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9 Months de Blasio

Groundhog Murder Cover-Up  

RIP Staten Island Chuck, er, Charlotte

Groundhog dropped by de Blasio died a week later(NYP)Mayor de Blasio has groundhog blood on his hands! A week after Hizzoner dropped Staten Island Chuck in front of a crowd of spectators on Feb. 2, the winter-weather prognosticator died of internal injuries — and then the coverup began, The Post has learned. Staten Island Zoo officials went to great lengths to hide the death from the public and keep secret the fact that “Chuck” was actually “Charlotte,” a female imposter, sources said Wednesday.

de Blasio Thugs Strong Armed the Zoo Boss and the Liberal NYT Protects Him From the Murder Charges
Staten Island Zoo spokesman on Chuck/Charlotte’s demise: “We don’t know how the animal suffered the injuries but we don’t think it was from the fall.”

de Blasio Operates On A Higher Level
TALE OF THE TAPE -- “A Transcendent Tally of Mayor Bill de Blasio's Words,” by WSJ’s Mara Gay and Josh Dawsey: “In his first nine months in office, … [t]he mayor has invoked ‘historic’ and ‘transcendent’ more than 80 times … Among the transcendent: a new park in Brooklyn, a budget deal, the appointment of a veterans-affairs commissioner, federal dollars to repair storm-damaged public housing in Coney Island, the possibility of hosting a Democratic convention and his own election, among other things. … The mayor has used the word [‘historic’] at least 55 times this year, including 27 times to describe his universal prekindergarten plan.” With a great graphic:http://on.wsj.com/1AONwux --See how many times de Blasio has used the words or phrases: “Pre-K, Police, Brooklyn, Bratton, Amen, Albany, Inequality, Chirlane, Progressive, Previous administration, Manhattan, Bloomberg, Sharpton, Stop and frisk, poverty, Tale of two cities, Horse carriages, Terrorism”:http://on.wsj.com/1AONwux

Affordable Housing Has Become A Band-aid On A Cancer for Elected Officials to Protect Them From What They Are Doing to Our City With Their Tax Breaks to Developers 
Poor Door’ in a New York Tower Opens a Fight Over Affordable Housing(NYT)
As public housing becomes a relic, American cities have grown morereliant on developers, who say they can maximize their revenues and build more affordable units, by separating them from their luxury counterparts. * Real Estate Developers, Tax Breakes and Politics

How Blacks the Poor and the Middle Class are Being Push Out of Brooklyn Because of Albany's Tax Breaks for Luxury Developers
Airbnb Housing Market

de Blasio Rides the Tax Payer
De Blasio’s vacations covered by taxpayers, unlike earlier mayors(NYP)  The mayor doesn’t pony up subway rides on business trips around the city — and has even let taxpayers foot the bill for gas on personal, out-of-state weekend trips, like his most recent excursion to Massachusetts for a family funeral, aides told The Wall Street Journal. The Democratic mayor also let taxpayers sport the cost of his fancy ride — a chauffeured, white Mercedes-Benz — while traveling through Italy on vacation last month with his family. “Sets a bad example for city employees $ wastes taxpayer $. Did he really need a white Mercedes to ferry him around Italy?” tweeted former city councilman and 2013 Democratic mayoral candidate Sal Albanese.*Mayor de Blasio refuses to pay city back for transportation costs for personal trips(NYDN) * The free train(NYDN Ed) Even the mayor needs to swipe* Taxpayers are footing the bill for de Blasio’s car rides(NYP)   * Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz attacked de Blasio in an interview with More magazine, calling him a “former operative of the teachers’ union” who is seeking to undermine her charter schools, the Daily News reports: 

Why Would de Blasio Bring Up an Issue That Connects to A Federal Investigation Against Advance and A SIDA Investigation Against WFP? 
Carriage Horse Vote May Be Delayed Until 2015(NY1)A decision on the fate of carriage horses in the city could be on hold until next year. City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito announced the possible delay this week after Rafael Espinal, who leads the council's consumer affairs committee, said he opposes the ban.  The move comes after Mayor Bill de Blasio - who campaigned on the promise of banning horse-drawn carriages - said in April that a vote would come later this year.

