's battle against Times Square costume characters (NYDN) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said the department got the cold shoulder from Disney and Marvel when they tried to enlist them in the fight against the costumed characters preying on tourists in Times Square. “They want no part of it,” Bratton said. * * While the bare breasts of Times Square’s painted ladies seem to have shocked some public officials, City Planning Chairman Carl Weisbrod, often credited with cleaning up Times Square, is a bit non-nonplussed, the Observer reports  : * The Daily News writes that New York City should reclassify public spaces like Times Square as parkland, allowing the city to put restrictions on topless women and costumed characters that crowd it and other places:

Scarborough slams Bill deBlasio for NYC's homelessness problem. (Huff Post)* * The NYPD is forming a new unit to patrol Times Square and address quality-of-life issues amid growing concern over the chaotic jumble of costumed characters and topless women in itspedestrian plazas, The New York Times reports: * Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a member of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s task force to combat toplessness in Times Square, said that whatever rules the panel comes up with should apply equally to performers of both sexes, the Observer writes: * Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a member of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s task force to combat toplessness in Times Square, said that whatever rules the panel comes up with should apply equally to the body-painted female “desnudas” and to the Naked Cowboy, who has performed nearly nude in the area for years.*  New York Police Dept. Creates Unit to Monitor Times Square Issues (NYP) The officers in the new unit will address quality-of-life concerns amid rising complaints over the costumed characters and topless women in the area’s pedestrian plazas. * NYPD 'MASK' FORCE: New police unit to battle costumed workers and nearly nude buskers who prey on tourists in Times Sq. (NYDN) * Group to Examine Costumed Characters' Spread Beyond Times Square (NY1)

The Time Square Cartoon Army On the Move . . .  What is Next Topless At the Met?
Annoying costumed characters who prey on NYC tourists spread to Coney Island, the Battery — getting into brawls with others over turf (NYDN) * The costumed characters who panhandle at Times Square have begun plying their trade in Battery Park and become involved in turf wards with Statue of Liberty characters,

Every Day Times Square Boob Circus Goes On Leadership in Being Sucked Out of the Mayor
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who promised to run the most transparent administration in city history, has taken steps to have his office review any public records request of any city agency that could “reflect directly on the mayor,” The Associated Press reports: * Cuomo in a NY1 interview pledged to crack down on topless female performers in Times Square, calling their actions “illegal” and a potential return to the “bad old days” in New York CityState of Politicsreports: * 69-year-old tries to start topless ‘movement’ in Times Square (NYP) * Don't like the what's happened to Times Square? Blame Bloomberg for making the tourist pit part of hisdivine plan for NYC (NYDN) * New York State cops descend upon Times Square in attempt to crackdown on naked painted panhandlers (NYDN) * De Blasio needs to remake Times Square (NYDN)  * The Times writes that Times Square is not returning to itsold ways, that de Blasio’s enemies have been predicting New York’s downfall since before he took office, and that leaders should not be feeding the false narrative by panicking over some crudeness: * The painted ladies of Times Square and the hustle is so elemental to the texture of New York City that complaining about it is like being exasperated that there is too much sand at the beach, the Times’ GinaBellafante writes: Seeking Equality, Not Tips, Topless Marchers Draw a Crowd in Manhattan (NYT) The semi-clad marchers, who were vastly outnumbered by spectators, were not panhandlers, but were advocating the right of all women to go bare-chested if they chose.*Manhattan Beep Calls Plan to Tear Up TimesSquare Pedestrian Plaza ‘Preposterous ’ (NYO)* Times Square Business Leader: Panhandling, Not Toplessness,Is the Real Problem (NYO)  * Topless women show de Blasio, Bratton who the real boobs are (NYP)

