Friday, May 15, 2015

Berlin Rosen and A Group of Their Consultant Lobbyists Co-Conspiracy Walmartization of NY's Politics

Lobbyists Campaign Consultants Have Caused the Walmartization of NY's Politics . . . Using the Wal-Mart Business Model to Win Campaigns and Drive Out the Competition 
NYC does not have a single Walmart because of the WFP and their friends in the progressive movement protesting the company unfair business practices. The protesters accuse Wal-mart of bulk purchasing and corporate financing to sell merchandise at low costs in order to drive competitors out of the market.  WFP says the Wal-Mart's business model pushes mom and pop business out of the market creating an economic monopoly.  It is now clear that less than a dozen lobbyists political consultants has use the Wal-Mart unfair business model to take over NY's politics by using unfair 2009 the WFP Data and Field model to give them and their candidates a competitive advantages in campaigns.    

Centralization of Money And Campaign Consultants Taking the Power Out of the Local Communities to Choose Who Represent Them
New York's poor are being push out of their neighborhoods by the same lobbyists who work for the elected officials. Besides having no party leaders to run to save their homes or apartments tenants being push out by the very people who elected their local officials. Lobbyist George Artz who helps elected Comptroller Stringer and others is a lobbyist for Extell real estate which is not only pushing the poor door on us but receiving millions in tax credits to build luxury housing that is fueling gentrification in the outer boroughs pushing many of Stringers voters out of their homes. Lobbyists James Capalino a big de Blasio and Cuomo fund raiser works for developers who closed two hospitals, LICH and St Vincent's Hospitals. Berlin Rosen who worked with Data and Field in 2009 is the epicenter of the new private machine.  They worked with de Blasio, Speaker Comptroller Stringer, Council Members Levin, Richards, Rodriguez, Crowley, Lancman, Kallos, Johnson; Mealy also works for many of the city's real estate developers who are gentrifying people out of their homes in Crown Heights and Bed Stuy. Berlin Rosen is working to move seniors who live at Williams Memorial Residence, at 720 West End Ave into Harlem while the local elected officials, many who work with them do not put up much of an effort to stop them.

Organized Crime Politics: 
The New Private Tammany Hall

Operating in Secret Dark Pools A Mob of Campaign Consultants/ Lobbyists Coup d'État of New York Government Goes Unreported

Political Goodfellas

Eight campaign consultants all but one are also lobbyists, have monopolized NYC elections system that only the Justice Department using the Sherman Antitrust Act can bust.  These consultants run every important campaign in New York.  The campaign monopoly is only part of a conspiracy that is not only about who gets elected.  It is also part of a second conspiracy to make money off of government as lobbyist or insiders. There is serious evidence of illegal coordination between the Independent Expenditure PACs and consultants. The data of big 8 working together is massive.  In the 20 competitive races for the city council this year’s these big 8 consultants helped 98 of the 54 competitive candidates in those races.  Consultants were able to help more candidates in the races by being on more than one side in the same race. They don't only compete with each other as one would think.

Using PAC the Big 8 Has Gamed New York Democracy, By Controlling Elections 

Parkside working for The Real Estate Board of New York's PAC Jobs4NY worked for and against 35 candidates in the 20 competitive council races.  The Advance Group working through 4 PACs NYCLASS, United for the Future, Citizen Action and Hotel Workers for A Strong Middle Class worked for 27 of candidates in the 20 competitive council campaigns. Of the 21 candidates supported by Parkside Jobs4NY 17 were run by the big 8. Another candidate Dickens who had no race is running for speaker and some Jobs4NY money went to a republican candidate. Of the 44 council candidates supported by PAC in which Advance worked for or had a relationship with 34 when to candidates run by the Big 8.  Half of the other 10 went to incumbent candidates who had no races. The big 8 worked for council candidates who may be running for speaker, who had no races.  Berlin Rosen Daniel Garodnick, Red Horse and Hudson TDG James Vacca, Hudson TG Mark Weprin. Multi-Media run by newspaper publisher Michael Nussbaum have been doing printing for the Parkside Group for years in the dark pools because state election law does not require subcontractors are reported. Red Horse worked alongside Parkside for DSCC where Melvin Lowe was indicted this week for fake printing invoices. Red Horse has at least 20 interest group clients. This summer the New York World reported Hudson TG LLC – offer lobbying services to represent special interests with the officials they have sometimes helped to get elected. The only campaign consultant that does not directly lobby is Brandford Communications. But Brandford's Ernie Lendler did pull a Melvin Lowe when he gave convicted Brooklyn Boss Norman fake invoices.  Lendler did not get indicted in exchanged for testifying against Norman Background on the Big 8 Consultants as Lobbyists CrainsNY on the Advance Groups Double Dipping (CrainsNY)

The New Private Tammany Hall Operates Like the Apalachin Crime Summit, 56 Years Later

These same big 8 consultants also have the same monopolized control of citywide, state election and law enforcement elections. There operating model resembles organize crime after the Apalachin crime meeting. That 1957 meeting included over 100 mobsters including "Joe the Barber," divided the illegal operations of loan sharking, narcotics trafficking and gambling controlled by the late Albert Anastasia.  The big 8 include: the Advance Group, the Parkside Group/Marathon Strategies (join at the hip), Berlin Rosen, Mercury Public Affairs, Brandford Communications, George Arzt, Multi-Media, Hudson TJ and Red Horse. Like the Apalachin mobsters the consultants/lobbyist has divided up New York to control the government and rake in corrupt lobbying dollars. Also like the mobsters the big 8 may even be about the law.

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