Advance Group

Horse Carriage Politics

WFP the New Progressive Machine Is It Corrupt At Its Core?

de Blasio's 180 on Charter Schools
Mayor de Blasio’s charter-school power grab(NYP)Memo to the mayor: You don’t get to run charters, even though they are public schools. You don’t get to dictate their “values” or their “approach.” And you certainly don’t get to use the threat of withholding space as a cudgel to bend them to your will.
The city has increased its inspections of facilities since many more have opened under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s universal prekindergarten program.* A lawsuit filed by a group of charter-school supporters alleges that a chronic funding gap between charter schools and traditional public schools violates the state constitution and disproportionately hurts minority students, The Wall Street Journal 

* The annual Mayor's Management Report paints a mixed picture of New York City with findings that include more violence in jails and dirtier streets, but better parks and fewer people contacting HIV, the Daily News reports: http://goo.gl/8XK0Cl

Koch Used to Ask the Voters How'M I Doing? de Blasio Asks the Campaign Consultants 
De Blasio ‘obsessively’ talks with Sharpton, Clinton aides: source(NYP) Mayor de Blasio spends hours at a time on the telephone seeking counsel from liberal confidants like Rev. Al Sharpton, union boss George Gresham, political consultants Valerie Berlin and Jonathan Rosen, and top aides to Bill Clinton, a well-placed Democratic insider told The Post. “He’s obsessively taking their temperature. He does obsessive calls that are long-winded in a way that’s not really productive to the city,” said the source, who has witnessed Hizzoner’s yakfests firsthand. “He’s engaged, but he’s not proactively making the city run. I just don’t think the guy has it in him.”Upon his return from an eight-day vacation to Italy, de Blasio gabbed an hour with Gresham, president of the 1199 SEIU health-care workers union, so he could better gauge public opinion on the tragic choking death of Eric Garner, who died in Staten Island at the hands of a cop trying to arrest him for selling untaxed cigarettes. The two also weighed the pros and cons of allowing Sharpton to stage a protest march across the  Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. When de Blasio phoned Sharpton, “there was a lot of pleading on the mayor’s end,” the source said.* Mayor de Blasio wants to give private school-bus workers $42 million in taxpayer funds(NYP)
How's Bill de Blasio shifting resources and rhetoric to push his agenda? It's all in the data.Bill de Blasio rode to the mayoralty in 2013 on a wave of promises: citywide prekindergarten, more help for the downtrodden, politer policing, fewer traffic deaths and greater focus on the boroughs beyond Manhattan. His empathetic oratory has been a departure from the businesslike pronouncements of his data-focused predecessor, Michael Bloomberg. But Mr. de Blasio's efforts can just as well be quantified—as can his rhetoric.* BDB gave "Brooklyn (his home turf) 172 shout-outs, while Queens has received 87; the Bronx, 50; & Staten Island, 41” (CrainsNY)* New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s first budget will add more than 1,000 workers to the public payroll, reversing a six-year trend of downsizing city government, Crain’s reports: 

NYT Exposes the City's Pension Shortfall 

City’s System for Pensions Shows Strain(NYT)
An examination of problems with New York City’s system reveals an investment strategy that has failed to keep up with costs, and a governing structure that permits politics to intrude.* City not getting predicted revenue from ballpark suites(NYDN)