LADIES FIRST, PLEASE: De Blasio and Bratton should start with immediately doable steps to rein in Times Square circus (NYDN)* A few dozen women and men marched topless in Midtown Manhattan Sunday to exercise their right to be bare chested, which comes from a 1992 Court of Appeals decision, and the march shocked many, the Times reports:  * The Daily News writes that de Blasio is not spearheadingthoughtful urban planning in his approach to preventing topless women from posing for tips in Times Square*Over 300 topless protesters bashed de Blasio’s effort to banish the bare-breasted painted ladies of Times Square during a march yesterday. * The group of women participated in the annual Topless Parade from Columbus Circle to Bryant Park, while some men took pictures and video* The parade was among dozens of such events staged in about 60 cities on the worldwide GoTopless Day.*The open-air malls in de Blasio’s New York may be filled with an unusual number of aggressive performers — heavily or barely costumed — but he is not the first mayor to wrestle with the consequences of turning streets into pedestrian spaces. * The NYT editorializesTimes Square is not going to hell, or anywhere near hell’s vicinity. Mr. de Blasio’s enemies have been predicting New York’s downfall since before the mayor took office. He should not be feeding their false narrative by panicking over some localized crudeness.”*  
Hundreds of Nassau County contracts worth a total of nearly $10 million have been awarded in recent years at amounts just dollars below the threshold for legislative approval. Many of the pacts went to politically connected companies without competitive bidding – and were never openly discussed, debated or voted on, a Newsday investigation found.* Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer called the idea of destroying the Times Square plaza “preposterous,” even as hand-wringing continues over the growth of topless women and costumed characters panhandling in the crossroads of the world.

Saturday NYT Times Square Overreaction 
Shirtless Bodies in Pointless Times Square War (NYT Ed) Topless women aren’t terrorizing the uncomfortably overcrowded Crossroads of the World. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s emergency task force is an overreaction. * Mayor Sets Up Task Force to Deal With Topless Women, Costumed Characters in Times Square (NY1) * Times Square businesses propose ‘zoning’ costumed pests (NYP) * The business fears behind the sudden Times Square furor (NYP Ed) Times Square’s bankers, lawyers, accountants and media executives are appalled by the scene and the companies for which they work are more than willing to entertain offers elsewhere.* LADIES FIRST, PLEASE: De Blasio and Bratton should start with immediately doable steps to rein in Times Square circus (NYDN)* Mayor Bill de Blasio’s position against the topless female panhandlers in Times Square has left some politicians, including some allies, scratching their heads, with some labeling his approach as sexist, The Wall Street Journal reports:  * An alternate plan gained steam to pen in the costumed characters in Times Square, instead of ripping out pedestrian plazas as the mayor and police commissioner suggested earlier this week, the Post writes: 

Advance Copy of de Blasio Redesign of Times Square

Mayor Bill de Blasio floated the idea of getting rid of the pedestrian plazas in Times Square in order to rid the area of the topless painted ladies and costumed characters who harass tourists for tips, the Daily News reports:  * De Blasio Open to Ending Times Square Pedestrian Plaza toFight Off Naked Women(NYO) * NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton wants to eliminate pedestrian plazas established by former Mayor Mike Bloomberg in Times Square in hopes of improving quality-of-life policing problems, and has discussed that idea with de Blasio. *Roberts Moses, c. 1941: "If we don't run this expressway through Soho, its streets will eventually fill with tourists – and then, Desnudas!" * Topless in Times Square: A Legal View (NYT) * Mayor de Blasio Raises Prospect of Removing Times Square Pedestrian Plazas (NYT) The area has come under scrutiny, with some New Yorkers complaining about the proliferation of performers who are said to be accosting pedestrians for tips.* De Blasio's proposal to destroy pedestrian Times Square is the opposite of progressive: (NY Mag)

Bratton’s plan to save Times Square from Elmo: Rip up pedestrian plazas! (NYP) * 'DIG THE WHOLE DAMN THING UP': De Blasio suggests eliminating Times Square plaza to kick out topless ladies, costumed characters who harass tourists for tips (NYDN) * 'MANAGER' GOES TO COURT: Handler for topless Times Square gals appears in court on trespassing warrant — leaving tourist area nearly devoid of near-nude women (NYDN) *  Times Square plazas add much-needed open space (NYDN) * @BilldeBlasio suggestion to remove Times Square pedestrianplaza draws swift backlash  (AP) *Topless in Times Square: Alegal view (NYT) * One of the desnudas – women who stroll topless in Times Square, attracting hoots and cheers from tourists and posing for photos in exchange for a tip – explains why she’s doing the job, and insists that she loves it. * Whatever action the de Blasio administration takes to control the women, it will face legal challenges at every turn. Civil rights lawyers argue the women are bare-breasted panhandlers, and so they are protected, first by two state high-court rulings that made it legal to go topless and to panhandle, and then by the free-speech clauses in the state and federal constitutions. * New York City Councilman Corey Johnson and Dan Garodnick are proposing that special commercial zones be created for Times Square where painted women and street characters could perform, Crain’s reports: Transit advocates, urban planners and elected officials reacted with shock over a proposal,floated by de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, to remove pedestrian plazas at Times Square. * NYC Councilman Dan Garodnick, whose district includes parts of Times Squarewrites: “Yes, we need to take direct aim at aggressive panhandling in all of its forms but we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”* Cuomo: Ending Times Square Plazas ‘Problematic’ (YNN) * Bronx state Sen. Ruben Diaz said he plans to introduce legislation outlawing toplessness for men and women as a way to prevent shirtless women from seeking tips in Times Squarethe Observer reports:  * * Some legal experts said one court ruling on a topless ban in an upstate park may give New York City the ability to arrest the so-called desnudas in Times Square if they are engaged in a business, the Times reports: * De Blasio’s Proposal to Destroy Pedestrian Times Square Isthe Opposite of Progressive  (NY Mag) * Times Square Painted Ladies Take a Pause (NYT) One day after Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would look at curbing the presence of naked women with body paint who pose for photos for tips, few of the painted ladies could be found. * TORN OVER TOPLESS PLAZA: Times Square vendors have mixed emotions about tearing up area for street traffic, but don't wanna be punished over a few boobs (NYDN)

Pimps Back In Times Square
SLEAZY PIECE OF THE ACTION: Leeches keep abreast of topless Times Square gals as ‘managers’ grab 30%-plus cut for keeping them safe — EXCLUSIVE* De Blasio said he wants to find a way to get topless entertainers out of Times Square, but conceded that the First Amendment may stand in the way of forcing the entertainers to cover up, the Observer reports: * TAKE YOUR BOOBS AND GO! De Blasio says topless Times Square performers need to leave (NYDN) * Times Square’s toplesswomen should be regulated, Mayo@BilldeBlasio says 

Times Square is Still the Naked City

De Blasio considers the dozens of topless women in body paint posing for photos in Times Square unacceptable, and is searching for a way to tackle this “quality of life” problem.

Promoting his national agenda, de Blasio formed an Office of Sustainability whose director, Nilda Mesa, hauls in $179,870 per year. A former aide from de Blasio’s City Council days, Wallack started at $185,000 and is now a deputy chancellor. Avi Fink, another liaison to the Jewish community, boosted his pay from $70,000 to $93,600 when he switched jobs from deputy chief of staff to deputy director of intergovernmental affairs. Ellyn Canfield, deputy director to the Mayor’s Office of Special Projects, doubled her pay to $80,000 a year when she left the Public Advocate’s Office as de Blasio’s scheduler and joined City Hall. And Edith Sharp, a mayoral assistant, doubled her salary to $100,000 after serving as an assistant to the public advocate. Campaign fund-raisers got well-paying gigs. Izabella Vais, a $120,000-a-year assistant commissioner at the Taxi and Limousine Commission, had a knack for extracting cash from the taxi industry as a key campaign fund-raiser.

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