School bus operators who need New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s help to retain lucrative city contracts contributed nearly $40,000 to a mayoral nonprofit—but took steps to hide the donations from public view
“He asked me to donate” Caparella told The Post. L&M Bus, which has some $110 million in contracts set to expire next year, gave $15,000 via Stable Realty LLC which shares its Brooklyn address. And brothers Chris and Joseph Termini gave $10,000 without listing the firms they own — Dak and Hoyt Transportation.  The brothers had also tried to donate $4,500 each to de Blasio’s mayoral transition fund in December, but the campaign returned both donations.  BerlinRosen, which ran de Blasio’s mayoral campaign and is managing the Campaign for One New York, didn’t say why the money was refunded in one case and not the other. The Termini brothers declined to discuss their donations. Current school bus operators are at de Blasio’s mercy because they have contracts that require them to employ the most senior union staffers — which dramatically boosts operating expenses.Asked about the yellow-bus company donations, the mayor’s office referred questions to BerlinRosen. “The Campaign for One New York is supported by individuals, foundations and organizations committed to expanding early education and to the mayor’s broad progressive agenda,” said co-founder Jonathan Rosen.* Mayor de Blasio’s secret cash gifts(NYP) For a guy who whines about money in politics — and is always calling for more transparency — Mayor de Blasio sure gets his cash in a sneaky way. There’s a pattern here. In April, the same mayor’s group received $350,000 from the American Federation of Teachers just before the AFT’s local affiliate reached a big fat contract that included raises and retroactive pay the union had been demanding.  All together, the Campaign for One New York amassed $1.7 million in the six months Mayor Bill has been in office. Question is, how much of this has been snuck in by special interests trying to get on the mayor’s good side? The usual response is that these contributions show we need  public financing of campaigns. But wait a minute. New York City already has public financing of campaigns. So how is that a solution?

After 6 Months Building Commissioner
 Leaders Named for Buildings Dept. and Police Review Board(NYT)
Mayor Bill de Blasio named a commissioner to the Department of Buildings, which is responsible for making sure that the nearly one million buildings in New York City are safe.* Mayor Appoints Buildings Commissioner, Seeks Changes (WSJ)

Labor Commissioner Hires His Ex Company

Labor commissioner gives no-bid contract to firm he founded(NYP)  The city’s top labor negotiator turned to some familiar faces to help hammer out dozens of municipal contracts, by bringing on the consulting firm he founded.Three months after Robert Linn was appointed labor commissioner, the city inked a $99,500 no-bid contract with Linn & Logan Consulting, Inc., founded by Linn in 1995.He served as executive director until January’s appointment. Linn got clearance from the Conflicts of Interest Board. Mayor de Blasio spokesman Phil Walzak said the urgency of contract talks precluded soliciting bids.

Mayor Boycotting John Gambling

Sal Albanese @SalAlbaneseNYC

I think these guys are as good as Cheney in creating their own reality. It's the "progressive" version

de Blasio Goes to Bat for His Political Union Machine 

In an extraordinary use of his office to help union allies, Mayor de Blasio Monday night put the squeeze on Cablevision, telling its disaffected workers involved in a private labor dispute, “I am with you every step of the way.” The mayor’s intercession on behalf of the Communication Workers of America — one of the first unions to endorse him for City Hall — came at a union rally, from which the public was barred even though it was held at PS 66 in Canarsie, Brooklyn. “De Blasio said, ‘I am with you every step of the way,’ ” recalled Eric Ocasio, 34, a Cablevision worker for seven years.

de Blasio's A Team

Portrait: Mayor de Blasio’s Inner Circle(NY Mag)WHAT CITY HALL IS READING -- “Portrait: Mayor de Blasio’s Inner Circle,” by N.Y. Mag’s Chris Smith: “1. Rachel Noerdlinger, Chief of Staff to the First Lady: Formerly a top aide to the Reverend Al Sharpton. 2. Zach Carter, Corporation Counsel: Ex-prosecutor; settled suit with Central Park Five. 3. Peter Ragone, Senior Adviser: Former Andrew Cuomo aide; media and political strategist. 4. Alicia Glen, Deputy Mayor: Ex–Goldman Sachs executive, working on de Blasio’s affordable-housing plan. 5. Maya Wiley, Counsel to the Mayor: Expanding internet access in low-income neighborhoods; second-tallest member of the administration. …

… 6. Tony Shorris, First Deputy Mayor: Tasked with keeping a close eye on daily government operations like sanitation and hospitals. 7. Carmen Fariña, Schools Chancellor: Former teacher and principal coaxed from retirement to attempt to raise graduation rates and deemphasize testing. 8. Bill Bratton, Police Commissioner … 9. Richard Buery, Deputy Mayor  10. Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, Deputy Mayor … 11. Emma Wolfe, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs  12. Dean Fuleihan, Budget Director … 13. Laura Santucci, Chief of Staff … 14. Dom Williams, Chief of Staff to the First Deputy Mayor.* Bill de Blasio On Pace of Staffing Up: ‘You Better Damn Well Get It Right’(NYO)

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